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If you want to sell to thirtysomethings then start with the idea that travel, study, teaching, publishing and belief systems are special.


If you want to sell to thirtysomethings, the average age of those born from 1970 through to 1988, then you need to begin with the idea that travel, study, teaching, publishing and belief systems of all kinds mean something very special to them. This generation was born with either Uranus or Neptune in Sagittarius, the sign which rules journeys, education, books and all kinds of philosophies and faiths, from astrology to humanism. They will want new, different, new, different their whole lives!


MY MELBOURNE HOLIDAY FROM THE PEOPLE WHO GAVE YOU HOLIDAY GODDESS 600x600 - How to Sell to Thirtysomethings - Business Astrology
Classic Uranus in Sagittarius. (Fitzroy, Melbourne 2015).



This generation hit their twenties, when they were working, earning and spending, from 2000 to the present. This generation is here to invent and create new, experimental ways to travel, learn, teach, publish (especially online) and pursue their beliefs, in church or outside church. They are the Air BnB, Easyjet, Ryanair, Wikipedia, Webinar, Kindle, iPad generation. They use the internet for everything. They don’t do paper, so much. And here’s the thing – as soon as they give birth to something new, they reject it. They are never fully satisfied, nor still. They are the source of every passing revolution we have seen which has altered the way we fly, stay, educate ourselves or read. This generation was born –

February  18th 1981 to March 20th 1981
November 17th 1981 to February 14th 1988
May 27th 1988 to December 2nd 1988

nzeqka625vm 600x400 - How to Sell to Thirtysomethings - Business Astrology


There is another generation overlapping this one (above). They were born with Neptune in Sagittarius, and anyone with both Uranus and Neptune in this sign in the 1980’s is probably reading this now! Neptune is about escaping from reality. Taking a holiday from the real world. Neptune in Sagittarius means you do it through your beliefs. Religious or not.


January 4th 1970 to May 2nd 1970
November 6th 1970 to January 18th 1984
June 22nd 1984 to November 21st 1984

Those born 1970 to 1984 are now aged around 30 to 45. This is the generation who get away from the ordinary, the mundane and the dull by submerging themselves in what they believe. Never trash their beliefs! It may be Islam, Buddhism, Humanism, Astrology, Mediumship, Judaism, Scientism, Catholicism or any other ‘ism’ but this generation does not want the bubble burst. They feel the same way about travel. They don’t want their grandparents’ bus trips (below). Globally, this generation are the boat people in search of the promised land, or the people who run through the Eurostar tunnel to reach Britain.

Locally, to sell to this generation, you need to sell them travel dreams. And they want something that’s out of the ordinary.

Ninth House Jesus  600x462 - How to Sell to Thirtysomethings - Business Astrology
The Neptune in Sagittarius generation grew up with books like this.



Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius people really, really, really believe. Even if they believe in not believing! Your way of imagining what is true about the world is crucial to your being, if you are a Neptune or Uranus in Sagittarius person. Professor Brian Cox (below) believes in parallel universes. He also believes that astrology would not work in any of them! His thirtysomething and fortysomething ‘Dad’ audience born with Uranus and/or Neptune in Sagittarius lap it up. The mantra for selling to this generation? Tread softly because you tread upon their dreams. Personal belief systems really matter to thirtysomethings.

Brian Cox Twat - How to Sell to Thirtysomethings - Business Astrology
Professor Brian Cox dreams of parallel universes.



People born with Neptune in Sagittarius are the biggest group of ‘escape’ travellers the world has seen for decades. If they can’t get away to another region or country, they visit by virtual tourism, online, exchanging views and ideas with people from every corner of the world.

This generation also gets away from it all, by turning towards study, teaching, writing, publishing, blogging and all forms of travel in the mind. It’s not work for them. It’s a way of entering another universe.

Mercury Retrograde Greyhound 600x451 - How to Sell to Thirtysomethings - Business Astrology
Neptune in Sagittarius people do not take their parents’ bus rides.



The Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius generations are about to hit the biggest reality brick wall of their lives, commencing September 2015, and extending into 2016 and 2017. Why? It seems very likely that airlines will be affected by economic downturns and/or terrorism. Saturn is in Sagittarius too, in this period.

There may be other issues making travel difficult in the final quarter of 2015, 2016 and 2017 – perhaps environmental concerns or the price of fuel. How do you reach out to the Sagittarius generation while Saturn takes his 29-year-trip through this sign? You comfort them by reassuring them that life will be back to normal eventually. That they can still dream. And you offer them other ways to ‘travel’ – like travelling in the mind. Or travelling online. Maybe exploring their own city, town, state, county or territory as if they were a tourist. The Staycation.


If you understand that the Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius generation are with you for life if you devote yourself to their fixation with holidays, work-related business trips, air miles, travel accommodation – and make it work for them, because they change a lot – you will be rewarded. Just see how TripAdvisor took off with the (average age) thirtysomethings born with a Sagittarius signature. Their families took the Magic Bus with The Who in the Sixties and pioneered backpacking and hitchhiking. Their offspring want a different kind of trip. And always will.


Ninth House Bus 600x387 - How to Sell to Thirtysomethings - Business Astrology
Dream up a different kind of magic bus for the Sagittarius generation.




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