The Astrology of the Supermoon Eclipse

A Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries and Libra is coming at the end of September 2015. It’s a Supermoon. It's also a Blood Moon.


A Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries and Libra is coming at the end of September 2015. It’s a Supermoon. It’s also a  Blood Moon. As the whole planet will be affected at different stages, please allow Sunday September 27th, Monday September 28th, Tuesday September 29th to pass you by – before you make major judgements or swing into action about crucial issues. Why? As you might expect, a total eclipse obscures the picture. It produces blind spots. You do not see, what you need to see. There will be a chain of ‘blind spots’ right around the planet. Risky.

NASA describes it this way: “For the first time in more than 30 years, you can witness a supermoon in combination with a lunar eclipse. In the U.S. & much of the world, a total lunar eclipse will mask the moon’s face.”

Masked faces is pretty much what Sunday September 27th, Monday September 28th, Tuesday 29th is all about. Check the Aries and Libra ruled zones of your horoscope to see where things are masked or covered up. Be aware.

aries eclipse 600x600 - The Astrology of the Supermoon Eclipse


Your Sun Sign horoscope (or solar chart) shows the headlines of your life. What will the headlines cover, for you, Sunday through Tuesday? Where are things obscured, masked, blotted out or just plain unclear? Take care. You’ll notice that opposite signs, like Aries and Libra, have the same horoscope zones affected. This is because this eclipse is about the opposition, or clash, of the Sun and Moon – also in opposite signs. Watch the chain reactions.

ARIES – Your name, reputation, brand, packaging. Your former, current or potential partner. Your enemies.
TAURUS – Your secrets. Your invisible role behind the scenes. Your working life. Your body and all its issues.
GEMINI – Friendships. Your groups and networks. Children. Babies. Youth. Lovers who may bring children.
CANCER – Career. Ambition. Position. Mission. Your house. Your family. Your apartment. Your household.
LEO – Travel. Foreign people and places. Education. The internet. Publishing. Transport. Communication.
VIRGO – Money. Business. Property. Charity. Possessions. Economics. Finance. Banks. Insurance.
LIBRA – Your name, reputation, brand, packaging. Your former, current or potential partner. Your enemies.
SCORPIO – Your secrets. Your invisible role behind the scenes. Your working life. Your body and all its issues.
SAGITTARIUS – Friendships. Your groups and networks. Children. Babies. Youth. Lovers who may bring children.
CAPRICORN – Career. Ambition. Position. Mission. Your house. Your family. Your apartment. Your household.
AQUARIUS – Travel. Foreign people and places. Education. The internet. Publishing. Transport. Communication.
PISCES – Money. Business. Property. Charity. Possessions. Economics. Finance. Banks. Insurance.

If you work in a profession where life is all about cover-ups and secrecy (for example, in the police force) you should be on red alert over this eclipse. There is a reason why people as far back as Stonehenge took them seriously! (Image: Norman Parkinson in Vogue).


Norman Parkinson British Vogue 1971 414x600 - The Astrology of the Supermoon Eclipse
Norman Parkinson photograph in British Vogue 1971. Stonehenge and astrology continue to attract.

The Astrology of the Eclipse September 27, 28, 29 in Focus

In history, eclipses have always tallied with cover-ups. The most famous example of this is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, in 1963. This eclipse, which all America was talking about, took place in July, and he was gone by November. Most Americans still believe in a conspiracy. We will see another cover-up at the end of September. Not in America this time. In the United Kingdom. I will look at that in a moment.

Your Life and the Eclipse

This Total Lunar Eclipse will have a chain reaction around the world, Sunday September 27th through Tuesday September 29th. You may be affected by six degrees of separation so expect blind spots, obscured truths, unrevealed facts, covered-up information. In general, astrology says, avoid making big judgement calls or taking important action on these days. The eclipse will fall in the same house as Chiron in the United Kingdom horoscope. Chiron is in Sagittarius in that national chart. Sagittarius rules foreigners and religion.

Normally this would not be an issue. However, this Supermoon falls in the signs of Aries and Libra. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. So, there is a pattern in the United Kingdom horoscope linking foreigners and religion to war. It describes what we cannot see – and do not know – what others are trying to hide from us.

I actually photographed the entrance to Chiron House in London (below) some time ago. We will all be affected by this late September cover-up. Watch the United Kingdom and its foreign relations carefully, Sunday-Tuesday.


IMG 6703 600x449 - The Astrology of the Supermoon Eclipse
Chiron House in London

Watching the Moon in Aries at the end of September

This Moon is in Aries, Sunday September 27th through Tuesday, September 29th, in UT time (Universal Time, set for London). It moves in at 7.28pm on Sunday night in that time zone and remains until 6.56pm on Tuesday night. The whole planet will receive this eclipse at different times, within that approximate span of dates.

The Moon stands at 4 Aries and the Sun stands at 4 Libra so if you have anything at 4 degrees in your personal horoscope (if you want one, please become a Premium Member to pick it up) then you are affected. There will be a temporary blind spot, or obscured story, or covered-up episode – which affects whichever house of your horoscope (or life area) contains the elements at 4 degrees. Be sharply aware of that. An eclipse does what it says on the packet. It covers up. It obscures. It blots out. You won’t have the full story or complete picture at this time. Of course, there are others around you who also have 4 degree horoscope factors. They are also affected.

China and the United Kingdom have horoscopes  which have checked out with both history and astrology in terms of events, in both countries. They are directly hit by this eclipse. Space does not allow for me to list every nation across the planet which has an eclipse-affected chart, but we should all focus on these two countries, as it affects us all through six degrees. The United Kingdom’s Chiron position in Sagittarius (below) speaks directly about homegrown terrorists on British soil and as Sagittarius rules schools and universities, that is the first place to look. It is also about foreign policy, no matter if it involves the European Union, France or China. 


wikipedia org 600x419 - The Astrology of the Supermoon Eclipse
Sagittarius image at

China and the Eclipse

China has Apollo and Minerva at 4 Libra (25th December 1947, 0.00am, Taipei) and between Sunday 27th September and Tuesday 29th September there is a cover-up job going on involving her trading and military partners, but also her biggest military and political enemies.  The USA? Vietnam?  Vietnam has Chiron at 4 Libra in the chart set for 2nd September 1945. Certainly, China is in an unusual situation with the United Kingdom at the moment, thanks to her nuclear ambitions. More on this in a moment.

Greece, Syria and the Eclipse

Greece, in her revolution chart set for 25th March 1821, has Mercury at 4 Aries. Watch Greece in terms of her internet and media, and perhaps her transport and airlines, September 27th, 28th, 29th. Mercury rules communication, information, transportation and travel. In her ‘revolutionary’ incarnation, Greece will experience a cover-up job, blackout or perhaps a technical failure as Mercury is also retrograde at the end of September 2015.

In an incredible piece of synchronicity, the Greece chart set for democracy on 24th July 1974 shows Pluto conjunct the Moon at 4 Libra. So even in this incarnation of the nation, she shows massive stress on this eclipse. This is about her ‘partner’ nations but also her opposition; her enemies. Nothing is clear, real or complete in the final week of September 2015.

Syria has Neptune at 4 Libra in the chart set for 1st January 1944 which describes her allies as well as her enemies. This eclipse will obscure what is already a murky, confused and confusing situation.

The United Kingdom and the Eclipse

This is a serious eclipse for the United Kingdom, because she has Chiron at 4 Sagittarius (1st January 1801, 0.00am, London) so there is a cover-up job taking place between Sunday 27th September and Tuesday 29th September with her enemies, both at home and away. There is a major blind spot there.

This United Kingdom horoscope is a bigger concern than the Chinese horoscope, because Saturn is also now in Sagittarius in the world horoscope (ruling foreign people and places, airlines, travel, religion) and so the whole world is now dealing with serious, heavy, reality checks. This eclipse is part of that story. What happens in the United Kingdom Sunday-Tuesday affects all of us.


1801 UK HOROSCOPE 600x3321 600x332 - The Astrology of the Supermoon Eclipse
The United Kingdom chart. Natural House System.


The United Kingdom, The Eclipse and the Karma of The War on Terror

The last time we saw anything major in the world horoscope in Sagittarius, was Pluto in Sagittarius as the Millennium came in. Those intense 9/11 years, through to 2008, were all about the new power of suicide bombers. These were also the years that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former American President George W. Bush stood ‘shoulder to shoulder’ and began what they called, the war on terror. As Saturn goes over Sagittarius, the sign of foreigners and religion, from September 2015 through 2017, it will cross the original number (degree) position of Pluto in these years. There is karma to pay on all sides, according to astrology. This eclipse triggers it. 

If there is one weekend this year that Scotland Yard should be watching in the United Kingdom, it is the weekend of September 26th 2015. However, as eclipses throughout history have corresponded with political intrigue and secretive military moves, we should all be asking harder questions than usual! If you are curious about the meaning of Chiron in the UK horoscope (and your own) and why it matters, you can keep reading here.

The Tetrad – What Were You Doing April 2014, October 2014, April 2015?

This total lunar eclipse is the final of the tetrad (four total lunar eclipses) which fell on April 15th 2014, October 8th 2014, April 4th 2015. It can be illuminating to go back through your diary or e-mail account to see what was circulating in your life, at this times, that is back (either literally, or through degrees of separation) at the end of September 2015. This is where you will find things are obscured in this continuing theme or story in your life.

If we look specifically at the United Kingdom during this tetrad we find these news stories falling right on each eclipse. Note, Birmingham turns up twice. Click on the dates to find the original features in The Guardian and other newspapers.

