Ten Ways to Handle Saturn in Sagittarius

You will know if you are dealing with Saturn in your chart, if you are around people, organisations or situations which feel stuck or slow.

People who are going through a tough Saturn transit to their horoscope are often too tired to read more than a few sentences about this cycle. I understand. Saturn rules lead. It’s heavy. It can feel like you are being dumped on, or squashed flat. Saturn also flattens us out – so we are flat on the bed, or ‘flatlining’ at work. If we are men, we can’t get it up. If we are women, we can’t get out of the house.

At the moment, Saturn is in Sagittarius. So how is it affecting your horoscope and what can you do about that? It can feel like being in a Waiting Room for a year or two. But there are ways forward. Ultimately, what you are forced to do on your Saturn Cycle (assuming you have done a lot of research) is always right. In fact, it will ultimately change your life for the better. But – let’s not gloss over this. It’s tough.

Saturn is not the only indicator for down times in astrology. It is among the best-known, though. You will know if you are dealing with Saturn in your chart, if you are around people, organisations or situations which feel stuck or slow. Heavy or leaden. They are hard (perhaps impossible) to shift.

Here is one thing you can do for yourself, right now. You can give yourself the luxury of more time to deal with this. Allow time to drift by. Do not pressure yourself. This will take as long as it takes. And this too, shall pass. 


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Your Sun Sign horoscope, or solar chart, shows the headlines of your life. What is publicly and obviously happening to you! It’s an accurate guide to the ‘what’ of the current Saturn in Sagittarius cycle. It started on September 19th 2015 and will last until December 20th, 2017. 

ARIES – Publishing, books, writers and websites. Academia, education, lecturers, students and graduates. Travel, foreigners and foreign people. Regional differences. Religious, spiritual or philosophical differences. Beliefs of all kinds, including astrology.

TAURUS – Life insurance. Mortgages. Legacies. Contracts. Investments. Leases. Shares. Business. Companies. Taxation. Accountants. Banks. Insider Trading. The economy. Credit cards. Loans. Debt. Precious possessions. Theft. Charity.

GEMINI – Husbands. Wives. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. Love rivals. Business partners. Enemies. Opponents. The opposition. Legal conflicts. Disputes. Battles. Love. Sex. Equality. Sexism. Professional partners. Double acts. Duets. One-on-one situations.

CANCER – Drugs. Doctors. Healers. Drink. Food. Hospitals. Nurses. Surgeons. Gymnasiums. Trainers. The mind, body and spirit connection. The skeleton. The nervous system. Work. Housework. Unpaid work. University. Lifestyle. Routine.

LEO – Pregnancy. Fertility. IVF. Adoption. Parenthood. Nieces. Nephews. Godchildren. Sex. Contraception. Termination. Impotence. Illegitimate children. Serious lovers. Grandchildren. Youth. Juniors. Step-parenthood. Fostering. Paid/unpaid youth work.

VIRGO – Mortgages. Leases. Property investment. Renovations. Builders. Landlords. Landladies. Tenants. Air BnB. Hotels. Land. Neighbours. Councils. Patriotism. Your country. Your home town. Planning permission. Family. Relatives. Your household.

LIBRA – The internet. Your telephone. The media. Academic journals. Magazines. Newspapers. Facebook. Language. Literacy. Reading. Writing. Hearing. Vision. Publishing. Education. Books. Radio. TV. Your voice. Commuting. Short haul travel.

SCORPIO – Savings. Credit cards. Salary. Taxation. Investment. Offshore banking. Leases. Mortages. Debt. Wealth. Allowances. Settlements. Possessions. Property. Sales. Purchases. Charity. Inflation. The economy. Revenue. Trade. Your company.

SAGITTARIUS – Your reputation. Your title. Your personal appearance. Your image. Your public face. Your identity. Your name. Packaging, presentation and profile – particularly online. Cameras. Microphones. Self-promotion. Advertising.

CAPRICORN – Skeletons in the closet. What you cover up and hide. Classified information. Dark secrets. Confidential concerns. Any role you play behind the scenes, where you are virtually invisible. Your unconscious mind. Dreams. Mediumship.

AQUARIUS – Friends. Groups. Clubs. Teams. Committees. Societies. Ensemble casts. Political, environmental, animal welfare and other organisations. Social media. Your community. Bridesmaids, or any other group. Movements, like feminism.

PISCES – Career. Status. Success. University/College. Profession. Class. Ambition. Your Curriculum Vitae or Resume. The phrase ‘Making it.’ Your position in life. Your mission in life. Your vocation. Your full-time job as parent. Climbing to the top.

This is the public, obvious, visible side of your Saturn cycle in 2016 and 2017. There is also a deeply personal, private story going on, which only your personal birth chart will reveal.


2000px Saturn symbol.svg 1 600x600 - Ten Ways to Handle Saturn in Sagittarius
The Saturn scythe (look sideways) forms the glyph. Wikipedia

No matter if it’s your Sun Sign (public) horoscope being affected or your private Natal Chart (birth) horoscope being triggered, there are ten proven ways to handle Saturn.

One Understand that the people or organisations who cause you the most pain on a Saturn cycle are self-sabotaging. They are their own worst enemies. They are typically paranoid, pessimistic, or ‘fools unto themselves.’ They are Saturn in human form. They will not last long in your life. Alternatively they will be forced to learn some tough lessons. This will change them. Depressed people or old man types can arrive now.

Two Remember that Saturn is about cowardice. Plain old fear. It is sometimes dressed up as worry. It can occasionally present as paranoia. On the physical (body) level do all you can to stay grounded, centred and connected to the earth. Walk more. Lie on the grass more. Don’t smoke the grass, though – it can add to the paranoid atmosphere. Saturn can make us stiff, frozen, immobilised. Move your body. Swim. Stretch. Dance.

Three  What balances Saturn? The cycles of Ops, his wife – and Jupiter, his son. Watch the planets and asteroids as they move through the signs and see what patterns they are making. In your birth chart (if you are a Premium Member) you can look at your Jupiter sign and your Ops sign, to see where the plus factors are for you. Ops and Jupiter both beat Saturn, in the Roman myth. Counteract Saturn cycles with Jupiter and Ops cycles.

Four Try to avoid Saturnstrologers. A Saturnstrologer is an astrologer who puts all their time and energy into thinking about Saturn, at the expense of Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and the rest. They probably don’t use Ops either! When you hit doom and gloom merchants, professional pessimists and oh-so-serious astrologers, you are probably in the company of someone who looks at a chart and only sees Saturn.

Five Saturn is represented by this symbol (above) which clearly shows the hidden scythe in his story. The scythe was used two ways by Saturn. First, he chopped off the penis and testicles of his father, Uranus. Second, he used it to help the Italians discover farming! Saturn tells you two great truths. In the first part of the cycle you get the pain. In the second part of the cycle (usually the final 12 months) you get the progress.


buycostumescom 600x600 - Ten Ways to Handle Saturn in Sagittarius
The scythe. From

Six  The Saturn Return is famous and even people who do not know about astrology have heard of it. It occurs between the ages of 28 and 30 and you will go through 1-2 years of slow, stuck situations which force you to confront how you deal with your fear. We all have a Saturn Return which triggers the one thing we cannot avoid or escape about ourselves and our lives. That’s hard. Yet, by facing our fear, we manage it.

Seven The golden rule with a Saturn cycle is to be really mindful of the strategy you use to cope with what worries you, or scares you, or confronts you. Do not run away (it will not work). Do not freeze and do nothing (that won’t work either). There are even sillier things we do to protect ourselves and feel safe, on a Saturn cycle. Ironically these can end up causing us more problems than the thing we’re trying to avoid! Be aware.

Eight Time heals Saturn experiences. If you have your personal birth chart, then look at your Saturn sign and house. This shows where you will typically have a couple of really hard, heavy life experiences that (at the time) seem as if they will never heal. They always do, because Saturn is all about time. In fact he is sometimes shown as Father Time, and often portrayed on clocks. As the years pass, the wound heals completely.

Nine Read widely about Saturn when you hit Saturn transits, or there are difficult transits to your natal Saturn. (In plain English, when the patterns are triggered). Liz Greene, the astrologer, academic and author, wrote a famous book called Saturn – A New Look at an Old Devil. It also helps to hit internet forums and find out what others are experiencing. Sharing and comparing notes is a very good way to handle Saturn.

Ten The standard advice for any Saturn cycle is to seek out older, wiser and more experienced people and ask for their counsel. This is something astrologers have been saying for decades, for the very good reason that it is true. They have been through Saturn experiences too – they know what to do! The other trick is to get all the knowledge on board early. Do this before Saturn goes to Capricorn in December 2017.


card saturn - Ten Ways to Handle Saturn in Sagittarius


Are You a Premium Member? 
If you are a Premium Member, you may have Saturn directly affecting your personal birth chart as he travels through the sign of Sagittarius. This is more likely if you have horoscope factors in Gemini or Sagittarius. You can ask me questions in Comments. Your chart pops up when I see your message and I can look at specific details for  you.


If this story has personally affected you, these are recommended online resources for you.

Hope and Help For Your Nerves – Dr. Claire Weekes
Audible Free Download

Samaritans Telephone Helpline America

Samaritans Telephone Helpline Great Britain
If you or anyone you know needs help, contact The Samaritans on 116123 or visit

Black Dog Australia – Depression

Lifeline Telephone Helpline

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177 Responses

  1. Hello, Jessica. I felt like my Saturn return (when it was in libra a while back) was so difficult, but mostly during the last year of it in 2012. I have 4 planets in Sag and my moon sign in Gemini. How does Saturn effect me now? I feel it with my phone for sure and the way I communicate – I feel like I can’t or no one understands me. I wouldn’t mind understanding how Ops and Jupiter help me with this in my birth chart. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Saturn in Sagittarius is triggering everything from 9 through 29 degrees of that sign in a stuck, slow retrograde cycle at the moment and if you look at your Sagittarius/Gemini factors you will see Saturn is triggering many of them, between now and the end of 2017. You would gain from keeping a journal then ripping it up, or writing a journal on your computer and trashing it. This helps you ‘work’ the words part of the cycle without putting any more pressure on yourself. This will pass. In fact, the wisdom you acquire now will help you have a remarkable time when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius in 2019.

  2. Hi Jessica, I appear to have lots of Gemini in my chart and have Saturn/Cancerian in my 6th House too. I had an unsuccessful elective operation, from my natal chart would it be best to postpone any further surgery until after December 2017? Thank you.

    1. I am sorry about that disappointing operation. I am not sure if the Gemini in your chart is the issue, unless the operation was about your sight/voice/hearing which of course, Gemini rules. My hunch on this one is to ask you what the illness, condition or disease achieves in your life. That may be an odd question, but what does it produce? Does it stop you working? Does it make you more dependent on a friend or partner? Does it get you an insurance settlement? The trick to these things is often to figure out what your body is producing, that your conscious self needs or wants, but is not chasing for you.

      1. Thank you Jessica. Interesting answer! It was to correct a severe birth deformity severely affecting my self confidence. So I guess in effect it is stopping me from working and making me feel more dependant on others because it is very embarrassing for me. Thank you for highlighting this.

