Making Bargains with Pluto

If one area of your life is a constant tug-of-war for you, the answer may be Pluto in your horoscope. How can you make bargains with this planet?

If one area of your life is a constant tug-of-war for you, the answer may be Pluto in your horoscope. How can you make bargains with this planet?

Pluto in Capricorn began triggering massive change for you on January 26, 2008 and the transformation will not stop until January 21, 2024. Which area of your life has been so publicly altered? Your Sun Sign tells you, because your Sun Sign is the obvious part of your personality – it’s how you shine and radiate. Your Sun Sign is also something your friends, family and lovers know – it’s not private, like your personal chart. Here’s the scoop on where you are (publicly) transforming. The painting below shows Pluto taking Proserpina – and trying to take over the world. So where in your life, have you been dealing with situations, trends, people or organisations trying to do the same thing to you?

Aachen Raub von Proserpina - Making Bargains with Pluto

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44 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for this interesting article. My DOB is 20/09/1975 in Slovakia. I am Premium member.
    For some years me and my partner try to have a baby. We have tried many ways to have a baby. Does this Pluto cycle in Capricone my house of children means that baby is not for me? DOB of my partner si 15/11/1975

    Thank you very much

    1. Pluto in your Fifth House of children means all sorts of things, as you will see over the next few years. I am sorry you have been so frustrated trying to have a child. Would you adopt? Foster? Would you accept godchildren, nieces or nephews as yours to care for and nurture? Would you think about paid or unpaid work involving children or teenagers? Sometimes loosening up your thought processes can help shift some stuck energy. Use your journal, too, especially as we get into December 2016, January 2017.

  2. Hi Jessica
    Thank you! Another fascinating post! That new moon 19 Capricorn will be exact on my sun. I hope it augers well for the future! Warm wishes to you (and your team).

  3. Hi Jessica. I am a Premium member, and reading the above I feel Pluto is aspecting my rising sign, Gemini more than sun sign Aquarius. Pluto is transiting my 8th house, and it is in my natal 4th house. I am in a power battle with an opponent who is not coherent, nor stable. He is Taurus, born 21 April 1965. I have never encountered an open enemy in my life, but I suspect this is a male/female issue about ego – alpha male not allowing the female to conquer. I really am trying to find resolution through negotiation, and am even ready to let him think he has won – I suspect tendencies of perverse narcissism. I know I am being tested. I want to use my talents and creativity to positive effect, and I know I am not on my true life path, but this person will not allow me closure, and I feel stuck and unable to move on to newer horizons. This is also a financial issue, as cash has been stuck fr almost 5years. I feel like a hamster on a treadmill. I am looking at re-structuring the whole real-estate operation to repackage and sell on everything, and feedback so far has been positive, although market conditions where I live have been dire. I have new projects beckoning, writing the book, producing a movie…but I feel like I go two steps forward, one step back. I need to move forward as I know I have many things to do and offer the world. I just want to know when and if this cycle will become unstuck. Thank you.

    1. You should be released from your issue with Mr Taurus after 2nd August 2016 when Mars finally gets out of Scorpio and he loses the interest in fighting you. Of course he may now be fighting someone else! Your real estate concerns will be completely changed, August through October and you will need to make compromises and trade-offs. Use my new ebook 2020 Astrology, free for you on 1st August, to give you more information about the cycle ahead, which is Ceres in your solar Fourth House.

  4. Dear Jessica you are amazing in the way you analyze your predictions. Like a true philosopher !
    I would like to know till when the Pluto transit will affect me., getting a bit tired may I say!!

