How to Use My Astrology

Some people seem to think that I can tell them how to run their lives, or make their decisions for them. This is quite wrong.

I am often asked questions about the kind of astrology I practise, both online and offline. I use the Natural House system (sometimes called Aries 0 Ascendant) which puts the angles into houses and always puts Aries on the cusp of the First House.

I stopped using Placidus many years ago, switched to Equal House and now prefer Natural House. I use orbs of no more than one degree and include all the asteroids of modern astrology which complete the Roman family tree which began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest.

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How to Use My Astrology

Whenever you use my astrology in talks, workshops, personal readings, answers to your questions, podcasts, Twitter comments, columns or my books, you must accept it is for guidance only.

I can’t be held responsible for your decisions, about your life – any more than any other astrologer. You make your choices. Neither I nor astrology can make them for you! This applies to all the horoscope advice and information which has come from me – and will come from me, in future.

I’ve had some questions lately which have concerned me, as some people seem to think that I can tell them how to run their lives, or make their decisions for them.  This is quite wrong.

Like most astrologers I know, I cannot accept responsibility for the decisions you make about your life based on any of my horoscope guidance. The practice of astrology is always for guidance or entertainment only. You choose to accept it or reject it. It’s your call. And it’s your life, to live as you choose.

Astrology shows the currents of time. It shows where you are most likely to end up, given your starting point and current progress.

That is what my prediction, information and advice is based on. You have free will at all times, can change your direction or alter course. That is why my astrology is just one tool for you to use, in the tool kit of life.  Let’s look at Princess Diana as an example.

Your Horoscope, Fate and Fortune

This is Princess Diana’s horoscope (below) using the Natural House system and all the asteroids of modern astrology. She saw at least three astrologers, one of whom I know today. She also saw two psychics of my acquaintance.


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Does the chart show her marriage to Prince Charles? Yes. The MC or Midheaven is in the Seventh House of marriage. The MC shows your highest achievement and ambition – for her it was the wedding to Charles and the prospect of becoming partner to the next King.

As we all know it didn’t end up that way. Does the horoscope show her death? No. In astrology there is no signature for death, because the transition from this life to the next means so many different things, to different people. I sometimes hear people saying Pluto or the Eighth House ‘shows death’ but that’s nonsense.

You may read about a horoscope being able to tell you about the circumstances or timing of your death – not so. I’m afraid astrology has attracted a lot of myths and fallacies over its 2000+ years of existence. That is one of them.

Could my astrology (the kind of work I do, summed up in this example horoscope above) have told Princess Diana what to do with her life, when to do it, and why to do it? Absolutely not.

Astrology has thrived for over 2000 years because it has been used the right way – to help you navigate. That is all. It does not work like an auto-pilot to fly your own plane for you. What would be the point? This is your journey and you control it, not astrology and not me! If your horoscope turns out to be a good navigation tool, though, that’s great.

In common with many other astrologers, I can’t be liable for any decisions you make in your life. That holds good for all the astrology I practise, both online and offline.  I don’t hand over ‘liability’ for my own life choices to the other astrologers and psychics I occasionally consult. Nor should you.

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134 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, very well explained! Even though you are an amazing astrologer and medium! Your guidance had proof to me to be of great accuracy and help. Congrats!!! and thank you so much

  2. Jessica, I have enjoyed reading your work for many years and find it useful in my life. I recall in the early days you likened astrology to the weather forecast. It provides an indication of things ahead. So like when rain is forecast and you plan a picnic, you can choose to stay at home, take an umbrella or go out and dance naked! The choice is yours but you know what may be ahead. Keep up your most excellent work. I particularly enjoy your articles, the combination of writing style and research is awesome!

    1. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your kind words. And that’s so true – astrology is like a weather forecast. Bring an umbrella or dance naked in the rain, exactly!

  3. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for your clarification on the houses and the system you use. Also for the next post – it is very informative and comprehensive!
    I also have MC in libra. Overall, where do you see this play out in my chart? In the area of marriage, family, work or other?

    1. Thank you. You have the MC and also Fortuna in Libra in the Seventh House. Your highest achievement in this lifetime will be partnership. It may also be striving for fairness, justice, equality and balance with those against you. Using Princess Diana as an example – her most famous achievement was marrying Prince Charles, but equally, divorcing him and being at war with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Diana made her point about the unfairness that came when ‘there were three of us in this marriage.’ You don’t have to go down that route, by the way! A work partnership would be a great use of this placement.

  4. Hi Jessica, in using the natural house system, are you also simultaneously using whole sign houses? This would effectively put my MC in Pisces in the 12th house with Chiron soon to conjunct? Could you give me some idea of what that means? Thank you!

    1. Yes, the Natural House System uses whole sign houses, so your MC in Pisces (and in fact your whole Pisces stellium) ends up in the Twelfth House. Your highest achievement in this lifetime will be submerged, below the surface, virtually invisible and unfathomable. It is common in the charts of professional psychics but also people who work for MI6.

  5. Beautifully honest and modest article!!!!
    Kudos to you Jessica for being so daring, clear hearted and sincere to your readers!!!
    This article speaks volumes abt your commitment towards your readers…and that’s what makes you stand out from the rest!! God bless u always

  6. Aquastell62 I love that
    Plan a picnic stay home grab an umbrella or dance naked in the rain!!
    I love your forecast I use it to know what’s coming and prepare myself, but I also know it is my decision to make life brilliant. If I have Sagittarius 10′ in. My mc what is my overall marriage or journey? I am consistently single for now but I would hope in the future I would find someone ..

    1. You have Pluto at 11 Libra, the sign of partnership, and Jupiter (opportunity, growth, expansion, hope, meaning, improvement) moves to 11 Libra by next year – you will have a wonderful choice to make about your former or potential lover then. Your Sagittarius MC is about your highest achievement in this lifetime, which will involve travel – or travel in the mind.

      1. No love till next year? Am i just not meant to have love during this life time

        1. The trick to the new kind of love that comes for everyone September 2016-October 2017 is to realise that ‘equal but different’ works now. Of course you can begin the process immediately if you like. It may be just ticking different boxes on a dating website to see who is out there for you. Go beyond what you used to think was equal to you – and think ‘different but equal in other ways.’ This is what suits the new wave of change that is coming. We are going to see a ton of people with age, race, salary, social class differences falling in love. And it will be beautiful. Make sure you are involved in this wave and surf it.

  7. Thank you for all your articles.
    Honestly it was hard for me to believe that you have to come up with such article. People are so into 2 minutes burger world. They want everything in the smallest phase of time or may be there is less awareness of what astrology actually means.
    Personally, It’s been 2 years for me seeking all light and guidance from your write ups. I cant thank enough to you for expanding my views towards life.
    What would a Taurus ♉ midheaven means?

    1. Thank you very much. That phrase ‘two minute burger world’ is a good one – and astrology is 2000+ years old so it is much deeper and more detailed than it is often given credit for. You have Aesculapia in Taurus as well as your MC or Midheaven. That is interesting, because you have a unique ability to resurrect, revive and restore financial situations, houses, apartments, charities, business, companies and precious possessions. Your highest achievement in this lifetime will be to raise money for a worthwhile cause, like a charity for animals or children. This is the purest expression of Taurus, to give for the sake of giving. Taurus is also (at its peak) about accumulating wealth by refusing to cheapen yourself, or sell your soul for money. That is a real achievement. When Uranus goes into Taurus from 2018 your entire life is going to change as he will conjunct your MC and Aesculapius in the following years. I suspect there will be a massive shift with global currency and banks and you will play your part in that, as the Natural House system shows micro/macro. What you do, affects the whole. And the whole affects you. I wrote a piece about Uranus in Taurus and the revolution with money that is coming, which you may want to read, closer to the time. We are so used to Paypal, Stripe, Bitcoin, Fiverr, eBay and other innovative ways to bank, do business or exchange – but what is coming after 2018 makes all that look like history. I suspect you will begin to see your real mission in life in two/three years and begin manifesting your MC or Midheaven as it is meant to be.

