Do You Have Planets in Aries?

f you have three or more, then that’s a significant dose of Aries in your personality and also your life. This side of you is fast, sometimes furious, energetic and fearless. It also needs handling.

If you have three or more planets, asteroids, angles or points in Aries then you are strongly influenced by this sign. If you need to find out, your birth chart will tell you.

Managing Your Aries Side

While Uranus is going through Aries, this is a really good time to understand the Aries side of your personality better – and make it work for you. On average, you should have 2-3 factors in this sign, in a modern astrological chart with all the asteroids. If you have three or more, then that’s a significant dose of Aries in your personality and also your life. This side of you is fast, sometimes furious, energetic and fearless. It also needs handling, or you may find your life is littered with resignations, break-ups, severed friendships and other dramas you did not want or ask for.

Aries Issues

Negatively, you can attract patterns of drama and stress in your life if you let your Aries side run you without being fully aware of it. If you look back at the last ten years and see an unusually high number of breakages- like shattered family connections, or axed jobs – astrology can help. How? Because it reintroduces you to yourself.  It reminds you to wrangle your Aries side expertly so it works for you, not against you.

Aries Meets Aries 600x450 - Do You Have Planets in Aries?
When Aries types meet Aries types, they can butt heads.

Aries and Burned Bridges

Of all the signs we associate with fire, heat, hot-headed behaviour and inflammatory situations, Aries is number one. It is a fire sign. It is ruled by Mars, the red planet. Your biggest challenge, if you are a strongly Aries person, is not to lose your temper so badly that you burn bridges which are then impossible to repair.

Understanding the Sign

This sign is ruled by Mars, and his archetype is the Roman God of War. If you are strongly Aries then you need to declare war on something in your life (rather than someone) and that ‘something’ should be a terrific fight. In other words, it should absorb your phenomenal energy and oomph, yet be for something that won’t cause stress or drama.

As I write this story for you in Byron Bay, Australia, I can see a Sea Shepherd fundraising stall across the road. Sea Shepherd is a very good example of Aries energy harnessed the right way. These activists fight for our sea creatures who cannot defend themselves.

I have known other heavily Aries people volunteer as emergency aid workers in combat zones, or pick up part-time jobs with SOS, first aid, ambulance, volunteer fire brigade and other ‘action man/action woman’ organisations.

This works extremely well. You need to feel, daily, that you are fighting the good fight and at (healthy) war with either the elements – like a bushfire – or on the side of a constructive cause.

At the Moment…

With Uranus in Aries in your Natural House horoscope First House of portraits, photographs, hair, face, cosmetics, jewellery, cosmetic surgery, wardrobe and the rest…(including Deerstalkers and Fedoras, not to mention Akubras) – it’s time for your look to set you free.

If your look does not set you free often enough, reliably enough, then you will surely have to change it while Uranus is in Aries until 2018. This is all about shape-shifting you, but it will (amazingly) provide more exhilaration, liberation and thrills/spills than you ever wanted. It’s freedom. How odd, that your shopfront or shop window should do so much for you, but your horoscope says, this way, independence waits. It’s only packaging but it unwraps the real you – who will find freedom as a result of experimenting with one look or several.

Aries Faces Portraits 450x600 - Do You Have Planets in Aries?
Portraits photographed in Venice (Adams 2016).

Me, Me, Me

The only issue with this massive focus on your packaging is that you overcome the famous Aries tendency to be solely focussed on yourself. This is ‘Me, Me, Me’ syndrome and it is more prevalent at the moment as Uranus goes through Aries. You can see it all around you! People who are obsessed with their iPhones and ignore the people at the table, in favour of picking up that essential Tweet, e-mail or Google snippet are examples of heavily Aries types who have forgotten others exist too. Then there is narcissistic conversation. The kind where the subject is Moi, and that’s about it. You know that joke, ‘But that’s enough about me – let’s get back to me?’ That’s Aries out of control!

In astrology, Uranus always shows the technology that matches the sign that it occupies. So the last time Uranus was in Aries, photography took off. People became obsessed with taking shots of themselves, or having other people do it for them. These days we have the Selfie. Moi!

How Boundaries Help

If you think about Aries the ram – with all its thrusting and pushing, all its head-butting and literally ramming – you can understand why fences are helpful. Another word for fences is ‘boundaries’ and it’s often useful to be firmly blocked by others, so that you remember life is not just your paddock.

Driving, with all its emphasis on the word drive (which is redolent of drovers and their work with rams and sheep) is a good example of how your Aries side needs boundaries. Your car may be the vehicle which literally teaches you how to manage your Aries side.

Rules, regulations, stop signs, slow signs and specifically the influence of others saying a firm ‘No’ is actually what you need. Your approach to life which is so often ‘my way or the highway’ really benefits from the occasional blocking tactics from those around. So don’t resent it. You need it so you can get real about the way things truly are. The traffic around you teaches you symbolic lessons about other traffic in your life. The human kind. All those STOP signs and amber lights on the road are good teachers for the other kinds of boundaries you need, away from cars. If nothing and nobody stops you it’s all too easy, to go too far – too fast. This does not really help your life or happiness.


z36x1x9ux s 480x600 - Do You Have Planets in Aries?

Making Groups Work

When you overcome the ‘Me, me, me’ in favour of the group, or friendships, you hit a wonderful pattern in your horoscope known as the Aquarius-Aries sextile. As you probably know, Aquarius rules deep friendships, loyalty within the group and people power within a team, club, society, association, political party and so on.

Whenever we have transiting or travelling patterns in the sign of Aquarius, these form beautiful patterns with your own Aries factors. These are called sextiles. I call them sexy sextiles. They flow.

They happen every month, in fact, when the Moon goes into Aquarius (watch for that on my website) and you have a two-hour window, for one day a month, when the Moon herself in Aquarius, will perfectly sextile one of your Aries factors. The more you have, the more you’re going to be amazed at the way a group/friendship theme starts to emerge. At that point you set aside ‘Me’ and go for ‘We’ and harness your phenomenal energy, courage and drive for a greater good.

Should you have Aquarius factors as well as Aries factors you can double this message (above). You are the ram who takes the sheeple and reminds them how much people power they have.

Aries Ram Bar 600x450 - Do You Have Planets in Aries?
Aries at the bar in Melbourne, Australia (Adams 2016).


Teenage Boy Aries Traits

ACD Angus 450x600 - Do You Have Planets in Aries?
My friend Murray Engleheart’s excellent book on AC/DC.

Here is something about strongly Aries people – male or female, of any age (even over 50) they can be Forever Teenage Boy.  The adolescent male can break through in car habits, wardrobe (forever young) and in the case of Angus Young from AC/DC – Forever Angus Young/Forever Young. My friend, author and journalist Murray Engleheart, chose this amazing cover shot of Angus for his biography of the band. Even the hair looks as curly as a ram’s.

Angus literally wears the outfit of a schoolboy and men his age (well over 50) still love it. This makes sense when you think about the Mars archetype. The soldier, through history, has always been a fit, ready-for-anything, late adolescent or early twenties male. In fact, conscription prescribed it so. If you have a lot of Aries in your chart then you may have just a hint of ‘forever teenage boy’ about you, even if it’s your fondness for wearing sneakers or listening to anthemic rock songs. Skateboards? Motorbikes? Football? Jeremy Clarkson has the Sun in Aries and a strong Mars/Aries signature in his chart. Top Gear is a really good example of Forever Teenage Boy!


Spotting Selfish Aries Traits

I sometimes have questions from strongly Aries people about ongoing wars/battles/rivalries/feuds which they find very stressful. They can’t understand why people fight with them – or just distance themselves politely.

Selfish Aries traits can do this. In astrology we can talk about them, so you can spot them and fix them!

