Use Your Jupiter Luck in May 2016

On Monday 9th May 2016, Jupiter the planet of luck, moves forward. When he does this, one area of your life will bring lucky breaks, perfectly timed opportunities and stunning solutions.

On Monday 9th May 2016, Jupiter the planet of luck, moves forward. When he does this, one area of your life will bring lucky breaks, perfectly timed opportunities and stunning solutions. Which area of your life is affected?

ARIES – Work. Lifestyle. Body.
TAURUS – Children. Lovers. Youth.
GEMINI – Home. Family. Household.
CANCER – Internet. Media. Education.
LEO – Money. Property. Business.
VIRGO – Image. Appearance. Title.
LIBRA – Secrets. Counselling. Dreams.
SCORPIO – Friends. Groups. Causes.
SAGITTARIUS – Career. University. Charity.

CAPRICORN – Travel. Education. Publishing.
AQUARIUS – Finance. Company. Property.
PISCES – Partners. Exes. Crushes.



Jupiter is big. I photographed him in Europe just a few months ago and close-up, he seems larger than anything else in the room. In your horoscope he symbolises the biggest and the best you can have. The Romans used to call him Jupiter Optimus Maximus.

Jupiter A 449x600 - Use Your Jupiter Luck in May 2016
Jupiter (Adams).

You have until 8th September to plant what you want – or nurture what you already planted. Jupiter is an ancient symbol of growth. He brings an abundant harvest. Even small efforts over the next four months will help you a great deal.



Walk around any art gallery or museum and you will soon find Jupiter. He is always shown with thunderbolts. They symbolise the thunderstorms that Jupiter was supposed to bring.  

Jupiter B 449x600 - Use Your Jupiter Luck in May 2016
Jupiter upsizes your life in astrology.



Thunder brings rain. Rain fertilises the seeds in the soil. Growth can be rapid and abundant. What astrologers in ancient times knew still holds today. Jupiter can bring a bumper crop if you make the effort.

If there is one thing to know about May, it is this. If you plant something, then it will grow. If you want a seed to begin your ‘life gardening’ with, Jupiter can provide that too. Think big. Think positive. Think Jupiter. You may have an abundant harvest.

Jupiter C 449x600 - Use Your Jupiter Luck in May 2016
Think positive. Think big. Think Jupiter.


What your Sun Sign shows you (above), is the area of life where you can do your best planting and growing. In fact, if you think back over the last nine months, you’ll realise just how lucky you have already been.

You’ve already had one amazing thunderbolt. From May 9th there will be another. Jupiter luck tends to arrive with a ‘whummp’ sound just like a real bolt from the blue. Use it or lose it, though, because Jupiter won’t be back in Virgo for 12 years.



On Saturday 13th August 2016, a rare pattern unfolds in your horoscope that will reward your efforts with Jupiter.

On 13th August, Jupiter at 24 Virgo will quincunx Uranus 24 Aries.

Uranus is the planet which rules electricity. It makes things happen – as quickly as a switch being thrown. When Jupiter aligns with Uranus in August, the events can be sudden and change your life – for the better. A quincunx is hard to say, but in astrology it describes a powerful connection between two planets, at the same time.


Uranus Electricity A 449x600 - Use Your Jupiter Luck in May 2016
Uranus is electrifying (Adams).


If you are a Premium Member please check your personal birth chart below to see if you have any factors at Virgo 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 or 29. You’re looking for the first number next to Virgo.

So, for example, if you were born with the Sun at 13 Virgo 39 or Ops at 22 Virgo 02) you’re in luck. You have the Sun at 13 Virgo or Ops at 22 Virgo and you’re in the Jupiter zone.

You can allow one degree’s difference, so if you also have Virgo factors at 12, you may be in the lifestyle improvement zone now too.

You can even look up your luckiest days in your 2016 Horoscope Journal, which is included in your membership. Any time you see Jupiter at the same number as your own Virgo factors (13 through 29) that is a stunning time to say ‘Yes’ to life. You may notice it on the actual day in question, or within 24 hours either side.

[contentblock id=show-chart] 



IMG 7505 450x600 - Use Your Jupiter Luck in May 2016

If you do have Virgo factors between 13 and 29, then you are among the most fortunate people this year with stunning opportunities and solutions which will help you improve your working life, if you take them.  Typical examples between May and September might include:

Promotion, New Job, Beneficial Reshuffle, Prestigious Project, Workplace Perks, Improved Hours.

If you have three or more factors in Virgo then you are a Virgo type, no matter what the rest of your chart looks like. You find deep satisfaction from working hard and being of service to other people. Your body is your channel to the greatest discoveries and so you may explore healing, Reiki, medicine, yoga, nutrition, crystals, flower or bush essences, surgery, fitness, sport, swimming – and so on – in the most intense ways, over your lifetime. This may have begun in childhood.



There are also huge options and answers for your body if you have personal horoscope factors in Virgo, no matter if your concern is your doctor, drink, drugs, food, gym, healer, trainer, fitness, strength, surgeon or naturopath.

Remember, Jupiter is big. To the Romans, he was the biggest and best of all the gods. In astrology, for centuries, he has been linked to dramatic changes in fortune.

Here’s just one example. I had a client with a Virgo stellium (more than three personal horoscope factors in Virgo) who had Jupiter passing by at 13 Virgo, just one degree away from her natal Pluto at 12 Virgo.

As soon as Jupiter arrived within one degree of Pluto in her chart, she was offered a new job with an office that was double the size of her old space. She was also given discount pool and spa membership as part of the package. That’s Jupiter. Here he is with his wife Juno. He always issues irresistible invitations!



In the Natural House system that I prefer to use for your personal readings, Virgo rules the Sixth House. Do you have horoscope factors here?

The Sixth House describes duty and service. It is associated with Virgo the Virgin, who was traditionally the young woman of the house who did the chores. Virgo is about hard work.

Virgins in ancient times were also defined by their physical condition – intact. The ‘purity’ of the body is also a Sixth House concern.

Today we link the Sixth House to vitamins, mineral water, detoxing, vegetarian and macrobiotic food, organic meat and so on.

Add it all up and the Sixth House is about lifestyle. If you have Virgo factors between 12 and 29 degrees then you have the most incredible lifestyle improvement opportunities in 12 years coming your way.


Jupiter Houses 450x600 - Use Your Jupiter Luck in May 2016
Light up your horoscope with the Uranus-Jupiter quincunx.


My photographs of Jupiter, above,  show the sculpture series Jupiter and the Sphinx by Antoine-Augustin Preault, modelled in 1868.  The photograph of the horoscope mosaic shows The Russell Hotel in Russell Square, London where I give readings from time to time. Thanks to The Russell Hotel.




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159 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,

    I have a cluster of Virgo factors. N.node, venus, mars, Apollo, panacea, ops, prosperina, all are in virgo. Does this mean 2016 is going to be crucial? I can see that in my career now. What else is happening and in what areas? Please advise

    Thanks a lot.

    1. When Jupiter moves to 29 Virgo and conjuncts your Node, some very good karma from a previous lifetime spent working for others/being of service to others will return to you. That’s not far away now. You will be working better/smarter/happier as a result.

  2. Hello Jessica,

    The only Virgo factor that I can see is my south node at 24 Virgo. Another one is Hygeia at 10 Virgo, which is sort of out of Jupiter range.
    How can I use this Jupiter transit, according to my chart, and which area should I be aware of?

    Thank you!

    1. South Node in Virgo and Hygeia too, tell me that you bring past life body issues into this life. In other words, you have incarnated to handle the same body themes/concerns from last time, into this life. What you discover from new breakthroughs, progress, inventions, discoveries, product launches and so on – until September – will benefit your body, mind and spirit connection. Be open to that and see what’s out there for you.

  3. Hi Jessica
    I am a premium member.
    I have natal planets (panacea at 15Degree and Mars 27 degree) What can I expect?

    Also I have a stellium in Libra. How would I best use this to improve myself, my job and my love life?. Every cell in my body cries for freedom like Beyoncé. How do I use the astral energy? Thank you for your insights.

    1. You will notice your Jupiter luck most when he enters Libra from 10th September and certainly from the New Moon in Libra in the first week of October. Your former, current or potential partner is at the core of the good fortune and you should aim for the biggest and the best with this person, who will be at the heart of crucial news or discussion by the end of October. You were meant to be in a duet. It may be romantic. It may be professional. Two is your number so pursue ‘two’ – it won’t be hard to do!

  4. Hi, I have 5 factors in Virgo, including my sun which is 10 virgo, so I think I may have missed out. I may be getting in to a legal stouch shortly and I wondered whether jupiter will help with that.

    1. You have Cupido at 29 Virgo so when Jupiter moves to 29 Virgo later this year, you will have a stunning opportunity to do the work you love, in a way that you love – and others will love the results. Legal issues are best avoided when Mercury is Retrograde (until 7th June) only because of the stop-start nature of them. If this goes ahead in this time frame, which of course we hope it will not, allow for delays, changes, reversals with the discussion or paper trail.

