Mercury Retrograde April 14th – June 7th 2016

Mercury rules the internet, computers, telephones, the mail - and in general - information, communication and transportation.

Mercury Retrograde begins on April 14th 2016 (allow 24 hours for the world to catch up with itself, so it may be April 15th where you live) and ends on June 7th (again, allow 24 hours).

As I’m sure you know, Mercury rules the internet, computers, telephones, the mail – and in general – information, communication and transportation.

If you can imagine posting a letter into a mailbox and then having it pop out again, then in again – that’s Mercury Retrograde. Or imagine if the message never got through at all. Or it went to the wrong person.

(I photographed this mural of a postbox by Tasmanian artist Peter Gouldthorpe) in Hobart –  which illustrates this well.

The message reads ‘Post here anytime and your mail will go nowhere in Australia.’ It’s classic Mercury Retrograde.


Peter Gouldthorpe Hobart Postbox 450x600 - Mercury Retrograde April 14th - June 7th 2016


We are going to see major, planet-changing deadlocks, delays, reversals and muddles affecting all world sharemarkets and currencies. Why? Because Mercury is Retrograde in Taurus. If you have Taurus personal horoscope factors, Mercury may conjunct or sit on them.

Be aware of the potential for waiting games, stalemates, u-turns and other complications affecting your money, house, business, apartment, possessions and charity on those dates.

Here is the full list below. Note: I always include the shadow at the very start and end of the cycle, when Mercury will go over the same degree and sign, where he will shortly turn backwards. History tells us this is the right way to read the cycle.

Why? The Wall Street Crash of 1929. This exhibition at the Science Museum in London says it all – JAMMED LINES FUEL THE CRASH.

It happened on Mercury Retrograde Shadow. Not on Mercury Retrograde. On 29th October 1929, Mercury was at 18 Libra. Exactly where he had been on September 15th.


Wall St Crash 600x600 - Mercury Retrograde April 14th - June 7th 2016



April 15th to 28th, 2016  – Mercury 14 Taurus to 23 Taurus
April 28th to May 22nd, 2016 – Mercury 23 Taurus to 14 Taurus
May 22nd to June 8th, 2016 – Mercury 14 Taurus to 23 Taurus

The problem areas in your horoscope and the various national horoscopes are –

Taurus 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

I have written elsewhere on this website about the chaos we can expect to see on the sharemarkets.

The New York Stock Exchange has Vulcano at 22 Taurus, Salacia at 23 Taurus and Mercury himself also at 23 Taurus. (17th May 1792, 12.00pm, New York, New York).

China has the Moon at 19 Taurus and the North Node at 22 Taurus. (25th December 1947, 0.00am, Taipei, Taiwain).

The United Kingdom has Ceres at 23 Taurus (1st January 1801, 0.00am, London, England).

We are seeing fierce concentration on 23 Taurus so let’s narrow down the time frame for Mercury Retrograde chaos.

In 2016 on or very close to April 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 – and May 1, 2 – and again on (or close to) June 8, we are going to see world currencies or economies go backwards and forwards. Please don’t panic. It’s okay. But what it will do is set up the radical banking and sharemarket reform and revolution after 2018. I have also written more about that on this website, elsewhere.

You will see Mercury Retrograde economic and sharemarket madness on those dates above, April 26th through 30th, May 1st and 2nd and June 8th, 2016 specifically in the United Kingdom, United States and China.

Why is this such a big deal? Because Mars is also Retrograde in Scorpio at…you guessed it…23 degrees. And Scorpio rules deadly serious financial agreements. The exact dates for this follow the Mercury Retrograde cycle and they hit the Chinese chart precisely.

Mars Retrograde 23 Scorpio – June 19th, 2016 to July 11th. If you work on Wall Street or know anyone else who does, the heat is going to rise April-June and it’s not just because it’s Spring.



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52 Responses

  1. Oh o! Better be prepared for this Jessica.
    I have Mercury 02deg Taurus 32′ 24″ R and Saturn 21deg Taurus 47′ 25″. What does that mean? I had a job interview on Mar 21 that went well. Hopefully, the outcome doesn’t get caught up in this mercury retrograde. Would the shadow start sometime now?
    Thank you JR

    1. Mercury will retrograde over Saturn at 21 Taurus. There will be news, close to that date, which is not fixed, firm, finished and final. The story will change, may be held up, and could even reverse entirely. It will concern your money, purchases/sales, business interests, house, apartment or charity. Because Saturn is triggered, it may feel rather heavy and serious. Just make sure you allow for delays, alterations or possible u-turns, but it will all sort itself out in the end.

