Uranus in Aries and Your Horoscope in 2016

You deserve independence and freedom and you'll get it. In April 2016 the revolution will be a reality.

You deserve independence and freedom and you’ll get it, once Uranus in Aries can do his job without the South Node in Aries keeping you stuck. From 12th November 2015 you are on your way. In April 2016 the revolution will be a reality.

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46 Responses

  1. When did the south node move into the sign of Aries? As a Libran what area of life has been affected prior to 12 Nov 2015 and what area will be affected after 12 Nov?

    1. Your relationship with your former, current or potential partners has been in a karmic loop since 2014 when the South Node entered Aries. I’m podcasting about the Nodes ahead of 12th November, to explain more. Thank you.

  2. This is fascinating. Given this info, what does having Aries in the 5th or 3rd houses mean? Where and how personally will the “jolt” occur? Thanks!

    1. Aries actually rules your First House, not your Third House or Fifth House (in the Natural House system). You may want to update your profile so I can see your birth chart, to reply to you. Thank you.

    2. Aries rules your First House in the Natural House system I use so the jolts (most visible in April 2017) are about your title, brand, image, role, reputation, personal appearance and will set you free.

  3. Hello Jessica,

    Your post reminds me that I am about to have my first Saturn return. There have been sudden changes in both professional and personal areas sine last year – all of them felt more like a tower collapse rather than an electrical jolt, so I am actually looking forward to the sort of change you describe. My sun is not in Aries, but I do remember having my moon and IC in Aries.
    How would this transit affect me, on top of my own Saturn return?
    (You should already have my chart as I am a premium member).

    1. Uranus has squared both your Ascendant and Descendant (in fact, at one point forming an exact T-Square to your Ascendant and Descendant) so I am not surprised to hear you have had professional and personal changes. Over the short term, you have Ceres going over the same degree and sign as your Ceres-Diana conjunction in Aquarius so by February 2016 the group (the one involving your friend) will be reconstructed. This is important as you are quite strongly Aquarian.

      1. To me, this is such a synchronicity that you bought up Ceres. From what I read, I came to associate Ceres with the word promotion. I could see now that the recent unexpected changes and the coming group reconstruction on a professional level revolve around me at the completion of my PhD, which in German (the institution that will confer the degree) is called Promotion!

        1. I love that story, thank you. And congratulations on the forthcoming completion of your PhD. If you read more widely about the Ceres myth you will see that her Roman story, with Pluto and Proserpina, uncannily echoes what happened to her (as an asteroid) in 2006 when astronomers voted to promote her and demote Pluto.

  4. Hello jessica

    I am living in traditional indian joint family with my husband ,two kids, parents in law, husbands brother and his wife and their one year old in a 4 bedroom house. I am getting frustated having to live in this situation against my wishes . Long story cut short, I and my husband run the house and it is normal in our culture to live like that, brother in law will move out once he has saved enough( I thretned my husband that he has to or I will). Do you see anything happening under this uranus cycle in november..
    I am premier member. DOB. 3rd nov, 1979
    Thank you so much for your reply.

    1. I am sorry you are feeling so frustrated, this situation must be really hard to live with. Okay, the issue is not so much the Uranus in Aries cycle, but the Neptune in Pisces cycle. For immediate relief you need to make some rules about the space – the bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and so on. The noise, perhaps. The placement of objects in shared areas. You won’t be able to control all the house, but you can control some of it, and that will make a difference to you. Even just one room. I feel you need boundaries urgently. If the brother-in-law has not gone by the last week of February 2016, that is the time you must start discussions, aiming to have a resolution by the third week of March 2016 when the Sun has completed its cycle alongside Neptune, shedding light on this most confused and confusing situation. Good luck.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    thank you for the insight! I have experienced drastic changes in the sphere of work, home and relationships in the past two years or so. How do you see these areas developing for me in the near future with the Nodes leaving Libra/Aries? Or does this have any effect? Any further insight would be helpful and give me hope for a better future. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. You are heavily Aries-Libra so I can see why you have been affected. I will post a podcast on the Nodes shortly which may help you. The real issue for you is actually Uranus in Aries, though. Drastic change is always here to liberate you. Funnily enough, as I am writing this on a very hot October morning in Australia, we have an electrical storm breaking with flashes of lightning outside my study window. Lightning is a very old symbol for Uranus. It always precedes rain, which fertilises the soil and helps new life to grow. So the strangeness, unpredictability and sudden change in the air – all of which you have experienced – is ultimately going to lead to ‘fertilisation’ and whatever you plant will prosper, with a little luck. I would use this time to plant what you truly want and need. Please try to accept that the electrical storm will move things on for you, and ground yourself to cope. Meditation helps, particularly sitting down, and feeling the earth hold you, through the base chakra. So does anything like gardening, cooking or playing a wood instrument. All good, earthy things to help you through the transition.

