Coco Chanel’s Oracle Cards

As my friend Justine Picardie explains in her acclaimed biography of Chanel, the cards still rest where she left them, lying in a moment frozen in time, in her apartment in Paris.

Coco Chanel used the Lenormand oracle card deck to help her in business as well as her personal life. 

As my friend Justine Picardie explains in her acclaimed biography of Chanel, the cards still rest where she left them, lying in a moment frozen in time, in her apartment in Paris.

chanel coco and misia justine picardie - Coco Chanel's Oracle Cards


The ‘Five’ card in the Lenormand deck is particularly interesting, because this was Chanel’s lucky number. Leo is also the fifth sign of the zodiac and Leo was her sign. As you can see in this photograph of Justine’s book, Chanel used a German version of the famous Lenormand deck.

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Chanel and the Astrological Connection

Chanel was a woman of her time, and the esoteric and occult was extremely fashionable, thanks partly to the boom in Theosophy, from Paris to London, via New York and Melbourne. This connection with astrology is not something that the house of Chanel shies away from today. In fact, I vividly remember Karl Lagerfeld’s illustration of the zodiac sign Sagittarius, decorating my horoscope column in Vogue Australia, when he became a Guest Editor at the end of the year. I have saved that particular copy of Vogue for a very long time!

As you may know, astrology was a major part of the recent Chance campaign, and as this video shows, the Chanel-Leo connection is extremely important when understanding both the couture house and the fragrance.


Did Chanel Use the Tree Card to Inspire the Chanel No. 5 Recipe?

Chanel made the connection between her zodiac sign and the ‘Five’ card in the Lenormand Oracle, but there is a further mystery to consider. In its English translation (Chanel had the German deck) this card shows a beautiful green tree, seven love hearts and the message –

A tree far away means good health, when near, illness there will be, many trees close together means things will turn out all right, you’ll see.

As we now know, a naturally occurring tree moss is one of the secret ingredients in Chanel No. 5 fragrance. A coincidence? Or did Chanel bring together astrology and the Lenormand, when choosing her blend? 


How to Use the Lenormand Deck in Your Life

First, before you even run to a Lenormand website for a sample reading, you need to think like a Frenchwoman! The deck was created by Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (1772–1843) who was the most famous French professional fortune-teller of her era. She claimed to have read the cards for Robespierre, leader of the French Revolution and also Napoleon and the Empress Josephine. The images are beautiful, timeless, classic and very, very French.


gibson lenormand 3 - Coco Chanel's Oracle Cards

Read For Yourself

The best way to use the deck is quite intuitively, sitting with the symbol and interpreting it for yourself. The meanings have been altered in translation (French/German/English) and as with many Tarot decks, the best way to read the cards is to tap into the symbolism as it works for you – and nobody else.

The cards are wonderfully clean and clear – there is no darkness in them (unlike some branches of the Tarot). Those you see here (above) are available to purchase online

Try a Free Online Lenormand Love Reading Now

This deck is very close to the authentic German deck used by Chanel, that most passionate of women. It works in a simple way – just pull one card, to talk about your relationship today. Sometimes it’s interesting to ignore the standard text interpretation and work with the cards using your own intuition. The pictures can speak very loudly! This website is also very useful. 

Are You a Premium Member?

Create a journal section devoted to your Lenormand Oracle card readings and bundle it up with your 2016 Horoscope Journal. This will give you an alternative perspective on your horoscope. Just remember to record the date, the ‘present’ card (or current situation), the ‘past’ card (where you are coming from) and also, of course, your ‘future’ card. I actually have an entire journal devoted to the Lenormand Oracle which I use for private clients. It’s my homage to Chanel, as I would never have discovered the deck if Justine Picardie had not uncovered the secret in her private apartment. 

Bon chance! Bon voyage!


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    1. I dont know what im doing with these cards. I was looking forward to a Regular written Horoscope.

      1. Try the cards now, with a fuller explanation. I’ve had some feedback from Twitter suggesting they’re quite uncannily accurate today – but you need to sit with them and let your sixth sense take you in the right direction. I hope the extra information helps, anyway.

  1. i love reading your horoscope but sadly i cannot join as i am a pensioner in South Africa and the exchange rate makes it unaffordable. please carry on giving us the free version. thank you

  2. Wow what a powerful video…I am also a Lion, a leo and I roar !! you January forecast was so incredible and so accurate…you could have been sitting next to me when you wrote it…fantastic article thank you Jessica x

  3. I’m finding the online deck above amazing! Do you get a more accurate reading with an actual deck?

    1. I am glad the Lenormand is working for you. I have a couple of decks and love them dearly as they are incredible triggers for clairvoyance (a French word for clear sight). They are quite affordable and I bought mine from Watkins in Cecil Court, London. If you find they work online I recommend you buy yourself a deck as your birthday present to yourself!

  4. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for your wonderful work. I am loving the
    Lenormand cards and am wanting to get myself a set. Where do you suggest In Australia I could purchase them from ? Also I noticed there are a few different types……I really like the ones you have in the monthly horoscopes and wanted to get some similar…..any assistance is greatly appreciated
    Thanks in advance

    1. Thanks Melinda, I am glad you like the Lenormand Oracle cards. Funnily enough I was looking at them with Justine Picardie, the author of the Chanel biography, two nights ago. Your best option with the cards is to contact my friends at the Theosophical Bookshop in Melbourne, who can order them in for you. Ask for the English language edition and they can post them over. If for any reason that’s not possible, go to Watkins at Cecil Court in London, using their internet ordering service. That’s where I purchased mine from. I think you’ll love this deck!

  5. Hi Jessica
    The link to the astrolux website is not working. I have been visiting the link since the day you posted it here. It was sort of like getting clairvoyance as you have mentioned. Can you guide me to a similar free link? Thank you.

    1. Sorry, that site is beyond my control. Perhaps you should buy a pack of Lenormand Oracle cards (Amazon have them) and start using the real thing. If it worked for you digitally, imagine how it might work for you in practise.

      1. Thank you! I read your reply now, very late indeed. It shows how much you really care. Thank you again. God bless you abundantly. You must know that you have transformed my life for good!

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