The Transit of Mercury and Your Horoscope

The Transit of Mercury on Monday 9th May 2016 is rare. It only happens 13 times per century. It happens in the money sign of Taurus.


The Transit of Mercury on Monday 9th May 2016 is rare. It only happens 13 times per century. It happens in the money sign of Taurus. It will trigger four weeks of global financial extremes as we hit an astrological cycle like no other. In fact, looking far ahead, what happens will trigger the biggest revolution in the world economy since the Second World War, which will start from May 2018.

For now, though, all you need to know is – the astrology is already working.


Here is what you read over a month ago on this website –

“In 2016 on or very close to April 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 – and May 1, 2 – and again on (or close to) June 8, we are going to see world currencies or economies go backwards and forwards.

You will see Mercury Retrograde economic and sharemarket madness April 26th through 30th, May 1st and 2nd and June 8th, 2016 specifically in the United Kingdom, United States and China.”

These headlines followed –




Screen Shot 2016 05 04 at 2.43.00 AM 600x375 - The Transit of Mercury and Your Horoscope



Screen Shot 2016 05 04 at 2.36.16 AM 600x375 - The Transit of Mercury and Your Horoscope



Your Sun Sign horoscope (or Solar Chart) shows how the Transit of Mercury will affect you – publicly. It highlights the most obvious stop-start progress in your life. The Sun does just what you might expect, in your astrological chart – it shines a very bright light on one story in your life. Your Sun Sign reveals which story. Just remember – the Transit of Mercury means it will go backwards and forwards until 7th June.

ARIES – Money. House. Charity. Apartment. Company. Business. Possessions. Values.
TAURUS – Image. Brand. Role. Title. Appearance. Style. Shape. Wardrobe. Reputation.
GEMINI – Secrets. Invisibility. Mystery. Subterfuge. Hibernation. Psychology. Dreams.
CANCER – Friends. Groups. Clubs. Committees. Teams. Networks. Circles. Twitter.
LEO – Success. Career. University. Volunteering. Title. Ambition. Role. Achievement.
VIRGO – Travel. Academia. Education. Foreigners. Exploration. Internet. Publishing.
LIBRA – Finance. Taxation. Donation. House. Apartment. Shares. Company. Business.
SCORPIO – Partner. Enemy. Ex. Lover. Crush. Opponent. Opposition. Rival. Soulmate.
SAGITTARIUS – Work. Body. Fitness. Health. Service. Duty. Lifestyle. Routine.
CAPRICORN – Children. Babies. Teenagers. Pregnancy. Lovers. Godchildren. Youth.
AQUARIUS – Town. Country. House. Apartment. Council. Government. Household. Family.
PISCES – Internet. Multimedia. Publishing. Language. Education. Advertising. Communication.

If you want to see what the Transit of Mercury looks like,  I photographed this at Peterborough Court in London. The Messenger of the Gods is going backwards and forwards, splitting himself into pairs. What is going ‘forwards’ in May is not going forwards at all. It is reversing. What reverses then moves forwards. Mercury rules the internet, multimedia, printing, trains, cars, planes, boats, buses, cars, computers, telephones, microphones, faxes. Be aware.

The area of your life most affected (publicly) is above. If you are a Premium Member you can read about the personal side of this transit, further on.


Mercury Shadow Peterborough Court London  600x600 - The Transit of Mercury and Your Horoscope
Mercury Retrograde perfectly illustrated at Peterborough Court (Adams).


The rare Transit of Mercury (it can only happen about once every decade) is important for your long-term future in May 2016. You are going to hit delays, reversals or a state of flux in one area of your life (as above). This will trigger ideas, inspiration, conflicts or conundrums. That’s just what you might expect when you hit stop-start progress for three or four weeks!

What is fascinating about May 2016 (and I would wait until 7th June for every single detail to be complete) is the future. Did you know that what goes down in the life department, signalled above, will trigger radical change – in fact, a complete revolution – from May 16th, 2018? This revolution will transform this area of your world. It will not be over until the year 2025. So…this Transit of Mercury is very special.


If you are a Premium Member then you have your full horoscope, with all the 34 factors in modern astrology, including the asteroids which complete the ‘family tree’ of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and the rest.

[contentblock id=51 img=html.png]

Check it now. If you have three or more Taurus factors in your birth chart then the Transit of Mercury is a big deal for you. What goes down with the money, house, apartment, business interests, possessions, charity or company very close to May 9th is a trigger for future revolution. Ultimately, you are going to put a price on independence and freedom from 2018 and I think you’ll pay it.

mercury rx symbol - The Transit of Mercury and Your Horoscope

What else is going on in your birth chart? Should you have just one factor at 19 Taurus or 20 Taurus, then you are going to hit major stop-start action, which will give you flashbacks to April 19th, 20th, 21st 2016 – and not be resolved fully until you hit June 3rd, 4th, 5th.

The reason for this is Mercury’s weird behaviour. He was at 19, 20 Taurus around April 19th, triggering your chart with news, discussion or paperwork of a financial, business or property nature. He is then creating muddle or even mayhem (depending on your chart patterns) around now, the Transit of Mercury, on May 9th. This is finally resolved around June 3rd. Here’s the thing, though. You don’t know it yet, but from 2018 you are going to realise that what went down, is the background for major change in your life from that point on.



If you are curious about the world horoscope, currency, banks, the sharemarkets and all other things triggered on the Transit of Mercury, please click SEARCH on the toolbar and ask your question. I wrote about this some time ago. If you can imagine the global economy as a gigantic church fete or church bazaar, with everyone knocking prices down, raising them, setting them incorrectly – then taking products back, re-selling them – you have a very small idea of the kind of action we are going to see from Wall Street to the London Stock Exchange, via China, in May and June 2016.

Smart bunnies who know how to play the church bazaar will make serious money. Yet – as you’ll see from 2018, the kerfuffle we hit in mid-2016 will result in a major push for reform. This is going to make the Panama Papers look like the Teddy Bears’ Picnic. How do you survive Mercury Retrograde on the Transit of Mercury? Wait until the final shadow is over, June 7th 2016, before you pass ultimate judgement on the numbers, facts or figures. If you are curious about Mercury Retrograde, hit SEARCH on this website to see how it pans out through history.

2015 mercury retrograde png - The Transit of Mercury and Your Horoscope



Were you born with the Sun in Libra or Aries? Your solar chart (Sun Sign horoscope) reveals the Transit of Mercury will go right through your finance zone. This is where we find your bank account. Your taxes. Your investment. Your business interests. Your possessions. Your charity. Your house or apartment.