  5. Hi Jessica, I’m Aquarius and I don’t have Virgo at the lucky degrees mentioned, however I have Mercury in my 6th house at 6 degrees Pisces. Still learning, but if Mercury rules Virgo how would this apply if at all. Also how should I use my luck with Jupiter tomorrow? Unsure of how to go about it. Lastly, I can’t seem to locate my lucky days. I’m a premium member and I remember seeing them once before but can’t seem to locate that information again. Thanks so much.

    1. You have the North Node in Virgo so your past life karma is about to return to you very happily, as you will see by September. You worked and served in at least one previous incarnation and you will be given a special chance to work better/more happily/more easily as a result. It may be your environment, conditions, projects, colleagues – but you will see why before too long.

      1. Amen! Funny because all I’ve been asking the universe is for guidance on the path I belong on this lifetime. Thank you Jessica, so happy I recently found you and are member of this wonderful site xxoo

  6. Hi Jessica, could you share some advice/notes on my chart? I have Jupiter in Pisces, what does that entail? Also, I only have one personal horoscope in Libra, and have been unlucky in my romantic relationships in the last 3 years, does that mean I will have a hard time finding someone, and will that change soon? Many thanks.

    1. Jupiter in Pisces means – you benefit from meditation. You gain from dreams. You truly need psychology or the psychic world in your life. Your inner world is where your luck and good fortune is. No time spent alone is ever wasted – in fact it is where the meaning and growth is. I am sorry relationships have been so difficult for the last three years. Basically, you have been put through each situation in order to find out how powerful you are. From the end of 2017 throughout 2018 you will have your best opportunity in 12 years to date someone who has children from another relationship, or who would like to have children with you. Alternatively this person may have a godchild, niece or nephew who is crucial to them. Of course you don’t sit on your hands until then. You can have some great dates.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply. Really love all your posts and articles. Another quick question – I alos have Virgo ascendant, and I’ve read somewhere that this means I am out of sync and disjunct or inconjunct with Aries. apparently this means that I should look for someone who somehow “does not fit” at first sight (much older or younger etc ). What are your views on this?

        1. Thanks very much. I don’t know where you read that astrology information – because it’s not astrology – in fact it’s totally wrong. Your Virgo Ascendant only means that you present to the world, with your body first. In other words, your body is the first thing people notice about you, either because you work very hard on it (maybe you work out) or there may be body issues – you carry a lot of weight, you use a walking stick, you are unusually short/tall or whatever. Love? Look at the post I wrote on Jupiter in Libra – just hit Search. An awful lot of single lovers are about to be released onto the dating market!

  7. Jessica your articles are simply so amazing! I have Uranus and Pluto at 14 and 15 degrees Virgo as well as Cupid at 25 degrees. Based on other articles and my understanding, can I somewhat take comfort in having my best role in over a decade come up for me soon? Also could my lack of a relationship suddenly change from single to suddenly coupled up? Or should I be a little leery of my Uranus turning it all upside down? Yes you could say I am a little fearful of that little planet and what gremlins he could put in my path. Any insight given is so appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for that compliment. You have Venus at 6 Libra so when Jupiter moves to 6 Libra (not long to wait now) you will have a major opportunity for seduction – or to be seduced. You also have the son of Venus (Cupido, or Cupid) in Virgo so you have what it takes to make people fall in love with what you do workwise. When Jupiter conjuncts, or lines up with, Cupido you will see just how much that changes things.

  8. hi jessica i have been trying to stop smoking Aand lose weight my virgo is on the IC what does this mean please

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I have Uranus 19 Virgo, Pluto 18 Virgo and Hygeia 25 Virgo which I believe is suggesting new work opportunities.

    Do you have any further advice as to how to make the most of Jupiter luck and what else I should be focusing on?

    Also could you explain more about the 13th August Virgo 24 Virgo Uranus 24 Aries?

    I am looking forward to when you are taking new bookings for personal charts.

    Many thanks,

    1. Hygeia (sometimes spelled Hygiea) is the most important Virgo placement in your chart. It is very, very close to the Jupiter-Uranus patterns this year. She is the goddess we associate with the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ and she is the daughter of Aesculapius, the most famous healing god in Ancient Rome. She is often represented with a bowl and snake. The snake belongs to her father and it is entwined around a staff, just like the DNA symbol or the chakra symbol. Hygiea the asteroid was discovered and named in an historic year for the cholera epidemic and its treatment. We get the word ‘hygiene’ from her name. You are on this planet to pursue the mind, body and spirit connection in a very deep way. You could make a difference to your own and other people’s lives doing this. A substantial opportunity to do just that will occur between now and September.

      1. Thank you Jessica for your guidance (and also for your ‘gentle and tactful’ education on my transposition error). I work in health but very much in a supporting role, and I am rather intrigued by your response with respect to possible opportunities.

  10. Hey Jessica, l have Uranus in Virgo at 11′ Pluto in Virgo at 14′ Fortuna in Virgo at 29′ Prosperina in Virgo at 11′ Cupido in Virgo at 06′ Vulcano in Virgo at 26′ and my Descendant in Virgo at 14′ …..What does all this mean for me??? How can l make the most of all these planets and asteroids in Virgo.??????..l was born on July the 8th 1965 at 10pm in Melbourne….and am a premium member…Thanks…

    1. Walking the Virgo path takes your whole lifetime. Understanding that your physical condition and your body defines everything is the first step. It is common to find people with a Virgo stellium switching to healing in later life, or becoming interested in swimming, yoga, running – or naturopathy, macrobiotic food or DNA! You have already been given a couple of great chances to work differently and run your body differently since last year. I hope you took them. There will be more by September as Jupiter conjuncts the remainder of your Virgo placements.

  11. I have Mercury at 15 Virgo, Bacchus at 23 Virgo and Sun at 26 Virgo (with natal Jupiter at 1 Virgo). I know I am a Virgo in all sense.

    I shifted to Canada for studies in January ! Thanks to Jupiter for the new start.
    I am so excited for this upcoming trend from May to August, as I just started to apply for jobs. My studies end in August so I am planning to get a job by then. Do you think it will work out for me in the best way?
    Also, recently I developed some pain in lower back, so I have been looking to join yoga or Pilates classes. So your prediction about the emphasis on health is spot on !

    1. You are strongly Virgo. When Jupiter moves to 26 Virgo you should push yourself as much as possible. Jupiter conjuncts your natal Sun then and you will shine if you sell yourself as the person who serves/works. I’m glad the health predictions were spot on.

  12. I have 3
    Juno 15′ virgo
    Desc 11′ virgo
    Aesculapia 25 Virgo

    What will this look like for me please?

    Thank you


    1. Aesculapia was the prime healing god in Ancient Rome and he lends his name to a powerful little asteroid which is part of Jupiter’s family tree. He is represented by the snake and rod which you still see on ambulances. We also associate the snake symbol with DNA and the chakra system in Indian healing. I mention all this because Jupiter will conjunct your Aesculapia in 2016 and so you have a tremendous opportunity to turn things around with your body, or to do that for other people in a healing capacity. If you are curious, read more about this god online, or the asteroid on this website. I have seen snake symbols turn up again and again, for people going through this cycle.

  13. Hi Jessica – I have a stellium in Virgo with two factors close to those you mentioned so am feeling encouraged and grateful as all feels well right now. Because I have a stellium in Libra I’m wondering what affect that has for me especially as Jupiter moves into Libra in September. I’m wondering if both Virgo/Libra affects me or one more than the other. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and for your great work.

    1. That is a whopping Libra stellium. You express who you are through duets and double-acts, no matter if you are involved in professional two-way concerns or you do it all through marriage – this is a lifelong pattern and it will never change. You will be astonished at how much problem-solving and closure can happen as early as October 2016 either with an ex, or a current partner. By 2017 you should be very happy with an opportunity which can only happen every 12 years to grow/build one of the most special partnerships of your life.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I would really appreciate your help as the last 10 or so years but especially the last 3 years have been very difficult with a Capricorn man.
    I seem to have a lot going on with my horoscope and wondered if you could help?

    Thank you so much, it is much appreciated.


    1. You have been going through the Saturn in Scorpio cycle, and as you have a ton of Scorpio factors in your chart, any sexually intimate relationship with a man which brings in questions about your house, apartment, money, possessions – will have been seriously hard. In fact this is the heaviest cycle in 29 years that you just went through. 2016 is the hangover. The good news is, when Jupiter goes into Scorpio from the end of 2017 into 2018 you will be rewarded with a fantastic opportunity to fix things with Mr Capricorn – or be happier with another lover. This person would add to your lifestyle and security. Mr Capricorn has major, major issues at the moment about how to live/where to live/who to live with and that’s why he’s been such hard work.

      1. You are so right with all you have said and especially the Capricorn man. Thank you for responding and glad to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel, just have to wait for 2017!
        I look forward to hopefully getting the reading from you for the years to come, I’m on the list, so fingers crossed.
        Thank you again.

  15. Jessica hello

    Are we suppose to have factors only in Virgo as a sign or shall we consider the degrees in relation to the other signs as well ??? E. G . Jupiter 26 cancer ? How should I interpret it?
    Thank you

    1. You have the North Node at 26 Virgo so when Jupiter moves to 26 Virgo, you will experience past life karma working in your favour, in relation to your job, volunteer role, degree or full-time parenting/caretaking role. Life will open up and reward you. In a previous life you were in a position of great duty and service to others. You lived to serve. Now you will gain from that.

