Christmas 2016 Astrology Predictions

The most unusual line-up in years takes place at Christmas 2016, twelve months away, as I write this in Christmas 2015.

The most unusual line-up in years takes place at Christmas 2016, twelve months away, as I write this in Christmas 2015. If your personal horoscope has any factors at 20 degrees, you will be profoundly affected, as Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries and Saturn at 20 Sagittarius all link up in the heavens. (Click to enlarge the chart).

Uranus is opposite Jupiter, which is rare. What is even more remarkable, though, is that Uranus is also trine Saturn, and Saturn is sextile Jupiter. What does it mean? Massive opportunities. Extreme change. Tremendous life lessons. And all at the same time!


Jupiter 20 Libra Uranus 20 Aries Saturn 20 Sagittarius 26 December 600x558 - Christmas 2016 Astrology Predictions
The astrology of Christmas 2016 is unusual.



The United Kingdom will be affected most by this line-up as she was founded (or born) with Psyche at 20 Taurus and the Moon very close by at 19 Cancer. Proserpina is also at 19 Libra. The dramatic events at Christmas 2016 are about the Royal Family. The Moon in Cancer rules the UK ‘family’ and of course that is the one residing at Buckingham Palace. The Moon is always about the Queen Mother or the Queen. What can we expect? A quantum shift. As the Queen’s head appears on the currency (Taurus) there may be a related question about that too.

On a broader level there is a dramatic story about the UK economy, her business interests, her pound and her values. (Click to enlarge the UK chart, set for 1801). Proserpina at 19 Libra is about the ‘special relationship’ with America.  It is also about the country’s allies against a common enemy.

This is not just one story. It is three stories, close to one day – Christmas Day, when the Queen traditionally makes her annual speech to the Commonwealth.

United Kingdom 1801 600x558 - Christmas 2016 Astrology Predictions



The clash between Uranus in Aries, ruled by Mars, the God of War – and Jupiter in Libra – the sign of peace, but also ‘war for the sake of peace’ raises nuclear questions. Why nuclear? Because of Saturn. Saturn is returning to Sagittarius, for the first time in about 29 years. By 2017, just around the corner at that point, that sends us all the way back to the year 1969 when the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament dominated the news. This clip created by British Pathe (the most amazing channel) on YouTube shows what was going on, the last time Saturn moved through Sagittarius. Why is this sign so important to the nuclear debate? Because it rules foreigners and foreign countries.




There are some more clues to the Christmas 2016 issue, which is both a revolution and an opportunity, as well as a massive learning experience. Nicola Sturgeon, dubbed ‘Queen of Scotland’ by The Daily Mail, is fiercely opposed to Trident. So is Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing leader of the Labor party at Westminster. What is truly amazing to see is that both these political icons have horoscope factors at 20 degrees too. Jeremy has Proserpina and Minerva at 20 Aquarius in his house of groups. That is not only Labor, it is also CND.

He also has Mars close by at 19 Taurus which you will remember is a hotspot for the UK as a whole. There is a big question here about selling out at any price – the UK making money at any price – and it’s about Trident, but it may also be about other military or nuclear expenses. Mr Corbyn does not give a birth time, but even without it, the position of Mars does not change very much.

Nicola Sturgeon, for whom we have a timed birth chart, also has 20 degree horoscope factors. She was born with Saturn at 20 Taurus, right on Mr Corbyn’s Mars in Taurus position. We might phrase this as ‘war and money’. It is very much tied into the psyche of the United Kingdom (shown by her Psyche, also at 20 Taurus) as of course the country has a long history of mixing up its economy with its military spending and bases. Click on Nicola Sturgeon’s horoscope to enlarge it.

Christmas 2016 is a defining moment for the United Kingdom and her national identity. The peace movement is coming back in a big way. There is also a separate but related issue for Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family. 



Nicola Sturgeon 600x332 - Christmas 2016 Astrology Predictions



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113 Responses

  1. Hellou Jessica,

    My DOB is 20/09/1975 in Slovakia. I have Mars in 20 degrees Gemini and
    Vulcano in 20 degrees Leo. Can you tell me please which areas of my life will be affected the most in Christmas 2016?
    Thank you very much. You make great job!

    1. Thank you very much. Saturn will oppose your Mars at 20 Gemini and trine your Vulcano at 20 Leo, in December 2016. Gemini rules communication, so this is about your computer, your life on the internet, your involvement with multimedia or publishing – and even your voice. Saturn will temporarily block that. This is why, when you are planning a project, idea or schedule for December 2016 that you know will heavily involve your way with words, ideas or images you must have Plan B. You need a back-up plan. You may also want to allow for the possibility of delays, obstacles or opposition on some level and be fully prepared for that. It passes, so please don’t spend too much energy on this. Vulcano in Leo is about your life as a parent, substitute parent (for example, as a teacher or godparent) and a potential parent (your lover could bring children into your life in some way). December 2016 finds you controlling your emotions very powerfully, as a challenge comes to meet you, but again – I don’t think this is worth spending too much time thinking about. It passes.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Another really fascinating article. 2016 is such a massive year for me and I have Saturn at 20 Gemini, which completes a stellar St Andrew’s saltire, or the X of Xmas. What for my quatre vingts?

    With many thanks,

    1. Thank you. You have Saturn at 20 Gemini? Okay, so Saturn opposite Saturn is something that actually begins a long time before Christmas. You will be building this, during the Sun’s transit through Gemini, in the final week of May into the third week of June, and so we might say May-July is the time to be sharply conscious of who and what you create in your life. In Gemini, Saturn falls in the Third House of your chart, using the Natural House system. This is about being heard and read. It is about how you communicate. It describes how you use the internet, multimedia and publishing. However it is very much about the nuts and bolts of speech, hearing, language and so on. We are always given learning experiences by Saturn as I am sure you know, but the learning experience you reach in Christmas 2016 could be very much easier if you are fully aware of who or what you are inviting into your life. For example – an internet project, class or workshop, book, foreign language course – may involve a heavier ‘ask’ than you first realise. So just be gently aware of Saturn in Gemini in your chart, especially in the middle of the year. I don’t see any other exact aspects to Saturn at 20 in your horoscope so this is really not going to be a huge deal, but as you know, astrology is all about working with the cycles of time.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thank you very much for such a detailed reply.

