The North Node and South Node are changing signs in November 2015. What does that mean for you?

The Meaning of the North Node and South Node

The North Node and South Node are changing signs in November 2015. What does that mean for you? And how do the Nodes in your personal astrological chart show past life karma?

The North Node and South Node are finally moving signs in November and we will see them switch from Libra and Aries to Virgo and Pisces. This is great news for the planet as some good karma with new drug discoveries, cures for illness and breakthroughs in medicine are coming. I will explain why in this podcast – along with specific details about the Nodes in your life.

You can see how the Nodes work just by looking at the way different countries have lived out their Node placements in 2015.

The United Kingdom chart set for 1st January 1801 shows the North Node in Aries (war) and the South Node in Libra (partnership). She has karma with Germany. This year, the United Kingdom had to deal with Angela Merkel and some very old debts and credits as her nodes were triggered.

The China horoscope set for 25th December 1947 shows the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio, the money signs. This was the year these Chinese share market crashed. Again, her nodes were triggered.

And if you’re still not sure about how powerful the Nodes are -

The American chart set for her constitutional ‘birthday’ of 15th November 1777 shows the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. She was ‘born’ by separating from Mother England. Cancer rules mothers. 

This placement was triggered on 9/11 when the Nodes were again in Cancer and Capricorn and she turned to her ‘mother’ country just as her ‘mother’ country has always turned to her.

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36 Responses

  1. Hi, Jessica! Thank you for the info on the nodes. What does it mean if the nodes are back in the same spot as your natal nodes? What part of my life does that effect?

    1. When the Nodes reach 26 degrees of Virgo/Pisces you can address one or most past lives which revolved around your body. You may have been a doctor. You may have been a long-term patient. The body and its impact on your mind and spirit is your big ‘ask’ in terms of karma and you will learn a lot about it once you have your Nodal return. Jupiter will also pass 26 Virgo along the way so by 2017 your growth in this area will be phenomenal.

  2. Interesting podcast Jessica. My birth chart shows my north node is in Aries and my south node is in Libra. What does this mean for me and how will the recent sign change affect me?

    1. The Nodes in Pisces/Virgo won’t have much of an impact on your own Nodes. However, Jupiter in Libra certainly will. An opportunity to address past life karma with your partner, ex or potential lover will appear from the second half of next year into the first half of 2017.

    2. You are in the greatest phase of change in your life, where your relationship with your former, current or potential partner is concerned. It will not be over until 2017. It is through this person that you will learn everything you incarnated to learn about balancing the scales.

  3. Jessica – this is fascinating! As a Gemini, what do I take from the North node in my chart 13 Gemini, South node 13 Sagittarius? Does this have particular implications in relation to my opposite number? And Saturn in Sagittarius? Is the pattern Nov 29 at 13 Sag particularly significant? Sorry – lots of questions. Relationships an area of concern!Thanks, as always, for your insights! PS thanks for your response re Pisces factors and writing – very illuminating.

    1. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis in your personal birth chart is not about love, it is about writing, education, publishing and languages. And you have taken that pathway in one past life – or perhaps many of them. The stellium in Gemini and Nodes give it away.

  4. Dear Jessica,

    I love reading your forecasts every week/month. I have just become a member for your web. I am an Aries 8th April 61. You are right in saying have paid the heaviest price in my life for the last ten years. According to you things are very much looking better for me. Can you comment on the nodes changing and how it’s going to change my future.Thank you.


    1. You are strongly Aries – I don’t know if you are aware of that. You make your own luck and you also make your own way. You are suited to ‘fighting the good fight’ so if you have not already found a good cause to lobby for, now is the time. Unless you do this, and seek some kind of campaign to make the world a better place, you will find you are not as happy as you might be. Alternatively you may be drawn into feuds or difficult relationships, as Aries must fight to feel alive. As Uranus goes through Aries, it slowly conjuncts each of these chart placements in turn, challenging you to become galvanised. To wake up, almost as if someone had touched you with a live electrical wire! Ignoring this call to action tends to make someone with a tremendous amount of Aries in their chart rather frustrated, or stuck – and not knowing why. So when you feel the call to action, please take it. You may feel a little wired, but you will be doing what you were put here to do – which is to take whatever annoys you or even angers you, and use that energy to convert passion into action. It is often Aries types who change the world for the better, if they can just resist the usual rush to a battle, for a battle’s sake. There are bigger, greater ways to do that.

  5. Hi Jessica, 01 south node in cancer and 01 north node in Capricorn will I feel any impact?

    1. Actually you went through the biggest shift in 240 years, some time ago. Soon after Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, he moved to conjunct your North Node in Capricorn and oppose your South Node in Cancer. So you have done your karmic shift with career and home. With work or property. With your ambitions or your family.

  6. I really enjoyed this podcast because I too have north node in Cancer within 4 degrees of Venus and I’ve made a similar choice to pursue career, although I didn’t realise early on that was the choice I was making…

    While the nodes go back through a sign a number of times during a life, the other planets in transit are also making different aspects to the natal chart? So each time the north node makes an encore transit through a sign, it’s part of a dynamic interplay with the natal planets but the other transits are also having an impact. Which dominates? Is there a pecking order of transits?

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast, I will pass that compliment onto James and Justin, my webmasters. It’s really interesting that you decided to pursue your career (or your soul did, before you reincarnated). That often happens when you have been a housewife and mother for too many lifetimes, or done it too relentlessly in the last one! In general, the most important transits are those which affect the greatest number of horoscope factors. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, the IC and Minerva are all in Taurus in your horoscope, so once you reach the North Node in Taurus cycle you will really know it. That is a few years away, of course. I suspect a major financial shift is coming after 2018 when Uranus moves into Taurus and you may want to be prepared for that. The whole world will move onto a different way of banking, handling currency and processing payment. You will play a micro part in that macro event but it will also be rather an unpredictable time so you need to be prepared for that some years before. Look at the fine print on your financial, business, insurance, pension, superannuation paperwork.