      1. Yes you may be right I recently started yoga after meditation . And with the coming of international yoga day I have been asked to volunteer for that day which is still new for me . I do tend to help others a lot . Even though I am still weedin out certain habits of mine . Hopefully by the end of this year I will get somewhere . Thanks a ton jessica for your instant response .

  16. Hello
    I wonder if you could say anything about my planets in virgo and jupiter, and what does it mean that i have four planets in virgo?. I think i have pluto at 13 degrees?.
    Thank you , Liz

    1. Interesting. You are a Virgo with a Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Virgo. When in doubt, look to your body, because everything about work begins and ends with your physical state/condition. How you feel, physically, has a massive impact on how you handle your particular field, business or industry and it may be easy to forget that. Now through September you will be handed so many solutions for your food, fitness, drug, doctor, healer questions on a plate.

  17. Hello Jessica,
    I have just read your Jupiter article which is excellent and very thorough, i am not sure how jupiter helps me, my sun sign capricorn, moon in saggitarius, rising sign virgo, I have been struggling to finish my accountancy course which is a real struggle, my job situation is very bad and i have no luck in the romance area, is anything about to change ,i am thinking about joining your members club
    Again i really liked this article and hope for more like this in the future.

    Jamuna from London

    1. Thank you very much. Your love life will transform from 2018 and babies or children will be involved, so please do not worry long term. Job wise, snap up opportunities for paid or unpaid work from September/October 2016 and you will be very happy by 2017.

  18. Hello Jessica Adams! 🙂

    Sorry to know that traffic has crashed you site, means you have to expand!

    A big FAN of yours advised me to take an Exam on the 10th of May. I have a stellium (?) in Virgo, according to her, and I am an Aries rising. I am very scared of this test because if I fail, I can Never ever retake it.

    I love the kind of work I can do, and have been waiting for it forever. Also, per her advice I interviewed for a great position as a Documentaion specialist for engineering, but did not get the job.
    Here are my details : Dob 8th Sep1982
    Date of interview 03/16/16
    Date of upcoming exam 05/10/16 Instant results , computer generated. Their system is faulty, from others’ comments.

    Please help! Any advice for a new job, more earnings with dates would help so much!
    Your advice to Her has helped so much. I will be blogging about you and her next week.

    1. It’s hard to know if you have a Virgo stellium if your horoscope doesn’t pop up in front of me – but I can see you are a Sun Virgo. Do not be scared of the test. Every single thing you do with work this year, next year and 2018 is a test – and you will succeed with some, scrape through with others and dismiss what doesn’t work. There is never just one test, only one after another, and each one shows you what you should be doing with your life. Faulty system? Be really quick to follow up on that, because Mercury is Retrograde in your Ninth solar house of study, exams, education and academia. You will make or save a lot of money from the final quarter of this year, into 2017 so please do not worry. You are fundamentally secure.

  19. Dear Jessica,

    Ever since I first read you, I became hooked on your practical wisdom. I immensely appreciate your gift and I thank you for all the ways in which unknowingly, your guidance has shed incredible rays of light in my path.

    As you can probably see I am a Capricorn and desperately need some of that Jupiter luck, but I don’t seem to have anything but Vesta in Virgo — so how can that affect me?

    Earlier this year I moved to a new country, and now inevitably, while Mercury is retrograde, I’m starting a new job and applying for graduate school. — but despite these changes, I cannot see where things are going.

    What do you think?

    Thank you

    1. Your compliment has made my day, thank you. I am really happy that the astrology is serving you. You are strongly Capricorn and going through the biggest career, status and life direction changes you will ever know. In fact the Pluto in Capricorn cycle can only happen every 240 years. Your Jupiter luck arrives when Jupiter enters Libra on September 10th 2016 and takes you into 2017. You will be amazed at what unfolds with academia or work by the New Moon in early October 2016 and will be on your way by next year.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Really loving the article and website. First does my monthly subscription automatically renew? If not what are the instructions to do this.
    I have two Virgo factors I think, Pluto 27degrees and 14 degrees South node how does this affect my current paid job. Work has been a struggle recently and I really fear I am been negatively forced out, or having my reputation tarnished upon raising ethical issues. Which is quite sad as I feel quite a bit of loyalty to the organisation as a whole. Astrology is really new to me, but I have been following your site for a while. I am really trying to get to grips with my birth chart, your articles are really helpful.
    Best regards

    1. Thank you very much, I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin and Alyas. I will also let Justin pick up that question about your subscription. Work will be absolutely fine by 2017. I get the power issues around you. You are dealing with people politics which can only happen every 240 years so please do not worry. It’s not you, it’s the whole issue of empowerment. Let me explain. Unless you take a deep breath and take control – and really use the power you have earned – then other people/organisations just throw their weight around. This is what this cycle is all about. You will either succeed where you are from the final quarter of this year and 2017 or pursue a superior job with an organisation which has incredible connections in other regions/countries and may even encourage you to travel. You are a successful person and you will be super successful. Hang in there.

  21. Thank you, Jessica. Jupiter is my favourite 🙂
    I have been having health issues, especially with breathing, my Dr says it is stress!
    Am hopeful, this will get better from now on. Do you see anything being blessed by Jupiter in May re health and income please?
    Appreciate your insights 🙂

    1. Breathing issues will be fixed so easily if you follow the books/advice of Dr. Claire Weekes. Google her and change your life – it has worked for so many people, as you will see by her Amazon reviews. Okay, moving onto your health as a whole – stress comes from Saturn in Taurus in your chart, which is why you are asking about income. The trick to this placement is to understand that you must feel safe about money, possessions and property. There has to be something you can lean on/rest on to make yourself feel secure. It might be the knowledge that you can *always* make money from a particular ability, skill or talent. It may be knowing that you can always sell a particular possession or asset if things get tough. It may be the piggy bank under your bed. Once you have a little rock to rest on, you will feel a lot better. Also – read widely on Saturn in Taurus. Don’t forget Dr. Claire Weekes, though. She’s the woman.

  22. Hi. Please help me understand what it means if I have the following in Virgo: Pluto at 10, Uranus at 03, Mars at 29, Ceres at 28, Juno at 28 and MC at 20 all in Virgo? Thanks

    1. You’re an uber Virgo type whose life is best dedicated to figuring out how to have the right lifestyle – that means the right work/life balance. The body is the key to everything with you, even if you don’t always realise it. Once Jupiter crosses 28 Virgo later this year you will have a remarkably lucky opportunity to make a commitment to your whole lifestyle – work, housework, daily routine, food, fitness, the lot. Just say yes.

  23. Hi Jessica, I have several factors in Virgo and 6th house. I am currently unemployed and have started some business projects which are going slowly. I’m at a crossroad right now, I feel that I could suddenly move, or change direction if an opportuniry occured! Do you see anything in my chart that would hint a change of direction? I would also like to know where in my chart can I see something about culture and language. I am French and Canadian,speaking and writing in both languages, I sometimes feel a conflict between two cultures, I would like to know how I can interpret this in my chart! As always, thank you for taking time to answer, this means a lot to me!

    1. You have a stellium in Gemini so I am not surprised you are bilingual. This works spectacularly well for you from September 2016 through 2017 as Jupiter in Libra trines your Gemini stellium. You are also a Leo who is about to have Jupiter go through her Gemini house (communication, internet, language, publishing, multimedia) in that same time frame. This crossroads is temporary. The project that evolves in the final quarter of this year is major and it will either skyrocket in 2017 or there will be more to add to it. Hang in.

  24. Hi Jessica! It looks like I have Gemini in the 6th house…does that mean that I won’t be affected? I don’t seem to have any Virgo in my chart! Thank you, Melanie.

    1. No Virgo in your chart, but as a Sun Taurus you have Jupiter luck in your solar Fifth House of babies, children, teenagers, youth – and any serious lover who might bring a younger generation into your life. It intensifies this week and takes you through to September. It’s very common to acquire godchildren in this cycle or to be involved in satisfying paid or unpaid work involving much younger people.

  25. “It’s hard to know if you have a Virgo stellium if your horoscope doesn’t pop up in front of me – but I can see you are a Sun Virgo. Do not be scared of the test. Every single thing you do with work this year, next year and 2018 is a test – and you will succeed with some, scrape through with others and dismiss what doesn’t work. There is never just one test, only one after another, and each one shows you what you should be doing with your life. Faulty system? Be really quick to follow up on that, because Mercury is Retrograde in your Ninth solar house of study, exams, education and academia. You will make or save a lot of money from the final quarter of this year, into 2017 so please do not worry. You are fundamentally secure.”,

    Dear Jessica: NOW I see why my friend swears by you. You are a teacher at heart. I cannot help but take this exam with Mercury retrograde. I understand what you say about tests. My PLUTO is 1 degree 011 LIBRA. so according to what you wrote about good Karma.. things may change, I dont know when. BTW, My Friend applied for many things on the dates you told your readers to, she succeeded in ALL of those. My apartment notice is due on the 30th May/1st June..In such a bind with the job and apartment.
    Mars: 14 03 Virgo
    Mercury 3 02 Virgo
    Moon 13 01 Virgo
    PLUTO 1.11 LIBRA
    One friends says its a cusp with Late degrees of Virgo. I don’t know really.
    Bless you for making us all aware. I hope to write about you soon.
    Sincerely admiration and thanks

    1. I’m glad the astrology predictions all worked out for your friend. You have a stellium in Virgo, which can bring worry/anxiety because of the need to attend to small details, on a daily basis, and get them absolutely right. Of course there is no such thing as perfect and sometimes we get so bogged down in details we forget to live. You need to pursue yoga, swimming, sport – or best of all, meditation and walking. Why? Virgo types find their bodies rule their minds and when their bodies serve their minds, peace of mind follows. This is way more important than exams, job or apartment issues. Read more on Virgo, the sign, because it dominates you.

