How Astrology Predicts a Brexit

What we lacked at the time was a referendum date, but we have it now - Britain will vote to leave the EU on 23rd June, 2016. That makes the prediction firmer.

Back in July 2015, on this website, you read an astrology prediction about a Brexit, or British exit from the European Union. The story, GOODBYE EU, was about Greece (who will quit eventually) but in this story I also predicted Britain would go.

What we lacked at the time was a referendum date, but we have it now – Britain will vote to leave the EU on 23rd June, 2016. That makes the prediction firmer.

The ‘Stay’ vote is beating the ‘Go’ vote according to newspaper polls at 22nd February 2016, but there are vast numbers of ‘not sure’ and they will decide the outcome. The horoscope on the day is very sure, though. Uranus rules the vote. There is a rare conjunction with Ceres, which is always about demotion and promotion. (She was promoted in 2006, the year they threw Pluto out of the solar system).


How on earth can astrology forecast this far into the future when we don’t have good, firm birth times for the major players, Boris Johnson, David Cameron and Nigel Farage from UKIP? 

This is where you have to stick your neck out! No proper AA birth times means astrologers have to go to the UK charts, set for 1066 and 1801.

boris 558280 - How Astrology Predicts a Brexit

At least we know the Sun Signs of all three players.  Boris Johnson is a media-mad Gemini, Prime Minister David Cameron is a diplomatic Libra and Nigel Farage is a fearless Aries.  We do have a timed birth chart for Nicola Sturgeon, though.

She is boxing clever. She says if Britain leaves the E.U. then Scotland will go to another referendum on independence. You may remember the prediction here about Scotland (that it would vote NO then YES eventually). Nicola Sturgeon is in the peculiar position of having a party which wants to stay in the EU, at the same time that its greatest wish (independence from Westminster) can only come if the whole kingdom votes to leave the EU!

David Cameron Attitude Cover 229x300 - How Astrology Predicts a Brexit

It was possible to predict a Brexit as long ago as July last year based on the transits of Uranus, the planet of revolution, freedom, rebellion and ‘new, new, new’ and sure enough, it’s the main factor as the country approaches the referendum.

UKIP even has that Uranian word ‘independence’ wired into its name.  It also won a massive 3.8 million votes in the election, which shows how one single issue dominates British hearts and minds. People are saying ‘No’ and it’s ‘No’ which is the Uranian key word.


The final week of April is dramatic and decisive for the push towards a Brexit. It is foreshadowed by events near Friday 4th March when Uranus conjuncts Bacchus in Aries. Uranus is all about that electrifying moment when people realise they are edging closer to freedom. Bacchus is basically a great bit party. That’s a remarkable, champagned-fuelled weekend for fans of Indie Britain. It’s a political party, party!


100220 449x600 - How Astrology Predicts a Brexit

It all heats up after Sunday 20th March when the Sun enters Aries, alongside Uranus for the first time in 12 months. After Tuesday 22nd March Mercury enters Aries.

Cue big press announcements and breakthrough headlines. What is really crucial, though, is the lunar eclipse at Full Moon on Wednesday 23rd March. That is a cover-up job which is going to skew the results quite a lot. It falls with the Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra, David Cameron’s sign.

On Thursday 31st March we find Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries, and at that point we’ll see more Tory defections towards UKIP or just towards a Conservative Brexit lobby. David Cameron has a serious battle on his hands now and particularly with Boris Johnson, who some in the media muse might be Prime Minister one day.

April as a whole is about overturning the walls and breaking free from chains which is how some see the E.U. which rules the country from afar. After 5th April when Venus joins Uranus in Aries, there will be one rather glamorous woman – a professional seductress, like an actress or singer – who comes centre-stage for Indie Britain. Venus also rules romance, of course, so there may also be quite a prominent, loved-up couple who take the headlines.

The New Moon on 7th April is the fresh start that people have been waiting for.

Here is the 1066 chart and the 1801 chart for the United Kingdom in two incarnations. What amazes me about both charts is that they share factors at 23 degrees, or very close to it. On referendum day we have a rare pattern involving Uranus (revolution) at 23 degrees.

England 1066 Astrological Chart1 600x332 - How Astrology Predicts a Brexit


UK 1801 Astrological Chart11 600x332 - How Astrology Predicts a Brexit
The United Kingdom Union astrological chart set for 1801.


The United Kingdom was ‘born’ or founded in 1801, with these placements –

Vulcano 22 Cancer
Saturn 23 Leo
Ceres 23 Taurus

In 1066 in an even earlier incarnation, the country had these placements –

Ascendant 22 Aries
Descendant 22 Libra
Neptune 22 Taurus
Juno 22 Capricorn


Nicholas Campion’s legendary Book of World Horoscopes (The Wessex Astrologer) has even more horoscopes for the island in all her many incarnations. All of them have triggers at 23 degrees or very close by. This nation is ancient. Its castles and underground tunnels still stand from the days she was fighting France centuries ago – and Germany as recently as the Second World War. If you want to see what ‘old’ England is likely to do, on E.U. Referendum Day, then you need to check those crumbling parchment papers.  All of them show triggers for that day in June 2016.

The result is almost irrelevant. There is an historic push for independence after 23rd June which will only increase in momentum as Uranus, the planet of revolution, goes to 23 degrees again in September 2016, October 2016, March 2017 and April 2017, almost one year later.

Fotolia 59961713 Subscription Monthly M 600x400 - How Astrology Predicts a Brexit

If the result is ‘Goodbye EU’ in June 2016 the revolution will only gain in heat, energy and power and it’s going to bring in Scotland, headed for Indie status. If for any reason the result is ‘Stay’ in June 2016 then nobody will accept it. This is not the end. If anything, it will only add to the push for independence, later.

The horoscopes tell the story.

Uranus at 23 Aries conjuncts Ceres at 23 Aries on E.U. Referendum Day, just before lunch.

When  Pluto reaches 23 degrees of Capricorn in April 2019, semi-sextile Jupiter at 23 degrees of Sagittarius, all remaining attachments to the E.U. are utterly gone. This very specifically includes any ghostly traces of old Euro trading as by then we are into the radical currency cycle started by Uranus in Taurus, the money sign and the Euro is on its last legs, if not only history…but that’s another story!


21st March 0287
Moon 23 Scorpio, Jupiter 24 Scorpio


20th March 0410
Uranus 23 Aquarius


12th July 0927
Moon 23 Scorpio, Sun 23 Cancer, Uranus 22 Aries


11th May 0973
12.00 LMT, BATH
Jupiter 23 Virgo


14th October 1066, 5.28pm LMT SENIAC, NEAR HASTINGS
Uranus 24 Sagittarius, Neptune 24 Taurus


20th January 1265 12.00 LMT, LONDON
Mars 23 Taurus


3rd April 1603, 1.30am LMT, RICHMOND
Mercury 24 Aries


27th March 1649, 12.00LMT LONDON
Moon 23 Virgo, Mercury 24 Aries


23rd February 1689
Moon 22 Aries, Pluto 23 Cancer


12th May 1707
Neptune 22 Aries


7th December 1922
Moon 23 Cancer

The last horoscope above, reflects the Britain of Winston Churchill (below). It shows the moment that, to quote Nick Campion, ‘the greater part of Ireland became independent and the UK was renamed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.’ Just look at that fiercely patriotic Cancer Moon at 23 degrees. When the nation votes to leave the E.U. on 23rd June 2016, Uranus and Ceres will be at 23 Aries, exactly square that Moon position. This is like two express trains meeting at cross-angles and one of them is not going to stop, until it gets its way.

Churchill by Oscar Nemon NPG 450x600 - How Astrology Predicts a Brexit
Churchill by Oscar Nemon, National Portrait Gallery (Adams).



Without AA data we can only use the Sun signs of Farage, Johnson and Cameron to look at the political fall-out of a Brexit. What we can see for Nigel Farage in the final week of March and throughout April is a relaunch. Gone is the old wardrobe. In comes a stylist. Out goes old Nigel, in comes new Nigel. (The Uranus in Aries transits are about his image).

Boris Johnson has the same wild winds blowing through his Eleventh House which rules friends and the group. In other words, the Tories and his old university chums. This is a full-scale rebellion. The final week of March and all of April will radically alter the Conservative Party and there will be rebellions which excite Boris as much as they fracture the old group.

Prime Minister David Cameron has all this action in his Seventh House of enemies, opponents and rivals. Even though the results won’t be known until June, the final week of March and all of April will be full of the most hair-raising battles and big wow-factor twists and turns, involving those who are against him. Boris, of course, is first on the list.


Prime Minister David Cameron could have chosen any day at all, for a referendum on independence. He chose June 23rd and the deed is done.

What can we tell about the day? Well, as we go into the early hours of the morning, Mercury at 16 Gemini is conjunct Vesta at at 16 Gemini. That’s David Cameron surrounded by a group of women, either within his party, or within the European Union. Just after this, Apollo, the sign of leadership, enters Gemini too.

Boris Johnson, with his Sun in Gemini, quickly becomes man of the moment.

After this, seething, fermenting, powerful, overheated Vulcano enters Cancer, the sign of patriotism and nationalism. That’s a pretty striking omen.

The stand-out aspect of the day is at 12.06, just before lunch, when Uranus at 23 Aries conjuncts Ceres at 23 Aries, as we’ve seen (above). Conjunctions are rare events at the best of times, but this one is historic.

Why don’t astrologers use Ceres more often? Because they are often reading an Ephemeris which has not been properly updated since 1982. In other words, Ceres (reclassified in 2006) is not in it. How much does Ceres matter in prediction? Well, she’s Pluto’s Mother-In-Law. Put it that way.

Uranus was discovered in 1781 when the Americans beat the British in their war of independence. In that year, the French also took the first step towards revolution and independence – and in Britain the major bridge of the Industrial revolution was built.

Ceres is about sharing, compromising and dividing power. It is about dividing time, energy and resources between two or three players. She was found in the same year that The Four Seasons debuted. She rules share policies so that everyone has to take their turn at Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn. She was huge in the horoscopes of European nations after the Second World War and the division of Germany. This Brexit referendum is a carve-up not only for the EU but also for the Tories and indeed – the relationship between UKIP and the Tories, too.

If it does not happen on June 23rd 2016 it will happen eventually. You can’t ignore Uranus conjunct Ceres! Which other planets are at 23 degrees on the 23rd? Mars is stuck there at 23 Scorpio. Mars Retrograde spells anger. Protests. Demonstrations. Riots. This is explosive stuff. Ceres herself is a symbol for deep emotion.

Uranus favours the new. In mythology he was the father of Saturn, who rebelled against him, castrated him (lopping off his penis and testicles with his scythe) and then brought his liberated brothers and sisters with him. The new world which resulted saw the birth of Venus, among others.

When he was discovered in Bath in 1781 the whole sky changed. So did astrology. Uranus is about extreme, radical departures from the old and the breaking away from tradition, convention, the past and all the rest. At six minutes past noon on referendum day, that Brexit is announcing itself in horoscopes up and down the land, as Uranus conjuncts Ceres. And that day or another day in the not-so-distant future, that is a clear signal for rebellion against the E.U.

ycvspcz72rk 1024x682 - How Astrology Predicts a Brexit


Expect wild electrical storms in the final week of June and into the first two weeks of July. Forked lightning, powerful thunder and purple skies. Uranus tends to announce himself through nature and he is associated with two kinds of lightning, both forked and sheet, which seem certain to light up the sky over Britain as she votes for freedom from Brussels’ rules and the excitement of a Brexit. Isn’t astrology fun?

Without accurate AA (Rodden Rated) birth times for Prime Minister David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage it is impossible to predict their individual fortunes – but the two British charts for 1066 and 1801 are saying, June 23rd 2016 sees the biggest push for independence in years.

One way or another, Britain will be out of the E.U. sooner or later. And Scotland is also on her way to Indie status. Greece will join them, at some point.

This is a good test for astrology and astrologers. Can we call the future without AA-rated birth times? Are the national charts for the United Kingdom enough? And most of all, is it time that our entire profession began using Ceres, the potent dwarf planet who was promoted to equal status with Pluto in 2006?

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234 Responses

  1. I love these blogs, so interesting. Every Union is creaking, the UK itself. Watching Scotland will be key, but I think you’re so right, England is out. Let’s hope it’s at least peaceful. Michael Gove’s statement could have been written by Nicola Sturgeon pre Indy ref 2014

    1. You are so right about Scotland. I predicted a ‘No’ vote in her referendum but a ‘Yes’ vote to independence later. The whole of the EU is shattering, slowly but surely, as we’ll see from 2018 when the Euro is history.

      1. Wow Jessica – impressive article and here I sit, the morning after the vote, observing how right you were! Brussels, Berlin and London all had the dramatic predicted storms which were omens of Uranus’s ire. Just have to pick my jaw up off the floor, now, lol!