  2. Dear Jessica,

    How will this Mercury retrograde affect me? I have Chiron in Taurus 9 deg and IC in Taurus 6 deg. My Dob is 14 July 1978.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Mercury retrogrades from 14 to 23 degrees of Taurus so it won’t directly affect you. It will, however, move backwards and forwards in your Second House which rules your money, house, business interests, apartment, charity and possessions. The story that unfolds in the second half of April with this, will go backwards and forwards too. So be aware. Read the fine print.

  3. Hello Jessica,

    I’m a Virgo, with Saturn in Taurus in my natal horoscope at 8°44’19”

    Being a Virgo, things have been tumultuous for some time now!

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I have 2 questions : my MC is at 17 Taurus. How will this Mercury retrograde affect me? Also what does it mean to have MC in Taurus?

    Thank you

    1. When Mercury reaches 17 Taurus there will be news about your money, house, charity, business, possessions or apartment. This news story in your life will then move backwards and forwards so don’t necessarily pass judgment or assume this is final until you know for sure – after Mercury makes his final pass over 17 Taurus. Your Taurus MC is best expressed through philanthropy and fundraising but also through strong values which mean you can make money without selling your soul.

  5. Dear Jessica,

    I have Vesta, Ceres and Venus in Taurus at 14, 12 and 28 respectively. I am planning to invest at the beginning of April. How it will impact me?

    Thank you

    1. Vesta at 14 Taurus describes a financial, property, business, charity or sales/purchase story with one male and two or more females. Expect gender politics, but the situation will go backwards and forwards while Mercury swings over 14 Taurus too. Ceres and Venus are not directly affected, but in general, with Mercury Retrograde in the sign of the bull – bull markets, gold bullion and the Wall Street bull are just some of its correspondences – you can expect to see the usual Mercury Retrograde effects. As the article says, nothing is fixed, firm, final or finished at this time and the global situation will have a domino effect on al of us.

  6. With my Sun in Taurus @ 18 degrees, plus Saturn, Hygeia, and my Descendant in Taurus, too, but not at any of the repeating degrees, I wonder what I might need to be patient and or careful about during that time. My partner and I are having some major challenges. I have also read elsewhere that the upcoming “transit of Mercury” across the Sun, can represent a time when some (Taureans natives, in particular) will come to discover, or understand, their true purpose. What are your thoughts? Is there extra special synchronistic magic available during the “transit”?

    1. Neptune at 27 Scorpio is opposite your Descendant (one degree’s difference) and you have just come out of the toughest cycle for intimate financial/property arrangements in 29 years. 2016 is the repair work. You may want to read what I wrote on Scorpio to further explore this. You are certainly going to have a stack of choices to make about the money, house, apartment, possessions or business this year. Take it slowly and take good, experienced advice. Your purpose? To give unconditionally to those who need it – particularly money or possessions, but also your time and energy (time is money). That’s not about the transit of Mercury, it’s just about your life path with a Taurus stellium.

    1. When Mercury moves to 16 Taurus it will conjunct your South Node and oppose your North Node at 16 Scorpio, which also rules money, business, property, possessions, charity. Please be aware that the news or information reaching you on that date (or within 24 hours) will shift back and forth and this is not the ultimate story. Get it in writing and read the fine print.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I have had a horrible time since the last two and half years being unemployed.I am waiting to hear from one company regarding the status for a position I applied and said they will let me know in the next couple of weeks.I would be very happy if I got the position as its a dream job.How will this retrogade affect the decision I am waiting for?Should I hope that I can finalise everthing before the retrogade begins?My DOB is 11/04/1993 and Place Of Birth is Hanamkonda,India.
    Thank you.

    1. Can I just check you were born on 11th April 1993 and not 4th November 1993? I am sorry you have been through such a horrible time with your unemployment, but there are answers. Please confirm your date of birth, thank you.

        1. You are in the most fortunate phase for finding new work and lifestyle opportunities in 12 years, yet you must take them by September. Don’t assume that every opening is going to be a straightforward job. Sometimes the openings are connected. For example – you may be given an apartment to borrow, which just happens to be right in the heart of a prime employment area. Perhaps an old friend from years ago will contact you, who reminds you of a job you once excelled at, which you could revive. Maybe a current friend has interesting business options. The key to this cycle is to stay open to work, let others know you are looking, and most of all, to draw on the connections, contacts, possibilities around you. If you are a cleaner for example, you may end up being offered accommodation at a reduced rent if you agree to clean the home where you have your new room-share. Try to think laterally on this cycle. It works.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I have Chiron (23 degrees), Fortuna (18 degrees) and Minerva (29 degrees) in Taurus and was wondering how it will affect me in making decisions for the family business during Mercury Retrograde and also agreeing to financial settlements during this period.

