Mercury Retrograde December 2015-February 2016

It's that time again. Mercury, the planet which rules communication, transport, information and travel is about to move backwards. Of course, he doesn't literally do this. But when he appears to slide backwards and forwards, so do our lives.

It’s that time again. Mercury, the planet which rules communication, transport, information and travel is about to move backwards. Of course, he doesn’t literally do this. But when he appears to slide backwards and forwards, so do our lives. Do you remember the massive VW car product recall earlier this year? Mercury was retrograde. This is such a famous astrological phase that even Kate Spade now has it on her writing paper!

779273 d - Mercury Retrograde December 2015-February 2016
Mercury Must Have Been in Retrograde (Kate Spade).



The dates you need to know? December 19th 2015 through February 14th 2016. I’m going to make one prediction for you right away. Expect extreme weather. Soaring heat and tremendous snowstorms which create havoc with our plans to commute and connect. Be prepared for this particular Northern Hemisphere winter/Southern Hemisphere summer. Another prediction – this extreme weather will get in the way of all the work, business and corporation changes at this time of year. So promotions, resignations, redundancies, new jobs will be affected.


Mercury AGNSW 600x600 - Mercury Retrograde December 2015-February 2016
Mercury at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 2015 (Adams).


Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and Aquarius
By the way, if those dates seem longer than other astrologers give you – correct! 
Not everyone includes the shadow periods, when Mercury is passing over the same sign and degree where he will shortly go backwards. Nor do they include the end shadows. Experience tells me to always use them, though. This time we are going to see a shadow period in Capricorn from 14 through 29 degrees, and a shadow period in Aquarius between 0 and 1 degree.

Is Your Personal Chart Affected?
If you’re a Premium Member, you’ll have your full personal chart. Basically, if you have anything from 14 to 29 Capricorn, then between December 19th 2015 and February 14th 2016, you are going to hit a career, university or unpaid work story which runs backwards and forwards. Watch for the days when Mercury is at the exact degree (number) of your Capricorn placement. If you get ‘news’ then it may change or even reverse later. If there are discussions, contracts, papers to sign – please read the fine print and be aware of the potential for delay or change.

If you have anything at 0 or 1 Aquarius then the issue for you will be a group, club, team, society or other network of people. It will involve one or more friends so it could be very casual (a Twitter tribe) or more formal, like a political party or football team. Mercury will start behaving oddly near January 5th, moving from 1 Aquarius back to 0 Aquarius. He then disappears from sight (just like your ‘final’ plans) and then reappears on February 14th at 0 Aquarius, to move to 1 Aquarius on 15th February.  These times and dates are averaged for world clock differences, please allow 24 hours either side for good measure.
Understanding how Mercury Retrograde Works
This photograph of Mercury, below,  is really unusual. He’s been split into two. One version is going backwards. The other one is going forwards. Did the sculptor know about Mercury Retrograde? You can see it on the front of the Peterborough Court building near the old Fleet Street newspaper quarter in London. It sums up the cycle really well. Imagine Mercury is your internet service provider. Imagine he is the person delivering the post. Visualise Mercury as a journalist, delivering the news. See him as an airline pilot, or a train driver, or a bus driver. The stuck, indecisive nature of Mercury shown so clearly in the Peterborough Court sculpture sums up how these people often function, on this cycle. And that affects the rest of us!

Mercury Shadow Peterborough Court London  600x600 - Mercury Retrograde December 2015-February 2016
Mercury Retrograde perfectly illustrated at Peterborough Court (Adams).



How Mercury Backtracks, December 19th 2015 through February 14th 2016

Do you have your personal horoscope from me? Great. You can see if Mercury is sitting on the same degree as your Capricorn or Aquarius horoscope factors just by checking the guide below. Even if you’re clear, you may still feel the domino effect of other people’s delays, errors, absences, cancellations or changes.

If you have Capricorn factors at the degrees below, this story is about your career, unpaid work or university course. If you have Aquarius factors at the degrees below, this is about a group project and/or a friendship.

On the days below (set for Universal Time in London) there are key patterns involving Mercury which will see rewrites or repeats later on.

By tracking these dates you can clearly see how there is a shadow effect – even when Mercury appears to be moving forwards, he is going over the same positions where he will shortly go backwards! A lot of astrologers don’t work with this, but history tells me – pay attention.

2015 and Mercury Retrograde Shadow

December 19 Mercury is at Capricorn 14
December 20 Mercury is at Capricorn 15
December 21 Mercury is at Capricorn 16
December 23 Mercury is at Capricorn 19
December 26 Mercury is at Capricorn 23
December 27 Mercury is at Capricorn 25
December 28 Mercury is at Capricorn 25
December 29 Mercury is at Capricorn 27
December 30 Mercury is at Capricorn 27

2016 and Mercury Retrograde Shadow
January 1 Mercury at Capricorn 29
January 2 Mercury at Capricorn 29 then Aquarius 0
January 5 Mercury at 1 Aquarius – Stations (stands still) Retrograde

Now you can see Mercury turning and beginning to move backwards through the zodiac.

January 7 Mercury at 0 Aquarius
January 8 Mercury at 0 Aquarius, Mercury moves to 29 Capricorn
January 9 Mercury at 29 Capricorn
January 10 Mercury at 28 Capricorn and a New Moon in Capricorn – be aware. People who do not know about astrology will be fooled into making a new beginning 
now, but it will be affected by delays, changes and possibly a reversal.
January 11 Mercury at 27 Capricorn
January 14    Mercury at 24 Capricorn
January 15 Mercury at 23, 22 Capricorn
January 16 Mercury at 21 Capricorn
January 19 Mercury at 18 Capricorn
January 20 Mercury at 17, 16 Capricorn
January 22 Mercury at 15 Capricorn
January 24 Mercury at 15 Capricorn
January 25 Mercury at 14 Capricorn – Stations Direct
January 28 Mercury at 15 Capricorn
January 30 Mercury at 16 Capricorn
February 1 Mercury at 18 Capricorn
February 2 Mercury at 18 Capricorn
February 3 Mercury at 18 Capricorn
February 6 Mercury at 21 Capricorn
February 7 Mercury at 22 Capricorn
February 9 Mercury at 25 Capricorn
February 11 Mercury at 27 Capricorn
February 12 Mercury at 27 Capricorn, 28 Capricorn
February 13 Mercury to 0 Aquarius Direct
February 14 Mercury 0 Aquarius – Shadow Over !


Mercury Shadow 600x600 - Mercury Retrograde December 2015-February 2016
Mercury’s Shadow at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2015 (Adams).


Mercury Reveals the Headlines of Your Life
Even if your personal chart is not affected, Mercury Retrograde will still show the headlines of your life. 
He is the Messenger of the Gods who rules the media, newspapers and journalists. So the story he ‘writes’ in your world will revolve around these two specific areas: one is ruled by Capricorn, the other by Aquarius. The Capricorn story will begin very close to Christmas and then go backwards and forwards, even getting stuck, until February. The Aquarius story begins later, around 5th January, and takes until Saint Valentine’s Day to complete!