        1. Thank you very much. We don’t get a Ceres-Uranus conjunction in Aries very often and lightning is always an omen. As soon as I heard about the intense lightning over the White Cliffs of Dover, I thought aha…

          1. Hi Jessica, great work, have you got anything to share on the early part of this new journey we are on outside of the EU… And if all good will come from this.i like so many I was shocked but as an Aquarian I feel we need to look for all the good new possibilities and hand more over to the young.

          2. Thank you. Actually, the whole planet is in for an economic boom from October 11th, 2017 through November 8th 2018 and the British will love what happens to their pound. As an Aquarian, though, you will be feeling the nervous tension in the atmosphere throughout July. Walk barefoot in grass if you can. That will help earth you.

          1. I am really enjoying reading your words on the Brexit and the new economy. So true and accurate. I was wondering if you would say more about the ‘economic boom from October 11th, 2017 through November 8th 2018 and the British will love what happens to their pound.’? We have been housesitting in Australia for 4 years and are in the middle of selling our modest victorian house in the UK. We hoped to bring the money over and buy land or a house here but now post Brexit the money will be worth $100K less than prebrexit. This is the only asset we have so we want to try and make the most of it. The fall in the pound has left us feeling shaken and very unsure how to proceed……. Will you be writing a blog on this economic boom?

          2. Thank you. The boom is coming from Jupiter in Scorpio. Scorpio rules the Eighth House in astrology which describes married couples and their mortgages, shares, investments and property. Jupiter is the problem-solver and also the bringer of opportunity. The same cycle that got everyone so badly during the GFC is now returning in a different form. Serious Saturn is replaced by generous Jupiter and by all the laws of astrology that’s a boom. Jupiter will cross or conjunct the Scorpio outer planet placements of entire generations (everyone born in the Sixties has Neptune in Scorpio and Jupiter will cross that position). I am sorry about your property situation. For more detailed information which you can base personal decisions on, you need to see a pro astrologer and get your chart done!

      2. Hi Jessica

        After the Brexit vote I wake up every morning feeling sick to my stomach with nerves and worry about the future.

        I worry about how we can be prosperous out of the EU and separated from Scotland.

        And what about Northern Ireland – they are not happy either!

        It’s all really scary.

        1. Fear is normal on a Ceres-Uranus conjunction so please do not worry. Trust astrology. The pound will boom from October 2017 and by 2018 new ties with Asia will bring abundance.

      3. Thanks Jessica, I can’t wait until scotland is free from westminster, good news ❤️ im in groups we know the truth, scotland is fine, The oil is/was a bonus, we don’t need it, Westminster has used a lot of our resources, london looks like an oil rich nation, I voted remain in the EU in the hope of Indy, I really wanted to vote leave, I remember all the industry here when I was a kid, the tories have ruined scotland, labour have lost a lot as they didn’t fight for us, snp seem to be the only ones fighting for the people, they make it clear they work for us. If they let us down they will be voted out, but I hope they keep up the good work.

      4. Hi Jessica
        It seems like the Tories under May will not press Article 50 any time soon. After the 17th March it will be difficult to do it as a device comes into play where the agreement of the other states must be canvassed before a member country can leave. Given this resistance to leave by a Remainer PM, will the UK really leave?

        1. Yes, the United Kingdom really will leave – in fact Uranus will return to 23 Aries in September so we’re looking at Brexit Two with extra added rebellion!

    2. You are spot on Jessica, Britain leaves the E.U. and Nicola Sturgeon is positioning a remain backed Scotland towards holding Indy Referendum number two. Boris the Bad is the man of the hour and Dave Cameron has exited the stage right….

    3. I have found this astrology post so interesting. It did come as an unexpected surprise when Brexit one but as I have Neptune 23 libra in my natal chart maybe I just couldn’t see it ! I found the charts for 1066 and 1801 very interesting, I have always felt a disconnectedness with the UK, maybe because I’m a Leo ! I felt more at home in Greece
      Mars in Scorpio, not nice, especially with Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, I expect a lot of emnity towards foreigners to surface after Brexit. Thank you for your post, it was very interesting. Do you do personal readings, by the way ?

      1. Thank you. Yes, Mars Retrograde in Scorpio is churning up a lot of tension and heat. My personal readings have a 1-2 year waiting list but 2018 is now open exclusively for Premium Members. Thank you.

  2. Hi Jessica just read this with interest, at the moment you seem to be the only astrologer, predicting a Brexit. I’ve looked at some other really well know astrologers and they are predicting an in vote, with one describing David Cameron’s chart showing him as being very upbeat at the time! I’m not doubting you but it will be very interesting to see this play out. Thanks for such a great and interesting analysis.

        1. That’s so interesting. I haven’t looked at other astrology websites and predictions about a Brexit but it was showing up very clearly, even back in July last year when we didn’t have an election date set.

      1. Now Boris Johnson has ruled himself out of running for Conservative PM and Gove is seen as a traitor – we may end up without either of the two men who pushed for the whole thing as PM. I am a bit concerned that if Threasa May (who was a remainer) becomes PM that she will water down the whole thing and the leavers won’t actually get what they wanted. What are your thoughts on this?

        1. The big shift in astrology now is Jupiter to Libra in the second week of September. The planet of expansion in the sign of equality. The last time this happened 12 years ago women went to the top. Right around the world it looks as though women will either be in charge or hold the balance of power. Watch what happens, on the New Moon in Libra, first week of October.

  3. Sorry Jessica ur obviously pro brexit all the way through this
    I’ve read other predictions that indicate britian remaining in the EU

    David Cameron has returned from a punishing negotiation in Brussels claiming victory and a special status for the UK ahead, while the Brexit campaigners says it was a hollow deal only offering minor changes. Plus ca change in politics.

    The UK IN/OUT EU referendum will now be held on 23rd June with the Neptune opposition Jupiter square Saturn in place which has a high worry, and nit-picking factor; plus a confident Jupiter trine Pluto.

    David Cameron’s Govt chart, 8 May 2015 12.30pm, is looking confident and successful then with tr Jupiter trine Pluto and trine the Taurus Sun. His own personal chart has the lucky Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Uranus, not exact for some months but in effect; and tr Jupiter conjunct his Pluto Uranus through the aftermath in July – all of which looks like a boost.

    The EU chart isn’t much help since it is sunk in catastrophes and setbacks all year. Losing the UK would be a blow but it pales in insignificance compared to the other gargantuan problems they are facing, the unstoppable flow of migrants being one.

    The EU/UK relationship chart was under most strain two or three years back with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on the composite Sun. But apart from tr Saturn opposing the composite Moon and squaring Jupiter in late Oct/Nov there’s not much sign of a terminal separation.

    The UK 1801 chart does have tr Uranus moving through the 7th square the 10th house Moon in the second half of next month (March) which could suggest a need for freedom in close relationships and a significant change. Tr Uranus will trine the 11th house Saturn at the Referendum which could suggest constitutional changes for the country. Plus tr Pluto squares the 7th house North Node and Sun/Moon midpoint this September/October which could point to strains in close relationships – which it would have to be said are not the UK’s forte.

    But having said that, all in all, I’d doubt the UK would leave – from the astrology I mean. Cameron’s charts look too chipper to fail at the moment..

      1. Jessica, David Rees post is actually a copy of Marjorie Orr’s posting of 21/02, in case you want to read further. Christine Skinner’s newsletter today said the below – titled The EU and the UK.

        I have, however, found another astrologer who agrees with you: Market Jyotish.

        THE EU and the UK

        Prime Minister David Cameron has returned from talks with, apparently, a special deal in place. I am not sure that this deal has ‘stickiness’ and suspect that it might dissolve sooner rather than later. That aside, the date for the referendum is set for three days after the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice. The chart for close of polls suggests that there will be no ambiguity with the outcome. My reading of the chart suggests that the decision to stay ‘in’ will win – though I would understand and respect a different reading of the outcome.

        What is clear is that the 1801 chart for the United Kingdom (a sort of UK PLC chart), which has been reliable for so long, now needs replacement: it has gone past its sell-by date (coinciding with the recent referendum in Scotland). A re-formation of the kingdoms of the British Isles is now over-due and is likely to be on the political agenda for much of the coming decade.

        The Euro, though its value might well rise in 2018 – 2019, could yet come unstuck: most probably by 2025. Whilst some might see this as positive for sterling I am not so sure. The nature of currencies and the working of present day forex arrangements may well come under great change post the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2020. I suspect that emphasis then will be on the emergence of a new currency altogether (perhaps not Bitcoin but something similar)
        For now, the status quo could be preserved with the UK voting to stay in the EU – though whether the EU will continue is another matter. A hastening into a new age is probable in 2017 when what I am calling Phase 2 of the Global Financial Crisis could yet get underway.

        1. Really interesting to see another astrologer looking at Uranus in Taurus and predicting the end of the EU and a new currency. Thanks so much for this information, I really appreciate it.

  4. regardless of the intricacies of ceres and so on, one factor seems to be overlooked in these lengthy speculations, assuming the polls close at 22.00hrs. Taking London as the terrestrial basis, Pluto rises, scorpio rules the midheaven, mars in 10th, Saturn rules ascendant, and squares Jupiter in 8th. So…. bad news for ‘foreigners’… EU wants GBR to stay…. Uranus occupies an insignificant position, and ‘freedom’ is illusory, regardless of outcomes… but that’s another story. but Pluto…. the ‘planet’ everyone wants to demote… rules ‘beginnings and endings’… and here is the Big Boy, not some insignificant iceball of no note. I think the placing of pluto says it all, no real need to beat out our brains over Dave’s chart, or Boris’ … or the 1801 chart, astrology can be quite simple… Pluto rules many things, so Scotland will go independent, and head to disaster on a euro raft… steered by Sturgeon whose personal chart shows a remarkable talent for pigheadedness and stupidity…..that will sink under the weight of immigration and other factors. We’re between a rock and a hard place, with no outcome being especially ‘good’.

    1. Astrology (using different techniques) often says the same thing, but in a different way, and this is a good example of that. I agree, Scotland will go independent – and also that the British are between a rock and a hard place. Ceres is worth a closer look. Commonly ignored by astrologers, she is the astronomical equal of Pluto and bypassing her is rather like bypassing Pluto himself, who was only found and named in 1930! She precedes him by many years and in fact at one point, was ‘always’ a planet and never an asteroid. She is a good symbol for Nicola Sturgeon herself. Her chart is on this website, along with a story dating back to her rise to power in Scotland last year.

      1. Hei Jessica. Greetings from Spain (Barcelona, Catalonia). Did you know that Giussppe Piazzi, discover of Ceres in 1801, was born in 16 july 1746,around the same days that Nicola Sturgeon. You predict a yes for Brexit in 23 june or not?

        Thank you

        1. So fascinating – greetings to Barcelona. I will look up those charts to see the patterns now. I have been predicting a Brexit for 11 months and I have also been predicting electrical storms and lighting strikes across Europe near 23rd June 2016. Watch.

          1. Hi Jessica have read all your brexit predictions with interest!
            It’s 24 th June and after severe electrical storms and flash flooding we took the vote! And sure enough we voted out !
            Well done to you for putting your predictions out there !

    2. What a fascinating viewpoint – I know nothing about astrology so from my observation of politics, I had already formed the same opinions as yourself. Maybe you can help me and shed light on what apparent lunacy resulted in Pluto suddenly losing Planet status? It seems astronomers have all gone mad,lol! This is a reply to Patrick Foord’s of February 24th which I may have accidentally put in his other comment.

      1. Too funny. Actually when they took Pluto’s power away they just gave astrologers amazing synchronicity to work with. His power was originally taken from him by Jupiter, on behalf of Ceres, who suddenly levelled with him. This is exactly what happened when astronomers ‘killed’ Pluto in 2006!

    3. Interesting. Now it appears that Sturgeon and London mayor Saddiq are teaming up forming a marxist coalition. Could independent city state status be coming for London?

  5. that being said Dave’s chart looks strong…. but again the favourable aspects of Jupiter may mislead us, after all, if he doesn’t get his way, then maybe the sense of liberation and freedom he might feel may well relate to his personal retirement from political activity, and that can only be a sense of relief… taking it easier…. with ‘someone else’ in charge… after all it is a ‘personal’ chart…and although ‘beginning’ charts are valid, the ‘closure’ chart is surely more important since that is also a beginning… and 15hours is a long time in politics….

    1. Yes, the closure chart of the EU Referendum is very important. Prime Minister Cameron is very hard to judge, though. That birth time sounds a little too convenient and I don’t see the magic Rodden AA Rating on it, anywhere. I have a mutual friend with David Cameron and I could kick myself for not having asked for a birth time! One thing is sure. This EU Referendum is a good lesson for politicians but also an extremely good lesson for astrologers, too. Who knew the UK could have so many horoscopes?