    1. Thank you, you are very kind. I can see why you are feeling tired, as you have a stellium in Cancer and Pluto has been steadily moving to oppose that stellium for about the last seven years. The story continues, as you’ve seen. Basically, your family tree, roots, culture, heritage and history is a massive part of who you are. And all that is being challenged, either by very personal circumstances, or by wider trends (for example, your home town or country may be going through a transition which also affects you). There may also be the question of your adopted home, as people do move and make a particular village, town or city their own. The wider issue of your house or apartment is another point to consider on this cycle. As Pluto steadily opposes each Cancerian placement in your chart in turn, you are going to have to deal with people, organisations or situations which take, and take over. (Or attempt to). The good news is, it never lasts. I have seen so many people who are Plutonian come a cropper. The other good news is, even the oppositions strengthen your understanding of what home is, and make you value and appreciate particular branches of the family tree more. You enrich your life by really feeling the value of your house, apartment, chosen town, village, city or country in your world. Do watch the degree (number) position of Pluto as he moves through Capricorn, though, because whenever it lines up exactly with anything in Cancer in your horoscope, you may prefer not to launch into big decisions about your family, country, town, house, apartment, flatmates, village, city etc. It will be intense and you could do without the intensity.

      1. Dear Jessica thank you so much for your time and reply.
        Will definitely watch the position of Pluto as he moves through Capricorn.,

  5. Im confused as yo what I get as a member. Tried getting my birthchart and wont take info..?

      1. At the beginning….Where your dealing with pluto! It’s not a big deal really, but it’s really amazing how accurate you are expecially with dates and different things…I am ready for a massive change ,since 2008 I have felt so lost at times andY biggest fear is making the wrong decision/choice/or just letting go, your site helps me understand or at least try to understand why I am always pulled in different direxriins, emotional, stressed and like someone else said just tired!

        1. Thank you, I am glad the astrology dates are accurate for you. You are heavily Piscean and feeling lost, tired and pulled in two directions is a classic sign of someone who needs to find out more about Pisces and how to use it. Okay. The first thing that will help you is to set aside half an hour, every day, to work on your aura and chakra system. This will help centre you, ground you and revive you. Normally you see the chakra system as block colours of solid purple, blue, green and so on. This technique is a little different. Lie on the bed or sit on the floor. Put ear plugs in it’s noisy. Breathe in silver to clean your energy field. Visualise silver. When you are ready, breathe in gold to strengthen your energy field. Breathe in white, last of all, to help your nervous system heal from the stress. Other colours may occur to you as you do this. This means you need them in your aura. Breathe them in too. This is a very simple first step in slowly beginning to feel better. The second step will be reading as much about Pisces as you can. Remember, your whole life, you will need time alone, every day, to escape from the real world. Then you come back. You need to make powerful borders in your life between imagination, meditation and the other world of visualisation – and reality. This always helps Pisces types. Those who learn how to set borders then cross them, with rules, do really well at life and feel much clearer, happier and not *tired* all the time.

  6. Hi Jessica, this article has just given me some answers to how I have been feeling these past years! I feel that my relationship with my body has changed so much…for example when I was in a job that didn’t suit me it made me literally sick!! It gave me no choice but to quit (best thing I ever did) and consider doing something that I really love!! I also got a strange feeling of vertigo and huge migraine that lasted for days when I was leaving Montreal to return to France where I am currently living (I didn’t feel like going back!!). It was if my body was sending very strong messages each time something is not ok! Could that be the “Pluto effect” on my Leo sign? Also I have moon in Capricorn, does this affect me in any way? Thanks!
    DOB: AUG 17 1975 , MONTREAL, 9:59 PM

    1. Thank you. You were born with Mercury and Venus in Virgo, for a start, which means every time you use the internet, or try to establish a relationship, your body comes with you. Of course that sounds silly, because you are not just a head floating in space – but more than most people, your physical condition influences your spirit and vice versa. You actually have a strong feeling for health and fitness in general, and might eventually pursue that. People use their Virgo in all kinds of ways, from homeopathy to yoga – from the gym to medicine. You are going to benefit greatly from the current Jupiter in Virgo cycle and may want to read up on that, elsewhere on this website. In both chart systems I use for you (Natural Houses and Solar Houses) the Sixth House is packed with activity from now through the first half of 2016 and the Sixth House is also something you may want to find more about as it is a very big deal in your life and within yourself.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I’m planning on moving to another town, change my residence. When would be the best time to do so?
    Thank you.

    1. You may prefer to do that when you are not dealing with a bunch of oppositions to the Cancer stellium in your horoscope. Are you in a tearing hurry to do this? I think you would find it easier once you are past January 2016. If you must do this November-January then please do as much research as possible in internet forums but also by asking the experts the right questions.