        I recall that Prince Philip is born on 10 June, which would make him Gemini 20?
        As I appear to be pre-occupied with this X pattern, would he be the missing link?
        (so to speak!)


  3. My natal chart shows Saturn in Sagittarius at 20 degrees. My birth time is correct within the hour. Are the outer planets larger trends that trickle down, personal choices or a mix of both?

    1. You will have your Saturn Return at Christmas 2016 – Saturn will move to 20 Sagittarius (or return there) which is the same degree and sign he occupied when you were born. You have a lot of learning to do about foreign people and places; travel; education and academia; publishing; your belief system. Make it a lesson you are happy to live with by being gently aware of what you are getting into (or with whom) next year. I expect that light was shed on at least one choice in connection with this, when the Sun went through Sagittarius recently – so from the final week of November through to the third week of December 2015. At the same time that you have your Saturn Return, which you can read about online, you will have Uranus at 20 Aries trine your Saturn and Jupiter at 20 Libra sextile your Saturn. I feel that your choices will have a massive impact on your role, title, image and reputation – and also on the relationship you have with a former, current or potential partner. Sometimes the issue can also be an enemy or rival. So that’s quite a big mixture you have there. It doesn’t all just ‘ping’ near Christmas Day or Boxing Day, though – you will feel it building through December and into January.

  4. Hi Jessica. I think this will still be relevant for me with saturn 18 21 libra..ic 21 aries?? Cheers

    1. Yes, you are having your Saturn Return in Sagittarius in the Ninth House so the bigger world issues in 2016, 2017 about immigration, airlines, foreigners, export, import, visas, passports will have a direct impact on your plans. You might say that national or global concerns have a domino effect on what you want to do. Sagittarius has always ruled these aspects of life in astrology and Saturn, of course, gives the whole planet serious issues to consider.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I have the followings at 20 degrees: MC in Libra, Minerva in Gemini, Cupido in Cancer, Salacia in Capricorn. What Christmas 2016 might mean for me? I’m virgo sun at 4 and sagittarius rising at 3.

    1. You have a nice cluster of Libra factors including your MC (career or other leading role in life) so actually Jupiter in Libra is a bigger deal than Christmas 2016. Jupiter in Libra starts in the second week of September and by October 2017 you will have found that two is your magic number and a duet or dynamic duo alters everything with work or your desire to have higher status and social standing.

  6. Happy Xmas Jessica! Where do I go please as a premium member to learn about my ‘degrees’ for my DOB? Don’t quite understand this yet.
    Would appreciate yr help w this.

    1. Okay, so degrees are the first numbers in front of a zodiac sign. You have the Sun at 29 Gemini, Moon at 13 Gemini, Mercury at 29 Gemini, Venus at 11 Gemini (see below). You were born to use your way with words, ideas and images to connect and communicate and if you really push this side of your life you will be very successful with some outstanding online projects, or using computers, microphones, multimedia, education or language in other ways. See your placements below, to understand. Ignore the second numbers, just use the first ones you see next to a sign. You have what we call a Gemini stellium.

      Sun 29° Gemini 37′ 45″
      Moon 13° Gemini 44′ 03″
      Mercury 29° Gemini 57′ 46″
      Venus 11° Gemini 24′ 07″

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I have Uranus at 20 degrees in Virgo and Apollo at 20 degrees in Cancer.
    How is this going to affect me in 2016?

    Merry Christmas!


    1. Merry Christmas to you too! (Although it is July 2016, it is snowing in Tasmania, where I spend part of my year). Okay, with your lovely Uranus-Apollo sextile in practical Virgo and caring Cancer, you were born to take care of the details about your paid and unpaid work, and also your housework – never forgetting that you are a natural leader when it comes to your people or your place. December will highlight this. Play it as you wish. Use your Horoscope Journal to set goals and shape your destiny.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I have Sun in Aries at 21 degrees in the 9th house.How would these transits affect me?

    1. Actually, your Sun is in the First House in the Natural House horoscope system. The best tip I can give you about 2016 is to focus on your lifestyle, body and working day. You will be given one opportunity after another to improve this, so please snap up every chance you are given. You will be amazed at how the little things, about your day-to-day existence, can vastly expand and lift up, every other department of your life. So often in this world we are sold the message about money or love being the ‘answer’ (usually by advertisers or banks). You are about to discover how immensely satisfying it can be to do great work, perfectly well, which is of amazing service to those who appreciate it. I also see you finding some real ‘wow’ breakthroughs about your food, healing, doctors, drugs, drink, natural remedies, fitness and so on.

  9. Jessica,
    I have my moon, 19 Virgo, Venus 21 Libra, Cupido 21 Aries. and Vulcano 21 Sag.,
    in my natal chart. I’m hoping this is good for me regarding, meeting a partner? 11 years
    divorced after a 22 year marriage.
    What do you think?
    Thank you, love your work,

    1. Jupiter’s transit through Libra is what you are waiting for, as from September 2016 into 2017 the planet of solutions, repair work, hope, opportunity and breakthroughs will sit on (or conjunct) your Libra stellium. I also have someone in spirit with me – family or very close person – and this is most unusual. I have a YES confirmation for you from someone who is on the other side. It is a female and she is very excited for you. I feel that the spirit world will help you as much as they can so please trust – a very special new love is coming, to make up for the pain you went through with your divorce. Merry Christmas!

      1. My deepest heartfelt thank you, to you Jessica. I know who she is.
        Much love to you.

  10. Hi hope youve had a wonderful holiday! Could you tell me what areas of my life will be affected Christmas 2016?

    1. With your MC or Midheaven at 20 Gemini and IC or Immum Coeli at 20 Sagittarius, December 2016 is about your way with words, images and ideas. This may be digital or traditional. It is about your cosmic mission in life, which is actually to communicate, to persuade, to inspire and to convince. Sir Winston Churchill had a similar pattern and it is his BBC radio speeches which helped Britain to victory. At the other end, we have a tremendous concern with travel, foreign people and places, publishing or academia – self-education – and the bigger geographical and intellectual picture. I do feel that what comes your way next Christmas pulls all this together for you in a major life statement. Take your time.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Love the website –

    I have Venus 20 Gemini, Mars 20 Gemini, Jupiter 20 Taurus, and Salacia 20 Capricorn – that seems like a lot of 20 degrees!

    Hoping 2016 will be a year for focus on more creative working way of life (writing) and a possible new home environment?