  6. The man above who says Cameron’s chart is “too chipper” to fail at the moment – hasn’t he got transiting Pluto squaring his natal Sun this year? Isn’t that likely to be one of the most difficult, critical times of his life?

    1. Some things we do know about Prime Minister David Cameron’s horoscope (even though that time looks very dodgy and it’s not an AA astrological chart). In common with all Sun Libra people he’s in that difficult Pluto square cycle – but the solar chart is even more helpful. Just based on the fact that he’s a Libran, he has Pluto moving through his Fourth House which rules his country and his fellow countrymen. It also rules where he lives – 10 Downing Street. Pluto is very unlikely to let him get away without a massive transformation affecting both.

  7. I have been searching for weeks now for some good astrology for the EU referendum on 23rd of June. I have enjoyed reading this report especially as a Capricorn who intends to vote to leave.

    What I am amazed at that there seems virtually no astrology on this subject if you search google!? Is it being suppressed, other astrologers haven’t got the bottle to put there neck out? I am very surprised almost mystified!

    1. So interesting, Will, thank you. I have definitely stuck my neck out on this one, but I think April will stun and amaze all the people currently banking that England will stay in.

  8. I think you can find birth times for Nigel Farage, David Cameron and maybe Boris too, if you google ‘David Cameron, astrotheme’ ‘Nigel Farage, astrotheme’.

  9. I have spent the weekend accessing all the astrological predictions I can find on the internet.
    I have discovered some astrologers claiming David Cameron’s Birth Chart after the referendum is far too good for someone who has lost. They also quote the charts of the other politicians in the other Brexit camp as being quite poor except Boris’s which also seems to be quite good. I note here you say there is no Rodden Rated data available for these politicians, so can take it that what I have read elsewhere is based on inaccurate data?

    Can anyone put more light on this conundrum for me?

    1. The issue here is the MC, IC, AC and DC which are crucial for politicians. One cannot know these without an AA Rodden Rated birth date. I am also looking at the UK charts, which yell about independence, either immediately or further down the track – partly as a result of the disruption which may come if the Indie lobby loses.

      1. Thank you Jessica that’s cleared that up for me. The world doesn’t seem wonderful for David Cameron or Osborne right now with Duncan’s resignation.

        Something else I noticed the other day when looking at charts of the major players in the referendum; both Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage ( this is Chinese astrology ) are Both Wood Dragons and life paths of 9. May mean something or nothing?

        1. Oh, that’s interesting. I didn’t realise Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage were dragons. I suspect if these two are ever going to publicly align themselves it will be April!

          1. Can you add more to the ‘That is a cover-up job which is going to skew the results quite a lot.’ I am fascinated to find out what this cover up is?

            PS – Out of interest, I too was only a teenager during the last referendum and an ardent out campaigner too; Capricorn, Sagittarius rising…

          2. Hmm, the trouble with eclipses is – we never find out. The most famous cover-up job in history concerned Lee Harvey Oswald. He was allegedly sacked from his job with a coffee company who many say, was linked to the world of secret agents. This happened on the day of the most talked-about and televised eclipse in American history. His next role? It sent him to Dallas, Texas. Given that most Americans believe Oswald was not acting alone, you can see how an eclipse still covers things up, 50 years later. Unfortunately you’re going to see a cover-up job like this, with the whole Brexit/EU situation. I guess with so much money at stake it’s inevitable. But…watch April. We will all be stunned at what happens, to bolster the pursuit of independence in both England and Scotland.

    2. David Cameron’s chart is hit by eclipses, both solar and lunar in 2015/16. He’s also got a transitory yod with Uranus at the apex which reflects his present difficulties, with Uranus retrograde, this will continue on through to September/October 2016 (I think from memory possibly into 2017 not checked). I don’t think his chart is looking good at all. And it’s my view he won’t continue on as PM after 23rd. Boris’ chart on the other hand is in good shape.

  10. No matter the astrology. I am a Scot living in Scotland and I can’t believe Scotland will vote for Independence any time soon. The current economic climate eg.oil price, Scottish deficit, makes that a certainty – we just can’t afford to be independent! It would also seem inconceivable that the UK would vote to leave Europe given all the heavy hitters, including many employers, advocating to remain. Boris Johnston is seen as a baffoon outside London and not PM material. Nigel Farage could not even win a seat at the last General Election. I would not pay much attention to their charts.

      1. Well Jill, proof positive that maybe you should pay attention to their charts after all?

    1. Fascinating. I haven’t really looked at the other factors – just the astrology – but watch what happens in April. The EU is looking frightfully ‘over’ by then.

  11. Very interesting to read this prediction and all the following comments. I have been a passionate outer for decades and was not able to vote in the last referendum as I was only 17 at the time but would have voted out if I could have.

    Things in the undemocratic E.U. have only got worst in the intervening 40 odd years. The point I wanted to make is that I agree with Jessica, even if the vote goes against us in June, I believe the genie is out of the bottle now and the ‘outers’ are so passionate, unlike the ones who wish us to remain, that sooner rather than later we will leave. By the way I’m a forward seeing Aquarian!

    1. It’s so interesting that you are an Aquarian and you will have Mercury Retrograde in your Fourth House, which rules your country, homeland and nationality, from April 14th through June 7th. That alone tells us this is going to be a complicated, sometimes muddled and messy process! Yet – I have to repeat that prediction. Whatever the opinion polls have been saying, the astrology has been so clear for so long. Free Scotland. Free England. Free Greece. Sooner rather than later!

  12. Hi, I’m French (sorry) and follow with much interest the debate about Brexit. As many British (English ?) people, I think of EU as some undemocratic monster and my question is:

    You think that astrology stands for “Free Scotland. Free England. Free Greece”. Free France ???

    1. Merci beaucoup. It’s a good question. Yes, France will break free of the EU as well. She has many, many different horoscopes but the majority of them say the same thing. Unfortunately, because of the constant terrorist threats, she is going to have to come down hard on the open borders which make Europe such a security nightmare. We are going to see the end of the Euro from 2018 onwards and I feel that may be part of this story for you in France too. Bon chance.

  13. Hello Jessica Adams, I have enjoyed reading your article about brexit.
    I’m a 47 year old Aquarian who intends to Vote Leave.
    Can you please tell me how the recent speech by USA President Obama will affect the referendum outcome ?
    Most national newspapers in the UK are leaning towards the Vote Leave campaign.
    However there are just 2 papers that I’m aware of ( The Daily Mirror and The Guardian) that support the in campaign.
    Thank you Jessica for taking the time to read this.
    I wish you all the best for the future.

    1. Thanks so much. The original prediction about Britain leaving the E.U. was made way back in July 2015 as you can see on this website, and at the time the polls were showing that Britain would stay. I have learned to trust astrology before opinion polls though. I find it really interesting that despite President Obama’s opinion, the polls one day later actually show that most British people now want to leave – ignoring what Obama wants. That’s definitely backing up the astrology. The Guardian is at odds with the astrology if it supports staying in the EU. Maybe they should re-hire Neil Spencer to write their horoscopes. They might learn something!

  14. Its a funny old world to be sure. Scotland leaves the UK, the UK leaves the EU, the EU breaks up with itself and only some of the rest of the world really cares.

    Maybe we all just need to break up before we eventually make up. Only next time round on different terms of engagement and hopefully different terms of endearment.

    When I was young I came across a saying, “unity in diversity”. If the universe has a lesson for us to learn then it seems it might be the never ending art of compromise.

  15. I am a financial astrologer with an interest in political astrology. I have examined the transits on the day of the referendum. Major events in World history, such as the outbreaks of the first and second World Wars, the assassination of Kennedy, the destruction of the World Trade Centre and many others, have distinctive elements showing dramatic change. I cannot find this sense of major timing and great change, quite the contrary, I see the continuing status quo.

    As much as I would like to leave the EU, being a Sun conjunct Uranus person, I cannot see it happening. Even if there was a minor marginal win for leaving, the EU will not let us go. We are enmeshed in a bog of treacherous treaties and compromises which will defeat our bid for freedom.

    1. Thank you. I made the Brexit/Grexit prediction as far ahead as possible, so that astrology could not be accused of just going along with opinion polls! Actually – at the moment – the polls are swinging towards Remain (though that will change). It sounds like you don’t use Ceres, though – I wonder why not? Something that may interest you – the last time we had a Ceres-Uranus conjunction (like the one about to happen on EU Referendum Day) was over a period of four days, from January 23rd-26th in 2012 – when the Scottish Government was pushing for independence. On 25th January, when Ceres at 1 Aries was conjunct Uranus at 1 Aries, Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, set out the question – “Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?” – ahead of the 2014 referendum.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Just reading this article now (I’m an Aussie living in the US and my attention has been on the crazy local election politics over here).

    You make a valid point about 23 degrees being a critical point in the events of the UK. Along with Uranus and Ceres conjoining at 23 Aries, there is another slow moving asteroid which is just reaching that degree this week (and will stay there for some time) – Eris.

    In Greek mythology, she was the disrupter, the uninvited party guest who threw up a big distraction.

    I wonder if this will also play out in the EU/Brexit referendum as I’ve seen it already going in to effect over here in the US primaries.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about Eris. It’s interesting that she’s Greek! She doesn’t really belong in the modern astrology family (Roman/Latin/Italian archetypes like Pluto and Ceres) but I will take her position as a fantastic piece of synchronicity about Greece. You say ‘the disrupter, the uninvited party guest’ and I wonder if the Greek economy/Grexit will be a June factor. Cheers!

  17. Earlier on in this page Jessica Adams predicted that a well known actress would come centre stage for Brexit. Well Dame Joan Collins widely regard as being 1 of the worlds most famous actresses has endorsed the vote leave campaign. Thereby proving ( up to now anyway) Jessica’s referendum prediction right.

    1. …and Liz Hurley, posing naked, save for a pair of heels and a Union Jack cushion….synchronicity indeed.

  18. Does it still look like UK will leave the EU?, i know leave is now ahead. Maybe it is the Cameron factor people just don’t trust him any more. I have already posted my vote it is out. I just have a feeling if we stay it will be more of the same nothing will ever change and we will get dragged down with the EU. Come on people where is the British fight?

    1. If you look at the story you will see that Jupiter in Virgo is a prime factor. Virgo rules the body. It rules health, medicine, doctors, hospitals, surgeons and nurses. One of the biggest issues in making people join you in an ‘out’ vote will be (according to astrology) health tourism by Europeans on the British NHS.

  19. Cameron almost always shifts any worries and objections about sovereignty and immigration back to “The Economy”, just as he shifts away from the fact that his so-called “reforms” or “concessions” (which the lovely Juncker has already said, leave or remain, will be hard to implement) actually amount to almost nothing. Aware no doubt that remaining in the EU would also be a real step in the dark, not least because of its aim to be a Federal United States of Europe, he projects all of that step into the dark onto Boris etc. Jung’s shadow is hard at work! “The Economy” is his El Dorado, his sun in the heavens. So he refers always to “experts”, who, as the Queen said, when in 2008 the economies almost collapsed, “did nobody see it coming”? Experts” Or just a cabal of interests and Establishment determined to remain Established and “safe”? Regarding Greece and its woes, the EU Commission said democracy must not overrule Treaty obligations. EU President DonaldTusk said the EU “dreamers” are tearing the EU to pieces, for pushing forward their utopian ideals and ignoring different nations and cultures. So the EU President himself joins Brexit! A house divided against itself cannot stand……Much less huge organisations which crush individual responsibility and difference.”The old order changeth, yielding place to new, lest one good custom should corrupt the world” (Tennyson).

    1. Thank you. Astrology does not take sides, but I am really interested to see that every person who has commented on the Brexit predictions wants to leave the EU. The Ceres-Uranus conjunction in June is certainly about freedom.

  20. I hope that you are correct, not knowing a great deal about astrology myself.
    My gut feeling tells me that there are a lot of surprises in store. Cameron extending voter registering time says to me that he may be in panic mode and attempting to move the goalposts, might he even try to move the actual date to something more auspicious for his ”Remain” campaign?

  21. A possible political player no one talks about is Theresa May. Although she decided to shuffle into the Remain camp at the beginning of the campaign, her silence and lack of open involvement is surprising. It was often thought she would side with Leave. Maybe her lack of involvement gives is room to manoeuvre back to the Leave camp in the final week or days?

    1. I’ll see if I can find Theresa May’s natal chart (although she may not give a birth time). Thank you. Have you seen the polls in The Sun, The Independent and The Evening Standard in the last 24 hours? Massive swing to ‘Vote Leave.’ They’re saying that the polls are a shock, but not if you’ve been following astrology for the last year!

