Ceres in Aquarius October 2015 to January 2016

Ceres is in Aquarius until 28th January 2016. With factors in Aquarius then you will have a process of power-sharing, compromise and a whole new order.

On Tuesday 27th October 2015 Ceres moved into Aquarius, where she remains until 28th January 2016.  If you have heavenly bodies, angles or points in Aquarius (and particularly if you have more than three of them) then you are about to see a three-month process of power-sharing, compromise and a whole new order with your group. This group may be a band, charity, team, association, society or club.

Even if you don’t have Aquarian chart factors, one area of your life will still go through a three-month transformation in the balance of power. In your public life (as opposed to your very private life) it will affect this area of your existence –

ARIES Old and new friendships.
TAURUS Your ambitions and goals.
GEMINI Travel – literally or in the mind.
CANCER Money and all it can purchase.
LEO Former, current and potential partners.
VIRGO Your working life and your body.
LIBRA Children and parenthood-potential people.
SCORPIO Your home, family, nation and town.
SAGITTARIUS Communication in all its forms.
CAPRICORN Money, business and property.
AQUARIUS Your persona, title and image.
PISCES Your secrecy and your invisibility.


In mythology, Ceres was the goddess who lost her daughter Proserpina to Pluto, whose passion for the latter saw him breaking through the earth, from the Underworld, to seize her. There is a famous statue of the moment, much copied, created by Bernini at the age of just 23. Sometimes called The Rape of Proserpina, it is generally known as The Abduction of Proserpina. If you look at the sculpture carefully you will see she is also in a position of power. In fact, the entire story (man, woman and mother) is about the battle for control and the search for empowerment. The fall-out from the abduction changed the world. Ceres found her identity away from her daughter and was forced to accept her offspring’s new role and title, as Pluto’s queen and wife. Pluto was also forced to accept that his new love would be away from him, for six months of the year. Proserpina herself went from having no power at all, to being a substantial power-player in the delicate balance between her husband and her mother, taking turns to spend six months with each.


Ceres is symbolised by The Four Seasons and this famous piece of music was itself subjected to a Pluto/Ceres/Proserpina process in the same year Ceres was discovered and named, in 1801. Musical titans Muller, Van Swieten and Haydn were involved in what can only be called a power play-off that year.

Why The Four Seasons? Ceres ruled the seasons and when her daughter was taken, she went into depression, then an enraged piece of strike action, which put the natural flow of the four seasons on hold. The famous oratorio was also (as you can see, above) uncannily at the heart of a struggle between rival musical egos in the year, 1801, Ceres was found and given her name.

This idea of  ‘to everything, there is a season’ as The Byrds once sang, is quite helpful in a Ceres cycle. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn all must take their turn and all have their own value. They are parts of the whole, just as musicians are part of a wider piece of work. All are different yet equal.

In the original myth, Pluto had Proserpina for Autumn and Winter. Ceres had her for Summer and Spring. In your own life, watch the impact of Ceres in Aquarius as one area of your existence becomes ‘seasonal’ within a very short three-month time-frame. This means quite a different rhythm, to the one you are accustomed to. It also means that all concerned will have to take their turn, enjoy their moment, and accept their ‘season’ in this new climate.


You are defined by your friendships and the alliances and camaraderie you have within the wider group. The more Aquarian you are, the more your life is described by your friends and the circles of people to which you belong. The Aquarius in Rome was the water-bearer – quite literally – who supplied the city with its water. This ancient symbol reminds us that without water, there were no public baths, and without the Roman public baths, there was no community. You ‘feed’ the community just as the Aquarius once supplied the people at their local gathering place.

This will be on the line when Ceres is in Aquarius and you need to look at the degree (number) of your Aquarius placement then track the movement of Ceres across it, because when she reaches the exact same degree, you will see a real-life example of the Pluto, Ceres and Proserpina myth played out, with a friend or group in your life.

Astrology is about awareness and just knowing the symbolism will help you work your way through the necessary compromise.

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42 Responses

  1. Got sun at 8 cap and (Moon, Asc) in Leo, Jupiter at 17aqua natally
    Will this Ceres cycle play out financially or partner.Bcz Both are doomed currently

    1. There is no ‘doomed’ in astrology as destiny is negotiable! Yes, you will have to sort out your finances until February 2016. It is no big deal and it will be forgotten once you have done it. You have the Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio so have been through the worst financial cycle of your life, as you had your Nodal Return in the same signs but also Saturn there. This is the final clearing-up phase but do not be concerned as the worst is over. The partnership has been part of that. In fact you have not been able to separate it. However, you have also learned about putting a price on people, and people putting a price on you. And now you know who and what is precious and what is not. That will help you all your life.

