Your Pisces Side in Astrology

If you have three or more heavenly bodies, points or angles in Pisces then you do not live in what most people call the real world!

If you have three or more heavenly bodies, points or angles in Pisces then you are strongly Piscean. You do not live in what most people would call the real world. You operate behind the scenes, or you are an elusive mystery. If you also have close aspects (patterns) involving Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, you can double that message. What’s a close aspect? Within one degree’s orb or difference.

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You’re a human fish. This legendary vision of a baby chasing currency in a swimming pool (and not seeing the line and hook) was dreamed up by Kurt Cobain, who has an unusually high number of Pisces factors in his chart. Your Piscean side is similarly ‘plunged’ into some other kind of reality. The question is, does it serve you, or does it currently work against you? That’s a very important question as Neptune transits, or travels through, Pisces. This planet, which actually rules the sign of the fishes, is like a double whammy at the moment – and for some years to come.


imgres 4 - Your Pisces Side in AstrologyPISCES TYPES AND HOW TO LIVE THE FISH LIFE

You may be a meditator, like George Harrison or just the quiet, uncredited, unseen force behind others who are the name or face. George Harrison was born on 24th February 1943 at 11.42pm in Liverpool with the Sun, Vesta and Venus in Pisces. Neptune stands at 1 Libra in his horoscope, aspecting the Moon at 0 Scorpio, Uranus at 0 Gemini, Hygiea at 2 Leo and Ops at 2 Leo.

George Harrison was submerged behind the personalities of John Lennon and particularly Paul McCartney for much of The Beatles, but who do you think inspired them to go to India?

Your Piscean side is below the surface. Often, withdrawn, secret, invisible. Just like fish in the ocean. But it powers other people and it powers some big enterprises and projects.


If you were born in the 1960s with Neptune in Scorpio then sexual fantasy is part of your generation’s life path. Before the internet, pornography and erotica was top-shelf in plastic bags. After the internet, it’s everywhere, all the time, all over the place. If you’re a Pisces type then getting naked is your escape from the real, the ordinary and the mundane.

How real is the sex of Generation Neptune in Scorpio? Well, let’s just say all the hair, perspiration and scars are removed from the final cut.

You know that line from the song, Reality used to be a friend of mine? That sums up sexuality for the Neptune in Scorpio generation. Did you know that Fifty Shades of Grey was written by a Pisces woman, E.L. James (born March 7th) and directed by a Pisces woman, Sam Taylor-Wood? (Now Sam Taylor-Johnson).

fifty shades of grey nc17 450x600 - Your Pisces Side in Astrology



Under water, your sound and vision is distorted. Your Pisces side makes it very important that you distort reality as often as possible. This commonly results in the use of drugs and alcohol to alter what is ‘real’ and Pisces is the zodiac sign most associated with cocaine, beer, cannabis, cocktails, heroin, gin, acid, brandy, crack and laughing gas.

Clean Piscean types distort reality in other ways. They spend extensive time swimming, chanting, scuba-diving, playing fantasy games, losing themselves in old films, or zoning out with the headphones on. Your Pisces side sees and hears differently and actually craves that, the way a fish craves the ocean. More traditional, conventional and grounded types (real world people) can find you peculiar. Others are mesmerised and fascinated by this side of you.

This illustration, Blue Lady, by my friend the author and artist Anna Johnson (Pisces) is a good example of attractive distortion.

It’s not unusual to dig down in the family tree and find a lot of Neptune and/or Pisces in your parents’ horoscopes, or grandparents’ birth charts. It often comes from your DNA.

Pisces by Anna Johnson 450x600 - Your Pisces Side in Astrology



Distorted vision, surrealism, silliness, nonsense and comedy which is pure fantasy, typically reflect Pisces in the chart. Did you know that the comedians Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller (Armstrong and Miller) are both Sun Pisceans?

This sign is about warping language. Something they famously do in their R.A.F. sketches, where fighter pilots in the Battle of Britain banter in rapper slang.

