Your Money and Mercury Retrograde – April to June 2016

This matters to the entire world economy because Mercury moves backwards and forwards in Taurus, the sign that rules all our currency exchange rates and world sharemarkets too. Expect chaos, which then corrects itself.

Mercury Retrograde, including the crucial shadow phases, affects the China economy directly between 14th April and 7th June 2016. It also zaps the United Kingdom cash horoscope. This matters to the entire world economy because Mercury moves backwards and forwards in Taurus, the sign that rules all our currency exchange rates and world sharemarkets too. Expect chaos, which then corrects itself. To quote Clive Dunn in the original Dad’s Army, ‘Don’t panic! Don’t panic!’ In fact, some canny investors are going to do very nicely from this messy cycle. Unless you know what you’re doing, though, don’t take risks when Mercury is Retrograde. If you have horoscope factors in your personal chart from 14 through 23 Taurus, then there will be a backwards-forwards issue affecting your house, money, apartment, business interests, possessions, charity or company from 14th April through 7th June. Read the fine print. Get things in writing. Have Plan B. Allow for delays, changes, reversals.

Occupy Wall Street and the Taurus Mercury Retrograde

You remember the tent occupation of Wall Street? It was symbolised by this poster and the hashtag ‘Occupy Wall Street’ on Twitter, and of course the bull is taking centre stage. What happens when Mercury messes around in the sign of Taurus the Bull? Well, I am sure you realise that May Day (1st May) with all its usual protests and activism falls right in the zone. So we can make a prediction right off the bat and say, May Day 2016 is going to seriously affect computers, train, buses, cars and perhaps short-haul flights. All these are ruled by Mercury. It would be an obvious time for hackers to get itchy fingers. Clogged streets or clogged social media – maybe darker problems – seem extremely likely. Back up your stuff and watch the transport updates.


Wall Street 1 - Your Money and Mercury Retrograde - April to June 2016
Occupy Wall Street and Taurus the Bull




This is the United Kingdom horoscope, below (click to enlarge). She was founded with Psyche at 20 Taurus and Ceres at 23 Taurus. On the days that Mercury Retrograde sits on 20 Taurus and 23 Taurus, there will be huge uncertainty about the economy and it will probably be linked to China, as her chart also has big Taurus factors. You can click on the chart below to find out more. When will Mercury move to 20 Taurus and 23 Taurus? He is at 20 Taurus on April 20th, May 7th, May 8th so on those dates (or within 24 hours of them) watch the City financial headlines in London. When will he move to 23 Taurus? He is there (allow 24 hours either side) on April 28th, May 1st and June 7th. What will the UK economy and sharemarkets look like? An Eton Mess with custard.  But wait. After June 7th the Eton Mess will settle. Click to enlarge the chart.



1801 UK HOROSCOPE 600x3321 600x332 - Your Money and Mercury Retrograde - April to June 2016
The United Kingdom chart. Natural House System.



China is a real concern at this time, because she was founded with Taurus factors right in the zone. Click to enlarge the chart. She has the Moon at 19 Taurus and the South Node at 22 Taurus, opposite the North Node at 22 Scorpio, which rules her global debts. On, or very close to, the dates that Mercury Retrograde hits 19 and then 22 Taurus, we will see Mercury Retrograde in full throttle.  You can tell it’s a global issue because the UK chart is triggered at 20 and 23 Taurus, within just a day or two of China – so very close to April 20th, May 7th, May 8th so on those dates (or within 24 hours of them) watch the City financial headlines in London. On or close to April 28th, May 1st and June 7th we have financial Chop Suey.


CHINA CONFIRMED CHART 600x330 - Your Money and Mercury Retrograde - April to June 2016
China. From The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, Wessex Astrologer.

I have written a story on this website elsewhere on Mercury Retrograde – and what you can do, as opposed to what you can’t do! It’s a classic cycle for technical, computer, transport or travel screw-ups as most of us know by now. However, it is very good for reworking content, rethinking plans, reviewing old ideas, rehearsing schemes and basically anything with ‘re’ in front of it. This particular cycle does need special consideration, though, given the whopping impact on China and the United Kingdom and their cash sectors.


Mercury Retrograde will affect the Chinese and United Kingdom sharemarkets and economy with all his usual messy timing, when we go through the cycle that starts with the first shadow from April 14th 2016, and ends with the final shadow on 7th June. How will it affect you?

uxwpg9umwt8 600x400 - Your Money and Mercury Retrograde - April to June 2016

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15 Responses

  1. Jessica hi

    After much following you ,I finally decided to become a member . For your information I began following you when my jupiter I suppose was in 12th house , and at the same time saturn in 4th . You have helped me to lead myself to a greater path if wisdom and enlightenment . Thank you so much .

    I have few questions and hopefully can get some reply from you .
    1. If someone is born with various factors in retro what are the consequences for that . How should we read the personal chart in that accordance . I have various in my personal chart as predicted by your site like mercury in leo , juno , ceres and I think Virgo as my north node . I noticed (R )infront of various aspects hope I am reading it right ! In case not please let me know .
    2. When you talk about the degrees the personal chart has different aspects as related to the ongoing cosmic factors . So are we suppose to combine the 2 different planetary aspects differently at the same degree in order to come at a conclusion. For e.g I have minerva in cancer at 3 and this wèek we have aquarius leo sun at 3 so how should I interpret it to.draw a conclusion .I am born 19.08.1978. 6.15 am india .

    Looking forward to your reply .

    Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you very much, that’s a lovely thing to hear. Don’t worry about anything that’s (R) or Retrograde when you are born. All it means is, when transiting heavenly bodies hit that exact same sign, degree, you will find the issue in question goes backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards. If you have Minerva at 3 Cancer and this week the Sun is at 3 Aquarius and the Moon at 3 Leo, you need to take it apart. So – you are wise (Minerva) about family, home, property and your hometown/homeland (Minerva) and this will be triggered by temporary (transiting) issues about groups and friends (Aquarius) which are obvious and even glaring (the Sun). Other triggers will involve pregnancy, babies, children, young adults or serious lovers. Why? Because the Moon is in Leo. The Moon rules mothers and maternal people so it seems very likely that this is about your family. REport back. But you have a solution for someone, because your Minerva is being triggered.

  2. Please help us, because the aquarius birthday horoscope can not be read. Your horoscopes are amazing, and also the astrology blog and this website, too. I’m happy to be a premium member. Great job, really.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    This Rx will zap my MC which I hope might mean an end to my personal GFC.
    Or at least a sign of light at the end of the tunnel.

    With 23 March Lunar Eclipse lighting up my chart (incl. Progressed Moon) I was hoping at last to start ” crawling out of the worst cycle in 29 years for money, possessions, houses, apartments, taxation, legacies, insurance, shares, investments, credit cards and the rest” as you aptly put it.
    Are my hopes realistic?

    Many thanks,M

    1. Thank you. I don’t work with the Progressed Moon. But let’s look at your finances. You have eight Taurus and Scorpio factors – does that explain it? Out of 34 possible factors in your chart, almost one-quarter are about money and property. Obviously you just had Saturn either conjunct your Scorpio stuff or opposite your Taurus stuff, since the final quarter of 2012. What can I tell you? The worst is over. Trust this – it’s behind you. What is 2016 about? Recovery, repair, rebuilding. It will take you a long time. Why? Mars is Retrograde in Scorpio. We have a bunch of asteroids also retrograde in Scorpio. Please avoid the Mercury Retrograde in Taurus period (see The Astrology Blog for more on this). Yet – if you can find the patience to really work your finances this year, you will be dazzled by the relief and release of 2017 and once Jupiter goes into Scorpio from 2017/2018 you will make or save a fortune and heal the past.

      1. Thanks for that Jessica.
        At least I know I am in the tunnel now, not just another black hole!!
        Bit disappointed I have to cancel the warm and fuzzy Jupiter return I had planned though:((
        Best wishes for a positive and safe Solar Eclipse next week xx

  4. Hi Jessica

    Many thanks for this as always.

    I have been trying to find a new (more permanent home) since last July. I’ve had to go into rented accommodation and need to vacate end April. Several house purchases have fallen through and with the latest I’m hoping to move end April. I’m financing part of this by cashing in some investments. I have 6 factors in Scorpio and three in Taurus with Mars 21 Taurus.
    How concerned should I be?

    Any insight would be much welcomed.

    Many thanks.

    1. You will be fine – the worst is over – you just caught the tail end of Saturn in Scorpio last year, in your Eighth House of property and money. Hang in there this year – it may take a few months for everything to sort itself out – but it will happen and you will make up for everything once Jupiter goes into Scorpio at the end of next year into 2018. You just need to avoid the Mercury Retrograde period if possible,which starts in the shadow as discussed, from April 14th. If you must go ahead read the fine print on what might happen, should you meet with delays, changes or even cancellations. It never hurts.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I have Venus at 23 and ASC at 23. I have important legal things to settle with a former partner and it has been difficult since mid 2013. Its hard to know when to make a ‘push’ for something and when to wait when it goes over several Mercury cycles. what might be an element to consider in ‘long timeframe’ matters?

    1. Born with Neptune, Psyche and the North Node in Scorpio, you have only just quit the toughest cycle in 29 years, as Saturn in Scorpio sat on (or conjuncted) your Scorpio factors. If you hit SCORPIO on the Search box on this website you can go into more depth as I have written extensively about this pattern and how it hit particular people – you are one of them. The good news is, the worst is over. The best news of all is, 2018 will replace everything you feel you lost, or had to struggle with. It may literally be replaced or symbolically – you will be absolutely blessed. The slightly annoying news? 2016 is the repair, recovery and detox time! In other words, the worst is over, but you are still not out of the woods. What is holding you up is actually Mars Retrograde as well as Mercury Retrograde (two of them, both going backwards, both in the money and property signs). You may prefer to skip April 14 through June 7 or at least watch the wheels go round. I promise this will end, but more importantly, 2018 will be just superb as Jupiter the planet of healing, abundance, expansion and growth goes over your Scorpio stellium.

  6. Hi Jessica
    How did I miss this blog entry?!? Things are indeed getting very messy, fascinating. Can I ask a quick question? I have factors at 17 Capricorn, Aries and Sagittarius. This weeks horoscope mentions these specifically, any guidance?
    Thank you and these blogs are so good!

    1. Chiron, Ceres and Cupido all at 17 degrees in your personal birth chart will well and truly be triggered by Pluto at 17 degrees – for most of this year. You will feel it most in connection with your career, unpaid work, full-time parenting role or university degree (I am not sure about your situation). Let’s just say – your position in life. You will need to deal with a person, organisation or set-up which takes over. This man, woman, entity or trend is dominating and it is also here to challenge you to find your own power. This general theme of finding empowerment and control, especially with your projects and plans, extends for some time. Your C.V. will not be the same afterwards. For more, read up on Pluto and Ceres on this website – just hit search.

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