Through six degrees of separation, you will be affected by the bigger global trends of May so please do as much research as possible and ask as many questions as you can. Seek experience and expertise. This is an unusual time. It’s an historic time.

For Premium Members – The Transit of Mercury and You

If you have anything in Taurus in your personal chart, based on your time, place and date of birth –  then May 2016 will be the seeding of massive revolutionary change with your money, house, business and/or apartment from 2018. Ask me about this in Comments, as your personal astrological chart pops up when you have a question and it is easy for me to see your financial or property trends, far into the future. I can also zero in on May 2016 to see if the Transit of Mercury personally affects you. If you have anything at 19-21 Taurus in your birth horoscope, it is a key trigger.




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151 Responses

  1. Hi, Jessica. Great job on the predictions – you are always right on! I would love to know how this effects me and what is in store for me personally. I appreciate your expertise and wisdom. Thanks again!

    1. Your MC/IC on the 24 Taurus/Scorpio axis is certainly affected by the Mercury and Mars Retrogrades so just allow for delays, changes or reversals with your money, taxation, house, business, possessions, apartment and so on – for quite a few weeks to come.

  2. Hi Jessica
    I would love to know if I am affected by this. I am currently developing property where I live and am concerned. My husband has saturn at 21 degrees taurus. If i am affected how would it be? good or bad?

    1. Whatever your husband was pursuing with sales, purchases, business, property etc. around April 22nd will go backwards and forwards around now – and then again near June 6th. Mercury moves over 21 Taurus on his Saturn, near those days. Your own property developments may be affected at a distance by other people/organisations and their situations so just be aware of that potential for stuckness/slowdown.

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you again for these heloful articles. Will I get away with this one, as I have absolutely nothing in Taurus? Thanks KC

  4. Dear Jessica, you are an angel! I have 2 questions: I was born on May 06, 1993, Zagreb, Croatia @ 9:10 PM. How does the New Moon (same day) and the Transit of Mercury (Taurus Sun and Mercury, Scorpio Moon and AS) impact me? I’ve recently re-instigated efforts to get a new job, one that would give me much more freedom, but would require me to move away from my family. However, I am surprisingly ok with that. Also, my mom is Libra, my dad is Scorpio, do you have any words of caution? Many thanks and all the best!!! Xo

    1. I don’t have the degrees of your placements unfortunately so I can’t be specific about dates – but in general, you and your parents are all going to see other people/organisations/situations outside yourselves bring some delays, turnarounds or changes – until June. Just be aware of that when planning sales, purchases, taxation, business, salary, insurance and so on.

  5. Hi Jess,

    I’d really love to hear about what revolutionary changes I can expect?

    Love your work


    1. You have Juno at 24 Aries and Uranus is moving to 24 Aries for the first time in decades, lingering until April 2017. That’s a total image change. Either your look – or just your title/brand. It will be so liberating you won’t believe how free you feel, even if life does turn upside-down for a while.

  6. Hi Jess – I’ve got quite a few horoscope factors in Taurus but not at the degrees you mention. Will I still be affected, if so how? Incidentally, if having a lot of Taurus factors means I’m characterized by money/property – I’m broke, have been for years and all my adult life have never had any control over my finances or owned anything in my own right. I guess it can mean being characterized by lack thereof!
    PS I really enjoy your forum, even reading the answers you give to others is very helpful. You are very generous, compassionate and wise!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, it is much appreciated. Mercury, Vesta, Panacea and Psyche are all in Taurus in your chart – so it’s complicated. You may want to hit ‘Search’ and look them all up – especially as they do implicate other people, from relatives to partners. You will definitely experience waiting games, reversals or even basic errors affecting the usual cash flow, purchases, business arrangements through to June.

  7. Hi Jessica, me again. Yes please I would love you to look into my chart as I have sun in Libra and horoscope factors in Taurus. The years from 2012 to 2015 were particularly tough so I’d like to know what to expect for the future.
    Thank you

    1. The Transit of Mercury is passing you by, mostly, though you will be affected at a distance by the muddles and mayhem affecting the global financial situation, or even just your local bank or Paypal seller.

  8. Hello Jessica, what you say about world finances is fascinating. There has been a lot of talk about Bitcoin and blockchain as a new way of dealing with financial transactions that does not involve the banks and I wonder if this is part of the same pattern. And I guess the Panama papers may have an effect on perceptions around tax havens etc.
    Personally, I have my North Node in Taurus 18 (which is only one degree away from the degrees you mentioned) and Taurus factors in IC and Vulcano. My husband has his Sun in Libra, with Ascendant at 20 Taurus, as well as Aries factors in Jupiter and Moon. Does that indicate any pattern in terms of money/business/finances for our family?

    Many thanks for any insights.

    1. Thank you very much. You and your husband have a past life connection over money, possessions or property, perhaps in more than one lifetime. There are debts and credits to figure out. You should both be thrilled with what you gain and save from late 2017 into 2018. For now, yes you will hit delays, reversals, changes or even the usual S.N.A.F.U. situations of Mercury Retrograde until June.

  9. HI Jessica, I am slowly crawling my way out of a horrible 14 year financial cycle/mess…is there light at the end of the tunnel for me? Thank you, Melanie.

    1. Huge light at the end of the tunnel. You have a Taurus stellium which you can see in the chart. Ceres in Taurus means, you are here to learn how to compromise and share – the cash, house, apartment, business, possessions – whatever you have. You are in the hangover phase in 2016. What you will never forget will help you become utterly free financially from 2018 – defiantly independent, in fact. You may even get yourself to the point where you never borrow money again. Interesting.

  10. Hi there Jess!!!

    I would love a direction to walk in regarding this Mercury retrograde through Taurus and what it means in the upcoming months/years. Taurus area of my chart is looking pretty boring.

    When I look at my chart and reference your discussions, everything is about lovers and children. I would be thrilled to understand more about this too. Hope I won’t be broke with a dozen homeless kids.

    On a different note, I absolutely love your discussions, I read them all and you never cease to amaze me with your WICKED on target predictions. So helpful in times of need too.

    Be well and safe


    1. I am going to stick to that lovers/children theme with you, and you will see why by this time next year! Major decisions ahead. The life-changing kind. Thank you for your lovely compliments. (And like all multiple Gemini people, you are witty with it).