Another example of Piscean distortion? The Stranglers’ unique guitar sound, which comes from Jean Jacques Burnel (21st February) using a Marshall 4×12 speaker cabinet in which the speaker cones were ripped. 

imgres 2 - Your Pisces Side in Astrology

Here’s a good example of someone who was born Capricorn but has a huge Pisces/Neptune chart signature. The comedian Bill Bailey was born on 13th January 1964 in Bath, England. There is no birth time, but no matter if he was born as the day began or ended, he would still have Cupido, Chiron, Vulcano and Minerva in Pisces. What does it mean? Dandelion Mind. That’s what it means.

If you are strongly Piscean with more than three factors in that sign and perhaps a Neptune pattern that’s close, in your chart – you may be mistaken for a Sun Pisces by people trying to guess your sign. People in the entertainment, music and art world often ‘do’ their Pisces side very consciously because it sells; the public loves to escape.

The Fish Eye Lens in photography is a superb example of Pisces thinking. This example is from Flickr. It’s all so Sixties, isn’t it. Did you know that Chiron was in Pisces during that famous era of distorted sound, distorted vision and drug experimentation?

2547274788 58e318a7c4 - Your Pisces Side in Astrology



Why did the Ancients decide that babies born during that particular season of the year (what we now call February through March) were like fishes? Why did our ancestors associate that part of late winter, early spring, in the Northern Hemisphere with fish? (Late summer, early autumn in the Southern Hemisphere).

Perhaps it’s because the two fish swimming in opposite directions are confused and confusing. So are you – even to yourself – if you have a strong Pisces signature.

The Ancients knew what they were doing. Their ‘sky shorthand’ for the constellation that used to appear in front of the Sun at that time of year, was very specifically about fish moving away from each other – yet together – joined by a cord. It could have been anything, that constellation! A chicken. A snake. A small vole.

The Ancients chose the contradictory, contrary fish to emphasise how fluid Piscean types were, or how much the season was about a state of flux. Changeable weather probably had a lot to do with it.

In your chart, your Pisces side is where you baffle and bamboozle other people. Nobody knows who you are, or where you are, when this sign dominates. When does your Piscean side emerge? When the transiting or travelling planets cluster in that sign. We have one such cluster in March 2016, for example. This image below, from Sidney Hall, beautifully characterises what your Piscean side is all about. Who am I? Where am I? Split personality is very common with Piscean types. So is channelling, when one half of you is sitting on a chair talking and the other half is in another part of time and space. The classic unfocussed Pisces gaze is part of that story. Do you have it?



Sidney Hall   Uranias Mirror   Pisces 1 - Your Pisces Side in Astrology

Fish can change colour. Hormones trigger it, during breeding. It’s also a stress response. The colour of fishes can also vary with the seasons, between day and night and even with changes in habitat and food.

Your Piscean side, if it comes out during romance or stress (maybe both at the same time) is also changeable. Camouflaged. Misleading. You can act a role or perhaps your trick is to run away. Strongly Piscean people can flirt, even make a show of holding hands or close-hugging – flatter you outrageously in e-mails – and generally behave as if they want you. Then they will disappear. Vanish. Two Piscean types dancing around each other are like goldfish playing Peepo in a big aquarium.



Why does Pisces figure prominently in the horoscopes of mediums as well as scientists who scorn mediumship? Hilariously for astrologers, they are both in pursuit of the same thing – the big inner vision and the blind faith. Arch-sceptics like Douglas Adams and Brian Cox were born with the Sun in Pisces. Adams dabbled with subjects like horoscopes and Feng Shui in his journalism and his fiction, though he was a sceptic wedded to scientism.

Cox famously despises astrology but he believes in parallel universes. That’s right. We live in a multiverse, with infinite parallel universes, but apparently astrology wouldn’t work in any of them. How do we know that? Because science has faith in that. Ahem.



Albert Einstein was born on 14th March 1879 at 11.30am in Ulm, Germany. He has an AA Rodden chart which means that time is accurate, which is a real gift for astrologers.