    1. That is an incredible line-up. Writing is your mission. However, you can vary the medium, the message and the means. In other words, explore your ‘voice’ across live performance, spoken word, podcasting, writing, digital, poetry and any other platform that comes your way. Watch the point at which Jupiter reaches 20 Libra as he will trine your Venus-Mars conjunction, and quincunx his natal position – and square Salacia. I know 2016 has only just begun, but do keep an eye on the future as this spells a successful outcome to me.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    I’m very grateful for your articles and predictions. I’ve been following them for a little longer than a year now and I find them very accurate and interesting. I specially like your kindness, positive approach and wit. Reading them has been very useful for improving my English too. I’ve learned so many new words and idioms!
    Last december you made a very accurate prediction about my love life and I would appreciate very much if you could give me some hints about the future as I feel I’m some how stocked in this area. How does Christmas 2016 looks regarding to love life? I was born the 26/06/2016 and I have Neptune 20 Sagittarius.
    Thank you very much and have an amazing 2016!

    1. Thank you very much and Happy New Year. My old English teacher would be very chuffed that you are also using the website to brush up on all those weird and wonderful idioms we use…your love life in 2016? The most important change is that there is no longer a big weight on your shoulders about children. Either having them, not having them, dating people who have them, dating people who do/don’t want them has all been a really big burden with Saturn in Scorpio back in 2013, 2014, 2015. What you will notice most about Christmas 2016 is the completely different atmosphere with lovers now, as a result of that situation disappearing. If you are concerned about a past, present or potential lover in January 2016, though, the best advice is to wait until after St. Valentine’s Day to have the conversation as Mercury (communication) is retrograde and also retrograde shadow until then, in your opposite sign of Capricorn, which of course rules your opposite number in life.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I have Chiron 20 degrees Aries and Psyche 20 degrees Aquarius (DOB 7/12/1974). I’m new to working with my birth chart, so what this might mean for me Christmas 2016?

    Happy New Year x

    1. The most important factor in all this is the group, circle or network you are involved with in 2016 which also contains a friendship. There is a forever statement to be written with your friends and this group. A team project, for example, would be there for posterity. This sounds momentous to me. Psyche is about the hard work – trials and tests – but she brings fulfilment and something truly special.

  14. Hello Jessica and a Very Happy New Year to you! Thank you for the interesting article and pointing out this influential astrological aspect. I have my True Node at 20 degrees Libra in my 11th house, Jupiter at 19 degrees Gemini in 7th and Mars at 18 in Taurus 6th house. I can feel 2016 will be a very important year for finding my true purpose in life and I would be very grateful if you can help me understand what this alignment represents for me. Thank you!

    1. So you have Jupiter in your Third House trine your True North Node in your Seventh House (Natural House system). After September 2016 you begin to build on the chemistry with a former, current or potential partner (Seventh House) which works in tandem with projects, ideas and plans which are set for take-off by 2017.

  15. Hi Jessica! this is my first visit and I really like it here, I ll be back often. You re great.
    Could you please help me to figure out how next Xmas stars would affect me?
    Sun 20 Leo 6th house
    Mercury 25 Leo 6th house
    Pluto 21 Virgo 7th house
    Uranus 27 Virgo 7th house
    Neptune 23 Scorpio 9th house
    Saturn 25 Aries 2nd house
    Placidus, sorry… just learnt that it is not the best one for a woman.
    still dealing with Pluto squaring my natal Moon at 13 Aries, oh my!
    Thank you SO very much!

    1. Welcome to the website and thank you for the compliment, which I will pass onto James, Justin and Alyas. You have the Sun at 20 Leo? Okay, so Christmas 2016 is about pregnancy, babies, sons, daughters, godchildren, nieces or nephews. Alternatively it is about youth projects or a junior marketplace. Sometimes it is about a relationship which could make you an aunt by marriage – or even a stepmother or mother. We have to cover all the bases with Leo as some women bypass children and some embrace them – yet one way or another your Leo Sun must ‘out.’ At Christmas you will be put powerfully in touch with questions about how you are going to make all this work for you – and for this younger generation. And I am very glad you are trying another house system apart from Placidus. I see a lot of women (and men) in astrology whose love lives are woefully affected by Placidus – basically he was a Middle Ages monk who lived with men, rejected the world of females and never had sex. Ahem.

  16. Hey Jessica,
    Hope everything is going well on your end. I have been facing a lot of emotional ups and downs since September 2015 and can’t seem to look for a standard pattern in my day to day happenings. My relationship with my partner seems like an emotional ride. My date of birth is 10th October 1990 time being 9:35 a.m. All I have is faith in the almighty!
    Love and warmth!

    1. Okay, on a daily level you need to have little systems in place which contain and control what is going on. So, you can allow for the fact that everything is all over the place, all the time (especially with housework or work) but you can create separate ‘spaces’ where everything is very much controlled. It’s rather like having a hands-off bank account. You need one safe, reliable, untouchable part of your everyday existence where things can’t be subject to a state of flux. Okay, relationships. You are discovering what it means to be free, independent and your own woman, through your partner. If all you feel is rejection or instability you’re not doing the cycle right. What you need to do is believe in your own truth. Every time you come to another radical conclusion about this person, or about the whole business of love, sex and commitment – listen to yourself and act on it. You must revolutionise your approach to partnership or this person, or the situation, will revolutionise you instead. Rather than just feel the rejection try to understand that it is forcing you onto a different path and it will be a more exciting and liberated path. Of course it may be you who is doing the rejecting. That’s fine too, but understand that you still need something/someone to turn to, in its place. Do not expect stability or permanence from this cycle. Do demand adventure.

  17. Hello Jessica and Happy New Year! My Sun is 20 degree Scorpio. My birthday is 11/13/70. Can you tell me how this alignment will affect me?

    1. Happy New Year. Your finances, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment defines you. In fact, it always will – primarily through the relationships you have with partners or family members, and on a more formal note, with the banks. This is how you shine, when you get it right. That part of you that needs to shine more brightly, in relation to this, will be front and centre in December 2016. In fact, the situation which shapes around you will make it necessary to know yourself very, very well so that you can define your identity, self-confidence, self-belief and all the rest through the money, the property, the good cause – or the stuff. I would say this is a real milestone for you. It doesn’t come from nowhere, though, so be aware all year of what you are creating in this part of your life, so you can consciously shape it. Otherwise it tends to shape you!