ARIES (Capricorn) Career. Ambition. Achievement. University. Unpaid Roles. Corporations. Companies.
ARIES (Aquarius) Friends. Groups. Teams. Clubs. Societies. Associations. Social Media.
TAURUS (Capricorn) Travel. Foreigners and foreign places. Publishing. Academia. Beliefs. The Internet.
TAURUS (Aquarius) Career. Ambition. Achievement. University. Unpaid Roles. Corporations. Companies.
GEMINI (Capricorn) Finance. Property. Charity. Business. Settlements. Banks. Shares. Pay Outs. Loans.
GEMINI (Aquarius) Travel. Foreigners and foreign places. Publishing. Academia. Beliefs. The Internet.
CANCER (Capricorn) Former Partners. Current Partners. Potential Partners. Enemies. Rivals. Opponents.
CANCER (Aquarius) Finance. Property. Charity. Business. Settlements. Banks. Shares. Pay Outs. Loans.
LEO (Capricorn) Your Body. Your Workload. Doctors. Healers. Food. Drugs. Drink. Service. Duty.
LEO (Aquarius) Former Partners. Current Partners. Potential Partners. Enemies. Rivals. Opponents.
VIRGO (Capricorn) Children. Godchildren. Nieces, nephews or grandchildren. Youth. Serious Relationships.
VIRGO (Aquarius)Your Body. Your Workload. Doctors. Healers. Food. Drugs. Drink. Service. Duty.
LIBRA (Capricorn). Your Homeland. Your House. Your Apartment. Your Household. Your Family. Your Town.
LIBRA (Aquarius)Children. Godchildren. Nieces, nephews or grandchildren. Youth. Serious Relationships.
SCORPIO (Capricorn). Multimedia. The Internet. Travel. Transport. Publishing. Your ‘Voice’ in all Mediums.
SCORPIO (Aquarius)Your Homeland. Your House. Your Apartment. Your Household. Your Family. Your Town.
SAGITTARIUS (Capricorn)Finance. Property. Charity. Business. Settlements. Banks. Shares. Pay Outs. Loans.
SAGITTARIUS (Aquarius)Multimedia. The Internet. Travel. Transport. Publishing. Your ‘Voice’ in all Mediums.
CAPRICORN (Capricorn) Image. Persona. Profile. Personal Appearance. Reputation. Name. Role. Aura.
CAPRICORN (Aquarius)Finance. Property. Charity. Business. Settlements. Banks. Shares. Pay Outs. Loans.
AQUARIUS (Capricorn) Secrets. Classified Information. The Unconscious Mind. Mysteries. Confidential Areas.
AQUARIUS (Aquarius)Image. Persona. Profile. Personal Appearance. Reputation. Name. Role. Aura.
PISCES (Capricorn)Friends. Groups. Teams. Clubs. Societies. Associations. Social Media.
PISCES (Aquarius)Secrets. Classified Information. The Unconscious Mind. Mysteries. Confidential Areas.

Reschedule. Rethink. Rehearse. Anything with a ‘re’ in front of it, tends to work well now. Go over old ground and review! December 19th 2015 through February 14th 2016 should be a time to work on a sketch or outline then finalise it later. In general have Plan B if you are pursuing anything ruled by Mercury – journeys, paper trails, negotiation. You will classically hit a delay, alteration or reversal which changes the original plan or venture.

My Twitter friend Moon Maiden pointed out that this Mercury Retrograde period falls right on Christmas Day. 
It also extends through the Boxing Day sales. We can expect a crazy amount of refunds and exchanges so keep your receipts and if you are selling – prepare for muddle and mayhem. It’s hard to say what practical reasons might be behind this. Online, we may be looking at crashing websites, incorrect prices, mail/post affected by extreme weather and so on.

Mercury rules suspension and ‘hanging’ situations so we could expect to see a hung parliament or a suspended verdict that grips the world at this time. The really key issue is that Pluto is also in Capricorn and this means a change in the balance of power at the top – the peak of government and also the pinnacle of large corporations. Thus, the demotions, mergers, promotions, departures or appointments will not stick, or they will change a lot. One way to think about Mercury at this time is to picture him stuck on the same page (below).

What to do? Rethink, rehearse, rewrite, reschedule, review. What not to do? Travelling or commuting without Plan B is crazy during this time. So is buying a telephone or computer without reading the terms and conditions. Remember, it’s the little things which cause the big things to become unstuck. If your personal chart is affected by the patterns above, or even if it’s just in the retrograde degree zone – pay attention near those numbers/dates. That’s when you could experience the classic Mercury effects.

IMG 0813 600x600 - Mercury Retrograde December 2015-February 2016
Mercury (Theosophical Society Library, Melbourne 2015). Adams.

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134 Responses

  1. Hi, Jessica! Happy almost Holidays! Thank you for this article and for helping us understand this Merc Retro coming up. I need your help in clarifying what will go on with my personal chart as I have 2 asteroids in the 14 – 29 degree aspects: Juno 27° Capricorn 15′ 38″ and Ceres 16° Capricorn 46′ 47″. Is it work, home, family, town? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Okay, so this is about career for you. Your work. You actually have two cycles going on which say the same thing. In your Libra horoscope you have Neptune in your Sixth House of work. This always makes life a little confused and confusing – hard to measure and co-ordinate, though not impossible. In your birth chart you will have Mercury Retrograde moving to 16 Capricorn (on your Ceres) then 27 Capricorn (on your Juno). You will experience a person, organisation or situation which can’t be relied upon, as things will either alter, reverse or freeze to a standstill. Thus, on the days you see Mercury moving to 16 and 27 Capricorn, be sharply aware of the conversation, news or paperwork and either read the fine print or make allowances for the above.

  2. I feel these effects already? I desperately need my job and for some reason I’ve got this lurking feeling that I may be next, I just have to stay focused regardless!

      1. Thanks Jessica! Do you see anything particular that I may need to be aware of or watch out for,or expect…. in my chart during these phases. I try my very best to keep up with everything but I find myself getting a bit distracted here lately, mainly due to the holiday’s and what not but I’ve taken the advice you’ve given me so far. I am truly amazed by how accurate you’ve been concerning different areas of my life I’ve been(was) stressing over. I know within the past few years I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am now, I’ve made so much progress….2013 was by far one of my worst years and it’s taken so much strength & hope to get to where I’m at now. And actually realizing who was actually a friend and finding out everyone’s true colors. I enjoy everything I’ve read on this site and I’m not sure how I even found it but I’m really glad I did!!

        1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology has been accurate for you and reduced the stress. I will pass on the compliment about the website to James and Justin. You won’t be particularly affected by this Mercury Retrograde period. You do have Uranus at 13 Sagittarius, though, so your usual approach to travel will be affected when Saturn moves to 13 Sagittarius. You can track this, on this website, looking at the daily planetary positions. You may prefer to skip holidays at that time or at least have Plan B as the likelihood of obstacles, delays or changes is high.

  3. Hi Jessica, I’ve just booked cosmetic surgery on the 15th December…will I be affected five days prior? Cheers and an early merry Christmas! Melanie x.

  4. Hi Jessica, not sure if my message went thru so resending……I am booked for cosmetic surgery on the 15th December, will the retrograde affect me 5 days prior? Thank you, Melanie.

  5. Hello Jessica,
    It’s always a pleasure to read your writing! I only see my Ascendent is in 14 Capricorn that might be affected. Should I watch out for the Capricorn story in Capricorn or in Aquarius or both? Can you see any other story from my chart in this transit?

    1. I am much more concerned about your Saturn Return, actually. This is a long way off, but when Saturn moves to 28 Sagittarius and then onto Uranus at 29 Sagittarius, you really will go through a major change which it is best to be prepared for. Please look carefully at what you are planning with foreign travel or export, moving to another region or country, university or college, publishing or the internet. I am thinking of the next two years in particular. I suspect some of the seeds will be sown in November 2015, December 2015, but you need to be fully aware of what you are planting. A Saturn Return is a big deal. The fact that Saturn will also conjunct Uranus in your chart is a huge deal! Please look at what you are setting up in your life and do some research on the realities, as this will be a milestone for you. To make it a milestone you can feel comfortable with, you need to find out as much as you can, in advance, about the big life choices you are making.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply. Although it seems off-topic to the post, you’ve nailed it. I am planing all of those things you mentioned, all squeezed into 2016 (Publishing then moving back to home country, hopefully to a new job in an university!).