April 15th, 2014 Eclipse – Police chief condemns appointment of terror officer over ‘Islamic schools plot’. Chris Sims, West Midlands chief constable, says appointment of Peter Clarke could stir up community tensions in Birmingham.

October 8th, 2014 Eclipse  

Counter-terrorism detectives are continuing to question four men, including one suspected of having links to Islamic State (Isis), on suspicion of plotting a terror attack on Britain.

4th April 2015 Eclipse

Six people have been arrested in Dover on suspicion of Syria-related terrorism offences, says West Midlands Police. Five men and one woman in their 20s were detained at about 08:00 BST on Friday in the departure zone of the Kent port, police said on Twitter. Searches have taken place at a number of addresses in Birmingham.

Alarm Bells Over the September 2015 China-England Nuclear Deal

There are already calls from experts for the UK government to cancel this risky new nuclear plant in Somerset. Despite this, George Osborne is in China, signing deals, just three days before a total lunar eclipse – hitting both the Chinese and English horoscopes at exactly 4 degrees. Astrology is ringing big alarm bells.


Screen Shot 2015 09 24 at 3.44.08 am 600x375 - The Astrology of the Supermoon Eclipse
The September 2015 eclipse hits the China and British horoscopes.


As I write this on 24th September 2015, George Osborne has pledged a ‘golden decade’ of co-operation with China, over a £2 billion subsidy for a new atomic planet in Somerset. Partly funded by Beijing. As the actual eclipse cover-up will happen across September 27th, 28th, 29th please track the story then. We should all be asking questions. Plenty of questions. Hard questions. Don’t let the peculiar PM David Cameron pig story distract you from real news.

Full story in The Daily Mail here.

The 1963 Eclipse and the Assassination of President Kennedy

Eclipses in any series have a major story to tell. For example, the famous total eclipse of July 19th 1963 in America saw Lee Harvey Oswald leaving one job at the Reily Coffee Company, to take another later – at the book depository where he would later allegedly assassinate President John F. Kennedy. The eclipse happened within 24 hours of Oswald leaving. Some say he was accepting his orders. This is that eclipse, right here, on YouTube.

Why the July 1963 Eclipse Changed America

That 1963 eclipse was one of the most famous in American history. It featured in Peanuts. It starred in the plots of the Stephen King novels, Gerald’s Game and Dolores Claiborne. It lends its name to the Mad Men episode ‘Seven Twenty Three’. And it accompanied a cover-up job about JFK, according to astrology. It directly hit the US chart.

A 1979 US House Committee inquiry found Kennedy was “probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy” and that there was a “high probability” a second gunman as well as Oswald fired at the president.

Lee’s mistress, Judyth Vary Baker, working alongside him at the Reily Coffee Company on the day he was fired (within 24 hours of the eclipse) claimed both their jobs were covers for U.S. security services work – and that Lee Harvey Oswald, her secret boyfriend, was released to take on his next assignment, in Dallas, Texas, as part of a group plot to assassinate the President. 

ECLIPSE SIXTIES - The Astrology of the Supermoon Eclipse
The 1963 Eclipse and the JFK Cover Up

JFK and the Long Cover-Up – How Eclipses Work in Patterns

The eclipse of 1963 was part of a Saros series. Eclipses always work in patterns.

The next one in the 1963 series of eclipses affected Lee Harvey Oswald and his family in the most awful way. His body was exhumed from his coffin in 1981 (the second eclipse was July 31st 1981) in the same year that his mother  Marguerite Claverie Oswald died – they buried her next to Lee.

The next eclipse in this fated cycle was August 11th 1999. That year was crucial to the Kennedy conspiracy theories, as President Bill Clinton received a store of classified documents about Lee’s life in Russia, from the government there. The final eclipse in the series is August 21st 2017. Watch this space. In every year of this fated eclipse cycle there has been a cover-up, according to all the laws of astrology.

Putting Eclipses in Context

Any time there’s a Blood Moon, a Super Moon, an eclipse or anything else, you’ll see a whole lot people on the internet running around like chickens. The sky is not going to fall. However – this is really important – you have to put each eclipse in context. Given that they are always about cover-ups, see where that is occurring, and how it matters to you. Is it relatively harmless, or is it triggering something in your personal chart which is a major issue?

Remember, this end-September eclipse comes in with the Sun at 4 Libra and Moon at 4 Aries. This hits the China and United Kingdom horoscopes. Does it also affect your own horoscope? And what kind of pattern do you have at 4 degrees? That’s how you really put the whole astrological prediction together.

I will cover the general Sun Sign side of your eclipse prediction in more detail in your regular weekly horoscope from Monday 28th September, and be on Twitter for general questions you might have. If you are a Premium Member I am happy to answer your personal chart questions in the Comments section below.

All country data from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004.

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178 Responses

  1. My birthday falls on September 27th and I am currently holding a big secret, cover up, Do you see it ending soon? and with a beneficial outcome? Thank you.

    1. It’s hard to say without a birth year and time, but if you’re asking about the timing for your secret, that’s down to Jupiter in Virgo in your solar Twelfth House and yes – astrology says, it does work out for you.

  2. Hi Jessica, just had some potentially scary news with regard to my husbands business does this eclipse have anything to do with it as I don’t think I have anything at 4 degrees. Do you know how it may pan out?

    1. The eclipse is not your issue. However you do have a lot of horoscope factors in Scorpio which describes your husband’s business. The final week of October and first three weeks of November will shed light on what needs to change. Try to avoid guessing games at the moment, yet from around Halloween until December, you will see all the facts and figures. Don’t judge the future on the last two years as that was unusually challenging and that was then, this is now.

  3. Hello Jessica,

    My DOB is 20/09/1975 and I have minerva 4 degrees in Libra, Ops 4 degrees at Sagittarius and Salacia 4 degrees Aquarius. I am a premium member, but I will be grateful If you can help me tu understand how or in which way lunar eclipse is going affected my life.
    Thank you for all your work made for us


    1. There will be a temporary blind spot, or lack of complete information, about your partner. This also applies to former or potential partners. Enemies too. Please allow Sunday-Tuesday to pass before you make big judgement calls about this person or leap into action. You are normally so wise about partnerships, yet although you rely on your inner ‘wise old owl’ to help you with double acts and duets of all kinds, your owl is being put to sleep through this eclipse. I am not sure if this person is covering things up, or if the situation around him/her is obscured, but please wait until Wednesday and onwards to really get the measure of this, before you act or enquire.

  4. I’ve looked at my chart and the only thing I have at 4 degrees is Fortuna in Gemini. How do I work out which house this is in? What will this eclipse mean for me?
    Other factors I have in my chart is sun in Libra at 15 degrees.
    On another note, my nodes don’t seem to be listed in my birth data. How do I find these out?

    1. You have Fortuna at 4 Gemini so there is an internet, multimedia, publishing, telephone or other communication issue which will be obscured for three days. Alternatively it may be commuting or travel which is affected as Gemini also rules these things. You may find your usual approach to being heard or read – or getting from A to B – is temporarily affected. In general you may prefer to hold off from major decisions or sweeping action regarding the same. For example, if you were to organise a press launch, you might not know about a rival product launching on the same day. Or if you were to buy a car, you might find your dealer is holding back information. Regarding the Nodes, let me ask my webmasters about that, in your chart. Thank you.

  5. Jessica – how apposite that you mention China and the UK with regards to “hidden” things. As you may already know, the UK Chancellor is currently in China to broker a deal for more Chinese investment in the UK, including underwriting a project for a new nuclear power station at Hinckley. There has been much comment about the project, which also involves the French power providers EdF, regarding the suitability of the technology being proposed (it’s outdated), the fact that EdF have been guaranteed a very high wholesale price for the station’s future output, and the desirability of having crucial infrastructure/power supplies in the hands of non-UK owners and investors. As with many things happening in the UK one wonders what we the citizens are not been told…..

    1. That’s so fascinating, thank you for alerting me to the China-UK deal. Nuclear power station? Whoaaa. This is big. In fact I’m going to research this right now, because of course the 1963 eclipse happened at a time when big nuclear decisions were being made. Rachel, I actually think you’ve uncovered the mystery for us.

      1. Glad to be of service, Jessica, and how interesting that there is that link with 1963. I shall look forward to reading anything your research may turn up. I just love all these connections that show why astrology should not be pooh-pooed – Saturn has just left Scorpio and my 2nd house, and all of a sudden things seem to be unblocking for me workwise, and I take that as proof positive of the power of astrology.

        As for the solar eclipse, how wide an arc would you consider? My Asc is at 3 degrees 33 of Libra, so will it be in the zone

        Finally, you may remember that I commented upon the rise of bartering in one of your recent posts – apparently there is a town in Greece that has “invented” a bartering currency called “Tems”..!

        1. You will see I changed my entire eclipse story based on your tip about the nuclear reactor proposed for England! Many thanks. And I’m also going to follow up your information about the Greeks inventing their own bartering system – thank you! Your Ascendant won’t be affected by this eclipse. But you will love what happens to your image, appearance, profile when Jupiter reaches 3 Libra in the second half of 2016.

          1. Hi again Jessica – just thought you’d like to know that I’ve just been offered a year’s contract at a local university, working on a brand-new project that is intended to encourage young people to broaden their horizons and go to uni. As you can imagine, after three years of intermittent employment I am over the moon (appropriate when talking to an astrologer, eh?!), so the Saturn shift and maybe the eclipse seem to have had an effect, as finally things are starting to look up!

            I look forward to reading another of your fascinating articles soon!