  8. Jessica, I am a Gemini and my husband is a Scorpio. Your weekly ‘scope for the week of March 28 – April 3rd – with the Heart card pulled for both Gem and Scorp. (I LOVE how you are using the Lenoremand cards!) Dead on. Tough week, but forewarned was forearmed for me. Thanks again!

    1. I am so thrilled you are using the Lenormand Oracle cards in this way – the other tip I would pass on is to sit with the cards each time and really read them for yourself. Let your sixth sense pull more meaning out of the image. It will be different each time. Thank you.

  9. Hi Jessica. Thx for the follow.

    I have read been reading my horoscopes for some time and I’m still unclear of their meaning for me. My dates 28/04/1970 born 18.01 UK

    1)My marriage: I have asked my husband ( 28/05/66 born Calcutta 12.05 pm) for a divorce but he is refusing. We have not slept together (intimately for 7/8 yrs or have shared same bed for last 2/3yrs). We pretty much live separate lives apart from doing stuff with kids.We have 2 young children ( both IVF) who see that our marriage is not like other parents. I don’t want to make my marriage work and I want a divorce so that I have a chance to start a new life with my daughters away from my husband. Will I regret this move?
    2) I cannot stop thinking about my ex ( 26/03/68 born UK time unknown) who contacted me in 2014 and we exchanged messages last year for 3-4 mths which at times were very intimate ( sexting) and emotionally intense. We spoke about why I left him 15 yrs ago when We were so in love? ( I split with him very soon after my mothers death). I believe his marriage is uncertain and he is looking to relocate to Australia. Will we get back together? Is he having the same strong feelings for me? I’m certain that I will always love and be in love with this man as he has never been far from my thoughts in the last 20yrs. Is this the man I’m meant to be with, who can make me really happy? Or Should I do my best to remove him from my mind and try and move on?
    3) In my career: Since moving to another country 2013 in the hope that my marriage would improve( obviously not) I have been stuck, every time that I have applied, I have not gotten positive responses. Will I secure a role to enable me to be financially independent and financially stable if/ when I divorce.
    4) When or will I move out and set up home with my children. Will I move countries or am I trapped overseas? When is this likely?
    5) What dates would be good for me to make contact or meet with my ex, should I not message him anymore? When is good to serve divorce papers? Sorry so many questions but I’m at such a crossroad in my life and frightened of screwing up my kids lives. Im certain my husband will fight everything and try and trap me in this awful pointless marriage by filling me with guilt & using our daughters. Need your wisdom and guidance for sure. If you cant do my reading can you suggest someone else please.
    Thks for you help with this

    1. Okay, I have your horoscope here. I can see how anxious you are about all the different possible outcomes and so you’ve asked a number of questions simultaneously. Let me reassure you about the long-term future immediately. Once Jupiter moves into Scorpio at the end of 2017 and throughout 2018, your issues with your husband will be over. Please be patient in 2016 as Mars Retrograde in Scorpio will bring standstills, delays and stop-start progress in your pursuit of divorce. Nevertheless, once Jupiter the problem-solver moves into Scorpio, you will have help, healing and closure on what has obviously been a very painful situation, for an awfully long time. I am using two different house systems here to tell you this. The first one is the Solar House system, which shows the headlines of your life. The second is the Natural House system, which shows the personal, private story. You can see that you have Jupiter and Proserpina in Scorpio. This is why I am so positive about your future, as you will have your Jupiter Return towards the end of 2017, which is a rare and wonderful opportunity. Please be aware that you stand to gain via the money, possessions or property from this point and this will help you look after your children’s future. This is why it is extremely important that you follow the rules regarding due legal process, separation, divorce and child custody. What does the law tell you, you must do? Just do it. (I strongly suspect cheating, even by text, is not in the rules). Please focus your thoughts and energy on a good outcome for you with the money and the home, from the end of next year. You should also know the worst is over. You went through the Saturn in Scorpio cycle in 2013, 2014 and part of 2015 – and it is well and truly behind you. Even though 2016 will try your patience, by the end of 2017 you are on your way and in 2018 you can put the past behind you. By 2018 you will be in a position to think seriously about a new commitment. All your questions about work, location of your home and the children matter – of course – but actually you need to stick to the core basics, which are – the financial settlement, childcare payments, access to your precious possessions, property settlement – and the rest. Your other questions can follow later. It’s about the money, honey. And you need to do the right thing, in the right way, to access what is fair. I strongly recommend you read what I wrote about Scorpio on this website (hit SEARCH) as you will recognise yourself in that story and hopefully understand more about the cycle you are going through. In general, now through September 2016, your children are your greatest asset. Put them first and make sure their father knows you are putting them first, for their sakes – and both your sakes. Questions about jobs, other potential lovers, world locations should come way, way down on the list. I hope this helps. You may also want to get a second opinion from The Astrology Oracle. Often it will tell you the same thing as your chart, so you know you have that reassurance. I can’t be liable for your life – you make the decisions not me – but I hope that the timing I have passed onto you helps you make the right decision for the future of your children and their security. You are literally going through a Saturn-Jupiter cycle in the sign of Scorpio which directly hits your chart and can only happen very rarely in your lifetime. It is very, very important that you understand the father of your children is in what the French call ‘promenade a deux’ with you – for more on this, please refer to the long article I wrote on Scorpio and its impact on sexual relationships like marriage. Good luck.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Before I open up my box, I would like to tell you that at this time around last year I landed on your site. At first reading your horoscopes was like a balm for my wounds but then slowly and gradually and exactly a year later it has become empowering for me in the true sense. You deserve all the wonderful appreciation for your great work. Also, as one of the readers has already mentioned I am a fan of your “research” into astrology.

    Now my box of queries!! I have midheaven in Leo which happens to be my 10th house at 2°27′ and jupiter retrograde in gemini at 3°03′. Please interpret this for me.

    Also my venus squares neptune at 2°51′-71(orb orb/ value) . It is only through your readings that I am finally learning to take off my rose-colored glasses and seeing things and people at face-value and not in between the lines. But, I have realized that this particular aspect overshadows other aspects of my life as well, in fact day-to day activities. Can you suggest more practicalities that I can undertake in life and future. I know I am going beyond astrology!!

    The other thing: off late, in February and march you had been mentioning boundaries. I want to know when will such particular scene in my life will get its “the end”. I have taken my decision but I feel it needs a stamp to close this chapter. I have my sun in scorpio at 15°50′ and ascendant in scorpio at 7°20′.

    The last,can you please tell me if I have prospects looming for love??? Asking you because I feel its time I deserve this rightfully. Do you see any life-changing prospects ahead on the horizon because I don’t know why but I do!!

    Asked you too much. Please care to respond. Anxiously waiting!!

