The Aquarius Birthday Horoscope 2016-2017

Aquarius, 2016 through 2017 is quite remarkable financially - or perhaps through property. It's all an intense relationship, but you have to choose.

If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius then you shine, when you become involved with people-power movements, groups, clubs, teams, bands and other potent circles of people. The symbol for your sign is the water-bearer. He was actually known as an ‘Aquarius’ in Ancient Rome and it was his job to feed the water supply. This made the Roman Baths possible – the community gathering place, where all genders, ages and classes gathered.

This is a good symbol for you – at your best, when you are feeling self-confident and supported by the universe, you are the individual who ‘feeds’ the group. In 2016 and 2017, though, you will find the tribe to much harder work than usual. Saturn is having an impact!

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Saturn in Sagittarius and Your Groups and Friendships
Saturn tells you that if you want X from life, you have to put up with Y and Z as well. So, if you want to be a social creature in 2016 and 2017, and also pursue big goals with groups, you will have to deal with rather stuck and slow situations. There is always a burden with Saturn’s cycle. You can’t really avoid it – the only question is, how big is the burden and what do you gain, from shouldering it?

This is something to think about particularly in December 2016 when light will be shed, either on a new friend or group to become involved with (think very carefully about it before you go further) or, you will see a real moment of truth about your band, club, political party, sports team, charity, association, union – and so on – in the light of what went down in the previous 12 months. This may involve you changing your connection to this group or even departing, by your birthday in 2017.

The bottom line is, before you join any kind of circle of people in the next two years, read the fine print on what is actually involved in signing up. If you’re going to become a Freemason, find out more. If you’re going to make a big move with a good cause, figure out what’s actually involved, as well as what the website tells you!

Money and Property
There are five kinds of Aquarian relationship. One is about the home, and that’s ruled by Taurus in your chart. Another is about the children, and that’s ruled by Gemini. Leo rules true partnership – equal relationship, for its own sake – and Virgo rules the serious financial side of your love life. Finally, Scorpio rules marriage and parenthood as a career move – it becomes your true vocation, so you see yourself as a mother/father/wife/husband first.

In 2016 the only major pattern unfolding is in Virgo, the sign which rules the serious, intense, binding nature of financial agreements and property contracts. This is the reality of a mortgage, for example, or the process of making a will. Deadly serious arrangements between yourself and him (or her) which also factor in life insurance, and the rest.

Jupiter in Virgo tells you that the relationship you develop with your former, current or potential partner – financially – is going to work extremely well for you. Assuming you are prepared to do a lot of work on the numbers in March 2016, you will gain by September 2016 and either save or make quite a lot of money. Together, the two of you can create quite a lot of abundance. Alternatively, you may gain from your ex in some way, or begin seeing a potential date who comes with major property or financial possibilities for you.

Europe, Australasia and Beyond
You will be given a fantastic opportunity to travel or move between the final quarter of 2016 and first half of 2017. For many Aquarians, Europe or Australasia is calling. The particular nature of this trip or relocation is special, because it teaches you about the world and brings greater meaning to your life. It’s not just another journey or departure. You will be drawn into the culture and history of the place and people and expand your vision as a result. By 2017 you could easily be ‘on tour’ with your particular abilities, or exporting your personality and talent to places on the map which are not that important now. Jupiter cannot drop things in your lap, but this planetary cycle does give you the chance to make things happen. Please watch the situation which turns up in September and October 2016 very carefully, because this is your opportunity.

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Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Ceres
The ‘big four’ of astrology are Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Ceres, who was reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006. How do these major players in your chart affect you in 2016 and 2017?

Uranus is your planetary ruler and he describes the process of revolution that leads to freedom. Placed in Aries, he is most obvious to you in April, when you will realise that the more original you are in your approach to the internet, multimedia, publishing and public speaking – the more exciting life becomes. A rather exhilarating project or plan will take shape near Easter, or you may reject one form of communication in favour of something far more experimental. A very particular kind of internet or television outlet might call you, or you may decide it’s time to explore a new way of writing.

Neptune in Pisces is accompanied by Ceres in 2016, so by the time you reach March, you must give a financial, property, charity or business matter your entire attention. You will be richer as a result, or gain from cash in kind (for example by access to an apartment, a car or some other valuable possession). The full story will be revealed by September but it depends on how you handle March. There is a tremendous need for boundaries and for the conscious setting out of rules – and lines in the sand – with those involved. Avoid vague agreements (especially if nothing is in writing) or even more formal arrangements, which still manage to cross a line! Awareness is all, so be aware in March.

Pluto in Capricorn, finally, is something you have been living with since 2008. Essentially, what you keep secret in your life – or what you do behind the scenes – will never be the same again, and you know it. The difficulty you have in adjusting, is based on the fact that nobody really likes change. Pluto keeps telling you, though – ‘You have to change – or else.’ Feeling as if you have no power or control in a situation is a sure sign that you haven’t been drastic enough, in altering your life.

Along with keeping secrets (covering things up, even from lovers) or operating behind the scenes (no recognition, there!) a third scenario may have been taking place. This would have involved you submerging yourself in the world of the unconscious. You might call this your unconscious mind, or your soul, or your spirit, or your astral body. Tarot cards are one gateway. Meditation is another. The same message applies. You have to change. Unless you change, you may feel as if something or someone is running you.

Aquarius, as you read this in January, we have a major focus on this final story in your life, thanks to the Capricorn stellium. However, it may not be until the second half of February that you can finally say you have made a decision, found out all the facts and can move on.

Happy Birthday!

If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius, then 2016 through 2017 is quite remarkable financially – or perhaps through property. The key to it all is an intense relationship, but you must make a choice.

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