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I have Uranus at 20 degrees in Virgo and Apollo at 20 degrees in Cancer.
    How is this going to affect me in 2016?


    1. So many people were born with this placement that I think December 2016 is about a major global shift in health and medical research, perhaps into our food and drink, or there may be big health care system changes in several nations at once. You will be a part of this, or affected by it. You can read more about the Uranus in Virgo generation on this website. That is where you will feel it most.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    thank you very much for this interesting article.
    I am a 12 degrees Aquarius sun, born on February 1, 1975, at Romania and I have the following natal factors:
    -Chiron at 20 degrees Aries
    -Part Fortunae at 20 degrees in Pisces
    -Jupiter at 20 degrees in Pisces
    -Moon at 20 degrees in Libra.
    I am new to astrology, but I suspect that Jupiter’s transit in Libra will bring opportunities regarding the relationship with a nurturer / my mother (Moon) or related to the motherhood role. Uranus in Aries will activate a wound (Chiron) regarding my role in the world. All these will trigger a change in fortune (Part Fortunae conjunct Jupiter) regarding my self worth and my possessions ruled by Pisces (2nd house). I would be grateful if could share your thoughts regarding this big change that I’m expecting.

    1. Okay, don’t worry about the Part of Fortune – but yes, Jupiter, the Moon and Chiron are significant. Chiron does not mean a wound, by the way! I am not sure which astrology websites or books you have been reading. Anyway – it sounds as if you are longing to pursue interpretation. Find out more about Chiron, Aries, Jupiter, Pisces, Moon, Libra on this website by hitting search, then put your prediction together again.

  20. Hello Jessica I am so thrilled that I’ve found this website and am learning to navigate it pretty well and learning about fixed stars etc. Please can you tell me what is in store for me,I have just 2 planets at 20 degrees Venus in Gemini and Scalacia in Capricorn. Fingers crossed it’s good. Thank You for all you do you are a blessing in my life and your horoscopes are accurate always.Truly a God Send!


    1. Thank you very much, that’s a great compliment I will pass onto James, Justin and Alyas. Basically you do well with websites, ideas, projects, plans, books, multimedia concepts, social media – when you team up with just one other person. It can sometimes be complicated but it’s pretty potent. Venus in Gemini is common in the charts of people who fall in love with their co-creator on an internet, publishing or multimedia project – or they do the project to get together with the person. Salacia at 20 Capricorn is tied into this pattern, and this is about working in two worlds at the same time. None of them are ordinary or real by most people’s standards. What happens in December is very much about your way with words, images and ideas in the context of your career or university life and a tremendous shift is set to occur then. One other person will be involved.

  21. Hi Jessica, I’m also new here, really enjoy all your articles and learning more about astrology. Have been reading everyone’s posts and your responses to learn how this transit will affect me. I get a little overwhelmed with astrology knowing how far from a transit degree is significant, and secondly with more than one area affected, where to focus, or how to decide the most
    significant activity? (i.e asteroids vs planets, how many degrees +/- from 20 are within orb to count as significant) (21.4.67 4:04am Aus) Hope you can answer this for me, Best regards + Happy New Year too !

    Diana 19° Pisces 55′ 46″
    Apollo 20° Cancer 39′ 19″

    Pluto 18° Virgo 21′ 02″ R
    Uranus 20° Virgo 53′ 32″ R
    Mars 22° Libra 48′ 28″ R
    Neptune 23° Scorpio 36′ 31″ R

    Jupiter 25° Cancer 50′ 31″
    MC 24° Sagittarius 34′ 56″
    IC 24° Gemini 34′ 56″
    ASC 25° Pisces 11′ 16″
    DESC 25° Virgo 11′ 16″
    Salacia 25° Capricorn 56′ 23″

    1. Thank you very much. The best way to fast-track into astrology is to look for numbers (degrees) that match exactly. That’s where the most important events occur. So you have Apollo at 20 Cancer and Uranus at 20 Virgo, and that’s big. It’s about lifestyle, home and work – and your body. It’s about family, home town, homeland, daily routine, workload and your health. Asteroids are just as important as planets. And December 2016 will bring a tremendous shift in the way you live and work. You can read more about Uranus in Virgo on this website.

  22. Dear Jessica. Happy new year and thank you for another oracular article. I have had clear knowing about the UK Royal Family too, just wasn’t sure on timing.

    I have:
    Sun 4 degrees Capricorn End of House 2
    Mercury 24 degrees Capricorn House 3
    Moon 6 degrees Leo House 10
    Ascendent 15 degrees Scorpio
    Venus degrees 27 Sagittarius House 2
    Mars in Pisces 5 degrees Fifth House

    I am separated six months. Would you please let me know what I need to know on how my life will unfold particularly by this planetary arrangement in Dec.

    Many thanks I really think you are amazing.

    1. Your separation is down to Uranus in Aries, which can be liberating (despite the upheaval). You don’t have anything at 20 degrees on that list so you won’t be particularly affected by the December 2016 pattern. Read more about ‘Uranus in the Fourth House’ here on this website if you are curious. Thank you.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    This is fascinating, I have Saturn at 20 degrees Saggitarius in the second house. I was born in 1987.

    Sun 9 degrees Pisces 4th House
    Mercury 7 degrees Pisces 4th House
    Moon 24 degrees Pisces 5th House
    Ascendent 3 degrees Scorpio
    Venus degrees 27 Capricorn 3rd House
    Mars in Taurus 5 degrees 7th House

    Any idea how it will affect me? I definitely can see how the structure of how we do things is changing a lot!

    Have been studying astrology for a while and this is the best blog I’ve come across so far!