  3. Hi Jessica – I really enjoy your insightful astrology. I have really struggled with social isolation and awkwardness. It makes for a lonely existence – do you think this will improve for me? thanks Karin

    1. I have your birth chart now, apologies as your other question turned up twice. Thank you for that compliment it is very generous. Okay, you were born with Mercury exactly conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, the sign of friendship and groups. You can see from your chart you have Mercury at 27 Aquarius and Saturn at 27 Aquarius. It means that every time you try to make new friends, or talk to friends, or connect with the group (even on something like Facebook) you hit fear. Fear is often dressed up as anxiety or worry and it can manifest as feeling awkward. Everyone has Saturn somewhere in their horoscope and you have it in the Eleventh House of clubs, teams, social media and the rest. You went through the toughest cycles of your life with all this, some years ago. From 1996 through into the Noughties, you survived issues with friends and/or groups that could only happen once in your lifetime, thank goodness. And now they are history. Actually, you are remembering them in a particular way that may not be helping you. The first thing to do is go back and reframe the memories. You think you know what happened in January and February 2003, but is there another way to process that memory? That is just one example. Our minds control our bodies, and our bodies then control our minds, in a feedback loop. Have a look at the work of Ruby Wax on YouTube and look at Mindfulness, which is the most exciting discovery in years. You have Jupiter in Aries and the Moon at 22 Virgo. This tells me two things. If you want to change, then you can – spectacularly – in July and August this year, when you have a healing cycle that only occurs every 12 years. The other thing I need to tell you is that you are the fighter for a good cause that everyone needs. You have Jupiter in Aries so you actually deny other people a valuable weapon when you let old memories get in the way of new approaches to groups. Any group would love to have you on their side because you are one of the few people who can get out there, up there and make it happen. You use your “Me’ factors to get across the message or the cause. You almost owe it to other people to get over the awkwardness this year, so that you can help that happen. They need you.

  4. Hi Jessica. Thank you for your recent articles on both Saturn and Ceres. They’ve been helpful in framing the anxiety. I have Neptune (retrograde), Ceres and Juno in Sagittarius in the early degrees (4-6). I’ve been feeling some pressure from the Mars retrograde. As far as Saturn is concerned, am I past the worst parts of this transit? Saturn won’t go back as far as 6 the rest of its time it is in Sagg.

    1. I’m glad these are helpful for you, thank you. Actually, your issue is transiting Pluto travelling to 18 Capricorn, on your Moon at 18 Capricorn and quincunx your Sun at 18 Leo. This can only happen around every 240 years. Allowing one degree orb, you will be experiencing this now. If you want to read further, look up Transiting Pluto Conjunct Moon in astrology books and also Transiting Pluto Quincunx Natal Moon. It all comes back to your Moon in Capricorn. you look after people by being successful. You care for others by succeeding – professionally, usually, but often by climbing upwards in terms of status and prestige. This is hard work as every mountain goat knows. You are now in a slow cycle when you will learn a great amount about what success means to you. Please look up Capricorn in ‘Search’ to find out about this part of yourself. Look up Pluto as well. The key to this cycle is to give yourself plenty of time – do not pressure or rush yourself. The key is also understanding that we find our own power by using self-control and self-discipline, and that empowerment enables us to stand up to whatever/whomever we feel is trying to take over, when Pluto passes through. Please look at your mum and grandmother as well for clues about where this need to success comes from – their approach to life may also have influenced you.

    2. Thank you for you generous, full reply. I will look to reform/transform this area of my life. God Bless K

  5. Hi Jessica, this article is amazing.!!!!!…l was born on the 8th of July 1965 at 10pm in Melbourne….and last year my dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer, (he is currently undergoing a new treatment which has had a lot of success with other patients) my brother who also is a Cancerian and l are his carers.. l am in the midst of having dental implants which will take about 9 months to complete, if all goes well…and l am on a waiting list for surgery on my eyelids…l almost forgot l have just started juicing and walking for an hour everyday….l feel like my life at the moment is all about visiting doctors, dentists, going into hospital and forcing myself to exercise, even when l don’t feel like it….l was wondering whether this Saturn cycle has a break….or will my life be like this until December 2017?????….Its really taking a toll on me.!!!!!…l tend to escape by watching television series like Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge etc, reading and colouring in….Please tell me things will get better….Thank you so much….Your articles are so spookily accurate, they scare me!!!!

    1. I am really happy that the astrology is making so much sense – the horoscope has a funny way of answering questions exactly especially if you are going through something as difficult as your father’s illness and your own health issues. The Saturn cycle ends on December 20th 2017. Why is it affecting you so much? Because your public life (Cancer) tallies with your personal life, which is shown in your personal chart too. You have a stellium in Virgo, which rules the body, so all that is happening with juicing, walking, doctors and so on is part of that, as is your dentist. You are in the weird position of having what other people see is the heaviest time with body and health issues – at the same time that privately you know you are in the right time and place to make the most incredible difference to your health and fitness in years. Jupiter will be on your side until September 10th 2016 so use everything you are given. I hope the new treatment for your Dad is a success. Good luck.

  6. Thank you for this article! I have read so much about the Saturn return that is around the corner, and unlike yours, they were quite depressing and did not give me much hope to get through this transit.
    Could you also give me some insights on my Saturn story that is unraveling? And how to use Uranus, Ops, Jupiter or other factors in my personal chart to handle my Saturn return? I know that I have Jupiter in Aries and Ops retrograde in Leo but have no idea what they mean.

    Thank you!

    1. Cheers. Born with Saturn at 28 Sagittarius and Uranus at 29 Sagittarius (almost an exact conjunction) you do need to keep an eye on this cycle, so that you can head off issues before they become problems. The focus here is travel, foreign people and places, other regions, other religions and cultures – and the travel in the mind that comes with the internet, publishing or education. Just be aware that life will be rather slow and stuck here until December 2017 and it is wise to do research, ask questions, seek experience and go in very cautiously before you make major commitments. One example would be moving or studying. This will help you more than anything else. What you learn will help you have a terrific year in 2019.

  7. Dear Jessica! Thank you for your insightful writing. I really enjoy your emphasis also on the female deities and their meaning in ones life.
    I am a scorpio and Saturn is thus affecting my finances. Natally I have my Ascendant in capricorn and Saturn in gemini. As it happens I have taken time off from work until the end of 2017 to finish my studies and thesis. Ultimately my goal is to change careers and try and get a foothold in my new field. My secret dream is to get published and establish a good reputation. My former field is really different and I am over forty. In my mind It can be done but I do worry a little since I have children and other responsibilities and have a recurring chronic illness that sometimes makes things difficult.
    To fund this move I have put my apartment on the market. My initial plan was to downsize for a while and move to a smaller apartment. I do not feel bad about that. My question essentially is should I move in with the lovely man I met. He seems to have materialised at just right time to aide me and he has. I am just worried I would make this move partly for wrong reasons and then regret it.
    Thank you so much for your time!

    1. Thank you. Okay, you may want to wait until Mars has finished his retrograde cycle in Scorpio (August 3rd) if you really want to use astrology, as Scorpio rules the shared home you have with a lover or boyfriend. While this planet is going backwards and forwards, you may want to make sure you have the full, final, fixed and firm story before you make such a big decision. Of course you are free to ignore the astrology and move right in! You also have Pluto sitting right on your Nodes as he slowly moves across 17 degrees of Capricorn and that is a very big deal. My advice would be – take your time, seek expertise, hunt out the voice of experience. Everything you are talking about with career and home is about that Capricorn/Cancer axis of your chart and you don’t want to be walking into anything with that transit, without doing a lot of research.

  8. Hi Jessica – I really enjoy your astrology – what suggestions do you have with regard to my social discomfort and inability to make long term friendships – I am socially isolated, but not sure how to address. thanks Karin

  9. Hi Jessica. My NN is in Gemini in conjunction with Psyche and Panacea. My Jupiter and Vesta are in Gemini as well. My MC is at 0 degrees Saggitarius. I have felt at a full stop over the last year or so in all aspects of my life specifically in the areas of relationships, finances and life goals. Are you able to point out how I might strategize my way through to a better lifestyle? Your astrology blog has been such guiding factor…Thank you!

    1. Actually, you have Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces factors in your chart, all of which are being crossed by Saturn (the full stop effect) as he slowly opposes the Gemini, conjuncts the Sagittarius, squares the Virgo and squares the Pisces too. Oppositions mean internal conflict (you can’t make up your mind) but also real-world obstacles. Squares are what you cannot square about yourself and your life. This all sounds rather gloomy and difficult, but there are other things going on in your chart which will help you. First of all, realise that sometimes you just have to take life more slowly and walk not run. Walking and stopping to pause is a smart idea in 2016 and 2017. You don’t have to make it in love, money and success all the time, every year. Everyone has Saturn cycles and this is yours. Don’t pressure yourself as the timing is about Autumn and Winter in your life, not Spring and Summer. Slow down just the way you do when the weather is colder. You will hit your heights at other times. You will notice a huge improvement in two or three areas of your life from September 2016 when Jupiter moves into Libra. This will turn your attention away from what is blocking you and give you a huge boost as you see what else can take you higher. This holds good for 2017 too.

  10. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for this great article. I’m Sagg sun with Gem rising, and have had a doozy of a Saturn transit so far: death of mother last year; marriage breakdown (well, it is transiting the 7th as well as the first); complete change of career with (yes, you guessed it!) some horrible ‘image’ issues coming up this year – e.g. being unexpectedly and harshly attacked by some very grumpy students (I teach at university). My question is about Saturn’s strength and effects: I seem to have been SO affected thus far, and my sun is at 7’59” Sagg – which Saturn has already passed over? Will it get better now? Or should I keep my ‘Saturn goggles’ on (as another astrologer calls it – where you see things clearly and don’t like what you see!), and prepare for even more of a rough ride? I also have Venus in Sagg as you will see, and natal Saturn in Pisces – which I have heard is also not an ‘ideal’ arrangement?! So it’s been quite hard, as you can imagine. But, my motto is now: what does not kill me, gives me strength.
    Thanks, Jessica. I love your work.

    1. Thank you. If you look at your chart you can see a lot of placements in Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. Together these patterns make a cross, which in astrology is ‘a cross to bear’. Because transiting Pluto has been travelling through Capricorn for the first time in 240 years and transiting Uranus has been making his way through Aries (also for the first time in your life) you have been put through a rare and very challenging time – which is putting it mildly. The worst is over. Pluto and Uranus do two things, and you have earned them, so try to enjoy them. Firstly, Pluto empowers you. Secondly, Uranus sets you free. Now that you have more personal power and effectiveness and greater independence, what are you going to do with them?

      1. Thank you so much, Jessica! That is interesting: ‘what are you going to do with them?’. It’s almost a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’ I think! I know that Saturn in Sagg is giving me the ‘grit’ to deal with the challenges that it throws up, so I’m not entirely unhappy with that aspect of the transit. It just feels like wading through mud… BTW, my mum was a Capricorn and got ill not long after Pluto entered Cap and then passed away last year when Saturn went back into Sagg. Thank you very much for your answer.

  11. Thanks Jessica, I have not felt this saturn transit nearly as much as the previous one in scorpio. Are there chart factors that would explain this?

    1. You have been through the toughest cycle in 29 years, as Saturn in Scorpio hit all the Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius factors in your chart. They call this a Grand Cross in astrology and it is a cross to bear. It is often the making of people, as well! But – the worst is over. You have a ton of stuff in Aquarius and your great gift in life will always be people power, channelled through a group of true friends.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    As a Capricorn I don’t really relate to the potential issues outlined in the Sun Sign horoscope above – would this be due to a complete absence of planets in Sag? I do have Hygeia at 10 Gemini. How is this likely to be felt?

    My second Saturn return is due in a few years and the first had enormous ramifications – should be interesting!

    Thanks as always.

    1. Not so much. The absence of Sagittarius horoscope factors is less of an issue, than the fact that you have Saturn in the Twelfth House, of your Capricorn chart. The Twelfth House describes the unconscious mind, so it is possible to be quite unaware (in your waking life anyway) of the slow, stuck and heavy trends that Saturn brings. Sometimes we do things unconsciously on a Saturn cycle that we are quite unaware of – maybe because we feel we shouldn’t be doing them – and later on we have to answer for them. I have seen this before so I thought I’d mention this! Your Saturn opposition to natal Hygiea at 10 Gemini occurs in July and September 2016. You are very protective and proactive when it comes to the internet, multimedia, publishing, education and all forms of communication. You are skilled at protecting the future on any project, idea or plan and know how to safeguard it. This becomes a major concern in September. Actually I would begin to look at the words/images/ideas in question as early as June, when the Sun passes 10 Gemini. Who or what might be on the horizon that you need to take on board?

