Where is the Good Karma in Your Horoscope?

Is there a connection between karma (what goes around, comes around) and your astrological chart? Absolutely! Your good karma is described by Jupiter.

Aries copy 2 - Where is the Good Karma in Your Horoscope?If you are going through a hard time with love, money or work, you may be wondering what happened to your good karma.

After all, you’ve done all the right things – and yet you seem to be losing. Is there any connection at all between karma (what goes around, comes around) and your astrological chart? Absolutely there is and your good karma is described by Jupiter. If you don’t already know your Jupiter sign, as a premium member you can calculate it on this site.

Use your Jupiter karma in any situation where you need help. For example, if you’re broke (and you have Jupiter in Aquarius, ruling friends and groups) go to a community like LETS, which runs on group bartering between friends. If you’re lonely and looking for love (and you have Jupiter in Taurus, ruling charity) then see who turns up when you volunteer with a good cause. If you are desperate for a job (and you have Jupiter in Aries, ruling your brand) then consider going out on your own, using yourself as your best product.

In mythology, Jupiter was born lucky. He was the only child in his family to escape being eaten alive by his father, Saturn. He was sent off to be raised on milk and honey. When he reached adulthood, he became (to the Romans, anyway) the ultimate god. Jupiter ruled the world. In your own chart, your Jupiter sign shows where you were born lucky – and so, where you can afford to be generous. This is where you give out, and give back. It is also where the universe never stops giving, either. Even when times are hard, and you hit a tough cycle, you will always be protected and helped by your Jupiter sign/house position. Scroll down to end of page.

Where Is Your Good Karma?

Jupiter in Aries You were born lucky with your face, shape, style, name, persona, profile, brand.
Jupiter in Taurus
You were born lucky with money, possessions, business, houses, apartments, charity.
Jupiter in Gemini
You were born lucky with the internet, writing, your voice, multimedia.
Jupiter in Cancer
You were born lucky with property, real estate, your family tree, your country.
Jupiter in Leo
You were born lucky with babies, children, young adults and a younger generation.Libra copy - Where is the Good Karma in Your Horoscope?
Jupiter in Virgo
You were born lucky with your body, with work, with the mind/body/spirit link.
Jupiter in Libra
You were born lucky with partnerships, relationships, marriages, duets.
Jupiter in Scorpio
You were born lucky with inheritance, business, tax, property, finance.
Jupiter in Sagittarius
You were born lucky with travel, foreigners, publishing, education.
Jupiter in Capricorn
You were born lucky with your chosen field, profession, or industry.
Jupiter in Aquarius
You were born lucky with friends, groups, clubs, teams, societies.
Jupiter in Pisces
You were born lucky with secrets, mysteries and life behind the scenes.


How Jupiter’s Good Karma is Triggered in Your Horoscope

The Jupiter Return, when you are 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84 and so on (it occurs every twelve years)  is your chance to cash in your good karma and collect, in a major way. If you think back to your life when you were aged 11 through 13 you will immediately see how you got lucky then – in the area of life described by your Jupiter sign. For example, if you have Jupiter in Taurus, you may have won money, or won big prizes in a competition at school. Perhaps the period around your 12th birthday coincided with your parents moving to a bigger and better home, with a new bedroom for you – and lots of new possessions.

Of course, you don’t have to wait that long for Jupiter to pay off. The trick is to watch when transiting (or travelling) Jupiter moves to the exact degree of your own Jupiter. This can happen in any sign at all. You can track Jupiter right here on this website to find out. Look for the number next to your Jupiter sign in your birth chart below (if you are a premium member). That’s the degree position.

If you have Jupiter at 4 Aries 04 (for example) then you need to wait for Jupiter to reach 4 Virgo 04. If you have Jupiter at 29 Pisces 13, then wait for Jupiter to hit 29 Libra 13. It’s all about the numbers. Why? Because Jupiter forms aspects, or angles, when he hits the same degree he occupied, on the day you were born. Check Current Planetary Positions at any time to see when the numbers are due to line up.


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Z - Where is the Good Karma in Your Horoscope?If you were born on the changeover day for Jupiter, you may be the sign before – double-check your chart using your time, place and date of birth here. 

