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Ceres in Capricorn August-October 2015

Ceres, the dwarf planet with so much huge power, moves back into Capricorn from 3rd August until October 27th 2015. If you have Capricorn elements in your personal horoscope there will be demotions, promotions, reshuffles, departures in your particular industry, field or profession at this time. On a global scale we will see big changes at the top of corporations and governments with resignations, sackings, retirements and departures. Why? Ceres is a symbol for power shifts. Capricorn is the sign which rules big business, the White House, global brands, 10 Downing Street, and other power centres.

Capricorn copy - Ceres in Capricorn August-October 2015


Even if you don’t have Capricorn chart factors, friends, family, partners, colleagues and bosses will.
This is going to influence their career path and money for some time to come. Why? Not only Ceres but also her old arch-rival Pluto are both in Capricorn, the sign ruling ambition and status. This can mean goodbye in some relationships or marriages which are solely based on money or power – if not immediately, then in January 2016 when the Sun returns to Capricorn. I’m sure your relationships are not like that, but there will be a few politicians and executives counting the emotional cost soon.

iStock 000004927881 Small 401x600 - Ceres in Capricorn August-October 2015


Ceres herself was promoted back in 2006, from asteroid to dwarf planet. At the same time, astronomers demoted Pluto, her son-in-law! There will be many, many people who are empowered and gain control by the departure or sideways shift of those within governments, the public service, the civil service and corporations at this time. You may gain by a domino effect.

Ceres (below) was the goddess who ruled the four seasons and controlled agriculture. When Pluto took her daughter, she went on strike. The four seasons stopped. Permanent winter meant the people starved. She got her way in the end, and Pluto was forced to return her daughter Proserpina, for half the year. Thus, when Ceres has her daughter, and she is happy, we have spring and summer. On the day that Ceres was discovered, 1801, the United Kingdom as we know it today was formed. In fact it was created in the same week that Ceres was spotted through the telescope. The new kingdom had to be shared differently. Divided in a new way. Ceres cycles always bring a ‘new world’ where people have to carve up their universe in a new way, rather in the way that Ceres and Pluto had to share the earth and take spring, summer, autumn and winter on a roster system.

Ceres by Sven Haile Bath Science Institute June 2013 450x600 - Ceres in Capricorn August-October 2015
Ceres at the Bath Science Institute.

Power plays and power tripping are common on Ceres cycles. People who are heavily Capricorn may find themselves ‘heavied’ by others. You can also be thought of as a power-tripper yourself, so be careful. Be sharply aware of the need for a new division of spoils, a sharing of power, a compromise over control. This works now. Trying to claim more than one’s fair share does not.

Just look at what happened within days and weeks of Ceres’ discovery. That last one is a superb example of synchronicity – The Seasons (which Ceres rules in mythology) gained its premiere. By looking at history, too, we can make predictions. Capricorns like Kate Moss and Kate Middleton (the two Kates) will act out issues about power, compromise and control for all of us.

Kate Moss 480x600 - Ceres in Capricorn August-October 2015
Capricorn Kate Moss


The legislative union of Great Britain and Ireland is completed under the Act of Union 1800, bringing about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and abolition of the Parliament of Ireland.

Giuseppe Piazzi discovers the asteroid and dwarf planet Ceres.

William Pitt the Younger resigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Thomas Jefferson succeeds John Adams as President of the United States of America.

Joseph Haydn’s oratorio The Seasons is premièred as Die Jahreszeiten in Vienna for its aristocratic patrons at the Palais Schwarzenberg; it has its public première on May 19 at the Redoutensaal.

If Ceres is about a transformation in the balance of power and Capricorn is about ambitious people who rise to the top of government, big business and even royalty, then the long Ceres Retrograde cycle through Capricorn, by October 2015, is a really good excuse to watch this space.

prince william kate middleton prince george vanity fair july 2014 2 lead 425x600 - Ceres in Capricorn August-October 2015