  13. Hi Jessica
    Can you tell me how the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle might effect me?
    I’m dealing with a long running battle with a business partner, and have brought in government agencies as the dispute (extremely complicated and linked to global events unfolding in tax havens) to help investigate.
    Thank you.

    1. You were born with Neptune at 24 Scorpio, the sign we associate with business. It may help to know that Mars, the planet which describes battles, has been stuck at 24 Scorpio in an unusual way. He was there in February 2016 then instead of moving on, he got stuck – he will return to 24 Scorpio in stages, showing himself again in June and intensifying in July. By July you will be able to dust this chapter off and move on. You are actually a Taurus-Scorpio dominated person who is on the planet to help change the systems we have now with banks, tax havens and so on. You will see why after 2018. By then you will realise why 2016 happened – it is part of your long-term learning curve and your destiny and you will be thrilled at the exciting, radical reforms which are made in business, finance, taxation from 2018, in which you will play your own part. It could not happen any other way. You have to go through, what you are being put through, now. However – it will end. And you will love the year 2018 when Jupiter goes through Scorpio and stunning opportunities come your way. That cycle actually starts for you, October 11th, 2017.

  14. Saturn in gemini, jupiter in scorpio and ops in libra. Add to that other gemini factor of fortuna and sagittarius factors of Neptune, asc n vulcano…I guess I will be affected by this but how?

    1. The main issue is Vulcano at 26 Sagittarius in your chart, which Saturn will pass over when he travels to 26 Sagittarius in February 2017, March 2017 and then again in May and November that year (when the cycle is all but over). Just keep an eye on your travel, academic, educational, foreign, regional, publishing agenda at those times as you will be caught by people, organisations or situations which slow everything down or create obstacles for you. If you are going overseas, for example, just check the realities of taking your trip, to that place, at that particular time. The same goes for enrolling in a course or dealing with people whose religious or ethnic background seems foreign to you.

      1. Thanks. I learn a lot from others questions and your responses. Some great articles this week.

  15. Dear Jessica,

    In regards to your Saturn in Sagittarrus article, could you please look at my chart and tell me how Saturn is directly affecting my personal birth chart?
    Thanking you in advance

    1. You have a stellium in Sagittarius which is being triggered right now – you will always feel it as Saturn passes 15, 16, 17 degrees of that sign. You express your personality through the expansion of your geographical, intellectual or spiritual horizons, so you are the explorer who either travels, or travels in the mind. Saturn will block this or slow it down, yet by November and December 2016 (when you have hit a major crossroads) you will be over the hump. By 2018 the cycle is over for good. In the meantime, take your time and take very good advice when handling the world of travel, foreigners, regional or cultural differences, religion, education, publishing, academia.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! On the personal level I couldn’t have thought about better timing for this post. Could you please have a look at my birth chat and share your thoughts about Saturn in Sag story in my chat.
    After working abroad for 15 years I decided to settle in my birth country.I have to mention that my natal ethnic background is different to the country’s I was born and raised in. Nothing radical but unfortunately I always struggled to relate myself to my birth place’s culture. At the moment it got worse I have never felt more alienated, culture shocked.
    After 15 years I am at ground zero with my job, my friends, my country, my sence of beloning to it…
    I’d love to upgrade my educational background and I know a have a lot of potencial but unexplained fear, anxiety, panic makes me impotent and slack. How can I stay grounded and get through it?
    Many thanks!

    1. I am glad the timing was right for this post – thank you. You have Neptune at 15 Sagittarius exactly square Vulcano at 15 Pisces. This tells you everything you need to know about what is going on. At the moment, Saturn is travelling/transiting at 15 Sagittarius so issues about your birth country, ethnic background, culture, belonging and education are all being triggered. The first thing you can do is slow down and allow yourself to spend some time sitting with things. Long-term you will be fine. November and December 2016 will show you everything you need to know and understand about these issues. It may take time but just go slowly and learn as much as you can. Read widely. Consult internet forums. Ask people who have been through the same/similar situations. Once you are past Christmas 2016 you are on your way out of the most challenging part of this cycle, which can only happen every 29 years. You will have learned so much by the time the total cycle ends, when Saturn leaves Sagittarius on December 20th, 2017. Then you will gain from it during the fantastic Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle, which will make so many of your dreams come true, starting in November 2018. By 2019 you will have been given stunning opportunities to travel, move and/or study. The fear and anxiety you feel now should be tackled first though. Do not let your thoughts affect how your body works. When your body works as if it was running from a sabre-toothed tiger, you begin to upset your nervous system and your chemistry. So the trick is to master the mind. Find the person who speaks best to you about meditation and mindfulness, online. Borrow the library books. Go onto the websites. Watch the videos. Science is telling us – this is the key to everything! Astrology is great but you also need practical tools to help you bring down the anxiety.

  17. Dear Jessica Adams:
    This is an amazing post. I found so much truth here, even if I don’t believe in astrology as much as my friends do. I did not see many benefits in second half or the last year of Saturn transit. There was, however , one very important development. I learned an aspect of Oracle that I did not know about. It will stay with me forever. Typical of the third house!!

    I am so surprised that you write great posts despite Mercury retrogrades.

    MaryJo cannot post herself because of some cyber bullying and tracking. She uses a company laptop for most part, so that is difficult.

    This is her message:

    Because of Jessica, I have learned that any kind of news, good bad or ugly, should not be acted upon right away during a Mercury retrograde.

    There are ways of taking advantage of Saturn and Mercury’s movements. Jessica taught me that.

    I got a COPYRIGHT awarded when Jessica said Saturn and Jupiter would help. The ex-boss dying was like a miracle no one asked for!”

    Thank you again for this post. You are changing lives.

  18. Hello Jessica –

    I love this site and the work you do everywhere.

    Saturn squaring my sun – taking care of my dad as we speak, which is quite heavy but I’ve been super supported from unexpected sources (jupiter)

    However, I’m very interested in financial news. I see the uranus venus but I tend to focus on those two. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you so much and kind regards,

    1. Thanks so much. You have Diana at 28 Scorpio and Hygiea at 29 Scorpio (almost an exact conjunction) in your Eighth House of finance. We associate Scorpio/Eighth House with deadly serious financial agreements, or sexually intimate arrangements. Life insurance, legacies, mortgages and joint bank accounts are typical. There is a major story happening with finance as Mars is retrograde at 28 and 29 Scorpio. He was there in the first part of March. He returns in the final part of July and first part of August 2016 so this ‘story’ in your life will move backwards and forwards, yet ultimately you are going to see a great deal happen very quickly. Search Diana and Hygiea on this website to find out how they function in your chart. You also have Mars at 3 Cancer and Minerva at 25 Cancer in your Fourth House of family. Saturn is also square your Sun, of course, which describes your ‘inner’ father, and you obviously learned how to ‘parent’ in a male way, from your own Dad, which is why you are now having to parent him too. To zero in on the Cancer placements, for a moment, your Minerva at 25 Cancer will be met by Uranus at 25 Aries in a square in April and May 2017, and by Ceres at 25 Aries in a square, from the end of June 2016. You may want to get to know Minerva in your horoscope in greater depth – that is another asteroid to search. The three mighty goddess asteroids, Minerva, Hygiea and Diana are all waking up in your chart, and your father is the key – as is finance.

  19. Scared! Scared! Scared! Hi Jessica, I am Aries with saggitarius rising……wrote a book on healing,,,revolves around character chiron….it has taken a delay of around two yrs n finally is due to be published v v soon,,,infact within days perhaps….I was purposely delaying it so tht Mercury retrograde thing gets over so maybe aftr 7th June,,,though publishers may finalise any day v soon,,depends!!! But my greatest fear is Saturn in publishing …..fingers crossed!!! Really scared …NY insigts ??? Any chances how well will be accepted by the readers??

    1. Don’t be frightened. Saturn is just Saturn. Allow for everything to move slowly. Allow yourself to learn. The whole point of Saturn in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of publishing, is to be taught lessons about books and publishers, so that when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius in 2019 you get the full benefits. Your writing, then, will take you towards stunning success.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this site. I’m a bit confused. I’m a 23 degree Cap with Aqu rising, but my 1st and seventh houses contain Aqu / Pisc & 7th Leo / Vir. This makes it seem as if I have Saturn in the 10th now. It certainly feels that way, but I, on the other hand, get no sense of Jupiter in my seventh. Can you help me out with this? Thanks!


    1. Thank you. I use the Natural House system for personal birth charts, so I’ll have a look at your horoscope using that. You have Uranus, Cupido, Fortuna and the South Node in Libra in your Seventh House as well as Jupiter. When it comes to the relationship you have with former, current or potential partners (Libra) there is probably a pattern of rejection/being rejected, which we associate with Uranus. It is a churning, changeable part of your life. That might explain why you have no sense of Jupiter. He is there, always helping you and protecting you, but you also have this rather complicated addition of Uranus too. Not only that. Cupido is short-term passion (the desire that lasts as long as Cupid’s arrow wound takes to heal). I expect love, sex and relationships have never delivered Happy Ever After – yet being aware of the pattern can help you fix it. The South Node in Libra does bring repetitive patterns – and a fair amount of karma and past life debts and credits with former, current or potential lovers. Finally, Fortuna is the Wheel of Fortune that means, every time you are on top of the world in love, the wheel is always taking you down. And every time you are at rock bottom in love, the wheel is always taking you up! That is a lot to think about in your chart but hit Search and look at Libra, but also those individual heavenly bodies. The best thing of all is, you have Jupiter himself transiting Libra from September 2016 so you are in a stunning position to get closure, remove obstacles to love and/or find someone new. You will have your Jupiter Return in Libra – heavens above, that’s fantastic news.

      1. Thank you so much for your helpful response. I always thought of having Jupiter and Uranus in the 8th house. This 7th house interpretation makes so much sense in terms of how I experience relationships. Again, a most sincerely thank you.

  21. Dear Jessica,

    Wow – these last few articles that you have written are very helpful and interesting. Glad to know jupiter and Ops trump Saturn.
    would you kindly tell me how saturn is affecting my chart now? I liked what you sat about “flat” because flat in bed is where I tend to be these days. depressing. thanks

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are going through depression, our modern curse – so let’s look at your chart. You were born with Ceres at 1 Aries, Hygiea at 2 Aries, Apollo at 0 Aquarius, the North Node at 0 Pisces and South Node at 0 Virgo. This pattern in your chart is almost exact, as there is just one degree difference on either side between Ceres, Hygiea, Apollo, the North Node and South Node. What this means is that every time you have cycles around 0 or 1 degrees, you hit mind, body and spirit issues with the South Node in Virgo, and this automatically triggers the rest. Did you know that travelling (transiting) Ceres herself passed the 0-1 spot in the middle of April? That would have started the pattern off again. Actually, on a regular basis, you even just have the Moon herself going to 0-1 every time she moves into a new sign, so I am not surprised that you get stuck with these lows. The key to everything with you is understanding that your mind affects your body, and then your body affects your mind, in a loop. I have said this a couple of times today, but please look at the new science of mindfulness and what medicine is telling us about meditation. You also have a big Aries signature there. You need to be a warrior woman. If you are not already playing sport or punching bags at the gym, try it. It would be an interesting experiment for you, to try to satisfy your Aries side, which is basically ‘In her nylon tights, fighting for her rights.’ Whenever I hear anyone with an Aries signature in her chart tell me she can’t get off the bed, I just know that she’s not allowing herself to jump around and be number one. Find something that lets you do that. Heavy metal guitar or ping-pong – just try it. See what happens.

  22. Hi:

    As a Gemini I wonder about what connections you can see between this Saturn cycle and the women in my life. Please have a look look in my chart. Thank you.

    1. You have a huge stellium in Leo, which rules courtship – and nothing in Libra – which rules partnership! You also have Uranus and Diana in Leo, so space, freedom and independence are what you get in love, either going without a regular partner for long stretches, or getting yourself into affairs, one-night stands or relationships where there is no regular routine, no certainty and no ‘knowing I’ll be there/she’ll be there.’ This is a big two-year learning curve for you. Saturn going through Sagittarius will trine every one of your Leo horoscope factors so things will be stuck and slow – for a reason. It is the only way some deeper truths can be learned, and this will help you in future, particularly in 2019 when you could enter the most fantastic relationship phase in 12 years or begin a new relationship with someone who is meant to be. You don’t get the rewards later without doing the work this year. Have a look at the past in terms of the children you had (or the pregnancies which did not go through to completion). That will help you get it all in context. You may want to read more widely about the sign of Leo too. It looms very large in your chart.