  • Narcissism – talking exclusively about yourself, all the time.
  • Negative self-absorption – not vanity or ego, but a litany of ‘Me’ complaints or problems that others are supposed to soak up like a sponge. The conviction that you are the only person in the room.
  • Thoughtlessness – like booking your ideal aisle plane seat but forgetting your partner will be squeezed into the middle seat he loathes. This is Aries-style ‘me first’ thinking at its worst.
  • Bitchy bait, also known as passive aggression. Snide remarks that aren’t exactly out-and-out rude and offensive – yet piss off the person in question. Ask yourself why you’re doing this!
  • Rush junkie behaviour – Look at your adrenaline. Do you run on these power surges? Are you addicted to the rush of a faster-beating heart and blood pumping round your system? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Maybe you rely on drama to feed the pump. Maybe you create drama (with bitchy bait) in order to get the rush?
  • Taking over space – oh, this is so common! If you get someone who takes over a footpath with a skateboard, you may have a strongly Aries type (who lives in The Wonderful World of Me). No eye contact with the rest of the world? Headphones jammed into ears? That’s probably a strongly Aries male you have there, who rules his own universe (and takes over everybody else’s space).

Or – how about this –

  • the person who blasts the car stereo with her iPod selection, ignoring the fact that the passenger may a) hate her taste in music and b) want peace and quiet.
  • Shop assistants who turn a store into their private disco and play DJ are another example of Aries gone mad – as are noisy neighbours who invade your ear space.

Most Aries types just aren’t this insensitive, but if someone you know has an overload of Aries and a few tricky Mars aspects in his/her chart then the space invasion can be extreme.

How about this familiar scene?

  • The waitress who drags all the furniture around in the cafe while you are trying to write a story or read a book, because she is angry about her job, may have multiple Aries planets or asteroids. In general, when Noise Annoys you know you have an Aries type.
  • Brusque, curt, too-short responses – over-swearing – and general rudeness are good examples of a particular kind of Aries type trait.  The person who snaps or barks on his mailbox message has forgotten he is not a Roman soldier facing the native Britons on the beach at Dover. He is actually a guy who works in a service industry.


When to Fight and When to Walk

Did you know the former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has the Moon in Aries? All the famous team thinking/physicality of the sign can be seen in his cycling efforts. At the same time Mr Abbott is a famous fighter. Knowing when to continue boxing clever and when to walk away is a useful thing to know if you have Aries factors in your chart. Mr Abbott lost his job but he fights on. Do you do this?


The Colour Red

100220 449x600 - Do You Have Planets in Aries?

Understanding the colour psychology of red and also scarlet can really help you get into your Aries chart signature. Mars, the ruler of Aries, is famously known as the red planet. On some nights you can actually see Mars showing his true colours.

We associate red with anger because when fighting, fleeing or defending, the blood rushes to the surface of our face. The phrase ‘seeing red’ describes how you feel if you are true to your chart signature but also defines the reaction you can provoke in others.

Nigel Farage, who single-handedly invented the protest against the European Union, has a strong Aries/Mars chart signature. He chose yellow and purple as the UKIP colours, because the Labour party had already taken red. It’s still a ‘hot’ combination, though; the colour of flame on a gas cooker.

We associate red with emergency – red fire engines and the red fire alarm and fire extinguishers in your building. This suits the Action Man/Action Woman nature of Aries well.

Red is also the colour of most stop signs around the world. It reminds us that Aries goes hand-in-hand with issues about being stopped/boundaries/no go zones. It figures.

A go zone for traffic is a no go zone for pedestrians. If there is to be rapid flow in life, someone or something must always be stopped, so that someone/something else can rush forward. You will often hit phases in your personal life or career where life feels like traffic lights. Who goes? Who waits? What happens if anyone ignores the signs?

Ruby Wax Eclipse 600x600 - Do You Have Planets in Aries?
Ruby Wax in Melbourne, Australia, viewing the eclipse (Pirkis).

Red is also associated with rubies and that is the Aries gem.  My friend Jane photographed Ruby Wax in Melbourne during the eclipse of 2015 who is strongly Aries. She marched straight over to the telescope to have a look at the eclipse, which was in her own sign!


Your Aries Side in One Mantra
‘It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.’


Channelling Your Aries Side

I mentioned before that Aquarius group/friendship/people power energy is a fantastic way to drain off the Aries energy. So is recognising your anger, irritation or impatience with life and doing something about it. Don’t be the waitress who drags the tables and chairs around to get a reaction so she can vent her frustration. Just be the waitress who leaves her job and finds something else.

It is extremely important that you find a physical outlet for your Aries side, too. This is the most physical of all signs, apart from Virgo. Ruled by Mars, Aries needs to push, run, scream, charge, holler – and be first.

Coming first is terribly important. How do you come first without creating aggro and drama? You beat yourself. You beat your own best time. Or you secretly set yourself a challenge – like trying to beat Roger Bannister’s Four Minute Mile, all those years ago! (Baggy shorts optional).

Fast walking – striding – or the kind of  Yoga which specifically addresses anger and aggression (some postures are exclusively about this) is another good idea. I am sure you know what works for you, or you are in a position to find out. Every Aries type is different. Some need to ride. Some need to do Downward Dog.


bhqrjv34sw4 600x371 - Do You Have Planets in Aries?

At Your Best

At your best, if you are strongly Aries, you are – direct, straightforward, quick off the mark. You don’t waste people’s time with procrastination or cowardice, or ‘wibbling’ which is a fine English word.

You make things happen, you shake things up and you are as sexy as hell, with your ‘To bed – now’ attitude. Or even a rug in front of a log fire will do…that kind of thrusting impatience is irresistible.

At your very, very best you are the champion of those people, animals or places which need defending. You rise to the challenge. You listen to a lot of punk or metal and you go for it – hell for leather. Without you, nothing changes or happens. You’re the prime mover.


pgzx2gwr0ws 600x400 - Do You Have Planets in Aries?

Aries Denial – When You Lose Your Mojo

This is more common in men than women, but the opposite end of the ‘Me, Me, Me’ drama of the stressful Aries life, is the total loss of mojo. The urge to win, compete, be upfront, come first, lead the way – and let’s face it, have energetic sex -is very much ruled by Mars, the planet in charge of Aries.

If you are troubled by tiredness, low libido, a lack of drive – have a look at your Aries side, because something is seriously wrong here. It may be an internal conflict you have with this part of your nature.

This is most likely to be shown by horoscope factors in Cancer, Capricorn and/or Libra. Look for anything at the same number (or degree) as your Aries stuff. If there is a match, you may have a square or opposition, which means you find it hard to ‘square’ your Aries stuff, or you are internally opposed to your Aries stuff.

Why? Maybe you were told not to be so pushy as a child. Maybe you were squashed down by one of your parents, or a teacher, because in your youthful enthusiasm to ‘do’ your Aries you were too noisy, too physical (maybe other children got hurt) or even had an accident yourself.

It is common for Aries energy to be unleaded in childhood or adolescence and then barked at – by parents or teachers, and even police – with the result being that you forget it was ever in your chart.

There is another scenario. You may have grown up around strongly Aries people who were unbearably selfish, angry or even physically violent. We are talking about people who needed anger management and never got it. You were repelled.

Thus, you have issues with this side of yourself in case it ever gets out of control – unleashed – and you find yourself looking in the mirror and disliking what you see.

This astrology primer is no substitute for therapy or counselling, but if it has triggered a thought about your childhood or teens – maybe follow it up.


Healthy Competition

Healthy competition is fantastic because it produces better results all round, for everyone, and spurs us on to greater heights. It is the foundation of capitalism. The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were in competition and produced remarkable work. Blur and Oasis were in competition and they defined  a decade of British music (Blur lead singer Damon Albarn has the Sun in Aries).