    1. That’s really kind, thank you. I am glad astrology is opening up for you, on this website. Okay, first of all – try Natural Houses. This is also called the Aries 0 Ascendant house system. If you use this method, your Midheaven ends up in Leo in the Fifth House which describes the legacy of your personality, as left to the younger generation born 20 years or more after you. These may be your children, godchildren, nieces, nephews – or the children you devote your paid or unpaid work to. This is going to be your highest achievement on this planet, in your lifetime. You were born with Jupiter in Gemini in your Third House sextile the Midheaven in Leo in your Fifth House so your path lies with a younger generation and the world of the internet, books, words, images and ideas. Connect those (especially when Jupiter transits to 2 Libra at the end of this year) and you will be very happy. You have a bunch of questions there, as you say, but this is the most important thing I can tell you. In fact, watch all transits at 2 Leo, Gemini, Libra, Aries which will allow you to pursue the twin goals of communication and much younger people. That’s your reason for being here.

  11. I cannot thank you enough! I want you to know this from the bottom of my heart.

    Will you believe me if I tell you that since 2015 I have been digging deep into the purpose of my life and had come very close to the insights offered by you in February of 2016. I have thoughts, visions and in search of a foundation. I believe I will get there.

    Please, care to answer my boundaries question. It has stagnated me for very long. I just need to know when is the final “THE END” coming, so that I can be at peace.

    Thank you again a million times. I really hope to meet you someday in person.

    1. Ah, thank you very much. That is really kind. Okay, boundaries is a big issue. Something I have found works extremely well for people is swimming. Why? Because you have to swim within the lanes, between the ropes. You have to observe the rules of deep and shallow end. You can lose yourself and escape, and mix/merge with the water and others…yet you are also contained and controlled. Others must also contain and control where they swim in relation to you. If you cannot get to a swimming pool or the ocean, please try to walk near water once a week. A river will do, or a lake in the park. You used the word ‘stagnated’ which is also about this cycle. It is about water not flowing. Why does it not flow? Because there are issues about boundaries/losing boundaries/flooding and the rest. I am working with a very ancient technique here which is similar to Carl Jung’s notion of archetypes. Please sit with the image of water, swimming pools, rivers, the ocean and the rest. If you like swimming and it’s easy for you, please do try this very simple exercise and do it often. I have seen it truly change people.

  12. hello Jessica Adams,

    Thanks for sharing some good information. if you could also share the chart with d-9 and d-30 charts that would help us to explore more intricate connections.

  13. Thank you again. You are very generous!

    One last query- Since you have mentioned natural house system I am trying to learn about it with no lead so far. Which sources can help me gain a basic understanding about it?

    1. If you become a Premium Member on this website you can access all the stories on the Natural House system and also pick up your chart in this system.

  14. Hey hey!! Didn’t mean to take away your precious time since you take care to respond to almost every query so genuinely.

    You have opened me to a new world and such a good understanding of myself and why certain things things unfolded in my life the way they did and how I am now better equipped to deal with anything that unfolds in future. The astrology of asteroids is hands on!!

    Can you tell me what to look for in a chart that can tell me if I will marry a person of different nationality than mine?

    1. Thank you very much Unfortunately your horoscope cannot tell you if you will marry someone from a different nationality, or even if you will marry at all.

  15. Hello Jessica

    Previously when enquired about clairvoyants you suggested Ruth Phillips & Anthony Kasner. Don’t have access to Skype/international phone calls so Ruth is out (my questions aren’t suited to one line email), can’t find email for Anthony to contact him. Would help to know if need umbrella or best to stay home.

    Every area of life is not going well, nearly 42, been this way whole life. Years of counselling, therapy, personal dvlpmt, groups, etc does not help nor does all kinds of medical treatment including traditional and alternative. Tried several spiritual churches but they were not friendly and looked down their nose at lengthy list of difficulties even though I’ve tried everything can think of. Being around children or young people makes me very unhappy, staying as far away from them as possible helps in preventing things from being worse. Feel everyone/everything puts me in the too hard basket yet I’ve tried as hard as I can, including going with the flow. letting it be etc.


    1. It is a good idea to try what you have (so far) never tried. This is sometimes such obvious and simple advice, but it is amazing how we repeat the same stuff, and then are so amazed when it does not work. If you are still doing what you were doing, back in 2015, 2014, 2013 or earlier – maybe it’s time to accept that the recipe is not helping you. You are still getting the same results and you do not like them – so this is a wrong recipe. It will help you a lot to write down what you are cooking in your life, and what ingredients you are using each time. Getting it out of your head and down on paper can show you patterns. The trick is then to turn your back on these patterns, as they never serve you, and find new experiments to try. You can rip up or burn the paper afterwards. It is private. Having identified the recipes in your life that you always go back to (which never work) you should then light a candle, and ask your guides and helpers in spirit to show you new methods, attitudes, possibilities, outlets to try. Be open to that and take it seriously. What or who comes your way in the weeks following this request is there for you to try. It’s your new recipe of life book.

  16. Well said Jessica!
    I would like to ask something regarding May 2016 forecast., I am a bit confused …
    wich areas of my personal chart will be affected since my ascendant is in 0 degrees but so is my descendent ?
    Thank you for your time,

    1. Born with the Moon, Vesta, Salacia and the North Node in Aquarius you are all about the group – and your friends. It matters quite as much as family and maybe more. Until June 7th you will be strongly focussed on your friendships and also the network, circle, club, team, committee, association and so on. It will also go backwards and forwards with changes of plan, rescheduling, changes of mind, waiting games or x factors which affect what is ‘known’ or ‘certain’ from April. Allow for that. Get to know your Aquarius side too, it could change your life!

      1. Thank you for your reply and pointing out my Aquarius side . I keep forgetting about it.
        will definitely do that!

  17. Hello Jessica,
    I have made a decision to untangle myself from the joint ownership of a home.
    The people involved are both libra, ex inlaws born in 57.
    Any insights?
    Thank you,

    1. Very smart move, though difficult – Cancer rules family (including in-laws) and also houses and apartments, so I am looking for anything in the sign of Cancer in your chart. What I see is the IC at 14 Cancer in your horoscope. The IC rules your family, roots, heritage, home, property anyway – so this is a double whammy. No wonder you are going through this, as Jupiter moves to 14 Virgo and Saturn moves to 14 Capricorn – yet it will work out in the end. Born in 1957, your former in-laws are all about fairness, justice, equality etc. so if you balance the scales meticulously, they cannot but help back you. It’s going to take time but it will work out, according to your chart.

  18. Hi Jessica
    I’m really confused about houses. I’m a Capricorn.

    Which is my first house? Is it Cap or Aries?
    Do the houses follow in anti clockwise direction?
    If Mars is currently in my 11th house now (from your weekly Capricorn ) is that Scorpio? I thought that was my eighth.

    Sorry to bug you with my complete lack of knowledge. I’ve really tried to figure this out. I’ve read lots of your articles and just when I think I’m with it I read another of your blogs ( which are really brilliant by the way) and end up confused.

    If you have a moment a quick answer to the questions above would be hugely appreciated.

    Many thanks

    1. You are heavily Capricorn with a stellium (cluster of heavenly bodies) in Capricorn. I use the Natural House system so in the horoscope I have here, your Capricorn stellium is in the Tenth House of ambition, mission and position. This shows the *personal* story of who you are, and what you do, and why you are here. It’s personal because this information is based on your time, place and date of birth. One look at this chart and I can see that your career defines you, no matter if you hit highs or lows with it. The other chart I use shows your public self. The headlines of your life. This uses the Solar Chart system. So – no confusion. One chart is the inside story, the other is the exterior story everyone can see.

