Why Exact Horoscope Patterns Matter

Do you have personal horoscope factors at exactly the same numbers (degrees)? These patterns in your chart matter more than anything else.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at exactly the same numbers (degrees)? These patterns in your chart matter more than anything else. They can explain why you hit extreme horoscope weather. They can also explain why particular people are fated in your life.

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103 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,
    First of all thank you so much for sharing your special gift with us! The accuracy of your predictions is amazing and love all the in depth info on the site. As a relative newcomer to astrology and after reading your article I was wondering if you could shine your light on my 8 degree aquarius conjunction and the five different planets all at 11 degrees. With this many factors at the same degree it must be an important story in my life. Do these stories relate to work at all in the coming time? As predicted times have been tough career wise/ financially since late 2012 and I am so ready for a change!

    1. Thank you very much, I will pass that compliment onto my webmasters as James, Justin and Alyas make it all possible. You have a fascinating pattern at 11 degrees which will be triggered your whole life. When you travel, you don’t just take a holiday or vacation. You change your life and you also change the lives of the people around you. Some of us take suitcases, book a hotel and go home. You genuinely explore and it is your encounters with foreign or regional cultures, belief systems, religions, history and so on which will alter everything. I would be careful about the Saturn cycle at the moment, though, as Saturn at 11 Sagittarius will slow you down, block you, obstruct you and teach you some quite tough lessons about travel and/or cultures which are foreign to you. Be aware of that and do your research before you set off. Of course, in this cycle it is possible that Saturn will just make it hard to get away, anyway. I would also be quite thoughtful about people whose religious background is very different to your own. A bit of quiet research will help you there. Further ahead, when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius in a few years’ time you will have the trip of a lifetime or even emigrate.

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my chart and thank you to Justin, James and Alyas as well! Your reply gave me goose bumps all over because you put in wording the core of my being. Absolutely amazing! What you said about Saturn and religion did make me wonder about a temporary job offer in Paris from a former employer, as of course the Paris attacks came to mind. Had already read your article on the horoscope of France with great interest and will of course keep an eye on your predictions.

        1. I will pass that on to Justin, James and Alyas, thank you. I am afraid the problems in France are not over, for the duration of that Saturn in Sagittarius transit.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    A great article, thank you.
    I see that I have Apollo and north node both at 7 Virgo. Could you explain this for me?
    Best wishes

    1. Cheers! Okay, the North Node describes what you did before in a previous lifetime, so placed in Virgo alongside Apollo (leadership) you have had one or more reincarnations in service to other people. Weirdly, it was the kind of service where you led, not followed. It’s rather like being downstairs at Downton Abbey, but actually running the whole household! It’s like being Jeeves the butler and running your master Wooster’s life. I suspect that whenever you get into similar roles with your paid or unpaid work you intuitively know that to serve is to lead.

  3. Thank you, Jessica. Very interesting post! I see I have a ton of factors at both 17 & 4 degrees.

    I am curious what this may mean in my chart? Looking forward to your insight ….

    1. Mercury conjunct the Descendant at 4 Scorpio is the big one, because you have a little stellium in the sign of the Scorpion. This does depend on a totally accurate birth time – but your life patterns involve finance, property and business and always with a partner, or against an opponent. It’s really common in the horoscopes of people who work in banking, shares, insurance, real estate or the law. It’s also commonly in the charts of women who get involved in tremendously intense marriages or de facto relationships where the house or apartment is a major concern – just as important as the love itself. I suspect that if your birth time is correct you had a really tough time with your finances, company or property 2-3 years ago and would prefer to forget one episode. Anyway. The good news is, when Jupiter goes into Scorpio in 2017, you are going to make or save a small fortune.

  4. Hi Jessica, I would like to know my chart conjunction and other aspects. Could you please help? Thanks

    1. Venus, Mars and Fortuna are very close together in Leo. You were born to influence, mentor and guide a much younger generation born 20 years or more after you. You can do this by becoming a parent, godparent – or you can become involved with paid or unpaid work which involves much younger people, from children through to teenagers. Every time this pattern in your chart is triggered there will be another project, role or task which involves this kind of leadership, for you. For example you may become a godparent or become involved in a children’s charity. Pregnancy is very common when the pattern is triggered!

  5. Hi J,

    I’ve got a 13 Libra conjunction b/w Pluto and Asc, which I feel is has been a big influence.

    Then there’s a Neptune 16 Sag, Diana 16 Scorpio, Fortuna 16 Pisces and Panacea 16 Virgo line up.


    1. Pluto conjunct the Ascendant in Libra is about you meeting the world as one half of a partnership or couple. Your power comes from being ‘Me’ in the context of ‘Us’ so it’s rather like Kate Middleton finding fame as William’s wife. Another example might be Sonny and Cher. Sonny needed Cher to be powerful! Remember, this does depend on an accurate birth time to be effective. You can test it by watching what happens when Jupiter moves to 13 Libra (he enters Libra in September 2016). When that takes place, you should have a sensational opportunity to become part of a dynamic duo, like Batman and Robin (or a particularly coupley phase in an existing partnership). Moving right along to the 16 degree pattern – whenever it’s triggered, you’ll travel. It will never be ordinary travel. It will also be a head trip where you completely escape from the real world and change your life. Watch what happens when Saturn moves to 16 Sagittarius, though, as it will put the brakes on a trip or teach you a major lesson about travelling – so think really hard about where you’re going and what is actually involved.

  6. Hi Jessica, very interesting article. I had wondered about these numbers next to the signs and their relevance to others. Your article explains it well, but when i look at my chart, it seems quite complicated. Would you please take a look at my chart and explain the significance. Absolutely appreciate your time and knowledge. Thanks.