His chart shows Hygiea, Ops, the MC (Midheaven), Vulcano and Sun in Pisces. That’s two more Pisces factors than the average modern horoscope should possess.

In the early days of quantum mechanics, Albert Einstein suggested that if it were right then quantum mechanics would mean that there would be “spooky action at a distance.” This kind of “spooky connection” between certain quantum events is now called “quantum entanglement”.

Like two entangled fish, connected through a cord (in other words, the sign of Pisces), Einstein was worried by a vision. Only a strongly Pisces person could be so obsessed by a picture in his mind.

It speaks volumes about him that something that was real, yet not real, should preoccupy him so much. Today, people who are tolerant about mediumship believe that ‘spooky action at a distance’ can explain channelling, spirit photography and the survival of consciousness beyond physical death – and its communication with the living.

The funny thing about your Pisces side is, your blind faith/vision/belief dictates the way you see the world. And it can be hard-core scientism, which accepts nothing remotely esoteric or other-worldly – or full-scale New Age nuttiness. The key is, it’s your take, your spin, your distortion. 

In 1925, Werner Heisenberg described the Uncertainty principle, which says that the more we know about where a particle is, the less we can know about it. What? Oh, it’s so Pisces!

The more we learn about one of such a pair, the less we can know about the other. It’s a beautiful picture, which Heisenberg certainly never intended, of what Pisces is all about.

Albert Einstein had trouble accepting such a bizarre concept, and in a well-known debate said, “God does not play dice”. To this, Danish physicist Niels Bohr famously responded, “Einstein, don’t tell God what to do”.

Your Pisces side really, really, really, truly believes. And astrologers know, just from looking at the weird spectrum of clairvoyants and sceptics on the scale, that the two contradictory fish tell us something about being human. There are at least two realities at any given time, and as they split off, perhaps more.

Here is a good example of a Piscean reality game. While the astrological sign Pisces used to be –  this position is now mostly covered by the constellation of Aquarius, due to the precession of the equinox. In other words, the earth’s tilt.

How can you have the Sun in Pisces and be born in late February or March when astronomers tell you the Sun is now in Aquarius? We’re back to reality games again. Blind faith. Vision.


imgres 3 - Your Pisces Side in Astrology


A ton of astrology books were churned out after 1969 when Linda Goodman made a fortune from her famous Sun Signs book. Everyone was looking up Jack Kerouac when they were trying to get a handle on Pisces Sun signs.

This is why you will read about the fishes being associated with drugs, Catholicism, Buddhism, music (especially jazz) and hippies. It’s all true.

Kerouac was born on 12th March 1922 at 5.00pm in Lowell. That time could be wrong because it’s a B Rodden rated chart. However, even if he was born very early or late in the day, our Jack would still have Juno, Uranus, Panacea, the Sun and Venus in Pisces. That’s two more Pisces factors than the average person, when we use modern astrology. Positively subterranean.



Your Pisces side can offer you a long, strange and hugely enjoyable trip – until the big Pisces downfall. If you keep your non-reality and unreality ‘real’ and don’t take this chart signature to excess, you will (naturally) avoid it. The downfall only comes when you remove yourself so far from what is normal, sane, ordinary, sensible and practical – like good health – that you take yourself off the planet.

In 1969, aged 47, Kerouac died from internal bleeding due to long-term alcohol abuse.



1 HsM68qpDVFuMy86lf2qJ9A - Your Pisces Side in Astrology

Before I became an astrologer, I was a music editor. I interviewed Sun Pisces Kurt Cobain one day, and the interview, which was classically Piscean (we were talking about hypnotic wheels) ended up in my friend Nick Soulsby’s book.   I think if you know a Nirvana fan it would make a great present.

Kurt, whom I loved, was born on 20th February 1967, when the Fish Eye Lens was ruling photography and acid was the drug of choice. He came into the world in Aberdeen, Washington at 7.20pm and although that’s only an A Rodden chart, I think the time is right. The chart really sings a big Kurt song, when you look at it.