  23. Hi jessica,
    My third try at posting. Retrograde at play here.
    The ‘foreign’ aspect of saturns effect on my sunsign has been around for a long time just more pronounced during this cycle. Is ‘foreign’ in relation to my place of birth and chart or where i reside right now? What do you see for me for the rest of saturn in sag?
    I have noticed that jupiter and saturn seem to constantly oppose each other. I cannot use the opportunities presented to me (mainly due to fear) for my jupiter cycle but spend energy in resolving my saturn cycle. Whats that about?

    1. Third posting? Even for Mercury Retrograde that’s hard work – sorry! You have Saturn at 26 Cancer aspecting your Ascendant/Descendant axis. You would gain the most from looking at your family tree, your relatives (especially your mother and grandmother) and the way that your family history and relationships with these people, affects who you are, and the kinds of partnerships you form with other people. This also goes back into issues like your family’s culture, nationality, country/region of origin, class and so on. Look up Saturn on this website and Cancer too.

  24. Thank you Jess, my least favourite planet 🙁
    Although, I get the re-new, re-think and re-train bit. I have saturn in Taurus, as you have said before, it is past life and income.
    Thank you, I got offered a position on May 13, just waiting for the contract. ‘Fingers crossed’
    Please do give me insights into Saturn. My main concern is health. I am diabetic and hypertensive, on meds. My goal is to decrease the meds through good diet, walking and meditation, at the moment, I am struggling with all with good days and bad days. Appreciate any insights.
    Many many thanks, very grateful for your gift. 🙂

    1. Thank you – yes, Saturn is also my least favourite planet! Born with Pluto in Virgo, you may want to read the post I wrote about Jupiter in Virgo (hit Search) and really use your Jupiter transit to Pluto in August 2016 when you will have an unusual opportunity to understand your mind, body, spirit connection in great depth and find solutions. Diabetes is one focus but there may be another one, at that time. We are moving through the great Jupiter in Virgo cycle this year – and in China, Year of the Monkey – which both tell us that massive progress will be made in medicine. Beyond that, our understanding of the mind/body connection is also growing. You sound as if you are making good headway with your food and exercise, but also stay on top of the latest updates on how to treat your condition.

  25. Hi Jessica, I’m a Virgo Sun, so Saturn is affecting my place in the world, issues with hometown and family etc, I was born with Saturn at 27′ Virgo, and in the 2015 annual horoscope, you predicted a crossroads to do with Saturn In Sagittarius for Virgo, and I ended up relocating, are there any similar transits this year or next and do you have any advice on this, when Saturn moves into Capricorn, what will this affect? leading the younger generation? I can never translate the Capricorn transits on a personal level, I have no factors in Capricorn, does that mean losing all power/control in groups and next generation? many thanks

    1. Thank you. You have the IC at 17 Sagittarius and Neptune at 19 Sagittarius, so if your birth time is correct, then you have a Saturn transit going from 17, 18, 19 Sagittarius in November and December 2016. The end of this year is the time to take it slowly, allow more time for yourself to deal with what/who comes up – and to find out all you can about the realities of other cultures and belief systems; other regions or countries; local or national differences. You need to be a realist then, especially about your home, family, house, apartment or household. Knowledge helps. I’ll post more about Saturn in Capricorn closer to the time.

  26. Hi Jessica, When Saturn went through Scorpio it hit me really, really hard and it actually made me feel not wanting to leave the house as you described. Somehow that feeling has lessened recently and I was wondering if that’s because Saturn is in Saggitarius and what else I can expect from this transit?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, you had your Saturn Return at 3 Scorpio which can only happen to you every three decades or so. When this happens, transiting or travelling Saturn moves across your horoscope to end up at exactly the same zodiac sign and degree (number) it occupied when you were born. Light will be shed on this when the Sun moves to 3 Scorpio, just for a day, close to October 27th this year – you will be able to stand back from the situation and look at it clearly.

  27. Hi Jessica – something in your post about saturn prompted me to ask about my love life and prospects for partnership (and marriage) as I long to share life and build the future with another . Have begun to feel the burden of single life, the lack of daily intimacy etc and wonder if you have any comments on this and where love might come along, assuming it will somehow or other! You have answered so much here – if you can squeeze me in too I would be ever so grateful! Kate

    1. You can ask me astrology questions any time about your personal birth chart, Kate, you are very welcome! You were born with Mars, Saturn, Diana, Pluto and your Ascendant in Libra in the Seventh House of your horoscope using the Natural House system. Libra rules the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. It rules dating, mating and relating for your whole life. This stellium in Libra describes the scales of marriage, and common law marriage (living together) as well as equality issues between lovers. This is a hard-work part of your horoscope. There is no getting away from that. However, with every year that goes past, it becomes easier as you learn the lessons involved. The good news is, when Jupiter moves into Libra from September 10th 2016, into the third quarter of 2017, you are in a fantastic position to heal the past and choose the future. What happens during that period will enable you to roll away any obstacles which are preventing new relationships, and once the ground is well prepared, new growth can begin. (Jupiter is like the rain that feeds the soil). Your little life gardening experiment with love, sex and partnership will grow, if you take every chance you are given. One thing you might want to focus on in your chart is Diana in Libra as this is a symbol of independence, space, freedom and no ties. Your MC or Midheaven is at 28 Cancer and your IC or Immum Coeli is at 28 Capricorn, so Diana forms what we call an exact T-Square. This is a point of tension in the chart. I am sure you know that already! You need to find a unique, creative way to give yourself space and freedom, that also allows you to pursue home/family. Should you make the potential date you are given by 2017 work, and that develops into a relationship, there is every chance of a real commitment with an apartment or house by 2018 when Jupiter goes into Scorpio. So yes – you are asking the question at the right time.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica, this is all so helpful and interesting – and where I sense I would like to be heading so it’s most encouraging. I did not know about this t-square phenomenon but now you point it out it makes complete sense. (I have begun to learn a bit about astrology since around Christmas – a lot of it through the resources you are providing). And certainly in the past there has been a major issue around equality in relationships. Looking forward to Jupiter in Libra!
        Thanks again, Kate

  28. Hi Jessica , thank you so much for this article . It has certainly made me think . I have Saturn transiting my twelfth house squaring my natal sun in Pisces this year . I have been trying to sell my house and relocate and as you say it has been a slow and frustrating process, especially with Mercury retrograde getting in the way. I would be grateful for any insights you may have about this issue and also any other ways that this transit may be affecting me . Thank you .

    1. I use the Natural House system for prediction, so Saturn is not actually in your Twelfth House, he is in your Ninth House, which rules relocation. You have a stellium in Sagittarius including Chiron, so no wonder things have been stuck and slow, as Saturn is making a very rare aspect – you only get on Saturn-Chiron conjunction in your chart every 29 years! Having said all that, the good news is, once Mercury behaves himself after 7th June, the whole world economy starts spinning normally again. Nobody knows where they stand at the moment, but it’s only a matter of time. You are missing useful information about the property market, your desired location, buyers, sellers and interest rates which can only come your way from the final week of May to the third week of June. That’s really what you’re after. The wake-up calls and moments of truth will really help you and the changes which are required to get things moving, will send you on your way. In the final quarter of this year you will be thrilled by opportunities to make or save money so let’s hope these are tied to your sale and purchase.

  29. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for this invaluable article. So practical! From your chart calculator it seems that not only my sun sign is Sagittarius but also Ascendant and I have many planets there too….It’s been so tough…husband left last year, 2 young boys, partial thyroid removal, building new career, and all the other emotional and psychological changes. On the plus side I am studying again and slowly slowly building hopefully a new future and career. That is my priority right now. I am also having to look deeply at my habits, choices…but except for daily walks in the woods, and meditation there is really no respite….even the world of diversions…boyfriends, etc….is not easy. So it’s so intense….I know all this is leading to a better future. But I would love some feedback in relation to my chart. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you – I can’t tell you much from your Sun and Ascendant sign. However, building a new career is smart. Use every person, situation and organisation you are given to improve things, from now through September. You will be rewarded!

  30. Hi Jessica, I visit your website everyday and absolutely love your horoscope writing. I wanted to ask about the Saturn transits, through Scorpio and now in Sagittarius. I was hoping things might start to feel better after a really, really tough period which actually kicked-in late 2008 and apart from some really great moments has been very hard…in particular late 2012 until early 2015 has been one thing after another going wrong. There has been a slight pause for breath and I’d hoped Saturn in Sagittarius would change the tempo but it is feeling pretty relentless still, with things just not working out and lots of stress in different areas. Any thoughts would be very welcome. Thank you, Penny.

    My chart is below…I’m not 100% about my time of birth but think it is correct.

    10 Sept 1967/12 noon/Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    sun in virgo 17°3’10”
    moon in sagittarius 8°23’60”
    mercury in libra 1°14’52”
    venus in leo 29°36’33”
    mars in sagittarius 0°15’10”
    jupiter in leo 22°35’37”
    saturn in aries 10°42’2″
    uranus in virgo 24°19’5″
    neptune in scorpio 21°57’39”
    pluto in virgo 20°19’5″
    mc in virgo 0°14’48”
    ascendant in scorpio 12°32’25”
    northnode in aries 29°57’8″

    1. Okey dokey, what we have here is not so much Saturn, but also Uranus and Pluto triggering your chart. You don’t show the asteroids which are crucial and I can’t see Ceres – so you only have half a horoscope, to read. However the biggest deal for you at the moment is Pluto’s trine to your natal Sun, which takes some time to sink in. You need to know your Virgo and do your Virgo. Jupiter is also passing through Virgo, which I am sure you know. The key to everything is to create a daily routine which allows you to master your housework, your work, and your body’s needs to perfection. This may mean a different lifestyle. You need to look at your doctor, food, drugs, drink, fitness, healer and the rest. Look at the tiny details of work projects too and how to polish and perfect them.

  31. Hi Jessica. Saturn’s transit in Scorpio was very difficult, and I notice that it has affected my self confidence. I lost my brother, my business, and have not been in a relationship since then. I have changed and not for the better – I’m reserved and unable to open up. I have been able to form new business partnerships, which all seem to be moving in the right direction. However my personal life is stagnant, and this is really beginning to depress me. I’m worried about Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius which I thought would not affect me that much but seems to be. I have planets Sagittarius and Gemini, and with Sun, Asc and Venus in opposition in my birth chart, should I be really worried? Thank you so much for the work you do.

    1. I am sorry you are going through these cycles, which I can see immediately in your chart. What you must do is focus on your way with words, ideas and images. You have a gift for the internet, which I don’t know if you are using socially or professionally. You may also have a gift for language and could easily speak/write two or three. Of all the people in the world who should be connecting and communicating, it is you, and although I can understand that you want to step away from the world at the moment, when you are ready to come back, you must explore multimedia, education, publishing or the worldwide web. By 2017 it would reward you so much, personally and professionally.

      1. Thank you Jessica. I love reading and have always thought I’d make a very good editor. I am also excited about an Internet opportunity and trying to figure what my role should be so I really appreciate this guidance.

  32. As someone else said, 3rd time trying to post! #retrograde

    Hi Jessica,
    As you can see, I’ve got Saturn in Gemini and I’m all about publishing, social media platforms and building a blog at the moment! Not ideal, I know 😉
    I’ve been through and feel like I’m only just really emerging from, an incredibly difficult 4/5 year period. I now raise my two kids completely on my own and we have a fab little family unit in a great community. I feel ready to branch out myself now and although I’m still in the homework period, I’ve got to move on stuff, whether it might meet an obstacle or five in the process or not! I’m kinda used to them now.
    Thanks for these blogs, they give a lovely way of navigating through this thing called life!
    3rd time lucky!