  8. Love all of the articles on your blog!
    Sounds like lots of image issues for me but I’m wondering what is coming up for me in regards to relationships?

    1. Thank you Jen. You have a stellium in Libra so of course your partner defines you. The partnership itself – which will always be a difficult but rewarding balancing act – will describe who you are, and what matters, and why you are here. You can have a variety of these partnerships over your lifetime or may decide to imitate some species of bird and mate for life. You are actually part of a generation who have reincarnated to pursue true equality through partnership, and you will have the best opportunity in 12 years to do this, in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017. As the North Node is also departing Libra, I suspect the loop you were in (rather like a time warp) has had a lot to do with how you feel, yet from 12th November 2015 the loop ends altogether. You will notice an opportunity to date someone new, take an existing relationship to the next level, or even reconcile with an ex, once the Sun moves into Libra alongside Jupiter, and October 2016 sees that happening.

  9. Hi Jessica, it seems I am dealing with Pluto on 2 important fronts. Is that how it continues to be till 2024? How to make bargains when you can’t tell which way to turn and feel thwarted in all your efforts? Totally appreciate if you will answer my question. Thanks.

    1. Yes, you have Pluto crossing the Capricorn-Cancer axis of your horoscope, which is a key part of who you are. You are in the ideal position to make bargains with this cycle. You need to deal with your family tree and home town/country and the way this affects your ambition to achieve more. A good example would be succeeding more than your parents or grandparents did, or having to move right away – culturally and geographically – in order to succeed. It works the other way too. You can be so dedicated to a powerful career that you end up leaving behind who you are, where you came from, and who you belong to (and where). The thing about Pluto cycles is the need for a constant balancing act. So it’s give and take, all the time. You will see Pluto manifesting through people, but also through large organisations and even wider trends. Never succumb as if you had no power. The irony is, you do, but you will only see that when you steel yourself, take a deep breath and become self-disciplined. You have chosen an industry, field or profession which will utterly transform over the next ten years or so. You may also switch to another area. Throughout, you must keep making the bargains. And trying to balance those issues about family origins versus social status, ambition versus your home location and so on.

  10. Hi Jessica, great thanks for all your blogs. I’m having a hard time with daily commuting for work and now my office is shifting to a still farther location by July 2016. How can I make this work in this cycle? Relocation or change of job, both are risky, what would you suggest

    1. Thank you. Give this situation time. When they shift your office, this will alter the situation at work, and also with those who compete against your particular business or company. This means people will hire, reshuffle or there may be other offers. There may also be concerns by other people in your workplace about commuting so there may be more than one person demanding compensation or a change. There are many possibilities but please do not worry – after this – your lifestyle and working life in particular will improve by September 2016.

  11. Hi Jessica, I too am experiencing Pluto in my life. I’ve even had a dream I believe fore warning me about someone in my daily working life. It was definitely a premonition.

    Very recently I’ve become even more aware of the need to observe every situation and not get reeled in. This person however does push my buttons (it’s all ego and wrong I know) !!!

    I just hope I can come out with my dignity and my sense of humour and kindness intact. So I really need to know how to bargain with Pluto.

    Life since 2008 has not been much fun……and we all make a few wrong turns.

    But, I love reading your blogs and dancing through the universe with you. 😉

    Blessings be

    1. Thank you – ‘dancing through the universe’ is a brilliant compliment and it describes astrology so well. Don’t worry about your Pluto person. He or she will either leave, do their own thing, be rejected by others or just give up. That’s what happens when one person tries to take over. It never lasts long and this person just will not last, so try not to worry about it too much.