I photographed this sculpture of Mars, the Roman God of War with Venus, his lover, in Rome. It clearly shows a great truth about Aries types. They cannot resist the idea of conquering and conquests. Venus, below on the right, is the only goddess capable of dominating Mars. Why? Because, lust. She was married to Vulcan and Mars wanted to beat him, in the seduction stakes. Love triangles or the ‘commandeering’ of a conquest are extremely tempting to strongly Aries people.

Mars and Venus View Four 448x600 - Do You Have Planets in Aries?
Mars and Venus in Rome (Adams).

In sex or in your career, there is a tremendous amount of room for your urge to compete and pit yourself against others – to engage in one-upmanship. At the same time, use your common-sense and realise when you are doing this with lovers, friends, family members or people with whom you should not be competing at all.

You need to read hearts and minds so carefully if you have an Aries chart signature because your ‘Me’ agenda can sometimes mean you are all about the mirror or the social media updates, and you actually miss reading what his/her face is saying.

If you see a tight mouth and notice the conversation flagging from the other person’s side – guess what – you may well have been trying to outdo someone with whom you should frankly not compete at all. Why spar with your own sister? With your own boyfriend?

When this happens it is very, very likely that your job is not giving you an outlet to compete. If you can’t find one that does, at least find a hobby, sport or interest where you get to be number one, or at least number three, until you reach number one.  It works so well for Aries types and it cuts down on the stress that can accumulate from protracted periods of competitiveness with those around.

You know that song, ‘Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better?’ It’s the soundtrack of so many heavily Aries lives and it can actually sabotage your own chances of happiness and success if it all goes too far. Nobody likes competing all the time. It’s exhausting.


Russell Crowe - Do You Have Planets in Aries?
Russell Crowe

Your Inner Russell Crowe

In the days when I was a journalist, I interviewed Russell Crowe for Elle magazine. He has the Sun, Mars and Jupiter in Aries.  This explains why he played a Roman gladiator so extremely well. It might also explain why he spent the whole interview with spinning around in his dressing room chair.

Later on Russell was to be found reshaping the destiny of his favourite Sydney football team and also pursuing rock’n’roll with his band. That’s a good example of how you can use Aquarius cycles (the group, the friends) to harness your Aries side and make it do some good. Otherwise you end up throwing phones, as Mr. Crowe has been known to do.

Lose Your Go-Faster Stripes

Sometimes you need your go-faster stripes. You need them in emergency situations – on a hospital ward or in a vet’s surgery. If you have your go-faster stripes on every single day, then you need to know what can happen to traffic, roundabouts, traffic lights, pedestrians and the rest when you start your vroom.

Uranus in Aries at the moment may be speeding you up. We associate this cycle with electricity, nervous tension, feeling Totally Wired (to quote The Fall) and restlessness. It is a cycle linked to static electricity, which may appear when you brush your hair or catch a lift. More commonly, Uranus in Aries – if he is conjunct or sitting on your Aries chart factors – tends to light you up. The term ‘live wire’ was coined for people going through this cycle.

URANUS ELECTRIC LIGHT RODS PARIS 448x600 - Do You Have Planets in Aries?
Uranus rules light, not shock.

Just be aware of the way you unconsciously set up car or bike issues, or more commonly – people politics problems.

If you have a history of these kinds of accidents or dramatic incidents, then you may well benefit from meditation, no matter how boring you find it, or how convinced you are that you cannot do it. Just shop around until you find the right technique. Walking meditation may work for you better than sitting still. It doesn’t have to cost you. Breathe. Slow down. Stop. Pause. Why the rush?

If you are habitually too early for appointments, you can inconvenience other people. If you are heavily Aries you may be champing at the bit so much that you are always annoyingly ahead of schedule, which means problems for other people on time!


Leo Transits

I mentioned how Aquarius transits can help you channel your Aries side positively. Leo transits also help a lot. How do you know when they are happening? Sex becomes central to you. Or your children do. So do teenagers, babies and youth concerns in general – children’s charities, for example, or a teenage football team.

This is a good fire sign transit which clicks with your own Aries side. It happens every month when the Moon is in Leo, and more prominently every August, the Sun is in Leo. If you have Leo stuff in your chart, the two sides of yourself work well together then.

Sagittarius Transits

Similarly, when we have transits through Sagittarius there will always be a travel angle for you. It may be people from other countries, regions or nationalities passing through your life, so you travel in the mind.

It may well be your own adventures by car, plane, bus, boat, train or via your own walking boots. This happens monthly when the Moon goes through Sagittarius. It happens prominently every December when the Sun goes through Sagittarius. Watch out for it and use it.

Masculinity and Men

astrolove - Do You Have Planets in Aries?

Aries is ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war, and thus an icon of masculine traits. We are talking swaggering, self-centred, borderline aggressive male stuff here – the kind you normally see in the wrestling ring or in John Wayne Westerns.

There are two common patterns with Aries types, regarding this.

Aries-heavy men must figure out their ‘maleness’ and masculinity in the light of feminism, equality and the more civilised attitudes of the 21st century. They also need to figure out how to be a ‘real man’ in a world where they may not agree with aggressive corporate ‘testosterone’ values.

Women who have trouble accepting their female side (the female horoscope factors in their chart, like Minerva, Diana, Venus and so on) or the feminine signs – may ‘do’ their Aries in a noticeably blokey way. I wrote about this at length, in my book Astrolove.

Too much Aries, too little controlled? This is the woman who has trouble being with other women, behaving like women! She may be more comfortable with men. She may defend sexism by men or side with ‘the boys’ against the girls. This is a woman who could gain a lot from figuring out the female side of her chart and making friends with it. And also realising that other women are to ‘be’ with not just to compete with or play bitchy games with.


Your Body and Your Aries Side

Most of all, if you have a ton of Aries factors, look at the mind, body and spirit connection! Especially in 2016, when this story is being posted, as we have your biggest and best health cycle in 12 years unfolding. This is going to be so fantastic for you. It’s a game-changer.

Are you aware of the impact that particular kinds of food, drink and drugs have on your nervous system, your fight-or-flight response and so on? I am an astrologer, not a nutritionist, but we all know that we get an instant energy hit from coffee and sugar, or a rush from a cigarette. Then there are prescribed drugs – are you aware of the chemical cocktail this is setting up inside your body with everything else? Did you get a second opinion on a prescribed drug?

If you are recognising yourself with some Aries issues like go-faster stripe syndrome, or anger, or even Aries denial – go back to the body and look at what the mind, body, spirit connection is telling you. This is  the best time in 12 years to address it.


Uranus in Aries and Your Horoscope

As Uranus gradually completes his cycle in Aries and the First House of your chart, you will radically alter your appearance (hair cut or colour is one example) and experience the ‘born again’ effect of a relaunch, which you either achieve by changing your name, or just by reinventing yourself.

Every single person with Aries factors has either gone through this in the last few years, or will experience it before 2018. This is the most amazing cycle, in terms of teaching you how much your title, face, body, hair, clothes, image and ‘vibe’ matters.

It is not superficial when Uranus is in Aries. The way you look and appear can change your life. It can permanently excite you and liberate you. It can feel like lipstick or a particular pair of boots is the gateway to something else – and it is.

When Neptune eventually moves out of Pisces and into Aries, you will experience a totally different journey with your Aries side again…but that’s another story.

I know that your whole chart shows other clusters in other signs, but your Aries horoscope signature is worth spending time on. This can either be the Formula One vehicle that takes you places, or it can find you spinning your wheels. It’s all in the handling. Good luck with it! The world needs Aries types.