    1. You have a stellium in Cancer which rules home, family, motherhood – and your mother. It also rules your home town and homeland. If you can’t find happiness through your real family or the prospect of motherhood, you will find an alternative – so, for example, you will identify your ‘family’ as your countrymen and countrywomen, or channel that need to belong into patriotism or a strong interest in your land, your heritage, your own culture, history and so on. I suspect it might be hard work for you, because Pluto at 14 Capricorn is opposite Mercury at 13 Cancer. You have this Cancer-Capricorn opposition which always makes you aware of your ambition, versus your family. Is it okay to do better than your parents, for example? Do you need to move away from home in order to make it? One thing about your chart – in order to feel secure and content, you must find a sense of place and belonging, somewhere. You need a nest. You need a sense of the family tree and if you can’t get it from this branch, go back in your family history to find another branch you can lean on.

  7. Dear Jessica,
    I have planets Vulcano at 9 in cancer and Fortuna at 9 in Sagittarius, also my north node and south node is at 9 in leo and Aquarius.
    My sun at 2 in Aries and moon at 2 in Scorpio and hygeia at 2 in Gemini.
    Please tell me what these chart patterns mean

    1. The 2 degree pattern is the most important one. Born with the Sun at 2 Aries, Moon at 2 Scorpio and Hygiea at 2 Gemini you will find that all your financial, business and property arrangements (the deadly serious ones) will depend enormously on how well you communicate. Of course, these issues in our life – from insurance, to mortgages, to legacies, to joint bank accounts – always depend on good communication. For you, though, it’s literally about how many questions you ask, how well you deal with any technical terms, language issues, and so on. I don’t know if you include this in your career already but if not it’s certainly a repeated theme in your finances. You will make or save a lot of money (or cash in kind – for example through a property) when Jupiter reaches 2 Scorpio. This will happen in 2017, not long to wait. You are one person who needs to read the fine print and get second opinions on finances, property, business but everything will pay off for you, when you do.

  8. Hi, Jessica – I hope you are well! This is so fascinating – thank you for this article. I would love to know how my chart lines up and how it will effect my life in the upcoming months. I have so many matching degrees: 10 (Saturn/Virgo and Diana/Sag); 08 (Salacia/Aquarius, Apollo/Scorpio, Fortuna/Pisces); 26 (Sun/Libra, SouthNode/Pisces, NN/Virgo); 27 (Juno/Cap and Vulcano/Virgo) 24 (MC/Taurus, Pan/Libra); 25 (Aesculapia/Aquarius, Cupido/Virgo); 15 (moon/Gemini, Uranus/Scorpio). Thanks for your help!

    1. Born with the Sun at 26 Libra, North Node at 26 Virgo and South Node at 26 Pisces, you’re going to feel that pattern most by 2017, as transiting Jupiter moves to 26 Libra and conjuncts your Sun. Jupiter will quincunx your South Node and semi-sextile your North Node, at the same time. You will become extremely well-known for your relationship with a former, current or potential partner when this happens. In fact, you’ll be seen as one half of a pair. Sometimes it’s as one half of a tug of war with the other person but let’s be optimistic and say that you’re going to shine in your own version of Sonny and Cher, or French and Saunders, or Torvill and Dean. When this dynamic duo takes off, there will be a big leap forward with work. Why? The Node is in Virgo, the sign which rules your working life. Jupiter is about growth, expansion, improvement so it does look as though your personal life helps your job, then – or maybe this partnership will be a strictly business duet – but it’s going to be big and you need to use it.

  9. Thank you so much Jessica, I love your blog posts. I would appreciate you looking at my chart. I am a premium member. Thank you

    1. I’m glad you love the blog posts, thank you. You were born with Jupiter at 22 Virgo and Saturn at 22 Aries. So you were born with Jupiter quincunx Saturn. Every time you are offered a work or study opportunity, you have to deal with issues about your name, reputation, profile and personality projection. Your ‘Me’ agenda becomes hard work. A good example of this would be pursuing a subject you love, but realising you have to stand up in class and be stared at by people, in order to get the grades. Another example would be the job offer of a lifetime, but one which gives you a title, role or particular profile that you find really heavy to carry. You will notice this pattern most when outer planets (like Jupiter himself, currently travelling through Virgo) hit that degree.

  10. Hi Jessica
    I have moon in Cancer 15 and Venus in Libra 14 and Jupiter in Aries 15, could you please give me a brief explanation of this connection in my chart. Thanks

    1. You have a T-Square involving the Moon. That part of you which mothers family members, or operates as ‘Mum’ to flatmates (or even operates as a real mother to your own children) is the issue here. Every time you go into nurturing, protecting, home-making mode you find it has to come first, to the exclusion of everything else. This is the all or nothing pattern. Your soul journey is about partnership and family, however you make that work, and when Jupiter reaches 14 and 15 Libra in the new 2016/2017 cycle, you’ll hit a major event about that. A relationship will go to the next level of commitment, or you’ll become involved with someone who offers you that. Jupiter enters Libra in September and by 2017 a lot will have changed and improved in your life. Figuring out your maternal instinct and how to express it is a lifetime journey for you.

  11. Dear Jessica, another great article..thank you! Still learning how to put the planets, factors and signs together but looking forward to Salacia leaving Pisces(I think)! Curious about the story with Saggittarius, Pisces and Gemini at 27 along with Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces at 5.
    Are these stories lifelong, in the past or yet to happen and how can you figure that out? Thank you!

    1. Cheers! I am glad you are discovering astrology for yourself. It takes time but it’s worth it. The pattern at 27 degrees is the big one. You have Chiron at 27 Pisces square the Ascendant/Descendant axis at 27 Gemini and Sagittarius. This is what they call a T-Square in astrology. The pattern is lifelong and basically means you have major issues about learning, studying, understanding – and believing. In other words, from schooldays right through to your ongoing interests as an adult, you have to deal with the difference between what the experts or teachers tell you (or the authors) and what you know to be true, spiritually. You will feel this much more if you come across formal religions. It’s rather like being taught religion at school and hearing a voice inside you, tell you that you need to find things out for yourself. I suspect that whenever you travel, these issues about belief/faith will also pop up.