  11. I have only Psyche at 13 Taurus. Does that mean anything important? Please tell…

    1. You’re out of the zone. But Psyche in Taurus is the income stream or property that lives forever. Carl Jung had this. His beautiful residence in Bollingen has survived him. So have his book royalties.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    I would really appreciate it if you could see my horoscope and advise how this transit affects me. It feels like it’s affecting more my personal than my professional life.

    Thank you,


    1. Whoaa, you have Uranus at 23 Aries opposite Pluto at 23 Libra. You are going through one of the most testing cycles possible in decades, with your former, current or potential partners. By April 2017 it is dramatically better and from that point forward you will either get the best result you could hope for with this person, or find tremendous happiness in September 2017 with a new person.

  13. Hi
    I am trying to sell my house and wondering if you can see when the best time would be or when it will sell. I seem to have been blocked selling it for over a year. Its on the market now.

    1. You are in one of those cycles when you have to experiment, take risks, break away from old expectations/attitudes/patterns and free yourself up. If you are too wedged into just one way of interpreting happiness with your house, property prices, future house/apartment, area etc. then you may end up very stuck, which seems to have been happening here. I suspect all sorts of alternatives or new ways to do ‘home’ have been floating around but perhaps it was all just a bit too weird or different (weird and different are Uranus key words). Try an experiment. Get a notepad or notebook and just scrawl rough sketches and ideas about what you might be up for, in terms of selling, renting, Air BnB, leasing, extensions, renovations, areas, neighbours, home exchange, council and the rest. This is one way to shake a few things up. Then see what floats past you, especially on the internet.

  14. I have Taurus in my birth chart, and I was wondering what do you see when you look at my chart?

    1. You won’t be directly affected but other people/organisations and their slowdowns or changes with finance, property, business will affect you at a distance.

  15. Hi Jessica would love to know if this Mercury transit would have a big effect on my chart…i would love to prepare myself for the future as best possible…thank you!

    1. You have the DC or Descendant at 23 Taurus. This is about your former, current or potential partner. Alternatively about an opponent, enemy or rival. The money, house, business, possessions, apartment or charity under discussion in the final week of April is not a done deal. Expect flux until around 6th June but then you can put this chapter to bed.

  16. We have been stuck in the property roundabout for over a year and have found a house we are seriously considering buying in the next few weeks as it goes to auction on May 28. As you can see from my chart, this transit is right on target for me. Should we leave it alone?

    1. I don’t have a birth chart for the other buyer here and of course he/she is a major part of the story! 28th May, Mercury is at 15 Taurus and you have nothing at all at 15 in your chart. Other people’s own delays, changes, reversals may affect you at a distance but you are personally out of the zone.

  17. Hi Jessica

    Well I have Mercury and Mars around 20-21 degrees Taurus – so any insights on the impact of this event are very welcome!

    Note the lowering of interests rates by Australia’s RBA on 2 May to an historic low level plus some fairly ‘interesting’ interim results from at least two of Australia’s Big 4 banks this week would also appear to fit into this astro weather.

    1. Quite right about the Australian banks. I can’t quite believe we are also seeing a budget across the country during Mercury Retrograde, but then Canberra politicians have always seemed so clueless about astrology! Watch this space, this has not even begun to unravel or change yet! In your own chart you will be spinning your wheels, as you guess. Just keep an eye on the post, e-mails, the internet and so on. The simplest things…

  18. Hi Jessica – I have 4 planets in Taurus, Diana at 14, Fortuna at 22, Hygera at 12 and Prosperina at 24 degrees. Do you have any specific comments. Many thanks Karin

    1. Mercury will well and truly hold you up with your tax, purchases, sales, bank, money, business, house, apartment and so on – so just allow for that until June. I suspect you know exactly what/who the source will be.

  19. Yes I do have planets at 19 and 21 . How do you think it will.effect my chart . Thank you .

    1. You are not directly affected but wider financial, business or property trends will certainly slow you down or change your plans. Thank you.

    1. Interestingly, you fix your own problems with money, business, possessions, charity, property. You create the issue then you solve the issue.

  20. Hi Jessica. I have Bacchus in Taurus at 26 degrees – can you please describe what 2018 and beyond will bring for this part of my life? Thank you so much!

    1. You’re not affected directly but other people’s delays, changes, reversals with their money, house, business, taxation, charity, sales, purchases, apartment – will hit you at a distance. Allow for that, through June.

  21. Thank you for the opportunity to ask you a targeted question 🙂
    I look forward to your posts and follow them meticulously 🙂
    I do have 02 deg Mercury 32′ Taurus and Saturn 21 Taurus. What do these mean this month please? and then from now on?
    Many thanks

    1. That’s a pleasure. Okay, you have Saturn at 21 Taurus in a Grand Cross with the Nodes at 21 Aquarius and 21 Leo. That’s past life stuff! The agreements you make in this lifetime over your money, house, business, apartment, possessions will echo what was in place in a previous incarnation with your children (as they were then) and your friends. Some of this old karma (debts or credits) came back near April 22nd, will repeat now (near May 6th) and be dealt with, once and for all, near June 6th. The years 2023, 2024 will change your life financially and you will be liberated and transformed.

      1. Hi Jessica
        Thank you. I am hoping you will see this. I received an interview call on May 6!!!!!! Then the interview is scheduled for May 13!!!! Eeeek. Transit of Mercury or what …..everything you speak about to be careful of is happening 🙂
        Do you see this job coming through and positive?
        Appreciate your insights. Many thanks.

        1. Okey dokey. The main issue here will be their accountants or paymasters and your own financial situation – the terms of the contract – bonuses – salary and so on. This is where you will need to be super flexible and see what comes, as it unfolds. It’s all going to be about the money, ultimately, from their point of view. Long-term you will end up in the most powerful position in a very long time, in your career – so the future will give you control.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    Really interesting and a little scary!

    I have Mars 21 Taurus and wondered how this will affect me financially.

    My husband and I have all our life savings across two bank accounts having sold our home and currently looking for a new place – two house purchases recently fell through. I read your earlier articles with a little alarm but thought we would be settled by now. Wondering if I need to take further steps to protect our little nest egg?

    Any insight would be much appreciated – as always.