  6. Hi Jessica

    I would like to know how the South node transition would affect me . I am a Virgo born 27 degrees, Leo rising 17 degree. I am scheduled to start on a new assignment on the 9th Nov. My birth chart is available as I am a premier member. Appreciate your response,


  7. Hi I’m not I understand the former employer link or the reference to the group. Is this a response to my comment ?


  8. I’m Cancer sun Aries AC, I’m stuck in an abusive relationship with a narcissist psychopath,from 18 and a half year now.A whole node cicle,I hope Uranus brings this torture to its end limit.And I have the courage to ask for help,because I can’t do anything ,I’m in jail ,with no resources, no friends,no energy.This is so exhausting.

    1. I am sorry you are in this awful position. This has nothing to do with astrology but please begin meditating if you have not already done so. A very fast way in (my own adaptation of the Hands of Light/Brennan method) is to lie or sit down. Ask the Buddhist goddess of compassion, Tara, to help you. Massage your bare feet. Stretch. Now relax. Imagine very bright silver – Christmas tree tinsel or a sparkling metallic light – and breathe it in. As you breathe it in, allow it to fill your room and surround you like a big silver, glowing egg. This purifies your psychic space. Now breathe in gold, in the same way. This strengthens your aura. If there is any part of your body calling for attention, breathe in white into the area. Silver, white, gold are good to rotate. Another colour may come into your mind – breathe it in. When you are done, end on the metallic gold colour (again, you could visualise Christmas tree tinsel) and surround yourself with it. Ask Tara for protection and guidance. You can repeat this whenever you feel the need and you will physically or emotionally feel the difference from the first session. Over time it will change your life for the better. Okay, now let us get to the astrology. You may want to read what I have written on Saturn in Scorpio, because that has been affecting your relationship, and also Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn – the same story. Please take your power back. Now that Saturn is out of Scorpio and we have a New Moon in that sign you are in the perfect position to make a fresh start and it would be crazy not to do this in November 2015. Pluto and Ceres are about the need to reclaim your power and understand that with self-discpline, willpower and self-control you can alter your emotional and sexual wellbeing. You can either hand your power away to this situation or person, or take it back. When the Sun goes through Capricorn from the final week of December into the third week of January 2016 you are in a very good position to do this. Unless you do this, nothing will happen. The joke is, you should be in a power couple now. Of any sort at all. A partnership of any kind – work, friendship, love, business, whatever. I suspect that when you take back the controls of the cockpit on the journey you are on, you will find it. Please begin meditating and if they allow you books, ask for Hands of Light.

  9. I had been dating a libra man (7/10/82) for a few months and we recently decided to try being just friends. We have a very strong connection and really enjoy each others company but seemingly out of the blue, he had a need to define the relationship and wasn’t sure of a future together. I saw things in a less traditional, more organic way that was still building and maybe wasn’t ready for a definition or label! Given we are both effected by Uranus in Aries, I’m wondering if this will be an ongoing conversation for us? I’m a premium member so you should have my chart. Thank you!

    1. The issue is actually children and parenthood – and the path you are on to have babies, stepchildren or adopted children in your life. There is also the choice to be child-free, of course, and to have the younger generation in your life as an aunt, for example. He is really going through this issue in quite an intense way and it will take him until February 2016 to really make up his mind. From your point of view, this Uranus in Aries transit is really challenging – as it opposes everything you have in Libra, the partnership sign, while it is there. I think the chocolate/candy that best describes your love life over the last few years is Rocky Road. You have a lot to chew on, but really, the lovers are more of a pathway to the real core issue, which is ‘Do I want children? On what basis? What would it do to my independence or the freedom of other people?’ Once you figure that one out, you will see that this lover – and more – were just useful ways to get you to the truth about your life. And then you can make really smart lifetime decisions. You will see why, after Jupiter changes signs to Libra in the second half of next year.