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you very much. Saturn at 20 Sagittarius is in your Ninth House in the Natural House system. Christmas sees your Saturn Return, profoundly affecting how you study, teach, travel, publish, use the internet and deal with foreign people and places. One or two of those issues may combine. Take your time and take good advice making choices about those things, this year. Read up on Saturn on this website too.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    I am a 12 degrees Aquarius sun and I have the following natal factors:
    -Chiron at 20 degrees Aries
    -Jupiter at 20 degrees in Pisces
    -Moon at 20 degrees in Libra
    Natal Moon (rules emotions, mother) in opposition to natal Chiron gives imbalanced emotions and difficulty to connect.
    The transit of Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries and Saturn at 20 Sagittarius will activate this natal configuration.
    Jupiter will inconjunct natal Jupiter in Pisces bringing solutions and opportunities to study, travel, move or to explore religion or other spiritual belief systems.
    Uranus in Aries conjunction with natal Chiron will bring unexpected developments with the internet, the media, public speaking, writing, communication.
    Transiting Saturn will square my natal Jupiter in Pisces.
    It looks like a mix of opportunities and challenges to me.
    My Ascendant is in Cancer at 11 degrees, I had a difficult time due to the Pluto-Uranus square.
    Can you tell me how this alignment will affect me?
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, your chart is triggered in December. Your natal Moon-Chiron opposition is the focus. I am not sure where you are getting your information from about the meaning of this; Aries has never been associated with the media or writing!

  25. Hi Jessica,

    Love and blessings to you! Your accuracy and how you interpret the charts is just incredible. I’ve been following you since I bought 20/20 in 2010 and read you every month. Since 2016 has been SO intense, I finally had to sign up.

    Financially, things have been intensely up and down…

    There’s also a person on the scene that’s been aspecting parts of my chart over this retrograde season – Sun in Gem at 13, Moon in Aqua at 28 and Virgo rising at 20 – Jun 3 72 @ 13:13ET). There are many other points in our chart which seem to aspect and/or trigger the other like my Lilith in Sag and his Lilith in Scorp…

    Is this an unhealthy combination? The person’s Neptune is in their 7th house (Sag) and I also have the same placement, but I also have Uranus in Sag too…

    So much love to you…

    1. Thank you so much and I am glad 20/20 Vision is still useful for you. As for compatibility, don’t worry about using Lilith. Astrology is Roman/Latin and she’s not part of the family tree. It’s hard to say what the connection is between you, without having the other person’s chart. In general, if you are talking about love and sex, remember this is a Gemini you are dealing with and 2016, 2017 is the most challenging relationship cycle for this person in 29 years as Saturn goes through the Seventh House in the solar houses.

      1. Thank you.

        If I’m a Gem rising, isn’t it possible we’ll be going through the same issues? Does it mean much that our sun, moon and rising signs are all related or it’s not that unusual?


        1. Your Gemini Rising (Gemini Ascendant) is only about your image or appearance. Your profile or identity. Your shopfront or persona. Your Ascendant falls in the Third House of internet, multimedia, publishing, public speaking, writing, songwriting, singing and communication in general (advertising, teaching and switchboard work also qualify). This is where you act out your public face. It is how you are seen. It does not have much bearing on the rest of your life.

  26. Hi Jessica, I came upon your site via another site that noted your Christmas 2016 prediction. In my 4th house I have Venus at Capricorn 20 as well as Mars at Capricorn 22 and Saturn at 14 degrees. I appreciate your time:-)

    1. Okay, your Capricorn stellium is actually in your Tenth House in the Natural House system, which I prefer to use for prediction. You are the mountain goat who climbs to the top, either in terms of her status, or her career. You are also in a massive, long-running cycle of transformation which will completely alter the way you work, and the amount of control and power you have, with the work you do. I recommend you find your core ambition or mission. You may already have it. If you don’t, write yourself a mission statement. Deepen the quest, as you go into Christmas and New Year 2017. You will go further up your personal Everest.

  27. I’m born on Dec. 22 , 1946 with my ascendant in mid Leo, my fifth house has the Sun at 0.38 Cap, moon at 25 sag along with south node at 19 sag, and Mercury at 13 sag. With Venus at 20 Scorpio and Jupiter at 18 Scorpio, I guess that 2017 will be one interesting year.

  28. I’ve just re-read this with my chart in front of me! Vesta 20 Gemini, Uranus 20 libra, Apollo 21 Virgo, psyche 20 Scorpio…..should I be afraid or excited?!?
    Maybe both? :-)))

    1. A line-up at 20 degrees means Uranus transiting at 20 Aries and Jupiter transiting at 20 Libra will revolutionise the chemistry you have with a former, current or potential partner. It may be love or work. You should never be afraid of anything in astrology. Destiny is negotiable! Do be open to radical change, reform, freedom – and a new way of operating with or without this key person.

  29. Apollo 19 Virgo, Fortuna 19 Scorpio, Proserpina 19 Aquarius
    Anything significant for a Sun at 15 Scorpio?

    1. Do you mean you have a line-up at 19 degrees in your chart? Jupiter at 19 Libra will trigger all that, to your advantage. What you are seeing here is a big partnership between two people who love each other, or work together as a duet. It affects you through six degrees and you gain, in December 2016.

  30. Thank you. If by line up you mean planets at same degree, then yes it is.
    Please care to explain what do you mean by ‘six degrees of seperation’? I am still in my learning phase.
    Thanks to an amazing astrologer and a wonderful human being!

  31. I semm to have a lot of planets in 20. What am I looking at in December? Thanks

    1. Your MC and IC are at 20 degrees and they are the keys (if your birth time is accurate). So – home and career – both at once – and yes, you can expect changes. It may be a reshuffle in your business, industry or profession, for example – which would be common at Christmas. The family are also obviously in your plans at that time of year, so again, there may be some alterations there.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Just stumbled across this… I have a couple of planets at 21 and 19, and I was wondering if this affects me – for future reference, should I consider planets at 1 degree difference (more or less) than the ones you mention… in general I mean? Also, if you could just mention, any important moments leading up to Xmas? …still struggling with a new business… and love life (inexisting one I mean, lol)! Thanks a lot.

    1. You have been affected by a lot of retrogrades but things should start slowly moving forward from August 1st. Christmas brings a ton of choices which will influence 2017 so take your time.

  33. Hi Jessica

    Can you tell me what’s in store for me this Christmas, particularly interested if my dreams to be restart a relationship with a past love. He is sending me very mixed messages (26/03/68) over the past year and I can’t work out if he wants to return to me on a more serious level or not.

    Also, Are you doing any events in Melbourne in Dec (9-11) as I’d like to come along and meet u.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. I will be in London in December, but I will have more Australian events in 2017 so do come along. See where your former lover is at, from the second week of September onwards and check again, first week of October as he is definitely in the market for new love, or old love rekindled. Maybe it’s you. Or, as The Arctic Monkeys once sang, Baby It’s You!