Jun 26, 1930    Jupiter enters Cancer
July 17, 1931  Jupiter enters Leo
Aug 11, 1932  Jupiter enters Virgo
Sep 10, 1933  Jupiter enters Libra
Oct 11, 1934  Jupiter enters Scorpio
Nov 8, 1935  Jupiter enters Sagittarius
Dec 2, 1936  Jupiter enters Capricorn
Dec 19, 1937  Jupiter enters Aquarius
May 14, 1938  Jupiter enters Pisces
July 29, 1938  Jupiter Rx enters Aquarius
Dec 29, 1938  Jupiter enters Pisces
May 11, 1939  Jupiter enters Aries
Oct 29, 1939  Jupiter Rx enters Pisces
Dec 20, 1939  Jupiter enters Aries
May 16, 1940  Jupiter enters Taurus
May 26, 1941  Jupiter enters Gemini
June 10, 1942  Jupiter enters Cancer
June 30, 1943  Jupiter enters Leo
July 25, 1944  Jupiter enters Virgo
Aug 25, 1945  Jupiter enters Libra
Sep 25, 1946  Jupiter enters Scorpio
Oct 23, 1947  Jupiter enters Sagittarius
Nov 15, 1948  Jupiter enters Capricorn
Apr 12, 1949  Jupiter enters Aquarius
June 27, 1949  Jupiter Rx enters Capricorn
Nov 30, 1949  Jupiter enters Aquarius
Apr 15, 1950  Jupiter enters Pisces
Sep 14, 1950  Jupiter Rx enters Aquarius
Dec 1, 1950  Jupiter enters Pisces
Apr 21, 1951  Jupiter enters Aries
Apr 28, 1952  Jupiter enters Taurus
May 9, 1953  Jupiter enters Gemini
May 24, 1954  Jupiter enters Cancer
June 12, 1955  Jupiter enters Leo
Nov 17, 1955  Jupiter enters Virgo
Jan 17, 1956  Jupiter Rx enters Leo
July 7, 1956  Jupiter enters Virgo
Dec 12, 1956  Jupiter enters Libra
Feb 19, 1957  Jupiter Rx enters Virgo
Aug 6, 1957  Jupiter enters Libra
Jan 13, 1958  Jupiter enters Scorpio
Mar 20, 1958  Jupiter Rx enters Libra
Sep 7, 1958  Jupiter enters Scorpio
Feb 10, 1959  Jupiter enters Sagittarius
Apr 24, 1959  Jupiter Rx enters Scorpio
Oct 5, 1959  Jupiter enters Sagittarius
Mar 1, 1960  Jupiter enters Capricorn
June 9, 1960  Jupiter Rx enters Sagittarius
Oct 25, 1960  Jupiter enters Capricorn
Mar 15, 1961  Jupiter enters Aquarius
Aug 12, 1961  Jupiter Rx enters Capricorn
Nov 3, 1961  Jupiter enters Aquarius
Mar 25, 1962  Jupiter enters Pisces
Apr 3, 1963  Jupiter enters Aries
Apr 12, 1964  Jupiter enters Taurus
Apr 22, 1965  Jupiter enters Gemini
Sep 21, 1965  Jupiter enters Cancer
Nov 16, 1965  Jupiter Rx enters Gemini
May 5, 1966  Jupiter enters Cancer
Sep 27, 1966  Jupiter enters Leo
Jan 15, 1967  Jupiter Rx enters Cancer
May 23, 1967  Jupiter enters Leo
Oct 19, 1967  Jupiter enters Virgo
Feb 26, 1968  Jupiter Rx enters Leo
June 15, 1968  Jupiter enters Virgo
Nov 15, 1968  Jupiter enters Libra
Mar 30, 1969  Jupiter Rx enters Virgo
July 15, 1969  Jupiter enters Libra
Dec 16, 1969  Jupiter enters Scorpio
Apr 30, 1970  Jupiter Rx enters Libra
Aug 15, 1970  Jupiter enters Scorpio
Jan 14, 1971  Jupiter enters Sagittarius
June 4, 1971  Jupiter Rx enters Scorpio
Sep 11, 1971  Jupiter enters Sagittarius
Feb 6, 1972  Jupiter enters Capricorn
July 24, 1972 Jupiter Rx enters Sagittarius
Sep 25, 1972  Jupiter enters Capricorn
Feb 23, 1973  Jupiter enters Aquarius
Mar 8, 1974  Jupiter enters Pisces
Mar 18, 1975  Jupiter enters Aries
Mar 26, 1976  Jupiter enters Taurus
Aug 23, 1976  Jupiter enters Gemini
Oct 16, 1976  Jupiter Rx enters Taurus
Apr 3, 1977  Jupiter enters Gemini
Aug 20, 1977  Jupiter enters Cancer
Dec 30, 1977  Jupiter Rx enters Gemini
Apr 11, 1978  Jupiter enters Cancer
Sep 5, 1978  Jupiter enters Leo
Feb 28, 1979  Jupiter Rx enters Cancer
Apr 20, 1979  Jupiter enters Leo
Sep 29, 1979  Jupiter enters Virgo
Oct 27, 1980  Jupiter enters Libra
Nov 26, 1981  Jupiter enters Scorpio
Dec 25, 1982  Jupiter enters Sagittarius
Jan 19, 1984  Jupiter enters Capricorn
Feb 6, 1985  Jupiter enters Aquarius
Feb 20, 1986  Jupiter enters Pisces
Mar 2, 1987  Jupiter enters Aries
Mar 8, 1988  Jupiter enters Taurus
July 21, 1988  Jupiter enters Gemini
Nov 30, 1988  Jupiter Rx enters Taurus
Mar 10, 1989  Jupiter enters Gemini
July 30, 1989  Jupiter enters Cancer
Aug 18, 1990  Jupiter enters Leo
Sep 12, 1991  Jupiter enters Virgo
Oct 10, 1992  Jupiter enters Libra
Nov 10, 1993  Jupiter enters Scorpio
Dec 9, 1994  Jupiter enters Sagittarius
Jan 3, 1996  Jupiter enters Capricorn
Jan 21, 1997  Jupiter enters Aquarius
Feb 4, 1998  Jupiter enters Pisces
Feb 12, 1999  Jupiter enters Aries
June 28, 1999  Jupiter enters Taurus
Oct 23, 1999  Jupiter Rx enters Aries
Feb 14, 2000  Jupiter enters Taurus
June 30, 2000  Jupiter enters Gemini

