Global Radio Special – Your 2016 Love Horoscope

Our host, the amazing Kyra Oser, is also a medium and psychic who often picks up messages for callers on air. The last time I spoke to Kyra, she was in Los Angeles and I was in London.

How does 2016 look for your relationships? Join me on Friday 18th December for the global broadcast of a special U.S. radio program devoted to nothing but your love life next year – and your horoscope.  Our host, the amazing Kyra Oser, is also a medium and psychic who often picks up messages for callers on air. The last time I spoke to Kyra, she was in Los Angeles and I was in London, but we still managed to connect with listeners across the U.S. in order to co-read for them. Why not call in?

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Kyra Oser

Call in for a Lenormand Oracle Reading

The show broadcasts live from Seattle and online, worldwide, on KKNW and you’ll be tuning into America’s Love Channel. As well as astrology, I’ll be using my favourite card deck, The Lenormand Oracle, to tune into your future. I first discovered these cards when my friend Justine Picardie was researching her brilliant biography of Coco Chanel. Madamoiselle was a firm believer and in fact, the No. 5 card (pictured below, as seen in the book) may have had more than a little to do with the creation of her most famous perfume. Coco was also a Leo, and had tremendous faith in astrology. The Lenormand Oracle works extremely well, when used in tandem with an astrological chart.

Chanel Lenormand Tree 600x600 - Global Radio Special - Your 2016 Love Horoscope
Coming in January – Your Lenormand Oracle Card Message for 2016

Of course your regular year-ahead horoscope will appear here on January 1st, with an extended additional astrology reading at Get The Gloss. Why not try a Lenormand reading too? I will be drawing one card for each sign, in January, with a special message attached. If you can’t join Kyra and I on the radio this Friday, do make sure you come back here next month to see what the Lenormand Oracle has for you, next year. See you on KKNW this Friday!

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Kyra’s show is also captured as a podcast.

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  1. Are you providing printing instructions for the 2016 horoscope journal as some of us are not computer savvy? Thank you!

    1. Just download the two PDF files onto your computer, so you can see them on the screen. Choose the number of pages you want to print. I personally print one or two weeks at a time. However, you can also print out both entire files (over 100 pages) and then create one big, quarterly journal section tied with an old-fashioned velvet ribbon. Choose how you want to customise it.

  2. Hi Jessica – I really enjoy following your astrology, I find you accessible and super accurate. Thank you for your passion.

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