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for the information you’ve been providing already. It’s been incredibly helpful in negotiations with my estranged wife. Just as we appear to have a deal in place (today), I’m heading for a Mercury retrograde during the mechanics of the split which is going to go over and over my node – serious stuff for me! Please can you offer any help.


      1. Sorry, that would help a little wouldn’t it? My birth chart node is at Cap 23 37 – and it’s retrograde for good measure. My birth data is: 23-Sep-1972, 22:20 (52.586214, -1.982919)

        1. That’s quite a stellium you have in Libra, the sign of equal partnership and balanced relationships. The really big headlines of your life are about to unfold from September 2016 into 2017 as you heal the past (with a particular former lover or business partner) and simultaneously move into what could just be the biggest, best relationship phase of your life. Never mind Mercury Retrograde, the major story for you is about one plus one = two.

          1. Wow! Thank you so much. If you have four planets and four asteroids in a sign should this be a ‘hyperstellium’ ?

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I don’t know my personal chart bt I am Aries with Sagittarius ascending rising sign.
    My manuscript of novel which was under the process since last two years is finally in the last stage of getting published.. Bt as I see now tht chances are its final publication date may coincide with the cming Mercury retrograde period….so now am very sceptical! I really wanted it to be a well and widely appreciated n successful work of mine.Any insight and advice…thanks

    1. Just based on the fact that you are an Aries – you have Saturn going into your Ninth House of publishing at the moment. He began his transit in September. This transit intensifies in November and December as other planets join Saturn. Please be aware of the potential for delays and learning experiences in 2016 and 2017. You need to find out more. This is not about Mercury Retrograde so much. It’s actually about Saturn and you need to go back to the information about that cycle on this website to find out more.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica for ur reply…I did read abt Saturn now after reading ur reply

        Oh! So Saturn going into my publishing area!!! I am v scared now!!!!! Really don’t know now how people will respond to this work of mine which is about to get published …as it is this novel is abt fiction philosophy !!!

        I understand Saturn is a good teacher,,it grills you thoroughly bt just to make you wiser in the end…..but still I am scared as whenever Saturn affected me it shattered me completely, yes I grew wiser bt it was only after losing sm cherished dreams like love etc so……the journey with Saturn for few more years and tht too now related to my publishing works….hmmm I think I need lots of prayers now!!!

        My DOB 28th March 1977…does Saturn always teaches the hard way ????

        1. Don’t be scared by Saturn. This cycle is a tough teacher, but if you make wise, mature, measured decisions and can see why you are being put through – what you are being put through – then it will work out very well for you. It takes time. It may take 2-3 years but eventually you will get to where you are supposed to be. Saturn has a way of making us relinquish who or what is not strictly essential for the rest of our life path.

  8. Hi Jessica, I appreciate these astrology blogs however this Mercury retrograde seems a bit scary to me as I have Salacia, Fortuna, and my ascendant impacted, and what’s more my Sth node in Aquarius at 0 degrees. Does this retrograde mean I should revise my wish for securing a new job this year?
    Appreciate your thoughts,

    1. Heavens to Betsy, revise nothing! And astrology is not there to scare you. It’s about managing the flow of time. Okay, so Mercury is going over Salacia, Fortuna, Ascendant in Capricorn (career) and South Node (friends and groups). All that means is, you will hear or read news (Mercury is the messenger) about your job situation, at this time. And it will change or be delayed, so allow for that. If you have to sign then read the fine print. This new career story from December 20th through January, perhaps into February, will alter shape twice, maybe three times. So just work around that. As for the friend (the one in the wider group) remember that same rule; what you hear or read, on the days that Mercury is at 0 Aquarius, will alter shape. This is not the final story.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I am an Aries. I was looking at my chart and getting concerned about Mercury Retrograde. I have been going back and forth with my job regarding my salary. Im wondering if this is going to be resolved by the time Mercury retrogrades or if I should be looking for another job. This has been such a headache since August and Im not sure if I should hang in there or bolt! lol

    1. Huge apologies for this very late reply. Can I blame Mercury Retrograde for this getting lost? I want to mention to you that the tension or urgency around money will vanish from 2nd August 2016 and from this time until October you must divide and share what you earn, own or owe, so prepare for a pretty intense period of 2-3 months of change. The trick is to make sure that what is on paper or in writing serves you long term as there will be more radical changes ahead from 2018 and whatever you agree to with the bank or an employer (for example) must be flexible enough to give you room to move 2018, 2019 and beyond.

  10. Hello Jessica, thank you for the retrograde update, i am a capricorn my birthday 27 Dec 1970, so far this year these retrogrades played with my career plan, i am an educated person with good experience but so far all i can get are retail jobs, i am stuck do i wait until after the retrograde to apply for any good jobs. I would really appreciate your help.

    Jamuna London.

    1. You will have a stunning job opportunity in the final quarter of 2016 or first half of 2017. No effort in November will be wasted. Even as I write this, you should be pursuing a project, goal, role or responsibility with dedication as from little acorns, big oak trees grow (later).

  11. Hi Jessica, thank you for the articles. You always give fabulous insight which helps a great deal.

    I have my Sun and Mercury at 12 and 27 degrees Capricorn respectively. Having Virgo rising and 10th in Gemini, I always seem to get into strife during Mercury Rx, no matter where Mercury Rx is placed. What can I do to reduce the impact?

    1. Thank you, that’s a great compliment. You need to reset your birth data so I can see the chart – I have a message here asking me to pass that onto you. However, if you know you have the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, yes, there will be a classic career, university or unpaid work Mercury Retrograde situation from December 20th through February. You know it’s coming so watch for the days when Mercury moves to 12 and 27 and understand that the story is not finished, fixed or final. Just work around.

        1. Thank you. I just looked at your chart and you are going to love the partnership phase you are in, second half of 2016, first half of 2017. With your current partner, or someone new, there will be the chance to build a dynamic duo which makes Robin and Batman look like wannabes. You are really well suited to balancing acts with people – duets – and you will love what unfolds.

  12. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks a lot for this report. My Rising Sign is in 25 Degrees Capricorn, Sun in 06 Scorpio and Moon in 04 Scorpio. I will have to make a lot of decision in December and mainly need to choose between accepting a job or applying for graduate studies. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!

    1. You may prefer to get the decisions, paperwork and plans out of the way before 20th December. If you can’t do that, because other people don’t use astrology (!) then at least allow for the wheels to spin backwards and forwards before you finally know where you stand.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I have recently migrated and found a new job which is for a fixed term that a will end jan’2017. One gentleman, a friend of my uncle, helped me setup a house and that has helped me to get my family earlier than planned.

    I have few concerns:
    1. There have been some events that point out that this individual has lied or hidden some facts. Alhough the intention seems to help me and my family settle, but there is a growing dependency on this person which i am scared as it may hinder my future plans.

    I want to move away from this person and since he is a senior gentleman I want to avoid burning bridges.