  7. Hi Jessica, this is fascinating. I’m a Leo and my north and south nodes are in Aries and Libra respectively in my birth chart. Is there any impact in my horoscope with the new position of the nodes? Thank you.

    1. What interests me is your Moon at 27 Virgo and the fact that Jupiter is slowly moving towards a conjunction. This can only happen every 12 years and by 2016, you really must snap up an opportunity to handle your body and also your work completely differently. There are bigger, better, more satisfying and compelling ways to work ahead. And also to view the mind, body and spirit relationship. This could result in quite a different approach to your lifestyle and daily routine by next year and it would be of lasting benefit to you. I would describe it as you finally discovering how much you ‘need to be needed’ by being of total service to others. If you are curious about this side of your personality read more widely on the Moon in Virgo and do enjoy this cycle.

      1. Thank you Jessica. I have always found it difficult to marry my sun sign personality type to what i feel and your pointing me towards studying moon in virgo has resolved that conflict. Strange that my sun sign and ascendant don’t describe me as effectively as my moon. Very helpful.

  8. Hi, Jessica! I just found your website, became a premium member and I feel like I have opened up a treasure box. I can’t wait to delve into everything further. Thank you for sharing your talents and vision. What brought me here was some pretty ominous (seemingly negative 🙁 ) readings from other astrology sites about the end of this month for me. On the 29th of this month, November, my birth chart shows the exact same stars/degrees as that day. (13 degrees Mercury and 13 degrees Fortuna) I am a Sag born on December 16, 1970 in Virginia USA. Could you give me further insight into this? Thank you!

    1. Thank you, that is a lovely compliment I will pass onto James and Justin. Let me look at your horoscope to see if things really are that ominous…there is actually nothing really major to be concerned about. What does occur to me, though, is that you have been through the heaviest financial cycle in 29 years in recent times. Consequently December and January will give you a chance to make up for lost time as the discussion about the money, the business, the house, the possessions or the apartment will put you on completely different ground in the lead-up to Christmas and the period after New Year.

  9. Hi Jessica . This is such a shame . Only plays 2 minutes and then goes back to the beginning. Anyway the podcast can be in written form ? I would love to know what you had to say. I am Virgo north node Pisces south node . Sun sign Virgo as well. Love Christine X

  10. Hi Jessica, I’m a Libra born on Oct.12, 1982 sometime between 9.30 and 11.30 Cairo, Egypt. How, when and in which domain in my life will the nodes affact me. Many thanks!

    1. The North Node is in your Twelfth House of secrecy, classified information, uncredited efforts and life behind the scenes – out of view. The South Node is in your Sixth House of work and the body. You will meet situations you have met many, many times before in this life or others.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    I am Capricorn, 20th Jan, my chart reads that the northnode was in sag and southnode in Gemini. What do I make out if this. Also, I read that I am done with Pluto wrt to career and home changes. But the Pluto influence is gonna be there till 2024 rt…!

    1. You have the Nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini? You had a past life which involved plenty of travel. Those nationalities or places will return to you in this lifetime. Moving right along – I am not sure what you are talking about, regarding Pluto. I think you might be reading another astrology column with different information. Pluto is in Capricorn now. It has nothing to do with career or home. It has everything to do with your image.

  12. Finally took the plunge and trying a premium membership, very interesting so far! As an Aries (14/04/73) 14.04 hrs, I have had the toughest time in the past few years. Can’t help but feel though, that things are lifting, certainly within myself. I’m about to embark upon a very personal creative project, just wondering if I should continue or settle for safety in the coming year? Thanks in advance

    1. Do you mean the personal creative project replaces a normal job? If so, then you may need to look at the fact that we are in a phase when hard work, service and duty pay off – but alternatives to actually working, will be harder to establish. In actual fact you have Jupiter conjunct your Virgo Moon in this 2015-2016 cycle so that part of you, which needs to be needed, by working hard will be given a wonderful new space. You can double your luck if you are working in an area where the mind, body, spirit connection is the priority.

  13. Ha! Yes, a writing project. I don’t have to go back to a normal job until next year so the project would be from now thru the next year. And In partnership with another person, albeit someone I have implicit trust in. Thank you for getting back to me, decisions, decisions!

    1. Allow more time than you would normally, for the writing project. The reason being that Saturn is crossing your Ninth House of internet and publishing (and sitting very heavily on your Sagittarius chart factors) while he opposes, or clashes with, the Gemini chart factors in your Third House of writing. Try to find out as much as you can about what will actually be involved before you commit yourself. And really figure out the logistics and time-frame as you are likely to hit delays and obstacles, which is typical of this cycle. Of course, great projects are sometimes made that way.

    1. I’m sorry about that. Let me pass you onto the HELP button on this website, for technical issues. The funny thing is, the Nodes are about repetition. So the podcast repeating is probably a cosmic message about that too!

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Having a stellium in Virgo along with my north node, and south node in Pisces …. north node transiting now in Virgo, does this mean I have been of service to others in many lifetimes? And my south node in Pisces, wondering if that is the reason I an so interested in astrology/spirit/knowledge that is not mainstream?

    Thank you, love all your work!


    1. The stellium in Virgo along with the North Node suggests one or more lifetimes in service. You may find that particular jobs (or even housework) triggers deja vu, as you have worked hard for others so many times before. Your body, mind and spirit relationship is also a karmic issue. The stellium in Sagittarius describes your interest in astrology and deeper knowledge.

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