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78 Responses

  1. 14,02,76 Premium Member
    I have 4 Aries : Jupiter 21′ Chrion 24′, 21 Panacea 14′ Vesta.
    I have felt tired and less motivated and I have often used the term “lost my mojo”
    I also have speeding tickets and a stop sign ticket..SLOW DOWN I hear you universe! I am currently working for a turnover of the stop sign ticket so I dont lose my license. Which is funny I haven’t had a single ticket in 5 years then boom non stop for the last 2.
    My son is Aries rising he is nearly 20 your right I have been barking orders at him “my way or highway”.
    I also am a strong aquariusn group kind of Aries too.
    Perhaps I do need to find a hobby to burn off this energy as I have felt wired up restless with nervous energy.
    I wrote specifically questions about this waiting reply on the forum. So my body and my Aries side is due for a revolution over the next 2 years??
    Anything else I should be doing?

    1. Yes, you are strongly Aries. I am sorry you are feeling so tired. Okay, there are a few things you can do. The first one is to find a way to swim, walk, work out, do yoga (or any physical pursuit, like dancing). This ‘takes’ the typical Aries type energy. It contains it for you. Also, please slow down. This is why the driving situation has become so intense. You are being told ‘you have all the time in the world’ for your plans. Okay? The tiredness may also have a medical reason so please go see the professionals. Alternative medicine is sometimes better than a regular doctor for this as many people will tell you. Your body is in the go zone until September.You will be amazed at how exactly the right treatment/organisation/professional/place turns up…not just once but several times. Say yes every time. Your body is the key to fixing everything else. You just need to find the right outlet for it.

      1. Thanks Jessica this is exactly what i have been looking into this week yoga/pilates and joining a gym i have a pool i just dont swim often due to allergy to chlorine. Although i did have a gorgeous soak in the salty beach at the Spit yesterday to recharge my soul and relax but heal my body.

        1. Great – the sea is an excellent way to ‘do’ your Aries – you are pitting yourself against the waves and currents and that’s like a workout for your Aries side.

  2. Dear Jessica,

    I am Premium member and my DOB is 20/09/75, Slovakia. I have three factors in Aries: Jupiter in 22′, Chiron 27′, Panacea 13′.

    I know that my eight house is in Aries and you often tell to Virgos that it is about money, mortage. If i dont have actually pbm or situation to solve with these money matters what should be another meaning for me with this transit. And you are right, lot of people tell me that I am too emotive, react fast and have strong male side of behanie. Last year I decided to leave the job and slow down-to have sabatical.
    But now I started to feel it is tíme to move. But which direction and when is the best tíme.

    Thank you very much for your advice!

    1. Thank you. Okay – there is no perfect time to move this year, or next year. You have major Saturn transits which mean no matter what type of area/house/apartment you choose, it is going to be hard work. It is going to require tremendous fortitude, stamina and commitment. Your financial transits are accurate – they are about the rent or mortgage, which you are asking about. Very close to April 7th you will see how the numbers stack up.

  3. I only have one Aries factor, and thats the moon at 19′, and Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 19′ in Aries, helpful to know if this means anything?

    1. Okay, now I can see your chart – ignore the other reply I gave you – it looked as though you were telling me you had a triple conjunction in Aries. You have the Moon at 19 Aries so you take care of people by fighting for them, or fighting on their behalf. The smart way to do this is to find paid or unpaid work, where you can act this out. One example might be working in the police force. Another might be volunteering in search and rescue operations, or volunteering for an animal charity where you must take action to get animals out of harm’s way. The more you ‘do’ your Aries Moon like this, the happier you will feel.

  4. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks a lot for all your answers. I have my Sun in 2 deg, Mars in 4 deg, MC in 14 deg, and Panacea in 17 deg Aries. How does this work out in my life?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Cheers. You need to ‘do’ your Aries in a constructive way. This means finding paid or unpaid work, or perhaps sport, which channels your need to compete and come first. You need an outlet for your physical tension too – it will help to shop around to figure out if it’s going to be walking, yoga, swimming, the gym, and so on. Without a useful channel for Aries in your life, you may find that you gather broken friendships, lost jobs, severed relationships, shattered family ties around you. I hope you have avoided this. It can hurt to be strongly Aries until you realise what you are doing, and consciously become aware of better ways to channel the fire.

  5. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your detailed articles, I gain new aspects to my understanding of astrology and my personal chart and feel very grateful for your sharing. I’m still a novice when it comes to working with the Natural Houses chart as opposed to the default chart on Astrodienst. The different placements of the AC/DC and IC/MC is particularly puzzling, but that’s another story.

    I only have one planet in Aries and have not paid much attention to any possible negative affects of the Uranus transit, untill I read this piece. I soo recognize the parts about drama and disruptions in relationships; Nervous tension, low energy, a tendency to hibernate and lacking motivation are also very frustrating. I have been patiently awaiting the positive effects of Jupiter and the North Node going over the stellium in my sign of Virgo, alas to no avail, and now I’m pondering whether the Uranus transit is having a major impact on my chart?

    I’m assuming you can se my birth chart as I’m a premium member, but if not, my dob is 27/08/63, 05:20, 55n29, 9e01 and as far as my understanding goes, the major chart factors involved are Jupiter 18 in Aries, Mars 19 in Libra with a square to the North Node Cancer 19 and South Node Capricorn 19. Saturn at 18 Aquarius sextile Jupiter, trine Mars and in aspect to the Nodes as well.

    Your thoughts on how to interpret this transit will be greatly appreciated <3

    1. Actually, Jupiter already went over your Virgo stellium some time ago – so you did have your big opportunity to take your mind, body and spirit relationship further – and benefit from an improved lifestyle. I hope you took that, last year! What you now have to look forward to is Jupiter in Libra, from September 2016 into 2017, which will conjunct your Libra placements. This will heal any emotional, sexual or psychological hurts from previous relationships. It will also open up your love life so that you have a genuine partnership, based on equality. Jupiter in Libra can either deepen an existing relationship or bring you a new one, if you want it. As you actually need to be one half of a duet (like Batman and Robin) to feel good about life, this should make a tremendous difference to your general emotional wellbeing. You can read more about Jupiter in Libra if you hit SEARCH on this website.

      1. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I know Jupiter passed my stellium a while ago; As I wrote, I was, to no avail, awaiting some good vibes from that transit. My question was in regard to the Uranus transit, and how that effects the described constellation in my chart? 🙂

        1. Actually, the Uranus transits are not hugely important with that horoscope you have – you will experience the main changes this year when Jupiter begins to slowly conjunct your Libra stellium.

  6. I am virgo sun and I only have the moon at 19′ in aries, and there is also a uranus and mercury in aries conjunction at 19′ thoughts? thanks

    1. Wow – you have the Moon, Uranus and Mercury all at 19 Aries? That is very unusual. Every month when the transiting or travelling Moon reaches 19 Aries, you are going to face major issues about your look, image, reputation, brand and general Me-ness. It may help you a lot to track the transits so you can figure out when that is, and watch what happens – and how you respond to it.

  7. Thank you for this article! I really like your a fresh look/ perspective on the sign Aries! Particularly, since (as you said in the forum I’m a ‘strongly Aries kind Of Aquarian’) I’ve always feel uncomfortable and even hate the Aries side of myself. Like getting annoyed and impatient with anxious/indecisive people (The cancerian men around have been my most frequent victims), resort to passive-aggressive actions/words (exactly like you wrote here!), or wanting to burn bridges when someone unknowingly did something extremely upsetting. I get better at recognizing it as I get older, but it still is quite some work. Do you have any further suggestion on how to deal with my Aries side based on my chart?
    And how is my Apollo in Aries almost square (one degree different) my Ascendent in Capricorn play out? Any thought on how to work with it?
    Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for this feedback, I do appreciate it. Okay, I just mentioned the astrologer Babs Kirby and her techniques for unlocking chart patterns, to another reader. I might repeat that here and say that you may want to try talking to your Aries side, then your Capricorn side, when you hit stressful situations. Walt Whitman, the poet, said ‘we contain multitudes’ and you almost have a mini Aries and mini Capricorn inside you who both want to be satisfied. By bringing them out of you, you can figure out creative ways to satisfy both. Your number one best way of ‘doing’ your Aries and avoiding the anger that burns bridges, or the passive aggression, is to get physical. Have a 15 minute swim or a very fast 15 minute walk. You will be amazed at how much better you feel afterwards. If you don’t like swimming or walking, shop around for another way to use your body. But the body is the key here. You need almost daily release of that physical tension.