    1. Sorry about these Mercury Retrograde issues with the website. I have in fact replied to you, but I am not sure where that reply went to! Okay – so with Juno in Sagittarius you were born to write/publish online, because you ‘wed’ yourself to the projects and you ‘marry’ the people involved. Juno is about commitment. I can also see your Saturn in Gemini is due for opposition from Saturn in Sagittarius. You can usually spot Saturn about ten miles away, so just be aware. As a person he tends to be male, older and either pessimistic, depressive or somehow burdened by life – he carries a lot of baggage. As an organisation he is male-dominated, usually rather staid or stuck in the past, long-established and very hard to shift. As you spot your Saturnine destiny in the distance make sure you know absolutely everything there is to know, about who and what you are letting yourself in for. On a happier note, from November 2018 Jupiter goes through Sagittarius and by 2019 you will be elated by the opportunities linked to publishing, specifically involving other regions, cultures, countries or nationalities.

      1. Thank you Jessica, I feel like I’m born to do this too! It’s only taken me half a lifetime to learn it ;-))))

  33. Hi Jessica,

    I love reading your horoscopes daily,weekly and monthly! they provide me some sense of comfort knowing that sometimes how I feel isn’t always just because I am an utter nut job! 😛 haha
    You have mentioned in this article that the Saturn movements will affect the Libra sign in various was listed below:
    “LIBRA – The internet. Your telephone. The media. Academic journals. Magazines. Newspapers. Facebook. Language. Literacy. Reading. Writing. Hearing. Vision. Publishing. Education. Books. Radio. TV. Your voice. Commuting. Short haul travel.” – extract from article
    I am finding that these issues and points are also being raised in the Libra daily,weekly and monthly horoscopes but I can’t seem to find any relevance to them in my life. Is this weird?
    Born 21/10/1994 10:23pm Dubbo NSW Aus.

    1. Thank you for that and I am glad you are finding comfort in the horoscopes (and I am sure you are not a nutjob, by the way). It’s odd that you are not experiencing life lessons, tests and trials with your communication. Every Libra person I know is. Two are worried about their eyesight (reading, using the internet). One is concerned about her memory. Another is bothered by the fact he has to give speeches. Another is a little paranoid about the media. Anyway…I’m glad you are escaping!

  34. Good Mornining Jessica,

    I hope that this message finds you in good health and good spirits…

    Could you give me some advice, please? When is the best time for me to join Tinder? I’m very old fashioned with regard to dating, but thought that I should give my destiny a helping hand.

    I do appreciate your help and absolutely love your forecasts and writings.


    All the best,


    1. Thank you so much – I am glad you love the forecasts. Born with Cupido at 2 Libra and Minerva at 24 Libra, you are in luck. Jupiter is about to go over the same spots, 2 Libra and Minerva at 24 Libra, in your house of former, current and potential lovers. Whatever you need to happen, to make things move along, will happen. Start as soon as Jupiter goes into Libra on September 10th 2016 and do a little life and love gardening. Report back!

  35. Hi Jessica, thank you for these detailed articles they are so fascinating. Things sure feel heavy for me, I had hoped that I was out of the worst of it from 2012-2015. I read your horoscopes a lot in the last few years and it definitely helped, you were right, things did get better! Until this week feels like I have been slapped in the face with some of the old issues from the last few years. My question is what is it in my chart that keeps getting triggered this week and in general the domestic daily grind, while it sounds extreme I get actually distressed when there is too much chaos and mess in my surroundings. Not helpful when I have 3 small children…what is it about this week that feels like I have a rock squashing me, I find it difficult to communicate this to my husband, he was born 11 June 1983 in Rockhampton, QLD at about 9-930 (not 100% sure). We work together as well and our charts must clash somewhere because things seem intense in that area too. I almost feel manic; I have never been so busy. Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for your time.

    1. I’m glad things got better for you, though your chart shows that you were born with Minerva at 19 Leo, so the True North Node at 19 Virgo and True South Node at 19 Pisces are definitely triggering the domestic daily grind stuff with the children and your husband. Basically you have Minerva in the Fifth House so you are Queen of the children and also Queen when it comes to the marriage – but at the moment you have this classic pattern going on involving Virgo (order, efficiency, daily routine, housework, work) and Pisces (chaos, mess, muddle) pulling you in two directions. Your husband was born with the Sun at 19 Gemini so he’s in the pattern too and I suspect at least one of your small children will have patterns at 19 degrees! The good news is, the Nodes move off 19 degrees on May 22nd. What you are experiencing is very common to a lot of people at the moment, who are dealing with Pisces-Virgo oppositions. It’s about efficiency versus taking a holiday from the real world. Escaping from work and housework, versus having an organised life. The trick with this cycle is to try and pull it back in yourself and other people so that nobody is being *too* Virgo or *too* Pisces. I think it’s funny that you use the expression ‘slapped in the face’ because the rest of the sentence in England is ‘slapped in the face with a wet kipper’ and of course Pisces is the sign of the fishes. It will pass…

      1. Thanks so much Jessica, have been able to read your reply thoroughly now and I see my middle child has the Sun at 19 Virgo…he seems to portray that Pisces-Virgo opposition beautifully, one minute an angel who is easy to work with and then the next is throwing himself on the ground as his legs ‘don’t work’! Or is that all 2 year olds? 😉 Thanks for your time I’m glad it is moving now onto this week which seems like will be another heavy one in different areas.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    Wonderful article on Saturn, thank you. Saturn in Scorpio was some of the most challenging years ever for me, as I lost both parents and a dear older friend ( like a mother), big issues with siblings during the end stages of my parents life, health scares with children, loss of pets. I happen to be a very optimistic person, and with my saturn return coming, Im hoping things can only get better as I am getting tired…. very tired. A lot of being a hermit. Waiting for life to become fun again, and to meet a partner. Also Pluto was conjunct my natal Saturn during most of that time. Biggest challenge now is supporting my adult child going through chemical dependency issues. He seems to be on the other side of it now in recovery and following the program. He happens to be a Sag, with a Sag rising also.
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you and many blessings,

    1. That’s really kind, thank you. Born with Mercury, Venus and Hygiea in Libra (and a nice collection of Leo factors) you are in your best position in 12 years to remove the obstacles that prevent you from being with someone, and find someone who can balance the scales with you. This begins in a slow, quiet way on September 10th 2016 and by this time next year, you should be well on your way – assuming you understand the Jupiter rules. These are a) He took away Saturn’s curse, fear and negativity by telling him to do some gardening – agriculture. Jupiter is about life gardening. If there is anything in your life which needs weeding, trimming, cutting and clearing to enable love to come in, don’t be surprised if this happens on this cycle. Yet – after this – the ground is fertile for new romantic seeds to grow. The other Jupiter rule is b) Even if your ‘ground’ is nice and clear, you have to actively seize every chance you are given for around 12 months. Know an opportunity when it stares you in the face. Recognise and use the tools, resources, contacts, connections you are about to be thrown. They will be wonderfully obvious, on that first New Moon in Libra, early October 2016. I am now going to get to your son…Sagittarius recently went through a very difficult cycle on that Scorpio-Taurus axis, with the Nodes there (Taurus rules the Sixth House of the body in his solar chart and Scorpio rules the Twelfth House of secrets and the unconscious mind). He also had Saturn in his solar Twelfth. It’s hard to comment more on him, not seeing his chart, or knowing how he views his own situation but I wish him God speed with his recovery, as Shakespeare used to say.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    I have Saturn in Sagittarius and am in the middle of it too. So far Saturn’s been quite nice to me and I had been doing a loooooot of things that I wouldn’t have dared do just a year or two earlier (going to the dentist for the first time in 14 years, taking care of my body and health, travelling and practicing speaking in a foreign language etc etc). I have a day chart, which supposedly means that Saturn return will be more constructive for me, which I guess helps. My Saturn’s in the 3rd house and, while it’s treated me well so far, it hasn’t yet had the chance to square my Jupiter and Venus, which will come next year for me (Venus is in 1st, Jupiter in 7th). Natal Saturn doesn’t actually make any aspects to my natal Venus and Jupiter, but Saturn transit will eventually make square aspects to both. I’m particularly worried about it squaring Venus as that’s a hard aspect and I actually want to GO somewhere with my love life (you know, settle down, have kids) but I can’t seem to find anyone who I want to be with, which unfortunately is the story of my life and I’m tired of it. What should I expect when Saturn transit eventually squares my natal Venus in 2017? I should also state that not only is Saturn natally in my 3rd house, but it also rules my 5th and 6th houses (Capricorn on 5th cusp and Aquarius on 6th cusp if you use the traditional rulership thing).

    1. Saturn in Sagittarius is in the Ninth House in the Natural House horoscope so speaking a foreign language is a useful thing to do (conquer your fears, and all that). Saturn square Venus is really no big deal – you have had this before – so just backtrack and see what happened then. Much depends on the *house* Venus is in natally and you don’t give a sign. It’s not necessarily about love at all. In the Tenth House for example, it’s about a complicated professional relationship.

        1. Your Venus is in Virgo in the Sixth House using the Natural House horoscope so you tend to have complicated and extremely emotionally involved relationships with people who impact your body (doctors, nurses, healers, trainers, surgeons and all those who are a channel for the food, drink and drugs in your life). There is no bedside manner here or even a Hippocratic Oath – it’s all down to the most potent passions.

  38. Hi Jessica, I have premium now and would be soooo grateful for any further thoughts in regard to your previous observations about Pluto and Uranus at work in my chart. I noticed I have a lot of Virgo…I feel like I’m choking in something at the moment. Thank you.

    1. Whenever people use the word ‘choking’ I always look at the chart to see what transiting Neptune is doing, and sure enough he is at 11 Pisces, triggering the Ascendant, Descendant, Diana and Fortuna at 12 degrees. Saturn is also moving towards that 11/12 degree position in June. For the moment, though, look at Neptune (there is information on this website for you) and remember the rules with this cycle are to ground yourself in the real world, avoid people or organisations which are confused/confusing and generally look for an anchor, a light house and the flags. Neptune rules gas, mist, ether, smoke, fog and water, all of which can make us feel as if we are ‘choking’. Your Diana in particular is about being free, wild, independent and without commitments to tie her down. Try to find a way to give that space in your life and your horoscope, but it begins with moving right away from whatever/whomever is making it hard for you to breathe.

  39. Hi Jessica

    As a Virgo sun, Saturn is meant to affect my country, roots, family etc. but I am not feeling any such influence at the moment. Could it be because I have Ops and Jupiter in cancer and am accordingly ‘protected’ in that area?
    Where I really feel stuck is in my (academic) career and related income. I have worked tremendously hard over the past five years by engaging in a PhD at 45 after 10 years of being stuck going nowhere raising two kids (felt like climbing the Everest). This ‘rebirth’ took me down a completely new path and showed much promise initially. Instead, I am now finding that this is not really going anywhere (Saturn?). Furthermore, I am now being asked to climb the Annapurna: supportive and more experienced people in my field (they are meaning well and trying to help are telling me that I have little time and must rush into more significant work if the work invested in the PhD is to come to anything. Personally, I feel exhausted and in need of a rest but, being told that I have to act fast by people more experienced than I am in my domain (or I will miss all opportunities and it will be too late), I wonder accordingly if I can afford to take it slowly and rest before attempting the next climb. I also need to access more income asap. I guess I my main stress is around FOMO (a Fear of Missing Out/Saturn?) and wasting all the hard work of the past five years. My past career is also still hovering in the side lines and I sometimes wonder if I should just take a 180 degree U-turn and focus back on that instead (and maybe this is fear talking). My 50th birthday is fast approaching and I wonder how much more energy I can still summon in the future; plus I feel the stress of the situation is affecting my health. Thank goodness for astrology and your blogs to put some well-needed perspective in the madness. Should I be concerned about missing out on opportunities and wasting my past efforts or is it ok to go at a more sustainable pace? Many thanks for any insight…Sagittarius appears in Fortuna and Bacchus in my chart, which makes sense to me, but also in Cupido, which seems to be triggered constantly in my chart in the past few months and this I do not understand the meaning of.