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, your decisions about financial settlements and the family business will most certainly be affected. Please make allowances for the usual Mercury Retrograde swings and roundabouts. Common manifestations of this cycle include –

      1. People making promises they do not fulfil.
      2. You change your mind.
      3. Computer, mail or telephone issues affect proper communication.
      4. Bigger, global trends (like a sharemarket crisis or a currency value change) affect you.

      The sky does not fall on your head but be sharply aware of Mercury Retrograde. I have written a lot about this cycle, on this website, if you want to hit SEARCH to see.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Happy Easter!
    I have the Sun at 24 degrees, the Moon at 13 degrees and finally Mercury in retrograde at 22 degrees – ALL in the sign of Taurus – from my natal chart.
    I wonder how this Mercury retrograde period is going to affect me. I intend to travel to my country of birth (Kenya) soon and stay there for at least 6 weeks or so.
    Financial implications??
    I have been unemployed for a long time now, that has been accompanied with relationship problems and a divorce not so long ago. It has been extremely challenging leading to health issues.
    Ever so grateful for your wisdom and and what you do in helping people gain knowledge and in appreciating astrology.
    Thank you.

    M M S

    1. Thank you so much. I have looked at your chart and yes – you do have Mercury Retrograde moving over your own Mercury position. Please allow for the story to change, get stuck or even reverse about the money, house, business, possessions, apartment from mid April to early June. Just prepare for it and don’t assume everything will be fast, easy and straightforward. You may want to have Plan B with money if you are travelling – just common sense precautions. You are over the worst with your love life. That was the toughest cycle in 29 years and you have survived it. You will be extremely happy with a potential new partner in 2018. From September 2016 there will be at least one work opportunity, maybe more, which benefits your whole lifestyle. By 2017 you should have snapped up this chance.

      1. Thank you, dear Jessica! Just need a break in life!

        Appreciate your reply. You have a terrific website and offer so much for the Premium membership at an excellent price. Anybody who is not yet a Premium member is missing out so much that you offer on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
        Many blessings!
        M M S

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I love your website. I’ve been waiting for a while now for a promotion that keeps getting delayed. Will the upcoming Mercury retrograde cause further delays? My dob is July 29, 1974.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin and Alyas. A delayed promotion is extremely annoying. You will know where you stand, once and for all, by May and then you can either choose to look elsewhere or you can enjoy a new role. You will enter a radical new phase for your career and success from 2018 which is nothing short of a revolution, with extreme and exciting change by 2019. I know that’s a long way off but although March-May 2016 concerns you, in the big picture, it’s really not major, compared to the tremendous freedom of your new professional world, a couple of years from now.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    I am awaiting a change in my responsibilities at work which will fetch me more income as well. I have Chiron and Cupido in 15 deg Taurus, prosperina in 13 deg Taurus and Diana in 25 deg Taurus. Also I m involved romantically with a superior at work. How is this retrograde cycle going to affect me

    1. Okay, you will find the talking points change about the money and also your work. Just allow for that. It’s no big deal long-term as from 2018 your entire life changes, with regards to money, property and business. I appreciate you are focussed on the potential for new job responsibility and more income, but this is a really intense Mercury Retrograde and from April through June you are going to see Mercury swing backwards and forwards through your Taurus house of salary discussion! Try to be philosophical; shrug your shoulders – keep talking – but see where things land, from June 8th. Long-term you will be exhilarated by the most exciting changes affecting the world of trade, commerce, the sharemarkets, banks, big business, charity, retail – which start 2018 and do not stop. You will be part of that. And you will be independent – free at last.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for all of your wonderful work, and I hope you had a Happy Easter! I’ve been trying to get a new job for some time now—could you possibly give me some insight into how this Mercury retrograde will affect me, please? I have Jupiter in Taurus 29°08’25 (retrograde) and my dob is Dec. 7, 1988. Thanks!