  8. Wow, thanks for writing this, it explains so much – I’ve never identified with the “indecisive, wishy-washy” portrait that many people paint of my sun sign Libra – I have five planets / elements in Aries (Saturn, Diana, Proserpina, ASC, North Node)! But I’m what you might call a super-Libra too (sun, Juno, Apollo, Panacea, Psyche, South Node, DESC).

    Unfortunately I think the Aries tendency toward anger manifests in me as depression, which is sometimes described as “anger turned inward”. Lately even when I don’t feel depressed I don’t feel very energetic, and I wonder if this is the Libra DESC/ Aries ASC – oh and my IC is Cancer, the only Cancer in my chart. So that may be the opposition you describe. Do you have any suggestions for dealing with all this topsy-turvy stuff happening in my chart?

    1. Thank you. Yes, you have a classic Aries-Libra conflict going on inside you. Babs Kirby, the astrologer, once took me on a guided meditation which was extremely helpful in figuring out inward chart conflict. Basically, talk to your Aries. Then talk to your Libra. Talk to your Cancerian side as well! Find out what each needs. I am sorry you have been suffering from depression and also low energy. Have a look at your body in detail. Your food, drink, drugs, exercise, doctor and so on. I wrote a piece on this website about the Jupiter in Virgo cycle this year and how it will help us unlock so many issues like depression. One interesting way into your issue, apart from Babs Kirby’s technique of ‘talking’ to parts of your chart,is to program your dreams to tell you what to do, or what the core of the depression problem is. This comes from another friend of mine, Jane Teresa Anderson, who is a dream coach and has a very good website if you want to take a look.

  9. Hi jessica , I have 4 Aries – venus and vulcano at 14 , mars at 7 and vesta at 6 . I’m trying to find a meaning with venus , vulcano and mars through your mythological explanations of them . As they are all closely related in mythology . Could you help me what this combination could mean and how their energies correlate with each other . Thanks for your help .

    1. That is certainly a big stellium in Aries and you can add more firepower to it, because Mars also rules this sign. This will manifest in gender politics for you. A repeated pattern in your life is male power versus female power. Whenever you have transits to that Aries stellium in your chart, you will come across it, either in relationships, the family or at work. Be particularly careful with Vesta so that you don’t get one male/many females in the mix. That can be quite intense and may even become toxic. One example might be a male pilot who has exclusively female flight attendants on the plane. That kind of thing!

  10. Jessica, this is a very in depth article about Aries, and I would like to thank you. Even for someone who is not affected by Aries in their horoscope, it can give a better understanding and even compassion for Aries people in their life. Learning about the signs and archetypes helps us get a better understanding of ourselves and our “entourage”.
    I am Aries ascending, and it shows, my hair is a wavy wild mass of bright auburn, I am a converse waring and loud speaking person. But I also now understand why I don’t have the angry, let’s burn the bridges down side to me, thanks to your article.
    I grew up as a very very strong Aries, but my father was a very angry man, and yelled a lot. Later, just to calm down even more my fiery Aries, I ended up marrying (and later divorcing)a piscese man who had a huge anger managment problem! I see that I have factors in Cancer and Libra that oppose or square Aries factors. The good side to all of this, I am learning to express all the repressed anger that I have been keeping inside, and I feel that I am channeling my Aries side again. I guess that it must be the fact that Uranus will conjunct jupiter and ascendant in my chart! Astrology is a great learning tool to understand oneself. It would be really interesting to have more articles of this type about the other signs.

    1. I’m so pleased that this story has personal meaning for you. Astrology can be an amazing tool for change, as you say. It is amazing how too much Aries in others, no matter if it’s family members or teachers, can turn us off our own Aries traits – yet you also deserve to find an outlet for the famous Aries drive and energy. I will have a look at Taurus horoscope factors next, in the series.

  11. Hey,

    9 Oct ’86 Premium Member
    I have Vesta 8′, Minerva 6′ and North Node 20′ in Aries
    What does this mean for me?

    1. Very simply, you were in the military in at least one previous lifetime, maybe more, and so military-style strategy comes very naturally to you, any time you get into conflict.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    First of all let me express my admiration and total respect to you and your work! Another fantastic post from you! To me personally it was an eye opener! I am an Aries (born on 12/04/1977 9.37AM local time) but always was confused about it because my personality traits didn’t match classic Aries. I am more like what you described as Aries Denial i.e. lost mojo, lack of drive, low libido. I am heterosexual but always struggled with my feminine side although externally I look very much lady like. When I checked my birth chat ( I am a premium member ) I found Venus in Aries and Aries – Libra aspects’ opposition. You were so spot on about inner conflicts!!! To make it more shocking and revealing I checked the birth chat of one of my family member’s who played a big role in my upbringing and.. surprise surprise – strongly Aries with sun in Leo! Totally explains my repulsion for agression,verbal abuse and anger management’s problems. All the above explaines why I am who I am but is there a way out? Can I return my mojo? How can I get my life drive back according to my birth chat?
    Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Okay, you have a stellium in Aries – more factors than the average person – but you are also dominated by Pisces. This means you need to recharge alone. Unless you separate yourself from people/noise/life/action and deliberately find a way to meditate, you are going to never feel completely balanced. So honour your Pisces side. If you ‘do’ your Pisces then your Aries becomes easier to channel in a positive way. I am sure you were turned off Aries qualities by this family member but you need your energy back. By being more Piscean you get to be more Aries in a positive way. It will just come out.

  13. Ha, you understand my Aries partner better than I do.
    Brilliant article, thank you

  14. You can read more about Chiron by hitting SEARCH on this website as I have written extensively about this placement in the horoscope. Chiron in Aries is about your approach to self-promotion, your wardrobe, your appearance (hair to sunglasses, down to boots) and your ability to push yourself forward and be upfront. This is where you are at your most experimental and audacious. Or…it should be. If you don’t do this already, you may be squashing down this side of you. Next time you want to take a selfie let your Chiron in Aries out.

  15. Another brilliant one Jessica, I understand myself better now. Thank you.

    I have Sun 24 deg Aries 02′ 18″, Chiron 10deg Aries 37′ 41″, Fortuna 16 deg Aries 54′ 15″, Bacchus 11deg Aries 03′ 33″. This clearly makes me an Aries 🙂
    I am aggressive more with family members, with absolutely no tolerance for stupidity, makes life really difficult. I love walking, swimming and play squash, my hubby hates sport!
    He is argumentative though and we do have severe gender related arguments as well. I can now see all this after reading this post.
    I would love to restrain my aggression and temper my intolerance, any thoughts?
    I see in the April horoscope that Sun 24 Aries trine Ops 24 Leo on Apr 13, What does this mean? I was born on Apr 14 🙂
    Many thanks again JR

    1. April will throw you a chance to shine in the public eye, either online or in the real world. You can walk away from the opportunity, but a little publicity or an attention-grabbing photograph (for example) will throw the spotlight on you. Playing squash should help you manage your Aries side. It will help you literally squash any aggression in your life outside the game.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for these incredibly interesting posts! I get so excited when there’s a new one to read 🙂 I’m a double Aries, though people rarely pick my sign. I have some undeniable Aries traits eg short fuse but quick to make amends, brave, fast to act on decisions, energetic etc. I am though, an introvert. I have always been shy, and a dreamer. I get exhausted by social gatherings (unless they’re with close family or friends that it’s ok to be ‘the quiet one’ with.) One of my siblings is Aries, and although we get along like a house on fire, she tends to go through life wielding a sledgehammer. At times in my life I have severed ties with people, but it takes me a long time to get to breaking point. Once I do though, they’re gone. I do have a lot of Pisces and Libra in my chart. Sometimes out of curiosity I read your Libra forecasts, because of my Libra moon, and usually a lot of what’s going on with Libra resonates very strongly with me. Would love to hear what you think. Thank you!

