Global Finance, Astrology and 2016

Although we are dealing with a serious finance hangover in 2016, Saturn in Scorpio is over. You can pack it up for another 29 years, in fact.

The worst is over. The Global Financial Crisis is behind us. That may be hard to trust, seeing the dramatic headlines of January and February 2016. Nevertheless, Saturn is out of Scorpio, which rules the banks and the sharemarkets. The planet of slow, stuck, scared situations has been gone from that sign for months, and although we are dealing with a serious hangover in 2016, Saturn in Scorpio is over. You can pack it up for another 29 years, in fact.


Scorpion 600x600 - Global Finance, Astrology and 2016



What we are experiencing in 2016 is the hangover from 2012-2015 and it will take time. Why the hangover? We have a huge number of planets and asteroids in Scorpio, many of them appearing to go backwards and forwards (like Mars, which is Retrograde in 2016). Unusually, we also have a lot of activity in Taurus, which rules personal income, and particularly gold.

This is going to be a hair-raising year at times. It will also be chaotic, when Mercury goes Retrograde in Taurus mid-year. However, you can also bank on the astrological truth that Saturn has gone.

We began January 2016 with Juno, Panacea and Apollo in Scorpio. Cupido entered Scorpio on 2nd January and Mars entered on the 3rd of the month. Even Aesculapia was in Scorpio, so the world’s sharemarket and bank horoscope zone was packed. Diana entered Scorpio too, on 14th of January. What do all these asteroids do? They drag people back to the dark days of the Global Financial Crisis, but according to all the laws of astrology, this is not that.

Australia, in particular, has seen high drama on the Stock Exchange. One glance at the horoscope will show you why. The ASE was founded with a huge number of Taurus factors, while Pluto (transformation) and the Descendant (partners, like Wall Street) are both in Scorpio. As I write this on February 12th, 2016 we have seen the Taurus-Scorpio axis of the Australian Stock Exchange absolutely blitzed by Mars and the asteroids.


AUSTRALIAN STOCK EXCHANGE 600x330 - Global Finance, Astrology and 2016




You can see how astrology works for yourself, by watching the numbers. When we have major patterns at the same numbers (degrees) as those which feature in Scorpio or Taurus, in world money horoscopes, we are going to see high-drama days.

It is crucial to remember that the financial depression (and Saturn rules depression) we experienced from 2012-2015 has gone. Here is another key chart – Wall Street. You can instantly see how it resembles the Australian Stock Exchange, with its huge pile-up of Taurus horoscope factors. This time the IC is in Scorpio, at the other end. Without even looking at the transits yet, common-sense says that when Mercury goes Retrograde in Taurus from April 14th to June 7th (that includes the crucial shadow period) we are going to see wildly fluctuating sharemarket prices in Australia and in New York. But will this mean a crash?


NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE 600x330 - Global Finance, Astrology and 2016




Before we get to the key dates for 2016, we also need to look at China, because this country has locked-in patterns which repeat all the time and affect everybody else. This is down to the North Node and South Node, which always show what is stuck, for all time, within a country. In China’s case, it is her economic cycles. And the Nodes are in the money signs, Taurus and Scorpio.



CHINA 600x330 - Global Finance, Astrology and 2016




The United Kingdom chart always chimes perfectly with major world trends. Here it is. Again, there is a big cluster in Taurus. This time, Neptune is in Scorpio. This pattern in the UK chart was hit badly by Saturn in Scorpio, during the time of the Credit Crunch. Neptune is about fantasy and escaping from the real world. Credit cards are borrowed money, masquerading as your own cash. When Saturn hit Neptune in the UK chart, the nation hit the Crunch. The money was not real but the debt certainly was.


