Mercury Retrograde August 10th to October 7th 2016

From August 10th to October 7th 2016, Mercury Retrograde rules us again. Here is what to expect.

Mercury Retrograde is back in your life from August 10th until October 7th, 2016. This is the cycle which rules retractions, product recall, rescheduling and most things with ‘re’ in front of them. Mercury Retrograde will pass through Virgo, which rules the following story in your life. It’s a story that will be rewritten at this time. Depending on your location and time zone, allow 24 hours either side of August 10th and October 7th, for this cycle to begin and end.


2015 mercury retrograde png - Mercury Retrograde August 10th to October 7th 2016

It’s the time to take extra measures to ensure mistakes don’t happen and to have Plan B in case things go wrong. It’s also the time to be very wary with the internet, computers, the media, buses, trains, cars and planes – which Mercury rules.

The most simple error can create a chain reaction of events on this cycle. As I write this in May 2016, three months ahead of time, we just had a wrong weather prediction in England. Yes, the Met Office called snow on the hottest day of 2016.

Screen Shot 2016 05 11 at 7.30.05 AM 600x375 - Mercury Retrograde August 10th to October 7th 2016
Mercury Retrograde in May 2016 and the weather.

Which Area of Your Life is Affected by Mercury Retrograde?
This area of your life will hit delays, changes or reversals between August 10th and October 7th. Watch for technical errors, extreme weather or communication flaws.

Aries – Work. Body. Lifestyle. Routine. Service. Duty. Housework.
Taurus – Babies. Children. Teenagers. Lovers. Youth. Juniors.
Gemini – House. Apartment. Family. Household. Town. Country.
Cancer – Internet. Multimedia. Publishing. Education. Languages.
Leo – Money. Banks. Taxation. Business. Rent. Investment. Shopping.
Virgo – Image. Reputation. Appearance. Title. Role. Profile. Persona.
Libra – Secrets. Invisibility. Mystery. Dreams. Psychology.
Scorpio – Friends. Groups. Associations. Parties. Teams. Clubs.
Sagittarius – Career. University. Volunteering. Ambition. Goals.
Capricorn – Travel. Academia. Publishing. Education. Foreigners.
Aquarius – Finance. Company. Revenue. Debts. Credit. Possessions. Property.
Pisces – Partners. Exes. Crushes. Lovers. Enemies. Rivals. Opponents.

When Mercury Retrograde Works For You
The luckiest cycle of all, Jupiter in Virgo, is also there while Mercury is Retrograde in Virgo – in fact, from August 10th to September 9th, you will find that the usual slowdowns, alterations and u-turns affecting your life (above) benefit you. It’s like being a Leo and discovering that your bank makes a simple error on your account, then offers you a $100 apology bonus.


Evelyn de Morgan   Mercury 1870 1873 e1405404907418 - Mercury Retrograde August 10th to October 7th 2016
Mercury, the culprit!

How to Picture Mercury Retrograde
Mercury the Messenger had winged sandals in Roman mythology. This painting by Evelyn de Morgan also shows his famous winged helmet.  If you can picture the ‘messengers’ or messages in your life falling over, getting stuck, running on the spot or even moving backwards – you have a picture of what August through October will bring, in the Virgo-ruled area of your horoscope.

Mercury Sandals Liberty e1405405087116 448x600 - Mercury Retrograde August 10th to October 7th 2016
Temporary Benefits Until 10th September
The only thing to remember about this luckier Jupiter period is – from September 10th, when Jupiter moves on, the benefits of the rescheduling, retractions, product recall and reorganisation are no long there. In other words, you’re going to be left with the flux. And say that word carefully.


Mercury Shadow Sandals Liberty e1405404139289 448x600 - Mercury Retrograde August 10th to October 7th 2016

Is Your Personal Chart Affected?
If you have Virgo personal horoscope factors at 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,24,25, 26,27, 28,29 then you will have a lot to think about at this time. Mercury Retrograde will conjunct, or sit on, your birth chart. This means significant delays or changes affecting your lifestyle. Your lifestyle, incorporating your daily routine, regular workload, body, housework, food, doctor, drugs, drink, fitness, healing – is profoundly affected by a state of flux at this time.

I work with the shadow period, as many astrologers do. The shadow is the time just before and after Mercury actually appears to turn backwards. He moves over the same sign (Virgo) and degree where he will shortly get stuck.

He moves something like this, from August 10th through August 30th –

Virgo 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

(That’s the first hit on your Virgo planets, points, angles or asteroids – that is when the story begins).

Then he moves like this, from August 30th through September 21st – which is when the original story is reversed, stuck or altered.

Virgo 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14

Finally, from September 21st until October 7th he then moves like this – with one more delay, change or u-turn to finish this stop-start story.

Virgo 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

Common examples of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo in your personal chart include the following – which is why I always say ‘Get it in writing and read the fine print.’

