Cancer Birthday Horoscope


The Cancer Birthday Horoscope – Astrology 2015 to 2016

Where you come from, and where you belong, defines who you are. It also makes you feel better about life in general, Cancer.

Happy Birthday Cancer. You are so well-known for your class, country and culture that whenever opportunities come your way, to deepen the relationship with your place in the world – you take them. Where you come from, and where you belong, defines who you are. It also makes you feel better about life in general, Cancer. Wonderful chances to develop your relationship with your country, town, village or city will occur between September 10th 2016 and October 10th 2017, when Jupiter goes through Libra. This is the best birthday present I can give you. A prediction that your place in the world will come to mean more to you. Debbie Harry (below) was born on July 1st 1945 and New York is her place. Where is yours?

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Cancerian Debbie Harry in New York, by Bob Gruen.


WONDERFUL BREAKTHROUGHS WITH YOUR CITY, YOUR VILLAGE, YOUR TOWN, YOUR COUNTRY The most wonderful breakthroughs with (and for) your city, village, town or country are coming in 2016. Yet the situation is being set up now. Once you have completed your karma with this particular part of the world, you can move forward and see real changes. This karma is there, thanks to the North Node cycle, which began on February 19th 2014 and will not end until November 11, 2015 . From that point forward, though, you are on track to pour your name, soul, personality and identity into your part of the world. Destiny will show you, how this is to be done. If you have been separated from your country for whatever reason, you will either go home, or find that your home comes to you, in the most remarkable way. Pictured below, photographer Bob Gruen with Debbie Harry at CBGB New York, Blondie’s spiritual home.

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16 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I’m just curious about why I can read the full Taurus birthday horoscope, and the full Cancer birthday horoscope; but the Gemini birthday horoscope is for Premium members only. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    1. I think we may have switched to Premium Member birthday horoscopes when the Harper’s Bazaar series came to an end – sorry about that.

  2. Hi Jessica

    I was born 14th July 1948 in London with Cancer rising . I came to Sydney in 1973 and was living with an Australian man until 2009, we had two children.

    Since 2009 , I have been in a long cycle of refinding myself, although of course a lot of personal development has taken place here in Australia.

    Your reading resonated strongly with me as for the last twelve months I have found my accent becoming more English, I have been making and eating very English foods and my digestion seems to have rejected the spicy foods of my more recent past.
    I delight in my energetic connection with English TV programmes, books ( re-reading classics) and am gaining strength from it all.
    My daughter 36, is 15th July and will be attending a second interview in London in 3 weeks time….they seem very keen,I am delighted for her, feel that this will be such a good move for her and hope that she is turning a corner.
    thank you for your insights which are so in tune with how I feel about the next few years.

    Best wishes

    Thank you for your deep insights and

    1. Thank you for your feedback Anne – it’s always fascinating to hear how Cancerian women work out their birth charts in real life. Too funny that you have gone back to your British accent and food – and culture – and it’s helping ground you in Australia. You will find a class, course or workshop which asks you to communicate in a totally new way, by the end of this year. If you are tempted, just say yes.

  3. Hi Jessica I am I was born 29th June 1958 in London. You keep saying we are going to get money. I am taking my employer to a tribunal on July 13th.He is defo the enemy you keep talking about but what about the for us Cancerians where has it gone. I was relying on Jupiter in my 2nd HELP!!

    PS when are you going to write another of those little books Handbag Horoscope. I loved mine it was my reference to life and it worked.

    1. Thanks so much for buying Handbag Horoscopes. All the new astrology books will be e-books and published in the next few months. You’re definitely a Cancerian who has been offered ways to make or save money. If you think back to the last three months you’ve had at least two offers. Sometimes it’s easy to forget or to even bypass them, because they’re not the big thing you’re looking for! For example – you may have been offered free accommodation, or offered a business opportunity. Neither of these two options has disappeared and both could still deliver, whatever they were in your life…now, the tribunal…lucky you, having the case in your Jupiter cycle. If the wheel of karma decides that’s the spin, then that’s the spin. If it’s not, you will gain or *save* elsewhere.

  4. Jessica, I found your site and came to my knees with an awakening.. I love astrology and started following it heavy three years ago. I entered a relationship with a cancer/Aries/libra. I am a Taurus/Virgo/libra. Needless to say the wife is a Scorpio. He made it seem for years it was over with him and her. I agreed as they no longer lived together but of course it was back and forth. This reminds me of the brad/Jen/Angelina saga as you said. I have become so attached to his 9year old daughter who does not want the ex wife. But here we are again, being put aside because he is a crab And is going backwards although she does not seem to want him. It leaves me hanging. But the connection we have is unreal. It’s almost as if seeing him look at me he’s mesmorized and just doesn’t know how to have a healthy relationship. I feel as if he is going to finally reconsider, especially with his daughter pursuing me. I’m not afraid anymore, I’m leaning towards love and I know what we share is true. I know this is personal but I had to share as you hit everything right on the head. Where do you see this going? Or is it over? The power is interesting, I don’t see myself as his opponent or enemy but he has told me I’m a strong women and it’s almost as if i stir his intellect and it seems as if he does not know what to do with the power I hild but yet it intrigues him. I couldn’t be more thankful for your site!