    2. How is my job prospects for the coming years?

    Please let me know how the mercury retro is going to impact me this time, based on my chart…


    1. You may have to compromise until February as Ceres in Aquarius is in your Second House of money, property and possessions, and you may have to negotiate an agreement that gives everyone what they want, temporarily. After this there is no more astrological reason why you should be in this position and April 2016 marks the stage of a new independent life, so the freedom you want with both home and family will come. You will be delighted at your career situation from September 2016 into 2017.

  14. Hi there Jessica,

    Thank you for such a great website! I am currently pregnant and the baby is due end of January. I was just wondering if the Mercury retrograde would have an impact and also what it means to be born during a Mercury retrograde period. I am a Virgo born 25 August 1976, (cancer rising and Leo moon).

    Thank you

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment onto James and Justin at Asporea. If your child arrives after the 25th of January then he/she is not part of the whole Mercury Retrograde cycle (not having been on the earth yet!). You are certainly part of the cycle, though, so you may go backwards and forwards with baby names, actual delivery dates and so on. I’m sure you are sensible enough to have a birth plan and then, as most women do, to have a Plan B birth plan up your sleeve too.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    I am a Premium Member and have been reading your predictions, daily/weekly/monthly on a regular basis. My birth chart is on your website. I have been running a business for many years now, the last 3 years have been very tough in terms of actual business coming my way,
    have been trying very hard. I need the business to improve tremendously as I have to repay a huge debt/loans and at the same time ensure that the work enables me to pay my employees decently. Your advice would help me tremendously. Oct and the fisrt half of November seemed very promising, suddenly it seems that there is a lull, have been looking at the financial numbers today and am quite depressed. Many thanks for any advice that you can give.

    1. I have your birth chart here. As you probably know, the world only just escaped from the worst financial cycle in 29 years, as Saturn went through Scorpio, the sign which rules deadly serious money agreements. Saturn is a symbol of slowdown and obstacles. This cycle stopped in September and it’s only now in November, as planets go through Scorpio, that we are seeing recovery. You have probably seen the headlines in the US and UK financial and business pages. In your own solar chart, you have had Saturn in your Tenth House of career since the final quarter of 2012. This may explain the ‘freeze’ and of course the global economic cycle has not helped you. Believe it or not, it does get better. In fact, it is already improving as you read this. One major problem from 2013 or 2014 is now ancient history. Another rather recent fear should have been banished 2-3 weeks ago. You don’t say what your business is, so it is hard to advise specifically.

      1. Many thanks Jessica. My business is medium to high end curtain accessories and have been exporting to Western Europe, France has been my major market for years, from 2010 on, the slowdown started with 2014 & 2015 my worst years in terms of business volumes. Though I do expect to get business from new customers/countries from early next year, am anxious whether it will really start. Hoping to also work in a big way with the middle east. Would appreciate any directions that you can give me. Many thanks again!

        1. Many thanks Jessica. My business is medium to high end curtain accessories and have been exporting to Western Europe, France has been my major market for years, from 2010 on, the slowdown started with 2014 & 2015 my worst years in terms of business volumes. Though I do expect to get business from new customers/countries from early next year, am anxious whether it will really start. Hoping to also work in a big way with the middle east. Would appreciate any directions that you can give me. Many thanks again!

          1. Saturn in Sagittarius means big new world rules on export/import now through 2017 as I have been predicting for quite some time and you will be working with a carved-up EU over this period. There will be opportunities galore as the entire global market changes!

        2. Okay, you need to really wait for the world to catch up with you and your plans. Why? Because we are going to see significant changes to the global trade situation in 2016, 2017 as the European Union will be reshaped and we may also be looking at changes to border controls, and the financial realities of shipping/flights. The economic recovery is here. Astrology predicted that and we saw amazing headlines in the U.S. and the U.K. just last week. No more austerity. America is on the up. Your issue is that you are dealing with foreign markets and you must wait for the full events of December 2016 in particular to play themselves out before you make any big new commitments. Look at the Cancer stellium in your chart. You are heavily Cancerian, and so home accessories (curtains) is perfect for you. Cancer also rules the home town and homeland, though. Really scope out the local possibilities, not just with curtains but into home furnishings in general. Look about five centimetres round the map, not across the world. Read more on Cancer on this website too.

  16. Hey Jessica!

    I was previously planning to use that time for international work-related communication but thanks for the heads-up will try to reschedule now.

    My Asc is 21° 23′ in Gemini, so during this retrograde, Mercury will be in my 8th house. Could you help me figure out what I can expect so I can mentally prepare myself?

    1. Actually your Ascendant is in the Third House in the Natural House System. Mercury will be retrograding in your Tenth House in the Natural House System. Without knowing your personal chart, I can’t tell you more than that – but yes, we all need to be aware of extreme weather, computer issues and (I would expect) airline and airport issues, December through February.

  17. Hi Jessica! My ascendant sits at 29 degrees Cap. and my natal Mars is at 1 degree Aquarius. Any thoughts as to what I can expect? My b’day is Dec. 3rd,1967 11:15 am Sudbury, On Canada if it helps….Thanks, Lisa

    1. An issue about your image, title, role or persona – in the context of work, university or unpaid work – will come up when Mercury crosses 29 Capricorn. There will be news, paperwork or an important e-mail. Allow this process to halt or change over the subsequent weeks. Soon after this, your friendship within a wider group, club, team or other circle of people will be at the heart of news, too. You may feel as if you have to act on that, but you won’t actually have the full and final story until February.

  18. Hi Jessica, I have the Sun at 14 degrees and Salacia at 21 degrees Capricorn. Also, Ceres at 1degree Aquarius.

    I am looking to change my.working pattern and will be seeking confirmation of this in December. Do you see any problems here?

    Work in general is pretty hard going in terms of group dynamics and relationships etc, l’ m really hoping for a smoother road ahead at work.

    Any inkling of how this will play out ?



    1. The worst is over with the group dynamics at work. It’s so easy to imagine you are back in 2012, 2013 at the moment, but try to see that you have genuinely moved on and so has your situation! In terms of work, you are also out of a rather stuck situation, which dominated this year. I am sure you are impatient to see progress with work after all that, but please be aware of the bigger picture in December, January, February as the wheels are going to turn slowly. This is more in connection with your actual role and title, though, than anything else. Your business card or position. In general, 2016 will be a vast improvement for you, and you will be thrilled at the way your career turns out after September 2016.

  19. My MC is at 1:29 Aquarius. I have been working on a career change for the past couple of months, and it seems that everything is moving on slow motion. Additionally, I was just presented by a friend with the info about a potential similar career opportunity, which would also mean the fulfillment of my long-time dream of moving abroad. My 9th house is in Capricorn.What should I expect from the Mercury Rx phase, other than more delays? Mercury Rx will also cross Vulcano Rx in my 9th house; would it be possible to have more details about how this might affect me?

    1. If you have Vulcano in Capricorn (actually in your Tenth House in the natural zodiac) then, when it comes to your career, you are very good at burying your emotions. This gives you power. If you are curious about Vulcano in myth, read about his episode with Venus and Mars! Vulcano was a blacksmith who mastered fire. He also mastered the ‘fire’ within himself to deal with his wive Venus. All of this makes you rather an intense, self-controlled but undeniably impressive figure at work. I do feel that this usual way of operating will be hit by a story that goes backwards and forwards, news that alters shape, or even a person who is not a reliable source of information and communication. The ‘when’ of this will occur when Mercury Retrograde moves to the exact degree of your Vulcano, which you can check on this website in Daily Planetary Positions. Your MC is your ultimate calling in life – your highest achievement. In Aquarius, it is about the group. The team, society, club, trade union, political party and so on. Mercury crossing here tells you this will be held up or altered. Overall, none of this is going to hugely affect the course of your life. Moving abroad is more crucial. You have a stellium in Sagittarius, which rules emigration. Saturn is going through Sagittarius which will slow everything down, and make it harder than it used to be. Be fully aware of this. Nothing is really fast or easy on a Saturn cycle and this planet will conjunct every one of your Sagittarian factors in turn. Factor it in, when you’re planning.

