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A girl for the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William is one thing, but born on the same day as Lily Allen and David Beckham is another.

A baby girl for the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William is one thing. But a baby girl born on the same day as Lily Allen and David Beckham is quite another. The new royal baby has the Sun in Taurus at 11 degrees, sharing star quality with Allen and Beckham. (Pictured here some time ago, with appropriately royal thrones and corgis).

15 Years Of David And Victoria Beckham Why They re A Matchy Matchy Made In Heaven 1 0 600x403 - The Princess Charlotte Horoscope - Astrology Special
David Beckham and wife Victoria on their thrones.
lily sheezus standard artwork 600x336 - The Princess Charlotte Horoscope - Astrology Special
Lily Allen – Taurus star quality and some corgis.

A Closer Look at the New Royal Baby Horoscope

What we have here is a truly Taurus child, born with the Sun at 11 Taurus and Mars at 23 Taurus. This is a basic chart showing the planets and angles. The Ascendant (Rising Sign) is Cancer, matching Prince William’s Sun sign. She’ll grow up looking like her Dad. What does she inherit from her Capricorn mother? Pluto in Capricorn. Kate Middleton’s Sun sign is Capricorn too. And of course, her famous great-grandmother is also a Taurus – Her Majesty the Queen. How well will this girl fit into the Royal Family? Perfectly.

astro w2gw 01 royal baby.38219.46413 600x421 - The Princess Charlotte Horoscope - Astrology Special


The Astrological Chart of the Royal Baby – and Prince George

Of course, this would not be a member of the British Royal Family without some drama. This is a sibling relationship with Prince George which will take an awful lot of work. The new Princess was born with Mercury at 1 Gemini (the planet and sign traditionally describing siblings) in opposition to Saturn at 3 Sagittarius, just two degrees away. This is a lovely photograph of them by their mother, released by the Royal Family on June 6th. But how will things be when they are older?

CG2Wc52WcAA iNL - The Princess Charlotte Horoscope - Astrology Special
Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Copyright HRH The Duchess of Cambridge/@KensingtonRoyal


This is not the easiest brother-sister combination in the world. She’s a born writer, though, with those planets in Gemini – so no doubt her teenage diary will be full of the latest George saga. This Princess would not be truly regal without the classic Leo signature of European royalty though – and she has landed with Jupiter in Leo. This is only possible every 12 years. The lion has represented royalty for centuries.

aww may2015 - The Princess Charlotte Horoscope - Astrology Special9874421 - The Princess Charlotte Horoscope - Astrology Special

What other horoscope factors are showing up in this very traditional, Placidus house system chart? Well – this is a traditionalist Princess. Born with the Sun and Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn (all earth signs) she has her feet on the ground and will be remarkably stubborn about changing her ways. In this respect she is rather like Her Majesty the Queen, her Taurean Great-Grandmother. In astrology exact aspects are always the most interesting of all, though, and the Princess was born with Mercury at 1 Gemini exactly square her MC (Midheaven) at 1 Pisces. If this was a regular citizen she’d be a blogger. Or a poet. Born with the Sun in Taurus, Moon in Libra and Ascendant in Cancer this Princess may also remind some of the late Princess Diana. Her Cancer Ascendant not only matches Prince William’s Cancer Sun Sign, but also Diana’s sign too. In terms of astrological DNA, this Princess has inherited much from all sides.

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10 Responses

  1. This is what is called a ‘challenging’ chart.

    With those two T squares: one aspecting her ascendant rulership moon in the fourth house and the other her sun ruler mutual reception mercury in the twelfth house, this little girl will need all the true friends she can get.

    She will be sexually and intellectually targeted from an early age by low life and suffer at the hands of hidden enemies who will go for her vulnerability in order to punish her parents.

    She will learn fast though and possesses a great intellect through which she will always triumph over aforementioned scum.

    She will grow up with difficulty trusting, especially men, which may lead her into a princess Margaret reaction to her abuse at the hands of the insensitive and unscrupulous. This will develop her powers of compassion.

    There are similarities in her life trajectory to that of Queen Victoria. Not an easy life but in the end she will win out and engender tremendous loyalty and love.

    Great sense of humour too.

  2. Dear madam jassica Adams,the. Presentation of horoscope, is wellbalance,and excellent ,really you are so grate ,you are a true astrologer.

  3. I would guess that she is going to be quite a handfull! With Jupiter square both Mars and the Sun in her chart, she is going to be feisty. And with Jupiter trine Uranus, rebellious and freedom loving also. With both her ruling planet (Moon) and ruler of her sun sign (Venus) in aspect to Uranus, that sparkle, defiance and rebellious nature will be exacerbated. With Uranus in the tenth house (I use the equal house system of house division) she will be seen as a true individual out in the world and may possibly display rebellious behaviour in public. Female warrior Pallas Athene closely trine her Midheaven reconfirms this.

    Her Moon in square to Pluto will intensify all of the above and bring out her fixed (read stubborn) Taurus nature (ever tried to move a huge bull in a paddock when it doesn’t want to move?)

    On top of this, with Eros conjunct the Sun-Mars midpoint in her chart, Princess Charlotte is a highly passionate and sensual person. Lilith closely trine Pluto reconfirms this. In fact, there is a grand trine happening between Eros, Lilith and Pluto in earth signs. And Mars trine Pluto adds additional fuel to the fire.

    With her multitasking and playful Mercury in Gemini opposite rigidly focused taskmaster Saturn, Mother (Saturn represents Kate and her sign of Capricorn) will be the disciplinarian who will (try to) ‘coach’ young Princess Charlotte on proper protocol and behaviour while she is growing up.

    With Saturn square Neptune in Charlotte’s chart, responsibility may encroach upon and cramp her own natural spiritual style and freedom to some degree. Perhaps the Saturn-Neptune square in Charlotte’s chart points to the crumbling or dissolving structures and traditions within the monarchy as a whole, and also the weakening and outdated practice amongst the general public of “worshipping” and elevating people of ‘status’.

    With her south node in Aries and her north node in Libra, she will have to learn to blend her feisty, independent, courageous and solitary self reliance (south node Aries) in with whole groups of people in a diplomatic and balanced way so that her strength benefits all of humanity. With Mars (ruler of her south node) in Taurus conjunct her Mercury in Gemini she will become a feisty communicator, and will have to learn to curb her impulsiveness because of her social position and the role she plays (not necessarily because of who she truly is).

    With Pluto trining her Sun, she will become a powerful, no nonsense individual who eventually creates her own destiny without interference from others (and perhaps BECAUSE of the restrictions of being a royal – Pluto likes a battle and works best under pressure).

    It is interesting that Charlotte has a Chiron-Venus aspect in her chart just like her father Prince William does. I hope she finds a soulmate like her father (presumably) seems to have found in Kate. And with lucky Jupiter conjunct Princess Charlotte’s Juno, the chances are good!

    1. Thanks very much for taking the time to write this long reply to the analysis of Princess Charlotte’s astrological chart. I wonder what other astrologers think?

  4. Thanks for highlighting this important event and bringing it to our collective attention Jessica. It will be interesting to see how she turns out…….. 🙂

    1. Thank you. Princess Charlotte may end up being Her Majesty’s royal favourite – both Taurus – and she was born when H.M. The Queen had Jupiter in her solar Fourth House of family.

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