UNITED KINGDOM 600x330 - Global Finance, Astrology and 2016




The dates below (allow 24 hours either side) predict when we will see the biggest highs and lows on world sharemarkets. I am seeing Bacchus, the asteroid associated with Bacchanalia (celebrations) and grapes (champagne) on this list. For this reason, the smart money is on mini-crashes which drag prices down to bargain-basement levels, with huge rises and profits later on. There will be Bollinger in London and in New York because some Wall Street wolves are going to clean up.


We are going to see dramatic sharemarket, currency and economic headlines on, or very close to, the dates below. Why? Because the planets and asteroids will hit the Taurus-Scorpio axis, ruling money, of several world horoscopes at the same time.  You will see the word ‘stations’ sometimes – that means, a standstill. A freeze. You will also see ‘retrograde’ – things move backwards.

If your chart also shows factors at Taurus and/or Scorpio at these same degrees or numbers, you will be personally affected, or may actually personally affect what is happening on the sharemarkets.

Watch the patterns from April 14th to June 7th in particular when Mercury is Retrograde. That will bring chaos on world sharemarkets. The risk of computer problems affecting Wall Street trading is higher then.

The Full Moon and New Moon phases are extremely important. The New Moon always brings a fresh start or new beginning. Governments tend to make big, dramatic announcements about taxation, currency or the budget at these times. The Full Moon is always a sign of tremendous inner turmoil and stress.

The meaning of the asteroids and planets can be found in the e-books you pick up on this website as a Premium Member, or in many of the free articles you will find here.


2nd March – Juno stations 15 Scorpio
3rd March – Cupido stations at 10 Scorpio
5th March – Vulcano 8 Taurus opposite Diana 8 Scorpio
Diana Retrograde 8 Scorpio
8th March – Vulcano 10 Taurus opposite Cupido 10 Scorpio
10th March – Juno 14 Scorpio opposite Vulcano 14 Taurus.
Panacea Retrograde 22 Scorpio
20th March – Bacchus 7 Taurus opposite Diana 7 Scorpio
22nd March – Bacchus 9 Taurus opposite Cupido 9 Scorpio
25th March – Juno 13 Scorpio opposite Bacchus 13 Scorpio
Vesta 7 Taurus opposite Diana 7 Scorpio
28th March – Vesta 8 Taurus opposite Cupido 8 Scorpio
30th March – Vulcanus 22 Taurus opposite Panacea 22 Scorpio
31st March – Bacchus 22 Taurus opposite Panacea 22 Scorpio
5th April – Juno 11 Scorpio opposite Vesta 11 Taurus
8th April – Mercury 4 Taurus opposite Diana 4 Scorpio
9th April – Mercury 6 Taurus opposite Cupido 6 Scorpio
12th April – Mercury 10 Taurus opposite Juno 10 Scorpio
19th April – Mercury 19 Taurus opposite Panacea 19 Scorpio
21st April – Sun 1 Taurus opposite Diana 1 Scorpio
21st April – Vesta 19 Taurus opposite Panacea 19 Scorpio
22nd April – FULL MOON Sun 2 Taurus opposite Moon 2 Scorpio
Sun 2 Taurus opposite Cupido 2 Scorpio
27th April – Sun 7 Taurus opposite Juno 7 Scorpio
30th April – Venus 0 Taurus opposite Cupido 0 Scorpio
4th May – Venus 5 Taurus opposite Juno 5 Scorpio
6th May – Sun 16 Taurus opposite Panacea 16 Scorpio
12th May – Venus 14 Taurus opposite Panacea 14 Scorpio
27th May – Mars Retrograde into Scorpio 0
28th May – Juno 1 Scorpio opposite Apollo 1 Taurus
5th June – Apollo 10 Taurus opposite Panacea 10 Scorpio
9th June – Mercury 25 Taurus opposite Mars 25 Scorpio
17th June – Mars 24 Scorpio opposite Apollo 24 Taurus
28th June – Panacea stations direct 0 Scorpio
29th June – Mars stations direct 23 Scorpio
8th July – Juno at 0 Scorpio
18th July – Diana at 0 Scorpio
24th July – Ceres 1 Taurus opposite Diana 1 Scorpio
26th July – Cupido at 0 Scorpio
27th July – Juno 2 Scorpio conjunct Diana 2 Scorpio
30th July – Ceres 2 Taurus opposite Juno 2 Scorpio
10th August – Ceres 4 Taurus opposite Cupido 4 Scorpio
17th August  – Juno 6 Scorpio conjunct Cupido 6 Scorpio
23rd August – Bacchus at 0 Scorpio
31st August – Ceres 5 Taurus opposite Bacchus 5 Scorpio
11th September – Juno 12 Scorpio conjunct Bacchus 12 Scorpio
20th September – Bacchus 18 Scorpio conjunct Cupido 18 Scorpio
23rd September – Venus to 0 Scorpio
24th September – Bacchus at 21 Scorpio conjunct Diana 21 Scorpio
26th September – Venus 3 Scorpio opposite Ceres 3 Taurus
29th September – Hygiea at 0 Scorpio
4th October – Ceres 1 Taurus opposite Hygiea 1 Scorpio
11th October – Venus 21 Scorpio conjunct Juno 21 Scorpio
16th October – Ops at 0 Scorpio
22nd October – Sun at 0 Scorpio
24th October – Mercury at 0 Scorpio
27th October – Sun 4 Scorpio conjunct Mercury 4 Scorpio
28th October – Ops 6 Scorpio conjunct Mercury 6 Scorpio
29th October – Sun 6 Scorpio conjunct Ops 6 Scorpio
30th October – NEW MOON Sun 7 Scorpio conjunct Moon 7 Scorpio
2nd November – Mercury 14 Scorpio conjunct Hygiea 14 Scorpio
8th November – Sun 16 Scorpio conjunct Hygiea 16 Scorpio
14th November – FULL MOON Sun 22 Scorpio opposite Moon 22 Taurus
11th December – Minerva at 0 Scorpio