  2. Hi Jessica. Very interesting article.An email you sent out last week regarding current planet positions and how to read them peaked my interest also. I have Ceres at 6 degrees Aquarius, where it will pass through in about a weeks time. As I have a basic understanding of astrology I was maybe looking for a brief commentary about what to expect around that time. PS Love the Blogs,very informative and helpful for us beginners.

    1. Thank you very much, I will share that compliment with my webmasters. Your Ceres Return will involve a fair amount of people politics with your friend and also with the group. There are lots of questions here about who has the power, and who doesn’t have the power. None of this really helps any of you, so it is best to look past that, and instead think about a different way to run the friendship or a new way to be part of the group. It’s not a huge deal in your life but it is important, emotionally.

  3. Hello Jessic
    I’m delite with the map of my life you did for me and all the information.

    I can’t wait for your xmas present.
    Thanks very much.
    Cheers Tita

    1. Thank you Tita. The journals will be available over The Twelve Days of Christmas. They include labyrinth meditations to colour, to help mindfulness and meditation. There are also key dates for the year and you can add to the journal over the whole of 2016 with complimentary downloads every month.

  4. Hi Jessica. Thanks for all of your valuable knowledge. Could you please give me some indication of what Ceres may bring for my Aquarius Asc Moon Venus and Chiron!! Very curious! Thanks.

    1. Thank you very much. You are part of a circle of people – somewhere between The Bletchley Circle and the cast of Girls or Friends – which is a genuine community. You might call it a tribe. One of the people involved has a multi-layered friendship with you. Between now and February, when a big decision is made at last, there will be questions about who has the upper hand, or who/what is in control of the friendships and the group as a whole. Try to avoid ego or power issues. Basically, you all have to change, and there needs to be a new set-up. It also has to work. People have to learn to share and compromise. I suspect you knew one of the women in a past life. The process is over by Valentine’s Day.

  5. Definitely lots of drama for some married Virgos as described inthe monthly November report. My son, 6 Sep 1980, 5:40pm, Bad Canstatt Germany says he is At-wits-end in his marriage to a Pisces and claims she is clueless. Read your reports recommending “recalibration” and he says all efforts to keep the marriage together have been his. Any further recommendations are greatly appreciated.

    1. Your Virgo son is married to a Pisces woman? Wow. Those two have really got their work cut out for them. It’s actually an identity issue. In order to actually make it function, one of them has to cover up or deny who he/she actually is. And that is very tough because we all need to be celebrated for who we are! Moving along from this, there will be solutions and relief, following some useful insights in December 2015, January 2016 when the real issue – which is children, pregnancy, parenthood – is under the microscope. March 2016 is another big month of decision making but either way, stay or go, your son will be so much happier. I can’t help noticing that you have Ceres opposite Proserpina in your horoscope and you are, of course, the mother-in-law in the situation. It would be quite stressful for you to buy into their story – you may prefer not to do that. If you are curious about what this means, look at the story of Pluto, Ceres and Proserpina in mythology. Sometimes myths can really resonate.

  6. You have been speaking throughout the year of cancerous getting their power back with an ex. This did happen at one point. He he started to fade away again so did your write ups about this fact. Wondering if things will improve again?

  7. Hi I have Ceres at 14 degree Aquarius (Retrograde). I am starting on a new project on the 9th of November for a year. This is new territory for me and I would like to see how the project is going to benefit for the future? Both from a career and financial perspective

    1. Hello. The project is really not important to your long-term career, yet it will teach you to work with a group of people and divide the rights, roles and responsibilities among the team. This phase will be over by February 2016. This project is not about success and it is not about money; it is about learning more about individual needs for control, power and identity and how that can be made to work within a circle of people.

  8. New to premium membership, and getting fascinated by this astrology stuff….trying to interpret like building lego for me! If i’m understanding things right, there should be a big karmic shake up re relationship/money this week? And need to balance the body stuff. I have a few planets at 27, 28, 29 degrees, (5), 19 degrees (2) and 5 degrees (3). Would be grateful to know if i’m on the right track with this….sounds like a momentous week??