    1. Yes, the public story about your house, apartment, town, country, household or family will be less onerous, because you have Jupiter and Ops in Cancer in your Fourth House too. (Privately you are not going to see the same heavy realities as other Virgo people). Okay, let’s look at what else is going on. You have transiting (travelling) Pluto at 17 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career at the moment, exactly trine your own Pluto at 17 Virgo. We also have the True North Node approaching 17 degrees too, from 2nd June. Sometimes astrology can be really simple. Pluto is in Capricorn the sign of the mountain goat who climbs to the top, and your natal Pluto is in the sign of the virgin whose physical condition always has the last word. Your body is talking to you. You mention your health and stress – that’s a classic way that a strongly Virgo person will communicate with herself, through her own body. Please look at the people who are pressuring you to climb Anapurna. What motivates them and what are they like as people? I’m curious about that, because the people around us sometimes channel the transit and they may be acting out Pluto. Read more about this planet. And please do not worry remotely about your success in life, or your money, because from September this year, you are in for a pretty amazing two-year cycle with Jupiter going through your solar Second, and then through your natal Eighth, both of which rule your finances, house or apartment. In terms of achievement, Jupiter in Sagittarius (a little later) will also fix the wider academic picture for you.

  40. More fantastic information from you, Jessica – I have learned so much from you! I’m a Libra and Saturn was in Aries on my birthday, and it looks like there’s a lot of overlap with what Saturn influences in Aries and Libra, having to do with writing and publishing. Writing is a big part of my job ( and sometimes I struggle with getting it done), so I’m wondering if some of that is Saturn’s influence. Can I blame writer’s block on Saturn?

    1. Thank you! You have Mercury, the planet which describes writing, at 13 Scorpio natally so Saturn (slow, stuck, obstructive situations and people) at 13 Sagittarius was on your case in January 2016 and has been back from May 23rd. Just remember you also have Jupiter helping you, though – he is at 13 Virgo for the rest of May.

  41. Hi Jessica any other tips about Saturn you could share when you look at my chart would be much appreciated.

    1. You have a ton of Virgo in your birth chart – Saturn is exactly conjunct Minerva at 26 Virgo – and you also have Mars, Jupiter, Fortuna, Apollo and the North Node there. You have reincarnated to serve. You have one or more lifetimes of working very hard, for others, and turning duty into an art form. At the same time, your body cannot be separated from your work. Your physical condition is everything. Sometimes people with this chart pattern end up with paid or unpaid work involving medicine, healing, food, fitness and so on – because their own bodies inspire them to go further in the quest for answers. In other cases, you will find that your body dictates how you work/if you work as it is the ‘servant’ of your subsconscious mind. When Jupiter transits to 26 Virgo from August 22 to 26 this year, you will have an amazing opportunity to fix body and work issues, not possible in 12 years. And perhaps – to pull off something quite remarkable.

  42. Hello Jessica,
    My life has completely derailed since the end of February-lost my job, broke up with my partner. I will have to make some urgent decisions soon but I don’t know which path to take either: should I change career, should I go back to my partner? I am really wondering when I will have some clarity as to career and relationship matters. Thank you!

    1. Born with the North Node at 26 Libra in the Seventh House of partners your relationship situation is the key here. There is karma at work, and past life debts or credits to figure out, which may be why you are wondering if you should go back. The past life contracts with your ex-partner will be resolved harmoniously, and to your advantage, in a new cycle starting in September, and finished in late 2017. By then you will either fix things, or find someone else to date – either way the scales will finally be balanced. So – with your ex – give it time. No need to race into some big decision either about them or another potential date for the future. I am sorry you have lost your job. You were born with Psyche at 13 Virgo in your Sixth House of work. You lost it when Saturn was at 13 Sagittarius, square Saturn (Saturn Square Saturn). If you look up Psyche you will see that she describes that part of you which lives forever after tests and trials. Something about that final job/project/role will also endure. By November you will be well on your way out of this cycle. In the meantime Neptune at 11 Pisces is trine your natal Uranus at 11 Scorpio so have a very close look at what your money, house/apartment means to you. It may be time to look at what cannot be bought or sold, which is independence and freedom. You have Uranus in the Eighth House of sexually intimate cash/property agreements and deadly serious arrangements. Uranus is a potent symbol of repeated revolution in your life which ultimately releases you from stuck situations which keep you and other people trapped. I realise that’s a strong statement to make but it honestly is what this current cycle is all about. Long-term you should be thrilled from October 2017 into 2018 when you have a golden opportunity to agree to a house, money or apartment undertaking which also gives you and the other party space.

      1. Thank you so much! I wasn’t expecting such a quick reply, you are amazing!

  43. Morning Jess! Can you please give some insights into how Saturn has/will effect me – given I’m an Aries-influenced Sun Libra with a Sagittarius rising? Cheers

    1. Saturn at 22 through 28 Sagittarius is really your main concern and it’s just six degrees of separation, really. The whole world will be dealing with big ‘get real’ messages about foreigners, religion, travel, cultural/regional differences and the rest – January and February 2017. Your personal story is part of the bigger story, and the bigger story is part of your personal story. If you are on vacation then, moving or even emigrating – get good advice and stay on top of the news, because it will affect you.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    How do I get my Aquarian potential lover out of my head. He’s been in the background for five years or so now – keeps coming back into my life. I’ve met him three times – other than that the communication is by email. I don’t have his telephone number. I wish that I could meet someone to help me forget about him. Someone that would give me the time of day rather than make false promises.

    1. You have Cupido at 2 Libra square Mercury at 2 Capricorn. You love to be in love. (Cupid is alive and kicking in your house of former, current and potential partners). The more it stays in the world of email, or even the internet, the more difficult it will be. This applies to him and anyone else. Why? Mercury rules the web, the phone and words (not physical contact). A square is a point of tension. The way out of this one is to get live, real, sweaty and upfront with potential dates. Less typing and thinking, more real life!

  45. Hi Jessica,

    Could you explain about the implications of Saturn in Sagittarius to me, a Sagittarian, please. Thank you.

    1. You won’t feel Saturn until he moves to 29 Sagittarius, conjunct your Sun, in December 2017. Just be aware that if it involves travel, publishing, the internet, foreign or regional differences, education or academia – you need to take good advice, allow time and space and lean on expertise. You can come back to me closer to the time for more specific details as your situation will be pretty clear by then. The trick with this cycle is to minimise the issues and lower the stakes.

  46. Honestly, after having hosted saturn in my own sign and now the sarurn return, I have come to a conclusion that one need not fear saturn, like I hear some sags chanting for everything out of order these days, “it’s saturn”. No, saturn is here to teach you what you need to learn. There is no running or escaping. You will have to pay heavily in case you try to do any of these. Strengthen you value system if it has been weak. Work hard with saturn. Learn, learn and keep on learning and then execute.Then saturn does spell massive success for you. Rock solid foundations for life accompained with wisdom and successes. Am I right Jessica?

    I have my natal saturn at 29 sag 40’53” conjuct urnaus at 28 sag 40’53”. Icing on the cake is it forms a trine with my juno in leo at 29. I am already thrilled at a major life change on the cards! The same time (dec 2017) jupiter will also move into my own sign! Am I excited for no reason or a very good reason?

    Recently, I have also read elsewhere about the 29 degrees and how it brings major turnarounds in the life-cycle. May be my perspective is emerging from there. What do you feel about 29 degrees in any sign/house (in the chart). Keen to know your thoughts.

    I really appreciate the good work you are doing! Thanks and keep it up.

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, Saturn makes people paranoid. Although you actually have quite a different sort of Saturn. You don’t give your birth details, but if you have a conjunction with Uranus, and a trine to Juno, then it’s hugely different to (say) someone with a Saturn-Sun opposition. Yes, you should be excited about Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius at 28 and 29 degrees. The days when Venus is at 28/29 Sagittarius that month (November 25th, 26th 2019) will change your life, in terms of the region, culture, country or nationality involved. I don’t know that 29 degrees is a big deal. I’ve never read about that anywhere, sorry.

  47. Thank you for your prompt reply. I am learning so much from you.
    I have my jupiter in gemini at 3 degrees, but since this is not in direct opposition to saturn, I think I will work well with saturn, my writing and my publishing.
    You got me wrong with regard to my sun sign. My sun is in scorpio at 15 degrees. But yes I do have Bacchus 17, Aesculapia 26 and Psyche 10 as well in sagittarius. And to be very sure, you did mean 2019 right?
    Thank you.

      1. Thanks. Astrology doesn’t stop fascinating me. Just found out my vesta at 28 libra sextiles uranus 28 in sag and moon is already conjunct vesta in libra. Finally I see freedom from the emtional turmoil of past few has been a real rollercoaster and don’t you worry for a second, I handle vesta the way you have told me to. I just run, for I have too much pride.

  48. Hi Jessica
    I have been single for about the last eight years which I quite enjoy – I feel fortunate that I’m not being affected in personal relationships by the Saturn in Sagittarius transit however I have struggled to make progress with some work relationships since last Autumn which slows things down and also meant I moved to a different job in April! I guess after reading your useful blog I’ll have to be patient for the next year or so.
    I’m not particularly desperate to find myself a personal relationship and I’m quite self-reliant but I’m curious to know what my birth chart says about this and the future. Anything you can see?
    Best wishes

    1. Born with Neptune, the Ascendant and Panacea in Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex, money and property – you won’t have to wait long. Once Jupiter, the planet of solutions and opportunities, moves into Scorpio from the final quarter of 2017 you have until 2018 to snap up a chance to resolve an issue that is blocking commitment for you – or pursue a date with potential. Of course you can’t sit on your hands until then! Friendship and flirtation and the occasional fling are all possible. Read more about Scorpio in your chart by hitting Search. I don’t think you’d be satisfied with anything less than a powerful, financially binding and intense relationship and yes – the road to that opens up soon.

  49. Hi Jessica,
    What a fantastic article. I’m Aquarius and have to admit on the busienss front I have been doing better and better each month, making friends with clients, even online success and friendships. Per the above Saturn in Sagittarius would affect this part of my life. While this success, does this explain why I get into innocent trouble for sometimes being too blunt in what I say or just beinf honest with my opinions? How else will this cycle affect me? I’ve recently moved countries and after living away for a long time, my closest friends live in other countries. I therefore spent alot of time online with them.

    1. Thank you for that compliment. You have Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, growth, improvements) in your Eighth House, which rules business which might explain your success at the moment.

  50. I am totally feeling the Saturn presence on the work front……..I don’t mind a demanding job/boss but I do mind a disrespectful manager……….I feel kind of trapped. Should I just ride it out or should I seek other opportunities?

    1. You will have sensational work solutions and opportunities, now through the second week of September, but try to get everything in writing before August 10th to avoid the usual Mercury Retrograde delays, changes, reversals.

  51. Hi Jessica. Can you please take a look at my horoscope. I am a member 11 April 1957 , Birkenhead, UK 5 pm . I am wondering when things are going to get easier. I have finally been able to reduce my hours from full to part time . My vocation is in transition as I juggle between music teacher and settingup my Yoga business as I spent 2 years 2013 – 2015 getting qualified. I divorced 3 years ago and am looking for love. I feel my life is at a cross roads and I have done the work to improve and change things. Just waiting for it all to click into place. But then I am an aries and I am impatient !!

        1. Thank you. I now have your birth chart in front of me. You have Jupiter at 23 Virgo and Hygiea at 23 Pisces which is a big deal, now through early 2017. Your major cycles are not actually about Saturn, they are about Uranus at 23 Aries, making patterns which you have never had before and will never see again. This cycle, which will change your lifestyle, daily routine, physical condition, housework, paid work and unpaid work for the better, started with a bang in June. Hit Search and read more about Independence Day and Independence Day II for the lowdown as you are directly affected.