    1. I am curious about your birth time – were you really born right on 6.00am? If that birth time is not accurate, you may not even have the Sun in Aries. I wonder if you can find out? It’s unusual for babies to be born on the hour, or half hour.

      1. My mother swears by it, but I was her fifth….. 😉 I have tried at Births Deaths and Marriages in Brisbane but they don’t have birth times, and it’s not on my original birth certificate. I know, I have often wondered, am I Pisces? There are strong Aries traits in me, but they seem mellowed somehow. My ‘laugh til we wet our pants’ girlfriends are Pisces, yet my long term partners have been Leos. I mostly find ‘other’ Aries pretty abrasive. I wish I could give you a list of my characteristics and let you decide!

        1. If you are your mother’s fifth baby, I can understand why she might be vague on your correct birth time. There are some old tricks to try, to figure out Pisces versus Aries. When a serious emergency comes up – an action-stations crisis – do you run straight in there, with your heart pounding, and your sleeves rolled up? Or do you look to others to help, or wish you could somehow run away? Aries types go for it. Pisces types want to escape.

          1. I run straight in every time, no question. I’ve been sitting here trying to imagine wanting to run away and I can’t even conjure up the feeling. Thank you 🙂

  17. Dear jessica , I have 3 planets in Aries – 20 jupiter , 26 Chiron and 9 panacea . I do take my looks seriousely , also very inclined towards fashion and trends . Im assuming its , Chiron in Aries which pushes you to it . Does it mean that jupiter favors this ? How does panacea picture this ? With panacea at 9 , I also have pluto at 9 in libra , neptune at 9 in saggi , Apollo at 9 Leo .

    Im an amateur in this subject and your articles are very interesting and i have started to take great interest in understanding astrology basics . After reading this article and the April monthly horoscope, I wanted to know how uranus at 20 degree in Aries will affect me , as it is in conjunction to my jupiter in Aries at 20 degree. Do I look at Aries as my image house or my relationship house ? As of now both of them are going thru a lot good / bad transformations . I also have vesta in pisces at 20 degree .

    Thanks for your help .

    1. You are using astrology in exactly the right way, thank you. Uranus at 20 Aries will trigger Jupiter at 20 Aries in your chart, sextile Diana at 21 Aquarius (I allow up to one degree’s difference with the aspects, or patterns.) Very close to Saturday 9th April when the Sun and Uranus conjunct at 20 Aries you will realise it is time for relaunch, rebirth and renaissance. Not just your hair, your photographs, your social media page or your personal ‘advertising’ out there in the world – also your labels. The way you see yourself and the way you describe yourself. It’s like thinking of yourself as X and someone tells you that you’re Y (which you find far more exciting and actually quite liberating). Why does Diana matter? There is an important friendship or group in your life which will come along for the ride. I suspect this is a female friend, or female within a group, who chose to be child-free and marriage-free. Sometimes it’s a man with a strong female side. In any case, the relaunch you have, tallies with what is going on with this friend or group. And it’s life changing. You will be free at last.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    I have 3x Aries : Mars 23deg ; MC 26deg; Aesculapia 12deg. I have Libra in the same 26deg in IC. I also have 4x Aquarius: Saturn 11deg; Diana 17deg; Proserpina 20deg; South Node 11deg. I have Cancer ASC. I continually seem to feel angry and stuck. I am continually find myself in difficult life situations where I naturally strive and enduring, drawn to do the hard stuff for everyone else but frustrated I seem to be stuck when it comes to doing proactive great things for me. Any perspective ? Thanks. JM

    1. The issue is Mars at 23 Aries sextile Ceres at 22 Gemini. When you were about two years old, you had your Mars Return at 23 Aries. Whenever we have a Mars Return we have toddler tantrums or ‘the terrible twos’ which is when parents often try to stop us from being angry or physical. At that point you were learning to communicate, which is Ceres in Gemini, the sign which rules language. I suspect the great unblocker for you will be keeping a diary or occasional journal. Rip up the paper later, shred it or throw it on a fire if you like. You have tremendous issues about being heard and read. (Or not being heard and read!) Some of this stems back to being two years old in 1964. Often, a brother or sister can be the issue – sometimes a cousin. You need to unlock and unblock your irritation or anger with people now and writing it down will be very therapeutic. Try it for a couple of weeks. You have a free journal if you’re a member so maybe download it and start writing. Watch the days when you have Aries/Aquarius patterns and see what goes down. I suspect it will directly relate to what we’re talking about. Gemini patterns too.

  19. This is a great insight into Aries, and the teenage boy is a great analogy! (Love loud music – the newest sounds, driving a manual and being a risk taker !) I found that my early years I expressed the best side of Aries, enterprise and competitiveness but from teen years on have struggled to express this side and over time lost my mojo (low mood and unclear goals) Increasingly became more self conscious or second guessed myself to not be too dominating or selfish, from experience and life lessons. I’m also quite Piscean (rising, Chiron, Diana, Proserpina, Aesculapiua) does this dampen my fire?

    My Aries is all first house with Fortuna 4º, Saturn 5º, Mercury 9º, Lilith 12º, Sun 29º.
    The closest aspects are with Venus 7ºGemini, Ceres 7ºCancer, Moon 7ºVirgo

    1. Thank you very much. Love that – ‘driving a manual’ – which is so Aries. I don’t use Lilith as she is not part of the Roman family tree of astrology – but if you have Saturn in Aries, that’s a big clue about your issues. Saturn is in your First House of reputation (‘What will people think of me?’) and image (‘How does this look to the people around me?’) This can act as a powerful set of brakes on what you would normally try to pursue. Because Saturn is also opposite your Seventh House of love, sex, relationships and marriage – it can manifest as fear of making the first move with someone you like, who also likes you. I recommend propping up a cushion in front of you, making it play Saturn in Aries, then asking it questions. (Not at a dinner party, of course). We have a ton of transits in Aries about to unfold including Ceres and Salacia which will conjunct your Saturn in Aries in the First House so this is the time to nail it.

      1. This rings true and I can see Saturn influence as critical. I’d like to master it, the role play sounds good, although the only question I can think to ask is, can you please move! My second house needs work maybe go there?

  20. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks as always for a really interesting and insightful article. I’m Aquarius/Aries asc so this has helped me to understand some of the contrary aspects of my personality and career, which has involved a lot of humanitarian work with the military.

    I’m very curious about the interplay between what you describe above about planets in Aries, particularly as it relates to relates to my relationship. My partner is Libra (21/10/63). It’s still very new, but feels like a good thing. Perhaps the Aquarius/Libra harmony is still at the fore but I am wondering how my Aries traits will blend with the more tranquil Libran over time? I would be really interested in your thoughts on how the current dynamics may shape things to come, especially in light of the Jupiter in Libra cycle given our age gap.