  20. Hello Jessica, I seem to have quite a bit going on in Capricorn and Aquarius on my natal chart. My MC is 14° Capricorn, and I’ve also got Jupiter at 00°, Minerva at 28°, Ops at 01°, Bacchus at 28°, Aesculapia at 19° all in Capricorn as well. Plus Salacia at 01° Aquarius (my sun is 18°Aquarius and north node is 05° Aquarius too). I would love a bit more insight into this (I’m juggling two very different careers at the moment).

    1. Okay, I can see how your horoscope is affected. Try to get everything out of the way by December 20th. Of course you can’t control other people who don’t use astrology! They will be going backwards and forwards, or be held up, in January in particular. Just read the fine print, have Plan B and prepare for ‘final’ situations not to be final. What you are going to see in your field, industry or business is a resignation, redundancy, retirement, replacement, promotion, demotion which starts a domino effect right across. You will be either directly affected or may feel it through six degrees, as people around you begin to rethink how much power and control they have. This process will be convoluted and there may be all kinds of false starts or hold-ups. Sometimes just insane weather will do this. Whatever – you are on top of this because you are using astrology. The sky won’t fall on your head, but you do need to be truly flexible with your thinking, all the way to February.

  21. My Sun is at 12° Taurus and Moon is at 22° Pisces.

    I’d been struggling with choosing between two paths to take regarding my career for the past few months and recently chose one over the other.
    (Neptune and Chiron recently went direct in my MC)

    This involves writing and extensive communication via the web. I just wanted to know whether this Mercury Rx would hamper progress somehow.

    1. You may prefer to sort all internet issues out before December 20th as the whole world is going to be dealing with delays, reversals and general chaos at the top. This filters down to the rest of us. You will have the final arrangement in hand by the end of January, yet please avoid talking or signing in the first week of January as Mercury is Retrograde in your Tenth House of career then, and what is in motion will stop – vanish – then come back, probably with changes, in the middle of February. This is how the retrograde cycle works.

  22. Hi Jessica, will this Mercury retrograde affect my work? I m born with retrograde in my chart but usually finds it affects me as well. Also wanted to check my relationship with my husband born 9 Dec 81 considering he’s experiencing Saturn return very soon?

    1. Okay, your husband just needs to figure out space, freedom and independence issues as a father – or as a man who has decided not to have children! I am not sure which he is, but April brings him to a choice about that. In your own life, I see Diana conjunct Aesculapia in your chart in ambitious Capricorn in your house of work. You are a miracle worker and can bring back projects, set-ups and even whole departments/organisations/brands from the brink. You resurrect concepts and plans – maybe even products. You also need to be free at work! This Mercury Retrograde will see a lot of changes December-February so give it time to pan out. There will be a lot of shifts before you know what the final story will be at work.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    my renewal of work contract has already hit the ‘approved/but hitch in it’ this last week. I have a difficult legal situation to resolve. my lawyer died suddenly this year and I have to find a new one. court action is likely as former partner and lawyers are stonewalling on everything. should I leave things to after February or just proceed with caution?

    1. Long term it will work out for you beautifully with partnerships (after September 2016) and you can even make the peace with your former partner, by 2017. So the karma will turn in your favour. Short-term, you have a stellium in Scorpio which was crossed by Saturn in Scorpio, which slows everything down. You can read more about Saturn in Scorpio on this website and realise you were personally affected. On Sunday 3rd January Mars enters Scorpio and that speeds things up. Proceed with caution. Make allowances for delays or reversals, but you can assume that Mars, the planet of action, on your Scorpio stellium will accelerate every issue about the money, the property and the former partner. These are Scorpio matters and Mars always speeds things up. But remember – long term you will be so happy and so much more at peace with the whole idea of balanced partnership.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the great article, this is really excellent stuff, I love the detail.

    I can see I have degrees 24 Capricorn (Sun) and 12/5 Aquarius (Mercury/Venus). It skips over it 26/27 December, hits on my birthday (14 Jan) (damn!) and then has another skip over 6-9 Feb to finish off. If the date/degree isn’t listed, does that mean the effect isn’t as strong? I hope so! 🙂

    I’m hoping to get engaged soon… Before Christmas!… And my CEO, whom I work directly to, announced his departure last month, for 29 January. So we are definitely heading for a shake up at work (I work in government).

    What do you think it all means for my relationship? Should I just cross my fingers, hope for the best and breathe through delays? Any chance I am more likely set for promotion or a great new job (as opposed to career difficulties)?

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, if the date/degree isn’t listed the impact is not as strong. However you will definitely see a zig-zag process with your CEO and your government department. This isn’t really about your engagement so much (by the way, congratulations!) It’s really about the change in the balance of power in your area, which will take longer to resolve than anyone expected. You should wait until at least the final week of January to see how it’s all going to pan out, but in the reshuffle of roles and responsibilities, you can definitely work to gain more control and real empowerment. It would be wonderful if this manifested in a new position, of course, but it’s very hard to call Mercury Retrograde. One thing is certain. You need to leave a lot of time and space for the professional situation to sort itself out.

  25. I am so ambitious right now it’s crazy. It’s like I’m pushing for abundance in my music and acting career but the weekly and monthly horoscopes keep telling me that it’s dry until Feb/March and also September. So confused yet faithful and hopeful. By the way you are so inspiring creatively. I’m addicted from your website to get-the-gloss. Do I submit by date of birth and time? Not sure how this goes 7/19/77 6:53pm USA. Capricorn rising is definitely me
    Happy Smiling

    1. Thank you for such terrific feedback. Your career zones are ruled by Sagittarius and Aries in your solar chart, based on your Cancerian Sun Sign. You are in a strange cycle at the moment with Saturn (obstacles, waiting games, lessons) in Sagittarius and Uranus (freedom, independence, radical moves) in Aries. I feel you’ll just go from the basic work – the one which makes you money – to the more experimental, exciting pursuits of music and acting. It’s almost like time-sharing between the two. April is a key month when you will be very tempted to reshape everything in a radically new direction which you feel will set you free.

      1. Aww, thank you Jessica. I’m excited and grateful. How about Love? Should I just get a puppy instead?

        1. To be more exact my Jupiter will square my Jupiter at the end of this month until August of 2016. I’m shaking in my boots on what this means? I have googled Jupiter square Jupiter and nothing of relevance comes up??
          I’m grateful and hopeful!!!

          1. Jupiter square Jupiter is absolutely fine. But it’s not lasting until August 2016. I’m not sure where your astrological advice is coming from, but the square does not hang around all that time. Basically, you just need to interpret your own Jupiter by sign and house, and then underscore its meaning in your life. Inflate it and expand it, because that’s what will happen.

  26. Hi Jess
    Do the ‘re’ things we should be doing during a Mercury retrograde apply to RElocate, REmovalists, REturn to home (at long last) LOL! Because despite all your warnings I am moving interstate, back home, in stages beginning Dec 21 and 22 (people and pets), followed by furniture sometime in January. Plus, putting the house up for sale shortly thereafter. Apart from making sure I have insurance, not sure what else I can do as waiting until Feb is not possible. Any words of advice at this late stage?