  19. I would just like to say I LOVE my subscription, thank you very much Jessica xxxxx

  20. Hey Jessica !
    I have a question for you related to Mercury retrograde. I know it is not advised to make big decisions during this time but I kind of did and I feel as excited as I feel scared of maybe making a big mess. My work contract will finish in the end of June and I resolved that I will inform my boss that I will not want a renewal as expected. In reality I decided I will embrace a new journey and start my own online business as a freelancer. I’ve had this idea for ages but never had the balls to really start it and now I feel that it’s the right time ! I even have friends that are proposing freelancer jobs for me and motivating me, saying they know they can find me more clients and all.
    Everyone is really supportive but my husband is afraid of the financial part of the deal. It’s a big risk. And I’m starting from the zero and working my way up.

    A few months ago you said that around March my working life would change and I would find my match working wise. I feel I found it. I’m feeling positive vibes here! But Mercury retrograde is scaring me off. Am I blindsided ? Will this situation go back and forth and , in the end, will I realize I made a bad decision by don’t wanting to renew the contract and take the risk ?

    Thank you very much !
    You’ve been a guide for me and i really appreciate you 🙂

    1. Thank you. There are a few retrogrades happening in 2016 – not just Mercury – and it will take until August 2nd for everything to start moving forward without any more rescheduling, rehearsals or chop/change as . I’m glad your friends are proposing freelance jobs for you. You were born with Ceres at 23 Scorpio so while Mars is taking forever to move off 23 Scorpio, you can expect an initial period of flux with the money – and yes your husband is part of the story. Basically what began with the money, business, house, apartment, possessions in November 2015 then went backwards/forwards in February 2016 and will come up again in June-July 2016. The compromise needs to be sorted out and yet it will be complete by the end of July. Ceres is about the four seasons of being freelance, financially – spring, summer, autumn, winter – and this part of your horoscope is being well and truly triggered so you may want to look up Ceres and also Scorpio to see how it all works. With Uranus (freedom, independence) also passing over 23 Aries in 2016 it’s no wonder you decided to put a price on being free and realised you wanted to pay that cost, because it was worth it to you. This cycle can only happen once in your working life!

  21. Hi Jessica,
    I am a premium member and love all that I have been learning through your website. Last year was the worst of my life and I have a north node in Scorpio at 29 Degrees which I learned was one of the reasons since Saturn was in Scorpio for a few years. I just read that Mars is entering Scorpio at 29 degrees so I was wondering how this is significant for me? Thanks so much for all that you do for us on your website it rocks!!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad the website is showing you some astrology secrets. I just looked at your chart to see why 2015 was one of the worst years of your life. You had a cycle not possible for another 240+ years (thank goodness) as Pluto moved across 12, 13, 14, 15 degrees of Capricorn and opposed your Cancer stellium. You were born with Mercury at 11 Cancer, Juno at 12 Cancer and Vulcano at 16 Cancer. You are also a Cancerian anyway, so your entire identity is concerned with safety, security, belonging, a sense of place, a sense of clan/kinship and so on – yet Pluto was challenging you. Of course, Saturn also played his part (good old Saturn). Sometimes the trick with these cycles is to focus on something/someone totally different. You will be able to do this through a partnership, duet or double act once Jupiter moves into Libra from September 2016 and enjoy the rewards throughout 2017. Think about the power of two. As Jupiter will also be in your Fourth House in your public solar chart from the same time, I do think you’ll be thrilled with your house or apartment from that point, too, and will develop a deeper and richer relationship with your home town or country.

  22. Hi Jessica
    This seems like a good place to ask this question. I note that you seem to reverse the interpretation paradigm for the Nodal Axis.
    Most astrologers I’ve read etc. teach that the North Node is that which we are aspiring to embody/embrace … our “karmic” destiny, for want of a better term. The South Node is generally spoken of in terms of “what we came in with” or “our past Karma etc..” and that the task, (trying not to sound too schematic here) is to take that which we’ve come in with and take it with us to the North Node experience. I.E. Not to get stuck at the South Node energy.
    By way of example, my South Node is conjunct Neptune in Libra and obviously, North Node is in Aries.
    I’d be grateful if you could interpret this according to your paradigm. If I’ve misunderstood your position on the nodes, I apologize wholeheartedly!
    If I haven’t then please advise how you have arrived at your position.
    Kindest and thanks for the blog!


    1. I have been researching the North Node and South Node for years and realised that the North Node describes the stuck-record side of karma (all you can do is deal with the soundtrack and change the way you hear it). The South Node is easier – familiar music, which you don’t have to get up and dance to, ever again. The Second World War and its leaders will tell you all you need to know about the difference between the Nodes. In your own chart, you have classic issues about being in a marriage or serious relationship and being separated from that person by war. Watch what happens when Jupiter in Libra moves to the exact degree of your Nodes. Your former, current or potential partner at that moment may well be the lover you went through this with, a very long time ago.

  23. Mm, further thoughts… So, really, it isn’t that much different from a “traditional psychological” approach. I have to keep remembering that you are more “literal” or “outer in the world” orientated. Obviously because you are a predictive astrologer. If you were to put on a psychological hat for a moment, how would you describe your nodal interpretation paradigm?

    1. Interesting question. I believe the macro influences the micro and vice-versa. Using Aries 0 on the cusp of the First House puts the individual in the world horoscope, and the world horoscope in the individual’s chart. When the Nodes go through Virgo/Pisces and we have a prospective cure for cancer, and health tourism becomes an election issue in the UK, and a virus threatens the Olympics – it’s not just coming from above. Entire generations of people who incarnated with Virgo-Pisces stuff in their chart have the Nodes conjunct and opposite their placements. So they bring the issues. And the issues bring them.

  24. Hi Jess,

    The late great Jonathan Cainer was very clear about the sign for Capricorn being viewed as a ‘mere goat’ and not a ‘mountain goat’. It would appear from your latest monthly forecast you do not share his view, so which one of you is right?

  25. Daily horoscope has been missing Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 June 2016, when will it return?

    1. Thank you. I was caught in one of those unique Australian non-mobile broadband situations that we all know – and don’t love! I’m now off the plane and your daily horoscope is updated.

  26. Hello Jessica, I do have Saturn and pluto in scorpio I think in my 7th house, and also MC in Capricorn.
    What does this say about my relationships in general?

    1. Not so much your relationships. You may want to hit ‘Libra’ on Search and also Jupiter in Libra, and I am answering questions about that in September when the cycle begins.

  27. Hi there Jessica. Thanks so much for putting out the extremely activated astrology in the blogs in the past weeks. I am currently moving toward a new career opportunity with an interview on July 5. The astrology looks a little complicated for me based on your July forecasts. Is this a day that I should personally skip based on my chart factors? This potential position is a big factor for me. Thanks Jessica! Your predictions are absolutely spot on!

    1. Thank you, I am glad the predictions are spot on for you. I am happy you have Cupido in Virgo as Jupiter (opportunity, solutions) is in Virgo – perfect timing for this or any other position. You were born with the ability to make people fall in love with your hard work, attention to detail and need to serve/do your duty. You also love doing a job ‘well done.’ Put this across, now through September and watch what comes.

  28. Hi Jessica, I am seriously wanting to move house as I don’t like it where I live anymore but I’m worried I won’t have enough to find somewhere better as the area has gone downhill in the last few years. I also have a small amount of equity in another property and I’m thinking of selling that too to try and raise a bit more. Do you have any idea if or when the time is ripe for this and any signs of love appearing? It’s been a long time and I suppose I’ve resigned myself to never finding anyone again.