    1. Thank you, that’s a potent compliment! I am glad you love astrology too. It’s hard to say where any of this is going without your chart, his chart, and both his wife and daughter’s charts. Cancerian men find all their male ego reinforcement, pride and identity in the family as you know, which is why he has not left. I strongly suspect Vesta here. I have written about her on this site if you want to look. It can be very painful playing the Vesta game. Did you look at Vesta in your horoscope and also this man’s chart? You can find Vesta if you use

  5. Hi Jessica, first of all thanks for your insightful replies. Appreciate it. Because of your in depth blogs, I am totally fascinated and into astrology, learning more every day.
    What you said about one special person whose thought charges the atmosphere when I think of him, resonates with me. He was my high school Sweetheart, went separate ways. 28 years later, met through Facebook again. Fell in love again, if I ever got over him. His birthday 19/05/1965 at 3.45 am, New Delhi.
    Connection is so strong, I can’t think of a relationship with anyone else, and he’s not available.
    Do you see any future with him? Or am I dealing with some past life karma? Am I better off, looking elsewhere? Wouldn’t want to end up alone, want to have a great relationship with someone, to enjoy life. 🙂
    What are your thoughts on this? Thanks

    1. Thank you very much. I’m glad you want to pursue your astrology further. He is a lovely fantasy and that makes him as good as Brad Pitt, Imran Khan, Harry Styles or anyone else who exists as a flickering image on a computer screen. Beyond that, absolutely not. Fantasy men are sometimes very useful because they prevent us from having serious relationships. And sometimes serious relationships waste our time, or hurt us, or give us pregnancies we don’t really want, or get in the way of other achievements! You have to ask yourself why you have fallen for someone you have not seen for 28 years. It would be really interesting for you to be honest with yourself and find out why you have chosen to be smitten by someone who is never going to happen in a million years.

  6. Dear Jessica hi.,its the 2nd time I am writing to you.
    I want to tell you once more what a wonderful astrologer you are and I love the way you approach the astrology science.
    Reading the cancer bday forecast couldn’t agree more about the difficult time between 2012-2015 in the relationship and home front.
    Well unfortunately for me it keeps going…and is also affecting money issues.
    Am I now on the pick of it and will gradually get better? If so , why do you think it keeps affecting me?
    Thank you for your time,
    Kind regards
    Marina K

    1. Thank you very much. Don’t worry too much about money issues. You have Jupiter and Aesculapia in Scorpio, the sign which rules finance, property, security and lifestyle. You are always protected. What you are experiencing in November, December, January is a hangover from what happened two or three years ago. In other words, you need to let the choices you made, take hold, and you need to realise that everything has changed. It hasn’t really sunk in yet, but you do need to process and absorb this and then make your peace with it. The decision you were forced to make about salary, the bank, rent, a mortgage, a business (and so on) has not really become part of you, yet it will over the next few weeks, as you figure things out. Life will feel very different once you are well into 2016 and you will make or save quite a lot of money when you have your Jupiter Return (Jupiter goes into Scorpio) in 2017.

  7. I just started to see a man born July 14, 1978 few days before, a colleague. We had crossed paths many times in the last one year but suddenly we connected now. We both are surprised as to what gave the spark. Dear Jessica, kindly tell me if this is any worth going forward. My dob March 23, 1981

    1. If it is not this man, it will be another, who completely changes your love life in the final quarter of 2016 and first half of 2017. Don’t worry too much if Mr Cancer is making no sense, out of contact or otherwise not shaping up firmly for you now. Wait until the second half of February to really figure out the lay of the land. If he is not right for you, a superior substitute will appear or reappear in your life from September and by 2017 you should be utterly fulfilled.

  8. Dear Jessica hi! Well after this long Pluto transit I think I have now see things from another point of view, regarding marriage and relationships.
    I have a son and have been separated for 2 and a half years now.
    After some ‘interesting’ affairs I feel its time for me to move on….have a fresh start in my life.
    Are the stars right now favour this? Or am I going to feel a bit pressure for a little longer.
    Once again thank you for your time.You are amazing!
    Kind regards
    Marina K.

    1. Thank you so much. The key here is your Uranus at 9 Libra. When Jupiter finally goes into Libra (which describes the relationship you have with your former, current and potential lovers) you will have the most fantastic and radical change with this person, or more than one on the list. Keep tracking Jupiter’s movements in the final quarter of this year and the first half of 2017 as when he reaches 9 Libra you will have an exhilarating, electrifying explosion of freedom in love and sex – past, present or future – which can only happen every 12 years.

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