  52. Hi! What do you think about marriage during a Saturn Return? I’m in a relationship right now but do not see marriage until a couple more years. Probably during my Saturn Return. Can you check out my chart please and let me know what ya think about relationships in my chart. He’s my first boyfriend and I really do love him. Afraid the Saturn Return will change things. thanks 🙂

    1. You have Saturn in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career so this is not actually about Saturn,for you. If you want to get married you need to look at your chart placements at 7 and 8 Libra – when Jupiter the planet of solutions, repair work, opportunities and problem-solving moves to 7 and 8 Libra in October 2016, you will see this unfold. Whatever you need to learn in order to have a happier love life in the future will be given to you then, as a lesson wrapped in a gift.

  53. Hi Jessica,

    I so enjoy exploring your site. I can spend hours here
    I will soon have my Saturn return and feeling quite anxious about it. I wonder if Plutos transit there will further complicate and make this return even more difficult. It’s my third house which I’ve always had a problem (with a sibling). This libra just wants peace.

    1. Ah, thank you. I will pass that compliment onto James and Justin too. You have Saturn in Capricorn semi-sextile Jupiter which is incredibly helpful and eases the usual issues about career, status or university life which come with the Saturn Return. Pluto passed over this spot many years ago so that part is over. Basically your entire C.V. will change 2019 through 2020. That is your cue to honour your Capricorn side! Read more in 2020 Astrology, the new ebook, which has a section all about that.

  54. Hi Jessica,

    I love your writing! I’ve got Saturn in Capricorn – what does this mean for me.



    1. Thank you. You have Saturn and Salacia in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. Pick up your ebook 2020 Astrology from this website, free, as I wrote a whole chapter on the changes in 2019 and 2020 which will transform your professional life for many years. As a general rule, research your own chosen field, industry, business or profession as much as possible, now through 2019. Be totally on top of trends. Read the trade papers and the news, pertinent to your particular career. You need to be sharply aware of what happens, before it happens. 2019 and 2020 will change your world, and you will also change a small corner of the world too.

  55. Hi Jess,
    No doubt, I’ll have a longest year ahead .
    I’m in the “Saggitarian generation” zone .
    I can feel the heavyweight on my chest .
    Burden on every part of my life .
    I went so deep with the plans of business & housing… Because I dream so big .
    Now ! I can’t take the U turn , either any exit door for me .
    The only way for me now is keep going forward . It’s mean I have to even go deeper , investing MORE cash , take more risk TO SAVE the whole plan and If things turn out smoothly & success as predicted.
    Otherwise I will lose all my money I have put in it .
    It’s freaking stressful . It’s hard to be positive & optimistic all the time . Without your horoscope every week I don’t know where to look for the hope .
    I just have one question for you Jess .
    Of course I’m careful but :
    Go hard or go home ????

    Thank you so much for your time & your hard work Jessica .
    I greatly appreciate YOU .
    I wish could hear from you soon .


    P/S : You did mentioned before about partnership, I have to look around for the opportunity but nothing much in the field I’m working in at the moment. But although I will keep looking .

    1. I’m sorry this is so heavy for you. I can see why from your chart. Wait for this unstable time to be over. We have Mercury Retrograde and three eclipses. See where you stand second week of October. You will have a dazzling new opportunity or solution which was not possible before. Everybody around you – people, organisations – will be full of hope for the future, enjoying incredible breakthroughs and passing it on. Use your journal to set goals for October.

  56. Hi Jessica – I am going through my Saturn return now, and have Saturn and Uranus conjunct in my second house. I am just wondering how that kind of energy generally manifests, the best way to work with it, and some good ways to deal with this kind of Saturn return? Cheers!

    1. You have Saturn conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of your chart using the Natural House system, so I will spin your horoscope around. This is about dealing with foreign and regional differences, either through travel, or through relocation. It is about handling education or academia too, if this applies to your life – and publishing, again, if you are a writer, publisher or internet developer. This is a lifelong pattern and it is very hard work. You may want to keep your foreign, regional, travel or worldwide web agenda very simple and not pursue anything major (like emigration, for example) while Saturn crosses over that original Saturn-Uranus conjunction as you will have enough to deal with. Saturn in your birth chart describes some fundamental fears you have and some very tough life lessons which you did not ask for, but have landed anyway. It describes what you do to take care of those burdens in your life, and also how you protect or defend yourself. Uranus in your natal chart shows where you are at your most inventive, productive and creative, always seeking new ways to do things and never being contented nor satisfied. You have to ‘do’ your Ninth House but it would make sense to pursue other cultures or nationalities (for example) without major commitments if only because it could end up absorbing all your time and energy, when other areas of your life also need you. A university or college degree at this time, for example, would be extremely demanding, and if you combined it with a gap year travelling the world, you might find Saturn and Uranus seriously stretch you. There are significant choices here and with this kind of transit it is always useful to lean on more experienced people or to seek professional expertise.

  57. Hi Jessica, In my quest to understand astrology I have found that the 29th degree is called the anaretic degree(hope I have spelled that correctly) Its the Karmic degree as is the nought degree, the degree of fate. Its just that there is a lot of this degree in my family, so thought I would say. Meanwhile, the North Node has also been the subject I am looking at this year, mine is 7 Sagittarius on the November 29th new moon and Sun and Juno. Got any ideas?, and have you done any articles on the nodes please. PS. Am finding the site very, very slow since it crashed and a bit juddery, is work still ongoing.? Thanks if you have the time Jessica and still thanks if you don’t. Got a lot of North Node stuff in my very immediate family in the next 2 years loads of major planets going over them so thought I would you. x

    1. I am sorry about the slow website, first of all, and thank you for letting me know. My webmasters have been working solidly to try and fix all the issues, of course. The anaretic degree? I’ve not heard of that. The Nodes I do know about, and the North Node at 7 Sagittarius in your Ninth House is well and truly triggered. Having Saturn also transiting the Ninth House in Sagittarius is also a big deal, through 2017. Basically the North Node is the repetition, familiarity and stuckness (stuck record feeling) that comes when you try to deal with situations that don’t change, no matter how much you try to reshape them. It’s a tremendous educator. It teaches you to become more patient, tolerant, philosophical and to really use the repeat,repeat, repeat to learn more about yourself and your life. For you, it always happens in connection with travel, foreign and regional differences, the web, publishing and education. I have seen charts like this with people who seem to have ‘theme songs’ with particular nationalities, no matter if it’s Germany or America, and the song always remains the same. Why does this happen? The explanation is karma and past life debts and credits. We incarnate with the Nodes in particular signs/houses to walk the same path we did in another life, but never mastered nor completed. This time round we get the stuck record effect so that we end up being almost super-developed in terms of our understanding of it all – our ability to cope with it – and then once we pass, all being well, we no longer have to return to do the same life business! I expect there is one part of the world and its nationality, history and culture which rings bells for you in terms of this.

  58. Jessica,
    I am faced with the heaviest of saturn in my 6th of health. 2 surgeries and some additional treatments to come. I am leaving it to the professionals, as I do not have control.
    Natal: 9/7/83, 12:29am Danbury, CT USA
    When will this doom leave?

    1. Try looking at your horoscope with the Natural House System, also known as 0 Aries Ascendant and see if Saturn is still in your Sixth House by transit. I very much doubt it. Try a new perspective. And please relax – Saturn does not mean ‘doom’. I wish you the best.

  59. Hi Jessica

    My sun sign is Sagittarius and moon is Gemini. I have natal Sun and moon square Saturn and my Saturn is in the 10th house. I am absolutely exhausted by this Saturn transit!! I am dealing with back to back viral infections and chronic fatigue.

    1. It’s hard to see chronic fatigue without your chart in front of me, or viral infections, but please look up The Medical Medium on Google now and see if his website appeals to you. He counts Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Campbell among his fans. He has quite radical views on fatigue and the immune system but I found it fascinating.

  60. My dob is 5/11/1987. Sun sign Sagittarius, ascendant Aquarius, moon sign Capricorn. I don’t know how exactly the Saturn transit is affecting me but I can feel I have been stuck at the same spot. I tried job changes that failed. Two horrible breakups. Sometimes I think I am probably going to die an old maid. Do you think my situation might improve after 2017? I try to be as optimistic as possible but sometimes it gets on my nerves and I wish there was a first forward button in life. By the way, the first breakup had left me almost insane with grief for a long time. But quite magically I am now over it and when I look at his pictures I find it unbelievable that I was once madly in love with that guy. Is that Saturn effect? Can’t say the same about the second guy though as we just broke up, but a part of me is ready to take the test whether this one is real or not. I sound crazy but this is how I have decided to handle my life now.

    1. Whoaa, steady on about ‘going to die as an old maid.’ That is extreme Bridget Jones! Saturn in Sagittarius has nothing to do with your love life, but if you are a Sun Sagittarian, you need to know that life since 2011 has been about finding a new, unique, different pathway with children. Relationships have all put you on a path with or without children in your world, and very specifically so – showing you what it means to do your own thing, in your own way, breaking new ground in your personal life. That is what this transit is all about. It will be for many years. Have a look at godchildren, nieces, nephews and the impact of Millennials or youth through work or unpaid work. I am sorry you had the grief of the breakup but breaks are common when Uranus goes through your solar Fifth House and each one sets you free to do things differently.

  61. Dear Jessica, I’m a sun Aries with my Descendant at 24 Sagittarius. In what way might Saturn’s current passage through that sign be particularly affecting me? My natal Saturn is at 29 Leo, and I have Jupiter at 29 Capricorn and Juno at 29 Taurus – could you also please tell me what this pattern signifies?

    1. You have a big pile-up at Aries and Libra in your chart including the Nodes, which matters much more than anything else. Why? Because Jupiter is passing through Libra and Uranus is passing through Aries, now through 2017, 2018. Your challenge is to look at ‘we’ versus ‘me’ in the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. Any time you overdo the ‘Me’ part you will find that you are pulled back into line by those who want fairness – and they will get it. You will do a lot of learning through the person you consider to be your other half, or the person you consider to be against you. It works out really well for you and you will be happier long term as a result, but the learning process will take time.

  62. Hi Jessica,
    I believe I have Saturn transiting my fifth house and my second Saturn return is in a couple years , also in this house. I keep hoping things ease up, but the last 12-15 years have been the toughest of my life. Do you see any rainbows on my horizon? Just wondering if I get to play anymore….. And preferably with a loyal partner.
    Thank you,

    1. You want a lover. You have Venus at 21 Libra in the Seventh House of former, current and potential partners and in December, Jupiter slowly begins to cross that point (arriving at 20 Libra) while Uranus opposes it at 20 Aries and Saturn sextiles it from 20 Sagittarius. This is the beginning of a complete transformation in your approach towards love, sex and commitment, as you either need to get closure with your ex or pursue a different way of relating with someone new. The chance, starting in small way near Christmas Day, is there.

  63. To our exceptionally intuitive – astrology guru Jessica,

    I am sorry, but I am quite astute at confusing myself with all of the remarkable information you provide us. My current issue at hand is the purchase of a property that has suddenly “gone south” with the seller. I am a premium member so I hope my chart is open for you.
    I have Saturn in the 4th house and Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 3rd house (natal chart). Saturn currently trans- 3rd house, with Jup in the 1st.
    The seller is representing the estate of her dead and (despised) sister. The seller is a Scorpio who just turned 73 Nov 16. A very mean and greedy lady. She withheld info of a 2nd mortgage that exists (title co. just informed us) and now wants more (unjustified) money for the property. We have 2 legal docs she signed but now need legal intervention to get her to close. Is the astrological climate on our side to get this done? We truly want this property. My boyfriend has a 9′ Libra sun – jup 18′ virgo 9th house – Saturn 29′ scorpio 12th house – with Sag asc @8′ – saturn is transiting his 1st house and jupiter trans his 10th house. We are purchasing this property together. We truly desire your sage advise on this matter.