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37 Responses

  1. Hey,

    What does having Jupiter in Pisces entail exactly? If the planet was retrograde when you were born does this have any negative effect? Another website said that in Oct 1986 Jupiter was retrograde. Is this right?

    1. Jupiter in Pisces? You were born lucky with secrets. When you deliberately cover things up from people it works well for you. The same goes for work you do behind the scenes, without any recognition or credit. So you’d be a lucky spy, anonymous blogger or a crew member on a major film, where the stars are the name/face and you are invisible. Jupiter Retrograde is not negative.

  2. I found this fascinating, but I am dubious about my own Jupiter placement. It is in Capricorn, but my professional life has been something of a disaster, with my never erally finding my niche, and for the last 3 years since I was made redundant from teaching, I’ve struggled to find a job and to make ends meet.

    Given your remarks about Saturn, could this be due to the fact that it is conjunct my Jupiter, their positions being Jupiter 25 degrees 10′ 10″ and Saturn 25 deg 11′ 7″? ie my natal Saturn is making life harder for Jupiter??!! I wouldn’t mind, but I happen to have a Grand Trine in Water (although I am aware that it is a double-edged sword and can lead to complacency!) I’d be interested to hear what you think!

    1. You nailed it. And I must add this to the article, because in my haste to write about Jupiter, I did not mention Saturn! Whenever Saturn is in the same sign as Jupiter, you get this cycle of tough/struggle/gain/change/tough/struggle/gain/change going on. And this is you, with your exact conjunction. You seem on top of your astrology so look at when Jupiter gets to 25 Virgo by 2016 and trines your Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 25 Capricorn. That is a substantial victory. I am sorry that you were made redundant as a teacher, that’s a loss for your students. Of course you know you must train in other field/s. I am sure you have been aware of that for a while. The slow, solid climb to success is your thing and it begins with retraining or free training. The other trick which always works so well is to write down what you can offer, and write down what you are looking for. The invisible world is ready and willing to assist, but spiritual etiquette requires that you ask. That’s a quote from astrologer Caroline W. Casey. By the way, a grand trine in water is never about complacency. Just tremendous feeling and emotion. Extreme sensitivity. I do feel the course or class you need online or offline is going to be a reality, like a solid building block within four months and I also get April as a turning point. They also need part-time or temporary people and you can plug into that – small profit – but always a smart move while you wait for other work.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica for taking the time and trouble to reply – I am someone who likes to understand the world both seen and unseen, and your words have given me a huge sense of relief and a great deal of comfort and hope for the future – almost like when you have a long-standing health or technical problem and then you get an explanation for it which makes it easier to deal with. It’s weird as well that you mention training, as that’s something I’ve been contemplating for a while. It’s just that having already done 2 degrees and 2 post-grad diplomas, it’s mad having to do even more! (although I really do enjoy learning new things). The biggest problem has been deciding WHICH route to take! Thanks once again – I am much indebted to you.