  6. Hi Jessica,
    How this eclipse is affecting my love life and my carrreer. I was born on September 29th 1973 at 10:45 am.

    Thank you for your time with this!


    1. You were born with Pluto at 4 Libra. There is a part of you which needs to control the agenda with your partners. This also applies to former and potential partners too. There is also a part of you which needs to dominate conflict with enemies, rivals, opponents. All of this makes you, who you are! Yet, Sunday through Tuesday, the eclipse will pass over Pluto so you are not being shown the full picture, nor will you be told the full story. You may prefer not to make huge judgement calls about the other person or take major decisions at this time. Talk to me again about your chart in the second half of 2016 as Jupiter will pass over 4 Libra, hit your Pluto, and you will be given the best opportunity in 12 years to pursue a bigger, improved version of what partnership should be.

      1. Jessica,
        Thank you so much for your response! I appreciate it!!!
        Could you please be more explicit when you say that there is a part of me which need to control the agenda with your former and potential partners too? And there is a part of me which need to dominate conflicts with enemies, rivals and opponents?

        Also I would like to share with you that I am getting divorced, some days I feel overwhelmed, I also feel the need to love and truly be loved, but I do not want to have just a sexual relationship with someone or I do not want to go through a bunch of different relationship either. I really feel the need to have a solid relationship where both can trully love each other and fulfill each other sexually and emotionally, fulfill each other with real love, happiness, mutual respect, mutual support and loyalty, a relation where I can be accepted, respected and be truly loved as who I am, someone with whom I can live, be extremely happy and make him extremely happy the rest of my life.
        I would like to bring to your attention that something weird is occurring to me now, I just moved to an apartment by myself and for the last 5 to 6 days I have been noticing that there is a person who has been surrounding my apartment every single night and I have been having a strong feeling that that person could be a guy who I met because of a business- relationship back in the last quarter of 2013 and who helped me a lot; however during the first quarter of 2015 I started feeling a strong connection with him, I did not understand why, I started having strong feelings for him that make me feel alive, and even though I tried to deny those feelings to myself, those feeling have been transforming in something more and more stronger.
        Even though never happened anything between us, our relation was pure business- professional; just the fact of thinking that this person who has been surrounding my place could be the same guy with whom I had a business-professional relationship, just this thinking makes me feel alive!!.
        I would like to ask you if you see something in my chart that is related with this situation?

        And another point of my life is my career, I feel completely stuck, I have been looking for a better job since 2013 and I do not feel realized with the job I currently have, because I know I am able to perform a better job but I have been unable to get a better job.
        I would like to ask you if there is something in my chart that you can advise me about this part of my life?

        I highly appreciate your time with this!!


        1. You have a strong Libra-Scorpio focus in your chart so relationships are everything to you. It’s funny how career comes last in your question! Okay so let’s look at the Pluto in Libra part first. Pluto was the god of the underworld in Roman mythology. He ruled Hades where the souls of the dead were taken. He was a god of tremendous passion (did you see the love heart on Pluto when NASA visited recently)? He also believed that his passion justified him taking, and also taking over. One day he fell in love with Proserpina, so he rent the earth asunder with his trident, came up through what we would today call an earthquake, and took her into Hades. Her mother grieved and then became enraged. A tremendous power struggle was the result and Jupiter ultimately fixed it by forcing Pluto into time-share. He had to spend half the year with Proserpina, his new wife (they married in Hades) and give her up for the other half of the year, to her mother Ceres. Thus, order in the world was restored. It is really worth reading these old Roman myths and legends as they can be tremendously instructive and healing. You have Pluto tucked away inside yourself. There is a part of you which is so passionate she seeks to control, to take, to dominate, to own and to transform everything – no matter what cost. Pluto is in Libra, so in the Seventh House of partnership in the Natural House system. This affects every single relationship you have ever had. The trick with Pluto, which we all have to accept, is that nobody can run everything all the time. Moderation is the key. It is so tempting to want to totally control love, sex, marriage, engagement, separation, divorce, common law marriage, adultery – with this placement. It is also a mistake. Sooner or later Pluto in Libra will tell you the facts, which are that you’re never going to have it all your own way or perfectly balance the scales with anyone! The drive is to have a 100% symmetrical, harmonious, fair, equal partnership with a soulmate who is different to you yet completes you. This is not possible. However, what is possible – and this will blow your mind – is a trade-off with the universe. So you take half. You accept that sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. You try to relax your extremism over love. You consciously try to be more laidback about love. I do feel that the date you are offered, or the relationship phase you are in, when Jupiter goes through Libra from mid 2016 through 2017 will heal you and help you. I am also absolutely sure you cannot wait and do not want to wait. The timing is in the astrology, though. It will happen. Workwise, the trick is to do something (for no money) you adore and see where it takes you. Your part-time passion, hobby or interest will lead you from one pebble to another on the right pathway and you could easily end up making money from this ‘thing’ that you once were happy to do for nothing – or a variation of it.

  7. Hi Jessica, I’m a premium member and following the instructions , I noticed that I have ascending 4 degrees Libra, descending 4 degrees Aries . I’m possibly in line for a new post but have a feeling that there will be opposition to this move. Would I be right in looking at the astrology of this eclipse in this way- not sure?

    Kind regards


    1. As Aries rules your title or label – and Libra rules opponents – you may be right. There is something you are not being told or shown about this situation, Sunday through Tuesday. You may want to wait to find out more.

    2. Hi Jess
      Love the blogs
      I was born 6degrees Pluto in libra
      DOB 13/2/74 1027am Syd Aust
      Am I seeing something simular in relations.
      Also work/business could be at a crossroad. Any insights?

      1. Thank you. Let November pass and you will see why it’s time to accept a new road with work/business. The old fear factor has gone. You had to live with this person, organisation or situation in 2013, 2014 and part of this year. It will take time for adjustments to happen yet in November you will see a fresh start. Further ahead, an opportunity to take control of a work partnership or personal relationship in the second half of 2016 will be the best news you’ve had in years.

      2. Thank you very much. You were born not only with Pluto in Libra but Uranus and Vesta too. You are part of a group of souls who incarnated to explore equality in partnership. You will be amazed at what happens to your work partnerships (if you have any) and particularly your love life, in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017. True symmetry and harmony between lovers can be an elusive thing, yet you are on the discovery tour of your life then.

  8. Hi Jessica, I have the moon at 4 Aries. I am waiting on the final step (closure) with a financial matter which has kept me stuck for a number of years. Does this eclipse mean that I think the matter is finished when it actually isn’t?

    1. Your Aries Moon is not about the money. Finances are always about the Taurus-Scorpio elements in your horoscope. If you have been stuck with this issue since the final quarter of 2012 or 2013, then it sounds like Saturn’s slow, stuck transit through Scorpio to me. And it’s over. The final week of October and first three weeks of November will show you, what you need to know, to move on. There are facts or figures you need to see, and – to see in a totally new light.

  9. Yike! I have Saturn at 4 Libra (12/07/81), I can’t imagine that’s going to be much fun 🙁

    Although I also notice that Juno and the Sun will conjunct my Jupiter at 3 Libra just beforehand. Do you have any thoughts about that particular mix?

    (Thanks for the articles, by the way, I really enjoy your insights!)

    1. There is definitely something major going on with (or for) your partner. And you may want to wait beyond Tuesday to form an opinion. If you are single, this is about your former or potential partner. If an enemy matters more to you than a lover, it is about that person. If you were born with Jupiter at 3 Libra and Saturn at 3 Libra this is a big deal. You’re not seeing what you need to see!

  10. Hello Jessica,
    Could you please explain how this eclipse will effect me?

    I have Mars in Virgo at 4 and Jupiter in Aquarius at 4. Sun in Cancer, ASC in Virgo.

    Thank you very much for your articles.

    1. Thank you. There is definitely a story here, about your daily working life – or your body. Maybe both at the same time. You may prefer not to make judgement calls on your job, your university/college life or your unpaid work during the eclipse. This also applies to doctors, drugs, food, drink, healers, surgeons and so on. Jupiter at 4 Aquarius also tells you to look at the group. The one involving your friend. Something is being obscured here.

  11. Hi Jessica, I have Jupiter at 4 in Cancer, born on 7.5.78 at 11.20am in Newcastle Upon Tyne Uk. I am currently finding work difficult and would like to see changes in this area. It’s been a difficult time interestingly since the April 4th eclipse. There have been some improvements but still feel power struggles at work. Are changes afoot for me? Thanks so much.

    1. Jupiter in Cancer is actually about your house, family, flat, household, home town and/or homeland. Have a look at that over the eclipse because part of the picture is missing. Work is another matter. I am sure your power struggle is down to karma, possibly from another lifetime, but the situation will end from 12th November when the North Node leaves your solar house of work and the repetition stops. There will be a reshuffle in your workplace, or wider industry, until January/February 2016 with demotions, departures, promotions so be aware of that. The balance of power will change as Ceres goes through Aquarius. Make sure you grab your chair in the game of musical chairs. Even if it’s just a question of influence and ‘politics’ with people, rather than an actual role.

  12. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for your excellent information each month.
    My birthday is 29/09/1968 was was born in Perth Western Australia at 1.15pm. Would please explain how this eclipse is affecting me. I look forward to your response.
    Best wishes Jennifer Bates

    1. Thank you very much. As I’m sure you know, life is all about the chemistry you have with your partner at the moment. If you are single, it is about the alchemy you have with your former partner, or potential partners for the future. Sometimes it’s about enemies, but with that chart, it’s more likely to be about the other half in a relationship – past, present, potential. Let the eclipse pass, but do think about ways to reshape love, sex and commitment so that freedom and independence become part of the equation. This may involve quite a radical move. Yet it suits the cycle you are in. Just sticking with the past/the old ways is not going to work. You need 21st century relating!