    1. Thank you. Please don’t be scared. This is just life gardening! Okay, so Mercury was at 21 Taurus near April 22nd and will do a very strange thing, returning to 21 Taurus right now, near May 6th. He then does this a third time near June 6th. The stop-start game continues, and you will see classic delays, repeats, rescheduling etc. near those times. Fortunately Mars Retrograde goes nowhere near your 21 Taurus position, so it’s basically that weird Mercury cycle you need to factor in, through June.

  23. Absolutely love and respect your work, Jessica. Curious if you could provide insight with Mercury Retrograde for me, with Aries sun and Taurus moon. Many thanks for your insights and dedication to your site!

    1. That’s kind, thank you. I’m not sure what degree your Sun or Moon are, but in general, the Mercury Retrograde cycle through Taurus will affect you either directly, or through a second person or distant organisation, in May/June – with money, the house, the apartment, business or possessions. Think of a bicycle wheel stopping and starting, spinning backwards and forwards.

  24. Dear Jessica, my natal sun is at 18 degrees Taurus. A big thing happening in May is that with the help of family chipping in, I’m paying off my entire academic loan which was a very large amount and weighing down on me for years now. Is this the kind of thing meant by May being a significant month? Of course being debt free has implications for the next few years, but why specifically 2018?

    1. Born with the North Node/South Node on the Cancer (family ) and Capricorn (ambition) axis you have major past life debts and credits with your family. It all takes place at 14 degrees and of course in May 2016 we find Saturn at 14 Sagittarius, the sign of academia, making an exact quincunx. This can only happen every 29 years. You are burning off/gaining from karma now. You will have to wait for 2022 for the biggest revolution in your money in your lifetime and yes, it will set you free.

  25. Hi Jessica, I have Taurus in Chiron, Fortuna and Minerva, what does this all mean for me in terms of my money, business and living circumstances?



    1. Chiron at 23 Taurus is the key here. Moves made in the final week of April/opening of May already seem to have been dragging, changeable or actually reversible. The final chapter comes in June.

  26. I am Taurus ascendant 21 degree/ libra sun/ mercury in libra 10degree. Does this mean anything? Thank you for your reply

    1. Yes, you have Mercury going over your Taurus 21 degree Ascendant, so what was going down with shopping, money, business, your house, possessions, charity, apartment, company – or sales – around April 22nd will not stick. It will be changed, held up or reversed right now – May 6th – and then be up for final resolution, one way or another, near June 6th. This is about your role, reputation, personal appearance, image or brand.

  27. Today I am doing an inspection of a house we are in the pipeline to buy. This process has been ongoing since February, with a lot of back and forth. I feel positive about the house, it checks all the boxes. Just apprehensive re Mercury retro and all these planets in Taurus. I really want this firm home base – do you see any positives?

    1. You have Juno (commitment) at 17 Cancer (the sign ruling houses) and Pluto has been opposing that at 17 Capricorn since March. This can only happen every 240+ years so no wonder you are at a crossroads. The ongoing process is about power which I am sure you realise. It is a test of your own control and power, and I feel you may be dealing with an agent and/or buyers who are also engaging in power plays. One way or another you get a break from this after June 4th, either because you get what you want, or because the issue no longer concerns you.

  28. Hi Jessica, I have Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus. What should I concentrate on, or expect, if anything ?! Thanks a lot.

    1. You do have a stellium in Taurus (more than three horoscope factors) but you won’t be directly affected by the Transit of Mercury. Instead, you will feel May through early June as a general slowdown/flux period which does affect your salary, banking, taxation, accounting, rent, mortgage, company etc. through two degrees of separation. It’s no big deal in terms of the whole year but if you are commencing anything new with sales/shopping/invoicing/tax you may want to allow the usual stop-start until June 7th.

  29. Hi Jessica
    Thank you as always for your really insightful posts. I am a premium member. Can you tell me how and if this transit will affect me this May and looking forward to 2018.

    Thank you, once again

    1. You are not affected at all by this Mercury Transit – phew. However, I should mention you have a large stellium or cluster in Aquarius. I do hope you are involved in one or more groups/teams/clubs/networks. If not, it’s definitely time. You have the gift of circulating in a light, easy way – giving space and also finding space for yourself – across the usual barriers of gender, age, class, status, background, nationality and so on. You can build people power in a group and also benefit from it. This people power can change the world. After 2025 when Pluto goes into Aquarius your understanding of friendship and also the potency of a ‘tribe’ will deepen and intensify. In fact, it will transform your life and what you do from 2024 with these people will become the defining statement of who you are, and why you are here.

  30. Hi Jessica –

    Thank you as always for your amazing and insightful work.

    I am wondering how this (and other retrogrades) might affect my fertility. I am due to have a frozen embryo transfer for IVF on May 13. Do you have any insights for me? We have been trying for over 2 years.

    I’m also taking time off from work to caregive for my mom, who is in hospice. The doctors feel she has only a few weeks left.

    I appreciate anything you can offer.

    Born June 3 1975 midwest USA 11:18 am

    1. Thank you, that’s a lovely thing to say. Okay, let’s look at what is going on, because I suspect the sign of Cancer is part of your story now (Cancer rules the quest to become a mother, and also your relationship with your own mother). I guess you will not be surprised to hear you are going through a cycle which can only happen about every 240 years. You were born with Saturn at 17 Cancer square Jupiter at 17 Aries and we have Pluto now travelling at 17 Capricorn, setting up what is called a T-Square in astrology. T stands for test, which you will pass. It also stands for time, and it will take time. From January 2018 your new world begins, but first you have to take the tests, which are about the entire business of mothering, being mothered, and perhaps (if you examine your family tree) the relationship your grandmother or great-grandmother also had – with being a parent. The thing I would like to reassure you about is the healing process. On paper it might look as if you are being put through the most fierce situation, yet the square to Jupiter is about gaining and learning from the experience. You will grow, and your world will grow, through these tests. If you want to research this more online look up ‘Jupiter square Saturn’. You may also want to look up ‘Pluto opposite Saturn.’ One way to deal with Pluto in Capricorn right opposite your Saturn in Cancer (which rules mothers) is to give yourself the luxury of daydreaming about the many, many different ways you can be a caretaker and nurturer to children. You can sponsor a child who was once a soldier. You can foster. You can read stories to young relatives or godchildren. You can ask a pregnant friend or relative if you might be considered as a godmother. I am sure you can think about many more. This is a tried, tested and trusted way to break up the energy, which I know can become very tense and stuck (such high stakes) when you are trying so desperately to have a child. Play with many different versions of the whole Cancerian/mothering notion. Loosen up the patterns. See what comes up.

