Who is Fated in Your Horoscope?

When somebody’s Sun falls right on a horoscope factor in your own chart, it’s like the universe drawing your attention to that side of your nature.
A Head Full of Dreams - Who is Fated in Your Horoscope?
Is Chris Martin interested in astrology? The new Coldplay album.

The new Coldplay album A Head Full of Dreams has rather a lot of astrology on the front cover. There is Saturn, featured four times in each corner – and also the Flower of Life design. Why is the latter so important to your horoscope? Because it shows the patterns (based on sacred geometry) which link your horoscope to the crucial people in your life. It all begins with two, though. Just two people! (See below). The second image in this sequence, shows what happens when two of you have the same zodiac sign and degree occupied by a pair of horoscope factors. If you were to draw the two charts overlapping, you end up with a shape like this (second right). If you were to add a third person, you end up with the third shape. The seventh person gives you what is known as The Flower of Life and I am very curious to know if Chris Martin, Coldplay and their team share it together! Of course, you can keep extending it, petal by petal, horoscope by horoscope.

Flower construction.svg  - Who is Fated in Your Horoscope?
The Flower of Life (Wikimedia Commons).

When Horoscopes Interlock and Overlap

Have you ever noticed why you have many people born under one sign, or even a cluster of them born on the same day, in your life? It happened to me, this year. Suddenly I was surrounded by Pisces people. That never happens!

I had an e-mail from a woman named Olga recently, who wondered why Virgo and Libra people kept playing such an important part in her life. Has this ever happened to you? A passing parade of people born under one particular sign?

The likely cause is that their Sun Sign (Aries, Taurus, Gemini or whatever) is at exactly the same degree as a horoscope factor in your own horoscope. So if you have important Virgo or Libra placements, it may be that people whose Sun falls exactly on those placements, are in your life.


What do Fated Horoscope Connections Do For You?

What do these people do for you? They illuminate, highlight and clarify that side of your personality – that sign, in your own personal chart.  The Sun works as a spotlight in the horoscope, so when somebody’s Sun falls right on a horoscope factor in your own chart, it’s like the universe drawing your attention to that side of your nature. If you are going through a phase in your life when money is very important, you may attract Taurus and Scorpio people – for example.

Knowing people who connect on the same sign and degree as your own horoscope factors, makes you know yourself better. In many ways they mirror you – at least in one aspect.

Where is the connection between their Sun Sign and that side of your personality and personal horoscope? Using the Natural House system, it’s easy to find.

ARIES It’s about your image, branding, reputation, profile, appearance.
TAURUS It’s about your values, money, house, business, apartment.
GEMINI It’s about your life on the internet, or your way with words.
CANCER It’s about your family, house, home town, apartment, home.
LEO It’s about births, young relatives or in-laws or a younger crowd.
VIRGO It’s about your daily workload and your body.
LIBRA It’s about your view of former, current or potential partners.
SCORPIO It’s about the money and property you leave in your will.
SAGITTARIUS It’s about travel or travel in the mind – and foreigners.
CAPRICORN It’s about your ambition, success, achievement, status.
AQUARIUS It’s about your group, network, circle, friends, team.
PISCES It’s about your secrets, your uncredited efforts or mysteries.

Beyond Sun Signs – Other Personal Contacts and Connections

Of course, just as somebody’s Sun can fall right on a part of your horoscope, other heavenly bodies, points or angles in their personal horoscope may also ‘ping’ yours by sitting in the same sign, at the same degree. You will need to know their chart in order to line them up. If you’re in a particular gang of female friends, for example, or in a tight-knit circle of women who are connected to you in your family, it may be that you are all clicking on the same sign, and same degree.

Multitudes Erwin Blumenfeld Twitter @peepsqueak  468x600 - Who is Fated in Your Horoscope?
Multitudes by Erwin Blumenfeld, via Twitter @peepsqueak

Do You Connect Through Cancer, Leo, Libra or Scorpio?