    Thank you, Lesley

    1. If you want to move then do it quickly before Mercury turns retrograde shadow on 10th August. You should think about friendship before love then see what comes your way. You will love the opportunities to make new friends starting September 2016 and lasting into October 2016.

  29. Your Aussie website is poorly updated lately. Daily horoscope out of date today. Weekly horoscope was published three days early. Posting errors are becoming more common. This is disappointing.

    1. My apologies. A tree fell on the power lines at my office and I had no electricity for two days. It’s not an Australian website, by the way!

  30. Thanks for the clarification about the house system, Jessica. Can I just ask (and I hesitate seeing as my chart looks like a teacher has gone to town with a red pen on it 🙂 ) I seem to have a lot of planets & other bodies in retrograde? Does this alter how I (and others in the same boat) should interpret current planetary movements?

    1. That’s too funny about your chart. Retrogrades in your chart, when triggered by transits, result in you moving backwards/forwards regarding those particular issues raised by the sign and house, where you find the retrograde. You have Uranus and Pluto Retrograde (R) in Virgo in your Sixth House which rules work, unpaid work and study – and also your body and the way your physical condition influences your whole lifestyle. Jupiter is also in Virgo now, so close to this pattern in your chart. So – you are seeing an opportunity to improve and upgrade these issues, but you may find that you are going back and forth with them.

      1. Thanks for that! You’ve just summed up my entire life – perpetual student that can’t seem to settle on one thing or one area. The physical condition aspect is spot on, colours everything and is a battle at the moment – feels like Groundhog Day. I’m working on it though, and now I know it’s highlighted in my chart I’ll use that to spur me on 😉

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I love your blog, makes so much sense to me 🙂
    My MC is in Virgo, what does that mean? My works has decreased a bit and I am a bit worried that I will not get enough (casual teaching), appreciate your thoughts.
    Many thanks JR

    1. Thank you very much. You were born with Pluto at 27 Virgo in the Sixth House of work, so you have quite a lot of power as a teacher, or in any other position where you are bound by duty and service to a system (like a school). You also need to learn to give and take, as you cannot have total control all the time. The good news is, when Jupiter the planet of opportunity and problem-solving moves to 27 Virgo for the first time in 12 years, your working life opens up. This occurs in the final week of August 2016 and I think it will probably be timed for you by Venus also at 27 Virgo near Sunday 28th August. Mercury is retrograde at 27 Virgo on the 25th-26th August, which is also in the ball park, so it looks as if the key discussion, paperwork, offer or opportunity will occur then. Just allow for Mercury to produce the usual delays or changes as late as the first week of October, but do pursue this big open door as it will not swing open again workwise for another 12 years.

  32. Thank you Jessica feeling hopeful. A permanent part time position was offered in May and then nothing has happened since. I have concluded a semester of teaching without appropriate wage. Now I have asked for more work….fingers crossed. Bless you for sharing your gift.

    1. That sounds frustrating and unfair to say the least, but you are in an amazing cycle. Look beyond this actual position or your local situation. Look online, across the country and across the world. Use your journal to make notes/sketches about the core of what you want to give and receive from work. Ask your guides and helpers in spirit to assist you in making win-win connections. Then see what happens!

  33. Hi Jessica. I was in the running for a role that I felt was tailor made for me however just recently found out it is not being filled at this time. I really don’t see anything on the horizon although I’m hopeful that this may change soon. Based on my work aspects in my chart do you foresee a turnaround for my professional interests? I have been out of work for the last year and feeling a little lost. Thanks Jessica, so love your articles and thoughtful observations.

    1. Darn! I can see the opportunity in your chart – it happened as Jupiter crossed 14 and 15 Virgo in your Sixth House of work. You have Cupido at 25 Virgo so were actually made to serve others by working very hard on their behalf. Not working would affect you more than most people. Use your journal and focus on the days when you see anything at 25 degrees, now through October. Focus even harder on the second half of August as Jupiter will sit right on Cupido in your chart (you can look both of these up on Search) and bring a solution or open door you want. Open yourself up to the idea of work in all its forms – part-time, full-time, paid or unpaid. Sit with the idea of being the indispensable person who makes big things happen by being the magic ingredient in the formula. Play with ideas, daydreams, goals, wishes, hopes and dreams and start shaking things up a bit. Then see what comes – because something will.

  34. Dearest Jessica
    God bless you and bless you so much more. You have changed my life for good. Thank you for the wonderful astrology. Thank you really!

  35. Jessica, I do have leo and virgo factors in my chart. I’m considering a business arrangement with 3 brothers in the same line of work as myself. They are 20+ years younger than me. I have know them for 10 years, helped them get started back in the day.
    Any insights?

    Also thank you for the advice pertaining to my previous situation with in laws …I was able to untangle myself from that and the time line worked out in my favor!


    1. Thank you – I am glad you untangled the situation with the in-laws using astrology. Okay, you are in quite a heavy, serious financial, business and property cycle until Christmas 2017 so as long as you are aware of the rather onerous responsibilities and are happy to pay that price, it should be fine. You will be delighted with the trends from the final quarter of 2017, though, as the load lightens, then from January 2018 you are on your way with booming business opportunities and solutions. Jupiter in Scorpio is basically what you are waiting for, then.

  36. Hi Jessica
    I’m so glad I signed up as a Premium member on your website. Your astrology has helped me plan through some uncertain times, some of which is going on. I’ve also opened myself to reading & learning all sorts to improve myself and my environment (I put this down to Jupiter in Virgo) and the strong need to expand myself mentally. Thanks for your great work!

  37. Hi Jessica. I think your website is fantastic and I have recently read a lot of your previous blog articles having only recently found your site. I commented recently on my Saturn cycle and your reply was very much spot on (having had a few very hard years of Saturn in Scorpio – had my full time job end in a very distressing way, relationship difficulties, serious health difficulties and ended up moving house a number of times – it seemed to affect every part of my life and all that I had previously stood for. It feels as though a lot of confidence that I had in myself and life has been lost or seriously challenged). You recently told me that the worst is over and I am thankful to hear that as it has been difficult.
    I am just wondering if you do personal charts for clients (happy to pay for this service of course). I just find that your astrology is very accurate and would very much appreciate your views of my chart in general. Cheers, JO

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad the astrology was spot on for you. I do personal readings, but only for Premium Members – and there is a two year waiting list. Watch your newsletter as I am accepting new clients for 2018 towards the end of this year. Trust that the worst is over, use your quarterly journal and track when Jupiter is passing over the same degree (number) as your Libra placements as this is when the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partner will open up for you and lead to wonderful improvements or solutions in your life.

      1. Thankyou, I will certainly look out for this and hopefully get onto the list.
        Just wondering if you could point me in the direction on your website that explains how to see when Jupiter is passing over my Libra placements – I am still new at this so a little confused of how I check this. My partner has his sun in Libra, so I’m guessing this is also important.
        Much appreciated 🙂

        1. You will have your Jupiter Return in September which is huge, in terms of the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner and the dazzling opportunity or solution (Jupiter returns to the same degree/number of Libra he occupied at birth). Your journal can tell you about the other patterns.

          1. Thanks so much. I’m sorry to be frustrating but could you let me know the dates of this? I am trying to figure this out as to when this happens but just cannot see where I can read up on this as to figure out the actual dates for me. Trying to do my homework as much as I can!
            I have been away for a while and we are actually planning of being back together in September and it would be wonderful to know the dates that would be most beneficial for us. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your reply to my questions.