    1. You are right, astrology is a lot like building Lego, one block at a time. You are on the right track, when you talk about both money and the body. These are the two big positive change areas over the next 12 months. Having learned some hard lessons about banks, salary, debts and all the rest in recent years you are now very clear about the ‘rules’ of your life and at last, you are in a position to implement them. Be quick to seize on obvious opportunities or deals you could be making. It doesn’t have to be buying and selling – it could be swapping. You can make or save a lot of money in this cycle (or gain through cash in kind – for example, a borrowed car or tiara!) The body is the other great concern, especially as you have a stellium – or cluster – of horoscope factors in Virgo. If you have not put your body first, then your body will demand that you do so. Why? Because you are on this planet to learn about the body and its workings, and to really explore every facet of health and healing. It may be intense and sometimes relentless, but you will be amazed at how much you can transform yourself and your life for the better. The key word for this cycle is EMPOWERMENT. If you have never really felt powerful in your body, or about your body – then it’s time. If you have never really felt that you are in control of your body – then it’s time. All this comes to you as Jupiter transits Virgo. If you are new to astrology please watch the moments that Jupiter reaches the degree (number) that exactly matches your own Virgo placements. That’s when you will be handed a chance.

      1. Thanks….onward I go with my astrological quest! could you help me understand my sun/ venus/cupido/psyche (all leo) vulcano (sag) and mars (aquarius) story? Involved with an aquarian but it is hard work!

        1. I apologise for this very late reply but I have only just found the time to come back to all my comments on this old story! The message holds for any year of your life though. If you are still with that Aquarian it will be very hard work because of your Leo stellium. Leo is opposite Aquarius in the zodiac, of course. One way through if you are still together is to find a group that involves younger faces. It may be an astrology group that your friend is involved with – the one who gave you a godchild – that also has people born 20+ years after you front and centre. There are many examples.

  9. Hi Jessica! Absolutely love u n the fact that u empower rather than just enlighten. I do have 3factors of Aqua ( moon, Pallas n Juno – dob: Nov 28, 1965 11:30pm baghdad, Iraq) n frustrated w/ an ongoing on/off relationship since 2010 w/ a flip-flopper Gemini (dob: May 29, 1979 time unknown). And alas – yes, i hate his 2faced mother/sisters n they despise me bc they’re scared I’m gonna make a man out of him. Is there a light at this non-ending tunnel??1

    1. What a great compliment, thank you. I think we have all been involved with flip-flopper Gemini men. Did you know that you get as much emotional satisfaction and enjoyment from friendship as you do from love? In fact, often more so? Never lose your friends and always be open to making new friends, as it is deep and long-lasting friendships with people of both genders which will bring you the most incredible connections in your life. Okay, let’s get back to Flip Flop. If you decide to stay with him, you will be up for extremely hard work in 2016, 2017. Do you want the work? And also be honest about children and babies. Have a discussion with yourself.

  10. I am once again 5/2/1974(Taurus Sun, Leo Asc and Virgo Moon.) Strongly Aquarian with Fortuna 12 degrees, My DESC 9 degrees, Bacchus 27 degrees, Salacia 5 degrees, Vulcano 26 degrees and Psyche 10 degrees. If i am understanding right this is a powerful time for myself coming into power over friends and partners. is this correct?

    1. You will have the chance to start or develop one or more partnerships in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017. These partnerships will be romantic and/or work – you choose. However the real work starts now as you can lay good foundations for the future with the person concerned, or get to know new people who will move into position to become your partners, by this time next year.

    1. There is a waiting list of over a year for lifetime horoscopes but if you become a Premium Member you can waitlist now. Every horoscope is created by me, not by staff or a computer program, thus the wait. Thank you.

  11. Thanks very much Jessica. I’ve just listened to part of your podcast on the North Nodes and amazed to see that this is the Rahu and Ketu I ve listened about in Indian astrology. Traditionally I’ve heard when Rahu enters your sign it’s not a good period. I have just noticed that North Node entered Virgo on the 12th for 18 months. I also want to see what impact this will have on my chart as I have Sun in Virgo and moon in Pisces . I also have taken on this project which is brand new to my area of knowledge. I’m apprehensive whether I can complete this successfully?

    1. Thank you. This is Western astrology, not Indian/Vedic so you can’t really apply the Rahu and Ketu interpretations of India (for a start, they read a different sky!) You have a stellium in Virgo. Both Jupiter and the North Node will pass over that, by 2017, giving you a chance to look at your body – and the mind, body, spirit relationship. Plenty of opportunities for new understanding, progress and growth.