        1. Excellent. Training is the key. You will actually never stop learning, your whole life – a very quick tip for choices – write down the essence of what you are seeking and the core of what you can offer the world. Say if you are prepared to wait, or in a hurry. Leave the piece of paper out overnight and mentally ask your spirit guides and helpers to assist a win-win outcome for all. Prepare for a few wow moments!

  3. Hi Jessica. Could you please give me some feed back on my Jupiter in Libra conjunct mc and Neptune? Thanks Much appreciated. Cheers.

    1. Fabulous transit coming up for you – your Jupiter Return when Jupiter goes into Libra, second half 2016, first half 2017. At this point you dissolve all boundaries with a partner (love or work) who makes you feel that two is bigger than one or even bigger than a nation. You may already be with this person in a duet. If not you will meet this person, or re-meet them, with greater closeness, from second half 2016. You incarnated to function as part of a pair, and may have two/three pairs at the same time. Sexual/romantic duet, work duet, charity duet, creative duet…whatever suits.

  4. Mercury Aquarius 20°11’07 direct
    Mars Aquarius 26°32’04 direct
    Jupiter Aquarius 25°56’44 direct
    Saturn Aquarius 7°13’17 direct

    Hi – I’m afraid this leaves me stumped, ie more than just Jupiter in Aquarius It seems like a lot is happening in the one sign, how do they interact and affect the good karma of Jupiter?

    1. Jupiter always protects – so even if you have issues with Saturn in Aquarius occasionally (when friendships are hard work, or the group forces you to wonder if you should stay or go) – you will always be shielded by the Jupiter umbrella effect! You have a Jupiter-Mars conjunction at 25/26 Aquarius which will be triggered any time an outer planet like Jupiter himself, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Ceres or Pluto passes the 25/26 mark of a sign. That’s when you use people power within a group to change the world for the better. That’s the highest expression of your birth placement.

  5. Thanks very much Jessica – this really rings bells for me on both counts. As Rachel said above – it is great to understand the reason behind why some themes repeat. Knowing what is behind them makes them more manageable, When I think about it, I also get that sense of the protection, that despite the issues that may arise with friendships and groups, generally things turn out ok.

    The Jupiter-Mars conjunction feels very relevant – over the last few years I have become more and more interested in the power of groups as agents of positive change. Recently I have begun looking at how I might work as a guide to community groups in my career field. Your comments felt really reinforcing of this direction.
    Thanks again for your comments

    1. Thank you very much. You will be amazed at the way in which Jupiter transits to your Jupiter-Mars position (every 12 years) trigger major people power triumphs in your life, through the group.

    2. Cheers, I think people often learn as much from each other on this website, as they do from the actual astrology. And I hope your community groups go well; I’m sure they will.

  6. Just read the comment above about Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and that cycle totally describes my experience! I was originally going to ask if that ‘luck’ could be less obvious to others if Jupiter is both in the 12th house and conjunct Saturn…

    My luck in relationships (Sat-Jup conj at 8 Libra) operates on the kind of ‘otherworldly lessons in life’ level – mainly via being single from 22 to now (34) punctuated by the odd colourful car crash romance with a big learning in it! To everyone else I am now considered as unlucky in partnering as you can possibly get – but I think I have benefitted from all of it and trust I will gain from it in future via better relating, a bigger perspective and opportunities created by all this alone time!

    1. It’s really fascinating about your relationships, born with Saturn conjunct Jupiter at 8 Libra. Of course, partnerships, duets and double-acts do not only work sexually and romantically for you. There will be many work or business duets in the future as well. You don’t give your birthdate and time, but if you have Jupiter 8 Libra and Saturn 8 Libra then your mantra should be ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. In fact, when Jupiter goes through Libra in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017 you will fix the past with at least one of your ex lovers and either reconcile or use the healing experience to help you find a new partner who is far more suitable. It will help you to read up on the myth of Jupiter and Saturn if you can. Sometimes the myth can come about quite literally in your lifetime.

  7. Dear Jessica

    Thank you for this fabulous site which really helps all of us passionate about astrology. I will be 40 this 17 September but till now my life has never been joyful i have always been suffering from anxiety ans lots of nervous ups and downs. Do you thnk turning 40 will change something? Thank you for your reply.

