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Getting Amazing Results with The Astrology Oracle

When you work with the Astrology Oracle, you need space, peace, time and total focus. What you are doing, when you open yourself up is letting your mind wander into the future.

I know that when you are in a hurry to find out answers from The Astrology Oracle it is tempting to skip the first card reading (which tells you about the present). This is actually the most important step of all, though, and it helps you for two reasons.


You need reassurance that the Astrology Oracle is working for you! Without that level of trust between yourself and the cards, you’re not really going to get the fantastic, accurate, in-depth results you need.

Your first two cards should take your breath away. They should be deeply accurate, and work on more than one level.

Let me give you an example. I just gave a reading to a friend, who selected Diana and the Sixth House as her ‘now’ cards. Diana is associated with single, child-free women. We also associate her with dogs. She can often be linked to lesbians or bisexual women. The Sixth House is about daily routine, work and the body.

This woman had just finished reading an e-mail from a bisexual female friend (although she is straight). She was staying in a holiday apartment owned by two lesbians, who also owned a dog (there was even a dog ornament in the garden outside her door).

That’s the ‘micro’ level of the present. The cards were telling my friend about the very hour/day in question. On a ‘macro’ level, something really big was happening in her life. She was about to rent an office space from a single, child-free woman with a dog. The office was adjacent to a swimming pool which meant she could not only work, but also work out (the Sixth House rules the body as well as the job). Diana is about freedom and space. This rental arrangement would literally give her more room to move.

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Using the ‘now’ cards or present card reading in this way helps you get a feel for the way The Astrology Oracle works. Don’t skip the process. Don’t rush through it either. If you take your time and really figure out the many layers in your answer, you will also begin to see how your future cards operate.

They work on several levels at once. So if you have fallen in love with a man and are desperate to know if this is going to last between you, then you might ask ‘What do I have to do, to make this successful and happy?’ That’s a good question to ask, by the way!

If the answer is – for example – Venus and the Eleventh House, then there are many levels to explore.

  • You could be the friend who is also a lover. The Eleventh House rules friendship and Venus rules seduction/sex.
  • You could spend time and energy on his band, if he’s a musician (The Eleventh House rules groups of all kinds).
  • You two could get involved in a good cause together, through a committee, charity, club, team or similar.



When you work with the Astrology Oracle, you need space, peace, time and total focus. What you are actually doing, when you open yourself up to this parallel universe, is letting your mind wander into the future. The future is a reality. It is already coming towards us, based on where we just were – and where we are heading now. When you use the Oracle you let your mind race ahead faster than the speed of light. You report back to yourself from the future.

The questions are really important! I often see questions from people who are obsessively in love and are desperate to know if it’s ever going to work out with the person in question, or if they have a future (if they are together).

Spend just as much time exploring and appreciating your ‘now’ cards as you do, racing towards the future.

If the present is not being powerfully, accurately and richly described by the cards, please restart the process, or if it does not work a couple of times – come back later.

Try to ask constructive questions which will help you, rather than racing to an outcome.

  • How does he see me?
  • How do I see him?
  • What can I do to make this relationship successful and happy?
  • What, overall, is the purpose of this relationship?
  • What do I have to do, to get a relationship with this person?
  • What will he bring me/give me?
  • What will I bring him/give him?

I hope this helps you improve the accuracy of your readings.

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