  34. Hi jessica, i am curious about this alignments of many 20 happening in the sky and how their interact with my own chart. As it stands i have a grand square and everything feels like it always is being set in motion.specifically i have Jupiter at 20 degrees in cancer, and saturn at 20 degrees in scorpio, mars is at 24 degrees in aries and uranus at 24 degrees in cancer. the moon is in capricorn at 16 degrees and mercury in aquarius also at 16 degrees. Aquarius is my sun sign as well. as a previous writer asked – should i be excited about what’s coming, or do i need to align my ducks…

    1. Just pay attention to the 20 degree placements. It’s hard to say without seeing your chart, but the key is Cancer/Scorpio. Your money and your home. Your family and your finances. The key to Christmas 2016 is to remember that you cannot put a price on freedom and you cannot buy independence in a catalogue.

  35. Uranus will trine my Natal Mercury, Uranus. Right? And Saturn will be celebrating right with them. Who do you see winning in this 20:20 ? Anything Jupiter may bring? Bcz Saturn will be there after crossing 16 degree thrice( trine my moon).First two occasions it brought job, visa to me.So it kinda revived me

    1. Correct and you also have Diana at 20 Virgo in your Sixth House of work. Christmas will be amazing for you, if you use the opportunities related to work, unpaid work or study. In fact, it will set you free. Read more about Diana in your chart by hitting Search and pick up my new ebook 2020 Astrology free on 1st August, which goes through Mercury, Uranus, Diana and the rest so you can see the amazing potential.

  36. Hello Jessica I am so thrilled that I’ve found this website and am enjoying the articles, and I am also a newcomer to Astrology
    Please tell me xmas 2016 is going to be my best xmas ever
    as I am in desperate need of some good news in my life after the last few years which have been the worst years of my life

    I was born on 13/7/43 2pm Queensland 151e18, 25s36
    My Sun Cancer 19°54’03
    Moon Scorpio 20°20’29
    Saturn Gemini 20°29’17 Thank you

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment onto my webmasters too. Christmas 2016 will see an unusual line-up aspecting your Sun, Moon and Saturn. I suspect the biggest change you will notice concerns your family, money, house and/or apartment. This would make sense even without astrology as Christmas brings relatives together. Uranus is a tremendous liberator. The winds of change will blow through your life at that time, changing old patterns from the past which will not be needed in 2017. Further ahead, you will love the huge financial, business or property solutions that come when Jupiter in Scorpio conjuncts your Moon in Scorpio by 2019.

  37. Hi Jessica

    Just re-read this (very Mercury retro), but in a new light – more understanding of astrology thanks to you. It’s really lovely to see people share knowledge and empower others rather than jealously guard and nurture as their power base. So a big “thank you” Jessica for all you do.

    So, I have Chiron 20 Aquarius which means that Jupiter would trine(?), Saturn would sextile (?) and Uranus would sextile (?). Aquarius being my second house of friends and groups.
    Assuming I’ve correctly read my chart should I interpret this as being more than just a great get together with friends at Xmas?


    1. Thank you, I would much rather empower you to use astrology yourself – and I love it when people tell me how the cycles worked out in their lives. Okay, so you were born with Chiron at 20 Aquarius, unaspected, which means you have a clear life path with friends and groups of all kinds – no doubt the pattern began in childhood so you may have been in the Brownies or had a firm childhood gang or best friend. Later on in life, you may pursue book groups, private members’ clubs, teams, societies and so on. Chiron is the centaur who challenged the Roman idea of what was possible or acceptable and you actually share this chart signature with many famous punk rockers who used their groups to see what they could get away with! At Christmas you will find Jupiter at 20 Libra trine Chiron and Uranus at 20 Aries sextile Chiron, so you are correct. It will change your life. Harness the people power you have then to change your world – and also change a corner of the world at the same time.

      1. Well, the punk rocker thing made me smile :). While I couldn’t be less like one if I tried it did remind me of a member of my ‘gang’ back in Uni who maintained he was one of the first punks in the UK – useless info!

        Anyway, could I please ask about my husband? He has Venus 20 Leo (kids and young people?) and Hygiea 20 Virgo (work and body?) So as I understand it, Saturn and Uranus would trine his Venus, while Saturn would square his Hygiea. The square is a bit of a concern for me as he’s had so many health issues. Could you expand on these for me?

        Just out of interest, like J.Corbyn he has both Proserpina and Minerva in Aquarius but at 19 and 21 respectively rather than 20. While he is nothing like JC in political views (quite snr management roles throughout most of his career) he has always facilitated people’s development, fought for them if he felt they were unfairly ‘kept in their place’, and in many ways served as a bridge between his staff and the Organisation (public or private). Not sure if I’ve correctly linked this trait of his with these placements. I’m liking this Astrology bent!


        1. Yes, your husband has Venus at 20 Leo in the Fifth House, which tends to produce born fathers, natural teachers, children’s entertainers (in whatever medium they choose) and natural mentors for a far younger generation. Saturn at 20 Sagittarius will trine his Venus from one end and Uranus at 20 Aries will trine it from the other. This is called a Grand Trine in astrology. It is rare and special (search Sacred Geometry on this website to see, how special). No need to worry about Hygiea at 20 Virgo. This just brings in work and body issues for him, and he is in a good position to look after them in a protective, practical way. I suspect this is about the children in your personal life but perhaps it will be about work/unpaid work at that time. It is important, though – this is one of those life episodes which is the making of him, in terms of his Venus in Leo side. The Aquarius placements are about feeding the community. Always. It can be found in left or right wing politics. The ‘Aquarius’ in Rome was the water-bearer who fed the aqueducts that powered the Roman Baths where the community gathered. Your husband’s work sounds just right.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    How are you today? I have Venus 20° Aries – will the love gods bring me x’mas gifts? Thanks.

    1. Christmas finds Uranus at 20 Aries conjunct Venus at 20 Aries so this is about your self-promotion, personal appearance, title, reputation and profile. What happens in December will radically change this and set you free from the labels or box you occupied, before.

  39. Hi Jessica,
    I have really enjoyed reading the articles and predictions about Christmas 2016 and looked at my chart below my premium info and see that I have:

    Venus 20 degrees in Sagittarius
    Fortuna 20 degrees in Libra
    Psyche 20 degrees in Libra

    Can you throw any light on how I might be affected?