  13. Hi Jessica- I was born 2/5/1963 at 12:35am EST and have Moon 4 degrees Cancer (4th house) and Uranus 4 degrees Virgo (10th house) – I work at home in my business. Wondering how this will affect me – thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you. This eclipse will conceal, not reveal, so you may want to stave off big judgment calls about your business, your home and I would also include your body, on this Sunday-Tuesday cycle. In the Natural House system you have the Moon in the Fourth House and Uranus in the Sixth House, so you may want to read more widely about what it means to have those placements – and focus on what might be missing from the picture. An eclipse is a very strange phenomenon indeed.

  14. hi
    you are my favorite astrologer. i love how you get to the point.
    bd 2/19/52 chgo 8:35 am
    i am concerned about a former business associate and this eclipse

  15. Dear Jessica,

    I really enjoy your website, thank you for all the great posts. I and am a premium member, birthdate 3/27/69 at 11 AM in Northampton, MA. I don’t have planets at 4 degrees exactly but Chiron,Sun, are within 2 degrees. Will this eclipse effect me? I have a startup company, that really could use a breakthrough.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Your Chiron and Sun position will not be affected by the eclipse. In general, your startup was ‘started’ in the most difficult financial, business and economic phase in three decades so nothing is your fault. It was just timing. You are now going to see information you desperately needed to know all along, which will appear in the final week of October and first three weeks of November. Light will be shed. I feel you’ll see reshuffles, demotions, promotions in your chosen field in December and January 2016 which change everything for you, like a game of musical chairs. This is when you can take control.

  16. Hi there, Jessica… i’d like to ask a question that is slightly off-topic.

    I’m sure you must have heard of Magi Astrology. Do you use/practice it? Do you believe it is effective?
    I recently came across their website. The results seem solid enough, but honestly, I was very put off by the condescending tone and obvious, cheap sales pitches. Also, with their ridiculous arguments about Darwinism versus Intelligent Design.

    Please let me know if they are trustworthy.

    1. Hello there. I don’t know anything about Magi Astrology at all. There are as many different kinds of astrology, as there are kinds of music. For the record, I use Western Astrology and the Natural House system.

  17. Hi Jessica, I was born on Sept 5 at 11:20pm in Albuquerque New Mexico. I feel so much in coming and going and do not know what to make of it or the decisions that are so pressing right now. When should I start to press forward? When will it all begin to actually work?
    Thank you!

    1. You are being affected by the Mercury Retrograde cycle when the wheels are stuck or moving backwards. If you can be kind to yourself and put decisions off until after 24th October it will be much clearer for you.

    2. Timing is everything. You may want to wait for your ruler Mercury to come out of retrograde, which happens after October 24th when the final shadow ends. Life will make a lot more sense then.

  18. Dear Jessica, will the coming eclipse finally show me some more clear future perspectives? Especially regarding new job / directions for career. Feels like my live has been on hold for a while. Thank you for your help! ( Birth date: 28-05-1974 — 22.50 PM)

    1. The eclipse never reveals anything unfortunately. And it’s a Full Moon too. Career? The lack of clarity you describe is down to Neptune. You may want to read more about Neptune on this website. Wheels will turn, final week of October through third week of November when you get new insights into your chosen field, business or profession – or another – and see how much things are changing. This helps you make decisions in a new light.

    2. The eclipse covers up, it does not reveal anything! You don’t give a birth place. Just working on the fact that you’re a Gemini – the toughest work cycle in 29 years is over. Please wait until November has passed you by, before you make any radical decisions. You need to see realities, truths and new facts about your chosen field, industry or business. It’s like homework. Then you can choose. And you will soon have a project or position which feels like a holiday from reality.

  19. Hi Jessica

    I have just become a premium member and I love your blogs about the effects of astrology on so many aspects of our world. I was reading the blog on the eclipse above and as it happens, I am about to submit my PhD on Tuesday 29 September but have just realised that I have Minerva in 4 Libra (although little in Libra apart from that and nothing in Aries). Does that mean anything with regard to my PhD submission? Should I delay by a day? My PhD thesis also happens to be about firms building networks between the UK and China, which is weird given your research. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Sometimes astrology is so strange it surprises even me. I cannot believe the subject of your thesis! If you have the luxury of submitting this at any time at all and it won’t affect your relationship with the university, you may want to wait until the Moon is completely out of Aries. I suspect the bottom line is, you have specialised in a subject which is so hard to know the truth about right now. Yet if you specialise in this, you will become indispensable to people, as the China-UK relationship is a mystery we must uncover.

      1. Thank you for your reply: this is an unfathomable subject indeed and one that resonates with the platonic idea that the more one knows, the more one realises how little one knows. Unfortunately my absolute deadline is Thursday 1st October (also the birth date of the People’s Republic of China by another strange coincidence), by which time, and if I understand the way planets travel, I do not think the Moon will be yet out of Aries; I will just have to do what needs to be done and keep my fingers crossed.

        1. I know, it’s hard to impose astrological deadlines on academics! Maybe one day academia will understand that astrology really does have something to say about our lives and how we live them. I do feel your personal pathway is fated in some way with China. Did you just see that the UK/China deal on the Hinkley nuclear planet is proceeding? Because you were pulled into this eclipse in a personal way, yet with a global issue, I would say – watch carefully who/what comes into your life as a result of the PhD. You can never know too much about this subject. Time will tell you why.

  20. Hello Jessica, I was born 1/20/1969 at at 10:40 pm Central time. I don’t have anything at 4 degrees. But, I have recently left a job to take a new one. I feel regret now for leaving and questioning my decision. I have (secretly) feelings for my former boss. I’m wondering how this eclipse will affect me. Thank you for your time and I enjoy the site.

    1. Sorry for the delay, I needed to make your name private. Okay – so everything you need to know about your job and your former boss will become very clear to you, final week of October through the end of November. It’s like a spotlight shining brightly on areas of your life you cannot really see at the moment. Your judgement call can them come easily by December. The eclipse does not directly affect you at all, but the transit of the Sun through Scorpio certainly does and it’s a wonderful way to say ‘Aha, now I see’ and make sense of the last year or two. Please do not worry about your career long term. You will be thrilled with what happens when Jupiter moves to 24 Virgo, right on your Pluto at 24 Virgo, by this time next year. Empowerment. Control. What’s not to love?

  21. Hello Jessica, I have just discovered your website and find that you do have great insight.

    My Venus (reling 5th and 10th) at 6° Aries 4th house – Sun sign -;
    sextile Uranus (co-ruling 2nd) in 6th house Gemini;
    square Ceres 6° Cancer and Mars (ruling 4th) 9°35 Cancer, both in 7th house;
    trine NN 2° Leo, Pluto (ruling 11th and co-ruling 12th) 6° Leo 8th house;
    opposite Neptune (ruling 3rd) 3° Libra, end of 9th house.

    Our house has been out for sale for quite a while.
    My eldest daughter moved to UK, expecting a baby by first week of November;
    my fourth daughter’ marriage is being questioned and there are things she’d rather keep to herself
    I always had Neptunian issues with love relationships – distance; widowhood – and by now I do wish something new turns up.

    Being born on 15th of April, Sun at 25° Aries, I had Eclipse in October 2013 hitting my Sun
    hitting opposition to Sun on my Solar Return in 2014
    and quite a number of eclipses hitting natal points, included a trine to Vertex, from 29° Pisces – Vertex at 29° Cancer 8th house, which occured in March 2015

    Quite a busy time, it should turn out… Thank you in advance for any clue

    1. You have been stuck in the worst economic, property and financial cycle in 29 years. There will be amazing insights about your finances from the final week of October either shedding light on the house situation over the last 12 months – or directly about the property market, interest rates, banks, salary, etc. which also affects you. Wheels will turn from that point.

    2. I’m reading your horoscope using Natural Houses which for me are far more accurate than the system you’re using. You actually have Venus in the First house, Uranus in the Third House, Ceres and Mars in the Fourth House, the North Node and Pluto in the Fifth House and Neptune in the Seventh House. Read your chart this way and you will understand why you have issues with your daughters and relationships. I am very sorry you have been widowed, yet when Jupiter goes through Libra second half of 2016, first half of 2017 there will be peace with the past and the chance of a date (or more) with someone who can educate you. For the issues with daughters please read your chart as above. Look at your Fourth/Fifth houses.

  22. Hi Jessica.. this eclipse has me on edge as an Aries. I’m in an ongoing battle with my current employer who hasn’t been upfront with my salary since I started. It ‘s been a month now and Im being put off. I was just about to send another email and I saw this article. I think it’s best not to say anything more for the next few days. I was hoping you could shed some light for me as to if my job situation will improve. I am going to look for another job with an appropriate salary that I think is fair. Do you see this as possible and that after this eclipse a good time to start? Thanks so much. You are very knowledgeable!

    1. Okay, so your entire problem is that you have Neptune in Scorpio and Saturn has recently sat on that – or conjuncted it. The worst is over. It may not feel like it, but you will be amazed at how much you find out about the situation in November. Please try and wait for the final week of October to really get the facts and figures – and by the Full Moon, right at the end of the month, you will see it all laid out in front of you. Further ahead, December/January 2016 sees a stack of promotions, demotions and departures – and mergers – in your chosen field. This turns wheels, and one of those turning wheels is going to benefit you. I wish you the best with all this but truly, the worst is over.