  22. Thanks for a most interesting article, which I came to via the Oxford Astrologer’s latest blog comparing the Brexit predictions of a number of astrologers. Interesting to note the natal charts of those who have posted replies here who have said they will vote Leave. I have an Ascendant at 22 Virgo, together with a packed 11th House consisting of Sun conjunct Uranus conjunct Mercury in Leo, plus the Moon at 29 Cancer. My Jupiter is in Scorpio at 22 degrees. Much of my working life has involved working in political PR and as a charity worker, assisting migrants and refugees. One would expect that I would be voting Remain – but I will be voting Leave. Why? Because I have had the opportunity to see what’s at stake close up, not just for the British people, but also those from the EU and the rest of the world. I will be voting for empowerment of the common people. I hope I’m wrong, but I predict chaos, disinformation, long queues and much aggression on polling day. Whatever the result, I agree with other comments made here that Britain and the EU will likely experience an explosive, fracturing energy – either now, or at some point in the next few years – quite possibly a series of such events. If we do vote Leave, I would much rather see a amicable split, with all parties concerned honouring their agreements – but I don’t think that’s realistic. We shall see.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the Oxford Astrologer’s story on Brexit – I must go and have a look! I am very interested that you have been involved in charity work with migrants and refugees. I bet you have asteroids in Aquarius. If you believe in Vote Leave for the empowerment of the common people’ then that is also quite an Aquarian statement to make. This is yet another comment here from someone who feels passionately about breaking free from the E.U. The long-term looks rosy, though. The British economy will boom once Jupiter goes into Scorpio at the end of next year. Fabulous!

    2. If we remain UK is done for, Cameron will be sticking around. And the bankers and elites will be grinning, that means nothing will change if we stay in.

  23. hi. I feel the Uranus/ Eris conjuction at 23 Aries is very significant. Also Ixion is at 23 degrees Gemini. Check him out, he is ruthless. you are a cool astrologer. thanks.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. Astrology is Roman/Latin and Eris is not – neither is Ixion – but if you are using a Greek alternative to regular astrology, that I do not know about, I find it fascinating that both systems are picking up a Brexit for freedom!

  24. Interesting your saying the leave campaign may gain the support of a glamorous actress/ Showbiz persona as Elizabeth Hurley has voiced support of Brexit.

    1. I see she even stripped off for a pre-brexit tweet, just covering her modesty with a Union Jack cushion. lol

  25. Today’s murder of Labour Party MP Jo Cox may be of significance, at this point the suspect does not appear connected to the Brexit campaign, but there are those who may try to politically point score on this.
    Not sure how this would fit into your views of it in terms of astrology.

  26. The eu fiscal system is not viable(NIRP )
    where is the money for these refugees to house and feed them?
    they are unemployable even for slave labor!
    it will collapse whether England leaves or not

    the only question is whether it takes the usa down with it. because the us fed system is WORSE!
    I am cap op Uranus :moon aq/;mars scopio trine

  27. I see that Referendum day began with violent thunder storms moving across Southern England! A remarkable tie-in with your prediction. A portent of UK Independence?

  28. Amazing Jessica! You predicted the lot, even a seductive actress (Liz Hurley! And a loved up couple (Tom & Taylor) perhaps haha, oh and those those thunder storms stating Uranus making itself felt through we break from Brussels… Have a great day – Jayne (cappy)

  29. Brilliant prediction Jessica. You are a fantastic astrologer. I follow your tweets on a regular basis. You always get me thinking. For those who refuse to believe in astrology – what fools!

  30. Re-read your article this morning after hearing the Brexit news, amazing how astrology – the way you use it – predicted this so accurately!! Including the crazy weather we have been hit by. As much as I was hoping Britain would stay in the EU, I am also very curious to see what happens next! Nothing like a good shake up of things and it is kind of exciting to see history develop in front of you. Maybe it’ll bring all kinds of opportunities once the dust has settled, instead of all the negative stories the press has been feeding us. Let’s see!

    1. Thank you so much. You might be curious to know that revolutions on this kind of cycle are never wrong. They turn the world upside-down but without them America would not be the United States and France would still be under a monarchy! So history tells us, this will be a good thing in the end, even though there is a lot of anger around with Mars in the equation. Watch China. Actually, watch Asia. She will pour money into Britain when the time is right. In fact, the British economy will boom.

  31. Fantastically accurate prediction, where many astrologers predicted remain to win! Nicely done.

  32. Amazingly Correct Prediction by you Jessica..So impressed !!
    More intrestingly you made normal people like us BELIEVE that astrology is PURE SCIENCE and you can be accurate if you have all the ingredients(Information) in place.

    Most of the predictions were opposite to that.

    May i Predict one you got millions of followers and belivers of your prediction.

    Keep doing good work.

  33. Could not believe the electrical storms over the uk as we went to the pollsL
    Your predictions completely amazed me they were so accurate! Will the uk rise above the initial volatility?

    1. Thank you very much, I do appreciate it. Although I have to say, you need pants of steel to become an astrologer sometimes and make big, bold predictions when the polls disagree with you! Yes, the UK will be fine. The volatility is normal on a Uranus cycle and it will be replaced by excitement. Uranus cycles like the one which just liberated the UK ultimately show us how trapped/restricted/confined we were, but never really knew. Just wait.

  34. I can not be happier about
    Brexit! I hope other EU countries will do the same. How about the Baltic states?

    1. Watch what happens from 2018 when Uranus (revolution) goes into Taurus (currency). This will fix a lot of the in-fighting you are going to see within the EU and yes, the Baltic states could easily do their own thing. Part of this wave of change is about the environment. Taurus rules the land, the soil, farming, gardening. Those days when everything was exported around Europe in big trucks are almost over. You will grow your own food, where you live, and eat it locally too. It’s coming.

  35. Hello Jessica,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your article even though a touch long. As a student of astrology, I wish I had started in my early twenties, not after my retirement. Still it keeps me mentally alert and gives me a deeper appreciation of existence. I didn’t realise that Ceres was so important, something I never learned from my studies, so I have my reading cut out for me. Would not UK and Cameron charts be sufficient? I’m really glad I found your site and will become a regular reader. Many thanks.

    1. Thank you very much. Ceres was only reclassified in 2006 from asteroid to planet, so if you were not taught about her in your old astrology classes, that makes perfect sense. Have a look at what happened when you had your Ceres return – that will tell you all you need to know about how this extraordinary cycle works. You can also pick up my new EBook, 2020 Astrology, from 1st August, from this website. It’s absolutely free.

  36. The UK has voted to leave the EU. What is the astrological forcast for countries like Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Spain. Will they also have a referendum in 2016 or 2017 to leave the EU.

    1. I have not looked at those individual countries but there will be squabbling between EU nations for money and other resources. England will be sustained by Asia and be quite separate. I may look at France next – I found a chart for her that seems trustworthy.

  37. Wow, Wow, and more Wow, just read your predictions because I was curious to see if astrology predicted a Brexit win, which I voted for. Jessica you are amazing. I like how you know your stuff. Our politicians and the rich have no clue. They are so out of touch with ordinary working people. They have all been so negative and feeding us so many lies. We are the ones suffering, seeing our pay and jobs eroded, I hope and pray that we can govern ourselves for the better and that we can include vulnerable people when we take back control from Brussels.

  38. found this post/website after being all wound up about the fact we left the eu and this has calmed me down some.
    please god let it be a good thing we left our safety net!
    im only 21 and loved the fact being in the eu meant we had the opportunity to freely work and live in 27 countries. and the fact that now that right has been taken from me by the majority of older voters because the younger ones mainly wanted to remain has been very disheartening for me.
    but this article restored some faith in the planets!
    hopefully you’re right about independence ultimately being a good thing, im dreading being a young person in britain for the next few years!

    1. Thank you for this – I understand how you are feeling and I appreciate you being so honest. I’m glad the post has delivered some calm. Basically, what you are seeing is Uranus, the planet of revolution, freedom and independence – in an extreme pattern which will never happen again in your lifetime. What everyone is worried about is change but you will be fine. Actually, Britain will begin to do free trade (big trade) with Asia, and once everything has started to reshape itself, there will be some fantastic improvements. I don’t think you’ve tasted the delicious freedom side of this transit yet, but you will. Try to think like a New Yorker back in 1781. People were shocked when the Americans basically voted NO to the British but the United States become this big, glorious, free thing!

    2. I used to be like you when I was in my early 20s. I’m 31 now. I loved the idea of the EU. Then I studied political science in University in the UK and World Politics in the USA, and started to learn about the inner workings of the EU. It really opened my eyes. Ever since, I’ve wanted us to leave. It is undemocratic and purely tyrannical. Free movement of people and the ability to work in those EU countries can be a good thing – amongst countries with similar economic ties, but it causes serious imbalanced by countries that are not up to par. In addition, these issues pale in comparison to what truly happens within the EU. I urge you to research TTIP, as just one of the many implications.

  39. Absolutely fascinating! Have always toyed with astrology and after what felt like such a dark day (although I must say the vote itself was not entirely clear for me given I see the EU as a harsh neo-liberaly bully boy!), it still feels frightening. Your post gives me hope that like the Chinese symbol for crisis, being both danger and opportunity, maybe this is for the best. Thank you!

    1. You must be psychic. The new boom for Britain will come, thanks to trade, business and tourism with China. I know it is all very new and strange, yet there is a reason the clever Chinese invested in gold in London a few weeks ago. Did you see that story? Watch 2017-2018. All will be well.

  40. Congratulations Jessica! I am so surprised we voted out. I am very sad that so much Racism was whipped up against refugees and immigrants. Also it was obvious that the politicians were lying when they said we would save 350£ million per week and give it to the NHS by being out. Immediately this morning we’re told that this promise was “a mistake”. Any thoughts on this? Unfortunately Racism is now mainstream and respectable.

    1. Thank you very much. Issues about foreigners/foreign places/foreign belief systems are always down to Sagittarius and the Ninth House in astrology. Saturn entered Sagittarius on September 19th, 2015 for the first time in almost three decades. The cycle will end on December 20th 2017. The reason Saturn in Sagittarius is having such a massive impact in England and America is just demographics. We have whole generations born with outer planets in Sagittarius and so this cycle is personalised for them. You may be one of them!

    2. I honestly don’t think this is about hatred and racism. It’s just part of the smearing and dirty tricks used by the remain camp and yes, the leave camp were just as bad. It was a dirty fight on both sides. However, concerns over uncontrolled immigration are justified and have needed to be addressed and should have been addressed a long time ago. On a brighter note, as a very enthusiastic amateur astrologer, I have been following Jessica’s posts and I’m delighted at how accurate they have been.. I know about Ceres but will now go back and have a look at some charts with Ceres placed in. Thank you so much Jessica – you are a star!

      1. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad the astrology is accurate for you. Definitely look at Ceres – I have been using her since she was promoted to planet status in 2006 and I would not look at a horoscope these days, without her.

  41. Oi Jessica!

    Jessica, I do think you and another astrologer on YT called Liza Lazuli called it perfectly right!

  42. So where now for Scotland and Northern Ireland ? Amazing predictions, by the way …. even down to the electrical storms !

      1. You seem to predict so much good for England yet Scotland also has many, many resources…we are far from a poor country, it is just that Westminster pretty much bled us when oil was high for around 40 years and only in last few years it has been lower.. I presume it will eventually rise, our food and drink industry is massive but Treasury got a majority of profit because it was exported in England. Tourism continues to grow massively since we have Hogmanay and Fringe, our renewable energy is pretty much cover majority of homes and will continue to grow, we have gaming industry and many other resources. Out of all 4 nations in UK, Scotland benefited the most from EU. We have most of our Universities in the top 100 and we have many talented entrepreneurs. Scots are workers, we would never let Scotland go to the wall, most of the famous people here and around the world have been Scots. You state EU finished but no mention of Scotland’s economy in an Indy Scotland?

        1. Thank you. I can see you absolutely love your beautiful country! I’ve not had a chance to look at the charts for Scotland in any depth, but of course she will vote for independence (this first became obvious months ahead of the referendum, and if you hit Search you should find the original prediction – first NO then later on YES). The EU is finished but it is possible that a new organisation will emerge, with or without Scotland on board. We will all know how life is to unfold from 2019 through 2020 when that old 1801 United Kingdom horoscope shows the most change. Renewable energy is spot on. So is the homegrown food/drink industry. The general trend once Uranus moves to Taurus in 2018 is for local not global. It will be interesting to see some of the endangered or even apparently extinct species come back.