  10. Hi Jessica. My member profile is updated and the birth chart is visible. Could you please have a check and let me know, thanks

    1. There are so many different things I could tell you, but actually, the most important thing about your life, November through September 2016, is your relationship with your own body and your understanding of the way the body cannot be separated from the mind, soul and spirit. There is a major period of learning and improvement with all this and as it will repay you for your entire life, well into your senior years, I do think you should make this a priority. Your body is your temple and your vehicle after all.

  11. Hi Jessica
    Well an Aries here 5/4/70 and waiting for the nodal shift on 12th. Like another poster have been in a relationship with a narc and had all sorts of stunts, underhandedness and power games, lies betrayal etc and have gone no contact now but as another poster said the challenge is the emotional/ mental detachment and standing up and not living in fear anymore of the what ifs. Will be in court next year as have started proceedings to finalise end of all this, so any info on the outlook would be gratefully received. Have been told that this is the eight time around with this person, who wouldn’t let me go, but the last time. He is also an Aries…

    1. I am so sorry you have been put through all this. Of course, two Aries Sun people will often lock horns. You have Chiron at 6 Aries and Uranus at 6 Libra so you have been through a cycle which can only occur once in your lifetime. It simply will not be this difficult again. The Nodal Shift today will help end the karma loop so you are no longer stuck. You will be pleased to hear that in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017 Jupiter, the planet of solutions, opportunities, healing and hope will move into Libra, the sign of partnership and make a stunning conjunction to Uranus at 6 Libra along the way. You will be free. In fact, you will feel exhilarated. You have incarnated to reinvent what partnership should be, as part of a soul group who have lived many lifetimes with male-female injustice and inequality. Unfortunately it sometimes takes a bumpy road to get there, but you will create a radically different new way to have partnerships in your life, and none of it will be what your parents or grandparents knew. In many ways you are ahead of your time and ahead of the law – ahead of society – as you will be pioneering and innovating a revolutionary new approach to love, sex and commitment which has nothing to do with the past and everything to do with the future. This extremely difficult person in your life is the tool for that.

      1. Thanks Jessica. Bit taken aback by the radical new approach to partnerships ahead of the law etc …can you elaborate or is that appropriate to ask?

