The Aries Birthday Horoscope 2016 – 2017

Aries the potential with your former, current or potential partner then is amazing and by 2017 your life will change - if you want it to!

Happy Birthday Aries. You were recently thrown an amazing chance to improve your day-to-day lifestyle. I hope you took it. Right up until Jupiter leaves Virgo on September 9th 2016, you are in an amazing position to tap the right people, resources, place or organisation to be healthier – fitter – and alter the way you live and work. We also have Pluto in Capricorn through to your birthday in 2017 so the chance for improved status or success is there. Moving up in the world, for whatever reason, becomes easier when you have this cycle.

Jupiter in Libra September 9
th 2016 through October 10th 2017 will change your world for the better, in terms of love, sex and relationships. At this time, the planet of improvement, opportunity, hope, growth and expansion will move into your sector of partnership.

On or close to Monday 26th September 2016, at the stunning Sun-Jupiter conjunction, you will find that the relationship with your former, current or potential lover offers incredible chances for happiness and satisfaction not possible in over a decade. If you are single then, the person  parked in front of you will offer so much in terms of his (or her) knowledge, education, travel history, regional or international connections and philosophy of life.

An unhappy marriage or relationship will either improve dramatically from this point, or you two will find the amicable split you need, so you can have your best chance at a positive separation or divorce in years.

If you are dating, you could take the next step at this time, either towards engagement, marriage, children, moving in together – or another major commitment of your choice.

I love this old 1964 Ladybird book illustration by Eric Winter. It shows Cinderella and Prince Charming. Of course, this cycle is about partnership between two people of any gender or sexual persuasion! Yet the ‘dance’ is likely to be one of the biggest and best of your life.

We associate Libra with dance. This sign rules your partnerships, no matter if it’s a case of ‘it takes two to tango’ or two to pogo. Dancing is about two different people who must match each other, step for step. This describes the challenge but also the reward of your new relationship phase, later in 2016. The month of October 2017, when the cycle ends, is another peak moment, but I’ll go into that with you more, next year.

Seventh Eric Winter Cinderella Ladybird 1964 600x454 - The Aries Birthday Horoscope 2016 - 2017
CInderella in the Ladybird books we grew up with.

On Sunday 26th June, 2016 there is a stunning trine from Jupiter in Virgo, which rules your working life, body, lifestyle and wellbeing – and Pluto in your zone of success, ambition, mission and position.

Jupiter cannot force you to do anything! You have to take the opportunity you are given and be strategic – you have to work it. Yet, this cycle has the potential to take you higher.

Moving on Up is what it’s all about. On Saturday 13th August 2016, Jupiter will also quincunx Uranus, the planet of freedom, independence, change and all that is new and different. Why is this a big deal? Because Uranus is in Aries, your own sign, and tis is about shifting your profile, image, title, role, reputation. The middle of the year has vast potential for you. Once the first step appears, take the next one, and the next one. This is your best chance in 12 years to upgrade your lifestyle and liberate yourself from your old labels, look or packaging.

On Monday 22nd August 2016, Jupiter will conjunct Mercury in Virgo, and on that day or very close to it, important news will reach you which could make a lasting difference to how you feel about your daily workload, paid work, housework, university degree and/or unpaid work. On Saturday 27th August, a few days later, Venus conjuncts Jupiter in this same sector of our chart. Again, this is a rare event which can only happen every 12 years. So we might say, July through August is when you can start climbing higher, especially in terms of the work you do – but there are also definite benefits simply in terms of your doctor, healer, drugs, gym, pool, nurse, surgeon, dentist, food, drink and so on.

Even if we have a Mercury Retrograde period then, which you will notice most near 2nd September, the backwards/forwards flow of information and communication can only benefit you. If a situation gets stuck, alters shape or even reverses August-September, it still works to your advantage in lifestyle terms.

Still, as we have a Solar Eclipse on Thursday 1st September, you may prefer not to make judgement calls or sweeping action plans on that day and also – either side of it. An eclipse always conceals. It never reveals. And you don’t need to be flying blind. Take your steps carefully around that eclipse – yet in general, you are moving on up in terms of your social status and lifestyle this year.

Criterion Steps 450x600 - The Aries Birthday Horoscope 2016 - 2017

We all have to deal with Saturn. You can’t avoid this cycle and everyone has it somewhere in their chart, in the sign of Sagittarius, in 2016. By your birthday in 2017 you will have been working very hard with issues like education, university, travel, foreign people, foreign places, belief systems (like religion or astrology), the internet and publishing. We associate Sagittarius with the big picture, intellectually, spiritually and geographically. It is about travel, or travel in the mind – yet it is a real stretch for you in 2016. Let’s look at why that is and how to deal with it.