      1. Thank you so very much!

        May I ask a follow-up question? You said a new world begins in January 2018 – why that date? Is that when Pluto moves out of that T (in capricorn)? Or is there some other aspect which with alleviate all of this strain?

        I’ve been reading that people with a T in their *natal* charts might be able to ameliorate the tension (tests) by finding the balance accross from the T point, which I guess in my case would be Libra (across from capricorn). But I know that the Pluto as capricorn 17 is transient and not natal. Does the same logic apply, anyway? If so, what does that mean at a practical level for me?

        Jessica, thank you again, so much. You’re a force for good! Your generosity is inspiring!

        1. Thanks so much for your kind words. January 2018 is the first time in years that we have the Sun in an earth sign (Capricorn) at the same time that Uranus is moving into an earth sign (Taurus) – so the New Year will really seem radically new. You have a stellium in Taurus so from that point forward, you will see your financial, property and business situation change radically, bringing you independence and freedom. You may be an early exponent of the new world of banking, selling and buying to come – online – and it will spell Revolution with a capital R.

  31. Dear Jessica,

    My Chiron and Cupido are in 15 deg Taurus, Prosperina 13 deg Taurus. How does this new moon in Taurus and the transit of Mercury in financial zone affect me personally.

    Thanks in advance for your insights

    1. You have Chiron conjunct Cupido (exactly) at 15 Taurus, so around April 16th you heard/read important news about the money, house, shopping, apartment, business, charity or sale…and maybe a wider economic issue, if you are into business or politics. This will not sit for long, as it will be replayed near May 16th, 17th, 18th, 27th, 28th, 29th and also into June – as late as the 20th through 27th. I feel this is quite important so please allow for possible slow-downs, stop-start, alterations or reversals. From a horoscope point of view you may prefer not to start anything new in May as you will have enough to deal with, catching up with what is already in place. If you absolutely must go ahead with a financial, company, house, apartment, sale/purchase, business matter in May-June then get it in writing, read the fine print, have Plan B and be super flexible.

  32. Dear Jessica,
    I’ve only recently became premium member after reading your free content for years. I live in a poor country in a political turmoil at the moment so the fee is 1/6 of my monthly income. Even so my main dilemma was to become premium or spend them helping someone else as charity volunteering is huge part of my life.
    I am concerned about all the topics influenced by this transit: house and apartment, which I own but my children live in (they would never be able to get their own in this economy). That is my investment too as I rely on rental income to help them and keep myself financially independent.
    I was widowed 2006 and jobless since 2008 as soon as Pluto went in Capricorn, I wasn’t able to find job. Jobs are sparse for the young; no one employs people my age despite the experience. Having been able to earn and establish this financial independence in the nineties, my biggest nightmare is to become (financially) a burden to my children instead of helping them.
    My natal Mer in 16 Tau is triggered by the retrograde. What this retrograde and rare Mercury transit can bring to me?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Okey dokey, let’s have a look at your chart. Don’t worry too much about this Mercury Retrograde cycle. Basically, whatever was going down with money, possessions, charity, house or flat near April 16th will be replayed, changed or held up near May 14th, 15th and again near May 30th, 31st. So yes, you are affected, but just remember to get everything in writing, read the fine print, have Plan B and be ready for delays, changes. You saw what just happened in London on election day! That’s the kind of thing which will now send you backwards and forwards, but it simply is not a major issue. Let me get onto your real concerns, which are living in the wrong place at the wrong time – and also the children/money/security. You have the North Node in Cancer. There is past life karma with this country and you! You have ‘done’ the issues about this country, and with it, at least once before and maybe more than that. At a certain point the karma will be finished. You will have paid the karma debt or earned what you are owed and then you can have quite a different life. Actually, you have fantastic neighbours around you who are pure steel/pure wisdom and you can help each other. I suspect you need to create your own private economy/budget which has nothing to do with what you are told ‘rich’ is or ‘wealthy’ is or even what ‘poor’ happens to be. This would be your own measure. Baking a loaf of bread can be priceless. You also need to watch out for the way money/shopping/possessions are sometimes used as ‘currency’ in emotional or personal situations. The moment you suspect that is happening, leave the situation or try to reshape it, so that as human beings we are not being judged by what we can pay for/earn/give/lend. You really do not need to go there! Yet I suspect you have been there before in a previous life and part of your incarnation now is to learn when to say ‘No, my value system is different to that.’ I get ‘Russia’ psychically with this answer. I feel the massive turning points to come with Russia will change quite a lot where you live – I have no idea where that is – and help you. I also get a cross-stitch embroidery which is either on your wall or was in your family. There is a message there and the message goes beyond the actual words, to the work that went into it. There is also a very real case for accepting help at the moment. If a male offers you his elbow to lean on, accept. You will be free, financially, when Uranus moves to 14 then 16 Taurus, which is 2021/2022 so long term I don’t see you being a burden. Don’t be silly. You will have your independence and actually on a far more exciting scale than you ever did before! By the way – you know the European Union and the Euro are on the way out, beyond 2018? That is also going to change your life.

  33. I recently noticed that I have no planets in Taurus. If this is an important money planet, what should I conclude about my financial/wealth prospects? Thank you for this fantastic blog!

    1. You have Neptune, Bacchus and Cupido in Scorpio, which rules money and sex – and money and deadly serious arrangements. We associate it with the house, cash, possessions, apartment in marriage or common law marriage. We also associate it with life insurance and the last will and testament. So actually, you do have quite a lot going on there…but it will always involve a lover or family member in a major way. You may want to take your time with choices this year though as Mars is Retrograde in Scorpio and you will go backwards and forwards for a while. Yet you will love the year 2018 when Jupiter in Scorpio gives you opportunities to make or save money (or cash in kind) not possible in 12 years.

  34. Hi Jessica
    Wow you are Amazing !!
    I learn a lil from every reply that you make & your generosity is inspiring … Thank you

    I notice that I have a stellum in Taurus … Is that why my finances are haywire ATM? … I’m hopeful that this will improve with time but I can’t seem to find a strategy for change … Also my love life remains a confusing puzzle … Is there an answer that you can see?
    Thank you so so much for any clarity that you can give x

    1. Thank you very much, that’s really kind. Okay, when Jupiter goes into Scorpio from the end of next year into 2018 you will have your best chance to merge sex, money, property and intimacy in 12 years, either deepening what you have, or finding someone new. Finances at the moment are haywire as a result of choices you were forced to make 2012 through 2015 yet they will settle from August and by November you will know where you stand, exactly.