          2. It’s a pleasure. You have your Jupiter Return at 1 Libra on September 15th-18th though you will feel it as early as September 10th-14th and as late as September 19th-22nd. You may want to read more widely about the Jupiter Return as it is one of the most fortunate cycles in astrology. You will be given an opportunity to do more, have more and experience more with your former, current or potential partner. If there are any obstacles preventing growth and satisfaction, they will be rolled out of the way. You are on a wonderful journey with this person from that point on, with more rewards in 2017. However I think you could easily be in a second partnership, too. Two is your magic number starting September. If anything or anybody is stopping the power of two, it will disappear from your life, yet by 2017 you will be thrilled at the way ‘two’ works.

  38. Hi Jessica, I’m a Leo 27/7/64 Bristol UK 00.30 BST, I read my horoscopes and particularly enjoy your world predictions BUT Leo horoscopes are rarely accurate for me (and only the bad stuff when they are). Is this something to do with an individuals chart or do some people just move outside the flow of astrology waves? Thanks

    1. Thank you. I don’t know why your Leo horoscope is seldom accurate for you! Have you not experienced a total revolution in the way you think about the world via the worldwide web since 2011? If so, you are experiencing Transiting Uranus in the Solar Ninth House along with every other Leo. If not, then astrology is completely wrong – but how did I just use it to predict Brexit when the polls said it wasn’t going to happen? Hmmm.

  39. Thank you so much for your reply and insight into my situation. I truly appreciate your kindness and patience in answering my questions.

  40. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your wonderful explanation of eclipses. I have read where the eclipses are only in effect if they conjoin or oppose a planet on one’s chart. But you have included other aspects. Does this mean squares and trines should be included as well? Thank you.

    1. You are too kind. Include all the aspects – squares and trines too – because it’s all sacred geometry. Hit ‘Sacred Geometry’ on search to see how it works. There are no important or unimportant aspects, just aspects, and they all make big patterns in your birth chart.

  41. Hi Jessica, Sorry didn’t mean to imply you were inaccurate. A Leo friend’s horoscope is always accurate but not for me (not just your horoscopes). Haven’t had much to do with the web and it hasn’t changed my opinions in any way? Just not much interested in communicating or the internet. My query was more to do with are some people buffeted more by astrological forces while others are more ‘captains of their fate’? Incidentally it was seeking the latest predictive poll on Brexit (I voted out) the evening of the vote that led me to your site accidently and have been enjoying the world predictions since! I just feel maybe some people walk outside the planetary waves and wondered if you had noticed this or whether there was something specific about a chart that would lead to this?

    1. Not at all! I find it fascinating that you are not experiencing Uranus in the Ninth House and have seen absolutely no effects of this cycle since 2011, having been given a good five years to see it. Nobody walks outside the planetary waves, but sometimes people either have the wrong birth date (it does happen) or they just aren’t seeing how the horoscope has been working for them.

  42. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your website but also for your 2020 Astrology book – my mum has been doing my astrology (very accurately!) for years, and put me onto your site after reading something in the Women’s Weekly that was spot on. I’m still working my way through all the information you’ve made available, but I started with the monthly horoscopes. I had an unexpected promotion in May 2014 and then a baby in January 2016 and, having recently returned to work, feel a lot of pressure to bring work in and prove to my superiors that they made the right decision promoting me – however, things are rather quiet and I’m feeling under a lot of pressure. I’ve had a couple of potential ‘wins’ throughout August, but they’ve not crystallised and things haven’t really changed (actually, my anxiety levels have increased!). I’m also feeling conspicuous because of the time I need for a small baby at home. I’ve read your monthly horoscopes for Scorpio and have been focusing on groups of people at work but expect plans will take some time to bear fruit? At the moment, it just feels as though I’m casting about for a direction and not finding one. I’ll persist with reading the 2020 book for answers when I have a moment, but any insight you might be able to provide would be enormously appreciated.

    1. Please thank your Mum for me – it is amazing how many Australian Womens’Weekly readers become Premium Members and start delving in astrology, as a result of my column. I actually began my own interest in astrology at the age of 14 years old, by reading the same magazine! Okay – so this does sound a little stressful with the promotion, then the baby, and the return to work. You are actually in a cycle which can only happen every 240+ years, as Pluto in Capricorn transits your Tenth House of ambition, career, success, position and mission. You were born with a T-Square involving Ceres at 18 Capricorn in the Tenth House of work, aspecting Minerva and Pluto with just one degree’s difference. As transiting (travelling) Pluto moves over 17 and 18 degrees of Capricorn, the whole pattern is triggered and you must accept a transformation in the balance of power. No need to be anxious, just accept that a long, slow transformation of your position, mission and ambition is here. Give yourself a lot of time and space as the cycle ends in November 2018, so you have about two years to reconstruct your ideas about what success should be. This just has to bring in motherhood, the family and partnership – because of Cancer and Libra, the signs occupied by Minerva and Pluto in your T-Square. You could actually get quite a lot of inspiration by delving into that T-Square and understanding how your Capricorn, Cancer and Libra side might work together, no matter if you end up working full-time, part-time or finding another creative way of handling what is undoubtedly going to be a time of change. I don’t think any astrologer would be too surprised to hear that your whole profession, business or industry will go through reshuffles and mergers between now and 2018. Promotion and demotion is very common. The trick is finding your power. These cycles are best managed by drawing on your self-control and willpower to become the boss of your own success in life, however you interpret that, and understanding that by running your own ship, you find the precious gift of empowerment, which cannot be achieved any other way.

  43. Jessica, many thanks for your insight. I’ve done some searching on T-squares and they sound rather dramatic, but I’m not clear on how best to develop under the influence of one. I’ve often felt incredibly ambitious about my career, but I want to do things my way, and at the moment, with the lack of work, it’s making me feel rather powerless. My mum (with her astrologer’s hat on) keeps telling me to be patient …

    1. T-Squares stand for Tension with a capital T because they stretch you three ways. If you are still not up to speed with the meaning of this Pluto transit, hit Search or pick up 2020 Astrology by downloading it here.

  44. Hi Jessica – thanks for your insight (how to use my Astrology) – such clarity! My mom is an avid follower of yours and has put me onto your work – we’ve both been rivited.

    Jessica, could you shed some light on something I’ve been struggling with for years now: My son’s father has an abnormal (abusive) relationship with him, (my son = 24th March, 2010, Johannesburg at 09:38am). Is there anything you can see for this in the future, any way I might resolve it, or does it even have a future, the father is mostly absent (overseas). How can I best resolve this for my little boy urgently? How soon will this end? Is there indication that this relationship ends at any stage for the good of the child?

    I’d greatly appreciate any inisight you may have.
    Thanks so much Jessica.

    1. Thank you, and thanks also to your mother. I am very sorry your son has a bad relationship with his father. It’s hard to comment without also seeing his father’s chart, but I note you and your son are both Sun Aries people. You have your Ceres Return in Aries taking place in 2016. Hit Search to read more about Ceres and Aries. In mythology Ceres owned her young daughter until the day Pluto took her daughter away from her. Jupiter resolved the issue by effectively giving Ceres and Pluto equal custody. That is absolutely true, and you have this planet now returning to the sign it was in, when you were born. Looking at the art and reading the myth will give you your own answer, but when Ceres finally leaves Aries, the heat has gone.

      1. Hi Jessica – I have managed to get my chart printed using SolarFire and found that the Lunar Return one indicates that Ceres leaves my chart and moves onto 0 degrees of Taurus in Feb 2017. Is this correct? Is that what you mean when you say that when Ceres finally leaves Aries, the heat has gone? Sounds so hopeful! How do I interpret that?
        Thanks so much Jessica!