Remember, the average person with a modern astrology chart, with all the Roman asteroids, only has up to three Pisces factors. Kurt had eight! The Sun, Fortuna, Proserpina, Mercury, the Descendant, Chiron, Venus and Saturn are all in the sign of the fishes.

All that old footage of Kurt being tossed around the crowd on people’s feet is so Pisces. No boundaries. You have to be careful with that stuff if you are strongly Piscean, though. Otherwise you can end up, as Neneh Cherry once said, ‘Raw Like Sushi.’


Of course Renoir, that King of distorted vision (just look at this apparently ‘normal’ French cafe scene) was born with the Sun in Pisces. This classic picture from Pierre-Auguste Renoir, titled Bal du Moulin de la Galette, dates from 1876. They had found and named Neptune in 1846, in the same year they publicly demonstrated anaesthetic for the first time.  It was a gas.

Neptune rules vapours, gas, absinthe, incense, fog, LSD and head trips of all kinds – various sorts of Dandelion Minds. This is Renoir trying to paint a normal picture of people drinking wine.

renoir moulin del galette whitney 21 600x416 - Your Pisces Side in Astrology



The trick to your Pisces side is to contain and control it. It’s like enjoying the ocean with a lighthouse, anchor and a waterproof watch. You will go crazy if you don’t find an outlet for your Pisces side. There is an awful lot of moralising out there about this – why? Because it threatens so many staunchly non-Pisces people.



220px Blur thegreatescape - Your Pisces Side in Astrology

Blur is powered by the dreamy vision of Damon Albarn (Aries, with a Pisces chart signature) and Graham Coxon, born with the Sun in Pisces on 12th March. When Britain was entering her most famously Piscean/Neptunian cycle, and BritPop ruled the waves, everyone was dreaming about two bands with suitably oceanic, aquatic names, locked in a fake battle – Oasis and Blur.

Astrology works in mysterious ways. It was a lovely distraction, for people under 30 anyway, about the real battle they should have been paying attention to. That was about Tony Blair, but that’s another story.

How do you handle your Pisces side? You don’t get lost. You don’t lose sight of the real story. You can be ironic about ‘fake’ and see straight through it, rather as this iconic Blur album cover illustrates.

You can play games with yourself and lock off the escape so that it’s safe. This is like having a swimming pool with a steel fence. It’s like having a controlled meditation, as opposed to losing yourself in a lunatic cult which wants your credit card details to help your ‘spirituality’.




imgres 1 1 - Your Pisces Side in AstrologySometimes it’s nice to have part of your life as an ongoing lost novel. In a world full of hard edges, pollution, money men, awful and ugly pornographic sex, business deals, corruption and nasty violence – why not reject all that in favour of your own private story and then lose it somewhere?

The amazing thing about Pisces stuff in your chart is – you can. And there is a lot to be said for private poetic experiences in a world where everything is public and for sale.

Pisces rules diaries and journals. (Don’t put them on the internet as a private blog – Neptune is in Pisces now and nothing is private). It rules the conversation you have with yourself. In astrology, Pisces and Neptune rule the Twelfth House which is associated with anaesthetic, astral travel, meditation, the soul, the spirit, the mysteries of quantum mechanics, ether, altered states and particularly depth psychology. It rules ink-blot personality tests which reveal your unconscious mind – and perhaps its most famous association is with dreams.



Of course, you don’t have to use your Pisces side. (Although a lot of people have done extremely well by doing just that). It is very helpful to ring-fence it, though, so you don’t lose your boundaries and lose yourself in the process.

What do astrologers mean when they talk about boundaries? Think about fences, gates and an old-fashioned drawbridge in the first instance. Then consider the clock and calendar. Time is fiction, it’s entirely invented (and the time we use now in America was created to make sure trains connected with each other correctly). However – whatever time zone/date you live in, you need to live within that and schedule time for your Pisces stuff to ooze out, all over the place.