  12. Hi Jessica, I do seem to have clusters at 0 degrees, 24 degrees, and 25 degrees. What is the significance if any? Thank you for your fun and informative site! G

    1. Thank you very much. Okay, your horoscope clusters are really interesting. You were born with Jupiter at 0 Libra conjunct Uranus at 1 Libra (I would allow one degree’s difference here). Your partnerships remind me of the Moon landing. Why? Because you get into pairs, duets or ‘dynamic duos’ with other people. It may be work, it may be love, but you do things in twos. You then realise that you have to make it work with the other person and not compete with them, because as a pair, you have to compete with others! So it’s two against the world. With the Nodes at 0 Aries and Libra I instantly know that the prime partnership in your life is karmic. You two knew each other before. Your whole life path is about ‘we’ versus ‘me’ and any time outer planets reach 0 degrees the pattern repeats. A few years ago Uranus reached 0 Aries so it exploded the situation. Read about the story of the Moon landing which happened on a similar pattern. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were in competition to be first man on the Moon, but unless they worked as a pair, the Russians would get there first. That says a lot about at least one of your relationships! The 24/25 pattern is also significant but I’m going to focus on the couples theme here. When Jupiter moves to 0 Libra in September 2015 you are going to see massive repair work with your former, current or potential partner as you two take it to the next level.

  13. Funny you mention that sun signs are taken a bit as a joke. I myself have been quite sceptical about them till I discovered your site. I have been following Astrodienst for quite some time and it was one of your articles there about sun signs that led me to your site. Since then, I have been quite amazed over and over again by the accuracy, it didn’t take me long to sign up as a premium member. Since then I have been trying to learn more about it.

    If you have time, I would be very grateful if you could cast a glance over my horoscope and give me your take! Last year in particular has been quite tumultuous in quite a tumultuous life. There is this particularly”impossible man” you’ve mentioned and the whole situation to do with a homebase.. I can’t figure out what is going on!

    1. Thank you very much for that compliment about the accuracy of your horoscope. Looking at your birth chart overall, your Libra-Aries patterns have been hit by transiting Uranus and of course your Scorpio side has been heavily affected by transiting Saturn. I am not surprised to hear that your relationship has been hard work. Fortunately for you, Jupiter goes into Libra from September 2016 and as this planet will conjunct, or sit on, all your Libra partnership stuff – you are going to see solutions, repair work, hope, expansion and growth. You will either fix things with this man or he will be replaced by a superior dating prospect. As for the money, property, business side of your life – the worst is over – you are now having the hangover part! You will be stunned at how much progress you have made by April.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Could you look at my personal horoscope?

    Thank you and many blessings to you,


    1. Sure. The Libra stellium is most relevant, because your relationship with your former, current or potential partner skyrockets from September 2016 through 2017. You will have amazing opportunities to either fix things with this person, or go ‘bigger’ (for example, seriously committing or expanding as a couple). If you are not already using your Libra side, explore that sign further because it’s a fantastic way for you to express yourself. The power of two resonates with you. With Mercury at 13 Libra sextile Aesculapia at 13 Sagittarius, you will regularly find that the other person comes along with a journey for you – there may be a lot of travel for you as a couple or you may even relocate. Venus at 21 Libra is opposite Cupido at 21 Aries which is huge! They were mother and son in mythology. You have a tug of war inside yourself whenever you pursue love, or are pursued, but it does make for an extremely passionate, colourful, interesting life. Watch what happens when transiting (or travelling) Jupiter gets to 21 Libra by 2017 as it will trigger the whole pattern. That will be epic for you and your former, current or potential partner.

  15. Hi Jessica – I am wondering if I have any matching patterns and what they mean? 2/5/63 12:35am (night) in long branch new jersey usa _ thank you!

    1. I’d love to look at this for you, but I cannot see your horoscope showing up next to your question. Do you want to hit the Help button on the site to see how you can fix this? Thank you.

      1. The pattern you will notice most, now through March, is your Aquarius stellium so I will have a look at that for you. You find yourself, express yourself and live your life through groups. These may be formal, like teams, clubs, bands, societies, associations, bands or political parties. They may be informal – a social circle which matters so much to you, it is just as crucial as any partnership or family relationship. Within these groups, your friends matter very much. In fact, friendship defines you. None of this is easy! You were born with the Sun conjunct Saturn with just one degree’s difference (a one degree orb). Your lifelong issue will be how to shine, stand out and be special within groups – and it will be very hard work. There is a bit of hard karma there with particular friends or circles of people. I suspect someone in your family tree also had the same issue. You have the IC in Aquarius so you ‘come from’ a background where a relative was defined by his/her group involvement. Your relative may have been a Freemason, for example, or part of a charity, or perhaps involved in a very tight Army or Navy unit. With Fortuna in Aquarius too, you find that just being part of a circle of people spins your Wheel of Fortune up and down. Watch the planetary positions now through March as when one planet/asteroid after another hits 10, 14, 15, 24 Aquarius you’re going to hit major decisions about where you fit in with these people and how you’re going to make it work.

  16. Hi Jessica, I have mars at 25 in cancer and saturn at 25 in aries / mercury at 26 in cancer and uranus at 26 in virgo / MC and IC at 11 in capricorn and cancer respectively. Would you help interpret the triggers here? Thank you.

    1. Mars at 25 Cancer is about your house, apartment, family and/or household. You naturally want to take the initiative and push hard, when you rent or own a home. You may be a natural renovator, for example, or drive a hard bargain with property. This is quite stressful for you, though, as you either block yourself, or you get blocked by other people. I suspect that family relationships and often flatmate or live-in partner relationships are hard work for you, because every time you try to push, and take action (Mars in Cancer) your own quite heavy issues about how others see you (Saturn in Aries) get in the way. With Mercury in Cancer one degree away, I suspect that even one basic family or flatmate conversation can become overheated very quickly. This whole family issue extends to your entire family tree, roots, culture, heritage and background. So we’re not just talking about your parents, siblings or grandparents, we’re also thinking about your home town, city, village, country and so on. The MC/IC clash between Cancer and Capricorn suggests major issues about ‘making it’ and doing better than your parents did, or moving away from home in order to become successful. The fact that Uranus is tied into the overall pattern also at 25 degrees suggests to me, that whenever you see the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Ceres, Neptune, Pluto) hit 25 and 26 degrees over your lifetime, these intense questions about home, family, belonging, place, culture, roots, background – and ambition to do better/do well – come up for you. You need an outlet. Writing things down will help, but shred the paper later. Do you know the family charts? It is very likely that someone also has a 25/26 degree pattern. If so, you can bet that this person has past life karma with you.