  26. Dear Jessica,

    Hi. I hugely admire your work. You are one of the best ( to me – THE BEST) astrologer in the internet circle today.
    My Question: I find Pluto at 23 degree and Jupiter at 28 degree Virgo in my natal chart. Which area of my life is going to be impacted by this? Will it show any improvement in my love life and in money matters? Going through unexpected and surprisingly negative experiences in these areas of life since 2012. Is there hope for me now? My sun is in Aries.

    Sending love and admiration,

    1. Thank you very much. Love and money aren’t ruled by Virgo, but you *will* have a fantastic opportunity to improve the way you work and live, on a daily basis, by September 2016. Your whole lifestyle will benefit. This new role, project, course or job will make waking up every day and starting work or study, an absolute pleasure.

  27. Hi Jessica
    Always made headway with your insights. You are gifted. Just out of curiosity may I know your birth date? Always wonder which sign are you!

    I am not a premium member. Hard to save even pennies right now. But please care to answer my queries.

    I have a lot of Virgo placements-
    Cupid- 29 Virgo 42′ 52”
    Minerva- 12 Virgo 32′ 45”
    Apollo- 19 Virgo 24′ 2”
    South Node- 12 Virgo 10′ 13”

    My scorpio placements-
    Sun- 15 scorpio 48′ 25”
    Mercury- 2 scorpio 10’26”
    Pluto- 12 scorpio 38′ 35”
    Ascendant- 0 scorpio 46′ 58”
    Fortuna- 19 scorp 28′ 47”
    Hygiea- 2 scorp 37′ 10”

    Libra placements-
    Moon- 27 Lib 36′ 42”
    Venus- 10 Lib 56′ 8”
    Panacea- 2 Lib 14′ 48”
    Ops- 22 Lib 39′ 57”
    Vesta- 28 Lib 19′ 0”

    Only one placement in taurus i.e. descendant- 0 taurus 46′ 58”

    I’ll be more than grateful for any insights on personal and professional developments that you see forthcoming. Life has been a roller coaster for quite long now. Seriously crying for a breath of fresh air.

    I have asked you innumerable times this same question. Please give my mind peace. When do I get freedom from a situation involving a member of the opposite sex. Please consider it my genuine request. Does it end for good now?? Anybody new on horizon?? If..when??


    1. Thank you. I am a Leo (born with the Sun in Leo) with stelliums in Gemini, Cancer and Leo. I am not surprised that love is your main concern as you have the Moon conjunct Vesta in Libra. First thought – never get into a situation where you are competing with other females for the attention and approval of one male. This may be his ex-girlfriend, a love rival or even his daughter. Moving right along – you will fix every issue you have with this person from September 10th 2016 with an improved relationship by 2017 or the departure of this person, and the arrival of a vastly superior potential date.

      1. Thank you. You made my day and many to come. God bless you!

        I am a new bee at learning astrology. Thanks to you again. Please explain these to me-
        -What does a stellium mean exactly. Googled but still confused.

        -Since the day I have learnt about Vesta in Libra, I came to the point that I will always be faced be another female in my intimate partnerships. Actually, I made this judgement based on my past experiences where I was faced with another female even when I developed a crush/liking. Sort of frightening actually. Now, as you say ‘vesta in libra’ means I just have to avoid getting into competition. Not that such situations will pop up by default because of my birth chart. Am I getting it correct?

        -Since the day you have introduced me to aries o ascendant system, I have inferred aries to be 1st house and so on in my birth chart, and scorpio as 1st house and so on to the outer world. In the first case- the house characteristics pertain to the sign and in the second case the sign gets the characteristics of the house. Am I correct?

        -There are only seven major aspects that I need to learn about. Correct?

        Thank you for helping me understand myself better and making astrology such fun!

        1. Thank you. A stellium is a cluster of four or more planets/asteroids/points/angles in a horoscope. It’s above average as there are 34 factors in a modern chart, including the entire Roman family tree of gods and goddesses, so if you have more than three – it’s remarkable. Yes, you have described Vesta correctly and situations will pop up – just walk away, Renee. The house system needs a longer explanation, which you can find in the e-books and features for Premium Membership.

          1. Thank you. You are very kind. Looking forward to premium membership soon!

            God bless.

      2. Hi. Curious about above. My partner has vesta and moon in libra as well. He loves the company of women and can be blinders on romantic. I have read in other parts of the site that you advise taking a feminist stand about this. What exactly does this entail and what is the best way to talk about it w him while still respecting this native urge? Thank you! You astonish me often with your insight.

        1. Your partner has Vesta and the Moon in Libra? If you’re okay with it, and he’s okay with it (the harem is harmless) that is fine. If you find yourself wanting to waste time and energy on competing with other girls/women for his approval, though, then you need to read Gloria Steinem’s new book!

  28. HI Jessica,
    Love your site..btw…

    I didn’t feel much from Jupiter return…or maybe i didn’t notice..
    Do you see any changes with career or income for me this year with Jupiter finishing up in Virgo and racing through Libra by years end?
    Does anything else stand out in my chart with regard to those matters?



    1. Thank you. You also have Saturn in Virgo! No wonder you are feeling down about your Jupiter in Virgo cycle. Find out more about Saturn in Virgo, or Saturn in the Sixth House, so you can figure out how to use it in your life. You should turn to your partner (romantic or professional) or take the chance to create such a partnership, from September. You have Minerva in Libra and Jupiter, her father in myth, will join hands with her. Jupiter is always such very good news. You really know how to make a duet work and it will work extremely well for you from the final quarter of this year into 2017.

      1. Jessica,

        thanks for your reply…
        I’ve always seen partnership as ideal in most cases…business-wise…
        Though i feel i have never found the right one…
        Interesting…I do believe it is just a matter of time and place.


  29. Hi Jessica,

    I’m not sure if I have to look at Pisces (my sun sign) for my Jupiter luck or Saggitarius? Also, I only have Virgo in IC. Could you please help me understand what this all means for me. Thank you and much love!

    1. Your luck rests with your former, current or potential partner so turn to him (or her) now through September for the opportunities, growth and meaning. Virgo IC is interesting – someone in your family tree was involved with medicine, fitness, sport, healing, surgery or other ‘body’ concerns. You have inherited this concern with the body.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    I do not have any planets in Virgo. Jupiter is in Pisces. Could you please be kind enough to look at my chart and advise on how does the next 4 months look for me. My concerns are typical Capricorn now, where to stay, work and children education. Should I stay in the country I relocated late last year or move back to home country…

    1. You’re a Capricorn with a big Sagittarius signature and Saturn in Sagittarius makes it difficult for all of us who are trying to travel, emigrate or deal with foreign cultures and nationalities, now through 2017. You have to make your own choices but really look at what is going on globally, especially after the EU vote and the US election as Saturn in Sagittarius could literally change the way the planet works. By the way with Jupiter in Pisces you need to meditate, heal, use crystals or just spend more time dreaming – that’s where your luck is.

  31. Dear Jessica:

    Thank you so much for your skillful diagnosis of me :).
    Thank you for your attention to detail and great suggestions. your blog is so informative.
    I look forward to your accurate forecast of my job prospects. I cant wait to tell other skeptics about how effective you are. I feel that you should be consulted for all new app debuts from Android.

    I am a MAJOR MAJOR WORRY WORT. I do a job that requires attention to detail.
    Your blog and forecasts are awaited with eagerness by my friends. One of my friends does not attempt any thing if you say there are negative forecasts.

    She told me not to face the exam to day, but I just had to be very Macho. I did the best, compared to others but there were many many crashes. Don’t know what they will tell us interviewees.

    I have my heart set on this job because I can do it so well, and will do the world good via my writing and analysis that would help and educate many. I am writing a couple of books. My friend Maryjo, who knows you on twitter, said that on the dates you predicted that the obstacles for her career would be gone in Oct, 2015, one of the bosses who tormented her died suddenly. Another man denied her a huge scholarship that she was PERFECT for. He was fired for embezzlement around August when you said Jupiter entered Virgo.. MaryJo says that miracles never cease , and she is a Virgo rising.

    I have been suffering from skin issues due to anxiety, and you are spot-on about that.
    Much obliged.

    1. Wow, Virgo is ruled by Mercury the Messenger and that reply contains a lot of messages for me! Thank you. The skin issues are classic signs of Virgo overload in the chart and it is worth looking at the way the mind, body, spirit connection operates for you. You can’t actually separate them and it’s worth finding out more. Say hello to your friend Maryjo for me.

