Your Pisces Horoscope Factors and the Neptune cycle

If you have three or more Pisces horoscope factors then you are strongly Piscean - and also under the influence of a Neptune cycle which needs very special care.

If you have three or more Pisces horoscope factors then you are strongly Piscean – and also under the influence of a Neptune cycle which needs very special care.

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18 Responses

  1. Many thanks Jessica, this was another fascinating blog. Do we know how long Neptune is likely to stay in Pisces? With my Sun and three other factors in Virgo, alongside three factors in Pisces, I feel I live surrounded by thick fog and an awful lot of confusion as to which direction I should follow, as well as to what is real (or not) in my life. So when is the fog likely to lift?

    1. Neptune is in Pisces until 2025 so you do have Virgo-Pisces games taking place for quite a long time. The trick is to not ‘do’ either sign to extremes. So a balance between efficiency in your lifestyle – really working the details – and that craving to escape the real world.

  2. I found this blog really interesting Jessica especially the Virgo Pisces polarity. I have three aspects in Pisces including Moon, IC and North Node, and then a whole raft of aspects in Virgo (the most dominant in my chart)… My first question is how much do IC and North Node count when considering the 3 aspects in Pisces. Work seems to be the dominant concern, but I don’t seem to be able to catch my dreams. I’m just wondering if there is another way I can get insight into this area during this time?

    1. Thank you. You just described Virgo-Pisces precisely – work is your dominant concern but catching your dream is the issue. Wait for Jupiter (opportunity, solutions) to cross Mercury at 22 Virgo in very late July and early August. This is a stunning open door for you not possible in 12 years so walk straight through it! It will fix some of those Piscean issues you mention. Do use your Horoscope Journal to set goals, make sketches and write down the core of what you are chasing with work and the best of British luck.

  3. Thank you Jessica ,
    II am a Taurus sun sign( 5/2/1974)in my natal chat I have my Venus, jupiter,Ceres and Juno all in Pisces. My moon is in Virgo. I feel like I should just go hide under a rock. I know balance is the key but just when I think I have found it, something else comes along to knock me off. I do not enjoy being this emotional pendelum. The more I read on astrology the more confused and depressed it makes me.

    1. You are describing exactly what it feels like to have a lot of Pisces horoscope factors in your chart. People with a Pisces overload often use watery or aquatic imagery to describe their feelings. So you say ‘hide under a rock’ which is what sea creatures like anemones do. You also use the phrase ‘somethign else comes along to knock me off’ which is what a crashing wave does to a surfer. You also mention a pendulum, which has a similar rhythm to the tides, moving from one direction to the next. If you feel confused, that is also a classic sign of Pisces overload. So how do you deal with this? As you have a Taurus Sun and Virgo Moon you can be very practical and down to earth about this. If you are not already aware of your chakra system and your aura, find out more. There are some very good authors and experts online who can help you. Some common problems might be – receiving cords from other people, or sometimes spirit people, which lock into your aura and begin to affect you. Cord cutting may help you. Being wide open to everything and everybody, all the time, will also make you feel confused. Psychic ‘openness’ is very useful if you can switch it off and on (professional clairvoyants do this) but if you never do it, then you will be open all the time and it will affect your emotions. Confusion is a classic sign. You need to learn how to close down – how to open up – how to balance your chakras – and how the human energy field actually works. Once you do this you will be amazed at how you can use your psychic ability. The urge to hide will vanish. Most of all, you need to meditate daily.

  4. Thanks so much for the post, Jessica! I was wondering a lot about this. My birth chart has lots of Pisces and Virgo (also lots of Leo). However, I feel like Neptune has been right on top of me with a fog! I’m 8 degrees in my Sun. I’ve also “felt” a lot of strange connections with people and their emotions, reading the room, understanding the unspoken, very vivid dreams that tend to explain things.. I also found out I was pregnant at the pisces supermoon in Aug but knew 1 week before the home test showed positive. But now, my work is so unstable, I’m trying to keep my stress managed but I’m worried am I in a fog or am I feeling the unspoken and it’s not a good outlook for me? I feel like Neptune is just hovering over my head in this retrograde! Any advice based on my chart would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!!