    1. Long-term you should be thrilled with the results of your move interstate and the sale of your house. The bottom line is, read the fine print on your insurance and just be aware of the potential for computer, telephone, internet, transport, travel issues over this time-frame. Have Plan B and just do a little more housekeeping than you normally would.

  27. Dear Jessica, I really like your predictions. They are amazingly accurat and helpful.
    My DOB is 15/10/1974 Nurember Germany 12.01 pm. My professional and financial situation is still desperate. I mes uup opportuninities by missing deadlines.I hope to get a job soon there are two other c andidates with better qualifications. One of th the persons to decide is a leo.
    However, will I improve my financial and profession situation change for the better before things crash? Will I leave my current job for a better one? Will I leave my hometown and work for a foreign employer? I renewed a contact I got one year ago. Is it worth going for it?
    My family is in a crisis a ffecting my life a great deal. Main actors are a libra – not me- and an aries. Will this end next year? Will my situation with a male aries sttay a friendship or become a relationship? Thank you and happy holidays?

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the astrology is accurate and helpful for you. First of all, there is no crash. The worst is over for the world financially. You can read how astrology predicted this many months ago – now that Saturn is out of Scorpio, the global financial crisis is history. You are also now officially out of the toughest money cycle in 29 years. It takes time to get over it, but you can already see improvements and by February 2016 you will be able to take a deep breath and get used to the new world. If you are curious about work, you need to look up ‘Transiting Neptune in the Sixth House’ and also ‘Neptune in the Sixth House’ online or in astrology books. You are missing deadlines which is a classic manifestation of this cycle. You urgently need to ground yourself, come back to the real world and make rules you can stick to. The family situation will go backwards and forwards until February but then one final discussion or piece of news, means you can close the chapter.

  28. I’m very happy to hear all your news. I also had some classic Mercury Retrograde Shadow effects, right on the day he hit the ‘sticky’ degree. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, anyway!

  29. Thanks Jessica. Interestingly the Mercury sculpture is on the building where I used to work until early this year in Peterborough Court!! I have two questions :- when Mercury is retrograde in my 5th house, I will also see Jupiter retrograde through Virgo in my exact degree. How does this impact me? I’ve been keen on switching in to another area of work and am contemplating a part time academic course from September 2016? The course is demanding and quite expensive. Will this be something that I would benefit from taking despite the costs tagged? Also, we’ve been looking to move into a new property that would satisfy our needs (2 young kids) for a year now and nothing has met our expectations. Will there be better chances next year to find the dream home that we’ve been looking for?

    1. The Mercury sculpture is on your old building? That is extreme synchronicity. It’s also not surprising as your horoscope is dominated by Gemini and Virgo placements, both ruled by Mercury. Last of all – you were also born with Mercury Retrograde. So Peterborough Court was the only place in London you could possibly have worked! I’ll look at your job and also academia first. Basically – don’t make up your mind now. If you can apply as late as February or March, that would be the time to decide, as information you do not have right now, will fill out the whole picture for you, later on. A dream home is not always easy to find when Saturn is going through your solar Fourth House. If you do decide to move, do a ton of homework and research first – not just about what you are officially told – but about what is not being mentioned. Sometimes street wisdom about a particular part of town can help you more than anything a property agent tells you (for example). On the plus side, in the final quarter of 2016 you move into a wonderful cycle when you will either save or make money – and perhaps both at the same time – and this will benefit you enormously. I would put money aside by 2017 if I was you, ready to buy or renovate what will actually become your true dream home, when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius in 2018/2019.

  30. Thanks Jessica. You are right, I enjoyed the work and the atmosphere in that firm much more than anywhere else however decided to leave due to issues of a political nature I experienced within the team. However, if given a chance I would only work for the firm in a different title and role. Do you think this is something that could come by in the near future? I am a consultant and self employed now, which was a path taken by choice to devote time to other interests along with work. I would ideally like to move into another area at the same firm to which I was planning the advanced degree for. I note your comments about moving house, which I think is practical until 2017, thank you so much for all the detailed blog posts. I got a shock when I saw the Mercury sculpture in your post!

    1. The trick with this cycle (Jupiter approaching a conjunction to your Sun in Virgo) is to not worry too much about specific employers or jobs, but to aim (in general) for the most rewarding position you can expect, given your genuine desire to be of service. You were born to work, and work very hard – and do the job as perfectly as possible. You were also born to serve. Some people make an art form of this and end up being the indispensable right-hand man, or right-hand woman, or a larger enterprise. If you think about President Obama, you will soon see this in action. He is the most powerful person in America but he is constantly emphasising that he is here to serve. If you can stick to this basic mission statement, and remember how strongly Virgo you are – you will be thrilled with the amazing promotion, opportunity, offer or outcome you see, before September 2016. I do think that building is not for you, though. What are the odds of Mercury turning up twice like this? The universe is talking to you, and saying – that workplace will always pull you in two different directions! If you are curious about its history try and find out what happened there before. I bet you, it was a place of tremendous chaos or inner conflict, in the past.

  31. Could I also know when Saturn is to leave the 4th house of home?Where it was prior to entering the 4th house and where does it go to after leaving the 4th house? Thanks

    1. As a Virgo, you have Saturn transiting your Fourth House of home, family, property, household, home town and homeland throughout 2016 and 2017. Life will move very slowly and you may have to be patient, but please trust the future, as you will be so delighted with your home situation in 2018 and 2019 that it will make up for any waiting game you must play in 2016 and 2017. In the meantime please research your decisions about your house, apartment, relative, flatmate, town or country very carefully and be fully aware of who and what you are getting involved with.

    1. You were born on 30th March 1960, so you are an Aries. You are coming out of the worst financial cycle in 29 years and it takes time. Please be patient. You will have a fantastic opportunity to make and save money when Jupiter goes into Scorpio in 2017 and 2018 when it may be possible for you to make up for every loss you went through in 2012-2015. The worst is over, though. Please trust the future.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    My date of birth is 30-Aug-1963, 23:55 (18.4860575,-69.9312117)
    I’ve been through the most transformational years in my life. I am a widow and a writer. What good is coming?

    1. Saturn passed through Scorpio, triggering the many horoscope factors you have in Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. These signs form a natural cross in the horoscope and there is always a cross to bear when Saturn touches all four corners of it. Congratulations on surviving a really demanding cycle, which I am sure dominated 2013 and 2014 for you, as well as 2015. Okay – the good news! The whole world is in a ‘body’ cycle in 2016 when we will be exploring bigger, better ways to have a good relationship with our body. This has a tremendous impact on you, as you were born with a stellium in Virgo, the sign which rules the body, mind and spirit connection. The choices you are offered, the people you meet, the opportunities you are offered – could all give you an amazing new connection with your own body, by September 2016. From that point forward until 2017 Jupiter goes through Libra and will conjunct your Libra stellium. Jupiter is about healing, growth, expansion, abundance and open doors. Libra is about the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. I do feel that the one you lost will be able to help you from that point, in spirit (I am not sure if you believe in this or not, but as a medium I have to be honest with you). More importantly you will be given a chance to get into a partnership with someone in your personal or work life, from September 2016, into 2017 and this double-act or duet will be one of the most stunning and satisfying of your life. Happy New Year.

      1. Thank you very much for your answer. I really appreciate it. Yes, I think that I have a new “angel” in heaven.
        Congrats for your excellent work and guidance. You are doing an amazing job. I am one of your “fans”
        Happy Holidays!