There are a few contenders for the horoscope for the ‘birth’ of the United States of America.  The only one I have found which corresponds to Pearl Harbour, the Wall Street Crash, September 11 and (even) the end of Seinfeld, is this one – below. It is set for 15th November 1777 at Confederation. The USA has a ton of Scorpio factors in this particular horoscope, too. It makes sense for a nation in which Wall Street runs the entire planet!


UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 600x330 - Global Finance, Astrology and 2016




What you’re watching – any time that the planets or asteroids hover around 22/23 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio. Why? The New York Stock Exchange has Vulcano at 22 Taurus. She also has Salacia and Mercury both at 23 Taurus. She has Pluto square that at 23 Aquarius. And Jupiter at 22 Libra! What a pile-up.

The United States herself has the Sun at 23 Scorpio. Venus at 23 Libra. Panacea at 23 Sagittarius. You can see how the destiny of the nation and Wall Street are entwined.

China has her North Node at 22 Taurus and South Node at 22 Scorpio. Saturn is at 22 Leo. Uranus is at 23 Gemini.

You don’t have to be a professional astrologer to see, clearly, that these dates are crucial for Wall Street and the Chinese sharemarkets.

10th March – Panacea Retrograde 22 Scorpio
30th March – Vulcanus 22 Taurus opposite Panacea 22 Scorpio
31st March – Bacchus 22 Taurus opposite Panacea 22 Scorpio
29th June – Mars stations direct 23 Scorpio – This is a big one.
14th November – FULL MOON Sun 22 Scorpio opposite Moon 22 Taurus – This falls just after the American presidential election, so the new President will certainly affect both the U.S. and Chinese sharemarkets!

Posted 12th February 2015
All country data: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer.