    1. Thank you. Neptune does feel like a fog. It can distort normal vision so we can’t see things clearly – and it can also make us feel as if reality has become a very fuzzy business indeed. You are psychic, of course. This means your astral body (or light body) crosses time and space boundaries very easily. I am sure you know that time is an illusion anyway. Your light body can also connect with the light bodies of other people. Thus, your ability to read a room or know you are pregnant one week before you have the proof. If you ‘feel’ Neptune so strongly I think there is a problem there. In other words, you need to take a professional approach to being psychic and learn, and apply, techniques to help you clean your energy field, charge your aura, balance your chakras then protect yourself. It helps to read widely or shop around for this as every expert is different, but I do recommend Hands of Light. In fact, I think you will find it fascinating. You might also want to look at what the medium Linda Williamson has to say about the aura and chakras. To ‘feel the unspoken’ is great for a professional medium but if it is happening all the time, every day, you are wide open psychically and must learn how to control this ability.

  5. The night before I read your article I went to bed thinking about taking a religious retreat. Preferably with a silent order. And I’m a Gemini sun! I have a stellium in Pisces, including my Ascendant, and a stellium in Virgo and I can really relate to everything in your article and also in the comments. For the last three years I’ve been dealing with almost constant depression and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue early last year. My reaction to that was to state that it was the cosmic equivalent to a slap in the face with a dead fish. I often say to anyone who’ll listen that I feel like I’m living in a swirling seafog or swimming against the tide. All I really wanted to do this year was develop a rhythm to my daily life and that has totally not happened. I can see in my mind how I want my days to unfold in regard to my body, my ‘work’ and my spiritual practice (such as it is) but I can’t get from my mind to reality. I feel really really lost and sometimes that feels amazing but mostly it’s the pits.
    Thank you so much for this article, Jessica. I can sort of see – feel is a better word – why things are happening the way they are. I guess I’m going to have to feel my way through to a new way of being.
    Oh, and there have been a surprising number of psychic happenings, watery dreams and desire for a more spiritual life in the last couple of years. Spiritual? I used to run screaming from that word.

    1. Thank you very much. You are a true Virgo-Pisces person, despite being a Gemini Sun. I am very sorry that you have been put through depression and chronic fatigue. You are also ‘speaking’ your chart when you use these watery metaphors about dead fish, and swimming against the tide. What I can see from your horoscope is that you are doing your Pisces and not your Virgo. I am sure the diagnosis sounded very gloomy to you but the word ‘chronic’ comes from Kronos, the Greek god of time – who became Saturn, the Roman god we all know in astrology. Saturn has cycles and so nothing ever lasts for long and I do not think you should accept this is chronic. Fortunately you are going through the Jupiter in Virgo cycle so you are going to be helped. Listen to the universe. If two people in one day talk to you about yoga – even three – that’s a sign. That’s just an example. Yoga may not be for you. But do tune into suggestions for the body which you might normally ignore. Another old trick which can have amazing results is putting a cushion in front of you, and talking to it, as if it was the Pisces part of you. And then make the cushion into the Virgo part of you. Ask the cushion what ‘you’ want and explore what is being met in your life or denied. Repeat as required. I remember seeing this technique years ago in an astrology class and people made some big breakthroughs. You are tussling with the spirit and the body, but there is a way. I suspect the real story is about work, and working for other people, and that’s the secret within yourself you need to crack.

  6. Jessica – thanks so much for this wonderful article! As a Gemini with lots of Pisces and Virgo (you can see my chart!) this explains so much about myself – even if I’ve come to this understanding belatedly. Any hints on my life, and work, direction? I’m a writer but of course have to survive financially too. Would love to achieve my life’s dream in writing. Will I achieve it …? Thanks, once again.

    1. Thank you. It’s always good to hear from a fellow writer. Your breakthroughs in writing (in a new style and with a new medium, perhaps not even invented yet) will come some years from now, as you go into your silver fox years! Of course you can experiment now but the really major revolution for you will be something that fascinates, excites and yes – probably employs you – when you are much older. You will have years for these projects and plans and may break new ground using the emerging Internet Three or Internet Four.