  33. Hi Jessica, what are your thoughts about quitting a job in the pre-shadow period of mercury retrograde. Is this a good or bad idea? This is for the upcoming pre-shadow period. The problem lies with the employer, very toxic, but a relationship for 7 years. Thank you

    1. You don’t give your birth details so I can’t be specific, but in general, the whole work/professional/business sphere is pretty messy until the middle of February as people will change their minds or ‘done deals’ will alter. It’s a domino effect which spreads right through your industry, profession or field. A ‘wait and see’ policy is a good idea.

      1. Hi Jessica, here are my birth details – 08-July-1982, 03:30 . Do you require anything more?

        1. Mercury Retrograde is not really such a major issue for you – if there was one message about 2016, it would be to pursue a bigger and better apartment or house, in the final quarter of the year and first half of 2017. Alternatively, renovate and decorate. The results will thrill you.

  34. Hello Jessica

    I love love love reading your horoscopes! Your article on Mercury Rx is amazing! I am Aquarius rising (second decan) born 4/21/1980 in Minneapolis, MN. I met a man on a well known dating site(b.10/19/1973 Bergen, Norway) and we are set to meet each other in person around the 3 week of January ’16. Although I did not meet him during a Mercury retrograde, I am really reluctant to meet him during the upcoming retrograde because I am so scared things will awry between us, we have such good thing going right now, I would be crushed if Mercury retrograde screws it up. Help! What should I do?????

    Thank you ❤

    1. Thank you very much – I love, love, love your compliment. Don’t worry so much about the Mercury Retrograde as it does not fall in your house of love, and it does not fall in his house of love either. The real issue here is understanding that relationships for him are a pathway to freedom and independence, so they are not going to be about the conventional route to commitment, security, tradition or safety. They are, in fact, an ongoing experiment for him which revolutionises his approach to what a relationship should be. So if you two continue the journey it will be a little bit like being strapped to someone on a rollercoaster ride, with a big whoosh in April 2016. If you can take the ride on its own merits and live for the moment, you will be in tune with his chart.

  35. Hi Jessica always love reading your insight on the mercury retrogrades 🙂 my birth date details are 9th June 1981 and born at 2.30pm western australian time. I am a gemini sun with a scorpio ascendant.I can’t quite figure out if anything big is coming up for me?

    1. You will develop a bigger and better relationship with the generation born 2001-2016 in the final quarter of 2016 and first half of 2017, as you realise that these children or young adults are the key to something very special for you.

    2. Final quarter of next year, aim to expand the relationship you have with a much younger generation, either as a godmother, aunt, parent, teacher, or in some other starring role with children or teenagers. You will never regret it and will feel tremendously fulfilled by 2017.

  36. Hi Jessica, my date of birth is 5 june and I was hitted by Capricorn story I think

    I did not get my complete payment from 1 of the client and serious dispute started.

    It is a settlement issue

    The client is harassing me

    I am not attending his phone call because I know that he will harass me

    I actually make a fault of not taking in advance and making a trust on client

    When payment time come, client started dispute and harassing me

    But issue started 2 days before 18 decmeber and is still going on

    Do you think, I should attend the phone call of client or his representative who is harassing me on phone.

    He called me 2 days ago but I did not attend, may be he will call me again and try to harass me. Should I attend client’s representative call.

    1. You’re a Gemini which is all I can tell from your question. Mercury rules you and he’s retrograde in your Eighth House of finance, and you know from this article that the cycle goes through stages, now through February. You actually need your personal chart for the kind of micro-information you are looking for, but in general, you can expect this to go backwards/forwards for a while.

      1. Client or his/her representative did not contact me but also did not pay me. Also I did not ask for yet and now is january 17. Do you think client will himself/herself pay me because client is worried about his/her image which I distorted by telling to some people that this client did not pay my money.

        1. The golden rule with Mercury Retrograde is not to add to, or complicate. something which is already complex enough. It is up to you, how you wish to play it, but that’s the astrological textbook advice.

  37. My son is a Virgo/Capricorn rising. With the planets moving from Capricorn to Aquarius, is he moving to a more financially secure time? Thanks in advance for your patience…still trying to learn astrology.

    1. I’d love to tell you that your Virgo son was moving into financial security, but the truth is, he is in a cycle of radical and massive change when it comes to money. It goes beyond the actual salary, debts, credit card, rent – into issues like ‘Who and what will you not sell out for?’ and also ‘Who and what becomes priceless to you?’ This increases the value of what or who matters to him, so he actually gains. It’s a weird way of looking at financial instability, I know, but it is very true of this cycle. You get so much more joy/reward/fulfilment from it because you actually learn to savour, appreciate and really luxuriate in what you *do* possess, earn or own. Okay – there are things he can do to try and lessen the instability. April 2016 is not the month to make big decisions (for example). He can read more about that once I make the April forecast.

  38. Hi Jessica!

    Happy New Year. I didn’t realize until I hit heavy traffic the other day that we were in a retrograde…however, I’ve been putting together situations since Christmas (especially in relationships and finance) that seem to be effected. I am a Cancer born July 22, 1987. Is there anything that I should pay attention to or decisions I should make (or hold off on) this go around?

    1. With both money and love, you need to let things spin around until the second half of February. Don’t start heavy breathing because some man did not reply to your e-mail or follow through on a plan! That’s just one example of what Mercury Retrograde in your Seventh House can do. Similarly with money, business or property – nothing is really going to be settled until the second half of February. This is the time to put on your skates and just move as things move around you. Ice-skating is a good metaphor. Learn to twist and turn, bend and flex and read the ‘ice’ as it changes around you. Also learn to breathe and listen to what your soul is telling you. What you really, really want and need is a core issue here and you are being forced to stop, so while you are stopping, dig deeply for what is true these days. That will lead you to the right choice in the second half of February.

  39. Hi, Jessica

    I want to know about my career. When can I find a job? It seems the Mercury affect me…..

    Thank you.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply. You are the best astrologer I have ever seen.

        I will let you know when I get job.

        Another thing about my marriage. I really want to hear your advice that Is very important to me.

        My mum is sick very seriouse. I want to know when she will get better and cross the barrel. We live in different country I really worry about her. Her birthday is 12/4/1953

        1. Thank you, again. Okay let’s look at your mum. I am sorry she is ill and she is also far away. You have a lot of horoscope factors in Cancer so your mother and your homeland are both a big part of who you are. There is a male in the family she needs to speak to and draw closer to. She does have choices – real options – and if she has not been offered them, she will be shortly. Having choices is important to her with this issue. This covers what she eats, what treatment she chooses, what she does with her life – everything. It is very important that she lives for the day, each day, and does not mark things off calendars or keep worrying about the date/the days/weeks/months. That, by itself, makes her feel quite different about everything.

  40. Do you have plan to have workshop in Sydney? If you do, I definitely will join you as a lot of appreciation to you. Your blog gave me a lot of help specially in 2013-2014. I am Leo you will know what was going on in last 2-3years. Thank you very much Jessica.

    1. I’m really pleased to know that your astrology helped you in the last couple of years. I will pass that onto my webmasters James and Justin. The Sydney workshop is now fully booked, though I am talking to Dymocks about making more room – stay tuned.

  41. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for your reply and also know you need to check a lot of information for answer questions. Thank you for your time.

    The thing I want to hear your advice is about my marrige. Could you tell me anything? You know what is going on. In fact, for these couple of years, my mum, my marrige and career are shaking, my life become more and more mystery that I do not know how to deal with. The only way is to look at your horoscope that give me some guide. So your advice is very important to me. Thanks again.