          1. Thank you for that Jessica, I’ll check that original prediction. You are an excellent astrologer, I can’t make head nor tail of any of the charts…thankfully you are here to do it for us.
            I would love to see our endangered species come back, Scots are very protective of our wildlife and there has been talk of bringing back the wolf to the highlands. Our Golden Eagle returned after disappearing for years.

          2. Thank you. The Golden Eagle returns to Scotland? That is an amazing omen. Jupiter rules eagles. The planet of opportunity is sending your country a message.

  43. What a wise and well-researched piece and in hindsight how accurate. Thank you. I’m British, 67 years old with Moon conjunct North Node at 23/24 Aries so this feels very personal.

    I voted Remain. I lived and worked in France for 10 years in the 1980s when the EU was the European Community, and it was a tremendously enriching time for me, and part of my modest retirement income is a French pension. So right now I feel a whisper of financial insecurity, though I know I’m probably catastrophising – our two countries have too much that binds us together and there are so many French nationals working in the UK right now and vice versa that I can’t see petty vindictive actions being taken in the exit negotiations. Fingers crossed though, everything is so up in the air.

    I think there is huge potential for good or ill here and this morning I don’t feel as depressed as I thought I might.. The EU does need to change and maybe this is what it needs. I find your positive comments re trade with the Far East and China very encouraging.

    1. Thank you very much for that compliment, it is very kind of you. And yes – with your 23/24 Aries pattern you are feeling (personally) what the nation is feeling. It is absolutely right to be positive about the future with jolly Jupiter poised to enter Scorpio, the sign ruling banks and the sharemarkets, from the final quarter of next year. The situation is actually being set up now, with Mars in Scorpio.

      1. Thanks for the reply.Jessica, yes Jupiter in Scorpio is particularly good for me as Scorpio is in my 2nd house

        Meant to add that on checking my ephemeris I see that while Ceres is due to move into Taurus in July, she will turn retrograde at the end of August eventually moving back into Aries where she stations direct in December at 21 Aries. So she isn’t finished with Uranus and Eris yet! I imagine the second and third passes she makes over 23 Aries will be when the exit negotiations with the EU really start getting serious – and possibly fiery!

        1. Ceres and Uranus is the story here – yes, I agree about the importance of Ceres in Taurus – though not Eris, she’s Greek (astrology is Roman/Latin and it can get awfully confusing if you start adding the Greek archetypes. Ceres will pre-empt Uranus in Taurus from 2018 so the new world economy as we know it will start being carved up from this point.

  44. There is a popular call for 23rd June be made a public holiday as our Independence Day. From the Astrological point of view could this special day be classed as the birthday of a new Great Britain with a new horoscope chart? By the way Jessica, you were bang to rites with your predictions, even down to the weather! I came across your page while looking for biblical prophesies on the subject which were adamant that Britain would leave the EU. Your site is now on my list of favourite places. Congratulations, and thank you!

    1. Thank you very much, I am glad our website is now on your list – I will pass that onto James, Justin and Alyas. The national horoscopes may well change once Scotland has voted for independence and that will be fascinating. I suspect that once again England may find herself with a 23 degree pattern, though. It is there in 1066 and 1801 and every other chart!

  45. Like another commenter, I came here from The Oxford Astrologer and am simply stunned at the accuracy of your predictions. I doff my hat and swear to follow you for all time. 🙂
    My own natal chart ties very closely to the UK 1801 chart (and my Sun is 23 Capricorn, so I expect I am being impacted by these dramatic transits too) – I’m another who voted leave; it is time for a change, the EU has become a deeply un-democratic, bombastic, bully and this is coming out now in the reactions of the EU and other member countries to the out vote. I am certain it will backfire on them. I’m certainly seeing that Mars transit in the rage from the remainers (Facebook is on fire!)
    I love your predictions for the future, they give me hope because, though I wanted change and voted for it, but it’s still scary.

    1. Too funny! Thank you. And I must thank The Oxford Astrologer for her story. What you say – that you wanted change, and voted for it, but it’s scary – is an accurate description of what Ceres-Uranus-Mars feels like. I trust history and astrology. It will be okay. It is just the future rushing into the present and that’s why it feels so weird.

  46. What worries me is remainer’s have put a petiton together calling for a second referendum will this happen Jessica?.

    1. Wow, Simon, I think you were worried about a Remain result all the way through this – yet the astrology has been proven right, from almost 12 months ago. The online petition demographics are North London, and Cambridge and Oxford – student towns, as I understand it. I believe the majority vote for Leave was also 1 million plus. So put this petition in context, perhaps?

  47. Wow this is absolutely fantastic I have been reading all the comments and I am very impressed with your predictions. This seems like synchronicity to me as over the last year I have been really looking at ‘who am I’ and I feel we have been looking at ‘who are we as a country’!! I have been so excited about this as freedom has been very important to me not just my own but other people’s. I did not vote ‘out’ on an intellectual argument I went with my inner feelings and one or two very strong points of which I believe. I have been searching for change in my life and it has been coming and also along with what is happening here I feel so connected to it all. I am a Leo born 11 August 1960 8.42am and I feel that this is a spiritual journey we are all on. Do you do professional astrology reports as I would be very interested in one doing. Well done for all this fantastic information!!!

    1. Thank you – that’s so interesting – you are articulating what is happening in astrology now as national/personal/global all bounce off each other in the horoscopes. When you say you voted for other people’s freedom you are also echoing the original Saturn/Uranus myth of 2000+ years ago! Personal reports do have a 1-2 year waiting list as I do not use staff or a computer program, but you are welcome to become a Premium Member and put your name down.

  48. You nailed it girl!

    In future, maybe the big banks and hedge funds would be better advised to send you a nice juicy check for your forecast rather than wasting their money on focus groups.

    It’s too funny watching the politicians and media experts in disarray…..horrified and totally blindsided by this result. Fair play to DC for doing the honorable thing but there seems to be some sour grapes from the Remain camp.

    When David Beckham threw his hat into the ring, I knew the game was up.

  49. Thank you for your wonderfully accurate predicitions. As I said in an earlier post I have been a eurosceptic for 40 years plus, unable to vote in the last referendum being too young. You gave me hope when it looked like the vote would go the other way and now it has sank in that we are finally going to throw off the shackles of the undemocratic EU I couldn’t be happier. I sat up all night to watch it unfold, something I haven’t done since a teenager, I am euphoric! I am in the process of trying to convince my younger friends and relatives that this is the best thing and everything will be alright. I can’t believe intelligent people fell for all that scaremongering,and believe Britain cannot function without the ‘help’ of the EU. I haven’t studied astrology like a lot of your followers but have always been interested but am now hooked to your predictions. One thing I would like to ask, the vote this time was truly democratic as very vote counted wherever you were in the country. With the first past the post system if you are in a safe seat and don’t like the political colour of your MP there is no point in voting. Wil our voting system change anytime soon to make every vote count? Many thnaks again Jessica for giving an old eurosceptic hope.

    1. I appreciate your honesty and I have to say, all these comments (like yours) are giving me new key words for Uranus transits. The phrase ‘throw off the shackles’ describes what happened in the original myth when Saturn and the Titans threw off the shackles placed on them by their father Uranus. What you say is really interesting about democracy, which is another word for freedom. I suspect the real core issue about this petition (which apparently has been reported to the Metropolitan Police, with screen shots of illegal signing) is liberty. The UK is about to really explore this issue of what is democratic and it will take in just the issue you describe above. I am *fascinated*.

  50. I, too, arrived via The Oxford Astrologer. I’d like to say thanks to you for the importance and role you ascribe to Ceres. I’ve been baffled by her absence in most mainstream online astrology. After all, any Goddess who could invoke the will of Jupiter in her struggle with Pluto is a powerful force herself.

    I noticed your remarks differentiating the Greek and Roman gods and found this Wiki entry about Ceres:

    ‘… sister of Jupiter, mother of Proserpina by Jupiter and sister of Juno, Vesta, Neptune and Dis. Ceres’ known mythology is indistinguishable from Demeter’s…’

    1. Thank you. I think I owe the Oxford Astrologer a large drink as her readers (like you) coming over to this website have so many interesting things to add to this discussion about the Brexit prediction. Wikipedia is often wrong about astrology, though, so please avoid it. (My friend Robert Currey, the astrologer and businessman, has a lot to say about what they are up to). For the truth about Ceres please go back to the original Roman/Latin sources and read Robert Graves, Lempriere and so on.

  51. Brilliant! Been meaning to message you, I read your prediction a couple of months ago and I felt intuitively that you were totally right. I am glad that there is this shake up, though most of my friends are calling those that chose to leave racist bigots, I am in the younger generation! However personally I am not shaken by the results nor the slander, but rather relieved and I sense that we will become stronger, despite all the negativity. There needs to be chaos before order, destruction before growth. You called it right down to the weather. When there was thunder and lightning I smiled and reminded myself of your prediction. You are really, really awesome! Thank you!

    1. Thank you very much. I know that the younger generation are shaken up by this – but many of them were born with Neptune or Uranus in Sagittarius so naturally, they resent transiting Saturn in Sagittarius, which they are feeling very hard-hit by and also projecting onto older people (Saturn being the old man in mythology).Mars will soon go through Sagittarius too so I guess we’ll see everyone venting this and hopefully dealing with it in an intelligent way. I am tempted to write a post just on people born with Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius to explain what is going on. It can literally only happen every 29 years.

  52. Impressive! Came here through a random astrology-related google search, and it’s quite incredible to see how spot on you were. This feels like the beginning for something much bigger, there’s already much talk (and a petition going on…) here in Finland about a similar referendum (although politicians don’t seem too keen on it) and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other EU countries following. EU hasn’t been working for a long time as it has been sold to people, although the paranoid part of me makes me wonder whether it has been working as intended…

    (If David Cameron’s birth time is correct, the lunar eclipse on his Ascendant could be significant. I just read about the eclipse on darkstarastrology and this struck me: “…Those touched by this eclipse could might realise that they have been too naive and ignorant of malice.” He, indeed, was behind his own fall in this case. Although the cover-up part you mentioned makes me a bit uneasy…)

    1. Waving to Finland – I am glad you found this website in the end. We don’t actually have a Lois Rodden rated AA birth time for Mr Cameron which is a shame. In general what Europe is experiencing is an early call of Uranus in Taurus from 2018. The Euro was never going to last and that is what this is all about. Hit ‘Uranus in Taurus’ on Search to read more which may be relevant for Finland.

  53. Well done Jessica for calling it correctly, but also for having the guts to call it. A lot of other astrologers didn’t put their neck out. I think you proved Astrology especially as in general the vote was expected to be remain. When you said it was fated, I think you were right, especially the recurring degrees in all the different charts.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the key to everything was the 23 degree position in every single British or United Kingdom horoscope, through history. And we only get one Ceres-Uranus-Mars pattern at 23 degrees like this, every so often.

  54. I hope they do not block brexit there would be riots Plus EU want us out asap, and we would be a laughing stock.

  55. I have been so impressed with your astrology, you were so accurate. I am thinking of taking up studying it again 🙂

    I have a question though; everyday we now see more and more calls for a second referendum, what chances do you this this might happen? Personally I hope it doesn’t plus it would make a mockery of our democratic system, but I am fearful this may happen 🙁

    1. Please do take up studying astrology again. I have a new EBook out on 1st August called 2020 Astrology which is absolutely free on Amazon so do pick it up. A second referendum? I understand this is based on a petition which has been fraudulent and reported to the Metropolitan Police. So that is your answer.

  56. Hi Jessica, I just wanted to say a big WOW and well done to you for an awesomely accurate prediction on the Referendum! I stumbled upon your site more by accident than design and I’ve been blown away by how sure and sincere you were in everything you wrote. Oh and the thunder and lightning heralding the voting was quite magical. I laughed and I cried at the result – I voted to leave. My natal sun is at 23 degrees of Libra, and all these 23/24 degree aspects are really challenging!! Anyway, kudos to you Jessica, brilliant stuff!!

  57. I read your article on Brexit with great interest and as you’ve made no mention of Wales, I ask what its future will be?

  58. Hi Jessica,
    Speechless with your accuracy! OR as we say here in Liverpool “Gobsmacked”.
    However woke up this morning to the quite frightening possibility of the Brexit not actually happening .Seems to be a lot of behind the scene shenanigans going on to try to stop the Vote from being anything more than an “Opinion Poll” .Tony Blair and other Politicians scrambling around to somehow connive a way out of the situation. Most significant was The failure of David Cameron to actually send notification to Brussels ,article 50 ,to formally start the process of Exit.
    My Question is, within the confines of the astrology ,in your opinion is there the possibility of more surprises ,i.e. actual Exit won,t happen? (Groan…)
    Many thanks for your bravery and convictions and talent .