Rescheduled or cancelled medical appointments.
Gym membership refunds.
Work projects which fail and go back to relaunch.
Missing pages in employment contracts.

World Mercury Madness August-October 2016
Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is about the internet, most of all. It is about Microsoft Word and Apple. It is about Google.  It is about hackers. It is about technical problems. It is about manufacturing faults. Basically, if it’s about your computer (or the computer at work, or university) then expect Mercury Madness.

Only ninnies launch new products or schemes (especially online, or involving computers heavily) when Mercury Retrograde is in Virgo. Don’t be a ninny.


Mercury Laptop 448x600 - Mercury Retrograde August 10th to October 7th 2016
Mercury Retrograde affects computers.





From August 10th to October 7th 2016, Mercury Retrograde rules us again. Here is what to expect, based on your regular horoscope and also your personal birth chart.

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37 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica, thank you for reading my question, I have Virgo 26 and 28, how will this Mercury Retrograde affect me during the period?
    I quit my old job in early 2011 and cant find a job replaced til late 2013.
    The new job’s income is unstable, job field is quite different from the previous one, and my finance become worse and worse.
    The just past Mercury Retrograde I experienced positive change in my finance finally, but it is because of my family’s help. I’m worried it will turn bad again in the nearly future, as my job seems still not in a right track.
    Jessica, would you please give me some advice, what should I do or what it will happen in coming days?
    Thank you.

    1. Born with the MC at 26 Virgo (if your birth time is right) you will have the best opportunity in 12 years to fix your career or find a new position when Jupiter moves to 26 Virgo in the second half of August 2016.

  2. Having gone through the last Mercury retrograde where two situation with my job application had gone reverse.

    Rejection on job application has been part of life since 2013.

    I have Virgo at 22 & 29 and wanted your views on the same on its effect.


    1. Very good. Jupiter at 22 and 29 Virgo will give you hope, help and opportunity with work not possible in 12 years – use this time, August and September. Even a situation which swings back and forth will assist you then.

  3. Hi Jessica, I have a lot of Virgo factors in my chart, most of them at the 14-29 range you listed here. Any advice for how to proceed during this time, beyond the usual Mercury retrograde precautions?

    1. This will be about your paid or unpaid work so be really hip to the chance of rewrites, rescheduling and other ‘re’ events affecting your day-to-day routine – not only a job, but also housework. Don’t we love Mercury!

  4. Hi Jessica, Could you please tell me how these retrograde patterns relate to my chart? I may be starting a new job around this time. Any insight you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    1. Just allow for people to change their minds, for the internet/computers/phones to present the usual issues, and for the talking points on paper to change. Knowing this is your first dress rehearsal helps.

  5. Hi Jessica. Being a Virgo with three points being triggered by Mercury retrograde I’m curious as to how this may affect me. I’m currently contemplating some cosmetic upgrades in August and may be a bit worried about timing. Also career is a big factor right now as I am in the running for a new role – do you foresee issues with this? Thank you Jessica!

    1. Try to get all the work stuff out of the way before August 10th. If you must talk after that date, Jupiter (amazing timing) is still on your side, but the story will go back and forth through September, maybe as late as October. Cosmetic upgrades? In general you just find schedules run more smoothly before Mercury starts his long retrograde path, so before August 10th.

  6. Hello Jessica – I hope all is well.
    These are factors I have in my chart. What is the impact of this retrograde?

    Moon 29° Scorpio 18′ 57″
    Pluto 14 Virgo 13′ 33″
    Lilith 26″ Scorpio 33′ 50″
    Ceres 28° Scorpio 32′ 16″
    Diana 25° Aries 46′ 20″
    SoEcl- 20 July cancer 27′ 23″

    Solar Return and Houses:
    Asc. Virgo 28°35′ 9″
    2 libra 25°45’13”
    3 Scorpio 26°10’19”
    IC Sag 28°28′ 2″
    Desc.Pisces 28°35′ 9″
    8 Aries 25°45’13”
    9 Taurus 26°10′
    MC Gemini28°28′

    Best Regards!

    1. Thank you. I am not totally sure which horoscopes you are working with there. I don’t use Lilith! Mercury Retrograde will hit your Pluto in Virgo at 14 degrees, near August 10th and September 22nd in a backwards-forwards story affecting work, unpaid work or your university degree. Allow for a state of flux and have Plan B as the talking points will alter and you are very likely to see delays or changes. The sky won’t fall you just need to plan around. Are you using your journal?

      1. I appreciate your response. I have plan B and I use the journal. Some matters are outside of my control and may impact my situation. Regards!

  7. Hi Jess, thanks for this great article! I’m currently considering buying a property. I’m interested in how these patterns affect my chart and whether this is right time to make a commitment like this. Could you please tell me how thee retrograde patterns affect me? Thanks!