  23. Hi Jessica
    have had two and a half years from hell in the relationship dept. ….so would greatly appreciate some feedback on the Supermoon eclipse for me.
    Best wishes

    1. You’re not really being hit by this eclipse, but you have certainly been affected by the Libra/Scorpio patterns out there. Everything you learned about love, sex, commitment, and values (what you will, and will not sell out for) will help you move towards amazing closure in the second half of 2016, first half of 2017. At that point you will either find relief and release with the person who currently troubles you most and/or be in a new relationship where you actually have equality for a change.

  24. Hi Jessica I continue to be awed by your insights! I am so glad to be a premium member. I have Jupiter at 2 Aries and Mars at 4 Aries in the sixth house, and I am Capricorn. Right now I am having the the most difficult time with Internet connection and all communication related issues, having just moved in to a new home. But what other interesting opportunities could arise from this eclipse that is so close to my planets. Thanks Patricia

    1. Thank you. The internet issues are typical for Mercury Retrograde as we are all affected no matter what our sign, and you moved in the middle of the cycle. Mars at 4 Aries is tied into this eclipse. You may want to wait until September 30th at least to start making decisions affecting how you appear to others, and how you are seen. Your name, label, reputation – even your ‘uniform’ – is not a clear matter at this time.

  25. Hi Jessica

    I have Mars & Jupiter at 4 Virgo and according to my premium member chart it looks like I have Minerva at 5 Libra. I’ve been waiting awhile for something that seems to be behind the scenes with work sort itself out. An early Aries is involved and so is a late Virgo. I’m a Pisces sun & Scorpio rising so I feel like I know how this will play out only I’m constantly doubting because it’s been going on for so long.

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Okay, it hasn’t really started with this matter behind the scenes. You need to allow for the next few months to pass, but there will be a new arrangement by February where everyone has accepted that they must compromise and share. It will take time and a great deal of sensitivity as everyone must try to read hearts and minds (not just their own) in order to give a fair deal, yet also get a fair deal. It will be complete by early 2016 so hang in there.

    2. If your issue is about your job, this makes perfect sense as the Supermoon Eclipse hit your Jupiter-Mars conjunction exactly in your house of work. What you are not aware of (yet) is a hidden factor affecting the marriage or relationship between two of these people – or if they are not involved with each other sexually, their business partnership. Time will reveal this. Until then you may not want to leap into judgement. On a totally different note, when Jupiter moves to 24 Virgo you will see a huge shift in your working life – for the better. It will benefit your entire lifestyle in the most fine detail, on a daily basis. Not long to go now.

  26. Hi Jessica, I’m an Aries with libra rising and aquarius moon – born in Sydney Australia 7.10pm on March 23rd, 1971.
    I am very content in my home and marriage but would love to know if I will broaden my horizons anytime soon? Thanks

    1. You will be given a new work or study project involving people from a totally different travel, foreign or academic background which broadens your horizons in every way – it’s a fabulous new learning experience.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    My husband (dob 18/07/1985) had filed for a divorce on 8/10/2014 and I have been trying to find the reason ever since as to why he suddenly wants a divorce and he is not at all talking to me since a year, the divorce case in court is also not moving. Do you see any progress after this Full Moon as it talks of the hidden secrets.

    1. See if you can wait until the final week of October at least, as your husband is not in a position to make things firm, final or finished just yet. Things will move in November – for him – and that means wheels start to turn for you as well. The issue is probably related to children, ultimately. But I try not to read other people’s horoscopes without their consent.

    2. This is not really the eclipse affecting anything. On the plus side, looking far ahead into the future, from the second half of 2016 through 2017 you will be in a position to find peaceful closure or move on, completely.

  28. My birthday is today and it makes sense as to what I have been feeling and experiencing these past couple of weeks. I am a firm believer that there is a reason for everything. I just don’t know if I am strong enough to put my desires before others. I remain hopeful but scared to death about my future so I’ve chosen a comfortable path and just existing. Any addl insight would be appreciated. I believe I was born in the morning of the 27th, est, in 1974.

    1. Please do not be scared about your future. Astrology is a navigation tool which helps you to steer the ship and take the journey. It will act as a light house but also steer you towards the destination you want.

  29. Hello Jessica! Iam a premium member. I was born 2/9-64 ,7:17 pm Sweden. II want to ask you about my chart, how this eclips effects me?. I am working hard since november 14 to find the right lawyer, its been difficult . i have had two of them working on my case, and after some time it shows that they dont have the right skills after all, and they still want me to pay. I am so tierd of this situation , now i am struggeling to find the right lawayer for my case. My ex husband bankrupt his company, money that he was supposed to share with me,when we devorsed. All because he dont want me to have my share. Can you see the possebilitis for me , any openings?.
    Excuse my english!,

    1. Hello , i´am very eager to here from you now. Waiting for your respond.
      Thanks for your time.

    2. I wanted to make your name private, so apologies for the delay. I am sure your ex-husband is a total nightmare for you to deal with, looking at your chart. Every time you want to try and nail things down, he removes the nails and the plank. I have to ask you how much more time and energy you want to waste on him and lawyers in general. Think about what you have been paying in terms of your fatigue, your peace of mind and your happiness. This might sound like radical advice, but if you were to put a cost in Euros or dollars on feeling comfortable, what would you pay? Thousands? Then look at what you have been paying to lawyers. The amount of money you have in your head – what you feel you are owed – is not really the issue. Play with the idea of money another way. Look at it as what you value, not what actually translates into dollars/Euros. I actually feel the whole story for you is not about the money at all. It is about children. You don’t say if you have children or not, or if there were ever questions about becoming pregnant/adoption/step-parenting and so on – however I think this is where the crux of the matter is. The cash is just a distraction. You may want to go deeply into that because there are major issues there. Unlock those and everything else could make more sense to you as well. I am sorry you have been put through this, but on a completely different note – you have the most fascinating project or course coming up in 2017/2018 which will take number one position in your life and use your way with words, images and ideas. Your English is fine.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    Seems like my son may be born today or tomorrow. What impact would the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse potentially have? Could it be positive ? He will be born in the United States

    1. Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. He will be part of a generation born with Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. Very well rounded! The eclipse is unlikely to affect him unless he is born exactly that hour, with the Moon right at 4 Aries opposite the Sun at 4 Libra. Report back. Get the birth time on the clock/watch as he is born too.

        1. Congratulations on your new baby granddaughter. She has the Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries, so her parents are very different people. She has also been born with Jupiter in Virgo, so her secret to success in life will be simple. Hard work!

        2. Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter. Her mother and father are such different people. Her challenge in life, and it is an interesting one, is to figure out how to make partnerships work symmetrically.

  31. Hi Jessica
    I am a premium member with 4° in Vulcano . I have been in a difficult and protracted legal battle with a business associate for 2 years, and this eclipse has not brought good news regarding a recent court case. We are fighting over distribution of assets, although my enemy/rival wants to take everything. I want to negotiate for closure (after several failed attempts). Will I have to pursue him through the courts (another 2 years) or is there an end in sight? Problem has been the lack of sales in real estate assets, which should now improve with Jupiter in Virgo after desert years of late.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Jessica
      Is there a technical issue with my comment, which is still awaiting moderation?

    2. You were born with the Moon, Vesta, Neptune and Node in Scorpio which is not helping. I am sorry for this late reply but I wanted to keep your name confidential. Okay – so this is massively stressful – and I can only tell you, something you may know. Saturn was in Scorpio for two long years, and during that time, he conjuncted (or sat on) every Scorpio factor you had. The good news is, this is over. Saturn always slows everything down. That is why you have been stuck in this impossible situation. What you are actually waiting for is the Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio at the end of October. Look up and you will see it. Make a wish for closure. This Full Moon is very important because it triggers both astrology systems I use for you. It gives you the final bridge to cross about the real estate (Taurus) you have needed. I don’t know if it’s any comfort but Australia’s richest woman has been going through a very similar cycle! All I can tell you is, you are going to make or save a small fortune by this time next year. This will more than compensate for the stress you have been through. I will also share a simple trick. If you are open to the idea of spirit guides please fill a notebook with everything you need to vent from the last two years. Then rip it up. You now need just one page. Divide it into two columns and take a deep breath. On one side, write down the honest extent to which you are prepared to compromise and give way. On the other, try to state clearly what you hope for in return from the universe. Leave it out overnight. See what happens next.

  32. Hi Jessica, my premium membership doesn’t work at all. For about a month or so it’s says fatal error. I’ve never had access. I’m 12/4/1978 born at 745amband am harbouring a secret/coverup, what’s your advice?

  33. I was born on 3rd December 1992 at 8:00 am in Nairobi, Kenya. I’m not entirely sure how this will affect me – could you shed some light?

    1. In the last few days, a brand new development involving your friend, group – or the children in your world – has come up. Normally you would go straight ahead, but hopefully this eclipse has made you take your time. The truth is, you do not have the whole story or complete picture yet and you will see why, by November.

    2. I don’t see any major patterns in your chart at 4 degrees so the eclipse does not directly affect you. What I do see is the Sun and North Node in Sagittarius. Please take your time and take very good advice about travelling, emigrating or exporting in the next two years. The world is changing and this will affect you.