  45. I am amazed how I can relate my sun, moon and asc horoscopes to your predictions! Could you help me get a understanding on if I’m this is a karmatic relationship or if this is the one I need to grow? Me: 08-19-78 at 4:58 pm, des moines iowa, him 12-20-77 at 5:02 am, providence rhode island. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Thank you. You have the Sun in Leo and your boyfriend has the Sun in Sagittarius. The issue for both of you is children, now through Christmas 2017. You don’t say if either of you is a parent, or if you want to become parents (or not) but it is a major talking point and a choice must be made.

  46. Jessica,
    Wow! About to file legal papers for his visitation for 2 of his kids, then papers to a different mother for the final child. My child recently got married. Bf and I lost a child in Dec 2014 due to some medical issues. I think I’m fated to bring him and kids together legally and show him how to trust and love again, unsure if I will get the same from him, crazy Sagittarius…

  47. Hi Jessica, I just love reading your website and the astrology 2020 ebook was wonderful! I have a question, have I got caught up in Jupiter in libra excitement?-especially as I’m having my Jupiter return- in work I’ve been waiting for a new opportunity and one came up in the last 2 weeks which I took but now I’m feeling I jumped too quickly and I’m having second thoughts , any insight would be great! Thanks

    1. No, you didn’t jump too quickly when you took that Jupiter in Libra opportunity! Your timing was immaculate. Stay tuned, this is going to grow. (And I’m glad you like our website and my new book, too).

  48. Thanks for all you do. It is really helpful. Very often we are at our wits end and nothing we do seems right or we can’t find a way out of the problem. It is then we look to you for guidance. May I ask a question too? My horoscope for October says to accept the new coming my way. I was ready for it in March but then took a step back in the interest of the family. Now it seems the new will likely happen meaning a sea change for me. I am nervous but think this will happen no matter what I do. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you, that is a very kind thing to say. You are strongly Pisces (psychic) so should try The Astrology Oracle too. Basically you are in the most important cycle for 12 years with your house, money, apartment or business. Yes, you would have been ready in March and April 2016. Your timing is actually very good, as October will bring you the most incredible answer or opportunity in years. I am not sure when you are picking up this reply but if you do so on the New Moon in Libra, across the weekend of 1st-2nd October, focus on your intentions, get clear about what you want and need, check that it is also good for others, then make your notes and sketches in your journal. Build this story over the next few weeks.

  49. Hi Jessica –

    I am a newbie when it comes to astrology and trying to figure out how to read my horoscopes correctly and also use the Astrology Journal effectively. When I read my weekly or monthly horoscope, or try to figure out how a new or full moon will affect me and I see the degrees and signs you list I think I might be confused. This is how I am interpreting the information given in the weekly and monthly horoscopes and the astrology journal:

    Placements in the same sign and degree means you will be personally effected and you will feel the conflict or benefit from that particular transit and aspect.

    Placements in the same sign but not the same degree means you will be affected in a big picture sort of way from that particular transit and aspect.

    Placements in the same degree, but not the same sign means you will be affected by six degrees of separation from that transit and aspect.

    If you have no placements in the same degree or sign it you really won’t be affected by that particular transit and aspect.

    Is that correct? Am I supposed to ignore anything that’s not the same sign and degree?

    Thanks so much for helping all of us learn astrology!

    1. Thank you. As an example – you were born with Juno at 28 Libra 37″ 14′ which makes partnership a major part of your life, as Juno is about commitment and Libra is about marriage, common law marriage and professional partners too. If we have patterns at 28 Libra (don’t worry about the numbers after the sign) then that part of your life and personality will come alive – you will be personally affected. Planets in the same sign, like Jupiter and the Sun in Libra right now (October 2016) but at other degrees, affect you in a big picture way. How? Begin with the knowledge that the polls reveal Hillary Clinton will win the White House. People are thinking about what it means to have a power couple, (one former President and one President) in the White House – and particularly because this also means the first female President in American history. That is a very big Libra issue and it is filtering through everybody’s hearts and minds. So – in your own life you will see a ripple effect. Sometimes it really does come down to a former partner, who was once sexist, changing his attitude! You will have your own personal story about this of course. Moving on to your third question, patterns in the same degree, but not the same sign, affect you at a distance. So, using your Juno at 28 Libra again, when Saturn moves to 28 Sagittarius, there will be a reality check involving the travel, tourism and vacation/holiday industry. It won’t directly affect you, but through ‘six degrees’ you may find that a friend’s sudden decision not to take a trip to Paris, affects the way things are with your business partner. Sagittarius is the travel, Libra is the business partner. And finally, if you have no placements either in that sign or degree, you will not be affected by the wider patterns (aspects) out there. As you are your own best astrologer, you can work with Juno right now (and your other Libra placements) by tracking what happens when the Sun, Mercury and ultimately Jupiter himself pass over those same degrees. If there is a bigger pattern too, it will change your life – and it will happen via your former, current or potential partner.

  50. I do have one question……if I live on the East Coast of the US, would I use the horoscope you post for Saturday when it is Friday (given the time difference)?

    1. It’s a good question. The predictions are made using GMT (London Time) but in the case of daily horoscopes, you may want to allow 24 hours for the world to catch up with itself, especially as the worldwide web means we affect each other through global ripples. In general, check the daily horoscope back against the weekly horoscope to see the most important trends.

  51. Jessica, over the last six months I have strategically used your advice with excellent results – i happened on your website at a critical time that provided me a path forward.

    Sometimes I cannot relate to the advice, or some predictions do not eventuate. How should I feel about this?

    If I subscribe, how much more information do you provide?

    I am a another critical juncture, what should we do about our other property and careers?

  52. Hello Jessica, As with other followers, I find your predictions and critical thinking help to time important decisions. Following a dynamic Supermoon I am on the road to starting a small publishing venture that supports my creativity and ambition. With this week’s factors of Capricorn (i have 3), Libra (I have 3) and Saggitarius (I have 2) I am striving to put my plans in place to be ready for 2017 and beyond. Before Mercury retrograde settles in, I must buy a new computer to ensure my plans run smoothly! This is a brave move for me and yet not if you know what I mean. Wish me luck and keep up the excellent work.


    1. Thank you Janet, that’s a great compliment. Do be cautious over the Mercury Retrograde cycle as it is notorious for coinciding with computer and ISP issues and of course Mercury is associated with writing. Good luck.

  53. hello Jessica,
    i am trying to make sense of current transits with my birth chart as there is a bit going on and I still display “L” plates. This week I had surgery on a surprise rather rare lumbar hernia and recall reading a leo back being a health issue trait. Is there any insight you can provide from my chart ? Is say, having psyche active in a body area relevant? Some bigge players are also active. I can see the activity, though struggle with the meanings and what weightings appky. I’d appreciate knowing your interpretation of current alignments.

    1. I am sorry you had to deal with surgery and glad you are in the care of the medical professionals. Yes, Leo does rule the back and you have a stellium in that sign. Why does Leo rule the spine? Because leaders have to stand tall. The phrase ‘heavy lies the head that wears the crown’ also applies to Leo. Thus, if you have lumbar issues, you may want to look at how comfortable you do/don’t feel with being a Leo at the moment. Leo leaders are often the ‘backbone’ of an enterprise, family or organisation. We expect our leaders to be courageous and if they are not, we call them ‘spineless.’ You may want to have a think about the way you are conducting yourself as a Leo in more detail and really delve quite deeply into what is working for you – or not. We expect Leo to ‘carry’ himself or herself in a particular way but maybe you need to look at who and what you carry. Leo is associated with Kings and Queens and coronation involves quite a big load. What have you been crowned with in your life?