These exact matches (allow one degree’s difference) are conjunctions. When one person has her Moon conjunct anything in your chart, you will be mothered by her – in relation to the affairs of that sign.  The Moon rules moms and mums. It works for the angles too. If a man has his Ascendant/Midheaven aspecting your Descendant/Ascendant then you two are connected through all the things these angles rule – like image, reputation, ambition, social status and partnership (for whatever reason).

It is very common for lovers, husbands, wives, mistresses, girlfriends and boyfriends to connect through these signs –


Why these signs in particular? Because they rule these intimate, close areas of life:

Cancer – Setting up home together, marrying into a family of in-laws, dealing with the family tree.
Leo – Having babies (or not), acquiring nieces or nephews by marriage, dealing with young relatives.
Libra – Marriage or common-law marriage (de facto partnership), divorce, separation and exes.
Scorpio – Financial commitments between couples or relatives, like a will or shared mortgage.

In 2016 we hope to be able to offer Premium Members of this website a chance to create personal charts for the men or women in their life, so they can see where the connections are.

In the meantime, try Astro to pick out the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, Immum Coeli or Nodes in your lover’s horoscope. Or your best friend’s or close relative’s chart!

If they line up at the same sign and degree as anything in your chart, then you two have a major story going on. The Descendant is just as important as the signs Cancer, Leo, Libra and Scorpio because in astrology, it rules our other half. Our partner.

It is important to have a confirmed, accurate birth time for the other person if you are going to use the Descendant – otherwise it may be wrong.

You can even use this method to see why living in (or moving to) a particular country may trigger your chart. Have you ever wondered why particular cities or nations seem to repeatedly bring the same issues? Chances are, the country in question has horoscope factors at the same sign and degree as your own. These will tell you the story.

If you have never been very happy living in a particular country, or even felt identified with that nationality, it may be that you have very difficult contacts (like Saturn) lining up with the place in question. This is the UK horoscope, below.

1801 UK HOROSCOPE 600x332 - Who is Fated in Your Horoscope?
The 1801 horoscope for the United Kingdom using Natural Houses.

All About the Mysterious Vesica Piscis

If you have two pairs of conjunctions (your charts line up in four different spots) then you two are creating a sacred space together for something to be born. What do I mean by that? Basically, if you draw a curved line between both of the conjunctions, stretched across both horoscopes, you get what is known as the Vesica Piscis. This ancient term for an ancient geometrical pattern is best known to Christians as you will see it many churches and cathedrals.

Vesica piscis circles.svg  - Who is Fated in Your Horoscope?
The Vesica Piscis (Wikimedia Commons) when two horoscopes overlap.

The sign of Pisces (the fishes) resembles it. And of course the name is similar too. The two interlocking circles have nothing to do with the sign of the fishes, though – the Latin translation is just ‘bladder of a fish.’

If you and your lover have two conjunctions, you can draw this ‘fish bladder’ shape between both horoscopes.

What is fascinating about this part of a fish is that it reflects sound! In fact, they detect it when they use sonar equipment. It also keeps the fish afloat.

This is quite a good idea to work with when you’re comparing your horoscope with somebody else’s chart. If you two have four conjunctions between you, you bounce off each other. You reflect each other’s ‘sound’ or music. And the pairs of signs involved, tells you what keeps you two afloat. What areas of life keep you both buoyant together.

Chalice Well - Who is Fated in Your Horoscope?
The Chalice Well, Glastonbury (Wikimedia Commons).

I was at Glastonbury for the 1999 eclipse broadcasting for the British television station Channel Four. We filmed at Chalice Well, where you can see a Vesica Piscis in the lid of the well. It’s a sacred shape and a sacred part of your two charts, if you are lucky enough to have it.

Any conjunction(s) though will tell you about the potential of your pairing with someone else. It shows you how you might bounce off each other or keep each other afloat.

If you both work at the ‘space’ you share together then something quite amazing could develop there. It’s worth knowing. Add a third person, then a fourth, and so on (until you reach at least seven people) and you may end up with your own Flower of Life.

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