  17. Dear Jess, could you please give me a brief explanation of my natal chart patterns, and their connections with the current transits of the main planets (Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto) and Nodes, as well. Please give me prediction, or advice on how to navigate through these transits. Thanks for the amazing website, many compliments! Regards for James, Justin and Alyas.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that onto James, Justin and Alyas. The most important chart feature and the one you will notice most, in February and March 2016, is the Pisces stellium. You were born with an exact conjunction between Saturn at 24 Pisces and Chiron at 24 Pisces. In addition to that you ahve the Moon, Venus, the MC (Midheaven) and Vulcano there. You express yourself by keeping secrets, pursuing confidential matters, holding classified information and operating undercover. You also express yourself by functioning behind the scenes, disappearing from sight, pulling the strings from the wings – unseen, uncredited, unacknowledged. Finally, you are a great one for exploring the world of the spirit, soul, consciousness and unconscious mind too. All this is set off by the transits through Pisces in February and March when you may have to disappear from view for a while. In general you need to be alone. I would also say that you are keeping at least one massive secret, and you may acquire a couple more over the course of your lifetime. Covering this up, or hiding it, is at the heart of who you are and what you are all about. You may well be a natural medium or psychic – are you aware of that?

  18. Thank you for this blog post Jess.
    I seem to have a few exact patterns – Mercury & Diana at 11 Scorpio. A Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune trine at 6 degrees. Venus and Chiron at 16 and Mars and Uranus at 25. Also, I seem to have many points at just one degree off so not exact. Are they relevant too?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. The Mercury-Diana conjunction in Scorpio is really important your whole life long, because you need to be an independent operator with your money, company, apartment, house, possessions, charity and/or business. Diana is about no ties, no commitment, total freedom. Mercury is about the negotiation process, paperwork and ‘the message.’ Whenever you have transits at 11 degrees (of any sign, but particularly Scorpio) the pattern is set off. So you could almost say, one of your soul missions is to explore what it means to have binding agreements, without being bound. In fact, it may feel very familiar to you each time it happens. Scorpio is the sign which rules deadly serious financial and property agreements (‘Until death do us part’ and also the family inheritance). It also governs intensely intimate arrangements (like marriage and mortgage, or sometimes mistress and money!) If you wanted to look up the period when Saturn hit 6 Scorpio in recent years, you would no doubt find an extremely heavy month when the paperwork or discussion became most serious for you, to the point where it was reshaping your destiny. The Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune pattern is another lifelong thing – with Pluto in Libra you find empowerment and control through your partnerships. This is also where you can take over, so you need to be aware of that – although of course it will always be passion that motivates you. Whenever you get into a partnership, or leave a partnership, you also trigger your need to travel, study, teach, write, publish, use the internet. So you might say the partnership opens those doors, or those doors open the partnership. A big part of this repeated story with partners in your life will also automatically involve friends, and groups. I can see Jupiter approaching 6 Libra, conjunct your Pluto, trine your Jupiter and sextile your Neptune – so by 2017 you will have had the most stunning opportunity in 12 years to pursue the kind of partnership commitment that allows you to travel, but also travel in the mind.

  19. Hi Jessica thank you so much for offer to explain some more, I would love to know more as I have heaps of matching numbers. 1 Jupiter in Aries 1 Uranus in Scorpio, 2 south node in Gemini 2 north in sag, 13 hygeia in tarus 13 Ceres in Aries, 06 salacia aqu 06 psyche Aries, 11 Mercury Pisces 11 Neptune in sag, 12 Saturn in cancer 12 mc in Pisces 12 ic Virgo, 21 fortune Aries 21 vesta aqu 21 moon Leo, 16 as cancer 16 desc cap 16 Mars in aqu, 17 Minerva in Leo 17 Diana in aqu, 04 prosephina in aq 4 cupidity in Leo, as you can see I have heaps! Can you highlight some please.

    1. Proserpina at 4 Aquarius and Cupido at 4 Leo are the most important, because you have a stellium (cluster) in Aquarius too. Your role is to be the go-between in the group. You connect your group, team, club or other circle of people to other networks. You also act as a bridge between friends in the group. This is common in the horoscopes of people who take on a secretary role for their local charity, or who act as the ‘bridge’ in a book group, bringing people together. It’s not easy because of the clash with Cupido, but given the large number of factors in Aquarius and the fact that Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is also in aspect to other chart elements – you are here to express yourself through the community. Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer who fed the Roman baths, where people of all genders, classes and ages mingled. It’s probably best to begin with just one major interpretation of your horoscope and it’s your Aquarian chart signature. It will always be hard work for you but it will always be satisfying.

  20. Dear Jessica , thank you for a fantastic post . I would like to know more about what these patterns mean in my horoscope . I have venus , Saturn and uranus all lined up at 1 degree . Also have panacea , neptune , appolo and Pluto at 9 degree . Have vesta and jupiter at 20 . Could you please throw some light on this ? Thank you very much

    1. Work relationships make the revolution with finance, property or business possible – every time. This unusual line-up involving Uranus is about your role as a breakthrough person with the world of money, houses, apartments, companies and so on – maybe insurance, legacies, possessions, charity. You are part of that generation who want to do things differently and free things up. You will really enjoy it when Jupiter moves to 1 Scorpio a year or two from now. Watch for that because you will have a sensational opportunity. The ‘relationship’ part of work comes from Venus. In the spirit of duty and service, you pair up with just one other person and create a duet or dynamic duo which makes things happen.

  21. Hi Jessica. This is fascinating. I’ve dabbled in astrology for years, but never heard this one. And looking at my chart, I have matching numbers all over the place! How do I even begin to interpret them all? Which is the most important? Thanks!