    Thanks, RosiT

    1. This is a life-changing period for you, as Jupiter will conjunct Fortuna and Psyche in Libra in your Seventh House. This is about your former, current or potential partner. You will have a stunning opportunity to fix issues or open up your world with this person. You are often blind to the fact that you spin the Wheel of Fortune in love, sex and commitment, sending your partners high (so they are King or Queen of the World) and then plunging them down into the depths, so that they are at rock bottom with you. You have no idea you are doing this. At the same time, it is your partnerships which will live forever – long after you have gone. This is not only about marriage or dating, or even living with someone – it is also about professional partnerships too. The trine to Venus, which is the planetary ruler of Libra and the Seventh House, just underlines this life statement. Peaking at Christmas 2016, but valid into 2017 too, this is a vital year of reshaping for partnerships when you will gain so much.

  40. Hi Jessica, my wife found this article and we have been reading and re-reading this endlessly trying to figure out how can this aspect impact us as we are due to complete the purchase of our house in England during this period. But we will be converting the currency from Euro to GBP. Also i have Sun and Jupiter both at 20 degrees in Leo- so bit worried if maybe better to postpone the contract or maybe it will have advantageous consequences if we actually do it at that time? This might be too much to ask, so, many thanks for shining some light on the situation 🙂

    1. Thank you. I would need your wife’s horoscope as well, if you both have your names on the house purchase, but let’s see what is possible to predict. First of all, Mercury Retrograde rules in December 2016. You may want to hit search as I posted many years’ worth of Mercury Retrograde dates so you could work well in advance. Prepare for the usual delays and changes involving paperwork, the telephone, computers, the post. Of course this may be down to an extreme winter. Your Sun-Jupiter conjunction at 20 Leo is delightful and blesses every godchild, children’s charity, children’s organisation, younger son/daughter/niece/nephew you come into contact with. I am not sure why you are buying, but if it is to be closer to a younger generation you will love December, for that reason alone. In fact, this Christmas is very special as you are the ‘King’ of a junior court who rules, guides, leads and mentors them and leaves the legacy of his personality to his younger ‘heirs to the throne’. This has nothing to do with the property, but everything to do with your soul. Back to Mercury Retrograde…some people do very well out of the flux that occurs on this cycle as they buy cheap and sell quickly at a profit but you have to know what you are doing. One thing I would say, is you need to use the Scorpio New Moon just before Halloween 2016 to set goals, do your research, make plans and look ahead. You can read more about that, elsewhere on this website.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica, this is very interesting and so true! We moved a lot in the past years and stresfull years, so purchasing this house is more-less for our young (10 year old Leo) daughter, so that she has more stability and we all finally a home.

  41. Hi Jessica!
    Hope you and yours are all well!
    I have been exploring more articles on your site and came across this one. I don’t have factors at 20* but have a few at 21* and one at 19*. Looks like a lot of challenging aspects and even a yod with my sun as the focal point with saturn and jupiter. Any thoughts as to what i should watch out for?
    Thanks so much!!

    1. Thank you. Factors at 19 and 21 in your chart are close enough to see a major change at Christmas. It’s rather like the ripple effect as people in your family, friendship and work circle throw stones and the ripples hit you. You are going to hear about separations, divorces, engagements and new romances in December. You will also hear about company mergers, new business partnerships or the most tremendous breaks between professional allies. It’s quite a month. It does serve everyone, including you – and you may well be swept up in one story. I can see a car, clairvoyantly, for some reason. It is a vintage car.

  42. Happy pre-holiday season Jessica! Since I have become a member, my birth chart is close at hand and I find myself scanning my “numbers” to match with upcoming events and daily alignments. Not quite sure how to tie it all together (yet) so I’m sticking with matching the degrees. I saw this article and wanted to ask what these matching (and close to) aspects (?) will mean for Christmas this year:

    Diana 20 degrees Pisces
    Bacchus 20 degrees Virgo
    Moon 19 degrees Virgo
    Ceres 19 degrees Cancer

    As said in above comments, this is an absolutely wonderful and informative website! Kudos to you and your staff for keeping up with all of our questions!

    1. Thanks so much for that – I don’t actually have staff – but I do have brilliant colleagues and friends so I will pass that onto them. You will definitely feel Jupiter moving over 19, 20 of Libra and Uranus moving over 19, 20 of Aries. It is most obvious for you with the family, household, town, country, house or apartment question at Christmas (perhaps two issues on that list will cross over). You have a T-Square in your chart then so you will need to compromise quite heavily over a new arrangement with one relative, flatmate – or with the actual house, apartment or area. It will also affect your lifestyle and daily routine quite strongly, as this T-Square aspects the Moon and Bacchus in Virgo in the Sixth House. There is a major issue here about sharing the controls and redistributing the balance of power between you, him, her them and/or the universe. When the process is over it will be a whole new world for you, yet one which actually gives every stakeholder more power in the situation.

  43. Hello
    I love the fact that whenever I’m wondering about an astrological event you’ve usually got an article on it!

    I have the Sun at 19 Cancer, Pluto at 21 Libra, Chiron at 21 Taurus, Vesta at 19 Virgo and Minerva at 21 Aquarius. I’m also fairly sure that my AC falls on 20 Leo. There’s a double-whammy Jupiter-Sun square going on as well, I don’t know if that’s good or bad!

    I’m fairly sure that there’ll be some home-related issues (Jupiter transiting Pluto in solar fourth and squaring Cancerian Sun, and that I’ll have to exercise my great wisdom when it comes to partnership/rivalry issues), but I can’t take in the rest – it looks like it’ll all be going mad! Any pointers on what to look out for?