  34. Hi Jessica, I’m an Aries with gemini rising and leo moon – I am a premium subscriber. Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Thank you, I have your birth chart here. You are not directly affected by this eclipse at all. However, you have a great opportunity to turn around a health or fitness situation in the first half of 2016. There will be breakthrough advice or understanding then. This covers doctors, drugs, food, drink, healers, exercise, surgery.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I was wondering if you could tell me how this may effect my life at this moment, I am a single mother of two beautiful children & it’s taken me two years to finally get back on my feet. I am actually happy now, but I do have court coming up in November to finally regain custody of my oldest from mistakes in my past, I don’t know who to trust going through it all cause I’m beginning to think someone may be doing things behind my back. I have been so nervous and I just want to enjoy my accomplishments & stop worrying, so anything you could tell me that would be great! Thanks…BTW I love reading your stuff:)

    1. Born with the Moon, Minerva and Vulcano in Leo, you are a natural teacher with your own and other people’s children. You were born to guide and mentor the next generation so your life as a mother is part of that. You could also teach children or teenagers part-time or full-time, or work in a children’s charity voluntarily – I don’t know if you have ever explored that. Please trust the process. You will thoroughly enjoy these and other children in your world in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017.

    2. As you may suspect, you need to get past the three big milestones – Mercury out of shadow from October 24th, the Nodes changing sign on November 12th and finally the Full Moon at the end of October. Then you will know exactly where you stand and can finally move on.

  36. Hi Jessica, How this eclipse is affecting my love life and my career? I’m a libra ,moon cancer, rising Taurus.

    Also as a libra,i’m interested in how my life will be in sep 2016-Oct 2017 circle?Always care about love and Career most.

    1. You were born with Aesculapia at 4 Taurus so you have the unique ability to bring financial, business or property situations back from the point of no return. To revive or resurrect financial relationships or set-ups. Even, to restore or recycle precious objects. This eclipse is temporarily making this hard, as there are too many hidden factors, yet in time you will see why you were not shown the full story. That’s why they say – in general – to wait, wait, wait until an eclipse passes.

    2. Actually, your interest in love is down to your heavily Scorpio birth chart. You are here to explore the most intense kinds of relationships with lovers who always make it ‘until death do us part’ or bring massive questions about power, as it translates through materialism, money, possessions, business and property. This is more like a Bill Gates/Melinda Gates relationship, with all its focus on money, than the standard kind of partnership. You will get the intensity and depth you seek when Jupiter goes through Scorpio, which takes place from 2017. Jupiter will sit on, or conjunct, every single one of your Scorpio factors then and the pay-off for you could be substantial in terms of the lifestyle or security – and the depth of passion. Of course you can have other kinds of emphasis in your relationships before then (freedom is an obvious one) but for a marriage or relationship that defines you, Jupiter in Scorpio is hard to beat, when he comes along in a couple of years from now.

  37. Hi Jessica
    I am a premium member and enjoy the site. I am Aries born 5th April 70 and would love some feedback on relationship issue I have been dealing with for years now and is reaching a pivotal point for me…so will the supermoon impact this. There has been a lot of deception lies and betrayal and I was concerned to read that Supermoons mask and hide things…there has been enough of that and surprises.


    1. Thank you. I will pass that compliment onto my webmasters. Basically, you need to get to the final week of October before you make any more judgements about this. Yes it is reaching a moment of truth for you, but the story will change or be held up for a further three weeks. After that, you will be able to work with something concrete and from 12th November some stuck karma with this person will disappear. In other words, the karma will have been complete. Further ahead, what happens in the second half of 2016 with this person or another will turn things around in a wonderful way for you. And none of it would have been possible without this waiting game now.

      1. Jessica
        this may sound stupid but not that familiar with the karma concept and googled it only to find a myriad of explanations , one more complex that the other. Is it possible you could explain in this context what the terms Karma completed means and stuck karma?

        1. That’s a really good question and I’m sure lots of other people also want to know – so thank you for asking. My knowledge of karma comes from spiritualism, which has attracted everyone from Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes) to (allegedly) members of the Royal Family. In spiritualism, there is a belief that souls incarnate to grow spiritually. To learn and evolve. Thus, souls help their own incarnation but also move the whole human race forward along with the planet. In the afterlife, souls can fragment into many, many parts and each part of that spirit, essence or ‘soul’ can transfer into a new body. So, if you’re wondering why we live on a planet where equal marriage for gay, lesbian and transgender people has become legal – you can thank the generation of souls who incarnated with Uranus or Pluto in Libra. These people have many lifetimes of dealing with injustice in love and may have been imprisoned, as Oscar Wilde was, or forced to cover up their sexuality. In the afterlife, these souls agreed to come back, as a ‘soul group’ and fragments of the original souls have come together in an entire generation. The North Node and South Node describe this karma, or past life debt/credit. Whenever we look to karma we look to the nodes in astrology. We have just had the North Node in Libra and it will remain there until the middle of November. While it is there, everyone goes through the exact same issues, sometimes with the exact same souls, they faced lifetimes before. It goes around and around, which is why stuck karma feels so familiar! It’s almost as if the souls have to experience things one last time before they can move on. This is what the whole equal marriage debate has been about. We have also seen it with feminism, as there is a generation of souls born with Uranus or Pluto in Libra who suffered sexism and misogyny in previous lifetimes, so they have chosen to come back as women, and sympathetic men, who want to see changes. That’s one reason Hillary Clinton just got up as a presidential candidate, but that’s another story…

    1. The passing Supermoon Eclipse has produced a question about your image, reputation, name, role, persona or appearance for the end of 2015 or perhaps 2016. You think you know the full story. You actually don’t and you will see why, in just a few weeks. This is why tradition states one should always defer judgement or dramatic action on an eclipse.

    2. Born with Ceres at 28 Libra, I can see an opportunity to expand a partnership and fix any issues with one-on-one relationships, coming up for you when Jupiter reaches 28 Libra in the 2016-2017 cycle. It can only happen every 12 years and it is going to happen to you. This may be a work partnership or a typical marriage/common law marriage. Watch Jupiter once he goes into Libra and see what happens when he hits 28 degrees.

  38. Hi Jessica – your articles are so fascinating. The more I read, the more I want to read! Anything you can tell me about my health & future, facing lots of issues for years: 22nd February 1979 in Kisumu, Kenya.

  39. Hi Jessica – had posted earlier but forgot to include my time of birth. 22/02/1979 Kisumu, Kenya at approx 4.30am. Kindly shed some light on my long ailing health situation & future (any potential love)? Many thanks!!

    1. Health is a big one and it matters more than love at the moment. Love will sort itself out in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017, as you will be amazed at how many people leave relationships (making them free for you) or fix their problems (making them eligible lovers for you, too). Okay – the body. This is nothing to do with astrology, but it often works quite powerfully. Write down what your condition has produced in your life. Has it produced time off work, sympathy from the family, a benefit allowance? Is it preventing you from doing something specific? Look at what you have written. Write more. And more. The sit with it for a while. In astrology, the mind, body and spirit cannot be separated and now is the time to find out what is going on, at the deepest levels, and why.

    2. Your chances of finding a lover who can educate you, teach you and/or show you a new part of the world are at their highest in 12 years and you will see why, by the end of 2016. You were born with Venus in Capricorn so the trine from Jupiter (opportunity) to Venus will introduce you to a potential lover within 12 months. I am sorry about your health situation but without a personal horoscope I cannot comment.

  40. Hi Jessica
    I am a premium member. My natal Moon is 4 Aries in my second house. At this time transiting Saturn is trining my moon from my MC which is 2 Sagittarius. Also, Jupiter is transisting my 7th house of partners (where I have a stellium in Virgo). I’m wondering what the upcoming trine of Jupiter to Pluto in October signifies.

    1. You were born with Ceres at 13 Capricorn so the Jupiter-Pluto trine is about your paid or unpaid work – your main role in life. There will be a deep change which alters the balance of power. Demotions, promotions, departures or arrivals are typical. In other cases you will find people reach a new compromise with each other over who controls what. This will truly alter your chosen field, industry, business or profession. Watch for the days that Pluto moves to 13 Capricorn exactly (the data appears on this website every day) as the situation will slowly build and peak. When this game of musical chairs takes place, please find your chair.

    2. Thank you. I see you have Psyche at 4 Libra opposite the Moon at 4 Aries, so this eclipse sat exactly on signs which describe partnership, but also the kind of relationship you have with former or potential partners. Sometimes Libra/Aries also describes people who you have some kind of dispute or conflict with. I suspect you will see everything revealed in the weeks ahead – there is a hidden or unknown story there, with this person and it will make a big difference to the way you two live your lives in 2016. You may want to read more about Psyche in the asteroid e-book on this website. You have an incredible stellium in Virgo, so Jupiter’s transit (now through this time next year) will give you one opportunity after another to eradicate work problems, pursue work you actually love, and find the right healer, doctor, food, fitness option or treatment for your body. You were born to serve. It is through duty and service that you really excel, and your chart reminds me of Jeeves and Wooster. Jeeves, as we know, totally controlled Wooster!

  41. Hi Jessica

    I’m born on the 18/01/1983,the past 2 and half years have been a complete mess.My business got affected,I moved back to my mom’s house.i have not dated since 2012……family feuds regarding money and wealth..,,,.OMG,I feel like I’m in a bottle and someone is controlling just how much oxygen I get just to survive …..I grew spiritually and am more aware and alert,have learned my lessons…,, pls,Is there an end to this?…..I plan on going platinum for the in depth readings….

    Thank you… are the best

    1. I like your phrase ‘someone is controlling just how much oxygen I get just to survive.’ However, you have been stuck in a very difficult cycle. The first thing you should do is look at what is possible for you in another region or country. I believe you were offered something quite casually, a few weeks ago. This person or organisation basically suggested you could spread your wings, but you may have done nothing about it. The family situation will be so much easier in 2016. The relatives will compromise eventually and a new arrangement will be in place. This will also affect your own money and property of course. Take a deep breath and just get to the end of January 2016. You will be thrilled at a new job, award, outstanding result or promotion in the second half of next year. I do not believe you will be at your mom’s house beyond Easter 2016, or if you are – you will get more space, or she will give you more room there.