  12. Dear Jessica, I have Ceres in 15 deg Cancer and Salacia in 14 deg Aquarius. How this will affect my love life currently with Leo man with moon in Pisces. We have got a very deep friendship.

  13. How will this affect me im a premium member and i have birth chart details on my profile. Im terribly concerned my son is deteriorated badly he feels he hasn’t long left. My daughters abuser is being arrested sometime before xmas. Still single but work has definately picked up being much more consistant. Is this a positive move with Ceres or should i be concerned?? Im a premium member the first to comment yet i have no answer?? Have i not done the comment correctly??

    1. I’ve just picked up your comment successfully, thank you for posting. I have also looked at your birth chart. One of the issues is that you see your role as mother to your son – and mother to your daughter – as your job. It’s actually not your job. You have a job elsewhere. They are independent of you and have their own lives to create. That is the basic message with Ceres and difficult Ceres transits. This goddess is a powerful archetype, about 2000 years old, and she teaches us that mothers have to find their own way and allow their offspring to do the same. They also have to allow for the fact that their children can become powerful people in their own right. This is usually quite hard to hear as we have all been told that there is a certain way to be a mother, or have a mother-daughter/mother-son relationship. There is life beyond them. They have a life beyond you. If you are curious about this please read about the myth of Ceres, Pluto and Proserpina online as it can be very healing. Sometimes a myth from Roman times has a cathartic effect and can create a shift in us. It may be the case for you as well. I am sorry you are having such a difficult time. Look at the patterns with the children and also the patterns with your own mother and grandmother, as Ceres also rules these two women as well. Maybe you can find your own answer without needing an astrologer!

      1. Thanks so much for the answer. My son is dying so he literally is my full time job, he is close to the end we think i dont know. My role is up in the air once he passes who am I?
        With my eldest the Ceres Proserpina thing is dead on he wants to be an adult, and he is i have to let go, which is why we have been struggling so i can see i should step back.
        Same with my daughter its not a job, ive been seeing it that way. I will stop and adjust my behaviour.
        Again u are dead on my relationship with my mum & her mom does make sense now you say it i see the light.
        I need to stop fighting the loss of my son and realise that its his job and my job to live after he is gone but after 17 years of care who am i when he is gone and no longer his mom his carer??

        1. I am sure you know you have Saturn in Cancer, the sign of family. It can be so very hard to deal with, and I am so sorry you are being put through this, as well as your son and his brothers and sisters. However, I must add – you have Apollo in Cancer too. The sign of leadership. You are here to lead others with family matters. In fact, you will be admired and even imitated by those who come to respect how you live your life as a mom. You may want to read more on Saturn and Apollo online and see how the myths apply to your life. Sometimes just knowing the myth can be very healing. I am so glad you are turning the corner in understanding Ceres as well. And again, that myth will tell you so much. Astrology can be a very mysterious and powerful thing sometimes. As you are going to need a ton of support and help, can I also suggest you try Reiki? Please go to Google and look for my friend Kerry McNally who has an amazing website with many free things to try. My heart goes out to you. As a medium I can tell you, with my hand on my heart, that we don’t die. I am sure you know this too. Go to YouTube and search for Gordon Smith, an amazing medium from Scotland. What he has to say will give you a lot of strength.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Your forecast is the most accurate. No one else even scratches the issues that you are taking.

    I have Ceres at 0deg Virgo. For the last 3 years I have been out of job and wanted to join my previous organization but things are getting delayed. With the node change, how does it effect my career and employment.

    I am premium member and wanted to know regarding the 2016 & lifetime forecast wait list as I have already submitted twice and no response.


    1. Thank you very much for this compliment. If you have applied for a horoscope then you will be on my waiting list. However, you should also pick up the personal horoscope journal for 2016 which I will give to you, as a Premium Member, this Christmas. Okay, let’s look at your job situation. The best advice I can give you is to not have any preconceptions about what ‘should’ happen and what ‘must’ happen. Try to allow yourself to be surprised by life. To invent a new way to work. There are people and organisations who can help you, but you have to be open. The best way forward is not to presume that the conventional, usual, time-honoured or traditional way to work, is the right one. Those days are over for the moment. Instead, you need to dance with life and open yourself up to experimentation and innovation. Write down the skills and talents you have to offer on one side of a sheet of paper. They may include personal qualities or qualifications. On the other side, write down what you are seeking from work. Is it security, freedom, respect, or something else? Leave it out overnight and silently ask your guides and helpers in the spirit world to try and assist you in making a match. Out there, someone will be looking for what you have to offer, and be able to offer some or all of what you are seeking. Look for signs and clues shortly after this and follow them.