        1. Time will reveal this to you. Over the next 2-3 years various laws, tax rules and other political/legal changes will be passed that make the whole business of getting married, being married, separating and divorcing a great deal less stressful! Wait and see.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve joined your premium members because yr predictions have been the most accurate. All the articlesI have read like Uranus in Aries, making bargains with pluto, the changing nodes,and even the Neptune one, each one has made sense. Each has answered some of the questions that I am desperately seeking right now. For the last 18 months my life has turned upside down. I have been through so much turmoil, stress and pain that I have lost hope of everything. I was studying for my PhD and even had to put that on hold. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with a serious rare genetic disorder which has been the hardest of all and even my marriage is literally over in all but name. I have been desperate to get a new house but my finances are equally against me. I know it sounds melodramatic but nothing is the same and I am not or ever going to be the same person again. All other astrologers talk about jupiter in virgo and suggest now all is well with Virgos at last: I disagree. I’m virgo (I’ve updated my profile details so you should have those) but I feel exactly the same. I haven’t seen any good things so far. I dread I ever will. My life is at a complete standstill and I feel paralysed. The last 18 months have killed any hope I had. I feel so lost and alone. I’m hoping you could shed some light on why the last 18 months have been so bad and if this going to continue? I’ve read that the aries/libra nodes have caused a lot of upset and that the changing nodes will ease the pressure? I really appreciate your helpwith this. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Diana. I am so sorry about your daughter and your marriage. Life can be so damn tough but you will prevail. Let’s have a look at your chart to see what is going on. First of all, the situation with your daughter is karmic. You two have made a soul agreement in a previous lifetime to deal with some spiritual challenges (and spiritual rewards) in this one. Why do I say that? Because you have a rare line-up in Cancer, the sign of motherhood: Moon 4 Cancer, Saturn 4 Cancer, South Node 3 Cancer. Why have you been put through this hardship? Because Pluto at 3/4 Capricorn in the last few years, opposed this in your chart. This pattern can only occur every 248 years or so and it has just happened to you. I suggest you read widely on Moon-Saturn conjunctions (Howard Sasportas, Sue Tompkins for a start) and also read more about the South Node. What I will say about this placement in your chart is that it forces you to develop inner qualities that are diamonds and pearls, spiritually speaking. Because you must cultivate your own response to the situation you are given a chance to work (really work) on tolerance, a sense of humour, a philosophical outlook, acceptance and the rest. None of us are saints and this is hard work, but you know the Tibetan Buddhists have been there before you and found out the way: I strongly recommend you look at their approach. What you perfect, polish and master within yourself, to cope with this tremendously challenging situation with your daughter, is the buried treasure within, and despite everything, it is a rare gift to you. Now, let us look at some other things about this Cancer placement in your chart. You were born with Apollo and Ops there, so you will be fine. In fact, you have taken this on board, to develop tremendous leadership qualities and strength which others will copy. I feel you will be an inspiration to other parents whose children are also dealing with genetic disorders. In fact, you may have taken this on, before you incarnated. If you are curious about Apollo and Ops in your chart you can find out more on this website. But please read the myth of Ops, Jupiter and Saturn to see what a mother can do. Of course, you have immediate needs beyond the spiritual. You want hope, You want financial security. You want good things in the future. You want to know you are not alone. You also need to know about your marriage. Okay…

      1. Thank you for your comments. I feel I need to know more from you. Could I please have a full chart done? Please let me know how?

        1. Thank you. I have a waiting list of well over a year for personal charts, but once these have been sent out, you will see me asking for your name to list in the newsletter. I do not use staff or a computer program, hence the wait.

  13. I’ve been dealing with career issues it seems like forever. As hard as I work, I still somehow end up against some sort of opposition that prevents me from moving forward in the workplace. The same can be said of my romantic partner (8/5/81).. It feels rather stop and go at times, but he hasn’t given up and neither have I… Can I expect to see some improvements? I’m literally tired 🙁

    My DOB is 4/17/1978 7:15am/Newark NJ. Apologies, I thought you could see my chart since I’m a premium member on your site.

      1. I’ve been dealing with career issues it seems like forever. As hard as I work, I still somehow end up against some sort of opposition that prevents me from moving forward in the workplace. The same can be said of my romantic partner (8/5/81).. It feels rather stop and go at times, but he hasn’t given up and neither have I… Can I expect to see some improvements? I’m literally tired 🙁

        My DOB is 4/17/1978 7:15am/Newark NJ. Apologies, I thought you could see my chart since I’m a premium member on your site. Please help!! My ENTIRE life and well being has been turned upside down since a job loss last year and I’m in need of some guidance.

        1. I can see your birth chart, thank you. I am sorry about your job loss last year – but I will get onto that in a moment. Look at tiredness very specifically in terms of your food, drink, drugs, fitness or doctor. You were born with an unusual conjunction between Panacea and Ops at 10 Virgo, in the Sixth House, which rules your body. Panacea is an indicator of remedies, cures and solutions but there is always a grey area with them – it is never black or white. So, look at what you are doing with/for your body in the first instance. Maybe you need to question what you’ve been doing there, or what others have been suggesting or recommending! Moving onto your career, you were born with Ceres at 21 Capricorn in your house of work, so please read the long story I wrote about Ceres recently (hit Search). Your problem is pretty simple. You have transiting Uranus very close to 21 Aries, square Ceres at 21 Capricorn. He first moved to this position in June 2015 and stayed there until August last year. He then came back on that spot in April this year and he will be back, end of October through Christmas this year. The good news is, the situation improves dramatically in January 2017 so this really is a New Year, new career for you. Further ahead, you will have no more issues from April 2017. One of the best ways to deal with this transit is to really understand Ceres in your chart and how you use this part of your personality. She is easily fixed. On the partnership side of things, you were born with Pluto at 14 Libra and you have been through Pluto square Pluto (Pluto was at 14 Capricorn, or close to it, throughout 2015. Read more about Pluto on this website. Fortunately you have the best chance in 12 years to either repair the relationship or find someone new, as Jupiter the problem-solver moves across Pluto at 14 Libra in your chart in November 2016 and again in May through July 2017. Your partner was born with Pluto at 15 Libra and Uranus at 15 Scorpio so that’s pretty close to your own 14 degree position of Pluto – and it all happens in the Seventh House of partnership and Eighth House of sexually intimate agreements over property and money. That’s another reason why you two are either going to fix this or split amicably to happier relationships – he also has useful Jupiter crossing that pattern, so close to the time that you do too!