  42. Hi Jessica, I always enjoy reading your work, my dob is Aug 20 1975, i was born at 5:34am in bridgeport ct, usa, how will this eclipse effect me? Is it a secret i have?

    1. Thank you. Basically, you need to let time pass before you fully ‘know’ and understand what is going on with your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or education agenda. Try to judge or act later. Whatever came up in the last few days seems straightforward enough but time will reveal a few gaps in the story, okay?

    2. Thank you. You are not directly hit by this eclipse. You do have Mercury in Virgo, though, so you will enjoy the most fantastic project or plan, probably on the internet, within 12 months.

  43. Hey Jessica,
    Ok long story short… Oh my I need advice… so i have been in an off and on again relationship.. and yes you are correct it has been back and forth over and over again the past few months.. Although..we have had falling outs we are always brought back to each other with passion and love…heartfelt at that.. and i went back through the dates for the eclipses each eclipse or around there we would find ourselves together again and potentially tried to play house.. well my question is regarding this eclipse.. the biggest thing holding him back was the relationship with his wife that was falling apart… I honestly felt as if the universe was teaching us that we had to go through our own journey with others before we could come together and experience true love.. so on Sunday with the eclipse.. we hadn’t spoken, he was off again, but his wife has been gone since June if not prior.. she slips in and out for a day or two.. she is a scorpio.. Well I was watching the eclipse alone and he texted. and the past two days have been the most passionate they have ever been and it looks to me as if he has fallen in love head over heels may more than ever.. well today we had a falling out.. he’s cancer/aries/libra… I’m taurus/virgo/libra.. I am assuming the aries eclipse is getting to him.. thank god I follow the energies daily… Well we talked about moving in together last night.. but as of today he is being stubborn and moody.. so in this eclipse with culminations.. does it seem as if he ended and put the past behind him finally with her and is moving forward with myself? Or can eclpse put us back into our paths just to take us right back out.? I honestly feel as if would trust and surrender we would have everything we ever wanted.. But I am starting to feel a wave of less optimism.. thinking that he may be ending it for good.. Although knowing him he has stated he can’t walk away from me. nor I him.. Just curious if the eclipse can culminate the story days after or if the story that is new or beginning is actually us?Thank you and much gratitude for your site

    1. Thanks for this. It’s obviously extremely painful. So he’s a Cancerian and you’re a Taurean. And his wife is a Scorpio. Please be aware you are in for a very, very tough time with this person if you keep going. This is not going to go away. Just ask yourself if you want the work. Because it will be work. Even if the marriage collapses, his former wife – if that ever happens – will want money from him. And it will not be resolved quickly or easily. There will be three of you in this relationship, as Princess Diana once said. It is just as likely he will stay with there so I hope you are aware of that. Nothing to do with the eclipse. It’s just that combination of Cancer/Taurus/Scorpio in a love triangle.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    You have all my birth details and I am also a Premium member. Just love your website!!
    Thank you for all you do.
    I was hit with the eclipse in April 2014 and then again this year in April (not sure about October 2014). This Lunar Full Moon Eclipse has brought about endings too!
    Many changes in life for me – BIG TIME!!
    Are there going to be improvements in my life in ANY area? Surely, can’t get any worse than what I have faced the past few years (with Saturn in Scorpio until September 18)!!
    Thank you.
    Madhukar Shah

    1. Thank you very much. I will pass that compliment onto James and Justin, my webmasters. Okay, you have six horoscope factors in Taurus, so no wonder you had a tough time. You are right to identify Saturn as the issue – Saturn opposed every single one of your Taurus factors recently. You have a stellium (cluster) in Virgo so will enjoy the best chance in 12 years to lift your lifestyle, your working life and your general wellbeing up to a much higher level, with all the changes complete by this time next year. It may be a gifted healer. It may be the end of a project or even a job you disliked. You will find your own way of enjoying this cycle but it will be great for the body, as well as for the work ethic.

      1. Thank you, Jessica! Today, October 8 is when I suddenly remembered that I had asked you the above questions! I am traveling overseas and sometimes have problems with the internet connection etc. And I had forgotten that I had asked you!!!

        Just cannot wait to see some light at the end of the dark tunnel I have been traveling through for so long.

        I just hope that Saturn in Sagittarius will bring some better days than what Saturn in Scorpio offered, especially in financial terms. Is there anything that you see that perhaps will see me spinning it all over again? I am just plain exhausted with everything that life threw at me over the past few years.

        Thank you in advance – I suppose I just need some reassurance again. Many blessings!



        1. Thank you. Internet problems are so typical now but you had the dates, well in advance, so that’s good. Take your time with your money for the next two years and save as much as you can. Err on the side of caution and learn to hang onto possessions you love and value most. Sell what you do not need. Find ways to save money and also make as much as you can outside your usual sources.

          1. Jessica,

            Thank you! Have a great Friday and a super weekend. I just need a break and I know it is coming soon.

          2. Jessica,
            I have all of a sudden thought of another question that could also help all your followers/clients/fellow travelers on this long journey called “LIFE”.

            I have always been told to follow both Sun Sign astrology as well as reading what the Rising sign has to offer.

            Therefore, am I right in thinking that I need to read both my Sun sign, which is Taurus and my Rising sign which is Pisces (at the last degree too at 29 degrees +)?

            As far as I am concerned, I know that what Taurus Sun sign showed over the last few years certainly played its role but there were some aspects in my Rising Sign, Pisces that also played a role, perhaps not as much as Taurus.

            What are your thoughts on this? I am sure this answer will also help other readers.
            Thank you in advance. Many blessings to you.


          3. Thanks for your question. Actually, you should only read your Sun Sign prediction and not exchange it for your Rising Sign. In the house systems I use (Natural Houses and Solar Houses) you won’t get results by reading Pisces, just because you have Pisces Rising. By the way you are heavily Taurean and when Uranus goes into Taurus in a few years time, you may want to be in an extremely flexible financial position where you can adapt to change as it unfolds. You can read more about Uranus in Taurus elsewhere on this website.

  45. Hi Jessica, If you are still answering questions, I’m curious about the areas impacted by the eclipse for Minerva at 4 Gemini and Panacea at 4 Aquarius while my Sun is in Taurus w/ Scorpio rising. It’s been a doozy the last two years. Thank you.

    1. You were born for the internet, with that trine from Minerva to Panacea, yet October does not tell you what you need to know, about particular corners of the web. You may want to wait a bit, to see what has actually been going on with some aspects of social media, websites, blogs, computers etc. as it does affect you. You will also be pleased to know you have passed through the toughest cycle in 29 years with Saturn right opposite your Sun. The most fantastic change in your working life – which hugely improves your lifestyle – is coming. Watch the weeks that Jupiter in Virgo crosses the same number/degree as your own Virgo placements. You especially need to watch for your Jupiter Return at 26 Virgo which will be fantastic. This will occur by this time next year, so you have a lot to look forward to.

  46. Hi Jessica,

    I love your site and enjoy reading your articles. My dob is 07/29/74. I feel that I have been stuck in both my personal and professional life for the last two years. Can you see what is in store for me. What was concealed by the most recent eclipse?


    1. Thank you. I will pass that compliment onto my webmasters. You have Pluto at 4 Libra so the eclipse hit that exactly – the lack of information/knowledge/insight surrounds your partner. If you don’t have a partner, then this is about a former or potential partner for the future. Give it time and all will be revealed. Feeling stuck is unusual, as you should be travelling or studying. You were given a chance to travel recently, or to travel in the mind. It’s not too late to pursue this. And there will be more.

  47. Dear Jessica,
    my mother is about to have a delicate surgery next week, at her lungs.

    An this is because after numerous X-rays a spot has been detected on her right lung but its nature could not be diagnosed.

    Do you think I have reasons to be worried?

    I am an Aries born on April 19, 1967, 12:15 pm in Braila (Romania).


    1. Sorry, but without your mother’s horoscope (and also obviously her consent) it’s not possible to look at health issues. This does make you more conscious of your own mind, body, spirit relationship though – and that will really help you, as Jupiter goes through your house of health.

  48. Thank you for all your articles, it is very interesting to learn more indepth just how much the stars really do affect us. I was looking at my chart 05/02/1974 and I have Pluto in 4 degrees Libra along with Vesta same degree. Just wondering how the super moon plays into those aspects. This has been the most difficult year in what seems like forever for me.

    1. You may want to let October draw to a closer before you make big judgements about your former, current or potential partner. This also applies to any enemies, if they matter more than lovers. This Pluto-Vesta conjunction brings a lifelong pattern of one male, and two or more females, in relationships. It can be a boyfriend whose girlfriend will not let go of him. It can be a man who has many female ‘friends’ and leads all of them on. It can also be a man with daughters, so he is the king of an all-female harem in the family! I am not sure how this lifelong pattern has affected you, but you may want to wait until November at least to draw conclusions or pursue important discussions and decisions. Long-term, the second half of 2016 will bring healing with this issue, either through a new relationship or through closure and resolution of issues affecting one you have now.