    1. You have Mars, Pluto, Minerva and Apollo in Libra, which rules marriage as it should be – equal, balanced, fair and harmonious between two people who need each other – but are also needed. When Jupiter moves into Libra in September 2016 improvements will become possible and by 2017 you will have your answer, because you will either be able to fix the problems and repair the marriage, or find an easy way to separate, if that is the only thing that will work. Either way you will be feeling much better about this, from the final quarter of this year and into the first half of next year.

  42. Thanks Jessica for your advice. I understand it takes long time for you to collect these information as you always not only provide the answer but also give the reason. It is also the reason I like reading your astrology.

    I am struggling very much recently so keep asking you many questions. Every time when I read your astrology that seems I am talking with you. You really gave me a lot of help in spirit.

    Wish to see you soon in the Sydney workshop.

    Best wishes

  43. Hi Jessica,

    I have Uranus at 15 degrees and Neptune at 17 degrees in Capricorn. There’s some pretty big stuff happening on my career front now, mostly positive exciting things. Is there a possibility of things going wrong after Mercury goes direct? In addition, I met someone new (potential partner like) a couple of weeks before mercury went retrograde and got to know them better over the retrograde phase. The person in question has been very hot and cold over the retrograde phase though. It would be great if you could help shed some light! I’m a huge fan of yours and hope you’re doing well.

    Thank You!

    1. You should be very happy with your work situation by September, as you not only have important transits to your Capricorn planets, you also have a stellium in Virgo and Jupiter is passing through there this year. Once Mercury is out of shadow in the second half of February, you will find out exactly where you stand. April is one of the most important months of the year, in terms of your general career direction. Potential partners? The Full Moon this weekend is just one degree away from triggering Venus in your chart so this is not straightforward. I suspect you will find out what is going on, once and for all, after Valentine’s Day, and certainly no later than March.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve followed you for years now – ever since 20/20 came out, in 2010? Your insights are always incredible and so I appreciate anything you can offer re: relationships, finances are in chaos right now… My bright spots are work, personal endeavours (which relate to esoteric interests and travel).

    My birthday is Feb 9 82 11:34ET (I’m Aqua sun (20), Gem rising (1) and Virgo moon (8) and the partner’s date is Jun 3 72 13:13ET (Gem sun (13), Virgo rising (20), Aqua moon (28). Really, it’s about the relationship and finances, because everything is already in the works…

    Key dates have been Dec 25, Dec 31/Jan 1, Jan 9, Jan 13, Jan 15…

    1. Thank you very much. You and your partner both have major transits in your finance houses at the moment. You have a pattern in Pisces and Virgo, and your partner has a pattern in Capricorn. You will have a much better idea of where you stand in the second half of February when Mercury moves out of shadow. You do need to sort out the boundaries with the money, house, apartment and/or possessions or March may be confusing. It’s a question of who owns what, who owes what to whom, and so on. Your partner has Pluto transiting the Eighth House and you have Jupiter transiting the Eighth House – this can only happen every 240 years so it’s important.

      1. Thanks for your insight Jessica.

        From an astrologer’s perspective, how does fate differ from destiny in one’s chart? Can you tell if there is a difference between fate and destiny? I’d love your thoughts…

        1. Interesting question. My spirit guide told me some years ago, that we chose our Tube Map through life. We were given a London Underground map, basically, with a number of different journeys and stops. Thus, our destiny is limited, yet it feels and looks broad enough to us, that we can choose our routes and get off or switch when we wish.

  45. Dear Jessica,

    I am really struggling during mercury retrograde. My husband cheated 2 years ago. He said it’s over. We are still together but I seem to always want to end this marriage on mercury retrograde. I can see regrets and guilt in his eyes. Can I trust him? Will he break my heart again??

    Thanks heaps,

    My dob 20 dec 1975 12.30am.
    My husband 22 jan 1974 hours unknown
    Both born in jakarta, indonesia.

    1. Mercury Retrograde won’t really affect your marriage or the relationship with your unfaithful husband. You don’t mention children or pregnancy (yours or other people’s) but this is a key issue. So is any previous pregnancy (yours or somebody else’s). I know you have been hurt and the lack of trust must be awful, but it is also true that in April 2016 you will wake up and realise you are free. You can do what you like. Be who you want to be. Find out what it feels like to have independence, space and room to move. If you can embrace that, around Easter, it will be much easier for you. People often reject their freedom in favour of what or whom they know, but try playing with the idea (in April) of having oxygen in the room.

  46. Hi . I was born on 29 october 1988 in india . I really need to decide a date to get revision eyebrow lift and rhinoplasty by two different surgeons . Since its my second time . I really wish to get it right . Can you please help me to decide a date for the procedures .
    Eyebrow lift preferably in march and then rhinoplasty may be after 2-3 months once i am healed . Any help will be highly appreciated
    Since this is my second and final chance
    Thanks . Hope to hear from you soon .

        1. Mercury dates will appear in your weekly free horoscope. For a chart please become a Premium Member and wait list – but hurry – time is up, end of March.

          1. I’m so sorry my reply did not come through to you! I was travelling and in Australia the internet is pretty bad, on the move. Okay, so we are talking about Mercury Retrograde here, but as it will affect you only very slightly, I would rather talk to you about Venus in Virgo in your horoscope. Why? Because you have an unusual square to your Sagittarius factors (look and you will see that the numbers line up almost exactly, with just one degree difference). As Jupiter crosses your Venus in Virgo between now and September, please be aware that you will be drawn into a work relationship which feels more like a proper relationship! (Of course it may literally be a workplace romance). This is a fascinating, complicated, challenging but ultimately very rewarding duet, where you two could create some memorable products, projects, plans or results together. Watch what happens August-September as the cycle intensifies. You will be strongly in touch with your Virgo side then, which is all about doing her duty to others and performing the best possible service. It will truly enrich you.

      1. Hi Jessica . Thanks . But i wasnt really asking about that . I will copy my question again . I had and eyrbrow lift and Rhinoplasty done .And i need a revision surgery for both the surgeries .

        So i was requesting you to please tell me the best possible dates according to my chart to get the cosmetic surgery
        Done .

        This whole journey since last year was an emotional turmoil for me . So instead of getting my revision done soon . I want to get it perfect . The best possible outcome i can get . Both my eyes look different now . I have had people asking whats wrong with your eyes .
        I really need it to boost up my confidence and obviously feel pretty .
        So Can you give me best date to get eyebrow lift done along with dimple creation .

        Hope to hear from you soon .

        1. I know you have asked me this question before. I need to explain how astrology works. The results of cosmetic surgery affect the surgeon as much as you, so for a start – you would need the birthdate and time of the surgeon concerned, to see what transits he/she is experiencing when you ask for work to be done. I am very sorry you have had issues with the work done on your eyes. I mentioned before that it would be a smart idea to get second and even third opinions from surgeons. Have you done that? We have a ton of retrogrades this year, which is all about rehearsing, reviewing, rethinking. Not charging ahead. I also need you to read the story I wrote on this website – How to Use My Astrology.

  47. Hi jessica . Hope you are doing good . I got the chart done . This whole journey since last year was an emotional turmoil for me . So instead of getting my revision done soon . I want to get it perfect . The best possible outcome i can get . Both my eyes look different now . I have had people asking whats wrong with your eyes .
    I really need it to boost up my confidence and obviously feel pretty .
    So Can you give me best date to get eyebrow lift done along with dimple creation .
    Also the surgeon suggested to go for a chin implant . Do you think that would help me ?
    Will i be happy to add that to the procedure .
    Hope to hear from you soon .

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