  15. Hi, mi Ceres is 25 Capricorn, MC26 aquarius, Asc 7 Gemini. I have a Taurus friend with Asc in aquarius, TNOrth 6 aquarius. Do you think we can have a good relationship?

  16. Dear Jessica,
    I´m an Aquarius with Aries ascendent. You´ve been talking about the terrible Saturn Cycle in Scorpio and how it affected finances and achievement for both signs of mine – yes, it was a terrible period for me, for sure. But you´ve wrote Saturn would be gone at September, then I´ve waited for september for things to get better.
    Nothing got better.In fact things are worse because the period june-august was so hard for cash to flow that now I have a lot of delayed debts…
    Then I´ve read that when Saturn is in the 8th house your finances go crazy – Saturn left my 8th house in the end of October. I´ve read too that when Saturn leaves your 8th house it brings you a gift. I´m wondering where is this gift and what it should be like…
    Then you wrote, a few days ago, that Neptune was retrograde and thaat´s why things were so messed up. Well, Neptune is going direct right now and this week (nov 18th) I had a lot of awful news about money and debt, including judicial recovery of debt that I have to respond.
    So I just want to know: are things going to get better for real? Or is this my chart that is completely messed up? I have Chiron on the 2nd house, does it mean that my finances will be awful for my whole life? Seriously, I can´t hold on on this anymore, anytime I make a huge effort and think that things will be better, everything falls apart, since 2012.
    Sorry to be so negative but it´s been so lng that i´m trying to fix things on my financial life but nothing seems to work. Starting to loose hope 🙁
    I was born in Brazil, city of Botucatu, State of São Paulo – January 21st, at 10:30am.
    Thanks for aswering.

    1. Saturn has nothing to do with your money, if you are an Aquarian. It affected your career. That cycle is now over. You will no longer experience difficult learning experiences in connection with your work. In fact, you have completely new choices in November 2015 through February 2016 that will put the past to bed. Okay – money! That is quite a different matter. I am not sure why you think Saturn is in your Eighth House. It is now in your Eleventh House. You sound very confused about your horoscope. I am not sure where you are getting this other information from. I give free readings at Get The Gloss at the end of every month, thank you.

  17. Thanks for answering, dear Jessica.
    I´ve made my personal chart using some astrology site but maybe it´s not the best site to use.Sorry to be so confused, I just have doubts about my financial life because things doesn´t seem to work as I expect and I really need some improvement in this area. Can you tell me anything about this?
    I was born in Brazil, city of Botucatu, State of São Paulo – January 21st, 1980, at 10:30am (summertime).

    1. It sounds as if you may be using wrong astrology information, or even the wrong chart. However, it is possible to see from your birth date that you have been caught up in a financial cycle that is not your fault. Millions of people were! It began in the final quarter of 2012 and is well and truly over, as you read this. What you are doing in November is understanding what has changed, and where to go next. That was then, this is now. The worst is over. Saturn is out of Scorpio.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I am out of my earlier job & have a single job option now which would entail moving away (the option is another city) from family for a considerable period. This will also hamper my daughter education/development. If I do not take this option, there would be eventual financial issue even though this job in its current context is not monetarily beneficial (almost NIL savings ) , though it could later be (i.e by 2nd half of 2016).

    In absence of any options its difficult choice to not take up this offer. I need to confirm over this weekend latest.

    Whats your suggestion?


    1. I understand the job issue. I came to this question very late (on Sunday) so you may have made your choice by now. What you actually need to do is focus on your C.V. and remind yourself of what went down in the final quarter of 2012 through 2013. That is still affecting you now, emotionally, but it is very important to remember that it’s history. Also, things have changed so much, that you may not even have fully understood your new situation. You really did make a big shift. And your life really has moved on – hugely. You are not where you were! This is a whole new ballgame and you need to play it. I feel that you’re not really fully and completely in the game yet. This is your ‘recovery and re-strategise’ month and you have to allow a few feelings and old fears/unhappy memories to surface in order to understand you are just having flashbacks. That used to be real. It is no longer real. And by February 2016 you will truly understand that.

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