  49. I have just had another look at your birth chart. You have incarnated (or been reborn) with a huge Aries-Libra axis in your horoscope. This suggests to me you are working out issues about fairness/unfairness/fighting/battling from at least one previous life and perhaps more. I don’t know if you feel this. Sometimes it comes out as the most passionate feelings about war, or the most intense sense of deja vu in private war situations with lovers, enemies etc. One thing that always makes an incredible difference to heavily Aries-Libra people is a physical outlet. This has nothing to do with your question but I do feel it is useful to pass on – it may be yoga, football, or a punchbag at the gym. It seems to ‘take’ a lot of the Aries-Libra stuff in the birth chart. Over the course of your lifetime, though, I do feel you will be involved in one or more campaigns for justice/fairness out there and of course you will be the one person who makes the difference.

    1. I think you might want to look at your crown and third eye chakra as your question actually tells you the answer. You mention ‘the issue with the head’ and ‘focus’ and ‘cannot stand the sight’ – all these are clues, as you have chosen words to explain the situation which have a double meaning and obviously relate to your head and eyes. I guess you know all about grounding and running energy and also closing down. This might be useful now. It’s funny how the words we choose to use, often give away chakra clues.

  50. I am sorry for the delay in replying to this specific question but I needed to remove your name from your question so it remains private. I did leave a note for you elsewhere about your chart in general and the massive Aries-Libra focus. You are a good fighter, in a fair fight, but you are best suited to a campaign that is bigger than you are. Fighting for justice or fairness in a situation is the best use of your amazing energy and it would help others too. Long-term once this personal issue is over I feel you will do this. In fact, you may already be doing it. At the moment, of course, your focus is your son. Allow your Great Great Aunt to give you a bit of guidance on this one. She cannot interfere. You have to ask for help. Prayer is a good way. Silent meditation is another. Then, the great trick – which sometimes people forget – is to get out of the way and let guidance take over. In other words, we have to drop our preconceived notions about what is right, and let spirit show the way. I do feel your son also knows the answer, funnily enough. What does he have to say? Not what he thinks you want to hear, but what his soul is telling him. The answer may surprise you.

  51. Hello Jessica,
    I love your insight and amazing accuracy on astrology including my own. Although I am not an expert I still get a lot out of reading my horoscope and I really trust your predictions! There is something that is really concerning me right now and that is the transit of Saturn in Sagitarius affecting air travel. I read somewhere that the period of around the 24th November is not safe for travel and that is because my son born on 24 August 1987 is returning from Taiwan on that date back to Melbourne, (my date of birth is 25 October 1958) if you need it. Just want to clarify if this is all good, I am sorry but its on my mind a lot, I know I should not worry but please reassure me this date is all safe!! Thanks so much for your help.

    Hugs Lily xo

    1. Thank you so much for your message, I appreciate your feedback. Okay, we are in the toughest cycle for air travel in 29 years until the end of 2017 so I personally avoid flying when we have a lot of clashes in Gemini-Sagittarius in the heavens (which rule short and long haul flight) – if only because there may be delays, changes in my home airport as a result of extreme weather – or incidents we’d all rather avoid. At the same time, we have to go fly! Just check the airlines/airports on the day of departure to make sure you are not being affected by some chain-reaction created by another airline/airport. I am sure you will love having your son back.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    I am a scorpio born 8 November, 1988. My time of birth is 5:37 AM.
    I have asked you for insights previously regarding my career and so I began exploring side options and I have heard some good news with regard to that just a few days ago and I am extremely hopeful of bagging it. Will this help me in the long run?

    My more serious concern is my career. Since 2012 I have dealt with issues related to my career, health, relationships at the highest level. I guess I am a far better and stronger person than I have ever been in my life but I still feel stuck. My career is not shaping as per my aspirations. I really want to pursue it. Please guide me as to how and where should I devote my energy in the coming year to make it a reality. Are there any other issues that I need to be aware of astrology wise?

    I have liked somebody a lot for quite a while, though with a lot of turmoils. Do you see something in this area of my life happening with this person ever or should I consider it a closed chapter?

    I keep pushing myself to stay fit and healthy, but I am unable to gain highest level of fitness. Please guide as to whether continue with my subtle approach that I am following these days or go for a more rigorous approach?

    In the end,will I be ever able to see good days in my life. I feel disappointed and depressed.

    1. I’m glad your horoscope is helpful and you found the side options I was talking about. They will not stop for years. In fact, you could take the notion of ‘career’ and invent something unique which allows you to use your time quite differently. Don’t necessarily think in terms of one standard job, with regular hours. I’m sorry you feel disappointed and depressed. Have a look at the relationship you have with your body and really look at the mind, body and spirit interplay. Pushing yourself is not being kind to yourself. However, there are some exciting ways to use your body, to help your mind and spirit, which you should be looking at.

    2. Thank you. I noticed you have made my other query private or took it off from here, but I actually requested for this one. Please consider my request again. It displays too much of information, wish I had noticed before writing, but I was desperately in need of some advice!

  53. Hello Jessica,

    I started a commitment with my current boyfriend in October 2014 but our plans, Oct 4 to be exact. I noticed every eclipse in this past 2 years that we would make plans and commit stronger but our plans would not push through because we live far from each other. We are both libra. I have ascendant of Scorpio and his Ascendant is Aries. Thus we were highly affected by the libra/aries eclipses. What would be the implication of March 23 eclipse to our relationship? Will we make it or break it? Also to my career, how would it affect me as the major issue why I cannot move to his location for now is because of my career. I was born on Oct 15, 1985 and my partner was born Oct 2 1984. Thank you.

    1. You are both experiencing Uranus transiting your Seventh House of commitment, sex, intimacy, equal partnership, fairness, balance, justice and ‘two’ rather than ‘one.’ Uranus has been there since 2011 urging you to reject who/what is outdated, irrelevant, fake, outworn and essentially about yesterday: this applies to 20th century ideas about marriage, children, de facto relationships, common law marriage and so on. The more you both move away from who/what belongs to the past, the easier life will be. An eclipse is not make or break. It just covers up the picture. What you are both getting from this long distance relationship is freedom, space and independence. You can read more about Uranus on this website – just hit search.

      1. I have read some articles about Uranus transiting 7th house and it seems negative to relationships. However, although we are getting independence, space, and freedom from this long distance relationship, we are both unhappy about this coz we want to be together. I am now more confused. And what do you mean by eclipse covering up things? Thank you.

  54. I absolutely loved this article. Reading it for first time and it takes me back to the that decision of my life which made me enjoy life from a different perspective. 27 Sept, I resigned from my job, became jobless for 6month, tough family times,we all stood together .Though it was Saturn return as well. But 27th was a great eye opener towards an experience. It goes in my lifebook forever

  55. Jessica hi

    Can you please suggest how this may effect me . I have been researching for moving to another country for a while . Recently my family agreed to back me up. I consulted a couple of consultants for Australia since my sister lives there but they said my visa may be rejected . I am now trying for canada . Another friend of mine if offering me to come to uk . She is a close friend and she plans to do business with me in near coming future . So she proposeds that perhaps in coming years we could transform this visa into business. She is a Capricorn .but I am a bit cheery about it. Though she is a very nice person . She has had some rough times with her first marriage . With this second one the, he is nice to her got 2 sons but is an alcoholic .. since I has to stay with them all the time I haven’t said yes to it . Should I just pick it anyways . My friend usually a strong woman is actually once again going through tough times. I did not want to add to her worries.

    1. Okay. First of all, the eclipse has nothing to do with emigrating. What you are going through is a global trend. We now have Saturn (slow, stuck, serious situations) in Sagittarius, the sign which rules immigrants. You have three horoscope factors in Sagittarius and so you are being personally hit by this cycle, which does not end until Christmas 2017. I can’t comment on your friend unless I can see her chart and she is not a Premium Member. We are going to see new global rules on emigration when Jupiter (problem solving) moves into Sagittarius, which means 2019 for you, three years away. One of the first changes you will see is the collapse of the old EU rules on open borders, which I predicted a long time ago on this website. This will alter the world map. You need to hit Search on this website and look up ‘Saturn in Sagittarius’ and ‘Sagittarius’ rather than concerning yourself with the eclipse, which is in Pisces-Virgo and so not relevant to your desire to emigrate. A new world is coming and you need to know about it.

  56. Just noticed that we have had two ‘Hinkley’ events in the same 24 hours: Hinkley Point gets the go ahead and John Hinkley (who shot Reagan) gets his freedom. (Here you mention the shooting of another President, JFK).

    You did say that Jupiter in Libra would focus the UK peace movement on nuclear issues and the US on gun crime! .

    The UK also saw a damning report by MPs yesterday on David Cameron and Libya – says exactly the same things as the recent Iraq report and Tony Blair.

    A couple of days before that, an ongoing controversy kicked off about continued UK arms sales to the Saudis despite their known use for war crimes in Yemen – a leaked Committee report.

    And talking of coverups, Edward Snowden has just dubbed Theresa May ‘Darth Vader’ for the state surveillance plans she is hoping to push through Parliament by the end of the year (state surveillance and spying having been one of the alleged issues in the delay to agreeing Hinkley Point). So many interconnecting themes…peace, freedom, state secrets and hidden power…

    1. You are quite right, congratulations. Two Hinkley events in 24 hours is the universe dropping a gigantic hint to us. And of course Ronald Reagan takes us back to the era of nuclear protests. You are spotting some fantastic Jupiter in Libra cosmic clues there. Thank you for alerting me to the David Cameron report, and the UK arms sales – and Edward Snowden. As you say, the themes are all interconnected. We are still at the very earliest stage of Jupiter in Libra, but once this incredible cycle really takes hold, I do think we’ll see another Greenham Common in Somerset. In fact it could be as big as Glastonbury, or connected to the festival. I have my spirit guides confirming this. You seem quite switched on. What else are you seeing?

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