    1. You have a Cancer stellium with an exact Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer – which is the keynote of your chart. You are here to make a house (or apartment) a home. You are also here to really explore the branch of your family tree which means the most to you and perhaps take a leaf from his/her book. Your identification with and ownership of your place in the world – no matter if this is your birth town or country, or one you adopt – is a major part of who you are. How well does all this work for you? Incredibly well. Mars describes your ‘push’ and your ability to charge forward and make things happen. Jupiter is about your largesse; your ability to give, to create happiness for people, or just resolve issues. You would be the ideal person to have looking after property, accommodation, family issues – or perhaps to pursue crucial concerns about your town or country. There is a strong sense of ‘my people and my place’ with this and every time you see travelling or transiting planets go to the exact same number, or degree, another layer of the story will be written.

  22. Hi Jessica, I’m a little late to this post but would love your insights – if you have time. I have more exact matches at 7º (I include North Node too because it is so close!) but also have 25º angles which include the ascendant, Jupiter and MC (?). I’m finding it difficult to drill down to the key themes with so many houses and planets…thank you for this post too, so interesting reading everyone’s aspects!

    1. If you have the Jupiter, MC and Ascendant all at 25 degrees then every time Jupiter himself returns to 25 of any sign, there is a major opportunity for you professionally or academically.

  23. Hello Jessica , I have 5 planets astroids lined up at 27 degree – ic , mc , proserpina , bacchus and Juno . also have Minerva , Pluto , Neptune , cupido and mercury lined up at 29 degree . then I also have Venus and vulcano at 14 degree both in aries. I really need some help in decoding these patterns in my chart . thank-you for your help .

    1. If your birth time is accurate then your life path is about charity, money, business, property or precious possessions. You would also have a person in your family tree who devoted his/her life to fundraising for good causes; retailing; banking; finance; insurance; taxation; real estate. Your soul path is to find out what you will and will not sell your soul for. And also who and what is priceless to you. You have been through the heaviest time in 29 years with all this yet after June you can leave certain things in the past.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    My dob is Jan 20th – time and again I get confused of my sun sign – Capricorn or Aquarius.

    Could you please interpret my chart for me? How does the coming months look in terms of career and home for me?


    1. You are a Capricorn. However you have Venus exactly conjunct Mercury in Aquarius so you are drawn to groups of all kinds and your friends matter as much as your family. You have stunning career trends starting in September 2016 and could easily be promoted, win an award or land a desirable new job by 2017. In April 2016 you have a big decision to make about your home. Go for freedom, every time.

  25. Hi Jessica – thanks for the article it has explained a number of things I always wondered about. The family ‘DNA’ makes sense when one thinks about the patterns that repeat over generations. I seem to have a lot of same numbers across a range of planets etc. and wondered if you could take a look at my personal chart to decode these a little for me. Many thanks and regards’W

    1. The Aquarius stellium is the key to your horoscope. Your friends are your family. The community is where you belong. The human family, across all gender, class, age, nationality barriers is something which you can work with, or for, on the broadest possible level. You will be even more aware of this in February as the Sun slowly conjuncts every one of your Aquarius factors in turn. You belong with good causes that change the world and circles of friends who feel like your tribe. You may also be drawn to rock bands, political parties, group work projects and so on. You have an almost exact conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Aquarius. It always works for you. In fact, you could harness people power to fight for what is right and achieve big wins.

  26. Hi Jessica:

    I have my Ascendant at 29 Virgo, which I’ve read is a critical degree. What impact does it have on my chart?


    1. I am not sure what a critical degree is, in astrology. I have never heard of it. If you have Virgo as your Ascendant, then your image, profile, reputation and role are very much related to the work you do, and the relationship you have with your body too. You need an accurate birth time to truly have that Ascendant as if you were even slightly out, Libra would be your Ascendant instead.

  27. Hi Jessica!

    I trust your predictions and all your advice so far and I love the articles you post. However, my understanding in astrology is limited. A look at my chart and your insights in regards to this article would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you so much in advance.


    1. You were born to travel or even live in other countries. Your journeys and ‘journeys in the mind’ will deepen your knowledge of the world and your love for one very special place and its people, history, beliefs and culture. This is a lifetime path for you. Please do not be too put off your path in 2016 and 2017 when you will hit major learning experiences, waiting games or obstacles with this. However, if you do plan to travel or move, be sharply aware of who and what will be involved and do some research before you pack your bags.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Thank you so much for your response. It is true that traveling is really important to me. A year ago I relocated for good from Greece to the UK, where I have lived before, and this has been a huge life change recently.
        Thank you again for your accurate predictions and advice.


  28. Hi Jessica I have followed your work/writing for years (including your novels) and have learned so much from you. You write with such elegance, vast knowledge and wisdom. Thanks for all you share! I found this article fascinating as, when looking at my personal horoscope factors each week I have noticed, many repeating degrees in my chart, notably at 0 degrees (3 in Libra) and 3 planets at 22 degrees (including the North and South Node). I also see both my Ascendant and Descendant are at 19 degrees. Does everyone have the North and South node at the same degrees and their Ascendant and Descendant at the same degrees, or is this something particular to my chart? Could you please shed some light on what this means for me in my life. Thank you Jessica! Cheers Kathryn

    1. Thank you for this whopping compliment, you are very kind. I’m going to focus on your Gemini stellium because you are a writer. You have a perfect trine from Hygiea at 0 Gemini to Jupiter at 0 Libra. This will be activated to your total benefit when travelling (transiting) Jupiter reaches 0 Libra in September 2016. That is when your way with words, images or ideas will take off.

  29. Hi Jessica

    Very interesting post! I see to have a lot of action at 8 Pisc Sun/ Pisc Prosperpina/ Leo Moon/ Aqu Panacea. Also my NNode is at 29 Leo and so is Fortuna. If you have a chance, please let me know what stands out on my chart. Thanks!