  12. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for this interesting article. My DOB is 20/09/1975 in Slovakia. I am Premium member.
    For some years me and my partner try to have a baby. We have tried many ways to have a baby. Does this Pluto cycle in Capricone my house of children means that baby is not for me? DOB of my partner si 15/11/1975

    Thank you very much

    1. I am sorry that it has been so difficult for you in your pursuit of pregnancy. If you look at your horoscope you will see that you have a huge number of factors in Leo, which rules the Fifth House of your horoscope (parenthood). What sometimes helps in this situation is to set aside the tension and give yourself space and time to play with the possibilities. What about adoption? What about treating a niece or nephew as your own child? What about fostering children who desperately need love? What about working for children who have no families of their own in war-torn countries? I am not saying any of this will come to pass, but sometimes you can unlock a situation by asking the question. What if a friend or relative becomes pregnant and you ask to become the godmother? This takes the stress away, but when you are truthful, sometimes you can alter your own destiny by stumbling across a realisation you were not permitted to admit before. One thing I can promise you – you were meant to guide, mentor and lead a much younger generation and once you are absolutely honest about what you will, or will not , invite into your life – it will happen as it is meant to. You will be Queen to a kingdom of children, or even just one child, but first you must have this conversation with yourself about what your heart and soul would truly accept.

  13. Jessica – you are amazing! I had to go back to this article because I vaguely remembered reading something about power, tug of war, etc and sure enough you are spot on. I’m between a rock and a hard place at the moment with my ex, who has not provided properly for myself and our children, and now debtors … Yes, it was a form of abuse by my ex, but the debt is crushing me. Trying to re-claim that control you speak of… Not sure which path to take. Once again, thanks as always for your insight, and I love your writing!

    1. Thank you Alexandra. Although I am so sorry to hear about the way this man has treated you and the children. Please hang in there. I know the cycle you are going through, and your Happy New Year actually begins in the second half of February. When in doubt reach out to family. You will know who I mean.

      1. Thanks, Jess. I really appreciate your feedback. As it unfolds, you are completely spot on. Will take note of what happens from Dec 22, and the full moon on Christmas night! With my Moon at 2 Cancer, I guess that’s close enough to feel it! Iron will, then!

  14. Hi Jessica, I’m a cancarian DOB 20/07/65, buckling under the strain of Pluto! In the past 18 months I’ve lost my father, my husband has walked out – he became very dominant and quite aggressive DOB 12/02/63, and I’ve had to move back in to a place that has too many ghosts from the past.
    Exhausted, overwhelmed and still love my husband. Any insights deeply appreciated…

    1. I am so sorry to see what you have been through – your horoscope clearly shows it, yet this can only hit you once every 240 years. You will be delighted by the property improvements, renovation or wholesale move, which becomes so easy for you in the final quarter of 2016 and first half of 2017. At that point family healing will take place. You will make your next milestone decision about your husband or a potential new lover in December 2016, January 2017.

  15. December 2015 and January 2016 were unbelievably stressful and awful for me. My beloved 15 year old cat was dying of cancer in her face, and I was dedicating all my time trying to save her with herbal and homeopathic treatments. The cancer took no notice and relentlessly kept growing. On January 11th I had to make the decision for euthanasia, and Jan 13th she was gone. I’ve never wanted children – my animals are my children, so this was indeed family-related.

  16. Just read this week’s weekly and doing my research on Pluto (again…)

    I have a Pluto in my life (heavily Cap, wouldn’t you know…) who popped up at almost exactly the same time that Pluto entered my solar seventh. I’d like for us to have a positive relationship (we have a child together) but the power-games and manipulative aspects of the relationship have really taken it out of me.

    At the moment I’m working on getting a bit of distance and ‘dancing to the beat of my own drum’ (to quote your weekly) but I don’t want to lose my humanity altogether when dealing with him. I’m also loath to give up hope that one day we’ll be able to get past all the weirdness – which right now is consolidated by seven years of stressful situations and strange events – and to be able to interact in a straightforward and drama-free way.

