Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes

Aries is taking on equality, fairness and relationship issues in 2015. How are the other 11 signs reacting?

The chemistry you share with lovers or friends depends on dozens more factors. Yet – when you don’t have a full birthdate, place and time for the other person, sometimes just knowing his/her sign is all you’ll have. What will help you out most is realising the way an Aries like you (for example) might experience the same cycle as you (a Taurus). Or the particular angle a Gemini might have on the same situation affecting a Cancerian, or a Leo. This multi-perspective way of seeing the world is like having one camera, with one point of view, suddenly turned on the other. Suddenly the way you two get on (or not) is no longer about who you are, as human beings. It’s about the way you are both seeing exactly the same astrological cycle. Another Aries, for example, is polarising you at the moment. You feel like polar opposites because of this unusual cycle where the North Node is right opposite your sign. If you are dealing with a Taurus, though, what you perceive as an issue about balancing the scales, or seeking equality, is about something completely different for them. And it doesn’t have to be a relationship in the standard sense of the word. It can be a friendship for you Aries, or a career, college or university connection.

sign lily allen - Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes
Lily Allen, Taurus

For  a Taurus you may be dealing with now (like Lily Allen, above), it’s about work. The work ethic and the daily routine. Life on a career, college, university or voluntary/internship level. What you think of as a question about how to make two sides work together, Taurus thinks of as a question about service and duty. Taurus is also going through body issues at the moment. These body issues have been going around for months, without changing. For you, life is about taking on the other person, or the other side, and trying to push for action. For Taurus, it’s actually about his or her physical condition. And what if you are dealing with a Gemini? This is a really classic ‘relationship issue’ combination at the moment. Any Aries man, for example, involved with a Gemini woman (like Angelina Jolie, below) is going to hit questions about the son, the daughter, the adoption, the stepchild, the fertility, the niece, the nephew and so on. If you are an Aries woman involved with a Gemini man then his concerns about parenthood, or being an uncle, or the yes/no pregnancy issue, are his priority.

angelina jolie june 4  450x600 - Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes
Gemini Angelina Jolie

What if you as an Aries are involved with a Cancerian on any level? Family member, flatmate, friend or lover? For Cancer, when Aries goes through her/his issues about fairness (to the point of leading a battle charge to try and fix everything with the other person, or the other side) the actual concern is rather different. It’s about the house or apartment. The home town or country. The family or household. For Cancer this entire story is about a sense of belonging; a sense of place in the world or an identification (or not) with a relative or a share house ‘family.’ Cancerians dealing with the North Node in Libra at the moment have a really interesting year, because 2015 defines who they are in relation to their country, town, house, apartment, family, household. If you want an example of this think of Nicola Sturgeon, who just led her native Scotland to a total election wipeout in the United Kingdom. Or consider the incredible career of Benedict Cumberbatch who is exploring each and every facet of being British. For you it’s about making two sides work. For Cancer it’s about this. His or her complete concern with a particular address; a culture; a sense of nationality (or not) and a place in the world.

Benedict Cumberbatch july 19 in Sherlock 2014 Wallpaper 600x337 - Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes
Cancerian Benedict Cumberbatch.

What is astrology for? It helps you get an outside perspective on people. That’s why something as simple as knowing the other person’s view of the same cycle can help you put yourself in his or her shoes. The cycle you are in at the moment, Aries, is about the Moon’s North Node and South Node, in Libra and Aries. In astrology the Nodes describe familiar, repetitive situations. No wonder you have such a sense of inevitability about what is happening with your opponent or opposition. With your partner. With your ex. With your pursuit of dates. But how does a sign like Leo feel about this very same cycle of karmic repetition? President Barack Obama, born August 4th, is a good example of this. Leo currently has Saturn in his/her Fifth House of children, in the sign of Sagittarius. So what is a me/he or me/she or she/he issue for you, is all about the unavoidable issues about sons, daughters, stepchildren, fertility, adoption, nieces, godchildren or nephews for Leo. It may also be very specifically about projects involving children or plans involving teenagers – perhaps through work or outside activities and interests. Saturn is about life slowing down. Things becoming heavier (Saturn rules lead). So this is what Leo is going through now. Plus, Leo has the North Node in his/her communication zone at the moment. So what is a you/me issue for Aries is about being heard and read, for Leo.

barack obama august 4  - Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes
Virgo people are going through the Moon’s Node cycle in their financial sectors. So there are major issues here for them about the money, the apartment, the rent, the house, the mortgage, the bank, the tax, the salary, the business, the company, the charity – or the precious possessions and valuables. What you believe is a question about balancing the scales or sitting on opposite ends of the see-saw (and making it work) means something else to them. For Virgo right now the concern is about what he or she will not sell out for. What he or she considers to be priceless. This is about Virgo’s values as much as the money. Cameron Diaz is a typically successful Virgo – she shines through her body – but like all Virgo people she is also in an intensely repetitive financial cycle.

cameron diaz august 30  - Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes
Cameron Diaz, Virgo, born August 30

Libra people are mirroring your own situation, Aries, because you have the North Node in Libra and South Node in Aries, across your Seventh House and First House, and Libra has it in reverse, covering the First House and Seventh House. No wonder you feel like you are holding up a mirror to each other and reflecting yourselves in the eyes of the other person. There may be projection going on. So, what you do not see in yourself (or cannot see, because you are blind to it) you are seeing in the other person. Libra people are going through the most important cycle with their former, current or potential partner in decades. Also with opponents, enemies, rivals – or issues about equality, justice and fairness. So you two are shaking up some historic chemistry now. John Lennon was the most famous Libran man in the world, born on 9th October. If he was here today he would be having just this issue.

lennon oct 9 393x600 - Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes
John Lennon, Libra

Scorpio people who are going through the North Node cycle in Libra, at the same time as you, are having major concerns about the secrets they are deliberately covering up – possibly from you – certainly from friends or family. You know that Scorpio look? The one that says ‘I’m not here’? That’s really because Scorpio has so much going on beneath the surface and behind the scenes that a large part of his/her personality is just not available or accessible in 2015. Scorpio may also be operating behind the scenes,without any credit, with no recognition or attention, allowing others to be the name or face of something. For them, this is quite a central concern. Though for you, it’s just about Scorpio-and-Aries and how to make it work. You can see this new secrecy with U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. And there are obviously good reasons for it. However, live with Scorpio now is a lot of guesswork, Aries.