  32. Jessica I enjoy this site more than anything, I rush to wake before dawn to catch the horoscope here in the US before it moves to the next day, lol. Totally excited, I have 4 factors in Virgo, however only Prospera and Ops are within the window at 24 and 25 degrees respectively, I am starting to see the professional shift as May 9 brought a possibility I previously believed was at least 5-10 years away. My big question is love. Is my current love my forever or is this temporary?have I missed my forever? Does it get better than this?

    1. That is a huge compliment, thank you. I’m glad you are seeing the professional shift that comes with Jupiter in Virgo in your house of work. Let me look at love! With the North Node at 9 Libra and Pluto at 16 Libra, you will take your relationship to the next level, starting September 2016, into 2017 – or if it is not big enough, will be persuaded by an alternative lover who can give you a partnership with more room, more meaning and more growth. Watch what happens by this time next year as this cycle will not be back for 12 years. Jupiter’s conjunction to the North node suggests past life connections and karma to me – this person (the current love or another) knew you before.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    Im a cancer at 22:59
    my ascendant is Taurus at 20:41

    and i have three factors in Virgo the moon at 20:27, Mars at 00:17 and Venus 2:43

    my sixth house is Leo at 29:06 and Mercury and Jupiter are staying there in 18:11 and 17:24

    What does this all mean?

    1. In the house system I use, Leo does not rule your Sixth House, it rules your Fifth House. So let me turn this chart around so I can understand it. If you have factors at 20 and 22 degrees you stand to gain from Jupiter at 20, 21, 22 degrees of Virgo as he will sextile your Sun, trine your Ascendant and conjunct your Moon. That’s big.

      1. Thanks for the fast answer, im really thinking to become a premium member.

        And well all this sounds verry interesting, let see what the universe is bringing me :).

  34. Hi Jess, Loving the blogs as a primo member.Seems like I’m going over old ground here again,but I just can’t wait for the Lucky Jupiter to give us the boost we’re due.Wife & I are both sun Aquarius.Sorry for the sob story but here goes. 3 years ago 27/04/13 I was diagnosed with Leukemia.I came out of it all good but its left a legacy of a struggling business and a massive mortgage. We bought our Sydney property($$$$$$ ouch) in May last year during a mercury retrograde cycle(its true what they say about MR) instead of 2013 when we were supposed to. With this current MR and oz election looming it wreaks havoc with the retail part of our business to the extent I dont know whether the the loan repayments will be there in the future. The other part of business is seasonal but its just too far away ATM. I have no horoscope factors in Virgo(not sure if that means I’m missing out) but Jupiter is promising Aquarius so much and we’re yet to see it. Hope you can shed some light. Warmest Regards

    1. It sounds as if there is a ton of stuff going on in your personal horoscope, but let me look at the fact that you have the Sun in Aquarius first. You survived your illness during the toughest career cycle in 29 years. This is the year that you have to tie up the loose ends, but the worst is over. Jupiter in your Eighth House brings win-win solutions, important answers and the chance to save or make money. That’s a rule of astrology. You do have options. It’s very odd that neither you nor your Aquarian wife have seen the chance to obtain bargains, benefit from free offers and opportunities, or increase your income. Sometimes the chances are missed or just not taken. You still have until September to take full advantage of what is there. Did you let something pass you by? Are you not seeing something that is right in front of your nose?

  35. Dear Jessica:
    I apologize for bothering you so.
    You ability to predict the dates is amazing. I just read about Mercury and financial news. My research will prove your point!!!

    I have to repeat my question ( apologies)
    Pluto is in 1.11 Libra for me.
    Sun Virgo 15 degrees.

    What is a good date for Jupiter’s transit past this planet transforming everything? For Job interviews, exams.

    My deepest gratitude.
    (Meditating for 1 hr everyday.)

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the astrology works for you. The Sun at 15 Virgo will be crossed by Jupiter at 15 Virgo from June 14 through 22, so that’s a window of opportunity for shining in job interviews, or promoting your C.V. to employers – also for shining in exams. Of course it depends on you pushing your Virgo credentials. He’s all about service and duty. He’s Jeeves, not Wooster.

  36. Jessica,
    I also have a Virgo stellium, which include north node, moon and sun. I pray I’m on the receiving
    end of good karma. Could you take a look please? Hoping for LOVE!
    Thank you for all the help you provide, I love your website!


    1. Love? With Libra elements at 2, 13 and 21 degrees of the sign you are in a fantastic position to shift the obstacle preventing you from being in a partnership, or meeting (or re-meeting) the right person for a balanced relationship. Watch what happens with good closure, obstacle removal or someone new when Jupiter moves to 2 Libra in September 2016 and the whole process begins. Hit Jupiter in Search and also Hygiea, which is the asteroid being triggered first.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    I used to be a premium member, and I was totally hooked. My day used to neither start nor end without coming to your site. I shifted to Canada in January for higher studies and deliberately stopped the membership for a while to concentrate on studies.

    But I am back as I have questions! All my focus these days is my career. I want a good job starting September 2016 and I am fed up of making compromises with job profile and salary. My reason for getting a job is also ’cause I need to extend my visa to stay here.

    I am adding my chart here. What do you see in this year and next in terms of job, career and visa extension?
    Would be great help if you give me some insight. I am really scared about this issue.

    Sun Virgo 26°52′ Ascendant Capricorn 7°13′
    Moon Aquarius 15°03′
    Mercury Virgo 15°39′
    Venus Leo 21°55′
    Mars Libra 12°23′
    Jupiter Virgo 1°42′
    Saturn Aquarius 0°22′ R
    Uranus Capricorn 9°50′
    Neptune Capricorn 14°00′ R
    Pluto Scorpio 18°23′ Midheaven Libra 21°51′
    Lilith Capricorn 16°20′
    Asc node Capricorn 16°04′

    1. Thank you and welcome back. I don’t use Lilith (so leave her out of it). Lilith is actually not part of Roman mythology at all so I am always confused when some astrologers include her in horoscopes. You should be fine with paid or unpaid work as Jupiter crosses Mercury in June 2016 and you were born with Jupiter in Virgo anyway. The trick is to articulate your ideas about the best way you might serve, or do your duty, or be of service – the results could stun you.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Virgo and have had an intense month with regard to my health and work arrangements. I’ve been lucky enough to connect with an amazing integrative physician who is looking beyond presenting symptoms and considering lifestyle factors! I’m now very much at a cross-roads renegotiating my existing work commitments to create better balance with my health and family commitments, and to free up more time to build my private business (where I hope to have better pay and flexibility by being autonomous). Any advice?

    Thank you again for producing such a fabulous site.

    1. Thank you very much. Your Virgo stellium is being crossed, slowly, by the True North Node and Jupiter – also in Virgo. You are moving in the right direction, at the right time, in the right place and this life-changing process will be complete in two stages – September 2016 and then May 2017. The key to everything is the Eight Hour rule. Eight hours to sleep (well) and eight hours to play – with eight hours of super-productive work. It’s like having a set of scales with three dishes, not two, but you are being given the best cycle in years to get the balance right.

  39. Dear kind Jessica:
    “He’s all about service and duty. He’s Jeeves, not Wooster.” LOL.

    Thank you for the dates, I will work on a service industry interview. Today the technical interview was so tricky.

    I cant stop Laughing..Jeeves not Wooster! So witty.

    MaryJo has much to share but some one in her family died a couple months ago. She is still mourning and cannot believe it.

    The Mercury In Finances pattern that I saw was that some very specific industries fall during the retrograde. Some investors buy low, Some buy high. Some go for options / puts and calls. That was the pattern I discovered, because of what you wrote. I am new to this, so I could be very wrong!

    (I found that My Ops is in 3 degrees Aquarius.) So many of us are now are so addicted on you. Thank you. I hope Politicians and industrialists will seek you out.


    1. I suspect you have been feeling Pluto at 12 Capricorn opposing your natal Mars at 12 Cancer, as well – 2014 and 2015 were key years for that opposition. You may want to read ‘Transiting Pluto opposite Mars’ online to get a fuller picture, but it all comes back to one thing – the Cancer/Capricorn axis in your chart. It will take time for you to move past the Pluto 18 Capricorn opposition but yes – it will also empower you.

      1. The surgery and fatigue that year makes sense. You should be very happy about Jupiter moving to 20 Virgo, then onto 25 Virgo, and making a conjunction to Pluto and Uranus in your house of work, lifestyle and the mind-body-spirit connection. It should be possible to see vast improvements in the way you work and live, without disrupting your son’s life. If you were born with both Uranus and Pluto in Virgo then you are in a position to work from home or take on a second gig, after hours. Job sharing is another option. The laptop is your friend. Having more time enables you to do the right thing in terms of making your own food for lunch – and finding the space to walk or swim, whatever works for you. You get the idea! Uranus and Pluto are about recreating what we think of, when we say ‘work’ and rejecting the old pre 1960’s idea that you had to slave away for someone else and punch the clock. Once Jupiter passes by you have a stunning opportunity not possible in 12 years to reshape your lifestyle. From now through September just say yes.