Psychedelia from the 1960’s with a cup of tea between the hours of 7pm-8pm is one example. Another might be Game of Thrones, but only on your phone, and only on the train home.

Every person has his/her own personal Pisces story. The art to having it all with the fishes – and not losing it all, for yourself or other people – is to get real about the craving for non-reality.

At some point, fiction should remain that way. What dictates the ‘should’ about it? Without moralising, Piscean types tend to do better when they turn back to that truth they know very well. It’s called compassion.

If the desire to take a trip and escape into the inner vision as ‘truth’ also means that compassion takes a big holiday, then you know it’s all gone too far. In your quest to put up boundaries with others to make yourself feel better protected (to avoid ‘Raw Like Sushi’) you might have shut out the rest of humanity and pursued some kind of dream or fantasy that will trip up those other human beings around you, even though you never meant it.


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22 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Just saw that I have Venus 19 deg Pisces 11’05”, Diana 05 deg 57’27” IC 01 deg Pisces and Prosperpina 06deg Pisces 16′. Although, I am an Aries, from your explanation, I should be a Piscean?
    What do these degrees mean for this year or now? Appreciate your thoughts.

    Many thanks JR

    1. Thank you. You’re strongly Piscean but it’s your Neptune in Sagittarius, locked into so many aspects in your chart, that powers your horoscope. Given that you express yourself best by escaping from reality (Pisces) and exploring parallel universes of possibility (everything from films to swimming – or the psychic world) how do you channel that best? Neptune in Sagittarius describes travel, the internet, foreign people and places and education as the ultimate ‘trip’ and this will consistently serve you all your life. Sagittarius-Pisces is a classic indicator of someone who becomes absorbed with a philosophy or belief system from another culture. If this hasn’t happened yet, it certainly will when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius in 2018.

  2. Dear Jessica,
    You have amazingly explained the Pisces side. I have started to question myself on why I show a split personality, and who I am really, why I’m doing all this. My mother from childhood used to tell me I’m like a Chameleon and also I know how to get what I want and win hearts within seconds. People get a shock when I show a different side of myself which is totally opposite to me. My unreal world is in friendships, affairs, sex, conversations, and most of which you mentioned in the blog. The only thing I haven’t tried is the drugs, which if available, I will easily try. My Venus, Mercury and Bacchus is in Pisces.
    I have controlled a lot and trying to put boundaries in my unreal world. Still it doesn’t seem to work out completely. Please tell me what will help me.

    1. Thank you. Strong Pisces side? Use the clock and calendar (boundaries) to fence it in. It’s like having a spa on a beach. Time the spa. Try not to get lost in the ocean. If you restrict and limit what you do that is Piscean, it will serve you. A very safe way of ‘doing’ Pisces is to meditate. Tibetan Buddhists have excellent free advice on that.

  3. hi jessica

    think you
    sun12,mercury01,ASc,minerva,03apollo05 in pisces

    please what do these degrees mean for this year in previous years were too hard on all sides

    think you

    1. Yes, you are strongly Piscean. You need to spend at least one hour a day by yourself, maybe more. Why? Because you need to draw on your soul, spirit, higher self, astral body, consciousness – whatever you want to call it. You can only do this alone. The financial side of your life will improve hugely after September 2016 and by 2017 you will either eliminate a debt or increase your money – or benefit from ‘cash in kind’ like a loaned home, for example.

  4. Really enjoyed this one Jessica. Thanks.

    A good example of this Pisces world is the The Large Hadron Collider at Cern and the discovery of the Higg’s Boson which they call The God Particle .. some excellent jokes about it too. Like, “Atheists will never believe in it” yadda, yadda, … but the whole particle physic’s world is SO Neptunian IMHO. Remember that movie? “What the &##@@!! Do We Know?” … Neptunian; spooky action at a distance.

    I have Neptune (Libra) squares Mercury (Cap). Neptune conjuncts Fortuna and South Node. Neptune sextiles Chiron (Sag).