    1. Would you mind checking that your Premium Membership is up to date and that you have entered your details correctly? I am sorry but I cannot see your birth chart popping up. Thank you.

  14. Hi Jessica! I am Libra Sun/Ascendant (02/10/1988) and October-December 2015 were a real roller-coaster for me: I fell in love with someone really unusual and also unavailable, lots of sparks, electricity and it really felt like a revolution. And the last thing I was worried about was my job, although.. “expect the unexpected”, couple of weeks ago I was notified that my job contract will not be prolonged due to financial situation of my organisation. All came our of the blue. Is it trouble maker Uranus shaking things up? Should I expect any further career/relationship changes in 2016 or it will become more stable? Thanks a lot in advance for your reply!

    1. You have perfectly described what happens when Uranus goes through Aries, for a person with a strong Libra chart signature. I am sorry about the job situation, as nobody wants to be shaken up like that just before Christmas. The most important relationship cycle in 12 years begins in September 2016 and takes you into 2017. Jupiter, the planet of healing, solutions, opportunities and plain luck – will conjunct every single factor you have in Libra. This takes place in the house of partners, in the Natural Horoscope system. You will be offered the chance to date (or do so much more) with a person who expands and enhances your life, from the final quarter of next year. Now – your job situation. Your next position will be an escape from the real world. It will involve work, of course (serving others, doing your duty) but it will be a holiday from reality. The trick to finding work in 2016 is to emphasise that you are here to put everything and everybody first, after yourself, and be of total, impeccable service. Think Jeeves, in Jeeves and Wooster. That is what people are seeking in 2016 and that is what will help you most. Become indispensable and you will be irreplaceable. Yet I do feel the position will not be ‘real’ in that it is a kind of alternative to reality!

  15. You have a Cancer stellium in your chart which suits architecture very well. You would be particularly passionate about the historic aspects of this, from Frank Lloyd Wright to (even) the influence of Freemasonry on architecture. Uranus will be out of Aries by 2018 and you will then find it much easier to settle down, commit and find some sort of permanence, either in academia or in your chosen field. Until then there are plenty of free and easy, flexible, part-time or short-term options for you – in fact you will find one in April. You are strongly Gemini as well as Cancerian and as a rule, people with a ton of stuff in Gemini are all about quick information conversion and speed/brevity. Long haul serious study, day after day, may not be your thing. Saturn is also transiting Sagittarius now and opposing every single one of your Gemini planets so I’m not surprised you are feeling trepidation about returning to study. Yet – there is a way to pursue architecture and I believe you’ll see it in April.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Wondering about the astrological angle to the following:

    My best friend called today to let me know that she and my ex were seeing each other during the time I was dating him. I am not surprised to hear it as my instincts told me there was something between them. She said she did not tell me so far as she did not want me to judge her (she was going through a divorce). What is the astrological reason for her to tell me now?

    Her birthday – April 15, 1972 – 7:30am – Manila, Phillippines.
    His Birthday – Dec 11, 1966 – 3PM – Lima, Peru

    1. Some best friend! The reason for all this is a major story about pregnancy past, present or potential – and perhaps children, if they are unfortunate enough to be involved. For some reason these two are using that as a way to find freedom and be free. It sounds as if everyone else has to pick up the pieces. I am sorry you are being put through it.

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