  40. Hi Jessica

    I notice that Jupiter 13 degs in Virgo is crossing my IC 13 degs in Virgo. IC refers to mother, hometown, homeland. Virgo is about service and duty to people, daily work routine, mind body and spirit. I was born with a Virgo/Pisces axis. My husband and son also has the Virgo/Pisces axis. My husband sun in Sagitarius 11 degs has IC in 25 degs Virgo, Apollo in 19 degs Virgo, Proserphina in 11 degs Virgo, and Cupido 2 degs Virgo. Is this a lifelong pattern of service and duty , daily work to family and people?

    Thank you for your helpful insights.

    1. Correct. Yes, you will also be serving others. You have a natural sense of duty to other people and know how to devote yourself to your own special field, talent, subject or skill to truly perfect it, and others will come to lean on you because of it. It takes a lifetime.

  41. See the 18 Cancer and 18 Capricorn patterns in your chart? Pluto is moving over 18 Capricorn, which can only happen every 248 years or so. No wonder you have been going through so many challenges! Pluto is opposite your Cancer factors (home, family) and also triggering your Capricorn factors (career). It does get better. Pluto moves very slowly but he will ultimately move right away from that 18 degree position in Capricorn. It may help you to look up both Cancer and Capricorn on this website, using the Search button, and also Pluto himself. What does this cycle do? It forces you to lean very hard on your own willpower so that you can run your own life and find your own power. Did you know that J.K. Rowling had a similar cycle when she was struggling with single parenthood and trying to write Harry Potter? That should give you some indication. You are already finding your power. There is more to uncover. Once you have found your empowerment you will never lose it. Feng Shui is a great idea – space clearing is even better – Denise Linn and Karen Kingston have written some very good books!

  42. Ooops:(I found that My Ops is in 3 degrees Aquarius.)

    So many of us are now are so addicted TO you. Thank you. I hope Politicians and industrialists will seek you out.

  43. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for helping me to have a better understanding of my life path. What is my own special field , talent, skill? The path leads to working with children and their mental wellbeing.

    Always appreciate your response to my curiosity. Thank you.

  44. Hi Jessica

    I am a member. Devoted to reading your daily, weekly, monthly horosopes and Chinese horoscopes and your interesting astrology blogs . You have taught me so much about asteroids .

  45. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the article on Jupiter luck in May. I have five factors in Virgo. Venus in Virgo, Pluto in Virgo, Jupiter in Virgo, Uranus in Virgo and Vulcano in Virgo. I am trying to understanding what it means and where I should focus my efforts on. I am in school and hope to graduate sometime this year or early next year, but this has been stalling for sometime now due to several hindrances.

    1. Thank you. When Jupiter gets to 21 and then 26 Virgo in July and August you will be thrown an opportunity to work full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid, that lifts your whole lifestyle up. Don’t let it pass you by as it will not come again.

  46. Hi Jessica,

    It’s me again!! Just can’t stay away from your website as you post more and more on the Astrology Blog or other areas too! Your work and insights are just awesome.
    I have the following in Virgo in my Natal Chart:
    Saturn at 12 degrees
    Mars at 22 degrees
    Juno at 18 degrees and finally
    DESC at 29 degrees

    What do these mean for me please? Thank you for your time – many blessings to you!!

    M M S

    1. Thank you, that’s a great compliment to hear. Okay, Jupiter is finally moving forward from 13 degrees of Virgo, and moves to 14, 15, 16 in June – and then onwards to 29 Virgo in September. An awful lot is going to happen very quickly so please take up every resource, person, tool, opportunity and possibility that is about to come your way with work. By ‘work’ I mean paid work, unpaid work or study. Jupiter’s conjunction to Juno at 18 Virgo in July 2016 is crucial as you will be in a position to commit fully to something/someone that upgrades and enhances your lifestyle, not possible in 12 years. Read more about Juno by hitting ‘Search’.

      1. Jessica Dear,
        Thank you for your comforting words. Just cannot wait for this change as I have been without a job since March 2014.
        Have been through lots of challenges during the past few years as you know from my posts to you over the past year or so. Keep up the great work. In my opinion, probably you have the best astrology website and worth very single cent for the Premium membership.
        Have a great weekend.

        M M S

  47. Hi Jessica – hope you’re well!

    This is a big year for me – I’m in the last six weeks of a commercial radio course with a big broadcast week (23 May) and work placement (6 May) coming up and the deepest desire to move into the creative world of content and producing. Even on-air presenting (dare I put that hope into words!).

    I’ve also had a pretty intense couple of years of online dating that have taught me a lot about myself but have ultimately left me feeling empty…and have not resulted in the deep connection I crave.

    I am hoping the cluster of signs in Virgo between 13 and 29 degrees might bode well for me on the career and relationship front as well as health/body….yep, that’s pretty much all the bases covered!!

    Sun 24 Virgo
    Jupiter 18 Virgo
    Uranus 29 Virgo
    Pluto 22 Virgo
    IC 28 Virgo
    Cupido 15 Virgo

    Would love to hear your thought Jessica – have been a huge fan and keen student for coming on 20 years!

    Love and light


    1. Thank you, yes I’m very well (looking after two dogs at the moment, both of whom love astrology). Relationships. Good news. Born with Mercury, Venus and the South Node in Libra, you are about to have Jupiter the planet of opportunity, hope, expansion and growth going over all of them, as he moves into Libra from September 10th and stays there until the end of 2017. I would be stunned if you were not approached for a date by someone whose travel or educational background makes them a tempting proposition. Or – you may be the one who is reaching out. Work wise, the radio makes sense as you have a Gemini Ascendant so you were made for on-air presenting. Gemini rules radio. You are going to have a fantastic time as Jupiter finishes his Virgo cycle and moves from 13 through 29 degrees over every single one of those Virgo placements in your chart. The tip with this is to serve. Offer to make the tea. Be indispensable. You are having your Jupiter Return in Virgo which can only happen every 12 years and you are on your way to great things, either with this particular niche, or a second one which comes your way as a result of the outstanding results you achieve with the first. Remember, offer to make the tea!

  48. Hi Jessica
    Interesting reading!
    I have Virgo aspects at 14, 17, 22, 24 – I’ve just started working for a charity which is about to go through huge change due to financial problems and I think I’m about to be absorbed into a new fundraising department that will include parts of the world other than GB led by a different boss. It’s not what I signed up to do and I feel that control might be taken away from me. The job is also 22 miles away from where I live and I would prefer to work closer to home.

    Should I go with the flow and ride with my current employer to see what happens and risk being made to do work I hadn’t bargained for or should I actively seek a different opportunity closer to home?
    What does my chart indicate?

    1. Thank you. You have Bacchus, Hygiea and Proserpina in Taurus, the money sign, so you were made for charity fundraising. Bacchus describes how you generate good times, natural highs and sheer pleasure. Hygiea helps you to protect the future and immunise yourself, financially Proserpina shows how you work as a go-between, skilfully negotiating between two powerful people or organisations. Taurus rules charity, as well as property, finance and business. As Jupiter goes through Virgo, he trines that Taurus stuff in your chart (a trine is a stunning pattern) so I am not surprised you are being led this way. First of all, we have Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, going backwards and forwards until 7th June, so negotiation may go back and forth for a while, or the story may change. You are in such a great cycle that if you are not 100% convinced by this opportunity, you may as well start looking at what else is available for you. You also need to ask fair questions – can you work closer to home, some of the time, within this organisation? Would you definitely lose control to a different boss, or are you just imagining that? In general, though, whatever happens by September is going to help you improve your lifestyle, enhance your working life and expand your world. I suspect this position may very well be it, because it’s going to take you outside Great Britain and also get you into a new suburb/town. Jupiter rules the expansion of our horizons and that is what he is offering you. The final decision is yours of course, but there are couple of conversations you could start. You also need to find out more about the financial issues in the organisation as you are the woman for the job, with that Taurus signature in your chart.

      1. That’s really helpful Jessica and much food for thought – I’ll see what the picture looks like by the end of the Mercury retrograde!