    1. Panacea in Aquarius, Sun in Pisces, Moon in Leo form an exact pattern. Every time you feed the needs of the younger generation born 20+ years after you, the pattern is activated. This may be through parenthood, paid or unpaid work involving younger people, your life as a godparent, aunt or uncle. You could be a professor (for example) with university students young enough to be your own children or the proud godmother of a whole brood. What’s the pattern? At the same moment that you realise you must guide, mentor and lead this generation – you also realise that a friendship within a group must also take equal place with you. So it’s a matter of dividing time and energy. You cannot neglect the group and the friend just because someone younger needs your nurturing.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    I am fascinated by the accuracy of your predictions. Please would you read my chart, I have gone through two heavy years (2013-2015) of job loss, career uncertainty and stress. Appreciate your time and help. Many thanks

    1. I am glad the predictions are accurate for you. The job loss and career stress is not your fault. The world is coming out of the worst financial cycle in 29 years. Your professional life will transform when you realise that you have to use your willpower and self control to ‘own’ your success and run your world. Only determination will do that, yet you will change everything if you discipline yourself and ultimately gain a far more powerful position than you had before. This could be slow or it could be fast – it could be by Christmas 2016 or as late as 2018. Only you can decide how fast you want to be empowered and that’s going to come down to setting and following tough new rules for yourself.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    What a really interesting article. Many thanks for this.

    I’m new to astrology, well, at least in trying to figure things out for myself. I’ve looked at my chart and wondered if you could help me understand a bit better.

    I have Cupido 05 Scorpio and Apollo 22 Scorpio and both Psyche 05 and MC 22 Capricorn. Could you expand on the Scorpio / Capricorn connection here. Could you also comment on the Capricorn Salacia 13 and Aquarius Venus 13.

    Many thanks for help.

    1. Mercury at 11 Capricorn trine Aesculapia at 11 Virgo is more important than any of these, as your life is about work, ambition, success and career. You will always be able to bring projects, positions, workplaces or even businesses back from the brink. Sometimes you can revive people as well. All this is in a professional context of course, but Aesculapia was the most powerful healer in Rome so when you tackle your work, business or academic tasks in life (all your life) you will operate like a master surgeon, blessed with the ability to perform miracles and drag people, projects or situations back from the point of no return. In general it is your chosen industry, field or workplace which will go through the most massive changes until 2024 and affect your life the most. You have been through one massive reshuffle in the pecking order, either where you work, or in related offices/companies since 2008 and there will be more. Throughout all of this you must keep climbing your mountain and hang onto the last peak you hit.

  32. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for teaching us how to read our own birth charts. I am learning it steadily but still need your guidance. I have three asteroids at Leo, 24,25 & 26 relating to children, younger generation and youth projects. Also 26 in Gemini/Sagitarius in three asteriods . How does this empower me to be progressive in my life journey ? Many thanks.

    1. Neptune in Libra at 26 trine Mars in Gemini at 26 is what you will notice first, because Jupiter moves into Libra for the first time in 12 years in September 2016. By 2017 you will have experienced transiting Jupiter conjunct Neptune and your relationship with your former, current or potential partner will grow, expand and improve. It will cease to resemble anything you might call ‘reality’ or the world of ordinary/normal and there will be a dissolution of the boundaries between you. At the same time, a new way of being heard and read will unfold. It may be tied to this person, it may be quite separate, but communication will blossom, digitally or traditionally.

  33. Dear Jessica,

    The Saturn cycle turned my life upside down to an uncanny extent, from mid or end 2012 to 2015. I had to quit my PhD, leave the US after nearly 12 years (I work in the government policy & social sector, and I found nothing adequate), return to India and work in tough conditions to launch a nonprofit project that ended up paving the way for more opportunities. Toward end of 2015, things seem to be easing and life is getting back on track. However in my Taurus horoscope you mention constantly that this entire cycle had to do with partners/lovers/enemies and that the younger generation + partnerships play a key role now. However, I feel this strictly had to do with my life’s goals, my need to work on social issues etc…. and instead of a younger generation, my focus this year is on returning to university and doing more international work & travel. That’s where I’m trying my hardest to explore. Do I have to reconcile to my Taurus focus? Thank you!! Am so confused :/

    1. It’s okay. You are just not placing the priority on your former, current or potential partner (or maybe your enemy) that I do! I think you are leaning towards the Sagittarius side of your life and personality, which is very strong – and all about academia, emigration and foreign connections. That is understandable as we have Saturn in Sagittarius now, which will slowly conjunct every single Sagittarius factor you have. I would assume a younger generation is involved with your university ambitions – everyone born after 2002 inherits the legacy of your personality in some way – and this will reward you until September. However, beyond that, I would make some space in my personal life for important changes, if I were you!

      1. Thank you so much for the response. The last comment you made is very intriguing! I hope it’s nothing too terrible… I am waiting for news regarding university admissions, which if it comes through, would be another huge relocation and that would be scheduled for August or September, like you mention!! I know it will be an upheaval, but I think it would be for the best in the long term. Do you think my chart gives you any indication regarding career, relocation and higher education? I seem to have such a big cluster in 1 degree (moon/mc/ic/hygeia), is that significant? Thanks so much for your response, it’s so great that you actually get back to everyone on this blog!!

        1. Thank you so much. You have four heavenly bodies in Sagittarius which rules academia. This is unusual as most people have 2-3. Prepare for slow, steady and heavy in 2016, 2017. Not light and easy. What or who you take on, has a price. Are you okay with the price? Be a total realist about this as it will be hard to release later – you have taken on karma here, or you may be about to take it on. You hit a totally different situation with university life and moving, when Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius actually moves into that sign, late 2018-2019 when you will be thrilled with your results in every meaning of the word.

          1. Dear Jessica, I made a huge mistake with my birth chart inputs. Got the day & month mixed up, so it became a September birthday not a May birthday!! I must have really confused you with my question then!! I still seem to have 4 of Sagittarius in my chart, so your comment on higher ed & foreign connections still stands I guess. I’d appreciate it so much if you could please look at my updated chart and let me know what it might indicate about higher education, and overseas relocation this year please? These been 3-4 such tough years that I’d love to be prepared beforehand this time. Thank you and SORRY for the mixup!!