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11 Responses

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing this play out! Lots of aspects and conjunctions to my 8 Taurus moon, my Mars/Pluto conjunction at 0/1 Scorpio, and my 21 Cap sun! So much uncertainty wiith my employers ability to continue. It’s a true Cap agency with a massive stellium in Capricorn (jan,1994) and a sun/Mercury conjunction at 13 Capricorn. It’s been interesting to say the least. Naturally, what happens to the agency dramatically effects me as well! Yikes! I’m holding fast to the thought of Jupiter entering Libra for hope!

    1. If this is a heavily Capricorn agency then reshuffles, demotions, promotions and restructuring are unavoidable, and there will be a tremendous shift in the balance of power between now and the next Sun in Capricorn cycle, Christmas 2016 through January 2017. The Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn mid-year will make a decision inevitable. Jupiter’s transit through your solar Tenth from September should be used consciously, into October, as the way you launch, affects the rest of the professional marathon through 2017. It’s like getting off to the best possible start and then winning your game or race.

  2. Jessica you were right on (weekly scope 8-14 Feb) where you state Aries would have to make a crucial financial decision. I was contacted by a new/replacement financial advisor suggesting new stocks since our old stocks in gas and oil have lost half their value. The fin advisor doesn’t think we can recoup if we stay with the same stocks. I read your reports where you state the worse is over and everything will go up and down. I’m ready to move into something else but my husband thinks we should stick with the gas/oil stocks. What say thee? Martha Callison, 3 May 57, 0410am, (29,4241219, -98.4936282) I’m Aries rising and husband is Aries, 31mar48, 1145pm.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I am glad your husband’s weekly Aries horoscope was useful. If you go back and read your Taurus 2016 horoscope you will also see that Saturn is in your Eighth House of marital finance and shares in 2016 and 2017 – so there is no way around this – it’s going to be challenging. Of course, I also read your personal chart along with your sun sign chart to see what is going on. You have a stack of factors in Taurus/Scorpio which are the money signs. Please be aware of the Taurus Mercury Retrograde cycle to come which will directly affect you and your husband’s charts. Unless you really, truly know what you are doing (and like the drama of market highs and lows) you may find that whole Mercury Retrograde period is far too unstable for big judgement calls. Of course, astrology is no substitute for professional financial advice. But – looking further ahead – after 2018 I feel you’re going to be far more independent with your money choices and will place a higher value on freedom – and find the price of being free is something you are happy to pay.

  3. Hi, Jessica.
    Your forecasts have been very useful and right for me but I have some doubts about my financial life. I’m an Aquarius with aries rising (born January 21st at 10:30pm in Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil) and I had the worst financial times of all years in 2012-2015 cycle. Now I´m trying to fix everything and get free of all debts. I´ve read about that fabulous virgo cycle which will end on September 2016 but things are a little bit slow with money. Plus, I´ve got pregnant and my baby will be born on July \o/ I have a 16 years old son already so I´m a little bit (perhaps a lot) worried about money issues, with a teenager son and a baby coming…
    Can you tell me anything about this? Thanks in advance.

    1. I’m very pleased to hear the astrological forecasts and have been right for you. I understand your money issues. I am not sure why you are not enjoying the opportunities and solutions that this cycle brings. Maybe you let something go? You should have had at least one substantial chance to make or save a small fortune since 2015 and although your financial, business or property position is muddled, it should not be costing you. March 2016 is the most important month this year for sorting everything out. Choose March to put boundaries in, make rules, and contain and control the situation.

  4. Hi Jessica, I’m a newbie to astrology, slowly getting a handle on my chart and all things technical. I’m a capricorn ( born 27th December 1972 at 1.25am, Australia) You have the rest of my details in my membership profile. I’m about to complete on my house in London ( 21st March), and pooping my pants literally watching the AU$ is gaining against the Pound.

    I can see above that you mention dates that might be highs and lows in March ( I’ve cut from your paste below). Could you let me know what might be the days that are predicted as potential lows? I need to £pound to gain, not the $aussie. I’m conscious that I need to get my monies into Australia before I lose anymore and the retrograde starts on the 14th of March.