  49. Hi Jessica,

    I just joined as a premium member after reading some of your fascinating articles. I’ll try and be as brief as possible with my question.
    Without trying to sound too melodramatic (I am a Leo, after all) I feel like my life has been in retrograde over the last 21 months (Aug 2014). In that time I’ve had a 14 year relationship end, had to move 3 times and lost my job as well as most of my friends. In October I was hired by a great company and met someone within the corporation in December. I’m considering relocating because a long distance relationship is not sustainable for either of us, but lately I’ve felt her pulling away (our texts/phonecalls have dropped significantly) and I’m beginning to experience deep feelings of anxiety and self-doubt about the whole thing. (Her birthday is 5-10-89). I’ve stressed myself out to the point of collapsing at work last week and being carted away via ambulance. I know my body is telling me to focus on myself, but this feeling of having everything up in the air continues to plague me. Do I follow my heart? I feel like there is really nothing left for me where I currently am and my contract is up in Sept. Any insight on my situation is much appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Let’s have a look at what is going on, because high levels of stress are not good. (By the way, before I even get to the astrology, please go to YouTube and search for Ruby Wax and Mindfulness. And have a look at Dr. Claire Weekes online as well). Okay, so your chart shows me a cycle that can only hit you once every 29 years, and that’s the Saturn cycle. I am giving you quite a shopping list of things to do here, but you should also hit ‘Saturn’ on the Search button on this website. What you are experiencing is Saturn in Sagittarius opposing your stellium in Gemini. In astrology we call this ‘Saturn opposite your Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Descendant’. The other thing Saturn is doing, is moving towards the cluster of horoscope factors you have in Sagittarius. No wonder you feel stretched, squeezed, pushed and pulled. You would benefit so much from meditation, I can’t begin to tell you. In fact, find out as much as you can about ‘mindfulness’ as you live in your head, with all that Gemini stuff, and it is being well and truly triggered at the moment. I expect you do head miles when you should be sleeping. One thing that will also help you is to write it all down and then rip the paper up and throw it in the bin. Do it as often as you have to. People with a ton of Gemini in their charts need to put it into words – it’s very therapeutic. Please do not *stress* about the future of love or work. Jupiter, the planet of healing, growth, problem-solving, opportunity, optimism and win-win outcomes will move into Libra, the sign of partnership, on September 10th 2016 where he does some quite marvellous things to your chart. This will get you closure if you need it so you can move on. Alternatively it may resolve the obstacle preventing you from being with someone. Jupiter can also turn up new people, which is always great. You have a big Libra cluster in your chart and as Jupiter slowly moves over that, you will fix up a lot of things, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, psychologically which will bring long overdue improvements. This begins in September 2016, when you say you have that work choice to make, and carries you through to October 2017. Please hit Search on this website (more jobs to do!) and look up the story I just wrote on Ceres, as it strongly applies to you. The professional situation is absolutely fine. I know it’s been hugely stressful for you lately, but actually you are being slowly moved into new professional possibilities which will radically change your C.V. after 2018 and revolutionise the way you view success, ambition and achievement by 2019, setting you free to experiment and explore. You could switch your main job focus, or enter a completely different working world. It will be tremendously exciting. I’m not that bothered about the short-term for you as I know the long-term is so enthralling. Whatever you are going through in 2016 is a piece of the jigsaw. Anyway – start at the very beginning with all this and go find Ruby Wax on YouTube. Even before you make these mega-decisions, you need to get your centre back, and turn your racing mind off.

      1. Thank you for the kind, insightful words. I spent the weekend concentrating on self care and watched plenty of Ruby Wax and Dr. Claire Weekes on YouTube. I also watched many videos on mindfulness and began practicing some self-affirmations this morning. I am going to do whatever I can and use whatever resources I can to try and live a more peaceful existence from now on. I’ve lived through some things in my life (from near fatal car accidents, my parents’ divorce, to coming out), but never have I had my body react to stress the way it has these last few weeks. It’s definitely a wake up call to find more positive ways of coping with stress.

        Thanks again, Jessica.

  50. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your articles and your reply.

    Is the fifth house called a true love house or house of one night stands? Some call it House of One Night Stands but you call it “serious lovers who bring children into your life.”

    One other note, Jupiter is a philanderer. He could be naughty. He could bring people into your life. Or can I say he brings opportunities and if you tap into that you are in for something good or bad. It is up to us to use caution at all times when he bring people (irresistible invitation) in to our life. Jupiter will leave to another sign and the focus will move to another area in life. We are left to deal with what we picked in his previous cycle for better or worse.

    I guess it is our responsibility to use caution. Please shed some light. I will wait for your reply and thank you.

    1. The Fifth House is about pregnancy, so it rules One Night Stands and serious lovers! It is ruled by Leo and the Sun in astrology so one way to think about it, is King Henry VIII and his six wives. Pretenders to the throne and illegitimate heirs are also a Fifth House matter. Nell Gwynn was a Fifth House courtier and lover though she never became queen…

  51. Hello Jessica,

    I have Saturn in Virgo 7th house at 21°…what does this mean for me???

    Thank you! ❤

    1. Saturn is in Virgo in your Sixth House in the Natural House system so the body issue you were born with/stuck with for so long can be resolved when Jupiter moves to 21 Virgo – not too long to wait!

      1. I meant I have Saturn in Virgo 7th house at 21° in my natal chart. Does that mean I will finally meet someone????

        1. You have Saturn in Virgo in your Sixth House which rules work and the body. The Seventh House is ruled by Libra in the Natural House system which I use for prediction.

  52. Hi Jessica, I’ve really found your info and website amazing and never realized how accurate astrology is! I delved into my birth chart and it’s uncanny how accurate it is. Being new to all this, I’m still trying to determine how to decipher certain aspects for future planning purposes. I know being aware of the good dates and the not-so-good dates is important and I was wondering, with all this Jupiter luck through September, I have some projects I would like to put “out there” to try and promote, especially a writing project I’ve been working on for about 9 years now. I tried getting it out there last year with almost zero results, some nice feedback but no bites. I would like to try again and was wondering what the better days to do that would be and the days to avoid in the next month or so. Any help? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you, I am glad you are finding your birth chart to be uncanny – astrology never stops amazing, me either. I had a look at your chart and you have a Sagittarius stellium so you were made to e-publish in particular, and yet you are also going through a very demanding cycle. You have more hoops to jump through in 2016 and 2017, which is probably not what you want to hear, after nine years – but hang in there. Sometimes it takes a very long time to see a project through, and in actual fact, your best year for success begins at the end of 2018 and will reward you by 2019. I understand if you’d rather just pursue this current project – yet what you learn, the hard way, with this could help you so much with a very different book, website, blog, script and so on, in 2019.

      1. Thank you Jessica. It IS and has been a demanding decade really and it seems to be especially so currently both at work and with family. I’m willing to stick it out for the long haul and am hoping the project would be a chain of related projects, so maybe that’s a good sign. Thanks so much for the reply.

  53. Hi Jessica,
    as a Libra, if the Jupiter luck impacts my secrets, would it be a good idea to capitalize on this by meditating, visualizing, etc. on any secrets? Also, almost all the Virgo elements in my chart are at the numbers you listed, and I’m looking at a new home – I am hopeful that this would be part of the lifestyle you describe here.

    1. You also have Chiron at 26 Pisces in your 12th House of secrets and roles behind the scenes – so in your personal world as well as your public life – what you cover up, or do ‘invisibly’ is a very big deal by September. The 12th House also describes the unconscious mind, astral or etheric body (which exists in the form of your chakras and aura) and your dream states. In July 2016 transiting Chiron will be at 25 Pisces, just one degree off your natal Chiron! Your Chiron Return is coming, so it is time to understand him in your chart and also Pisces/Twelfth House issues. The new home is shown in your natal chart by the lovely conjunction from the IC to Cupido at 0-1 Cancer and you’ll see everything open up around that, near June 18th, 21st and July 1st with more possibilities for you in September (around the 10th to 18th) when Jupiter forms a square.

      1. I’ve found the information on your site about Chiron, thanks – it makes a lot of sense. The dates in June are amazingly accurate with the real estate calendar!!

  54. Hi Jessica. Please help with understanding Pluto in 14 Virgo, Apollo in 27 virgo, Uranus in 10 virgo, ops in 8 virgo. Thank you so much!

    1. You could find out quite a lot about your Ops and Uranus in Virgo placements by asking yourself which opportunities arrived to improve your working life, health, lifestyle and fitness when Jupiter crossed over them, in September and October last year. Something as simple as a bigger desk, or a new swimming pool in your area, might be examples of the kind of open doors I mean. You are yet to experience Jupiter at 14 Virgo conjunct your natal Pluto, or Jupiter at 27 Virgo conjunct your natal Apollo. This happens soon enough, though. Jupiter will open up, expand, highlight and heal your life in terms of work, lifestyle and your body from June 1 through 13 – and do the same again from August 27 to 31. If you think of Virgo as the need to serve, do your duty, put others first, make the ‘system’ function at home or at work – and also the importance of your physical state and your body – you begin to see the way your chart works. Please snap up these chances they will not come again for 12 years.

  55. Hi Jess,
    Will Jupiter in Virgo have an impact on my Mars at 25 Aries and Uranus at 25 Libra on 13 August? Thank you.

    1. Jupiter is pretty close on 13th August, at 24 degrees Virgo, and Uranus is also close at 24 Aries. Long-term the bigger issue is definitely Uranus in Aries, which is moving very slowly towards a conjunction to natal Mars at 15 Aries and an opposition to Uranus at 25 Libra. This is about your First House (yourself, your image, your identity, your name, your role, your reputation) and also your former, current or potential partner. Sometimes it is about a rival, enemy or opponent, depending on how you play it. You will get a hint of the situation in August but it may not be until halfway through 2017 that you see the biggest events unfold. It will take that long for Saturn to move to 25 Sagittarius, Uranus to move to 25 Aries – and Jupiter is not far behind, reaching 25 Libra in September 2017. The best thing to say about this cycle is that your relationship with ‘other’ will reshape who you are and how you present yourself to the world. With Uranus in Libra you are going to basically invent your own unique way of having someone in your life (or perhaps fighting the good fight) but try to live out the transit consciously, and become aware of your natal Mars in Aries and how you channel it. Mars in Aries needs an outlet. It’s basically like having a Roman centurion trapped inside you, and you need to make friends with him!