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22 Responses

  1. Wow! This is gonna get me! Hello Ceres! After years of a stagnent career w one gov. agency, I’ve had an amazing upswing since March. In June I took a major major promotion on an interim basis, and I’m trying to decide if I should try to pursue it as a permanent position. I’m not sure they’d consider me, even after filling the role for months. More info should emerge by 8/12, but I’m just very unsure how I should proceed. I follow your website daily, and soak up all the great info. I know enough about astrology to look at my natal chart and see something big is happening, but I can’t quite write the story. Astrology has been amazingly helpful, so I’m working to see the big picture… For example, Proserpina will conjunct my 12th house Taurus moon while opposing Saturn in my 6th house Scorpio soon. That’s huge, I know, but I’m still at a loss for how to read it. Plus, there are even more astro elements to the puzzle. My partner has a stellium in Leo (sun, moon, Juno, Vesta, Venus at 17, and MC at 29) Venus r conjunct natal Venus? Eeeak!
    I’m a Capricorn sun sign, and a Gemini ascendant. (12 January 1984, 1:56 pm, Marshall, Texas, 94w22, 32n33) Any advice on the career and relationship front? I’d be honored to hear your thoughts!

    1. Thank you for that, I will pass this onto my webmasters James and Justin whose brilliant vision and design is behind the website. For a start, I might read your chart differently as I use the Natural House System. This puts your ambitious Capricorn Sun in the Tenth House, your Ascendant (how you project your image) in the Third House of communication, words and ideas – and your Taurus Moon in the Second House of money, possessions, property and business. Your career upswing is the result of Pluto in Capricorn and Ceres in Capricorn transiting your Tenth House of success. There will be ongoing reshuffles and changes in the balance of power not only in this field you have chosen (or workplace) but in others, for some time. Every time there is another shift in the balance of power, claim your fair share of the controls. The Proserpina conjunction is not such a big deal, but have a look at the amazing transit of Jupiter through Virgo in your Sixth House of work, as he will make a stunning trine to your Capricorn Sun and Taurus Moon. This starts next week and continues through 2016. Take every promotion, every project, every new job, every award offered on this cycle, as astrology tells us it’s expansion all the way. Your partner’s Leo stellium falls in your Fifth House of love, sex and the big yes/no decisions about children. For him, the Venus Retrograde means backwards/forwards discussion and decision about all that, for several weeks. I do feel that the yes/no choices about children are the biggest deal of all for your partner, and will be so in 2016 and 2017 as well. This takes time.

  2. Dear Jessica,

    very interesting article. I’m an Aries with Ceres in Cancer, 12th house.
    I suppose this time I will be a spectator and I will be off the hook because I have no planets in Capricorn.

    warmest regards,

    1. Thank you very much. Although using the Natural House System (which I use) you have Ceres in the Fourth House, so it is always your house or apartment (and particularly your family) which challenges you to change, and share, and learn how to compromise.

  3. Hi.
    So I have a lot of conjunctions happening in my chart. Don’t know how to read them.
    Venus RX in leo about to conjunct my Venus in leo at 21.
    Neptune in Pisces conjunct my Uranus in Capricorn at 9.
    Pluto in Capricorn conjunct my Neptune in Capricorn at 13.
    Jupiter in Virgo will soon conjunct my Jupiter in Virgo at 1.

    I have sun in Virgo at 26. And ascendent at 0 Capricorn. Juno, true node at 16 Capricorn.
    So much activity. How do I assess ?

    1. Okay let’s look at what matters most. Venus RX in Leo will deliver an interesting relationship phase involving the world of babies, children or young adults. This new connection, or the reshaping of an old connection, will happen with the younger person in question, or an adult tied to their world. Sometimes the link is a lover who could bring babies, nieces, nephews or stepchildren into your life one day. As for Neptune in Pisces – it’s not conjunct Uranus at all. Pluto in Capricorn *is* conjunct your Neptune in Capricorn so that’s major. Career or college/university transformation and you need to find your power with that. Jupiter in Virgo tells me the same or similar thing, as Jupiter’s approach to your Virgo Sun. You will be in a new role or with a new project, by 2016. Take the professional, academic or other opportunity to work at your best level in years, soon. You have a very Capricorn/Virgo chart so are defined by ambition and hard work. Seize the day, carpe diem.

  4. Hi there, I’m a 01/01/1974 baby at 12:01 am. I’m a bit concerned how to play this as I just changed careers and effective last week my job has gone from contract to ongoing. Should I be worried? Also had my cat pass away and a relationship go belly up is it really going to get worse??? Yikes.