    Or maybe the Pluto-type issues are mine? I don’t even know right now. My question is: are Plutonian issues inseparable from Plutonian people, and is it possible for Pluto-people to grow out of their Plutonian ways? I’m very fond of him and we would get on well if it wasn’t for the bleak black incongruous weirdness that pops out whenever Pluto gets aspected…

    1. It’s not unusual for a man to manifest Pluto when you have Pluto going through your solar Seventh House. It is particularly easy for men who have exact Pluto aspects in their natal charts, or a stellium in Scorpio. The stress of having a child together and seven years of hard work must be considerable – although when you say seven years, I’m inclined to look at Saturn in your chart as he follow approximate seven year cycles. Sure enough Saturn is in Libra in the Seventh House, which describes your former, current or potential partners. So you actually have two cycle saying the same thing, one in your public life and public horoscope and the other in your private life and private horoscope! Pluto people tend to take, and take over, as a matter of course. They are genuinely amazed when people tell them that they are throwing their weight around, crossing the line, manipulating, game-playing, dominating, power-tripping others and so on. Pluto people tend to crash, when their time comes – they lose their power. You might want to look at your own chart and Ceres and Proserpina in particular and ask yourself if you are acting either of them out. Ceres is in Leo in the Fifth House of children. In astrology, Ceres is Pluto’s mother-in-law and Proserpina is his wife. Have a look at the myth and the artwork online and something might click.

      1. That’s a spookily on-point reply, thank you! He has both a stellium in Scorpio and some very close aspects to his Pluto it’s conjunct his SN – so I guess he qualifies in both respects.

        My Saturn Return (which was long) moreorless coincided with my pregnancy, so you’re bang on with that as well – Saturn through Scorpio was incredibly frustrating and events in that period pretty much destroyed all the good work that we’d done to built a decent co-parenting relationship.

        Ceres is pretty prominent in my chart (near my AC and Venus) and I suspect I’m being a bit Ceresian about it so I’ll look it up, but on the whole I think I’m going to look at Ops for inspiration! She’s pretty badass in her own quiet way…

        1. Yes, this man is acting out Pluto if he has a Scorpio stellium. And I am sorry that you had a pregnancy over your Saturn Return, that must have been very hard work. Ops is a good asteroid to work with in your chart, but it is understanding your Ceres patterns that will help you the most. People underestimate Ceres but she packs a punch.

  17. You have mentioned not making decisions when Pluto is exact. I have to make a huge decision regarding my alcoholic husband, finances are holding me back.
    IC 15 11 Capricorn
    Moon 16 42 Aries
    Do I choose now, in a while or way past my squared Moon?
    3rd September 1966

    1. I don’t have a chart in front of me, so all I can tell you is that you are a Virgo going through Pluto’s transit of your Fifth House (children) and Neptune’s transit of your Seventh House (your husband). You don’t say if children are involved (this includes godchildren, nieces or nephews) but if you can get things in writing and get them final by 30th November (within one week) you will have them in place, before Mercury is Retrograde Shadow through this zone of your chart. This would save you two months of delays and changes to the agreement between you. I am very sorry you are going through this, but if you can possibly finalise an agreement, that would be useful. If you can’t then treat December, January as the process, not the destination, but once again try to get as much in writing as you can, by text or e-mail. It will be a zig-zag trail as Mercury moves back and forth at this time. You also need a professional on side! I am sure you have reached out to support groups of alcoholics – if not, now is the time.

  18. Hi Jessica
    I have been following you closely since finding your Brexit predictions, and have become interested in Astrology, unfortunately my Mum could not remember my time of birth. So I have been reading planetary myths looking for clues! When I read Chiron I could not believe it, it seemed like my life story, after losing my Mum, I studied Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower and Reiki, but my d.o.b. is 5.1.47, and I do not think Chiron was discovered till 1977? Weird. Also my two sons are Capricorns 25.12.71 and 13.1.75 and we all seem to be feeling the Pluto effect – not nice as they have not spoken to each other since 2008. Hope I have not got to wait until 2024 for that to change. Thank you for all your work in educating us all

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you don’t have an accurate birth time, as it makes a huge difference in prediction. (I am writing a story on missing and wrong birth times this week, which you may be interested in reading). Chiron would still matter in your chart even if he was found years after your were born. I know that sounds strange but astrology does not work on regular linear time! Chiron was knowledgeable about medicinal herbs which he gathered from Mount Pelion and they still grow there today. Aromatherapy and Bach Essences are very appropriate.

Comments are closed.

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