  56. Hi Jessica

    Another brilliant article read with great interest and after noting I had no factors in Virgo at the degrees mentioned didn’t think/expect any great luck influx. I’m curious though. On the 10th May, the day after Jupiter went direct, out of the blue, I had a recruitment agent contact me which led to three interviews re two positions. Still awaiting the outcome and I’m fine either way it goes – I did my best. It did though prompt me to start researching re further professional qualifications, which would certainly have nailed this particular role, and which I now intend to pursue. Sort of going with the flow really.
    Anyway, now for the question – sorry to meander! As I only have Aesculapia at 11 Virgo is that a factor in all of this? This is all the more unusual against a background of multiple home/house moves and a very definite career stall.
    Many thanks.

    1. You’re too kind, thanks so much. If you look at your chart you will see you have Salacia at 13 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. On 10th May Jupiter went direct at 13 Virgo, in your Sixth House of work, making a perfect trine. It’s funny that you mention ‘going with the flow’ in your comment, as Salacia rules the ocean (she is the wife of Neptune). And yes, your Aesculapia at 11 Virgo is part of the story, as Neptune himself is right opposite at 11 Pisces. This is a long-term cycle in which you have to figure out how you can best take a holiday from the real world through the work you do, without losing tough with what the real world demands of you. Read more about Neptune and Salacia here on the website to see what is going on.

      1. Thank you so much – that was really interesting. Just read some of your articles on Neptune and Salacia – you’re a great teacher. I have Neptune in Scorpio and I read your response to another member’s question with the same placement – am looking forward to my ‘permanent holiday’ in late 2017.
        Best wishes.

  57. Dear Jessica, my Sun is in Taurus & my Jupiter is in Scorpio. Could you comment on my finances please? The next 1-2 years do look tough because I am paying off old loans, & taking some career decisions regarding higher education that may pay off in the long term but will definitely mean a shoestring budget for next few years. Should I look forward to Jupiter in Scorpio in 2018?

    1. You have horoscope factors at 18 Taurus, 22 Taurus, 3 Scorpio and 19 Scorpio so you have been well and truly ‘done’ by Saturn passing through Scorpio since November 2012 (the cycle ended for you in October 2014). Saturn’s conjunction and opposition to the Second and Eighth Houses of your horoscope probably coincided with the loans. You will be helped hugely by Jupiter in Scorpio from October 2017 but revolutionary change is coming with your house, money, apartment or business once Uranus goes into Taurus from 3 degrees in May 2019 (the cycle runs for years) so be sharply aware of the deadlines and due dates on your paperwork. You are going to see a revolution in your financial affairs from that point forward. You can read more about Uranus cycles by hitting Search.

  58. HI Jessica,

    not sure whether you will get to read this, but I’ve just re visited my horoscope for the month of May 2016 and it said “May will be a life changing month if I have factors in 0 degrees.” Well, it hit me square in the face today! My car has finally bitten the dust and is worth more to repair than she’s worth! This leaves me totally broke, carless and very much affecting my travel/lifestyle arrangements. I feel so empty and lost and confused. It also deeply affects my children. From my natal chart, does it look as if there will be a promising solution in the coming weeks ahead? Thank you heaps for your time.

    1. Yes, you do have factors at 0 degrees and in the travel/commuting signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. You just hit the Sun, Venus and Mars (he’s actually the biggest culprit) at 0 degrees, triggering what is known as a T-Square in your chart. T stands for Test and this is one of those. What works now? Realising you are being held up, stopped and stuck to do two things. First, and this might sound boring, but it’s true – to better value, relish, and weigh in your hands what/who is precious to you. Possessions, yes, but also what money cannot buy. Second reason for the stuckness? You need to get back into your philosophy, faith or belief system. That’s the Sagittarius stuff. You need to come back to who and what you believe in. This is a passing thing but it will achieve a lot for you. The universe’s upset is a set-up; it is setting you up to make you slow down, stop and all the rest, as I am sure you and maybe one of your children already realise.

      1. oh thank you so much for your reply! I am a very spiritual person who is slowly learning ‘to go with the flow’ and surrender…hmmm, need to go a bit deeper this time I guess. Is it possible to foresee how long t square tests/ issues normally lurk around for? Thank you.

        1. It’s a pleasure. Just wait for the transiting (travelling) planet to move away from the exact number/degree of your birth chart placement. That’s when your T Square tests start to dissolve…

  59. Hi Jess,
    Randomly a while ago I have planed for my FIRST business trip to another city
    (down South of Australia )
    from 25th of June to >>>> 1st of July .
    Without knowing that Mr. Jupiter will comes around on 26th & 29th of June ( if I was not reading wrong )

    In your weekly report says that who has Virgo at 9 & 15 will be the lucky one with career & works this week …
    While I have Virgo at 6 & 13 , look like it’s not close enough to get lucky, right ?

    I have invested so much money & time into this trip with a big hope to expand my area & make it good amount of dollar .
    And this my first trip , I’m very nervous .

    Do you have any advice, hope or good news for me ?
    It has been a long way for me… you saw that Jess .

    I wish to hear from you soon .
    Thank you so much for your time & your hard work . I always appreciate that .

    So much love all the way Queensland .

    1. Congratulations on your first business trip. And what lovely comments, thank you. You are in a fantastic position until August so please use this. People or organisations which are think big, wide open, unconditionally generous and very good at problem solving will help you. Keep smiling and don’t forget your toothbrush.

      1. Hi Jess,
        Thanks so much for your advise .
        I did smile a lot & brushed teeth at least 3 times a day when I was on the business trip . I had learn a lot & but $$$ not so much as my expection , which we all know why, plus as I could see you avoided to answer my question directly ;D
        Now I’m back to my base location . I’m trying to refresh my brand with some new exiting details , and then RE-launch , plus advertising on media, public… my site Again – One – more time in this month – July as Mars now back to Scorpion .
        [ I done it the first time was beginning of 2016, it did not work out and actually I wasn’t ready at some point ]

        If so, base on my personal chat, what date would you think can be the best date of July to do so ?
        For a great impression + long term benefit business ?

        I wish to hear from you so soon Jess . Then I will make the decision . I have been on the roller coaster last few months , it’s hard to be positive all the time & it’s even harder for me to believe that great things will happens sometime soon .
        But I always trust your advise .
        It always lead me to the right path .
        Thank you so much for your time Jess . I’m waiting for you .

        Love much

        1. Also , I have asked you before about my crush .
          He disappeared for 2months . Then now he appears again .
          I might see him again the weekend after full moon of July .
          His birthday is 22 of September ( last day of Virgo )
          I don’t know the time .

          What do you think ?
          Is there any clue about this person Jess ?
          This is the hard case for me !!

          1. The retrogrades are repeating the past for you which is why your crush keeps recurring (put re in front of everything). You will have more information when Mars goes out of Retrograde Scorpio, which rules sex and money, from 2nd August.

        2. That’s great about the teeth-brushing! (I wish they did that at astrology conferences, some male astrologers have truly terrifying tombstones). Okay, you’re talking about business and I’m talking about partnerships. Any chance you could form or reform a professional duet this year?

          1. Thank you so much for your respond Jess .
            You’re awesome .
            I wanted to be independent business . Which I know it’s hard,
            it means I have to deal with everything by my own .
            But I find it harder work with/for people .
            Cause must share 50/50 the $$ .
            Which means nothing much left for me .
            Plus I have to depend on them (time/rule/income…not to mention people in the work place )

            So it’s a No to be solo you meant ?
            Do I have another choice Jess ? I do not want to work for/with people anymore .

          2. Try The Astrology Oracle which is perfect for questions like this. Ask – what is the main story about my present? What are the plus factors of my decision? What are the minus factors? And keep going until you find what you are trying to tell yourself!

        3. That’s great about the teeth-brushing! (I wish they did that at astrology conferences, some male astrologers have truly terrifying tombstones). Okay, you’re talking about business and I’m talking about partnerships. Any chance you could form or reform a professional duet this year?

  60. Dear jessica,

    Sorry for the late post….hope you will still read it.

    Just read the article properly only today and would like to ask couple of things.
    I have Jupiter at 6 virgo
    Saturn at 23virgo, minerva at 19virgo
    and apollo at 12 virgo

    Do you see any luck happening career wise here. My jupitor and saturn are both in virgo. What kind of struggle do they create for me?
    Also my understanding of saturn in virgo is that lately a health scare has forced me to take responsibility for my health and I have been using a energy healing technique to heal myself!

    The organisation I am working with is getting privatised and they may place some staff(only who are interested) in the public sector. Myanager spoke to me about it on friday. I am interested . Will I have any luck there?

    Thank you for your kindness.

    1. It’s a pleasure. Saturn in 23 Virgo is the hard work part of both your job and your body, yet Jupiter will cross 23 Virgo shortly and you’ll even feel him at 24 Virgo in August. Take the solution and the opportunity. The trick with Jupiter cycles is to give more than you get. To show seriously willing and offer as much as you can…bring it all to the table! Good luck.

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