      1. Hi Jess – and thx for the advice!
        I’ve come back to this blog article after your recent tweet about Pisces stuff in your horoscope from now to April.
        With Bacchus and Chiron in Pisces I’m all for being at my most “escapist/creative/psychic/tipsy”!! I completely get how these two factors are expressed in my life, especially Bacchus and relationships. (Mr Can’t Get Him Out of My System Aries has Venus in Pisces and Mars in Aquarius, so as you can imagine together it’s a fantasy, boundary pushing wonderland!)
        But what do I make of Saturn (and Ceres for that matter) in my chart?! And alongside Bacchus and Chiron?
        Thx as always for your insight! x

        1. Thank you. If it’s love which matters most to you with this question, then you are waiting for Jupiter in Libra in the final quarter of 2016 and into 2017, the planet of solutions, breakthroughs, opportunities, improvement and expansion. He will conjunct your Libra horoscope factors which are about equal partnership. One of them is Aesculapius which always means a ‘dead’ or ‘dying’ relationship can be revived, resurrected and repaired. You need his chart too, to really figure this out.

          1. Thx, Jess – that’s something to look forward to. 🙂 Always interested in love developments.
            What I was actually trying to work out is how Saturn and Ceres in Pisces in my chart manifest in my personality.
            I’m always a bit anxious about Saturn – where you have hard lessons, or where you are most serious?
            I loved this article because it really helped me understand how the various horoscope factors in different signs impact.
            Interestingly, at a recent dinner a woman tried to guess my sign and said “I’m getting Pisces” – although she saw that as a negative and was pleased I was a Gemini!!

          2. I am glad you loved this article, thank you. Saturn, Chiron, Ceres and Bacchus are actually all in Pisces in your horoscope. On average, in modern astrology, you should have 2-3 factors in that sign. You have 4 so this is unusual. Yes, Saturn is where you have hard lessons in life but it’s nothing to fear. The woman who guessed your sign as Pisces was picking up on that strong Pisces stellium in your chart. So let’s take it apart. Pisces rules the fishes who are submerged in another world. The Ancients chose two fish, not one, and both swimming in opposite directions. This gives you the first clue to who you truly are: hidden from view, below the surface and often confused and confusing – going in two directions at once. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, who in turn rules the ocean, which is a parallel world with its own reality and its own rules. This is also in turn the ruler of the Twelfth House where we find your Pisces cluster, in the Natural House horoscope. Much of who you are – elusive, mysterious, solitary, hidden, unfathomable – is down to the secret you deliberately cover up and hide from others. There will typically be one or two major cover-up jobs over the course of your lifetime. Saturn is about the heavy hand of secrecy. Ceres is about the challenges of giving up and letting go. Of winning as well as losing. You are the kind of person who would benefit from keeping a diary. However you would have to shred it or keep it under a padlock!

  7. jessica, i just recently registered with your website, looking for answers . I am impressed with your predictions, most of all applied to my situations .Relationships , my career education to never end, financially ups and down.I am getting tired of it, leaving no more hopes, i am not even interesting with my life right now.I feel my whole life doesn’t make any sence anymore, the only thing i want to do lately is just staying home and dont have nothing to do with this world, but i am affecting my little family. I would like to know something if i will have something positive any time soon. Sun in pisces, moon in libra, cancer my asc and him have sun in leo, moon in gem. I need a change.. anything and I would like to know if I am gonna have it.. thank you in advances.

    1. Thank you very much. I am sorry you are feeling down about life. It’s okay to feel like that. In fact, if you want to stay home and escape from the world, that’s fine. Sometimes we just need to do that and you have the kind of horoscope where everything goes in cycles. You have a lot of stuff at 0 and 1 degree and whenever a planet goes into a new sign at 0, 1 degree you go through extremes. Actually, the situation you are in is about your partner. He needs to figure out a new arrangement with you, between now and February 2016. The relationship needs to expand and improve and you two need to create a different kind of partnership together. It may be as simple as talking about a ‘deal’ between you and trying to create a new set-up which suits both of you. This will have a massive effect on how you feel.

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