          2. Too funny. One of the strange things about astrology which Geoffrey Cornelius once pointed out, is that people do make mistakes with their data all the time, but a wrong chart can give a correct reading. This is why astrology is divination. Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius would not move signs, though, based on you putting the wrong month in the same year. They move so slowly that they are still in your Ninth House, which describes higher education and foreign connections. You could make the big leap to emigrate and study this year, although you are doing it in a very tough cycle for both academia and emigration as Saturn is in Sagittarius through 2017. Your absolute best time to consider uprooting and committing to university life is when Jupiter goes through Sagittarius, starting November 2018. If you can’t wait that long, I understand, but do read more on Saturn in Sagittarius and how it is affecting the world. Foreign borders will change in a chain of countries, so will the visa/residency process – and for reasons we have not even seen yet.

  34. Hi Jessica, thank you for a very intersting article. I have my moon, venus, mercury and proserpina at 23 degrees. Would appreciate your insight on this and anything else of significance in my chart. Thank you, it is much appreciated.

    1. What a stunning pattern in Gemini, Cancer, Leo. This is basically about much younger people, born 20 years or more after you. They may be your children, godchildren or young relatives. If this is about your paid or unpaid work, we could be talking about teaching children, fundraising for them, or even writing books for them. If you haven’t yet pursued this part of your life, it could easily begin for you in May-August of any year. You understand the young, and you connect with them. They need to connect with you too.

  35. Thanks Jessica. The message about understanding and connecting with the young really resonated with me. I don’t have children and am not yet an aunt but I have often been aware of a connection and I now feel more encouraged.

    1. I’m glad that message resonated with you, thank you. You will find that the generation born 20+years after you ultimately becomes so central and important in your life!

  36. Hi Jessica,

    I really enjoyed your article. I have been reading your blogs for some time now trying to gain a better understanding of how to read my own chart.

    Could you explain what my Mars/Pluto conjunction in Scorpio 01 means? I would really appreciate it. Also I see I have Uranus and ASC in Sag 11 and then quite a few other number matches in different signs….any significance?

    Thanks in advance


    1. I’m glad you are discovering your horoscope – it is really important to know about Mars at 1 Scorpio conjunct Pluto at 1 Scorpio. Basically, there is a part of you which is capable of pushing very hard, fighting very fiercely, and pressuring others all the way – at least when it comes to the money, the house, the business, the possessions, the charity or the apartment! Throughout your life it may be a combination of these. At the same time, you are inclined to want control here. You want to totally control what is going on, because it makes you feel like you are running your life. I am sure you have seen quite a few episodes in your personal life, family life or work over the years where you have come right up against people, organisations or situations which seem to push back, just as hard. The trick to this conjunction is to remember that you must read hearts and minds. Try to see the situation as others see it. Understand that you may be inciting strong reactions and responses, just by standing there and radiating Mars and Pluto! You may want to look at the paintings and sculptures of Mars and Pluto online to get a feel for these archetypes. Scorpio is of course the ancient symbol of sexually intimate bonds or deadly serious arrangements. These naturally bring in money because we are talking issues like life insurance, legacies, mortgages, joint bank accounts and so on. The Uranus-Ascendant conjunction is not so important. You just project the image of someone who is devoted to travel – or travel in the mind. You are the explorer, or the Internet Explorer, if you like. Whenever you meet anyone who has horoscope factors also at 11 Sagittarius there will be a kind of implosion and it will always affect your trip, course, workshop, book, website, or university degree at the time. You will be a catalyst for change in that way. Not peaceful but never dull!

  37. Hello Jessica! Your blog is amazing! I would really appreciate if you could take the time to look at my chart. I have many decisions and crossroads ahead of me and am frankly pretty confused right now. What is my right direction? Any advice or insight to what to expect is welcomed. Thank you and all the best!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that onto James, Justin and Alyas. Okay so I’ve looked at your chart and am not surprised you are confused about which road to take. You are strongly Scorpio and we have a lot of Scorpio horoscope factors passing through at the moment which are retrograde. This means they stop and start. They stand still. They run backwards and forwards. For you, this can feel like driving through traffic which halts, then actually reverses. It can be very confusing! My tip to you would be to take more time. You are also going to find that now through June 7th is affected by other people/large organisations/situations who take life backwards and forwards. As a general comment, please focus exclusively on your friendships and your social life. This embraces groups, clubs, bands, teams, societies, associations and other formal circles of people. If you ‘do’ this then you will be stunned at how much it helps other areas of your world. There is momentum there. Go with it. It’s the right time for you to move forward with a friend and/or group as per the ideas that were circulated in the last 2-3 weeks.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    I am looking at my chart – I have Venus, Saturn, Vesta and Aesculapia all at 14 degrees all in different signs…my question is how do I work out the pattern they are in like how they compliment each other? if you could explain it would be very much appreciated…..if you could even give me your very own personal feeling on this line up too I would be super grateful!


    1. Vesta at 14 Gemini opposite Venus at 14 Sagittarius is the most important part of the pattern, because these two are about relationships and the way men and women deal with each other. You would come across this mostly on the internet, which is ruled by both Gemini and Sagittarius, but you may also encounter it (as a lifelong trend) whenever you travel, study, teach, write, publish and pursue other Gemini/Sagittarian activities. Vesta always brings issues where one male seems to have the most influence or power in a situation involving yourself and one or more females. There is often a bit of manipulation going on. You might call it the harem mentality! It may not be sexual at all, as you can see it in any work space where there are a lot of women and perhaps one man in charge – like a flight crew with a male pilot and an all-female crew of attendants. Venus is very much about desire, jealousy, seduction and passion, so her opposition to Vesta does suggest that even when you are purely on the internet, or just working on communication-related projects, you will repeatedly come across complicated relationships or real male/female gender politics. You will notice this more as the Sun passes through Gemini, so see what happens, through June, when a very old pattern in your chart will be reactivated. As a general rule, steer clear of all those male-female games with a Vesta-Venus opposition. It’s not hard to do once you are aware of it.