    1. Thank you. If you go ahead, the greatest challenge will be dividing, sharing and compromising, either over the money or the property itself, as it looks as though the next few months are all about trade-offs, if you do decide to go ahead. Everyone will want his/her/their share of the controls.

      1. thank you so much Jessica. How does Jupiter impact this and any decisions I make? I don’t have many aspects in virgo only Opps at 22 degrees. Thank you!!

        – Uma

        1. You’ll just have the domino effect of the usual Mercury Retrograde issues. As I write this the Australian census is failing, Southern trains in England are about to strike, Delta has grounded all flights…you get the picture. Just be aware of those around you being affected in a global knock-on pattern of delays or rescheduling.

  8. Jessica,

    I am now working on a few projects in the month of Aug which would span into the next few years till around 2020, I wonder how would this coming Aug Mercury Rx affect the planning and implementation of these projects going forward into 2017 and beyond, and also in the longer term what are the areas of my chart that I should lookout and focus with the coming Jupiter in Libra in Oct?

    Can also advise how can I request for a next few years horoscope reading report of my chart?

    Thanks, BC

    1. Wow, you need to pick up my book immediately, and the chapter on 2020 specifically. You have the Descendant and Salacia in the late part of Capricorn. If your birth time is 100% accurate than you need to look at a professional partnership, or even a professional rival/opponent, and where things might stand with this person in 2020. If your birth time is not totally confirmed, you will still experience major transits over your Salacia in Capricorn in 2019 through 2020. Be aware that a change in the balance of power is coming, reshuffles, demotions, mergers, departures – in that time frame. On a global scale we are going to see massive transformation affecting the corporate world. This Mercury RX is not such an issue but always watch the transits through Capricorn (Christmas and New Year) from this point forward as many of the seeds of the future changes will be sown at these times.

  9. “Don’t be a Ninny” my mother use to say that :-)…it looks like Mercury Retrograde will affect me through this whole cycle. Doesn’t sound fun considering I need employment, I finally made a doctors appointment for a good physical which I haven’t had in years, my husband and I are talking about possibly selling the house and buying something smaller, the lease for my car is up the end of August and my husbands chart has Virgo in the degrees listed in many planets 🙁

    1. Yes, the world has too many ninnies in it, at the moment! Okay, this Mercury Retrograde will be noticeable, both in your life and also your husband’s, if he has a Virgo signature in his horoscope at those degrees. The sky never falls, but we do benefit from having a flexible diary, Plan B and a nose for potential paperwork mistakes. I happen to be writing this from Australia where the government has decided to schedule a national Census survey for Mercury Retrograde Shadow. People are already talking about recalling the forms! It’s that kind of thing…just be aware.

  10. Hi Jessica, Hoping you will pick this up. My father-in-law is critically ill and I am flying overseas with my daughter on Aug 10/11 midnight, timing or what. I hope this mercury retrograde will be fine as I am flying Malaysian Airline. I have Pluto in Virgo at 27, appreciate your time and advice. Thanks heaps JR

    1. I wish you a safe and comfortable trip. I am sorry your father-in-law is so ill – Mercury will actually retrograde shadow at 14 Virgo so it will not affect your horoscope at all. What you do have is Minerva at 14 Libra so there may be a missed/late phone call, message or e-mail involving your former, current or potential partner – have a look at that. I hope your father-in-law can make a recovery.

  11. Hi Jessica, I’m hoping to move to another city and a job change in the next 2 months but concerned with Mercury Retrograde. I’m in the process of applying for jobs now. I have the following factors Psyche Virgo 23′ 15′ & Cupido Virgo 01′ & 29′. What should I do? Thanks.

    1. Mercury Retrograde will pass over your Psyche at 15 Virgo and Cupido at 22 Virgo, so you are doing this during a time of chopping, changing, delay, absences, basic mistakes and so on – yet you will know exactly where you stand by 7th October.You actually gain from this, though. Why? Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, solutions and advantages is also in Virgo so strangely, what goes *not* according to plan ends up being for your greater good. I will give you an example. You may find that one person in your potential new office who agreed to work on a project with you, suddenly changes her mind. In fact, she quits. Yet – her replacement is far superior and actually ends up getting you the contract of your dreams. That kind of thing! Hang in there, but just allow for this to be not quite what you expected, with the jobs you are applying for.

  12. Hi Jeasica,
    I just started a new job in a total new area with little experience in this role and it is quite intense at the moment. How will Mercury retrograde affect me in this new role?