    1. Okay, that quote from you is going in the front pages of my new book, 2020 Astrology – thank you! Many people on this thread seem to be scared of losing their freedom almost as soon as they have it. It’s okay. They felt the same way in other Uranus cycles in history, namely the French Revolution and the American Revolution. Uranus rules the dance of rejection. It goes like this – rejecting rejection, and then being rejected. Out of this comes freedom. Make no mistake. This is independence, no matter how it is born. I trust astrology and history.

      1. I hope you don’t mind me butting in, but this talk of things not happening could come from the fact that mars is still in retrograde, couldn’t it? Funny how the EU tries to provoke the UK into triggering article 50 immediately while Boris Johnson and the rest of the Brexit-lot seem to wait for something. Today it hit me – someone on the Brexit side knows astrology. Imagine if they triggered that article with a retrograde mars? Not the best of starts.

        1. Yes, the worry about a reversal is typical of all the retrogrades we are seeing. The issue is Mars Retrograde in Scorpio as the pound has made people nervous. There will be no turning back. Brexit is here to stay.

  59. Hi Jessica, how cool are you! Thank you for those strikingly clear predictions. Although a sun sign Capricorn, I have an Aquarian ascendent and a preponderence of planets in Aquarius/11th house with Uranus as strongest planet. Although a Londoner, I feel disonnected to the UK and have always cherished the ideals of a United Europe, being able to live and work anywhere and nearly all my pals are European mix. Yet even I knew the EU is not the outfit of benefit to the European peoples, only of subjugation and a vehicle for global big business, so against all instincts, I voted out, losing that right, possibly, to movement in the future. The events of this past year have left me sadcand shaky, generally. But I know the Universe always moves us forward to a better place. However, how is England, without Scotland together, going to work without these new feelings of isolation? I read you predicted Asia will support us, but this is an area of the world in which I have no interest and this distresses me more! I know personal feelings should not detract from the whole, but I am hoping Europe will reform in a new, freer and vibrant way without the dictators at the top? Do you see this happening? Or will the EU as a whole be finally brought down? The idea of being stuck on this grey little island does not suit this Aquarian. Thank you for your wonderful insights.

    1. Thank you for those compliments, I am waving my tea in your general direction. As a multiple Aquarian, Uranus transits affect you more than other people. This Uranus-Ceres-Mars-Chiron pile-up was meant to be. This is not a grey little island any more and you will not be stuck! The best analogy I can draw for you is America in 1781 (same cycle) when the people rejected King George III and British taxes – partly because they felt the British were too distant from them and even held them in contempt. The shockwaves were felt around the world, and Americans finally became free to trade as they wish, worship as they wish and become their own nation. The keynote event that year was a black slave woman called Mum Betts, aka Elizabeth Freeman, winning a lawsuit against her white owners and thus changing history. Without her lawsuit Barack Obama would not be in the White House. Is Uranian change a good thing. Always, as we see in the end. Always. It just takes us time to realise it.

      1. Thank you Jessica for your kind reply which I read back in June..

        I have revisited your comments for some support, since there still feels to be an antipathy in the air from our politicians generally and I just do not trust any of them (certainly not our own batch in Westminster) to do what is right for the country.
        I have personally felt, I guess, more of an international person, proudly European, but have been distressed in seeing Europe – and the UK in particular – being turned into a target for anyone who shows up from around the world, without any consideration being given to effects of this by the MPs anywhere. The thought of more trade with Asia does not appeal to me at all. Very few of these countries, to my mind, are particularly advanced in their outlook and are very different culturally! Yet the North American corporate invasion which will inevitably explode is even less attractive,

        My natal Chiron is exactly conjunct the ascendant in Aquarius, opp strong Uranus in Leo, square Mars in Taurus, Do you think all these messed up feelings, irritations and health problems this past year have been caused through the stress of these planets battling it out?

        I hope you don’t mind me asking you. It’s just that I do not feel attached any longer to an increasingly changing UK I no longer recognise – and which no doubt become even less European – and the urge to leave is unyielding. I am hoping this all ends well. Maybe it will if we can change our own political system too. Thank you for taking the trouble to help.

        1. Cheers. Yes, you are feeling the impact of Chiron/Ascendant/Uranus/Mars in a T-Square which stands for tension. You need a physical outlet for the tension which can be as simple as a long, fast daily walk – or more complex, as you wish. You will be amazed at how much better you feel when you give Mars something to do. He is the God of war. He ran, rode, charged, climbed and occasionally biffed – so you need to channel that in a modern way. Even striding around the streets will do it. Okay – so onto Brexit. We are going to see the second revolution in September. Uranus will go back to 23 Aries and there will be zero tolerance for lack of change. The British economy will boom on the back of Asian investment and purchasing power but fears about a loss of identity from globalisation are just that – fears. Saturn in Sagittarius tends to make everyone feel that way!

  60. I have followed your site for the last month and it really gave me hope.I wanted out and my two children that are in their twenties voted in. My daughter has been so worried as she has only just took a mortgage on , but reading more of your information for the next couple of years has made me feel much more confident for them. So accurate, fantastic site, and I will be looking in to astrology a lot more now even though it seems a little complicated. Spot on.

    1. I am so glad this website has given you hope! Please reassure your daughter. If you have seen the astrology methods I use here working for Scotland, working for Brexit, working for your own life – please know every law of the horoscope I know says, Britain will boom with fortunes being saved or made, from the final quarter of next year, and first three-quarters of 2018. Why? Jupiter the planet of healing, abundance, reward and growth will trigger the Scorpio placements of millions – including everyone born in the 1960s who are the generation in charge of business and the economy by then! Jupiter also triggers the British chart for 1801. I am sorry that the vote divided your family. None of us will ever forget it, will we?

      1. I think this aspect of family division is striking: In my own immediate family my Piscean husband and Taurean son voted remain. I (Capricorn) have felt the full force of their wrath these last few days for voting leave, and they’ve both said I have put their and our futures at risk. I know I haven’t, but it hurts that they believe I would do something to harm them, when I feel I voted for their freedom, and to protect them from the tyranny that will occur when the EU masters implement the final phase of their plan.

        I studied the EU at university and I know it was set up with one goal in mind – to create a United States of Europe – with one army, one tax, one currency, one budget and the end of all national sovereignty and an unelected cabal ruling. They’ve just been implementing it by stealth and pretending it’s about creating a single market – it’s not

        My extended family is split 60/40 in favour of Brexit. We had a family party on Saturday and when the topic was raised it led to people who normally adore one another becoming short with one another. I’ve never experienced anything like this.

  61. Hi Jessica. I stumbled upon this article and am.amazed at your accurate prediction. I am one of the only relatively young (am 33) people I know who voted to leave the EU. Am interested to see who you think will be the next Prime Minister? Boris Johnson or Theresa May or someone else? Will whoever it is be successful at getting the Nation to unite to push through a successful Brexit deal with the EU?

    1. Thank you very much. The new government run from Downing Street will put women up where they belong. Why? Jupiter in Libra. We only have this cycle every 12 years and it is about equality. On every other cycle women skyrocketed to the top, particularly in the USA. The Brexit is here to stay. The bigger picture on the drama is this – democracy. The voting system in England was overdue for reform and that is why your generation have been bombarded with ‘vote’ reality television for years – it was a soft way to be shown why voting matters. I suspect there will be a major push for mandatory voting in England after this, for everything, as there is in Australia.

      1. Hi Jessica. Does that mean you think Teresa May will lead? Or Boris Johnson with female help? I voted leave by the way. Piscean with Sagitarius rising. moon in Cancer. Mercury in Aquarius. Had no doubts about taking the risk. Loved your predictions and found you through a random search.

  62. Well done Jessica. I cast my vote for a Brexit at exactly 12.06 pm and recited a Buddhist mantra whilst doing so. [OM MANI PEME HUNG] I have a Cancer sun, Scorpio moon and ascendant at 23 degrees Libra. I could feel the power.

    The UK Labour Party is now tearing itself apart with most of the shadow cabinet resigning and Corbyn refusing to step down. Do you have any comments about the future of the party?

    1. I am so fascinated by your message. I am going to save all my messages from this time, as I feel one day I will look back at them with my godchildren and see real history, was it unfolded back then. Regarding Labour – unfortunately, the party horoscope shows major pressure on the Nodal axis so this is past life karma for them. As a Buddhist you will understand that. We look back to the original chart and find that it came from the people, for the people – the working class as it was then. What is happening now is hammering that point home. Any person or system within the party that does not honour the original ‘birth’ will not survive.

      1. You may be right again in regard to the rise of women post brexit (see Lucy above). The next general election could be Theresa May versus Angela Eagle.

        Have you ever considered becoming a politician? Or would an immersion in politics wipe out your predictive and psychic abilities?

  63. Hello Jessica and congratulations again on your prediction. I also came to your site through a Google search before the Vote.

    Sorry in advance for this long post.

    I have to say I voted leave as I feel the EU is not the institution people were originally sold back in the 1970’s. It really is in a bit of a mess and has very much overreached its original brief without ever consulting with the UK population again.

    The current fall-out from the Leave vote is certainly not feeling like a celebration or victory. It seems to me that a whole ‘vibe’ of ‘we want a second referendum/this is WRONG’ has been continually pushed by the BBC and some ‘broad sheet’ press in the UK since Friday – that online petition having been debunked as hackers work.

    As the outcome isn’t that desired by some of the press they seem petulantly determined to deride the outcome, insult the intelligence and integrity of the voters and flag up a lack of an actual ‘exit plan’ (none has yet been presented).

    ‘Facts’ such as the Leave camp lied about things (both sides did)/’many’ people regret voting Leave are being touted daily. Stories of bigotry and harassment toward EU citizens, EU citizens ‘terrified’ for the future are now emerging. At this point in time it just seems to have resulted in total meltdown in UK politics and cohesion and not in a good way.

    The two main parties in the UK seem rudderless and without effective leadership at present. Was any of this predictable?

    There will be a general election in the Autumn.

    Are we likely to see the horrible scenario of an EU membership for an independent Wales, Scotland and London (as a ‘City State’) as they all voted Remain but England itself remaining Brexit?

    Or a party running for election with a pledge to re-join if they are elected? That is how strong these voices are right now.
    Your prediction was so upbeat, like the UK people were behind the outcome. The current reality is grim and negatively hyped up by the press. What is going on?

    1. Thank you very much – this is the most discussed prediction since this website began so I am accepting all comments. My prediction for British independence is upbeat because history and astrology tell me,that every time we see a Uranus-Ceres conjunction, the outcome is liberating,exciting and moves people forward. East Timor won her freedom on this pattern. Barack Obama started his run for the White House on this same pattern. Difficult transition is normal, in the end everything progresses. That is what Uranus does.

  64. Hello, like many others I found your site through a google search on Brexit and I must say I’m stunned how you predicted it months ago. I went to bed totally convinced that we would have another “Austrian vote” (like they had on their presidency: a tiny majority for the status quo, most likely by manipulating remote votes – btw, the Austrian Freedom Party is now contesting that result for fraud…). So while I was all for Brexit, I was pretty fatalistic about it. So it was a fantastic morning for me – and I say that as a German. How I envy you people! We’ll never be allowed to vote on our fate… you have no idea how things have deteriorated over here since Merkel declared our borders dissolved. I so hope that Britain has set an example for other countries and that the whole EU construct will come toppling down – is there a chance that we’ll get rid of Merkel and return to sanity? Can you give me some hope for my country?

    1. You’re a German, how fascinating to find that you also support a Brexit. Long-term you will get your wish as the old EU in its current form is under so much pressure – mainly because of the Euro – as you will all see from 2018, for many years. World currency is up for a revolution and that Euro is very unlikely to survive.

  65. I have been incredibly impressed by the discerning clarity and optimistic approach of Jessica Adams’ astrological posts on the EU referendum with her accurate predictions of the result. I have found them also very comforting both in supporting my long-held passionate desire for the UK to recover its sovereignty and in positing hope for the future.
    Thank you Jessica! ( I am Sun sign Cancer, Moon in Pisces in the 8th house forming the ‘handle of the bucket’with Gemini rising – born at sea, New Zealand)

    1. Thank you that’s a really sweet thing to say. I have been researching more Uranus-led patterns in the charts of the USA during the Civil Rights movement, the push for independence in Africa and other countries – the transit always works out, despite the initial uncertainty!