  35. Hi Jessica

    Could you please tell me how this will effect me re: moving house and relationships. Love your website. Many thanks allison

        1. Actually, the real story for you with money and your home comes from 2018 as you will be the first to be affected by the new global finance changes, affecting banks in particular. You’ll be a lot more free. May will show you just how it might all work, two years from now.

  36. Hi Jessica. Thanks for your insight. I’d love to know how you think this transit will affect me. I have put a business idea on the back burner for a steady job but am hoping to get more independence and freedom soon. Any thoughts?

    1. You are in a weird cycle when you have to put up with all kinds of restrictions, obstacles or tests and trials with work – yet on a career level (your highest calling or achievements) you have never been so free. I wonder if you can combine bread and butter with the world’s most exciting cake? That is one way around this cycle.

  37. Dear Jessica,
    Greetings!! I have been traveling overseas to the country of my birth to see Family but will return to the USA very soon.
    To a certain extent, you did answer to my earlier query on the Aires planets but with so many planets in retrograde motion, I was wondering if you see anything else for me. especially right now during my travels and my predicament about lack of $$$’s and no job!!
    I am hoping that I shall be able to find a job on my return to the USA to enable me to pay my bills.
    Thank you – your knowledge and advice has always been so valuable. Much appreciated!!

    M M S

    1. Thank you for the compliment. Okay, so you have Saturn in Sagittarius slowly going over your Sagittarius stellium. This sign rules travel, emigration, sabbaticals and the rest, so yes – life will move slowly and offer obstacles at the moment. This is nothing to do with the retrogrades and everything to do with the planet we associate with stuck or frozen situations. It will be much better when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from 2018.

  38. Hello Jessica likewise please let me know if this mean more financial hardship or financial freedom. Unfortunately after having Saturn in Scorpio I now have Saturn saggit. is not helping either. Seems Saturn is in my financial sector sadly, so really no relief for me yet.
    Thank you kindly.

    1. You’ll love it when Jupiter goes into Scorpio. Not long to wait – final quarter of next year. You will see clues about what might happen, as early as November 2016. Expect solutions, opportunities, optimism, growth and win-win outcomes that will help you make or save a substantial amount, late 2017 into most of 2018.

  39. Hi Jessica, I have Taurus factors at 04′ 11′ and 18′, any advice would be great, thanks

    1. Allow for the state of flux which is inevitable in Europe given the push for freedom by Greece and Britain, and also the uncertainty of the American election. This has a domino effect on global trade and currency and therefore, given the Taurus-Scorpio retrogrades (and Scorpio is opposite Taurus) you are going to see unresolved issues, waiting games and even u-turns. Judge the situation accordingly.

  40. Jessica, i am trying to sell a property and looking to buy a property in another state for my daughter. A few issues have come up with the sale of the property related to financing for the potential buyer. They want to delay the sale to October. Is there anything in my chart that might affect what i am trying to accomplish.

    1. You are being affected by a whole series of retrogrades, not just Mercury. This actually buys you time to think. There may be a couple of issues here you need to go over, which were not covered before. Go back and look.

  41. Hi Jessica, would luv a rundown as to what’s happening with the Taurus / bull thingy.

    1. You have a stellium in Taurus (more than three chart factors) so I’m not surprised! You find out who you are in this world by making very personal, very powerful decisions about charity, shopping, business, houses, apartments, possessions, sales, taxation and so on. It’s how you end up defining yourself. In May you are going to hit situations which put that on the line. They will take longer to resolve than usual but when they do, you will know yourself even better than you did before. If something is big, though, get it in writing and read the fine print. And get outside opinions if you can.

  42. Hi jessica, I have four factors in Taurus and one of them IC is at 23 degrees. How is this going to effect me generally ? I am a premier member.

    Thank you so very much.

    1. You will learn a lot about who/what is most valuable to you in May and what you will/will not sell out for. Every strongly Taurean person needs to learn this, but you will be amazed at how the delays, changes or reversals of May (with the money, house, business, possessions, charity or apartment) show you priorities. Your values are your most valuable asset and you need to know what those values are.

  43. Hello Jessica
    And Thank you for all your work ,i am a member and i fallow you and i find it very helpfull in my life.
    I would like to have some advice on my personal chart, My problem is that i have learned that i can not trust lawyers. I have had some struggels to get the right lawyer for my case. They say that they can help , but it turns out that they can not at the end .And i still had to pay for the time .
    I now really need to find a lawyer that is right for my case. So my question is with all this retrogrades locking at my chart, should i wait until june to even look for a new lawyer. Or can you see when its the best time for that?.
    I also wonder if you can tell me about money in my chart and taurus. I think i have jupiter in taurus, what does that mean now.
    Thanks , best regards Liz

    1. It’s hard to comment on laywers without knowing what your problem is. You are lucky to be born with Jupiter in Taurus. You attract prizes, large sums of money or incredible bargains/blessings for your whole life with this placement. The highest use of it, is to give it away or to fundraise. Even when you are broke you will always be helped and protected. Long term from 2018 you are going to radically change your money and property situation in a way that would amaze you now. You will ultimately be free.

  44. Hi Jessica please can you advice, the last few years have been a Such a challenge where home and work is concerned. I am expected to build a new house mid June, dependant on the bank, can you advice please.

    1. You will know where you stand with your house by the third week of July. Please allow until August for the financial situation to be fixed, firm and final. You will have more news on the bank situation in November. Looking ahead, you will make or save a tremendous amount of money from the final quarter of 2017 into 2018.

  45. Dear Jessica,

    Your guidance, both revolutionary and heart-based, has been priceless! I made a huge life change in January 2013, quit my job, sold everything and moved to a different country with my Taurus husband of many years. We now wish to return to the U.S. but need to sell our current home in order to make a clean break and fund our return. You have been ‘right on’ as you’ve been saying all along that developments may not stick…our offers have been unacceptable for one reason or another. I have done tremendous healing work here, have almost completed a novel which I plan to submit for consideration in the Fall, and am ready to return to the creative field I left. My husband and I are also considering a separation. Nothing seems to be moving in my currently rather drab world, and I’m wondering if you see something in my chart that might help me keep this all in perspective.