    1. Thank you very much. You have the Sun in Virgo, so Mercury, the planet of communication, speech and the mind (and computers) rules your identity. You shine when you write, or when you connect people, but the flipside is that you can live in your head. A very simple way to help yourself is to work with your chakras on a daily basis. There are many free YouTube videos which will help you do this, or borrow a good library book. You need to sit on the floor and ground yourself so you pull energy away from your head (crown, third eye and throat chakra) into your core, and the base of your spin (the root chakra). Try it. If you feel calmer and less as if you are living in your head, you will know it’s working, and you can do it often.

  8. I am a Taurus sun at 24 degrees, Pisces moon at 17 degrees, 16 degree virgo ascendant and with Jupiter at 13 pisces. Does it mean my partnerships will be full of sacrifice? Working behind the scenes where I get no credit is lucky for a pisces Jupiter. How does that play out when it’s on my sixth and seventh house cusp? Also does having a special needs child fulfill my charts destiny? He is a zero degree virgo ascendant with a Leo sun.

    1. There is no word for ‘sacrifice’ in astrology so let’s get rid of that idea straight away. You are also using a house system I don’t recognise. Okay, so your Jupiter is in Pisces in your Twelfth House, which rules work you do behind the scenes, with no recognition or acknowledgement, while others are the face or name of the project, or the end result. It also rules mediumship, clairvoyance, astral travel, dream work, counselling, therapy and the unsconscious mind – this is where you grow and prosper in life. I am not sure where your special needs child fits into the picture, as you don’t say if you have found your horoscope elements in Leo yet. In any case you will see huge improvements with him, and for him, starting within days, stretching until September 2016.

      1. Thank you for your reply. You are the one I turn to daily, to help guide through chaotic times, my lighthouse if you will. Yes things are improving for my son, and I feel much more hopeful than I have felt in a long time. All the areas of healing, spirituality, psychology and philosophy, that you mentioned are where I feel most comfortable, but that’s conflicting for a highly logical lawyer! I am gifting myself your membership for my birthday coming up. Cheers!!

        1. It’s lovely to be called a lighthouse, thank you. (I am a huge fan of Grace Darling who rowed people to safety – she was the lighthouse keeper’s daughter).

    2. I’m a Taurus sun, Pisces moon and Virgo ascendant! But Jupiter in libra. Waiting for my Jupiter return this fall 2016. But alas my natal Jupiter is conjunct Saturn so more hard work

  9. Hi, I have in my chart Jupiter in capricorn in 07 deegre.|Actually Neptune is in 07 deegre in pieascis. What does that mean? or it not a good match? THNXXX

  10. My Jupiter is conjunct Neptune and Mercury, in my 12th house, Saggitarius. This same house holds the South node conjunct Venus, opposing the north node conjunct Vesta. The 12th house stellium, and opposition, is concerning due to the Venus-Vesta-nodes placement. . I’m glad to see Jupiter there. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    1. Wow, not often I see a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius. In the Natural House System, it falls in the Ninth House of travel and ‘travel in the mind.’ So this involves people and places far away, but also university/college and the ongoing process of learning through workshops, evening classes, seminars. The Ninth House is also very much about your belief system and philosophy. It is also about teaching others. And it usually involves writing or using the internet quite broadly. This is a very long way into the future, but when Jupiter returns to Sagittarius in 2018 and onwards, you have a remarkable phase in your life when you will either take the holiday, sabbatical or (perhaps) rehoming of your life…or do it in your head! I do feel that a pin on the map becomes so important to you then. Please reach out to people from other cultures/nationalities and stay connected on the path. Don’t worry too much about the other horoscope factors you mention. The big deal is in Europe/Australasia or…more exotic locations.

  11. Jessica, I finally gifted myself the premium membership to your site which I’ve wanted for a while. So much good stuff on here! I love the natal chart with asteroids and how we can make connections between current transits and our natal chart- we can all learn more as we go. THANK YOU!
    I was reading some of the blog articles, including this one. I have natal Jupiter in Pisces at MH, close to Chiron. Sun at 15 Cap. Pluto is transiting my sun and Neptune transiting my Chiron and Jupiter, and Jupiter at the IC transited my natal Pluto recently. WHew- right?
    I work full time, recently wrote and published a book, and also have healing/tarot/occult clients. Jupiter feels super important to me natally – and my real name is the name of one of his daughters. 🙂 I like these connections. How can I make the most of Jupiter’s good fortune in my chart and transit? The other players sometimes seem more dominant – Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune in particular.
    Thanks for this great site and your fantastic work!