    1. Congratulations on your new job. Okay, so in your Sixth House of work you were born with Vesta at 10, Proserpina at 12, and in your Tenth House of career you were born with the Node at 0 Capricorn. You won’t actually be affected by Mercury Retrograde at all, but the eclipse on 1st September falls at 9 Virgo, which is close to your Vesta. I suspect you are working with, for or above two women (or more than two women) and this needs tremendous care. Please hit Search and look for Vesta. You can do this thing, but you all need a sense of humour and perhaps an honest acceptance of the fact that there is gender imbalance. On no account try to date any of these women unless you want to unleash the full force of Vesta! You were born to be the go-between in work. Proserpina describes the person in the middle who pleases both sides, yet with Vesta there too, you need to be aware of the pitfalls of one man/two plus women. I mentioned your Node at 0 Capricorn. You have past life memories of being tremendously ambitious and rising to the top, leaving your original background, class and family far behind. From September 10th you hit a cycle you have not seen in 12 years as Jupiter the repair, hope and healing planet makes an exact square to the node at 0 Libra. September 10th through 14th is a rare chance to look at how you feel about success, making it, and the rest – and to take total advantage of what goes down. You are in a really good position.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        I am not sure about the 2 women, but thanks for the heads up. To add to the above, my personal and professional life has been upside down for the last 12 months and continuing. Is this related to Mercury retrograde? Or what else is causing this chaos in my life.
        Thanks again

        1. I am not surprised your life has been turned upside-down. You are going through a Uranus cycle which will only happen once in your life. You were born with the Sun at 23 Libra in the Seventh House, which describes the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. This same hous also reveals your enemies, rivals and opponents. You were also born with Uranus himself at 23 Libra, so ‘Uranus conjunct Sun’ is the aspect to look up. You are famously the man who upsets his own apple-cart when it comes to your partnerships, because although you are driven to create and invent the duet, once you have done that, you reject it. You distance yourself from what you ‘make’ with love and sex and then it takes on a life of its own anyway and all hell breaks loose. Not only that, but you have Diana at 24 Libra, just one degree away, and this asteroid is all about freedom, space, independence and living a wild and spontaneous life. If ever there was someone who should think very, very carefully before walking down the aisle and getting married, it’s you. None of this is Mercury Retrograde, it’s just Uranus. What does it do? It sets you and everybody else free. How long does this go on for? Give yourself 2017 to work it all out as well. Read more about this planet by hitting Search and downloading 2020 Astrology. You are actually creating a ‘brave new world’ when it comes to love and sex, and that means ditching the past and embracing the new future, even if there is no map or compass. It will work out for you, but you also need to ground yourself while it is going on. It can feel as if you have been mildly electrocuted. Ground yourself by walking barefoot, gardening, doing boring things like repairing shelves and above all, baking and breathing!

  13. Hi! Jessica,
    life has been rough for the last few months-since the beginning of the year. Any reprieve in the horizon?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Yes. Pluto has been opposite your Moon, which can only happen every 240 years, or so. This is a very difficult cycle because, of course, you need to be needed when it comes to your family or household members, but every time you try to reach out, you are forced to deal with the most overwhelming situation or dominating people. This also applies to the actual house, apartment, your home town or homeland. This is a very challenging time for someone, to whom a sense of belonging is so important. The best advice for this cycle, which is temporary, is to draw on all your self-control, inner strength and self-discipline to run your own life and your own state of mind. You can acknowledge what is going on without having to cave in to it. There is no fast or easy answer and the only thing that will work is steely self-discipline. The gift to you will be a lifetime sense of empowerment, self-trust and self-respect as you know for a fact that nothing and nobody will ever affect you again. I suspect a lot of what you ‘learned’ emotionally about your family, house, home town, homeland, apartment or household comes from your mother or grandmother. Perhaps both. This is a useful time to look at that pattern in yourself and find some deeper answers. You will love 2019, by the way, as you will be travelling, moving, studying, teaching or all four at once.

  14. I always find mercury retrograde causes so many technical issues in my life. I also find sales drop around this time. Is there any relief soon for me?

    1. Mercury Retrograde is over, over, over on October 7th (allow 24 hours either side for the world to catch up with itself). Then, that August story you are still going through will resolve.

  15. I broke up with my boyfriend on august 21st; can you look at my birth chart and let me know if we are going to work things out after the mercury retrograde or not?

    thanks in advance

    1. It’s hard to say without seeing your former boyfriend’s birth chart, yet you will know where you stand by 7th October and beyond that, you will have two stunning chances to create a new kind of relationship (far more equal this time) either with him next year or with a new lover. You were born with Cupido, or Cupid, in Libra in the Seventh House of relationships and Jupiter, the planet of solutions and opportunities, will conjunct Cupido for the first time 12 years in 2017.

  16. Things have been so slow and stagnant Jessica – any insights ? I was expecting huge blessings and change with Jupiter in libra

    1. You just had an opportunity (Jupiter) to take the lead (Apollo) with your former, current or potential partner in September (Jupiter conjunct Apollo). I hope you said yes – that kind of solution or chance only happens once every 12 years, to your total advantage.

Comments are closed.

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