    Many thanks,

    1. Thank you very much. That’s a really big compliment and I appreciate it. I look at your chart and see a ton of Taurus and Scorpio placements and of course your husband is a Sun Taurus. You have been through the heaviest cycle in 29 years since 2012 and now have the hangover in 2016. It will take time to figure things out so rather than wish for things to move – remember Mars is retrograde in Scorpio until the end of August. What will make the biggest difference to both of you, no matter if you patch things up, or move apart, is Jupiter (problem solving, opportunity, improvement) moving into Scorpio from the final quarter of 2017 into 2018. That is the best cycle you could hope for and one way or another, you will make it work – with him or without him. You will hit the most promising trends for love in 12 years from that point. With Venus in Gemini, of course you are a novelist. Stay on the path. By 2024 you will be amazed at what you achieve.

  46. Hello Jessica,

    Thanks so much for this article. It was fantastic!

    I have moon in Taurus.

    I’m not happy in my workplace and want to jump into a new one. My financial status is not stable either. I wonder if there will be a financial and professional development.

    1. Thank you very much. Please take your time before you make big decisions about resigning and moving into a new job. Your solar chart shows Saturn in the Tenth House and that means everything moves slowly and there can be big reality checks about the way things are in your chosen field/industry/business/profession. Do more homework and pack in some research. I can understand that you’re not overjoyed with the way work is, but you must find out more and be tremendously cautious on this cycle. You will make or save a small fortune from September and by next year should be hugely comforted about the money, house or apartment.

  47. Hi Jessica, would love to know how this rare Mercury transit through Taurus is going to affect me. Always appreciate the time you take to answer these questions personally. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. With your MC in Scorpio and IC in Taurus I can see that you are on the planet to pursue philanthropy, charity and fundraising (at the highest level) and come from a family background where people mixed their marriage with the family business, or there were some massive questions about the last will and testament (or life insurance) within a marriage. This may go back one, two or more generations. May 2016 will push your buttons with this. You’re going to hit a delay, change or reversal with a sale, purchase, house, business, apartment, bank (or similar) where you realise why some issues go way beyond mere money. Further on from 2018 when Uranus goes through Taurus you will go through the biggest financial revolution of your life.

  48. Hi Jessica, I have natal sun in Taurus at 12 degrees, MC at 4 degrees and Saturn at 24 degrees. What can I expect?

    1. Be watchful for large-scale market flux, economic uncertainty and the usual stop-start situations which affect everything from currency to property. You may be indirectly or directly affected at this time.

  49. Hi Jessica, I was born 30 June 1961 at 8.15am in Auckland, New Zealand. My Venus is in Taurus and I wondered how this will affect me during the rare Transit of Mercury in Taurus 9 May 2016 and the following 6 months? Thanks in advance. Regards, Claire

    1. Venus in Taurus likes to work her relationships (sexual, romantic) by figuring out the money, the possessions, the house, the business, the apartment with the other person. I can’t see your chart pop up here, but suspect you will be affected by six degrees of separation by the financial strangeness around us in May. Just be aware of the possible slowdowns, u-turns or other S.N.A.F.U. situations.

  50. Libran, want to know future career and financial pridictions as I’m preparing for exams and couldnot get through since last 3 attempts.

    1. You have Saturn in your Third House so give it time. Be patient. It will never be as hard as it is now. Look up ‘Saturn in the Third House’ on this website or in astrology books or websites. It’s a temporary cycle over by 2018.

  51. Hi Jessica,
    I have Chiron at 19 Taurus. I’m interested to know what this means for me.

    1. Chiron in Taurus means, that when it comes to charity, money, business, property and/or possessions you experiment and explore. You go beyond what is supposed to happen/can happen and prove to yourself and others that everything is possible. It’s like punk rock finance or punk rock fundraising. You will definitely see a domino effect with all of the above, by June. Just make sure you are playing a flexible game of dominoes.

  52. Hi Jessica.
    Please let me know how this transit affects me. I have been trying and trying for the last 2 years to buy a new home but no luck at all. Money has been my biggest obstacle, in addition to finding the right place. I was due money from a part share in a house but it’s been a nightmare trying to get this. This mercury retrograde has been the worst I have ever experienced. Could you please suggest what might be the best time for all this to change?
    Lastly, I have had to put my research on hold for a number of painful reasons sInce last year. Will I ever finish my PhD? I’m desperate to start my writing/research career. Do you see any hope for me? Thank you for everything. I so look forward to your horoscopes.

    1. Wow, you are pushing property and a PhD/publishing at a time when you have some very tough astrological weather for both. This isn’t down to the Mercury Transit, it’s actually other factors which are slowing you down. One way through this is to accept that it’s all going to take time. The time it takes, enables you to change your mind about who/where/what would have once made you content, and turn to other options. You are a Virgo with Cancer/Sagittarius factors so you are experiencing a double whammy. Slow everything right down if you can. You will make or save money from the final quarter of this year. By 2018 the house/flat situation will be just a memory. From 2018 you will hit the heights academically in a way you never dreamed, and innovate and invent in a way that excites you.

      1. Thank you so much. You are brilliant at what you do. I have been patient so long that’s all. I’m losing hope. But ill try and be more patient.

      2. Could I just ask please? Should I delay buying a house this year ? When exactly would be good for me property wise? Thank you again.

        1. House purchases are so complex, as the chart of the purchaser and agent also have to come into play. You may be better off using The Astrology Oracle. Ask ‘What is the outcome, overall, of buying a house this year?’ after you have tested your accuracy by asking about the present.

  53. 16’taurus 30 05”R South node i only have one taurus in my chart how will this affect me please

    thank you for your time and efforts


  54. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you again for your amazing work.
    I have four planets in Taurus. Can you see how this might affect me?
    Best wishes

    1. You have not only a big Taurus chart signature, but also Scorpio too. So you express a huge part of your personality through money, charity, business, property and/or precious possessions. You are a material girl living in a material world, even if you give it all away. People like you make incredible fundraisers, have you discovered that yet? Okay, May through August sees lots of retrograde action in Taurus and Scorpio so please be aware that you’ll hit lots of ‘re’ in your life – refunds, reversals, rescheduling, reclaiming, rethinking, product recall, reimbursement and so on. Long-term you’ll be very happy with the money you make or save when Jupiter goes through Scorpio, from the end of next year into 2018.

  55. Hi Jessica,
    Mercury RX is all up in my Taurus Vesta & MC – was just wondering if there was a possibility of recovering any/all financial losses from the abusive ex who cleaned me out extensively several years ago??