  66. THANK YOU . You cheered me so much,
    I felt that I was alone so often, I was frightened about Europe I felt by 2030 it would have become a dictatorship with some unvoted for man running us all, t
    The Brussels gravy train was on a collision course I knew that. having a huge party at our expense, no one in in the drivers seat and Britain just put the emergency brake on So yes it will be painfull but no one got killed/
    I have a strong feeling that Scotland will back off from a referendum this year as Spain has said it will veto any vote to allow them into the eu as they are scared Catalan will go the same way as Scotland
    I strong feel and think with our Exit europe will either have to change or die that is their choice we made ours
    I voted against Europe the first time and this time and saw the lies and prevarications told then how we would be better off and watched the pound in my pocket shrink fast and for a long time
    I am a Sagittarius nov 27 1943 and i have a healthy skepticism about Europe and always have ,it seemed like a prison not freedom and i have been proved right
    I to feel strongly that Britain will rise again and stronger its not astrology its just a very strong feeling and that we will look back in 30 years and say thank god we got out, sometimes we do know that we need change this is one of those times though change is frighting its also necessary I also feel its time for britain to step back from the world stage we no longer need to be the empire maker we are a strong but small country we can be powerfull without having to be polically calling the shots time we put the empire behind us, Concentrate on being just us part of the world but british
    so many young people didnt see the prison bars we old ones did, I hope they will accept that we did what we did for them for their future not for ours we have had our day but hopefully now they will be in a postion to make a good future

  67. Great article Jessica, though I was a Johnny come lately on this one, only coming across it after the actual vote. Interesting that the only retro planet for David Cameron…soon to be David Camera off….is Saturn at 24 degrees of Pisces conjunct Chiron..pegging down all those personal and trans-personal planets info on the other side of the chart.
    Keep up the good work!!…btw one of my astrological tutors here in Barcelona, Christina is also uses Ceres to define and refine her analysis and she does with the other major asteroids present in a chart.
    I’ll keep an eye on your blogspot and spread the word…thanks again

  68. Thank you Jessica for this article I am so impressed about your analysis and predictions.

    However just now Boris Johnson has pulled out of the Conservative Leader race!! You said that he will be the next prime minister of UK.

    Please can you explain how this happened? Any predictions about the next UK Prime Minister.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. I did not predict Boris would be Prime Minister, I predicted that Brexit would win. He’ll be a fascinating Foreign Minister, won’t he?

      1. I am very impressed by your predictions – and pleased. Very clever lady. I cannot believe you actually predicted Boris as Foreign Minister. I am a down to earth Capricorn and know we will be better off out.

        1. I didn’t predict Boris as Foreign Minister, but yes – Brexit itself has been clear for about a year. Thank you for your kind words.

  69. Hi Jessica — amazing prediction you made. It couldn’t have been clearer. However, I do have a niggling thought. Theresa May voted ‘remain’. At the moment she looks to be the next Prime Minister. If this is the case – then what was the sense of this referendum?

  70. Hi Jessica 🙂

    I have just read this and it’s been a fascinating read – I too will be putting you into my favourite bookmarks! I often go to another astrologers site and on Dec 26 2015 she predicted that the EU/UK would have an ‘almighty jolt’ six months on, which put her prediction 6 months ahead (26 June), exactly around the time of the referendum. The referendum wasn’t announced until Feb 2016. So, I was hoping this event hinted at Brexit, even though many of her predictions believed that we would stay in. When it did, she was very, very shocked – and it turned out she was for the Remain. I explained why I thought what happened, happened but I said with so much turmoil happening RIGHT NOW on the planet with very similar patterns being seen in other countries means this frightening change is happening for a reason, and the right reason.

    I read a really good article by blogger Helen Cox, which explained the result may well be because of a systematic failure of politicians, home and abroad, for years, who do not listen to most of the people in areas they don’t fund much, such as the North. We’ve been screaming for years to be heard and it’s always fallen on deaf ears – What the referendum did, unknowingly, was give a platform to the anger and frustration of many, who shouted and it turned into a roar that deafened. Leaving many sitting shell shocked, even the leavers, because they never believed they’d be heard, and asking what the hell just happened?! I mean, the one sentence that kept popping up after the result from the leave voters was, ‘Well, I didn’t think we’d win anyway.’ This anger, feeling stuck, shock and frustration at not being heard from the remain voters after the result, is what MANY have felt for decades! The North doesn’t see much benefit from either the EU or the native government’s funding coffers. It’s forgotten about. Look what the EU are doing to Greece, reducing it’s economy to a sinkhole, unemployment through the roof. That’s like sitting by watching a big corporate boss bully an employer into submission while he pats me on the back and promotes me. Just because I get a leg up in life, is it moral to sit back and watch somebody else be degraded in such a way, even if it doesn’t affect my own back yard? I think it’s disgusting that the EU can happily sit by in their Gold Palaces funded in its millions by others, and watch Greece beg for handouts on it’s knees and be stripped of integrity, trying their best to feed themselves or put a roof over their heads and wonder where the next euro will come in to help get them back on their feet. It’s compounded by the influx of immigrants because the country is in no healthy position to help sort the problem. It really upsets me to the point of tears that it is allowed to be done and classed as some kind of social progress in action. If an organization can siphon its funding off into a countries main capital/big cities and ignore everybody else around it apart from a few scraps thrown at them every now and then, then it’s a BROKEN model. It is the enemy. It allows tiny sections of society to swell and bloat with concentrated wealth and the vast majority of a country to die on the vine, so to speak. Because of this arrogance from the EU in turning their backs on a huge silent majority, I feel there are more countries to come who are going to turn their backs on the EU; unemployment is rising in Southern Italy and in Spain, no funding or opportunities are happening to make them feel they are part of a supposedly wonderful system. They are not being taken care of or being listened to! And your astrology predictions see big changes for other EU countries in the years to come!

    The astrologer replied that while she understood, my and other people’s anti-democracy vote, it was all very silly and not well-thought out and that we were basically dreamers. Which is a bit offensive to be told that we don’t know our own mind and explained there should have been steps put in place before we pulled out. But, isn’t that THE POINT? Because of the EU’s anti-democratic stance and arrogant inability to listen and compromise, we now find ourselves in this position demanding change?

    I’m annoyed and saddened that many of the 48% of the remain group feel the need to belittle us leavers and tarnish us with a racist tag when I know my fundamental reason to vote in the EU was to help other people in the EU to stop being bullied and crushed and to violently remove the shackles that are enslaving us all, because it could be us next. I wanted to be part of bringing down a bullying giant. I’m also angry at the racists out there feeling the need to ‘represent’ my vote. They don’t! And I’m disgusted at how the media are promoting this racist/Us & them narrative in the media! I really do hope the news stations and those in power also go through the same clearing out the driftwood as politics is going to?

    I can’t see where my own planets fall in line with the referendum way of thinking. I’m a 18 degree 1st H Virgo/15 Virgo ASC, 10 Moon-16 Saturn 10th H conjunction in Cancer – and I have the 6 degree Neptune in Sagittarius in 3rd H. But, I didn’t vote IN. 9 of my 10 major planets are to the left of my chart, both above and below the horizon, and I have 12 Degree Jupiter ‘bucket handle’ in Pisces in the 6th H just under the descendant but not conjunct. I have no planets in Aquarius and my Uranus is only square Saturn and opposing my Chiron in Aries. So, don’t see how my own planets have fallen into the Aquarian ‘storm of revolutionary change? My 6th H starts half way through the Aquarian sign but nothing is there, not even any asteroids. I’ve been frustratingly unemployed for nearly 3 years, so hope the changes and financial boom heading our way will also change my own circumstance and bring along more jobs and opportunities, especially in the North East.

    History shows we actually do evolve slowly over time and in the right direction even when hurdles stand in our way. The other astrologer is predicting stress and grind ahead until around 2024 when Jupiter in Capricorn injects us with financial prosperity. She has hinted at the possibility that the UK could either be a trail blazer or we are about to crash like Russia did during the perestroika. She’s actually a very good astrologer and one of my faves but it looks like doom and gloom ahead for the next 2 decades, apart from that Jupiter injection 8 years away. So, that is why it’s nice to read your accurate analysis and be one of very few astrologers who got it right, right down to the unusual weather, which is almost a reflection of the energies of an angry and shocked UK! Idil Ahmed said, ‘You know great things are coming when everything seems to be going wrong. Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter. Be patient!’

    I’m also pleased you mentioned Asia being a big supporter for us. I know you mentioned China but I believe, don’t know if it’s astrologically true, that India is going to be a huge game changer because of it’s potential to be a superpower in the not too distant future, along with it’s Chinese cousins!

    Thanks again for your insight and sorry for the very long ramble and look forward to more of your celestial interpretations of the stars and planets and it’s effect on we, the puppets below 🙂 x

    1. Blimey, that’s the longest comment I have ever seen on this website! Life is astrology…astrology is life. All this is a mirror of the new cycle ahead, Uranus in Taurus (world currency) from 2018 and Jupiter in Libra (equality at the top) which dominates September 2016 to October 2017. You are going to see women move into pole position in British politics – Lady Thatcher’s presence is everywhere as she was also a Libran and Jupiter will cross her Sun. Uranus in Taurus (the pound, the Euro) is revolutionary. He will be led in by Ceres in Taurus, so close now, which describes a massive carve-up of the old economy.

    2. Exactly! Could not have put it better myself!
      As a double Saggy I get really wound up about injustice and the shortsightedness of people,Can they not see what is happening within the EU?? So unjust and unfair .
      Nothing to do with Immigration,just the abject greed and corruption of the system.
      I am an animal rescuer and if they treat humans the way they do what chance have animals got….I despair; then I take great comfort in knowing there is a cycle playing out and something will change for good or ill but at least it will knock them out of their ivory towers..

      1. How does everyone figure that the UK, which has never been more ‘environmentally’ focussed or green that the EU or Scandanavian countries is suddenly going to return to the earth? I have never seen a far right Tory party such as the one we have in power now, suddenly go ‘hey’ lets grow our own food and ensure it is organic. The EU is the one that was better on environmental laws, the UK wants fracking. A relationship with Asia?? Mmm dubious on the environmental front too – the worst for place for putting economic growth in front of the environment. OK, so being passionate about sustainability myself and buying organic, vegan/vegetarian food, locally grown as much as possible, I am still concerned if we are having to pay through the nose for olives, and other vege that grows better in the Mediterranean? Can you really see generation Y who are stuck in front of phones playing pokemon go – turning to plough the fields – for less than minimum wage? No, the polish are doing that though. The best thing for the environment is to become largely vegetarian – you need a good protein substitute for that, grown organically – no not soya beans grown in deforested Amazonia. Most of the best organic tofu comes from Germany. Has the UK got enough land to grow beans, tofu? Is the british not the EU that are more for GM foods. Don’t tell me, you think that is OK? Growing more food here is great, I do that already, but a lot of what we need comes from EU and elsewhere. Is the EU’s power that can stop the USA selling Neo-nics. After we have paid at least £350 million a day to pay EU negotiators to sort out Brexit for us, will we be that interested in green issues. Demographics show your average Brexit/tory person believes ‘green’ issues are a bad thing.
        Vegetarians cant live on turnips and potatoes all day, we need beans, quinoa, flax seed, tofu and whole lot of other ingredients the climate and space in the UK wont allow us to grow.

  71. Thanks for the reply, Jessica 🙂 yes, sorry for the long comment – or more like chapter, lol.

    On Jupiter in Libra and the powerful and balanced women stepping into the arena; looks like May (Libra) has been overlooked for leading the party, due to skeletons in her closet, questionable ideals and being a Remainer which wouldn’t be appropriate to lead UK out of the EU negotiations, but Andrea Leadsom (Taurus) is coming through as the best contender; strong, balanced, likable, and willing to do the right thing to get us off the starting blocks.

    Now there are stirrings in Texas, New Hampshire and California, after being inspired by Brexit, to ‘throw off the yoke’ of their federal leaders. What say you? Do the stars show the same potential that Brexit has to break away from a dinosaur government that doesn’t work for the people?

    Also, after reading through the comments, I see you are predicting environmental changes when Uranus moves in to Taurus in 2018. I really do hope this will manifest. The earth needs some much needed healing and the communities need to come together and be conscious about it. Love the fact we will grow and eat more local food! I think this ideology is already under way. In the few weeks before the referendum a petition to save the bees from the murderous Bayer/Monsanto pesticides, which have been proved they are lethal to our little friends, attracted more than 5 million signature between 2 petitions. Bayer tried to sue the EC and still push the plans through, but it attracted another petition and millions of signatures to over throw it again. Then, New Zealand established the law that all animals are sentient beings and any harm or death brought on them will reap a minimum of a $500,000 fine and 5 years in prison – What a result! I don’t mean to sound like a tree hugging hippie, but, do you think there is a positive ‘consciousness shift’ underfoot, that we actually evolving to the next level?

    Anyway, now I have your view on astrology and will come here often, I’m actually very excited about the future! And that Ceres, what a goddess!! I’m going to read more about her. I can only do very, very basic astrology – I believe the level you do it requires a deep intuition which can’t always be taught, but I am going to make sure she’s on my chart when I do my own readings from now on.

