Capricorn Birthday Horoscope


The Capricorn Birthday Horoscope 2015-2016

Look ahead from your 2015 birthday, through to 2016 with your Capricorn Year Ahead Birthday Forecast.

The True Capricorn

The True Capricorn is patient, ambitious and remarkably successful once he or she has passed the difficult Saturn Return aged 28 through 30. Capricorn people have all kinds of strategies, tactics and defence mechanisms in place to protect them from what they fear. There is always a system with your sign: a set way of coping with life. In 2015 you can drop at least one of your systems – around money – as the most stunning opportunities, offers and generous favours in years come your way after Easter and you are able to relax a little more and feel comfortable again.

capricorn 2015 - The Capricorn Birthday Horoscope 2015-2016

Born in the Sixties?

You have Uranus and/or Pluto in Virgo, and when Jupiter transits Virgo in the second half of 2015 and first half of 2016 you will come into your own, in terms of your health, your fitness and your body. Jupiter will trine your natal Sun along the way so if you long to look and feel your best – and stun your Twitter tribe in photographs – target those dates.

Why You’re Richer April-August 2015

Jupiter the planet of abundance, opportunity and problem-solving will be moving forward strongly in your Eighth House of finance, property and business between April and August. Along the way he will trine Uranus, the planet of radical change. A flatmate, family member, or special home town, house or apartment decision will leave you richer.

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17 Responses

  1. First, I have to say I love reading your blogs.
    Second, I found my “natural luck” – Jupiter sign.
    This is where I was supposed to be born fortunate.

    My Jupiter is at 5* Virgo. So I should be fortunate with my body. But I am not.
    Maybe I was some years ago, I was born in the 1968.
    I have been struggling with extra weight for about 10 years now.
    I hate my body. I feel miserable. Trying to find out why I have no strength to change things regarding the weight problem I have. and not being able to find an answer is killing me. I don’t enjoy life any more. I dont go out like I used to do. Everything is different. Illnesses are settling in and I don’t see way out.
    All I would like to know if I will ever, ever in my life be able to go back to the way I was.


    1. If you are a Capricorn born in 1968 then you have Jupiter in Virgo, but also Uranus and Pluto, so you will be pleased to hear that when Jupiter returns to Virgo in the second half of 2015 and first half of 2016 you will be able to shed the weight and find health. Jupiter will return to Jupiter, but also conjunct Uranus and Pluto which is a stunning pattern not possible for years. Don’t wait until then, though. Go to Betty Shine’s website to read more about her healing work and listen to the Betty Shine Mind Medicine Room recording on YouTube (search Betty Shine at and go there every day. Create weight loss pills in the Mind Medicine Room and watch change unfold. Betty Shine was and is amazingly powerful. Good luck, but I don’t think you’ll need it.

  2. What a lovely surprise to find this article

    Jessica, I was on so excited about this year. I am 35 and looking forward to working with ancestral poperty just as you have said before in your forcasts. But my child is recovering from a difficult illness my familymis divided. I am waiting formamdecision tomcome back that may ruin me or free me from my past mistakes I really do want to feel safe and smile again.

    1. Thank you. I’ll post birthday horoscopes here for all the signs, every month. An entirely new set-up with the family will be in place in two stages, March and June. You will have the emotional and psychological space you deserve.

  3. Hi Jessica

    Accurate description of my mother who has just passed her third Saturn return in Scorpio. Born under Sun in Capricon, 28th December, 1924, Malaysia, time unknown. Developed a set way of coping with life, defence mechanisms, resiliant lady. She paid for her own flat.She has heart trouble and is trying to cope financially with her daughters and grandsons living with her. How is her health in 2015 and what is the best resolution for this family karma. I wish to resolve any karma with her before she goes.


    1. A third Saturn Return in Scorpio is no mean feat. I can imagine she has financial issues with the family – of course. She needs to know that there can be family relationships where the flat, cash, possessions simply does not enter into the conversation. Perhaps you can help with that.

