The Astrology of Gemini and Your 2015-2016 Horoscope

There are Gemini people who are part-time poets and diary-writers - and Gemini novelists, scriptwriters and journalists by the truckload. Did you know that late July through late August of any year, is always the best time to launch all your projects, ideas and plans?

There are many different kinds of Sun Gemini people. You all have a way with words, ideas and images. Some of you are songwriters, actors or singers, translating the words of other people. Others are camera operators or editors who take raw film and turn it into a message. Some of you are academics who give lectures and write for journals that change the way the world thinks. Others are bloggers or website creators par excellence. The outlet you find for your way with words, images and ideas depends on the rest of your personal horoscope. Angelina Jolie (below) is a Sagittarian kind of Gemini. She was born with Neptune and the True Node in Sagittarius on June 4th 1975. She is also married to a Sagittarian – Brad Pitt. She speaks her truth through travel, adopting children from foreign cultures and by her role with the United Nations. It’s all very Sagittarian.

Angelina Jolie Vanity Fair US October 6 600x413 - The Astrology of Gemini and Your 2015-2016 Horoscope
Angelina Jolie, a very Sagittarian kind of Gemini.

There are Gemini people who are part-time poets and diary-writers – and Gemini novelists, scriptwriters and journalists by the truckload. Did you know that late July through late August of any year, is always the best time to launch all your projects, ideas and plans? Unless there are difficult astrological aspects (unusual), this is when you shine. Try it this year and see.


Gemini, I have edited my book 2020 Vision (Penguin) for you, so that you can update yourself on the past, present and future. The biggest change in your life since 2008 has been the arrival of Pluto in Capricorn in your Eighth House of finance, property and business. Through a series of dramatic endings and beginnings, over a period of years, your security and lifestyle will be reshaped until 2024. Whatever it takes you to give you control over your own life will come to pass, as required. You will see why in December 2015 and January 2016, Gemini. This is your next crossroads.

If your financial, property, business or lifestyle choices are not serving you in these years, you’ll hit a series of milestones which bring big changes. Because this cycle is also about complex financial relationships, it may affect family, de facto or marital ties. Expect decisive endings and big new beginnings. Sometimes you’ll hit the heights – at other times you’ll have to relaunch.

If you are on the right track from 2008 to 2024 then Pluto will reward you by giving you the most amazing control over your own financial destiny. This applies to taxation, property investment, business revenue and inheritance in particular. If you’re on track, you’ll acquire the kind of financial position which means you can wield a lot of influence. If this happens, use it well – or else you will have to deal with difficult questions about who/what is in control and who/what has the power. I am sure you have been through the most intense situations in the last six-seven years already. Each time you have been forced to confront the basic truth – that until you harness your willpower with the money, business, house, flat, charity and/or possessions – you will find yourself taken over by something or someone which seems to be more powerful. That’s the basic Pluto message. The reward, if you can be self-disciplined and use self-control, is the most amazing empowerment. You can never purchase that.

If you are a Scorpio-type Gemini like Helena Bonham-Carter (below) then you may already have gone through a total reshaping of your marriage, a business partnership or a live-in relationship. Dealing with the enforced compromises over your bank account, home, last will and testament and so on has taught you so much about power. By the way, if you are the Scorpio kind of Gemini (Helena Bonham-Carter, born on May 26th 1966 has Neptune in that sign) you may be a lot darker than the typical person born under your sign.

helena bonham carter 375x600 - The Astrology of Gemini and Your 2015-2016 Horoscope
Helena Bonham-Carter is a Scorpio-style Gemini.

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