    We were never married so not sure if the MC covers a situation where I was not officially wifed up. His Mars is 13 Taur (2H) quincunx Saturn 14 Sag 9th H (so Saturn return.)

    Not sure if you can help – I have pretty much accepted I will be a pauper forever now while he basks in glory but it doesn’t hurt to ask!!

    Many thanks, xxx

    1. I’d love to tell you that your abusive ex was going to pay up, but it will take more than Mercury RX to do that for you. If you have a Taurus MC then the transit of Uranus through Taurus from 2018 will completely reshape your finances and property situation, setting you free and making you genuinely independent. It will never happen again in your lifetime. You’ll be madly excited by what happens as Uranus goes over that spot. He’s having his Saturn Return in Sagittarius? Best of luck, mate.

  56. Yikes, since I’m new to all this, I’m not sure how this will play out for me today, however. My husband is a Libra with a Taurus moon

    1. You have Minerva in Taurus so normally you are a font of wisdom when it comes to money, selling, buying, saving, business, charity, houses or apartments. You will have more to think about than usual, now through June, as all around you there will be tremendous flux or uncertainty about finance – which has a domino effect on your own life. It’s hard to comment on your husband without seeing his chart. Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom.

  57. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, ASC, Diana, Apollo, Proserpina all in Taurus and ASC at 19 degrees?! What specific impact(s) am I looking at? It’s still the 9th in my time zone 🙂 Thanks so much!

    1. You’re a super Taurus type who will really feel the Mercury Retrograde in Taurus cycle into the first week of June. To give you an example – it’s like going to the bank with your coins, to put into the machine, and realising you just poured everything into the wrong slot. Or – it’s like finding a simple business quote which should take a day, ends up taking two weeks of negotiation. Just be aware of all the stops, starts, reversals and the rest, for the next few weeks. Long term you are going to change the world with your approach towards money, charity, business, possessions from 2018 – and the world will change you. It’s revolutionary.

  58. Hi Jessica

    I have my MC in Taurus at 17. I started contractual work for a new client today although I actually was offered before the retrograde. I have seen a
    property that id like to buy with my husband. We also need to find a buyer for our property this month. How will the Mercury transit affect us and our property prospects?

    Many thanks for the article!

    1. Unless you know what you’re doing, and have gained from flux in the property market before, you need to be quite wary of what is going to happen, now through 7th June, as we are moving through massive times of change and this affects everything. You can just see that from the E.U. Referendum in England; the rise of Donald Trump in America – these things create flux around the world. Go ahead with all you want, but just make sure you are sharply aware of the possibility of delays, reversals or alterations to the original discussion or paperwork.

  59. Oh wow. Found a four planets in Taurus, including Jupiter. Have been covering a maternity leave role since moving home to Melbourne and looking for a new job. Would love to get back to the industry I was in before. Any luck there?

    1. You have a stellium in Taurus and past life karma involving money, charity, property, precious possessions or business, because of the Node. You’ve done these issues before. Okay, so you will find a lot of flux around you until June 7th, as nobody knows who fits where, or who is doing what – or where projects are going. In December 2016, January 2017 you will make one of the most crucial career decisions possible which will affect 2017. By the way, Jupiter in Taurus protects you financially and when things are good, huge amounts of money can come your way. Even when you’re broke, you get rescued, and when life takes you higher (which it will by September) you can make or save an absolute fortune.

  60. Hi Jessica!
    I am very curious, because my Chiron is in Taurus, and I am trying to work out what I should be doing with myself workwise. I am tired of teaching within the system. Is there anything that screams ‘new possibilities’ as a result of this retrograde period, especially considering I communicate for a living?

    1. You have a ton of stuff in Capricorn which is actually the issue – Capricorn describes your ambition, position and mission. With Pluto (total transformation) slowly moving through Capricorn you may choose another profession entirely over the next few years. 2016 may drag a bit but after August the wheels turn and you could make that crucial choice in December 2016, January 2017.

  61. The Transit of Mercury will not affect you directly but at a distance. You can see it now with Saudi Arabia and the Panama Papers. The world is spinning differently, financially.

  62. Hi Everyone! Hi Jessica!

    It’s so strange; although I’m certainly not ‘independently wealthy’ or a ‘trust-fund kid’ by any means, it seems like I’m one of the rare people who is not experiencing any worry or uncertainties re: all of this kaleidoscope financial weather! YAY!!

    I’m Libra Sun 2 deg. 6th HSE,
    Aries Rising 8 deg.,
    Moon Leo 11 deg.,
    w/ a trio in Virgo: Merc-Mars-Pluto in 6th HSE.

    Just wanted to say that I’m just skipping along as far as finances are concerned. 🙂

    The only thing I’d love to see is a transformation in health condition! lol
    (Despite Jupiter having transited my 6th house in 2003-2004 nothing changed; I’ve been at a standstill for 23 yrs – I’m 45 – on this health crap!)…

    …but I’m glad to report that All Is Well where it comes to basic financial status for me. 🙂

  63. p.s. all this with Saturn in Taurus 22 deg, Retro, in 2nd HSE, & Uranus in Libra, 8 deg. 7th HSE, & Neptune 28 deg. scorpio 8th HSE. 😉

  64. How does this affect relationship wise. I am a Capricorn and my wife a Pisces with a Taurus destroying our relationship?

    1. The issue with your wife is past pregnancies/terminations or the situation now with a son, daughter, adoption process, foster child, stepchild or young relative. The talking points will change until 7th June, as will the original story, and you will know all the answers by then. Look at the business of parenthood from her point of view, that’s the key.

  65. Hello
    I had a quick look at your site.You have very good and organized
    I am writing to inquire how can I know when does any planet enter or exit the natal chart, e.g when does Saturn enter and exit the Gold Natal Chart.
    Thanks in advance

  66. Hi Jessica. I get the gist of astrology but don’t know enough so I need your help. I hurt myself when I was in the Army and will be submitting a claim for compensation. I was thinking of doing this soon. When would be the best time or under what aspects? I see the Sun in Jupiter coming up next week. Pls advice and thanks in advance.

    1. I’m sorry you were injured. Best bet is to make your move after 7th October if you can wait. The earlier you made moves towards compensation from the army, the better. I am hoping you did the groundwork when you had your Jupiter Return in Virgo in the Sixth House of health. If so the wheels will turn, first week of October.

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