  4. Thanks for so many interesting articles, so glad I am a member and get to read your site daily. I want to sell my beautiful and utterly peaceful rural property, as a more mature person it is important that I downsize. Every thing I read tells me this is what is happening for me…but it is taking forever. I really hope it happens soon, so that the new exciting opportunities manifest.
    Thanks Patricia

  5. I was born jan 1950 and I love your scopes and look forward to reading them and I cannot wait to receive my life path horoscope, I am a bit of a paranoid person when it comes to money and after being out of work for a long time not due to laziness but there were no jobs coming my way, I now realise that those 2 years without work,were meant to happen but now I am HAPPILY EMPLOYED,casually.
    Saturn in virgo relates to the body, does that mean that later on I will suffer with illness, cause saturn is the task master?.

    regards diana

    1. Saturn in Virgo will already have shown himself when you were aged 28 through 30 so you know what to expect in terms of your body. And it’s too funny, but fearing your own illness is such a classic manifestation of Saturn in Virgo as well! Release that as fast as you can. There are many different ways to express Saturn in Virgo and if you learn from your 29th year, then you will gain. Jupiter transiting Virgo brings a conjunction to Saturn, of course, by 2016 and that is an excellent time in which to deal with all or any body issues you might have.

  6. Hi Jessica! I discovered your website a few months ago and really enjoy your weekly and monthly predictions.

    I would like to point out one very important correct prediction you made for Aquarians – For Nov. 10 2014, you had predicted that the conjunction of Pluto and Mars (which happened to be on my IC/Nadir) could lead to a fight with a certain man. Well, that is exactly what happened… I had an unexpected and very explosive argument with a certain male relative which completely shook me. Thank you for your correct prediction…

    I have an Aquarian sun, and six planets in Capricorn, conjunct my IC/Nadir. Yes, I belong to the Capricorn stellium generation, which is why the birthday profile of Capricorn resonates with me more that that for Aquarius. The paragraphs about sunglasses and dressing for success are very accurate.

    I see you have written an article about Pisceans with planets in Aquarius and Aries with planets in Pisces. Do you think you could write one about Aquarians with majority planets in Capricorn? That would be very helpful.

    1. You really did experience the Mars-Pluto conjunction in a difficult way – I hope things are settled now. In fact I know they will be. You are heavily Capricorn Aquarian? Interesting. Very happy to write a piece about the Capricorn-type Aquarius. Check at The Astrology Blog soon.

  7. Jessica, I really do appreciate your writing style. Both my husband and my oldest son are Capricorns, My husband born in 1968, has been struggling with weight issues, and type 2 diabetes. He has worked so very hard to get his weight under control. While he laughs at me for reading astrology and horoscopes, I read to him your blog! I can’t weight for outcome.

    My son, born 1996 is trying to figure out who he is. Many ups and downs with him lately. I had to laugh when you mentioned the sun glasses. He sleeps with his Raybans on. Now maybe I won’t look at him like has totally lost his mind!

    One quick question, will it take until after my son’s Saturn return before he comes out of his shell and shows the world what an extraordinarily bright person he really is?

    1. Thank you. That’s so funny about your son wearing Raybans to bed. Capricorn husband has done well to lose weight – it is all about controlling the way he looks and having the power to master his body. Capricorn son will need to go through changes with the family, possibly flatmates, moving out before he becomes who he is meant to be. He will find that fatherhood, or a job (or non-profit role) with children sets him free.

  8. Today is my 60th birthday and I am at a very happy, wonderful place in my life. I had struggles during the last Scorpio transition but fought my way out of it and didn’t take any shortcuts so earned the respect of a lot of friends and professional associations. However, I have my Jupiter in Virgo but it is Retrograde. Does this translate that there is no power here for me? I have an ok body but nothing fabulous although I am working out again on a consistent basis. I am strong and healthy. But I was just astonished to discover that my luck comes from my body. (Dec 22/55 1:20pm Winnipeg, Man). I always thought my strength came from my Mars and Saturn being in Scorpio. Do you have any insight?

    1. Happy 60th Birthday. Let me give you a birthday reading. Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo is a classic sign of a body that serves you, if you are prepared to serve it back – so to hear that you are working out, is good news. I don’t feel the retrograde position of Jupiter is that big a deal. I expect you noticed it more when you were working (paid or unpaid work) and particularly around age 23/24 and 36/37 (the Jupiter cycle) which is when you found yourself in the position of being able to help others enormously, but never in a straightforward way. Far more important in your horoscope is the stellium in Capricorn. You have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, MC (Midheaven) and Salacia in this sign. It is tremendously important to you, to aim high and reach the top in your chosen field, business, industry or passion. In fact, you have been put here to reach the mountain top, and to do so, at a vast distance from the place where you were born, the family you were born into – or the setting you were born into. With Jupiter in Virgo as well, I have to say that you are here to work, and to achieve. Always keep this in front of your nose if you want to feel astro-satisfied.

      1. Thank you so much. I am so thrilled that you actually took the time to respond with a birthday reading. Merry Christmas and the best to you in 2016.

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