Pisces Birthday Horoscope to 2017

Pisces, from February 2016 and February 2017, you have the most tremendous solution or opportunity waiting with your former, current or potential partner.

Happy Birthday Pisces.

Happy Birthday Pisces. Between February 2016 and February 2017, you have the most tremendous solution or opportunity waiting with your former, current or potential partner. Whatever (or whomever) you need to think bigger, will appear.

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18 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I’d like to renew my premium subscription but the subscription page is not working.


  2. Hi Jessica,
    I was “lurking” on your website for a while now and finally decided to subscribe!
    I see that 2016 piscean theme is mostly about love but I was wondering whether there are any factors in my chart that indicate my moving away. My solar return Pluto is in my 4th house and everywhere I go it says it’s “the most intense position/brace yourself/DOOM is coming!” etc. So I’m really scared now.
    Thank you for any input!

    1. Thank you for moving from lurking, to subscription. All former lurkers are welcome here. I don’t work with Solar Returns so I can’t comment on what you’re talking about here. Don’t be scared, in any case – there are an awful lot of astrologers on the internet who are talking bollocks. Okay, let’s look at your chart. You want to move. I would be very surprised if you do, but June looks like the month. Are you talking about moving countries? Not now, later. We’re talking 2018 for the best chance in 12 years to emigrate.

  3. Mar 1, 12:42

    Good evening,
    A question for Jessica please! Not sure where to pose this question on the Blog.
    I have “Part of Fortune” at 18 degrees Pisces in my natal chart (besides Jupiter at 4 degrees Pisces etc.). How will the Solar eclipse on March 8/9 at 18 degrees in Pisces affect me? I have purchased a 2016 reading from you and I am a Premium member.
    Thank you!
    M M S

    PS. I am sorry that I missed the forum and the discussions therein.

    1. You posted this at the right place. I don’t use the Part of Fortune so can’t comment on that. If you have a chart please return to me every final weekend of the month at the forum and I will go into more details about the year as a whole, looking behind the headlines of your life which you read about in your chart, each time. Thanks for ordering a personal horoscope.

  4. Hi Jessica, I just finished reading your 2020 book (thank you by the way for it!) was wondering why I feel so unidentified with my sun sign Pisces. It is very rare but I wonder if it’s due to my ascendant being the opposite sign of Virgo (my dob is 2/26/93). Also, ditto with the first comment of not really feeling that love-is-in-the-air vibe so far.

    1. I’m glad you like the book, thank you – the next ebook edition (colour, fully illustrated) is out on Amazon, also free, from October. You have the Sun exactly conjunct Proserpina in Pisces in the Twelfth House so I am amazed you do not spend part of your life behind the scenes, focussed on your secrets, or otherwise ‘submerged.’ It’s not because of your Ascendant. Sometimes parents or friends ‘talk the Pisces’ out of people because they prefer people to be outgoing, extroverted, noisy, social and so on! Only you will know the answer to that. I am also surprised you have not experienced a solution or opportunity to move obstacles to love out of the way since last year. That’s unusual.

      1. Well, now that you mention that behind the scenes aspect, it does make sense. Same with being rather quiet. I guess my piscean escapism happens when I shut out and put my headphones on. Thank you for answering 🙂

        1. Yes, headphones are Piscean. The whole world is experiencing Neptune (escapism) in Pisces (more escapism) at the moment which is why Apple are trying to persuade all of us to stick little pointy white sticks in our ears. If you want to see Pisces gone mad, walk down any street in London or New York and look at how many people are actually present. Nobody is. They’re checking their phones or listening to music. When Neptune goes into Aries in 2026, that particular technology is ov-ah.

  5. dear Jessica, everytime i read your work, i’m awestruck by your energy and output. you rock! sadly for me though, i often envy you for your sense of direction and commitment.
    as a very mature pisces, i feel particularly fishy wishy washy and for the most part without a true identity in the world. i also read in my horoscope much about relationships and as a single woman for some 20 years now, ‘romance’ just doesn’t swim into my fish bowl – so in that regard i feel like dried or even washed up cuttlefish.
    can you please give me a head’s up on this? is there some other element that needs consideration?
    thank you so much for your contributions to world sanity.