    1. Born with Pluto, Minerva and the Descendant (partnership) in Libra, you already know what it feels like to be concerned with duets and double-acts – and how to make them work. This mirrors your Sun Libra partner whose identity comes from shining as one half of a pair. You both understand how ‘equal but different’ is the key to so much in life and once Jupiter moves into Libra from September, this core trait will become even more important to both of you. In other words, your Libran side will expand and grow – Jupiter tends to inflate whatever he touches. At the same time, sensitivity to unfairness/inequality will also increase. Again and again you will be looking at the relationship scales between you and figuring out how to weight them evenly. This process of harmonising, weighing and balancing is crucial to you.

  21. Jessica, enjoy your content greatly – when you use the phrase “serious deadly agreements” – after using the search tool on the website for a definition or clarity on this phrase ‘s meaning, can you elaborate on your intention of this phrase for us readers, kindly Zell

    1. Thank you very much. Okay, the reason ‘deadly serious agreements’ is used for the Eighth House is its connection with Scorpio, the sign which rules that house in the natural zodiac. When two scorpions mate, they risk death. There may be a deadly sting in the tail. There may even be cannibalism once sex has finished! Ancient astrologers knew that this the right symbol, because it’s about the potency, power, desire, danger and utter seriousness of particular relationships or marriages. The wedding vow itself says ‘until death do us part.’ Scorpio is the only zodiac sign which represents a direct threat to human life – scorpions can be killers. So, when we talk about ‘deadly serious agreements’ we mean the last will and testament, the legacy, the terms of the will, the realities of divorce and separation and so on. Mortgages are also deadly serious agreements. If you die and have not repaid the debt then the bank can legally take over. The word ‘mort’ is the key root word in mortuary and of course in French, ‘mort’ is death. So … that’s what you’re looking for!

  22. Hi Jessica,

    I have these in Aries; moon at 23°, Chiron at 20°, Juno at 1°, hygeia at 28° and vulcano at 38°.

    Can you please summarise what thus means and how this can be used in making decisions?


    1. You have a whopping stellium in Aries so it’s all about using the way you look, dress, present yourself, style yourself – showcase yourself – for other goals. It’s rather like realising that you have to self-promote, self-advertise or mythologise yourself in order to get what you want from life. April is a turning point for you as you realise this over the next three weeks, and some sort of relaunch or rebirth of yourself seems very likely this year – perhaps because of a person or situation which is so new, yet you trust very much. You also have a nice Aquarius cluster in your chart. By promoting ‘Me’ you do the group a favour – whatever the group happens to be.

  23. Dear Jessica,

    I have both Venus (5 degrees) and Minerva in Aries, but I have Mars in Libra (0 degrees). I find it so amusing that a planet ruling feminine energy (i.e. Venus) is in a masculine sign like Aries, and that a planet ruling masculine energy (i.e. Mars) is in a feminine sign like Libra!! Does this mean I’ll have inherent conflicts with gender roles forever and always?! Or would I be able to temper the Aries with the Libra when it comes to relationships? Thanks so much!

    1. You do have an interesting mix of traditional gender archetypes in your chart. I think you’d get a lot out of the art and sculpture representing Minerva. She is a goddess who is alive and well within you, and she was a supreme strategist, which of course we associate with Aries – the art of war – but also the art of conflict resolution. Minerva was born from her father Jupiter’s brain and became his most trusted advisor. She is often shown at his side. When they excavated the Temple of Sulis Minerva in Bath, they found just her head – enormous – remaining in the ground. You can really ‘do’ your Minerva to great effect and would make a fantastic ally in any legal or activist cause.

      1. Dear Jessica, just WOW. You really have hit the nail on the head. I do work in the public policy sector largely in a strategic planning role, I do aspire to actually be a policy maker, and my activism and work are both largely focused on gender issues and women’s economic rights. It’s amazing to see what I do be reflected in my chart by someone who doesn’t know me at all! Thank you so much for your response…although, Minerva (or Athena in Greek mythology) never married, and that’s kind of sad!

        1. I’m so pleased you have found your Minerva – and how fantastic it is to see real-life feedback about astrology. Thank you for letting me know. Minerva never married, sure, but that is only one role you play. You have a stellium in Libra the sign of serious soul partnership and from September 2016 through 2017 you are either going to rekindle a relationship or begin a new one. Jupiter goes through Libra. Jupiter is abundance, healing, hope, optimism, growth, expansion, meaning. Once every 12 years it conjuncts or ‘sits on’ your Libra stuff which is all about balancing the scales with just one other person. Equal but different. It’s going to happen fast and it’s going to be amazing. Maybe read more on Jupiter/Libra (hit SEARCH) to see just how non-single you’re going to be….if you want it, that is.

  24. I am a premium member and new to your site

    None of my planets listed on my birth chart read Aries, does that mean I have nothing in Aries

    Actually under Moon it says 23° Aries 22′ 26″, is this significant

    Sorry I am a beginner at this

    I appreciate your time

    1. Thank you for your question and welcome to Premium Membership. I have had a look at your birth chart. You have the Moon and Descendant in Aries. That’s not a stellium, so you are not strongly Aries – but it is always good to know what it means to have these placements there. Basically, you look after people in your life by being the first to act – and the fastest to take action. Nothing energises you more than children, vulnerable adults or even animals who need your help instantly. You would be very good in emergencies, and I have known a number of Moon in Aries people who have been in volunteer firefighting brigades, the police force and in ski safety patrols on the slopes. Your Descendant is about your former, current or potential partners – the really important ones – and in Aries, it suggests that you have a lifelong pattern of attracting people who also come with this ‘action stations’ environment around them. It’s not unusual to date or get into partnerships with people who are involved in sport, the great outdoors or the emergency services (as above). The Descendant also describes enemies, rivals and opponents throughout your lifetime and here you have to be careful as Aries can sometimes show those who are real fighters – they don’t back down – and they can be quite abrasive. I hope that helps answer your question.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    First, thank you for consistently great posts.
    Just noticed I have 5 planets in Aries. Could it be that I’m not feeling and acting very Aries like, lol, because I also have so many Taurus and Virgo planets?! Even if inside I do feel the fire and the drive of an Aries, I tend to be very much like a Virgo and Taurus, respectively ….I noticed lately, as I learn more astrology.
    You’re right about growing up – I grew up during communism and, even if I don’t remember much, I think it was the whole society which was kept “on check”, therefore greatly influencing a child growing up. :/
    Just some thoughts….
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much. Sure. The Taurus signature in your horoscope is all about the Communism you grew up with. I am surprised you are not letting your Aries side out, though, as Uranus transiting/travelling through the sign of Aries will trigger every single Aries placement you have. You are a natural at self-promotion and in fact, may discover (as the Roman army did) that half the battle is your armour and your reputation preceding you!

      1. Thank you. I’m surprised too then. ;))) Somewhere there’s a shortcircuit that needs repair urgently, lol. I’m also surprised, since you say I’m a natural at self promotion, that I find it difficult to promote a new business I have …like fearing that shameless, in your face type of (self) publicity. I probably haven’t put myself in the right situations to be able to do it properly though. I shall definitely try, because I have to now. :)) Thank you again.

  26. I would like to accept my feminine sensual side gracefully. I am unable to express it, without making a parody accompanied by a stand up comic routine, when dancing or in any other form.

    Venus in Aries seems to be the culprit.

    1. That’s so brilliant – I was literally writing about Venus in Aries just now for a new guide, produced by Get The Gloss. I think Venus in Aries can just do her own thing, basically – if you want to dance like Elaine in Seinfeld, that’s perfectly fine.

  27. Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for such great articles! I have lots of Aries aspects. Sun at 9 degrees, Mercury and Venus at 16 degrees just to name a couple. Could you please let me know what my Aries aspects mean and how i can use these in making decisions? I moved across the country a little over a year ago and now I’m getting offers to move back. Thanks!!