  39. Hi Jessica,
    You recently mentioned (to me) my planets at 13 degrees (in my chart), that I never paid attention to before, and I would like to know what they mean … and maybe which (or how) signs are related (to one another, in my chart), the way you gave the examples above.
    Thank you in advance, have a great week. 🙂

    1. You have Neptune at 13 Sagittarius and the Ascendant at 13 Virgo, with the Descendant at 13 Pisces. This is a Grand Cross in astrology and it’s the main story here. I will mention Neptune here, largely because you are experiencing a cycle which can only happen every 29 years as Saturn goes over 13 Sagittarius and conjuncts your Neptune. You experienced this in May, early June and it will be back again, end of October, so this is the time to get real about travel, about emigration, about export and import. It is time to accept the way things are (not as you wish them to be) with foreign and regional differences, religious differences, multiculturalism and globalisation. To this list, ruled by Sagittarius, we should add education, academia, publishing and the internet. Read more on Sagittarius and you will see that this is where you escape from the real world as a general rule and take holidays from the everyday and ordinary! This will work splendidly for you from November 2018 and into 2019 but right now you need to slow down, take good advice, seek expertise and experience. Why? It’s crunch time.

  40. Hi Jessica,

    Could you look at my personal horoscope and advise the chart patterns that define me?

    Thank you.


    1. You have Mars conjunct Mercury in Taurus, and a stellium in Taurus. You are here to use the internet or computers in general, faster and harder than anyone else, and achieve more with finance, business, charity, property, buying/selling, collecting, shopping in a few days, than most people do in a few months. This is a lifelong pattern. You either end up giving it away or doing it for nothing (for a good cause) or being a super capitalist with this pattern. You may even try both! Your entire life will change from 2018 as Uranus goes through Taurus and you play your part in a global banking, economic and currency revolution. Taurus is the sign which never sells out. You are stubborn about not doing anything just for money and would actually pay to have the things money cannot buy. I think you probably had one or more past lives dealing with the sharemarkets or similar.

  41. Hi Jessica, I wondered if you could take a look at my chart and advise me on my chart patterns, and what to look out for in the next few months?

    1. The most important thing I can tell you is that you were born with Saturn at 3 Libra in the Seventh House of partnerships and conflicts, and that you are long overdue for a healing process, as you experienced tremendous difficulties with a particular person on your Saturn Return, December 2009 (not an easy Christmas) February 2010 (tough Valentine’s Day) and August 2010, when you realised you had well and truly been put on an obstacle course. And sometimes, of course, the issue is just being alone. Anyway…you will be well and truly restored, revived, repaired and renewed as Jupiter the miracle worker moves across 3 Libra, September 24-28, 2016. I realise it’s been about six or seven years, but there may still be some baggage to ditch or some heart scar tissue to well and truly heal. It is coming, no matter if the issue for you was love or war.

      1. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for this. Much appreciated!

        This is very accurate, in that you picked up on the time in my life that was by far the most stressful, and which is still having repercussions in my life and the way I deal with things now. I split up with a long term partner in 2009, and then was forced to put aside the idea of meeting anyone new during all of 2010 because of a major family crisis, perpetuated by one person in particular, that I had to devote all my time to. I’m still single, because the emotional and mental issues from dealing with all of that have been difficult to get past, and have been through bouts of depression and rough times with friends and all kinds of things in the meantime.

        So glad to hear that things are looking to ease! As soon as I started trying to look into my chart and figure out what it all meant, I was hoping that my stellium in Libra would mean a turnaround in various ways, and that maybe some of the things I’ve been hoping for the past few years might be more easily accessible. I will look forward to the end of September!

        Thanks again, I’m really enjoying exploring your site and this was wonderful.

        1. That is a very kind comment to read as I start work for the day, thank you. I thought you may have broken up with a partner then and it seems that was the case. You are on the way, now and the light at the end of the tunnel will be dazzling, sooner than you know. I also have someone here in spirit for you – perhaps family. Maybe you feel them around you a lot? You are being guided and your heart will heal.

  42. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for this article on exact horoscope patterns, which I found on the weekend. I’m attempting some DIY astrology but I would appreciate your help. From my weekly forecast I see that on Saturday 1st October the Moon will conjunct the Sun, both at 8 Libra. That’s an opposition to my natal Mercury (8 Aries), sextile my Chiron (8 Sagittarius) and square my Aesculapia (8 Capricorn) – right? Do the bad aspects (opposition and square) outweigh the good sextile, and.. what do they all mean?

    1. That’s great you are decoding your horoscope. A New Moon is always a new beginning. If you remember that the Sun is the Father and the Moon is the Mother, when they come together, there is a conception. Something or someone is born. In Libra this is a partnership or a battle – not for you, for other people. It may be a business merger, divorce or new sexual relationship in your world. This affects your own life. It will trigger questions about your title, reputation, personal appearance or image (Mercury in Aries in your First House). There will be a good deal of online activity or real world discussion – maybe some paperwork. It will be tense, as oppositions always are, but that is all. At the same time with Chiron triggered in Sagittarius in your Ninth House suggests that what goes down for other people, enables you to see what you can get away with, involving travel, foreigners, publishing, education, the internet or the usual Ninth House concerns. The New Moon makes a sextile to Chiron so it’s easy. Finally, the New Moon will square Aesculapia at 8 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. You have the ability to resurrect career projects, relationships and even entire jobs just when they have reached the point of no return. You are a miracle worker. Sometimes you even bring people back from the point of no return, as part of what you do. There will be a situation here which you cannot square, regarding this. It’s no big deal it just takes work. And all this, because two people, or two organisations are about to make a massive decision to either split or commit! Just watching what happens will teach you so much about the way astrology works.

  43. Dear Jessica, I was wondering whether the fact that my sun in Taurus and my jupiter in Scorpio being in opposition means that I wont be able to take advantage of the opportunities that Jupiter usually brings. Or are there other aspects to Jupiter in my chart that would be more significant? Thank you so much as always!!

    1. Not at all. A Sun-Jupiter opposition is usually about identity, ego and recognition. You actually don’t even have the aspect. Jupiter at 3 Scorpio is semi-sextile Uranus at 3 Sagittarius, though. This tells me that from October 2017 you will have a financial or property opportunity that allows you to make new travel or relocation plans.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica! Your insights are the best resource. Thank you for always responding. Much appreciated!

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