On Saturday 10th September, Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces.  Whenever we see that pattern in astrology, we know it’s going to be hard to ‘square’ your situation in terms of your holiday, your plan to emigrate or move, or your travel agenda with work or study.

In general, all of 2016 will find you drawing on all your staying power, patience and tolerance, as you must deal with a person, place or life theme which could be a downer – if you let yourself stop hoping or trying. On the most basic level we are going to see huge global shifts in Europe and across the United States which alter how free we are to travel – how easy it is to travel – and how open particular countries are about emigration, visas, residency and so on. This may have a domino effect on you.

The general rule with Saturn is to do more research. Don’t just assume or guess. Don’t brush aside common-sense concerns. This strongly applies to regional or foreign travel or your experiences with people from ‘foreign’ nationalities and particularly belief systems. Be a realist. Even if it’s really heavy, get real about who/what is going to be involved. Travel in the good old days (see vintage magazine cover below) was a very different matter. Travel in 2016 until your birthday in 2017 is a demanding business.

House and Garden  - The Aries Birthday Horoscope 2016 - 2017

Do you have Uranus or Pluto in Libra? The relationships you form with your former, current and potential partners in the final quarter of 2016 and 2017 will change your life. They will also change the world around you – in a small but significant way. Why? Because Jupiter will conjunct or sit on, your Libra side. This is about unleashing that part of you which understands that ‘equal but different’ is the way forward.

I have written elsewhere on this website about Hillary Clinton’s chances of becoming President. (It was a prediction made such a long time ago that Donald Trump had not even announced his candidacy). This is about your year ahead – not politics – but as a symbol of equality and also of resilient marriage, Hillary Clinton’s chances skyrocket from September. She also becomes a living symbol of the ‘equal but different’ message. The partnership you create – old, new, same, different – from September 2016 will reflect all the Libra themes of equality, fairness, balance, symmetry and harmony that we expect from this sign. As you have Uranus or Pluto in Libra, you are going to change a small corner of the world.

If you were born with Uranus or Pluto in Libra then you are a Seventies child who grew up with that famous Libra icon John Lennon, on the cover of your parents’ magazines. His partnership with Yoko Ono (equal but different) is a standout example of how Libra manifests in the chart.

Hillary Clinton October 26  - The Aries Birthday Horoscope 2016 - 2017
Hillary Clinton born October 26, Scorpio.


lennon oct 9 393x600 - The Aries Birthday Horoscope 2016 - 2017
John Lennon, Super Libra

You are now over the toughest money, property and business cycle in 29 years which ended in 2015. Don’t look back. You do have a fairly complex year in terms of one issue going backwards and forwards. Yet – be positive about this. Despite the retrogrades we are seeing in Taurus and Scorpio, the signs which rule your house, apartment, cash, company, assets, possessions and so on – you need to know you are progressing all the time.

In fact, when Jupiter goes into Scorpio from the end of 2017 and particularly during 2018, when Uranus also moves into Taurus, you are going to see the most fantastic changes possible in years. That is later, though. For now – focus on the fact that you need to make allowances for delays or standstills in 2016. Mercury Retrograde begins in the second half of April 2016 with the shadow and it is important that you read what I wrote about that cycle, as it will affect you until June 7th.

One of the most overlooked aspects of your horoscope is the Twelfth House, which in your solar chart rules your inner mysteries. It rules the secrets you keep or choose to reveal. It describes skeletons in your closet, for example. The Twelfth House is also about your unconscious mind and the way it runs your conscious life. We associate it with your submerged self. That part of you which nobody else really fathoms – and certainly never sees. In 2016 you need to get real about this, as the Saturn square to Neptune will remind you that what you do behind closed doors; what you cover up; what you hide – is a big deal.

We are often barely conscious of this part of ourselves on this cycle, because it is necessarily about the spirit, astral body, mind, soul, light body, etheric body – call it what you want. Yet, it is important to try and tap this. You can do so by meditating, working with your chakras, focussing on your aura, investigating healing, exploring the Tarot or I Ching, space clearing and so on.

It is also a year to really question what you do and why you do it! In astrology there is a direct link between your body (Virgo) and your unconscious mind (Pisces) and as we have Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, it’s a really good idea to face yourself in the mirror and ask yourself questions about your body. The mind, body and spirit connection in astrology is hugely important. You have massive potential to improve this in 2016 and it would be a shame to waste it. I have written extensively about Jupiter in Virgo on this website so please take a look.

Happy Birthday Aries!

Happy Birthday Aries. You move into your biggest and best cycle for love, sex and relationships in 12 years in September 2016. The potential with your former, current or potential partner then is amazing and by 2017 your life will change – if you want it to!

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