    1. Thank you. Your Aries stellium will always light up from the final week of March to the third week of April, during this long Uranus in Aries cycle. Please use your Premium Member journal for 2017 (January, February, March and then April, May, June edition) to work on a relaunch for yourself. New look, new social media placement, perhaps a new name or title for yourself. Your reputation and portrait precedes you in 2016, 2017, 2018 so make it work for you. It will be very exciting.

  28. I have Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries Square Moon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn.

    Every time I try to make life changing decisions it goes wrong. I am trying to buy a house at the moment and yet again I am at loggerheads with the estate agents. I’m buying from Nuns who are innocent and don’t want to drag them into a battle. Long story short I am thinking of going to our Bishop to sort out the problem or just walk away and find another house.

    1. You wrote: I have Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries Square Moon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. Every time I try to make life changing decisions it goes wrong. I am trying to buy a house at the moment and yet again I am at loggerheads with the estate agents. I’m buying from Nuns who are innocent and don’t want to drag them into a battle. Long story short I am thinking of going to our Bishop to sort out the problem or just walk away and find another house.

      I reply: You win the prize for the most original question of the day, but I do appreciate the frustration. You have quite a few retrograde placements in your chart, being triggered by retrogrades. In other words, I suspect all this began while you were dealing with the apparent backwards/forwards motion of Mars and Uranus, just to name two. If you are prepared to persist over the next few months and even into 2017 you could reach a compromise. Look up Ceres on this site and in the new ebook you can pick up here. Ceres is about to dominate your money and property chart for many months and there would be a division or enforced share agreement, were you to persist. Of course I can understand if it’s all too much, but see how you go!

      1. Thank you so much. I need to read up on Ceres. Take care Jonathan.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    Hoping this comment reaches you as my last few seem to have been swallowed by Mercury retro! You previously gave me info on my natal Ceres at 23 Aries – thank you! I saw in my premium chart that I also have Cupido and Chiron at 5 Aries, and my Descendant at 2 Aries. Could you elaborate on this? I was surprised to see this many Aries factors as I’ve always been very shy- in fact my boss told me I need to promote myself and put myself out there more! I found your article funny though, as I have a secret love for loud rock music and adore driving fast 🙂 So perhaps my Aries side is just pretty well hidden under my very Libra exterior. I’m really curious about the Chiron/Cupid conjunction. Thanks for your help!

    1. Mercury Retrograde is certainly at large – I am sorry you have been waiting to see a reply. Okay, so you were born with Chiron at 5 Aries, Cupido exactly conjunct at 5 Aries, Ceres at 23 Aries and the Descendant (if your birth time is precise) at 2 Aries. If you do not naturally promote yourself and push yourself forward, using your hair, clothes, photographs and other branding as a tool to put you first – and get you out there – that may be down to your DC (Descendant) in Aries. This describes your former, current or potential partners. Usually lovers or spouses. The DC also describes your enemies, rivals and opponents. You may be projecting all your Aries onto this man or woman, or perhaps a chain of them. If you fall in love with people who are fearless firebrands or (perhaps) end up loathing people for being pushy, self-promoting, narcissists – you know your answer. It is far nicer to use your Aries side for yourself, though, as you can manage it. Driving fast and loud music are good ways to express it. Cupido shows what you love, and what you do, that inspires love in others. Right next to Chiron, that part of you which sees what she can get away with, this is a placement of real punk rock proportions. I am astonished you are not firmly up front and out front, loud, proud and utterly yourself. You would adore it and so would other people. I call this the leather jacket chart signature.

      1. Wow, this is fascinating. My ex-husband was indeed a narcissist, so the DC info really resonated. There is a huge part of me that feels the leather jacket punk rock attitude, but it got tamped down by my native Asian culture, which values conformity and discourages loud, proud behavior, especially in women. It goes deep, though my family has lived in America for years – my parents even pushed me to stay with my husband though he treated me horribly, just because they didn’t want the embarrassment of a divorce in the family! I will for sure take steps towards expressing my true self better, but any additional thoughts on what to do when your chart and your culture are at war with each other? Thank you, I really appreciate your amazing insights!

        1. Oh, so your horoscope picked up your narcissist ex-husband. Well, at least you know! Your MC at 2 Cancer aspecting several other chart factors is the issue. Cancer rules heritage, culture, roots, the family background as you know. It is quincunx Vesta in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreign culture and travel. It will always be a creative conflict for you but it will produce an interesting life.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    I have a number of factors in Aries ( moon, Bacchus, Chiron, IC), but I don’t really feel in touch with this part of myself. I tend to be a bit tired and low energy, and I’ve never enjoyed sport in any way. Are there some patterns in my chart that I should look at?
    You’ve mentioned the Uranus in Aries cycle here, are there any dates I should be aware of? Thank you so much.

    1. Uranus is moving to the end of his cycle in Aries so most of the changes are behind you by now. The Moon, Chiron, IC and Bacchus in Aries in the First House are usually easily expressed by people so I wonder why you have difficulty doing that? You have certainly inherited Aries from a member of your family tree who was devoted to either the military or sport. This may be one or two generations back. If you don’t express your Aries side that’s unusual. Especially with the Moon in that sign, because you need to be needed by others, and the only way for you to express that is for you to go out fighting for them. Illness (if you are tired all the time) can of course wipe out a lot, not just an Aries placement. I hope you have seen the experts about your low energy.

  31. Good Day, Thanks so much for the great reading, and all the work it takes in keeping us updated !
    Wondering how I have been affected by Uranus by having 23 deg Aries moon ? My home is on the market (no solid offers) and I want to go back to school.

    1. Uranus at 23 Aries will criss-cross your Moon through 2017 so you are selling at an unpredictable time. You were born with Cupido at 23 Capricorn in your Tenth House square the Moon in your chart, so going back to school and moving will be connected, as you wish – you can expect the unexpected, though, so you may want to have quite flexible arrangements next year. Uranus is a symbol of freedom and independence, but it never happens unless the known world turns upside-down. I know that you want to go back to school but there may also be a job development you had not expected and this changes your mind about when/where to move.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    I have been a member for a few months now and am continuing to learn more as I read through more articles and read replies. This article has been quite interesting to read as I have quite a few factors in Aries! Like quite a few others I haven’t felt too energetic the past few years. I used to be quite active in my younger days. I usually feel like a “closet rebel”. Most people cannot believe my age, usually guessing 15-20 yrs younger. i was a tomboy and still like to be comfortable versus “dressing up”. Quick temper, um, yes…maybe a bit calmer theses days. Family growing up was quiet, no talking at meals. My mother frequently chastised me for “saying whatever is in your head”. So nowdays I am more reserved in conversations until I am comfortable. I do not like being around loud people or arguing. but I do enjoy rocking out at home! I love to dance and sing but not so much in public.
    In another article you said whatever Mars is in is the “real” you. I have Mars in Gemini.
    I do feel like I need to get back to doing something active but I have been feeling so homebody lately. I think it is partly because my hubby has bad knees and he cant do much active wise with me.
    I believe Uranus has gone over most of my Aries factors. Psyche is the last one coming up which also happens to be directly opposite my Jupiter in Libra. Any thoughts on what that may indicate?
    Thanks for all this wonderful information, my Gemini signature enjoys it immensely!!

    1. The Aries-Libra patterns you are set to experience are actually about your husband and the need for a new compromise, so by October 2017 you will have struck a new deal with him which rebalances the scales you both share. It is interesting that you were a tomboy growing up; this is very common with women who have a stellium in Aries, which is obviously a masculine sign, ruled by a male archetypal planet, Mars. I often think the Lady in the Van (the subject of the Alan Bennett book, play and film) must have been strongly Aries.

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