    Where do I find my healing and direction? From my dreams. Do I experience synchronicity? Absolutely!

    What is my vocation? Jungian Counsellor.

    What do I love to do? I.E. escape into? Watch movies, read SciFi, Research the cosmos … other realities .. Castaneda, Shamanism … the other night I dreamed I was playing the role of Mary Poppins! Hollywoods most famous woman shaman.

    If you can find the time to inform me about Neptune/Fortuna I’d appreciate it!

    1. How fascinating. I love the fact that P.L. Travers was entranced by astrology but the mainstream media likes to ignore that. Hopefully you will have more Mary Poppins experiences – yes, Hollywood’s most famous female shaman. Fortuna is well worth your investigation. She is an ancient symbol for the Wheel of Fortune and is blindfolded, spinning the wheel of fate and fortune so that people who are ‘at the top’ in terms of success and happiness are already on the way down – and people who are ‘at the bottom’ in terms of success and happiness are already on the way up. In aspect to Neptune, every time you ‘do’ your Neptune and escape from the real world, you ‘do’ your Fortuna too. So just the act of inhabiting parallel universes of reality and jettisoning the ordinary, everyday and mundane in your life automatically means that you unwittingly influence the lives of others. You spin them up and down. In the end they have to be philosophical about this, because only a philosophical attitude towards the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune will work!

      1. Thanks so much Jessica. Its like the tarot card “Wheel of Fortune”. Really fits … my inner and outer life has been anything but “ordinary and everyday”! Yes, anyone who tries to have a “normal” life with me, or if I try to have a normal life with me, well, a hiding to nothing really … excepting the “reality” that in fact, for some of us, reality is fluid, is the journey.
        It is like when Morpheus says to Neo, “Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?”
        It seems that fighting against the Neptune fluidity of reality causes psychotic breaks … especially in our culture; we don’t know how to provide a safe container or paradigm for the experience … in so called primitive cultures you’d be identified and initiated into the shamanic world.

  5. Hello Jessica

    I have moon 4°Pisces fortuna 19° Pisces a especially 3°and south node at 26 °Pisces . Could you please interpret a bit upon this thank you

    1. You need plenty of time and space alone, even if you have to shut the bedroom door, put headphones or earplugs in, and stick up a note saying ‘Do Not Disturb’. In a perfect world you would have your own home, and even live apart some (or all) of the time from a lover. If you can’t do that, find a shed, a study or just a place in nature near your home where you can be by yourself in peace and quiet. You are a natural psychic. Have you discovered this yet?

  6. Dear Jessica,

    Given that everyone is talking about the strong Pisces factors right now, what happens to those who have just no Pisces in their chart at all, or weak Pisces?! Does this mean that March, or the Solar Eclipse period, will be business as usual for them? And all these trends will not affect them at all? Speaking as someone with no Pisces side to them basis my birth chart!

    1. March is really not such a big deal – no Pisces triggers – not going to change your life. You have a ton of Libra factors, though, so wait for Jupiter to go into Libra, final quarter of 2016 and into 2017. Your relationship with your former, current or potential partner skyrockets.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    This Pisces post really resonates for me (I’m a few months younger than Kurt) have spent most of my life trying to conquer addictions of some sort, the legal ones are the hardest! This year I felt a mental shift and like I really had it all sorted and started a new path (diet, habits, uni undergrad) all going well, I was disciplined with time, people, food …like a different person. Then I let my guard down one afternoon last week, an old issue I thought I’d conquered 15 years ago, tripped me up, bang out of nowhere! It seems I can’t lose track of vigilant self maintenance ever, which leaves a longing for escapism that can burst through in unhealthy ways. Not sure how best to channel these Piscean energies…

    Thank you for this great post too, and understand if you don’t get to answer. x

    25° Pisces 11′ 16″

    27º Pisces 40′ 57″

    28° Pisces 59′ 16″

    08° Pisces 16′ 14″

    19° Pisces 55′ 46″

    (Sun 29º Aries, Jupiter 25º Cancer, Moon 7º Virgo, Pluto 18º Virgo, Uranus 20º Virgo, Neptune 23º 30′ 31″R Scorpio)