Hillary Clinton October 26  - Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes
Hillary Clinton born October 26, Scorpio.

Aries if you are typical of your sign, you will push very hard to achieve a balanced set of scales with people right now. All your well-known drive, assertiveness and occasional aggression (if necessary) will be harnessed towards making those scales work. For Sagittarius, though, the concern is friendship, group psychology, social media, and how to be part of a network or community. This may be a sports team, political party, garage band, book club and so on. Sagittarius is experiencing constant repetition with these people. The actual circle itself probably involves one or more friends, so there is also a sense of deja vu about the friendship. It never actually moves forward or changes. For you, Aries, it’s about something quite different. Pushing and shoving those scales. For Sagittarians like Taylor Swift at the moment, it’s about ‘How do I make it work with the group?’ and also ‘What is true friendship? Real friendship?’

taylor swift new york december 13 - Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes
Taylor Swift, Sagittarius, born December 13.

Okay, if you do read some astrology websites, magazine features and books you are going to hit the Aries-Capricorn clash story. 
I have written about this as well, in my book Astrolove (Corgi). Where does this difficult chemistry come from, though? It’s down to the contrast between your famously fast style and Capricorn’s famously slow approach. Aries is well-known for being an action woman or action man. Capricorn is well-known for being methodical, slow, steady and extremely cautious. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, who dealt with fear by having a system. If your Aries Sun and the other person’s Capricorn Sun are at the same degree (check at then you will certainly clash over attention, recognition and the ‘Me’ factor. The cycle you are both in now means that all the we/he/she/me issues you two are having – from your point of view – actually come down to success for Capricorn. And also social status, prestige, position, mission and ambition. If you two are working or studying together you’re going to have a challenging time. In a relationship right now, you need to look at why it matters to Capricorn to climb or hang onto the ladder. I find it absolutely fascinating that in the recent U.K. election it was an Aries (Nigel Farage) who was battling two Capricorns (Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband). All three of them quit when their parties failed. How do you work out Aries-Capricorn dynamics now? By researching all you can about the sign of the goat, Saturn its ruler, and those famous defence mechanisms. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is a Capricorn. She waited patiently for her prince. She was even nicknamed ‘Waity Katy’ by the British press. There are massive issues about success, prestige, class, social status, achievement, ambition, social climbing and all the rest for Capricorn people right now.

middleton january 9 396x600 - Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes
Capricorn Kate Middleton, born January 9.

What is an issue about balancing things out with Aquarius (for you) is actually about something totally different for the other sign. In truth, Aquarius is looking for the biggest and best from former, current or potential partners – right up until August 2015. There are opportunities there to expand the relationship. To ask for more and get more. To find someone new if things don’t see epic enough, or rewarding enough. Aquarius has Jupiter in his/her Seventh House and so everything seems possible and there are solutions and big chances all over the place – there have been since your birthday, Aries! What is effectively about fairness and balance for you, is about going higher/further/bigger for the person born from late January through to late February. Aquarius also has the North Node in Libra, so there is karma around travel, foreigners, publishing, study, teaching and beliefs of all kinds. It feels very familiar to Aquarius because it is. He or she has been there before with those trips, with the course, the book, the website or the foreign connection across Europe, Australasia, the Americas and so on.  Aquarius Harry Styles is having this cycle right now. He was born on 1st February.

One Direction Harry Styles February 1  600x453 - Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes
Harry Styles, Aquarius.

You know, Pisces has an incredible reputation for inhabiting another reality. 
It may be astrology. It may be parallel universes. It may be cosmology. The glamour of film, music, television, art or photography. It is often fiction and sometimes religion. Pisces is about escaping from the real world into rival or alternative worlds which seem like the real thing to Pisces, even though to others it’s all a mystery. Right now, though, as the Nodes cut across the financial axis of the Pisces horoscope, there is a tremendous need to get real about the money, the apartment, the business, the house, the possessions. Nothing changes, at the same time that everything is changing, and that is a strange position to be in. For you, Aries, the question is – how do you make it even out with Pisces? How do you make both ends of the see-saw function? For Pisces, however, this entire year (2015) is about the money. And beneath that, the values which Pisces holds. Is s/he a shopaholic, collector, communist, capitalist, socialist, hippy, philanthropist…what? Because that affects everything. Pictured below, Pisces Rihanna.

rihanna february 20 450x600 - Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes
Pisces Rihanna born 20th February.

Story Copyright Jessica Adams Curtis Brown London/Sydney 2015.

Aries, I am focussing on your relationship with a past, present or potential partner in 2015 because you have the North Node in your opposite sign of Libra so it’s a bigger deal than usual. Your opposite numbers, or your opponents, matter more.

First of all, though – an important note. You really shouldn’t judge horoscope compatibility by Sun Signs. This is just one part of your astrological chart. You may be a very successful Aries (achievers born under your sign tend to be absolutely typical – like the assertive, energetic, pioneering activist Emma Watson.)

However other signs also make up your personal horoscope too.

Emma Wtson April 15 - Aries Horoscope Compatibility and the Nodes
Emma Watson, born 15 April is an Aries.


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