    1. You’ll be fine. Yes, you will be affected by slowdowns or turnarounds with money, property, business, charity or possessions. However, long term your work prospects are fantastic. Right up until September the more you network and reach out, the better. Be yourself, authentically, and live and breathe what you want to do/be/give. You will be stunned at how just the right person ends up talking to you. You can go the usual route and use the internet/newspapers to find work but actually, you will be amazed at how playing with what you like to do, through unpaid work, volunteering, hobbies or interests, helps connect you. It’s almost like being there, but not quite having the role/title or salary yet. Playing is fun. It takes the stress out of jobseeking. So if you wanted to be a movie director (for example) you would volunteer at Tribeca Film Festival. That kind of thing.

  13. Your predictions are uncannily prescient, Jessica!

    Anyway, my furniture (a bit battered but OK), pets and myself survived our relocation during the last Mercury retrograde, but I was wondering when would be a good time to start a new fitness/diet regimen? Your advice on Get the Gloss says to specifically avoid making any such decisions during the full moon April 21-23. I tried to make such a change last May but the stress of complete family upheaval ended it almost as soon as I started, so I’d like to give myself the best chance of success this time by getting the timing right. When do you think I should start?

    PS Astro-geography: any chance of an article on this sometime in the future?

    1. Thank you. As a general rule, avoid a Full Moon for anything new, as you/other people tend to be conflicted. The world is pushing and pulling against itself. Did you download your journal? Look for the days when we have patterns in Virgo, away from that. This is the time to pursue better health and fitness. Regarding astro-geography, I’ll definitely have a look at that in future.

  14. The question you need to ask is, ‘Will this new job excite me? Will it set me free? Will it allow me to be independent? Will it give others freedom in their lives too?’ If the answer is yes, yes, yes all the way then you will have already replied to your own question. But of course, the final choice is up to you.

  15. Hi, I have been having a very rough year. My birthday is May 5, 1981, I am a Taurus. Will this retrograde start to turn into some positives or am I in for more trouble?

    1. The Mercury Retrograde is only about your image, reputation, title, appearance, packaging – nothing more. You may want to make your big decisions about that after June 7th when life is more straightforward. Your rough year is down to bigger things, but you may want a personal chart to address that.

  16. Hi Jessica. Thanks for being so patient and kind with me .I told you I am planning revision fro eyebrow lift . I have my chart done .
    I really appreciate that . I will the read that section . But me being someone who has no idea of astrology would really appreciate your opinion . Since this is really important .
    My surgeons birth details are
    20 July 1972 , 11:55 pm .
    Location must be thane maharashtra india .
    You already know mine .

    Like i said i would go for the date
    When i get best results irrespective of when it is for eyebrow lift and dimple creation .

  17. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you’re doing well. I have Mars at 23 degrees in Taurus, which is interesting since Mars is also going retrograde around the same time as Mercury, in my opposite house(?). Is this Mercury Retrograde going to be peculiarly different because of Mars’ placement? I would appreciate any insight you might have. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are right to suspect you will have more than the usual number of delays, standstills and reversals. Born with Mars in the Second House in the Natural House horoscope, you will really feel all the transiting Mercury/Mars action as it goes back and forth across the Second House and Eighth House axis. This covers credit cards and salary – and shopping. It also covers taxation, legacies, insurance, houses, apartment and so on. As a rule of thumb you need to allow for several weeks of stop-start paperwork, negotiation or planning. Get it in writing, then read the fine print. Get a second opinion. I just put together your May horoscope so please read that for specific dates when it arrives on 1st May, online.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply! I’ve read from other sources that mercury retrograde periods should be completely avoided for first dates, always. Is this always true, even if the retrograde isn’t affecting the romance or partnership area of your chart?

  18. Hi Jessica, I have IC 14° Taurus 18′ 16″ and IC 14° Taurus 18′ 16″. How does this Mercury retrograde affect me? Already seeing huge turnarounds in my financial situation, negatively. Appreciate your time and insight. Thanks