    1. You have done pretty well so far, despite the backward step. For a strong, strong Piscean like you – head for the water. Swimming pool, walk by the river, anything! Put yourself in or around water daily. Hit YouTube for rain videos, ocean sounds and use it to fall asleep to, or if you can possibly do this – meditate. There are many different ways to meditate. I think the Tibetan Buddhists have it tapped and it’s free to try. Also make sure you do a cleansing, grounding and protection ritual when you have your daily shower or bath (more water). Your aura is open wide when you use drugs or alcohol and for a mega Piscean like you, you really need to keep it balanced and totally zipped up. The more you can find out about the chakra system and your aura, the better. And – you are in the best health cycle in 12 years. It ends in September but use it.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I love your website, its so helpful. I have a question about Pisces. I am a Capricorn with an Aries rising and Pisces moon at 15 deg looking at my chart I see I also have Pisces in Proserpina at 03deg, Hygeia at 08 deg and in Jupiter at 09 deg can you explain a little how pisces effects me.
    thank you

    1. Sure, you have a stellium (more than three horoscope factors) in Pisces in the Twelfth House of your chart using the Natural House system. The Moon, Jupiter, Hygiea, Chiron and Proserpina help you to operate in the background, without any recognition or attention, but nonetheless moving mountains. It is rather like being the screenwriter on a film with a Hollywood star – nobody sees your name but you made the film happen! Beyond this, you do quite well in situations where your astral body, subconscious mind, chakras or aura are put to use – meditation, channelling, mediumship, astral travel and so on. Sometimes people with this pattern in their horoscope opt for paid or unpaid work which is top secret, so MI6 (for example) or the medical profession where patient confidentiality is everything. Over the course of your life you will choose one, two or all three ways to express your Pisces side which works very well for you.

  9. I have a horrifying seven factors in Pisces…and I am not an do i lead a more disciplined life with more control over my daily schedule? I make a whole bunch of to do lists but get distracted at the drop of a teeny weeny hat, and feel miserable about it(Virgo ascendant i suppose). My Taurus sun is also highly disapproving of my Piscean moon. My Aries venus rolls her eyes at all the behind-the-scenes support and zero credit my life is.

    Please help balance.

    1. Too funny. You have a Grand Cross, which is very unusual. At the heart of it is your Pisces stellium. It’s actually solved by deliberately carving up your time so that you give one-quarter of it to Pisces pursuits. It’s like allowing yourself to go swimming for two hours, then using your other six hours for more down-to-earth things. Anything/anybody that allows you to escape from the real world and inhabit another reality will satisfy your Pisces side. Scuba diving. Mediumship. Meditation. Fantasy computer games. Yet, when the alarm rings, it’s over.

  10. Hello again Jessica ( Me again )
    I have just been reading this very interesting article as I have a friend who is a Pisces and I was thinking of sharing this with her. I am pants at reading my chart, but I think, if I am not wrong-that I have more than 3 heavenly bodies in Pisces? Which would make me strongly Piscean?
    Your description certainly resonates with aspects of my personality. I have been accused of being a “a mad woman caught in unreality” Do I blame Pisces for that 🙂 Not a helpful characteristic when it comes to matters of the heart!

    1. Chiron, Fortuna, Minerva and Bacchus are all in Pisces in your Twelfth House, so you have a stellium (four or more horoscope factors in one sign) and are extremely Piscean. It’s not necessarily mad, but it is about ‘unreality’ and it deserves a space in your life. Half the trick with Pisces is to find a way to escape from the real world that can be nicely contained, which is why so many people pursue anything secret/behind the scenes/hidden/solitary/mysterious – meditation is pretty typical – but so is astral travel. It has nothing to do with love, apart from the fact that any lover will need to respect your need for solitude and mystery/secrecy.

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