    1. I am really pleased you gave yourself this Christmas present. Thank you very much for becoming a Premium Member. Congratulations on your recent book – and it is also good to meet a colleague in the healing and Tarot professions. You were born to work in the parallel universe we call the astral plane, with a highly unusual cluster around the sign of Pisces in your chart, as you know. My only concern is the semi-sextile from Jupiter at 10 Pisces to Saturn at 10 Aquarius. This means that every time you expand and explore your abilities as a psychic and healer, there is some hard work involving a friend, or perhaps a group involving a friend. I would be wary of working in a circle, for example, or being part of a wider healing group. Not because the sky is going to fall on your head, but because it would demand a tremendous amount of time and energy. This also applies to mediumship circles if you are interested in that. Friendship in general can be very testing, every time you go into the esoteric or alternative realms. Beyond that, you are completely meant to be doing this. When Jupiter goes into Scorpio in 2017-2018 he will trine all your Pisces factors and that is your next big leap forward. It will also be financially rewarding.

  12. Hi, Please let me know my Horoscope Date of Birth :28.03.1989 6.30am Place Dodballapur (Banglaore) Karnataka, India

    I am facing negative in my life and feeling everything going wrong .. please let me know will i get any fortune and status name fame in society .. please let me know Madam/Sir ..


    1. Okay, so you are an Aries, so I’m not sure why you feel everything is going wrong. Did you know that the secret to good fortune, now through September 9th, is to work? Not to be famous or rich, but to serve others – to do your duty – to be a wheel in the machine. You have Jupiter passing through Virgo and the Sixth House so the more you are of service to others, the more you will gain. Do pursue this – the cycle is almost over – it only happens every 12 years.

  13. Hi Jessica, Thank you for this wonderful article! I can’t find much information about how my Jupiter works in my Grand Fire Trine. I have a 5th house Jupiter (10 degrees) in Leo/Saturn (12 degrees) in Aries conj. asc/Moon (11 degrees) in the 8th. I’m a stay-at-home mom of 2, and live my dream life…except financially. I’m fine with that though because there is always enough money for celebrations, fun, creativity, anything educational, etc. Also, my mother has helped us alot financially. Saturn on my asc. was really obvious growing up–I never fit in socially. I usually just have a friend or two, but they are always really loyal. So I see the planets working separately, in textbook fashion. Can you tell me your impression of my Jupiter in this particular GT? Is it still the great benefic and protector even though Saturn is so prominent? Is the grand fire trine still helpful with Saturn in it? BTW, laziness (GT hazard) has never been an issue for me. I started working at 16years old and eventually paid my own way through graduate school. I’m asking about Jupiter because I’m feeling a little stressed financially and don’t want to keep asking my mom!

    1. Download 2020 Astrology now free, from this website for some more information. Jupiter in Leo is actually about your children or ‘substitute’ children and not so much your mom. You will always be in a fortunate position with a younger generation, your own or other people’s, if you have Jupiter in Leo – it’s the gift that goes on giving, and the more you give, the more you can exchange. I appreciate you are financially stressed and do not want to keep asking her. What is your Sun Sign? You don’t say.

      1. I will download it. Thank you! I’m Cancer Sun (in the 4th), with an empty 2nd house, whose ruler Venus is part of my stellium in the 6th. No hard aspects to Venus, thankfully! I realize that I mixed up the two unrelated issues: My GT Jupiter/Saturn/Moon and my financial situation. Except for my 8th house moon help from my mom, they really don’t cross in my chart, and I do feel *rich* with my 5th house blessings. (Side note regarding that 8th house moon: we got a HUGE financial boost from my mom a couple of months ago. Out of curiosity I looked up transits afterward and found that Tr. Jupiter was EXACTLY CONJUN. my 8th house ruler Pluto in the 6th. It’s so amazing how accurate astrology is!).

    1. Is it really unaspected? That would be unusual. I assume you are using all the 34 factors of modern astrology? If not take a look at and start putting the chart together in full.

  14. Hi. I have an unafflicted Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct Venus and North node. What does that even mean?

    1. Unafflicted Jupiter means, Jupiter with no squares or oppositions. Conjunct Venus and the North Node in Scorpio? Well, you survived the worst financial and property cycle in 29 years very recently – and you get your karmic joys/rewards when Jupiter returns. That slow process starts, October 2017.

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