    Many Blessings,

    1. We’re using different house systems for astrology so let me spin your horoscope around. You have Minerva (wisdom) in Cancer in the Fourth House of property, so this will work out, either way, because you know what you are doing, but it will take time – you may be going back and forth all of December and January. If you are prepared to stay the course and sit things out, you will get there in the end as she is power-tripping your boyfriend in particular – most unfair. Another Plan B property option will come up for you at the same time, though, so put your Minerva wisdom to good use and make a smart choice.

      1. You are the best! I hear you very clearly….

        I just spoke with a real estate attorney and she practically had your same response – we have a solid case, but could drag on a bit with some back and forth negotiating, but if we can “hang in there” it should work in our favor. We thank you for your clarity and wisdom!

        You are held in high regard here!

  64. Hello Jessica,

    I am amazed by the effort you put into every answer you give and I am encouraged by that to seek for some help and support.b
    I am heaving terrible time in my marriage relationship currently and for the past 2 years. I am a “victim” to the Saturn transit i guess. But am full with fear that i will lose my wife, who i love a lot, by not able to handle situations because of jealousy. I have Sun in Gemini at 16(8 house), scorpio rising, Venus 25 /Tau, Saturn 7/Virgo, Neptune 19/Sag. Not sure what else is needed, i am very sensitive person, deeply emotional. From the Saturn transition, worst time so far was between March and June and here we go again. Saturn opposed my Sun in March and is doing it again now. It is unbearable. I am scared of the fiuture and embarrassed to admit that. My wife is a Sagitarius and obviously goes through her own very tough times, probably some of which are caused by me. Sh has Sun/Mercury/Mars and Netune all by few degrees apart in Sagitarius. While Saturn moved back from opposing my Sun in the summer things settled in a way, but without a resolution. This time it wont return but will go all the way forward until end of next year. My fear is that it will resolve our conflict with separation. We both can’t stand the pressure anymore, but love is still keeping us together, although it is deep down hidden now. Please tell me if you see how things may evolve? Is there any additional information you need,for you to say more. Thank you !!

    1. Thank you and I am sorry you are going through this. You have a huge stellium in Taurus which can be rather possessive. At least you are aware of jealousy an issue. You sound like a very sensitive, aware and honest person to be, so please don’t be embarassed about how you feel. Most women would much rather have someone who was open, than unable to express what he is thinking and feeling. The more you read about Taurus the more you will understand why you need to hang on and own. However this is better channelled through collectors’ items or money you invest for a good cause, not through human beings. I am sure you find her like an art work all by herself – yet the truth is, as Andy Partridge from XTC once sang, ‘I can’t own her.’ At least you have a core of love there. That is a good thing. I will make you feel better by telling you December is the most intense month and then at least the pressure is off for both of you, whatever you decide to do. You don’t say if you have children, if you want them, or don’t want them – or any nieces, nephews, godchildren – but they are your very best bet. It’s all about the children, if you are looking for some cosmic help in this situation. Good luck.

  65. Hi Jessica,
    I think I’m right in the middle of my first Saturn return and I’m on my knees and pulling my teeth out! I’m really struggling to battle my way through some personal struggles, knowing what I need to do but I just can’t seem to do it. I’m so frustrated and scared of myself and the situation, I don’t know how to move forward.
    I know there will be a light at the end of the tunnel at some point but I’m wondering how long it’ll be until I start to notice a shift. In fact I think I know some of the answers but actually I have no clue what in the hell I’m doing.
    How can I help myself?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thomasin, you have Saturn at 14 Sagittarius and Pancaea at 14 Cancer, so this is about where you belong and where you come from – your family, home town, country, house, apartment or household – but also the world as a whole. Travel, regional or foreign differences and distances – and so on. You are being affected by Pluto, actually, which is opposing Panacea and semi-sextile Saturn. It can feel as if you are being taken over, or as if other people, places, organisations (or life itself) is trying to ‘take’ and dominate. The answer is self-control and self-discipline. A lot of this has to do with one close relative, or where you come from culturally. You will know where you belong, and to whom you belong, far more powerfully once this cycle is over. Give yourself time, especially December-January and don’t pressure yourself to come up with the right answer, or a fast answer. This situation will ease up but you have some decisions to make about where in the world you belong and to whom you belong.

  66. Hello Jessica,

    I just discovered your site, as I have been sifting through the flotsam and jetsam of the internet, trying to gain various perspectives and insight on my Saturn return. I’m a Sag Sun, Leo Rising and Saturn recently went exactly conjunct my natal Saturn. Ever since then, it feels as though plans of my future I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind are suddenly staring at me, nose-to-nose. It feels threatening and anxiety-inducing to entertain them as a potential reality, which I imagine is Saturnian energies.

    To clarify, I desperately want a career change- I studied linguistics for my undergrad, and currently work in the field of translation & technology, but my Taurus midheaven seems to be demanding I move towards more “earthy” pursuits. Technology does not inspire any sort of passion in me… plants, nature and healing are my true loves.

    Can you provide me with any insight or guidance as to where to look in my chart for direction and strength? How will having a stellium in the 5th house where all the action is happening affect me in 2017?

    Thank you so much for your skills and wisdom, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to ask this of you.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you Melia. I’m glad you found us! You are a Sagittarian having your Saturn Return in Sagittarius. It makes sense that you studied linguistics. If plants, nature and healing are calling you that is also no surprise. You have Hygiea at 6 Virgo in your Sixth House of work. (Natural House System). Hygiea is a powerful asteroid who describes the need to protect the future and prevent illness. Her name is hidden in the word hygiene. You can read more about her in all the ebooks on this site. She trines Neptune at 6 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. No wonder you feel called! The time is approaching when this will become a reality for you, as Saturn will slowly move to 6 Capricorn and then Jupiter will also move to 6 Capricorn. You should definitely follow your calling now, even if you are studying part-time or volunteering on the weekends. Don’t be anxious. Find out more about Hygiea and seek out paintings and sculpture of her. You may just ‘get it’ in an instant!

  67. Hi Jessica,

    This is so interesting and true. I’ve been feeling stuck with career and am hopeful after a painful 2016 there will be progress in 2017. My Ops gives me hope in tough situations. My Jupiter is helping me for sure.

    My Salacia in Capricorn will be activated any moment now.

    I hope all this will translate into better work opportunities this year?


    1. Yes, you’ll be working (paid and unpaid work both possible) in two different fields. Neither of them are ‘real’ as in ‘real world’ but the escapism is what you want. I’ll give you the analogy of the Disneyland Mickey Mouse actor who moonlights at a homeless shelter saving souls.

  68. Hi Jess,

    I’m feeling like Saturn is working overdrive at the moment with my career. I know it’s transiting through my 10th house and I can see it at work! I’m waiting for a promotion or some kind of movement forward and up. Is there any respite or forward movement on the horizon? Thanks again for your insights – they are a ray of sunshine in Saturnian gloom!

    1. You were born with Panacea at 23 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career and at the moment we have Jupiter circling 23 Libra and Uranus circling 23 Aries, forming what is known as a T-Square. T stands for tension so no wonder you feel impatient. Actually, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 are all part of a four-year pattern of deep professional transformation for you, and you may even choose a totally different field, so try to think long term even though I realise you also have a stellium in Aries in your chart and tend to think short term.

  69. Hi, Jessica!

    Reading your “2020 Astrology” and “Asteroid Astrology” ebooks and stumbled on this article. So fascinating! I can spend days drinking this all in. I’m currently in my Saturn Return and 1 degree from my birth chart position. To be honest, 2015-16 was intensely painful compared to this event so far. (Aside from this Venus Rx with Pisces/Aries/Pisces thing. I couldn’t form a coherent sentence until it flipped back into Aries. Brutal. This Mercury Rx looks like it’ll pack a wallop too. Got to love that Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces stellium.)

    I’ve had an odd stroke of good luck since September and was recruited from my graphic designer position to another company—despite very blunt and repeated statements that I don’t plan on staying long. (I’ve been working hard on moving to another city for about six years and was transparent that’s my end game. I had finally made peace with being patient, letting “things happen in their own time,” and trying to not be so hard on myself. Ironically, I’ve had this strong, gut feeling that things are about to shift for the better soon.) I created a proposal to ease the transition where my new company will let me move and work freelance for them for a set time until I find another position. It was accepted with minor changes. I decided at the last minute to enter an advertising competition in December. Turned the submission in two minutes before the deadline on the due date, and won the top award in the category at the ceremony a couple weeks ago. I’m kicking around the idea of eventually going full-time freelance—since groups of people in work settings is not my forte—and have received interest from potential clients if I go that route. Back to playing music again after leaving it behind ten years ago to focus on design. To top it off, Bipolar symptoms that usually storm the entire year with ebbing episodes are conveniently and uncharacteristically calm right now.

    Genuinely not used to this weird streak especially when I’ve been bracing for the worst. Historically, I’ve consistently been the bad luck/don’t pay attention/off on own island/squirm at recognition of any kind/don’t talk to me about me/getting stuck in one place/panic-prone, introverted kid for as long as I can remember. My fears centered around visibility and being tied down somewhere I don’t want to be, but I’ve grown oddly comfortable with these concepts since last year. Like a switch turned on that visibility isn’t such a bad thing and being where I am is temporary.

    Trying to sift through patterns and see how I long I can ride this tide, though. Even if it’s only for a few weeks/months. In the ebooks it says that Jupiter and Ops balance out Saturn. So Jupiter in Libra is especially potent right now? Sun is in Libra, plus Jupiter in Gemini and Ops in Libra are one degree from each other in the birth chart, so does that help? Ops is currently in Capricorn so that’s affecting my career? (If so, she is welcome to just park it there for as long as she likes.)

    Pluto, Diana, Juno, Hygeia, and Psyche are also currently in Capricorn so there’s a lot happening when they hit specific degrees, right? Pluto can flip things totally on their head as well? I’m certain I’m overcomplicating/confusing this with only a few weeks worth of reading under my belt, haha. Thank you in advance for any insight you can shoot over. Your content is so interesting and I really appreciate that you respond to comments with such depth!

    1. Thank you very much. You have a cluster of horoscope factors at 11, 12 and 13 degrees, so it’s very common to have repeated patterns, or cycle through regular moods, highs and lows – all typical of bipolar. The Sun, Pluto, Vesta, Diana, the angles (MC and IC) and the Nodes (North Node and South Node) are all hooked into this degree. At the moment, transiting or travelling Neptune is hovering around 11, 12, 13 Pisces for quite some time. So what we have here is a classic ‘confused and confusing’ cycle, because Neptune is associated with feeling all at sea, being out of your depth, losing your footing, losing sight of the horizon, being in over your head and the rest of it. Essentially, you are being ‘Neptuned’ and Neptune is triggering that very tight pattern of 11-13 degrees, in many signs, at the same time – affecting many areas of your life at the same time. Here is how to handle the transit. Ground yourself and earth yourself. Go for long walks. Bake cakes, grow plants, mend things. Learn to breathe and to ground with basic yoga techniques. Keep it real in your life as much as you can – keep the Neptunian pursuits to a minimum, so you are less affected. You can read more about Neptune elsewhere, but you do need to know about this transit. Look at alcohol, drugs and prescribed drugs as well, as they all put us in altered states and you need to be sharply aware of that at the moment.

  70. Hi jessica,

    I am supposed to travel to China for a job interview during the period 26 April and 12 May but, for a number of reasons, I would like to ask the organization to delay this trip/interview until after 22 May, post Mercury retrograde. As I have Saturn at 27 Pisces in my Chart conjunct the Moon today (27 March), I am wondering if asking for a delay is a way of self-sabotaging and is going to create a problem with the organization involved. Ops is also conjunct Diana in my chart at 16 Capricorn. Have you got any thoughts as to what this means? Would be very grateful for any insight. Thanks!

    1. Just see where they’re at – and if it would be a big deal – nothing as fleeting as Saturn conjunct your Moon in the Twelfth House should put you off a simple check (although it does explain why you were feeling so anxious about it, when you posted this!) You may well find that the situation in China or with the organisation itself ends up being quite changeable as we cross through Mercury Retrograde into May – but that’s not your issue. Just ask and see what comes of it.

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