    1. I am sorry you are going through these financial issues but it will all work out eventually. Basically, the middle of April saw Mercury (news, e-mails, paperwork, discussion) making his first pass at 14 Taurus, which obviously rules your money, business interests, house, apartment and so on. When he makes his second pass you will either see that original story change, or be held up. It may even reverse completely. Try to hang in there and allow the process to unfold as it will. It’s actually no big deal in the long-term pattern of your life, and what will affect you far more is the arrival of Uranus in Taurus from 2018. As Uranus slowly moves to 14 Taurus in the years following, you are going to experience the most important revolution of your life where money or property is concerned and could easily become completely independent, financially, making radical changes that can only be possible every few decades.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this great blog series.
    My birth information : 03-Oct-77 and time 5:27am at Chandigarh,India.
    I have resigned from my job in first week of March-2016 without any other job in hand due to personal issues with employer.
    Now, i am searching but having hard time to find a new job which was not the case sometime back.
    Fortunately, i signed paperwork for new temp job on 19th-Apr-2016 but discussions started early Apr-2016 and got confirmation on 11th Apr for this job.
    But, now i am facing hurdles for getting start date of this project due to some background checks required by company.
    Do you think its advisable to start Tentative planned date between 27th Apr till 4-May/2016?
    Will i face any issues/challenges due to signing of paperwork during retrograde?
    FYI, i knew the manager of new job and worked with him few years back at different job.

    Shall i keep searching for another job in the meantime as well and sign paperwork if another job works out during mercury retrograde?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. It’s not a bad idea to have Plan B on Mercury Retrograde and in fact we have Mars Retrograde coming up too as he slides back from Sagittarius to Scorpio. These are not the only retrograde planets or asteroids in your horoscope through May and June. So, yes, why not look for another job as your Plan B and you should read the fine print on the paperwork before you sign. Sometimes the issue is really basic, so a document is lost in the mail or it goes into the spam filter of your e-mail account. Sometimes (depending on your personal chart which I don’t have) if your chart is triggered in a major way, the Mercury Retrograde cycle can mean you agree to a job and the description of your actual task changes later. The general rule with this cycle is just to double or treble the usual care or caution you would exercise.

  20. hi I am a Taurus born on may 10th at 10:30 a.m in Idaho…how will I be effected I just started a new job and bought a new home on April 11th???? please assist me with any information you can. thank you!

    1. It’s okay. You have Mercury Retrograde in your First House of image, role, title and profile, so I suspect some aspect of your new job description (even your photo ID if you have one) will take you backwards and forwards for a while. The only issue with your new home would be a stuck or changeable situation, if you were born with a big Taurus chart signature, as in your birth chart, Taurus does rule your property.

  21. Hi Jessica, My DOB is Aug 2, 1983 in India (Moga) at 4:05 am (IST). I have recently gone through a divorce and left my home country landing in Canada (Feb, 2016). Since then, I have been looking for a job and I got a job interview on APril 28 (Thursday), about which i thought It went well. But after thet, I have not heard anymore from the people involved although they said there would be a second round. Can you please suggest me on my employment issue and when it seems to resolve? Also, I have a business plan in mind, (just in Mind yet), don’t know how to go forward from here (either it should be in India or Canada), coz eventually I feel like settling permanently in India by 5 years down the lane (investment required for the business and settlement in India should be saved in these years). Please suggest what kinda plan I should I follow to have the best results? Thanks for ur patience and time to read my comment!

    1. Another Leo! So many people born with the Sun in Leo are asking me questions about their jobs. It sounds as if you are caught in the Mercury stop-start action, which will take until June to thoroughly resolve. It’s no big deal long term. With Pluto in your Sixth House of work until 2024 you will change direction dramatically more than once. I suspect December 2016, January 2017 will set you on the right work path for some time to come. The key to your success is duty and service. Truly serving others.

  22. Hi Jessica, I have been putting off buying a computer since the beginning of retrograde period, but I am really needing one quickly to pursue my projects on internet. Is it still not a good period to buy one now? Should I wait till after 7-8 June?
    Thank you

    1. You have the Ascendant at 22 Aries and Descendant at 22 Libra so strangely, the computer would have affected your image and profile (Aries) along with your relationship with a former, current or potential partner (Libra) had you gone ahead any earlier. I think you may be in France, correct? You may want to go right ahead from 8th June. For the record, Mercury was Retrograde at 22 Taurus since April 2016.

  23. Hello Jessica! Love your insight! Thought I would share my experience ( as well as many others) of Mercury Retrograde, Shadow, June 3rd. Friday my service went out on my cell phone. Could not receive or send texts or phone calls. I was aggravated, I tried to get in contact with the provider, but the only way to do so was call them…hmm, So I checked online and it appeared that the issue was not just my issue but of those all over the country. People were posting their aggravation. By the next morning I received a text from my provider apologizing for the technical issues and my service was back on!

    I guess Mercury Retrograde is not over until it’s over

    Peace and Love –

    1. Thank you for letting me know that about your cell phone. No, Mercury Retrograde is never over until the final shadow. Not long to go now, though!

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