    Thanks again, Jessica, and keep up your forensic style of investigating astrology charts because they are brilliant! 🙂

    1. That’s such a lovely compliment – forensic – thank you. You will love the shift when Uranus goes into Taurus if your inclination is towards saving the environment and preserving and conserving. Taurus the Bull is very stubborn – he knows what is priceless and can be very persistent. Taurus is an earth sign too. As soon as Uranus is in Taurus we are going to see the revolution. It will persist for years. A totally alternative economy will spring up, using the web, and people will set their own food prices or barter. It sounds crazy but then the French Revolution seemed crazy in the 18th century and look what happened.

  72. Seems you are correct again when you mentioned that a woman would be leading us out of Europe and into a better future. Just heard that Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom are going head to head for the Tory leadership and new PM. Let us hope it will be Andrea who has campaigned so passionately for Brexit and her country. Many thanks Jessica and well done again. Spot on!

    1. Thank you. I am so fascinated by the contenders for 10 Downing Street. Jupiter in Libra is always about equality at the top, yet it also rules couples who balance each other out. I really need to look at these horoscopes, because Andrea+Boris is definitely an odd couple combination that suits Jupiter in Libra (which arrives in early September) but perhaps TM is enough by herself, as Lady Thatcher was. I’m racing off now to see if we have any birth times. I suspect odd couples are going to be what people want.

  73. Just found this today as I was googling to see if any astrologers had predicted a new Scottish independence date and you popped up. I had thought Brexit would win. It’s certainly been a very strange political scene recently.
    Amazing article, brilliant Another follower 🙂

  74. Thanks Jessica. I was in Ukip for 4 years before our referendum because I disliked the backdoor shenaigans of our politicians in presenting the EU. as just a commom market.

    I went to bed on 23rd very depressed as Nigel seemed to have given up. On the 24th I watched TV all day thinking it cannot be true and freedom for the little people will be taken away.

    As a Londoner born and bred I was aware how arrogant and priviledged fellow London dwellers had become. I had watched a sad documentary about some Northeners having had their livilhoods decimated were trying to teach themselves computer skills. They could never hope to catch up with the easy skill of the youth of today. Read your piece a few days before and my first thought was Jupitor is often present in death charts. It is the grear release. I have Jupitor in Aquarius 22 conj. Moon and Asc.

    1. Blimey, there is no such thing as a death chart! Please drop that idea immediately. I am also a Londoner born and bred – from Brixton, not far where David Bowie grew up. You have Jupiter in Aquarius? You are going to love Jupiter in Libra trine your Jupiter. There is a very special group in your life then, with friends who are worth their weight in gold for you. You will enjoy that part of 2017.

  75. Fascinating and accurate! Amazing considering I have been reading this on 10th July 2016! Astrology has well and truly passed the test here, right down to the weather on polling day. Personally, I am apolitical, but found myself drawn into the dualism. Yours is certainly a blog amongst my bookmarks.

  76. A bit late of me to say it but well done, Jessica. It makes me wish that I hadn’t given up studying astrology years ago (Mayo, Huber schools… though I haven’t done much mundane astrology), I realise how skilled you are.
    I, like many English commenters here, was pleased with the result of the referendum, though I feel that leaving the EU is actually point number one on a long list of things England/UK should do to achieve full independence and self determination.
    Very interesting to see your take on the boom you predict for late next year, three quarters of 2018. I am one of those Neptune/Jupiter in Scorpio individuals with MC in late Scorpio too. On a national level am most especially looking forward to Uranus in Taurus, which, as you say, should bring about some of the remaining points of UK independence following Brexit (or the decision to do it). I strongly feel we need a new economy, based on localism and a different attitude to money, seeing it truly as a currency again, as well as re-introducing bartering (as you mention), which will truly set the people free, not only on this island but around the world. Slightly concerned with Uranus in Taurus opposing my Neptune, Jupiter, MC for a time, especially when it touches my Mars in late Taurus opposing Jupiter! Ah well, the times they will be a-changing.
    Congratulations Jessica.
    Thank you Jessica for injecting a lot of positivity about the future in these very trying and dark times.
    God bless

    1. It sounds as if you’re really going to enjoy that Jupiter transit. Thank you very much for your kind words. You’ll feel that Taurus shift more than most people and I suspect the real answer after 2018 is a new one-world currency – Bitcoin have been attempting it. I do trust astrology and believe Uranus is always right. Independence and freedom are worth any amount of money. The instability with the pound should go once Mars is out of Scorpio finally and Ceres stops her moves in Taurus.

      1. And to show out of touch I’ve been with astrology I’ve only just found out that I was born with Ceres in Scorpio within a degree or so of my MC. Knew I was in the wrong career..! Oops, too late. I was looking into Bitcoin a year or so ago, sounds intriguing, though I don’t trust the change, though there has to be a new way for money that is ‘failsafe’ and so much fairer to all. Best wishes and thanks for all the info. on this site, you are re-igniting my interest.

  77. love watching your predictions Jessica i wondered will europe survive i cant frankly see it doing so as things are but i dont want to see it go down with a bang .. if it transitions into a common market without the political overtones it would be so much better
    any chance of that ?

    1. Thank you. Uranus (independence) in Taurus (currency) from 2018 suggests something far more radical than the old common market. It will happen quickly, too, within weeks of May 2018.

  78. Hi Jessica

    I was born in South Africa, but hold dual British and South African citizenship. I always tune into sky news and have been following the Brexit option since a month before the TV debate. I feel more part of the UK and was delighted when the UK voted to leave the EU.

    Teresa May has told the French and German leaders that the British people voted to leave, so that they can control their own borders and destiny. On the other hand, the French and German leaders have told Teresa May that you cannot have trade deals without free movement of people. The EU ministers have told Teresa May that you “cannot have your cake and eat it”, also, there will be no “cherry picking”. Both sides are determined to uphold in what they believe in.

    Teresa May wants to initiate article 50 in January 2017 (i.e not in 2016). Regarding the astrological chart, do you think that the Brexit team in 2017, will be frustrated and exasperated with the EU and will exit much sooner than anticipated (i.e. officiially no longer part of the EU), knowing that they have better trade deals with Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada. To tell the EU, ” we are done, we are getting no where, we are out now”. Does the astrological chart provide further details regarding the vigorous discussions?

    Some time, Italy will have an earthquake and an eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Naples will buried by ash and lava whilst buildings, especially the old, in Rome will collapse. Does your astrological chart, in combination with the EU, see this as a time of squabbling over essential money and resources for relieve and damaged property. Italy already has a refugee crisis due to migrants from Libya.


    1. You may want to hit search and look at an old prediction when Greece was voting on independence, and I predicted the end of the EU and the Euro as well as the Brexit. It may have been a year or so ago. There is no going back. Independent currency is coming and from 2018 it’s a reality. Thank you for your long post.

  79. Hi Jessica
    I’m really not happy about the high court decision today on brexit!
    Democracy being undermined once again by the establishment! ( didn’t our MPs vote themselves on 23 rd June?)
    How astrologically will this go forward do you think ? Can this be overturned in the Supreme Court ? Will we still leave ? I know you have dealt with this extensively in your blogs but I’m intrigued about this spanner in the works !
    Regards shirley

    1. Shirley, I have just had a few people concerned about Brexit. It will go ahead. It is absolutely normal on a major Uranus/Ceres transit like this one for there to be resistance to change, and that is what we are seeing. The precise nature of the deal has to be nutted out, but the revolution was never going to be a pushover. Yet – Britain is now independent – and will stay independent of – the EU.

      1. Thank you Jessica ! Will watch how this all pans out with interest
        Regards Shirley

  80. Brexit is taking a long time to come through with the threat of the House of Lords predicted to block triggering Article 50 being invoked. This could tie Theresa May’s hands for at least a year. Do you see the Lords blocking Brexit, and if so, do you see an imminent General Election? Will a hard Brexit actually happen?

  81. Hi Jesica. Can you make a prediction please for Turkey’s referandum that will vote new constitution is deadly important for us democracy or dictatorship?
    (Turkey-October 29,1923 20:00pm ANKARA/TURKEY)
    Best regards.
    Thank you.
    [email protected]

    1. Thank you for supplying the Turkey data – 29th October 1923 at 8.00pm in Ankara. I am travelling to Ireland so don’t have the chance to check this, but I’m sure you know the history. The nation has Mercury at 23 Libra in the Seventh House of partnerships (allies) and enemies and Jupiter will be conjunct Mercury at 23 Libra for the first time in 12 years in September – so the outcome of the election will drive you all towards a better relationship with your partner in trade or military support, and a repaired situation with your enemy. There will be an important speech or co-signed agreement in September. Uranus is also right opposite at 23 Aries in the second half of March, so it does look like a new constitution being born out of a very difficult period. This is only a small part of the story but it’s a crucial one.

  82. Hello Jessica

    The Dutch have had their 2017 general election. So far, this is not a threat to the breakdown of the EU. What are your predictions concerning Len Pen and the April French election. Do you think that she will win and pave the way for France to exit the EU. Any chart for France. Germany will be next, September or October, I believe.


    1. You may be interested in the story and comments about The Economist ‘Tarot’ cover and the card showing Marine Le Pen. Hit Search and have a look.

  83. Hi Jessica, I live in Edinburgh and just settled down after long period Pluto transiting my Sun and then my 10th house. So yeah a bit worried about another stormy future, I feel I don’t have energy left for another significant change, I’d like to feel home somewhere a bit and build my future before it’s too late (I’m 40). You wrote Scotland will leave the UK and then? Will be the part of a different Eu? Will be strong economy as an independent country? Will be a home for everybody as it is at the moment? So many questions… Thank you!

    1. I guess it’s all about enjoying the new possibilities of an ever-changing world. Not only Scotland, but all Europe, is under reconstruction for the next few years as we have that whopping Capricorn stellium, and also Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus, the trade and banking sign. If you feel at home with change, you’ll feel at home with the new Europe.

  84. Hello Jess, Please write another analysis re Brexit now that date is set. 29th March 2017, just before the most powerful Pluto/Jupiter square, Venus retro in Aries,(taking back our own automony re money?) etc, etc. But, I just looked on ephemeris for 29th March 2019 for your famed 23 degrees for UK( you see I never forgot that) and the True node on that date in 2019 is 23 Cancer, the UK’s sign of home…. As my grandson would say ‘ mazing.

    1. Actually, you have reminded me that the United Kingdom, as we used to know her, could have an entirely new horoscope. Astrologers will be waiting with one eye on the clock to time the new nation, once it’s all official. I will be fascinated to see if the new chart has the 23 degree powerpoint.

  85. Did ypu happen to notice that PM May announced the decision to trigger Article 50 just as the moon went void of course on 20 March this week? We’ll be in for some surprises, I think, and the results may not live up to expectations. But what is your take on it?

    1. I don’t work with the Void Moon, but Brexit will go through – the UK horoscope was really clear on that, back in July 2016. You can search the original prediction here. The big shocker will be UKIP and I named some names in that prediction!

      1. I agree with you that it will go through but I also see that the exit deal can never live up to people’s expectations (the VoC moon underlines that). I wouldn’t be surprised if the decision were to be reversed within 10 years, and the UK rejoining a reformed EU but I am no expert. Thank you for your response.

  86. Hi Jessica

    I think that Theresa May is a shrewed politician, in that she was waiting for just before the French elections to occur, before handing the letter in, regarding article 50. Another astrologer indicates that Marine Le Pen will do well. Since she is anti Europe and will opt out of the EU, the current negotiations will be up in the air. In addition, it will involve 3 women, namely Theresa May/Marine Le Pen vs Angela Merkel. A third astrologer indicates that Merkel’s days in office are numbered. Only time will tell.

    I hope that Mrs May holds her ground and courage against the EU. Cracks in the EU will start, and I am surprised that some countries are standing behind Spain’s claim to Gibraltar. I find it strange that out of 27 EU countries, the likes of Angela Merkel are calling the shots. We don’t hear any voices from Portugal, Greece or some formally Eastern Europe countries having a say. It seems that they are having to tow the line behind Germany and it’s banking system.

    I understand, I may be wrong, but the allies decided to write off Germany’s war debt. Now, Germany/EU is expecting 50 billion pounds from the UK. The knives are out for the UK and it would be better for the UK to LEAVE without a DEAL (i.e sooner than expected) and make new deals with the US, Canada, New Zealand, Asia and Australia. I admire the outspoken Nigel Farage. I also admire Donald Trump’s response to Germany and her payment to Nato.

    As for Nicola Sturgeon, she had better think twice before rushing headlong in joining the EU. There is nothing to join, if the EU crumbles. Anyway, I am looking forward to the French elections. That will cause the euro to drop. Good work, Jessica, please keep us informed.

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