    1. That’s perfectly fine. Ceres is in your image zone – nothing more – and so work is not affected. There may be some bargaining around your title or profile, or you’ll have to ‘bargain’ with the universe over that. I am sorry about your cat passing away – although you know they are still around – just a thought away. Before you know it you will be pulled into a fascinating part of the world, or someone who embodies a particular culture or nationality so strongly – and you will gain. In fact, you will be thrilled. Clues by late August. You’ll end up travelling there or just learning from the person concerned.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I am Capricorn, born on 3rd January 1976 in Mumbai India, I have been through a tough career phase n last couple of year and even today not very clear where i am headed. Always pushed down or never promoted / supported by my bosses even having over delivered on my said objectives. Today i am looking out for options.

    Just wanted to check if this situation would change, will i be able to change my Job or would i see any growth in the by Oct 2015.

    1. You will have a better idea about your career after 24th October and will be offered a major opportunity in the second half of 2016. One of the things that works really well in life, as well as in your career, is good manners – please and thank you work wonders – and also a basic spell check before pressing send.

  6. Hi Jessica
    I really appreciate your reply and Would like to thank you For your advice.
    I will keep your advice handy
    Thank you once again

  7. Dear Jessica,

    Greetings !

    First allow me to say I am impressed by your ability to reply to queries and comments on your page- it is remarkable indeed.
    I confess I was encouraged to write to you after reading these replies.
    I am a 17 January 1967 Capricorn and have had huge battles to fight, including one with death herself. I survived a Cardiac Arrest two years ago. My questions are about how my emotional landscape looks and how will my bank balance hold up. (That’s the most of everyone’s life actually!) Will you tell me?
    PS- I work in the publishing industry and my work is with children.



    1. Thank you very much. Publishing is going through a tough time in 2016, 2017 so you may want to have alternatives to the book trade ready. There will be a boom in employment in other industries so watch trends. The world economy will improve once we are past that final Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus at the end of October. Track what seems to be booming/growing in other industries where you can transport your skills or even learn something new.

  8. Hello! Ma’am, I am from India.My DOB is 4th Jan 1980. Time 1945 Hrs. Due for my promotion in Dec 2015 But my personal and professional life not going great at all.Please guide what’s in store for me. Thank you.

    1. If you read your Capricorn horoscope you will see Mercury is retrograde in your career sector until 24th October and the North Node is there too. You may want to wait until after that point, and particularly after the Node changes signs on 12th November, to call judgement on your career.

  9. Hello Jessica,

    I have been reading your website since about 5 years now and must say I truly enjoy it and find it accurate! I am trying to find answers. I am in a very difficult place. I just got married in Feb 2015, but it hasn’t turned out the way i had imagined it. I have huge struggles with my mom-in-law – i wonder if this has to do with ceres. I am trying to start my own business in exports. I am also hoping that this in turn will help me move out to another country. Can you please shed some light on whats going on and whether this business and move will actually work out…How did ceres affect me?

    My DOB is 27th Dec 1981. Time is 7:10 AM and location is Mumbai, india

    1. It would be difficult, but rewarding, to pursue other regions and countries until this time next year. Beyond that, you would be caught up with some new global restrictions which are coming by 2017. So use the next 12 months – especially in October. Thank you for the compliment about the website too. What else am I seeing in your chart? Yes, Ceres has definitely been at work in your life. The trick with Ceres cycles is to understand that your mother-in-law will have to accept sharing. If you can show her you are happy to share, and that you respect her – and are even a bit in awe of her – that would fit the Pluto, Ceres and Proserpina myth very nicely.

  10. Hey there. Today is the first time I read your column here. I am a 29th Dec born, year 1976. Have been divorced and single for 6 years now. Really want to move on but not been able to connect with that special someone yet….will there be any change in this scene? Thank you for taking the time to reply. Look forward to hearing from you…

    1. As a general rule, you can use May and July of any year to step back from yourself and the world of love, and see your life clearly. If there is an obstacle you need to overcome in order to form relationships, it will be more obvious then. And if there is a good dating opportunity to pursue, it is those months that will make this clear to you.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Can you do another article please on Ceres in Aquarius, which starts today.
    I think this might be really quite significant for me in terms of my endgame.

    Many thanks,

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