    1. Thank you! Yes, you are going to really feel Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries, Saturn at 20 Sagittarius as it’s so very close to your Sun, Pluto, Chiron, Vesta, Minerva. Christmas will change your year, and change 2017 as well. Begin with the Sun. You are well-known for your home town or homeland, your way with property (doing well with real estate or turning houses into homes). You are also well-known for your extended family members or family tree. Other people making changes in their own lives, or larger trends which suggest change, will ask you to make a choice about that place or person, as Christmas comes around – and because it defines you, you need to take your time. Don’t worry about the Jupiter-Sun square, Jupiter always benefits you. In fact, you have Jupiter sitting on your Pluto at the same time, so this is about your former, current or potential partner too and you will be able to fix any issues there are about the chemistry between you, or the way you personally relate to this man (or woman). Very occasionally we see this transit with an enemy, rival or opponent too – same story – this is repair work. Yes, the money, house or apartment will be involved. In fact, this is increasingly looking like an issue about where you live, or a property investment, or the family home. I don’t think the Virgo/Aquarius placements will be tied in directly, but it’s the Cancer/Libra pattern you are looking at. The squeeze will be on, but it will work out for you. Use your Oracle Cards on this one, too. But…it’s time to remember who you are, and that’s the leaf on your family tree, and the branch which is rooted deeply in a particular home or part of the country.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    Just read this article, great as usual. Appreciate your efforts.
    I have Hygeia 20 at Libra, ASC 19 Aquarius, Proserpina 19 Scorpio, DESC 19 Leo. Could you please tell me which areas of my life will be affected the most in Christmas 2016 ?

    Thanks very much !

    1. You will certainly feel the line-up at 20 degrees this Christmas – and thank you for your thank you! Okay, so Hygiea at 20 Libra in your Seventh House is about the relationship you have with your former, current and potential partners. It would make sense that this is making headlines for you at Christmas as this is the time of year when families get together and the emphasis is on couples – we are also leading up to New Year when single people think more about being single, in a When Harry Met Sally way. For you, Hygiea is about the way you protect and look after the relationship you have with these people. You are very good at anticipating problems in the future so you tend to practise ‘prevention is better than cure’ with these lovers, exes or whatever. Sometimes the issue is a professional partner, but it is usually husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, boyfriend, date and so on. Because this is so closely tied to the rest of your chart, it would seem that one person in particular has an impact that goes far and wide, and affects everything from money to property. You will find yourself at the centre of a deep change at Christmas and in January with this individual – it will benefit you – but there will also be some real surprises. Uranus is involved which necessarily makes the future unpredictable. There is usually a ‘flip’ or a turnaround in destiny that you would not have anticipated. Yet – it will help you to heal and repair the past, if you need to, or pursue a better future.

  45. Hello Jessica

    Thanks for your fantastic work and your patience with our questions.

    Looking at my chart I have sun and moon in Cancer with Chiron at 20 Aries. I’m thinking this aspect has got to do with my overall image/appearance/self/profile and how I make it work for me and my interests? I have no idea about sextiles, squares or conjunctions, etc. affecting me so hoping you could throw some light on this?

    Please If I could also ask about my husband born on 12 May 1958 and our relationship. Getting truth and honesty from him is like pulling teeth and it feels like living with someone who is always undermining me, including to my stepchild since our marriage (his child). When I think we’ve sorted one issue out, out comes another lie/subterfuge.

    Sorry for the exposure, I just thing there is a relation in all this come Christmas time.

    Thanks so much and loved reading my 2017 Horoscope!


    1. Thank you DQ and I am glad you love your 2017 personal horoscope. You are quite right about your Chiron at 20 Aries – what happens in December is about your profile, appearance, role or title. This may be your ‘Mrs’ identity, of course, but it is common to see Uranus conjunct Chiron in Aries in your First House when there is a new job offer or voluntary position. I do think you’re ready to do what ‘they’ say is impossible or outrageous. Sometimes people lose weight on this cycle or become vegan – or they join the gym, get cosmetic surgery and so on. You will be free, whatever you decide to do. I am sorry your husband is undermining you and not being straight with you. If you can finalise the key points with him in writing by 1st December, so much the better, but if it goes beyond then, you may spend December, January with a long negotiation process with him as he tries to figure out what ‘equal’ means to him and ‘fair’ as well. This goes back to his parents’ marriage and how he things a marriage should be. By the end of January you would have figured out the deal between you – and it really is a deal. So, see what you can do with the timing.

  46. Jessica, thanks so much for such a detailed and positive answer ! Curious about the Uranus ” surprise” effect.


    1. Uranus is actually about shock, pure and simple, so he was there at Brexit (the last thing the polls said would happen) and also there when Trump was accepted as the Republican candidate (again, the last thing people expected – they had been anticipating Jeb Bush). The December shocks are unlike any other, though, as they are tied into a rare pattern we have not seen in our lifetimes. There will be a complete break with the past and a total rejection of the old system/set-up, in several countries around the world, but particularly in America, whose special relationship with Britain will be affected, but also her dealings with her enemies. This is all based on that 1776 chart for the nation.

  47. Hi jess,
    I have my natal Jupiter in sag at 20%, natal Uranus in Leo 20% I think this transit forms a kite? If that the case how do you see this playing out ?
    With 2 0f the major planets involved being the Sam as my birth chart I imagine that this is a very significant event for me .

    My birth details are 7/1/1960 Sydney 5.45 am

    Thanks Jess and merry Christmas to you and your team


    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to James, Justin and Alyas. I don’t use kites. However, if you have Jupiter at 20 Sagittarius and Uranus at 20 Leo, then Uranus at 20 Aries is forming a grand trine in 2016 and over Christmas you also have Saturn and Jupiter himself joining the pattern. This is about foreign or interstate people or places for you. There will be a radical change and it will leave you with greater independence. A typical example would be a Christmas holiday in another state or country which takes an unexpected turn, leaving you free (permanently) from a situation which constricted you more than you realised. Another typical example would be an exchange student coming into your course who cancels at the last minute, leaving you to work independently on a project you had both signed up for.

  48. Hi Jessica. Although I am a novice at horary charts. I posed a question to myself about finally meeting a lover/partner as I have been alone for many years. It seemed to indicate, at the time I set the chart, with Cancer on the ascendant and moon at 10 degrees Cancer (17th Nov) that a likely meeting was imminent. Would you know if My natural birth chart 18 Jan 1959 London 08.58 concurs with such a loving meeting? Thank you

    1. Horary can be remarkable. My friends Geoffrey Cornelius, Maggie Hyde and Deborah Houlding are all whizzes at horary and if you are on Twitter have a look at Peter’s work @starsandstones as well. Now, you need to log in so I can see your birth chart!

  49. Thanks for the reply Jessica , very generous of you to answer all this post .

    Will you be writing on this planetary line up again before Christmas?

    1. Thank you. I’ve said everything I want to say about this historic line-up – although I have commented on the United States in a separate story. I think the phrase ‘productive turmoil’ is the best way to describe it, this December.

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