    I would appreciate any help, since I’ve been through the mill from 2013- 2015, and need to make sure I get a good break for my son and I. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your blog and care that you take in crafting your content, messages and responses. I know 2016 is turning everything around for me, but really on edge about the money, given I’ve already lost near $100k if I had been able to convert in late Feb 2016. Sigh…

    22nd March – Bacchus 9 Taurus opposite Cupido 9 Scorpio
    25th March – Juno 13 Scorpio opposite Bacchus 13 Scorpio
    Vesta 7 Taurus opposite Diana 7 Scorpio
    28th March – Vesta 8 Taurus opposite Cupido 8 Scorpio
    30th March – Vulcanus 22 Taurus opposite Panacea 22 Scorpio
    31st March – Bacchus 22 Taurus opposite Panacea 22 Scorpio
    5th April – Juno 11 Scorpio opposite Vesta 11 Taurus
    8th April – Mercury 4 Taurus opposite Diana 4 Scorpio
    9th April – Mercury 6 Taurus opposite Cupido 6 Scorpio
    12th April – Mercury 10 Taurus opposite Juno 10 Scorpio

    1. Okay, world currency, and that includes the Euro, AUD and US dollar and Pound – will be hit by Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, April 14th through June 7th as you know. Of course you are deeply concerned about the money and I can understand that, given your pile-up in Taurus and Scorpio! Please do not worry. You are going to make or save an absolute fortune when Jupiter, the planet of abundance, solutions, opportunity and expansion goes into Scorpio, and this will unfold from the final quarter of 2017 and into 2018, when you are quids in. You also need to read what I wrote about Uranus in Taurus and massive world money changes from 2018 (hit SEARCH and Uranus in Taurus and you should find it). Let’s zero in on 2016 for the moment. I understand your concern. If you know for a fact that the property/banking transaction is going through during Mercury Retrograde please read all the loopholes and fine print. It is quite true that some very smart operators gain on a Mercury Retrograde cycle as they can buy very cheaply and sell at profit, but you need to know what you are doing. I suspect you could have your fresh start with property much sooner, though – we have a New Moon on 7th April which falls right in your house/apartment/city/nation zone – you will know where you stand then. Please remember the big picture, though. This is not about 2016, it is about the end of 2017 and into 2018 when you will be delighted with what is possible financially! One more thing. Put a price on freedom. How much would you pay to be free? Because you’re going to get it for nothing, in April.

  5. For me, 8 factors in Scorpio has always been about cutting through the bull***t and pointing out the truth. I am often unpopular because of this! What I feel is that your predictions for 2018 have to come about through some sort of extreme crisis. I think this article is prophetic Keep an eye on the awesome economist Max Keiser He says the 2008 crash was like the Titanic – nothing much happened for hours after the iceberg was hit. Life went on as normal as it has done for the last 8 years since 2008. Then the ship sank. Thank you Jessica for alerting us to the astrology for this so that we can be alert to the timing and keep our eyes open for how to cope.
    Experts are saying that the German government will raid the Deutsche Bank’s depositors’ accounts to bail the bank out. But surely the bank will crash anyway, as depositors will withdraw their funds before they allow that to happen.

    1. Thank you so much for posting those links. I think one of the issues behind all this is the different generations all trying to deal with banks together. They could not be more different. People born in the Sixties all have Neptune in Scorpio so they operate in an alternative reality where fantastic plastic is the unreal ‘real’ money they use – and magic mortgages and property bubbles keep the spell alive. From this generation we go to Uranus in Scorpio people who only want to invent, create, innovate and produce what is utterly new. I think we can bank on (literally) an extreme time with currency and property prices from October 2017, signalled in October 2016. What the planet does with that will spawn a long, slow revolution and all the generations are going to have to figure it out together.

  6. i love bks
    i’d love to see a big bank go under
    and saudi arabia ,too
    if i can dreammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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