    1. I love that phrase you use ‘fishy wishy washy’ but I’m still rather hopeful for you – Jupiter in Virgo in your Seventh House of relationships is still here to repair, fix, help and heal right up until 11.17am on Friday 9th September. Let me have a closer look at your personal birth chart to see what is going on. Saturn, Pluto and the Descendant (DC) are all in Leo in your Fifth House, which rules courtship and specifically pregnancy, fertility, termination, stepchildren, godchildren and the rest. The Descendant describes the relationship you have with your former partners and potential partners too. If you look at your chart you can see Saturn 2 Leo, Pluto 11 Leo both make patterns with the rest of your chart, so this hard work (Saturn) and these control issues (Pluto) around your royal bedchamber affect other areas of your life too. I think it is worth digging very deeply into your past, specifically your Saturn Return years in 1976-1978 when Saturn was also conjunct Pluto, which must have been impossibly tough. In astrology we resolve the past to fix the present and improve the future. Pick up my new book 2020 Astrology free from this site and start the search. You are in a very good position to sort things out and move forward, as God knows there are billions of potential lovers for you on this planet. The question is, who/what is obstructing that? Saturn is a very old symbol for fear, and for the barricades and protective walls and defences we build around us, to protect us from who or what we find such a burden. You have a bit of work to do, but you may as well start now. When Jupiter moves into Libra he will sextile your natal Saturn, Pluto and Descendant in the Fifth House and that is a brilliant sign of potential progress for you. This is not really about your ultra-sensitive Pisces side. It is about that pile-up in your Fifth House, yet it is never too late to start.

  6. Hello again Jessica,

    I’ve just become a premium member after two years of reading my free horoscopes. I thought they were great but my goodness, there are so many benefits to becoming a premium member for these amazing and detailed forecasts!

    I have just read my birthday forecast and hoping you can tell me if there is move written in the stars for me soon? I was in a relationship that I was convinced would end up in marriage and very suddenly it ended without a reason or closure. I was meant to move sooner to be with this person but because of the breakup I’ve decided to wait until securing a job.

    From September 2016, does my chart show paying off all my debt, perhaps a reconciliation with this ex (a Scorpio), and a new job to accompany the move that I would really like to make? The move would be across the country and not overseas.

    Thank you!

    1. Aren’t you nice, thank you, I will pass this onto my mighty webmasters. I am sorry you had a break-up with no reason or closure. The Scorpio ex was all about the children/pregnancy/fertility/termination/godchildren/young relatives and I hope that is clear. Nothing to do with you. You sound like you want the dream package. To start with, never mind money, love or work – your greatest gift is to find at least one hour a day for meditation, healing, crystals, clairvoyance, mediumship or astral travel. You are extremely Piscean and you do not belong in this world all the time. Beyond this – make and save money from 1st October 2016 as money gives you room to choose and room to move. There will be one opportunity after another as Jupiter goes through your Second House. In 2017 make the choice about freedom and put a price tag on it. What will you pay?

  7. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for the spot on comments and analysis. Pisces with Gemini ASC Venus and Mars in Aries. Your boxing gloves picture in the Venus in Aries guide couldnt be any more precise in my case. Always perceived as a Fire sign I’ve struggled with perception and reality plenty. But what is going on with these Cancer and Aries men coming and going like moth to light? And that small fortune we’re saving -I wonder where it’ll be best to keep it. Also ‘freedom’ does have a price. Thanks for teaching us Astrology.
    Cant wait for your 2017 guides and pretty much everything you publish. Voracious Jessica Adams reader. Piscean escape -cant help it.
    Have a lovely day.

  8. Hey Jessica!
    I’m a little embarrassed to admit but I’ve developed a bit of a crush on someone, which feels odd as I am in a committed partnership……..but curiousity has gotten the better of me and I just had to ask you, is this just a passing fad (I’ll admit to being a hopeless flirty romantic), or something which calls for a decision to be made? It’s all a little unsettling for me! The birthdate in question is 26/2/86.
    A very sheepish thank you xx

    1. Your answer is Vesta in Pisces, so you are dreaming (Pisces) secretly (Pisces) about someone who actually has more than one woman interested in him. Did you realise that he already has a little harem around him? Your Vesta has just woken up, because the astrological weather just triggered this in your chart. If you are curious about Vesta, let’s just say that she’s all about women who discover their own desirability and potency by trying to win the affection of a man who has more than one female panting after him. I have to say, Vesta is probably best left as a fantasy, it can be very difficult if it becomes more than that!

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