  54. Hi Jessica. Hoping you can clear up a question please. With my natural house system chart (personal ) I have nothing in pisces/12th house. In my solar chart (public) I have Sagittarius/12th house. And yet privately I love and crave shutting myself away and off from the world. Can you please enlighten me? Thankyou.

    1. You have a Scorpio stellium and Neptune is one of the planets involved – we associate Neptune with escapism and hidden depths, so I expect that you are living out your Neptune quite strongly, especially as it aspects your Moon. Neptune rules the ocean and so Neptunian people are often ‘down below’ or beneath the surface.

  55. Hi Jessica just joined your community and excited to gain daily, weekly and monthly clarity through your astrology perspective. I am born November 22nd, thus in Sagittarius, but when ever I do my chart it shows my sun sign is Scorpio. I have always been confused as to what sign I should truly be following. What do you suggest?

    many thanks for your clarity and insight,


    1. Thank you Andrea. If you were really born at seven minutes past six, then your Sun is in Scorpio, so do read that for predictions. You are strongly Libran in terms of your personality, though, so you may not feel like a typical Scorpio, even though the forecasts apply to you.

  56. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for your wonderful website and astrological insights! I’ve also just recently stumbled upon your website online and have started to regularly check in.
    I’ve been going through a really rough patch. It’s a relief that your weekly horoscopes say that change is on the way!
    My date of birth is 18/05/1978 and I think I was born at 3:54 pm near Brisbane, Australia.
    I wanted to ask you about Algol. I came across something else online that mentioned it being at 26 degrees Taurus and it sounded really worrying because I think that my sun is there. I’m relieved that you said above that astrology cannot predict death, because many others seem to quote someone who says that it can be associated with being beheaded or experiencing a terminal illness. Can you please get back to me about it? I don’t want to unconsciously believe that I’m somehow evil or that I’m going to experience a violent end, etc.

    1. Thank you. I will pass that compliment onto my webmasters James, Justin and computer genius Alyas. Please ignore Algol. Astrology cannot predict death and Algol is not part of our Roman/Latin family tree of planets and asteroids anyway! You say you are having a rough patch. Yes, you are, but you will be extremely happy with your reshaped lifestyle by October (a far better way to work and live, and look after yourself is coming) and thrilled with the brilliant chemistry between you and your former, current or potential partner from November, through 2018.

      1. Thank You so much Jessica! That is such a relief about Algol! Thank You for getting back to me!
        Please keep up the amazing work you do! Your horoscopes seem so relevant and really help me to analyse and think about what is going on in my life. What a gift you have, and are! 🙂

  57. Hello Jessica,
    I really enjoy your daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes and am trying to learn more about facets of my birth chart. I wish I could take a course in your astrology methods. I don’t really understand the concept of houses, however. I have nothing in Aries or Scorpio, the fist 2 houses on my chart. Or are they my first 2 houses? What does this mean? What am I not understanding? Thank you so much in advance for any help you might provide.

    1. I will teach astrology from the final quarter of 2018 and you would be welcome to learn, as it will be online as well as face-to-face, around the world. Okay – here’s how to learn. Start a journal. Watch your Libra placements in the Seventh House which rules former, current and potential partners. You were born with Mercury, Saturn and Neptune in Libra for a start (along with other factors) so you have a Libra stellium which means you express most of your personality through the quality of the relationship you share with partners. This is about work partnership as well as sexual/romantic partnership. As you see the transit of Jupiter through Libra in 2017 whenever Jupiter hits the same degrees (numbers) as your Libra stuff, you have incredible opportunities, open doors, solutions and answers involving this man (or woman). And that’s how you see your astrology working in real time.

  58. Dear Jessica,

    I have sun in cancer with the below libra and scorpio placements. I was hoping you could tell me more in regards to timing especially for relationships & love, marriage & children.

    Kind regards,

    11-Jul-1978, 23:20 (41.408969,-75.6624122)
    19° Cancer 26′ 23″
    03° Libra 55′ 38″
    12° Scorpio 21′ 09″ R
    13° Libra 59′ 13″
    16° Scorpio 46′ 59″
    06° Libra 42′ 16″
    09° Scorpio 54′ 55″

    1. Pluto at 13 Libra is the most important chart factor here. You have Pluto in the Seventh House, which rules the chemistry you create with your former, current and potential lovers. This is where you are most powerful and seek to have total control. You never get it (or you have it, then lose it) as you are always forced to learn how to share and compromise. I am sure this has given you a fairly dramatic love life history, but now Jupiter is coming along to 13 Libra for the first time in 12 years and there will be repair work, optimism, hope and open doors. A lot of growth if you want it – and a chance to fix the past or pursue the future. The cycle begins in May and goes into June, early July.

  59. Hi Jessica, just to report that on this week’s horoscope (13th to 19th of March) the extended session with the important dates to look out for, repeats itself for every sign. Eg: for Taurus “it is all about you, with Mercury and Venus in your first house ….” and should say in your 12th house, no? it sayss the same thing for all signs …

    1. Yes, that’s right – the dates are the same for all of us, in the Premium Members’ extended diary – and you should use your birth chart for that part, not your solar (Sun Sign) chart.

  60. I just read my horoscope on the Cosmo website for this week (I am Capricorn).. I have goosebumps, I have never read anything that directly resembled what I was going through but this was so align with my life right now! I have just moved out of my house and back into my parents house after going through a breakup. Reading this gave me faith that I was making the right decision by leaving!! I have just followed you on twitter and will only read your horoscopes! Thank you so much!

  61. Dear Jessica,

    I lost my work 8 years ago. I have not returned to have stability. I am in active search and I´m preparing a few public examinations. I have read in your weeckly horoscope that this week is special talking about great changes. Also I have Jupiter in Aries. Could you see please my chart and tell me if I can expect some news about work contracts and past the examinations this year. Thank you so much Jessica.
    Best regards

    1. Eight years is a long time to go without working and I am sorry you are being put through it. You are going through a Neptune cycle, and so you need to be completely realistic about your career. This is easy for me to say, I know, but it is possible you need to talk to people who are able to give you solid advice – based on what is going on right now – and what you are capable of. Neptune can make life quite unreal and take us away from what is practical, normal, everyday – how other people live and work. If you have not yet sat down with a couple of career advisors it might be useful. It may also help to have two roles. One which allows you to escape from reality, and one which actually earns you the money.

  62. Hello Jessica,
    I am a lifetime member of your website. I like delving into astrology and love reading everything on your website. It has variety and is very informative. This is my first time I am venturing to ask a question.

    I would like you to shed some light on my daughter’s career and sense of purpose. She was born on 4 Feb 1974 at 3:44 pm (UK time), 0w20 51n28.
    She is highly intelligent and knowledgeable in her field and much more but has not been able to settle career-wise and has been perpetually struggling.
    What is going on for her at the moment, please?

    1. Thank you very much, I will pass that onto my webmasters James and Justin. Your daughter has the Sun, Ceres, Jupiter in Aquarius which is a stellium. She belongs in a group. She needs to look to clubs, teams, societies, trade unions, associations, charities, bands, political parties and the rest. Actually she has past life experience in such groups and some familiar faces will return to her from another lifetime from May 2017, until 2018. I know that she finds groups hard work, because she always has to compromise with her friends, but I also have to say it is where she shines and it is where her luck is. Even between jobs, she should be joining every group she can.

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